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Nick writes...

How old is Gilotina?

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Luke writes...

In "Princes All" when Batman quits the Justice League with a few fellow members, Wonder Woman yells out "Bruce, please!" to the entire room.

1. Does this mean that everyone present (Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Arrow, Black Canary, Captain Marvel, Red Tornado, Doctor Fate, Plastic Man, Black Lightning, Zatanna, Rocket, Aquaman (Kaldur), Hardware, Katana, Batwoman, Steel, and Miss Martian) was already aware of Batman's secret identity? Or are several Leaguers now just aware of Batman's first name?

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Ben writes...

1. How did you decide on Wyynde for Kaldur's romantic interest? Were you set on it being a former Atlantean purist?
2. I'm curious as to when Kaldur first started to realize when he was attracted to more than just women. Do you picture him struggling with it or was he very open minded about himself from the beginning?
3. When you were writing season 1 and 2, was there a storyline or character you wanted to showcase Kaldur's sexuality with, but couldn't?
4. How did Wyynde and Kaldur meet? Who asked who out? If you're planning on showing this at some point then I get the #NoSpoilers

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joe writes...

i know it doesnt matter but where was garfield during 3x20

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Anonymous writes...

Hello, Greg.

I want to ask how old is Joan Garrick? You had previously said that she was 88 at the end of Season 1. However, recently at SDCC, you said she was 98, when she died.

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Tom Cave writes...

How old is Courtney Whitmore?

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Anonymous writes...

Mr. Weisman,

In "Quiet Conversations," we see the Source Wall for the first time in the Young Justice universe. Considering what happened to it in "Dark Knights: Metal," how can it still remain intact on the show?

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Anonymous writes...

In the Young Justice Episode "Coldhearted," Vandal Savage claimed to have a "Reckoning" with the Flash. Since this was said as part of Count Vertigo's plan to distract Wally, Has Savage ever actually fought the Flash before?

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Nick writes...

Blown away by this episode, Greg! Great job!

1. How old is Cullen Row?
2. How old is Unnamed-Meta-Teen-A41?
3. How old is Gabrielle Dau's mother?
4. How old is Gabrielle Dau's cousin?

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Jon writes...

Hey! So what was that spell Zatanna used to transport Klarion to the Tower of Fate? As in, the non-reversed form of the words? I couldn't catch it.

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