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Zero writes...

What do you think of Peter Parker in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

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Kovu writes...

I wanted to include this on the Young Justice Wiki but somebody is threatening me not to. Are Bart Allen and Eduardo Jr. Dating in "Illusion of Control?"

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A. Webster writes...

Hello Greg,

First off, thank you for helping to create some of the best shows from my childhood. I recently rediscovered Spectacular Spider-Man through a friend and some great fanworks. I know somethings from season 3 onwards that might have happened such as Scorpion and Hobgoblin making appearances as well as Mister Negative, which would have been interesting to see given the character's rise in the knowledge of casual fans due to the recent game. With what little I found, a few questions popped into my head. I'll apologize if one or more of these was asked/answered before, I searched the questions and did not find any that I though were a close match. Anyway,

1. What was going to be the endgame with Gwen? You've mentioned that Peter and MJ would eventually fall in love and marry, so then what would Gwen's fate be? Would she share the fate of the mainstream comics? Or would she stay alive but move out of New York as her presence in the story became less significant?

2. Was Peter going to be the only hero on the show, or would characters from other Marvel properties show up? I've found one bit that said Ghost Rider would appear, but I couldn't trace it back to a good source.

3. While a lot of the show was a faithful adaptation of the comics and other media, there were a few major changes, most notably with the show's version of Molten man. Which other characters were considered/planned to be significantly altered/given powers?

4. As a hypothetical, let's say that all the legal tape was cleared away and you were asked to revive the series for a streaming service (much like what happened with Young Justice), would you do so?

Thank you for looking at my long winded questions. Please have a good day/evening, and thank you once more for the shows you've helped to create.

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Illumi writes...

Hello Greg, Besides the Joker, what villain in the young justice universe is currently the most sadistic and "pure evil" hearted?

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AFoxOfFiction writes...

I imagine this might have been asked before, but I figure it wouldn't hurt. Just an observation I made.

Considering that you're willing to use Kaizen Gamorra from Wildstorm as a cameo, and after considering the themes of government bureaucracy hamstringing the Justice League. Is it possible that The Authority might eventually going to show up in Young Justice?

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Keith writes...

I was wonder where is Captain Atom at in Young justice can he get a cameo

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Steph writes...

Hi, Greg! Hope you’re well. A few Young Justice: Outsiders questions...

1. How long has Spoiler been operating as a hero by the start of Season 3?
2. How long had Orphan been operating as a hero by the start of Season 3?
3. How long has Arrowette been operating as a hero by the start of Season 3?
4. How long has Shade been operating as a villain by the start of Season 3?
5. How long has Batwoman been operating as a hero by the start of Season 3?

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Dara Drayton writes...

In Young Justice, does The Light have a specific policy that if its members (even its board members) get caught or exposed, then they will be given up or will not be offered any sort of protection by the organization from the fallout of their own exposure?

I ask because it really does seem to be the trend, given the evidence presented. Ocean Master was caught, disgraced, and imprisoned, and The Light did little for him but quickly select his replacement and send Lady Shiva to murder him when he attempted to take revenge upon those who exposed him. Black Manta was caught, disgraced (even more), and imprisoned, and again The Light did nothing to help or extract him.

I guess there truly is no honor among thieves, huh?

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Hayden Philyaw. writes...

Hey Greg. Let me just say I am a huge fan of Young Justice. I just want to ask you, you know that alien bird Beast Boy Shape shifts into, from the Planet Rann? Have you given that creature a name? Plus is it possible that Beast Boy can Shape shift into a Ma'alefa'ak?

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Nakia writes...


First, I wanted to say, thank you for bringing Bart Allen into Young Justice! He's one of few characters I relate to with his impulsiveness, over affection (this gets me into so many misunderstood situations, it's not funny), protectiveness, who tries to be a good, loyal friend to those he cares for. And, originally who had no interest in what is suppose to be common for Teenagers, cause he had no hormones. As an asexual/aromantic, I always felt so out of place because of my lack of interest in such things. I felt so wrong at the time back then. My friends tried to correct me thinking that I was shy, or haven't found the right person. They'd force me into relationships despite my protest and uncomfortable feelings. My over affection to friends would also land me on the rumor mill of dating, which was a bit annoying. I can't begin to tell you how much it meant to see a character similar to yourself, that just might understand what you are going through. It really meant a lot to me when I discovered the Impulse comics. So, just thank you ever so much for adapting him! I love watching him on the show, and reliving what made me fall in love for the character again, even if not exactly the same. He's one of my all time favorites from the DC comics.

2. Does Bart still have his hyper-accelerated metabolism/hyper-aging problem he got upon being born with Barry's speed from the comics? This problem made him appear as 12, when he was really just two years old. Finding a cure for it was one of the reasons he went back in time, if I'm remembering right.

3. I'm not sure how to phrase this one. What would Professor Zoom look like in the Young Justice art style? Curious if he's have red/black eyes like the movies or be more like Flash tv style. And was he once considered to make an appearance in the past 2 seasons? I don't want spoilers for new episodes, hate that, but curious about the past ones. Figured last episodes are safe to ask about.

4. Is it ok if I keep interpreting Bart as asexual/aromatic like me? I know about the shipping madness the fans have for the series, which doesn't help my feelings on being the oddball out, but I also know how fans are when others don't share their view (and I've experienced some hate for my sexuality in the past by fellow fans for portraying a character as such despite canon). I know it's ridiculous to ask, but is it ok? I just feel better making sure.

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