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Mr. Red writes...

Hello, huge fan of your work, i have rewatched the first 13 episodes of Young Justice Outsiders 6 times over as i write this. I wanted to know, why is Greg Cipes voicing Beast Boy? Now i am a big fan of his and of course the his previous work as Beast Boy.

But i wonder what happened to Logan Grove, did he not want to reprise the role? Or was he to busy with other work? or was it already planned to have Greg come in and do the voice?

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TaySmith writes...

Hello Mr. Greg! I would like to start of by saying that you are very admirable in your dedication not only to previous works but also to fans, as seen in keeping up this page. You're an amazing storyteller and as an author, I admire you greatly.

My question actually pertains to your series Gargoyles, which I have been bingeing non-stop recently. I saw in another ask that some gargoyles use weapons while others don't(ie Hudson). If you had to give each member of the Wyvern Clan weapons, what would they be and why?

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Loftus writes...

Why does Garfield Logan choose not to have freckles on his face in young justice outsiders ?

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Tripwire writes...

Is it a running gag to kill of Wally West in every show he appears in? lol Was his character created just to die?

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Zachary writes...

I know you probably get a lot of W.I.T.C.H. questions but as a fan of the show since I was a kid watching it on Jetix I have to ask were there any plans for a third season of the show before it got canned.

I know I heard somewhere a main storyline in the third season would've been about the girls' friends and families discovering their secrets and it would continue being a lot more darker in tone. I would love to at least hear some of what would have gone down.

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anonymous x writes...

Just a clarification: You responded on November 27, 2012 to a question in which you indicated Joker had indeed been Red Hood and 'transformed' ten years before season one, and yet in response to a similar question in 2016 waved the notion of him having even been the Red Hood away as "facts not in evidence". Could you clarify then which it is if thats ok? Thanks!

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Amanda Mudrey writes...

I watched your shows over the years and I notice how you seem to make your characters racially diverse. Do you have some kind of agenda when you do this?

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FallenLegend writes...

Just some questions about Superman

1.- How close is he to Captain Marvel?

We know he tried to get to him because he thought he might be a kryptonian. But now that, that is settled, did he lose interest in Billy?

Thanks Greg!

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FallenLegend writes...

Hey greg It saddens me the fact that you will only read this in lik 3 years. I guess this will be a time capsule of sorts. But I jus wanted to take the time and state my admiration of your writting.

I honestly believe you're a very underrated writter. Yes you've been head of many shows.

But I think, big studios haven't fully apreciated your talents.

For example, how Dc comics ia losing big time by not hiring you as lead of their cinematic universe. People love the MCU, but I think that your tv shows have better writting than anything marvel has ever done on cinema.

If I were a big sstudio executive I would have you as lead writer of my franchise or movie universe and not just as freelancer you hire now and then. They would be earning millions.

I played fate go, the mobile game, and Nasu reminded me a lot of you in writing style (except he likes fanservice a lot more). Shakespeare is even playable in that game!

Probably the biggest think that is holding you back is the fact that you, unlike masu, don't own those franchises (hopefully rain will be your big success).

You changed the way I view stories, and taught me a lot by reading your answers and watching your shows.

I just want to thank you for sharing your talent with all of us. Thank you.

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Kevin writes...

1. When did Batwoman become a super-heroine on Earth 16?
2. When did Katana become a super-heroine on Earth 16?
3. When did Metomorpho became a super-hero on Earth 16?
4. When did Hardware become a super-hero on Earth 16?
5. When did Ice become a super-heroine on Earth 16?

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