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Nick writes...

pretty please

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Sam writes...

If I say "pretty please" will you reveal who the people behind the missing designations A-08, A-09, and A-14 are?

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Robert writes...

(Not sure if my first one went through) if young justice gets picked up for another season will you be using other DC story lines, or making your own entirely, or possibly even a mix of both? I know there’s a lot of great source material I’d love to see your spin on.

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SPIDER FAN 3.4.5 writes...

Hey Mr. Greg please to meet you, well i enjoy Spectaculer Spiderman and its the greatest show you made better then the Disney making now. I prey and hope it can be revive the way you revive Young Justice after i heard the news, well just want to ask some few question to you.

1. Any Chance that Tombstone and Hammerhead come back and rejoin to get back at Spiderman ?

2. And Are Wilson Fisk and The Spider Slayer made their debut if season 3 to 5 continued ?

Thanks for your kind answer, Sincerely

Revive Spectacular Spiderman :).

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Anonymous writes...

Mr. Weisman,

I just saw the Young Justice: Outsiders episode, "Early Warning." In regards to the girl who could now only breathe underwater due to her meta-gene being activated, is this girl supposed to be Lorena Marquez, the new Aquagirl?

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6f5e4d writes...

Yo Greg, did Will and Jade officially divorce between season 2 and season 3 of YJ? If this is too spoilerific, you can probably ignore this question.

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JM writes...

How old is Lena Luthor?

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Steph writes...

1. What is the zeta designation number for Fire?
2. What is the zeta designation number for Ice?
3. What is the zeta designation number for Batwoman?
4. What is the zeta designation number for Katana?
5. What is the zeta designation number for Hardware?

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Zero writes...

What do you think of Peter Parker in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

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Kovu writes...

I wanted to include this on the Young Justice Wiki but somebody is threatening me not to. Are Bart Allen and Eduardo Jr. Dating in "Illusion of Control?"

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