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sam writes...

you should consider adding the other marvel/shazam charcter to young justice

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THOMAS writes...

Why was there no bodyguards with Queen Perdida when she was out on her dates with Garfield Logan ?

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Hafiz writes...

Why didn't Logan Grove voice Beast Boy in Young Justice Outsiders?

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Andrea writes...

Hi, I'm from Chile and on April 23 I'll be in Los Angeles California / Las Vegas (for the first time in the USA).
I'll be looking for the Magic book and I do not know where I can find it.
Can you tell me where you will sell it?
Beforehand thank you very much
(Excuse my English, but I had google translator)

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roy writes...

In young justice timeline Was Garfield Logan at rita farr's home when m'gann came take Garfield to live with her after rita died or did garfield run away from rita's home after rita farr died and m'gann search for him and found him and then take Garfield to live with her at mount justice ?

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Marvelman writes...

I think I have repeated one or two questions. I'm really sorry about that. It's not that I don't do searches before posting because I do. It's just that sometimes I look up the wrong key words, and, frankly, sigh, my memory is not what it used to be.

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Anonymous writes...

Hello Greg. Artimes once said being naked is fun and an wondering how shy would you say is she ? Like would she be ok with other members of the team seeing her naked while they are on a mission ? Or care if someone walked in on her showering ?

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Anonymous writes...

Hi Greg!
If Dick and Artimes had gotten together do you think they would make a good couple ?
Or would they perhaps keep it more friends with benefits ?

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Anonymous writes...

We need Spectacular Spider-Man Season 3. Even if it's just a DVD release. Is there anyway of that happening?

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6f5e4d writes...

So Greg, I follow the show a lot, and I just want to know this, note that you don't have to answer this one if you don't want to if it seems spoilerific, but this may be a good question, would The Light view being outed as a nuclear option? Or would they have planned ahead ways to counter being outed to the public?

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