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Gunner Dobbins writes...

Dear Mr, Weismann,
I love your work on young justice, spectacular spider man and gargoyles. I was wondering, in the young justice universe has Connor ever met Lois and if so, what is their relationship like? Also how does he feel about baby Jon?

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MyMindWontQuiet writes...

Hey Greg! Your first two Warcraft: Traveler books were amazing, but I see you're not writing the third and final book of the series, any chance we could learn a bit more about this decision ?

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HARRY writes...

How did Garfield Logan travel from USA TO PARIS TO be with Perdita as SEEN IN young justice outsiders episode eminent threat ? How did Garfield travel to the Luthor grande hotel for his date with Perdita in episode nightmare monkeys ?

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Marvelman writes...

Have you seen Julie Taymor's a Midsummer Night's Dream? Do do you own the Blu-Ray? What did you think of it?

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Ana Medina writes...

Will there be the return of Wally West? I always ask him, but he is an iconic character with an incredible personality, who adds the great love story with Artemis.

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Tyler1 writes...

What do you think about Rumor (real name Mario) from the eleventh episode of the fourth season of The Batman (TV Series 2004â€"2008) called Rumors, like his skill's, the cool tech he used and his actions/everything he did?

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Tyler1 writes...

what if there was a vigilante or a group of vigilante's in Young Justice who defeats and capture's criminals/villains instead of turning them over to the police (like Rumor from an episode of The Batman 2004-2008), what powers, abilities and/or equipment would they have and would the heroes try to find and stop them or just let him get away with it and if there any heroes to stop them who would they be, also would the heroes believe they have some good in them and would try to reason with them, unlike the Batman from the Tv series with the same name which started from 2004 to 2008? Hypothetically speaking, of course.

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Molly writes...

So I was thinking about Dick growing up, and a thought came to me. How hard to Bruce and Alfred try for Dick to get a "normal" childhood? Now obviously, it isn't really normal as no normal 9 year old grow up doing what Dick did, but did they try when he wasn't being Robin (and, assuming he became Nightwing still as a teen, Nightwing) for him to experience just... being a kid?

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Geri writes...


Sorry, I asked a question but forgot to put a link to the ramble it refers to and thought you might have trouble finding it. My question refers to this ramble where you discuss the idea that Gargoyles might have originally not used language and communicated psychically instead, an extension of how they didn't used to have names.


I thought it was fascinating and I was wondering whether you've given it any more thought since then. Thanks.

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Geri writes...

Dear Greg,

I'm a big fan of yours. I have a question, but first I just wanted to express my gratitude. I recently lost my grandfather. It was the first time someone close to me passed away, so it was especially difficult. It prompted me to reread Rain of the Ghosts and I found it very comforting during a difficult time. I thought your portrayal of the grieving process was very vivid and true to life, and I appreciate that you didn't just rush through it the way other works of fiction often do. I'd give anything for my grandfather to be in a bracelet so I could talk to him every night like Papa Bastian. I hope I get to read the rest of the books in the series and hear the audioplay version of the second book someday, but until then I'll happily support the other projects you're working on, especially Young Justice: Outsiders.

As for my question, a while ago I saw this ramble all the way from 2004 about whether Gargoyles might have communicated psychically rather than through words. I was really fascinated by it at the time and it spurred me to think about the nature and limitations of language. I even did some study of the philosophy of language when I got to college partly because of seeing that ramble. I was wondering, have you given that idea any more thought? For example, is it any closer or farther away from something you'd consider bringing into the text if you ever get a chance to make more Gargoyles stories? Thanks!

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