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Shelly writes...

Is Queen Bee from Young Justice a metahuman? Or did she get her powers artificially by augmenting herself?

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Nick writes...

1. How old is Thirteen?
2. How old is Lena Luthor?
3. How old is Lashina?
4. How old is Colonel Olga Ilyich?
5. How old is Holocaust?

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Nick writes...

Fantastic episodes today! Can't wait to see the rest of 3B.

1. How old is Captain Boomerang?
2. How old is Dmitri Pushkin?
3. How old is Windfall?
4. How old is Big Barda?
5. How old is Hro Talak?

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Nate Neal writes...

Hello Mr Weisman! I'm a huge fan of your work, especially on Spectacular Spiderman! That is my favorite Spidey series to date. As for my question, is I know the Series got cancelled because rights and contract problems, but now that Disney and Sony are working together and have a deal for the character of Spiderman, And that you guys already had the future of the series mapped out, if there is any possibility of the series being revived for Disney+, the new streaming service or Netflix or any platform really? Thank you for your time sir. -Nate

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Jason R. Carter writes...

Is there a part of the Eyrie Building that could serve as a rookery for the Manhattan Clan?

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Emily The Disney Fan writes...

Hello again Mr.Weisman! I'd just like to Say I'm one of the Lucky few Fans Who've just managed to Get the Graphic Novel Version of the Gargoyles: BAD GUYS series! And I LOVE IT! and Here are Some questions I Do Have for it if you Don't Mind!

1) I Don't Know if you Answered this Already, But Is there was reason why the 3rd issue was Drawn by a different Artist than the one who drew the Rest of the other Comics?

2)Since Dr. Sevarius works for Thailog Now at Nightstone Unlimited, Is it Possible That Thailog was IN or aware of Sevarius's Plan to turn everyonein Times Square on New Years Into mutants?

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Jordan Wade writes...

In Young Justice what is Lex Luthor motivations why did he decided to engage in illegal actives and does he sees himself as an hero?

Most versions of Lex just have him being greedy and power hungry what sets your versions of Lex from the others?

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Lance Alvers writes...

Hi, these are just a few questions
1) Is Aquaman a full Atlantean or is he half Atlantean half human like in the comics (human father, Atlantean mother)
2) Is Orm his full brother or his half brother?

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Sid writes...

Does the speedforce exist in young justice

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Jason R. Carter writes...

1. How is Sportsmaster in such great shape in his early 60s?

2. Scale of 1-10: how pissed was Talon when he learned the Gargoyles were moving back in with Xanatos?

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