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JR writes...

Do you ever see w.i.t.c.h. Returning to TV ?

Would love to see it return like YJ.

Also is it true they canceled it due to lack popularity.

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Laura writes...

Was Queen Perdita wear a dresses and gloves at wally west's funeral when she meat Garfield for the first time ?

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Christen writes...

I'm such a huge fan of Gargoyles. I grew up watching it. Have you ever thought about remaking the series?

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Anonymous writes...

I saw in one of the epsoides of Young Justice: Outsiders that you had Kaizen Gamorra in one of the scenes and he's from WildStorm universe.

1. Does this mean we'll get to see more background characters from that line- like for instance the ever popular Midnighter and Apollo from the Authority (Or Stormwatch) ?

2. Also, have you ever read anything from Wildstorm?

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BlackMantaGirl writes...

Hey, I'd just like to say I'm also mostly a huge fan of the Young Justice series. It got me really back into comics and DC in general when it first aired.

My Questions are:
1. What is Atlantis currency or do they have a bartering system and if they do have some kind of economy - when they joined the UN as of Season 3, do they export anything to the surface world? (Like Salt, in the older comics).

2. Does Kaldur have any residence on land or does he go straight back to Atlantis and if he does go back to Atlantis where does he live there?

3. I was reading some of the archived questions, as to not repeat any here, but this one that you answered long time back struck me as odd. (Ref post: https://www.s8.org/gargoyles/askgreg/search.php?qid=17721 ) It was odd to me because I've been reading a lot of the older Aquaman comics (favorite hero and for something to do) but there is a specific reason as to why he does communicate with all sea life that's more so in line with the run between the 90s-early 00s before it got rebooted again (this is a rough estimation). Which is because of the Curse of Kordax (mentioned a lot during that run but full story is in Atlantis Chronicles) and a lot of mystical crazy stuff that went down that enabled Orin to communicate with all sea life and not just mammals and it looks like that sort of thing carried over.

So my question is- why *only* mammals and not the others? Why shouldn't he be able to connect with other marine based creatures since every mammal and a lot of non-mammals still have that marine aspect to them that's a leftover from evolutionary times. I'm just curious about that not that if he'll gain it or anything. It just seems like an interesting choice.

4. Does King Orin(former Aquaman) possess the/a Trident or is that particular Atlantean artifact going to be for someone else? I mostly ask this because it's always seems to be a staple of Aquaman lately and I was curious if it was in the king's possession or not.

5. Are we ever going to see more about either Atlantis or about how King Orin (Former Aquaman) and Black Manta's feud began at any point and time?

6. This is a silly question but it's one I've wondered about and I haven't seen anyone mention it- but how do Atlanteans take care of their basic needs? Like what do they use to keep themselves clean or get rid of waste and the like. It's been killing me slowly over the years and I'm wondering what your thoughts are on this and how it affected Kaldur when he went on Land for the first time.

That's all,thanks for taking the time to read this. I normally don't send in or ask creators much about their stuff but I've been wondering this since the show started.

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SLI writes...


Like many people, I watched Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse recently and found it delightful (don't worry though, SpecSpidey will always be my favourite rendition of the character).

Into the Spiderverse was very clearly a Sony production and not a Disney one, which I take to mean that while Sony gave Disney back the rights to making animated Spider-Man shows, that clearly does not apply to animated Spider-Man films, at least not at the moment.

1) Does that mean that the SpecSpidey art/story assets would be usable by Sony in a film?

2) Could this realistically mean that if a future "Into The Spiderverse" sequel or spin were made and more "Spider-verses" were introduced (which seems like an obvious next step for them), that we could see SpecSpidey as one of those spider-verses?

Given that they brought spider-man noir into 3D space and somehow made that work, I don't imagine they'd struggle with SpecSpidey's art style, if it came to that.

After all, they were willing to bring in the 1967 cartoon as one of their alternate universes, though hopefully in the case of SpecSpidey they'd take it a bit more seriously, perhaps by bringing in Josh Keaton and a writer or two from the original show...?

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Aaron Hail writes...

Hey Greg.

I was browsing the old Ask Greg and come across a post I had a question about. You said that the most trusted people in The Reach were the original Reach species. I was wondering where do the beetles fit into this? Like for Example, if Jaime was never taken off mod, would he be really trusted? Eventually?

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Marvelman writes...

Why is it that Zatara seems to have aged so much while other leaguers like Black Canary and Green Arrow seemed to have aged so little? Is his time as Fate prematurely aging him, or was Giovanni just at an age where the aging process accelerates?

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Marvelman writes...

Does Savage in his own mind see the Light's mission as saving the Earth from Darkseid? Is that what his millenia of scheming amounts to? Preparing the world to confront an enemy that humanity is nowhere near ready to fight?

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