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FallenLegend writes...

Hey Greg another question for Young Justice.

This time for Superboy. In the show, he is usually shown as being "the tank" of the team. That is he is the member that can take the most damage and has the most physical strenght.

But, thinking about how Liutenant Marvel and Sargent Marvel were parts of the team of screen, I got some questions.

1.- Considering they, presumably, had their full SHAZAM powers, compared to Superboy who was missing his half kryptonian powers, Were Mary and Freddy stronger compared to Conner?

Billy is roughly Superman's equal as Captain Marvel, while Superboy has been shown as being weaker to Superman. Was the power difference between Mary and freddy compared to Conner just as big?

2.- If so, how did Conner feel about both of them being stronger than he was?

3.- Did he feel insecure about other teenage heroes being "better" or similar to him on his role as the team? or did he didn't mind like how he was ok with Billy?

Thank you greg!

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FallenLegend writes...

Hey greg! I got to questions regarding young justice.

1.-First, how was Superman able to to have a biological son with Lois Lane. I mean, wasn't it established Kryptonian DNA was very incompatible with Human DNA?

I mean it in how Superboy wasn't able to donate blood to Beast Boy, and Megan had to do it instead.

Or how Lex Luthor had a lot of trouble deciphering Kryptonian DNA to the point match became an insane clone of Superman and Superboy himself doesn't have Kryptonian power just because he is half human.

2.-Second, do you have a power limit for members of the team?

I mean it mostly for storytelling purposes. For example( not asking the spoiler if these two would be part of the team)

But say, hypothetically a teenage Jessica Cruz (green lantern) or Supergirl (full-blooded Kryptonian).

In theory, Supergirl would be far more powerful than Superboy, and you've also mentioned how you lanterns might solve some plots too easily if they were around.

In team year 1, for example, Ivo mentioned how the sidekicks were mostly weaker than their mentors.

Again NOT ASKING about the spoiler if you would put them in team (for all We know Kara might not even care about joining the team). I'm just wondering if having too powerful characters compared to other members of the team would ruin the chances of certain team hero being on it.

thank you Greg!

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FallenLegend writes...

Hey Greg just wondering if you noticed how Keith David mirrored Puck's role n gargoyles.

In Star vs the forces of evil, Keith plays Glossarick who is basically a magic mentor. In one episode he took a baby magical princess called Meteora in a magical adventure to teach her magic while her mother wasn't aware.

This reminded me of Puck doing the exact same thing with Puck and Alex Xanatos.

Just wanted you to know Goliath now went full circle and played Pucks' role. Cool, isn't it?

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Deanna writes...

In response to your response to Millie about a gathering, you said you tried some cons. Did you try Florida Supercon? Jonathon Frakes is already supposed to be there, and I know Marina Sirtis comes every other year or so. It's not until July so you still have some time, and the showrunner - who recently sold but I think is staying on for a year or two as an advisor or something - is usually up for cool things. He also still runs the Louisville Supercon and Raleigh Galaxycon, and still owns those I think, so even if you can't get it done for Florida. I bet you'd have good luck with him somehow. (Spoken as a vendor who's done many of his shows, they're very well run and he tries to pack as much fun in as possible.)

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Anonymous writes...

Was the episode "Misplaced" inspired by the Sins of Youth storyline?

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The Guy writes...

What lead you all to rename Captain Marvel as Shazam? Also, how would Billy be able to communicate his new name?

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James writes...

Hey Greg,

Thanks for taking the time to answer some of my questions.

1. In Earth-16, like in the comics, is the Lazarus Pit derived from the same meteorite that gave Vandal Savage his immortality? If so, could this be how Vandal Savage and Ra's Al Ghul knew each other before the Light was formed?

2. If you were offered by WB/DC to produce, direct and/or write a Young Justice movie, would you? If so, would you have the movie's story and team line up be the same as the show (from either S1, S2 or S3) or would you try to do something different for the movie.

I'd also like to say thank you to both you and Brandon for making some of my favourite shows. I love both Young Justice and Spectacular Spider-Man and you two deserve all the praise you get for them. Best of luck for YJ season 3.

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Jack Carpenter writes...

Who's your favorite Captain America villain?

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thrawn7 writes...

Will Mr. Weisman be attending any 2019 conventions on the East Coast?

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Jordan Wade writes...

Was the light ever activated during World War 2?

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