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Derek writes...

Am I missing anyone or adding someone incorrectly? So far Sevarius has the DNA of the following?

Goliath, Brooklyn, Angela, Broadway, Bronx, Lexington, Eliza, Hudson, Yama, Robyn Canmore, Dingo, Talon, Maggie, Fang, Claw, Wolf, Demona, Nessie, Deiliah (Mix)?

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Derek writes...

1) On a narcissistic level would any part of Demona be pleased with Delilah for rejecting Thailog and being elected leader of the clones? Or would it kind of make her hate her more because they are nearly the same person?
2) Any hope of a revival with Disney's new streaming service? Several seasons in the bag already, cult following, voice actors with a cult following. Seems like a shoo-in, fingers crossed.
3) Are you reading Johnathan Hickman's X-Men relaunch? What do you think?
4) Is Brentwood attracted to Thailog? For that matter is Lexington attracted to any of the Wyvern clan?

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Shelby writes...

This post is about Tim and Cassie in season 3
1.What was their relationship like?
2.What kind of boyfriend was Tim?
3.Are Tim and Cassie virgins? If not, when was their first time?
4.Have they slept with each other?

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Lucas writes...

On a scale from 1 to 10, how estranged is Icicle Jr. from his father these days? To be honest, bad as he is, I can't see an old school villain like Senior being in ANY way accepting the idea of metahuman-child trafficking. And the fact that his own kid is engaged in that kind of business... well, everyone has to have standards, no?

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Grahan Phillips writes...

Why did beast boy choose to still trust Tigress after she was willing to give terra the choice of killing beast boy in outsider episode Nevermore ?

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Tolle writes...

Why did Garfield logan not move away from terra's large rock when terra was looking at and talking to tigress in young justice outsiders episode nevermore ?

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Will writes...

Why was Garfield still allowed to use zeta beam tubs after he became a actor in young justice timeline ?

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Emma writes...

what did count vertigo think of fact Perdita was dating Garfield Logan ?

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Pal writes...

in episode nevermore why was more important to the team to give terra a choose than saving beast boy's life ?

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Ali writes...

Why did Brion pardon Jace?

As far as we know Baazovi's powers only allow him to guide people towards their darker impulses, considering the severity of the crimes Jace committed, wouldn't the psychic influences rather stop him from forgiving her.

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