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tom writes...

can you name the episodes where garfield and megan had bro/sis moments besides earthlings

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Sal writes...

Hey Greg, in recent years with Barry Allen becoming DC's primary Flash once more, writers tend to blend his personality with Wally West's wisecracking, funny-guy routine. And while I recognize your Young Justice characters are not supposed to be a 1 to 1 parallel with the primary comic canon, I do understand you pull a lot of inspiration from that base. So I wanted to ask you what separates your Barry Allen's personality from your Wally West's?

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JSA Fan writes...

First off Greg, I'm loving the third season of YJ so far! I'm especially glad you've introduced the Super Sons and more Milestone characters. Seven years ago, you said that if allowed, you'd love to put more Wildstorm characters in Outsiders. Are you allowed, since some of them were in Justice League: the Flashpoint Paradox?
Thank you!

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roberts writes...

Why as Garfield not allowed to go on the mission that kill all of the doom patrol but him and his step dad if Garfield was a active member of the doom patrol by that point in time ?

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David writes...

Hello Greg I just want to say I love young justice.
So my question is:
Is there a possibility that Wally is coming back for the second half of young justice?
You don't even have to give me a direct answer

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stan riker writes...

Did Garfield fell betrayed by rita farr at the time when he learn she was superhero because she did not tell him soon after she adopted him after queen bee kill marie logan ?

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Anonymous writes...

Was the decision for Barbara and Dick to be together always endgame for him (i'm assuming since it's canon in basically all other depictions of two)

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Keith writes...

Can Lieutenant Marvel and Sergeant Marvel make an Apperience or cameo in young justice

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Luke Shotts writes...

why did you change the date for young justice to July 2 I mean come on

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Myaya writes...

Is Katana a mute?

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