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Anonymous writes...

In the Young Justice animated universe, is Steel's secret identity John Henry Irons?

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Bluebird722 writes...

Hi Greg! Once again, thanks for the amazing show that is Young Justice. I wanted to ask a few more questions about the show I adore.

1. How old are Traya, Anissa, and Jennifer?
2. Was there any debate between the writers, producers, and actors over how to pronounce Lian? (I know some people including myself pronounced it as LeeAnn, and sometimes say that)
3. If it was Cadmus policy to delete the source material, how come they kept Roy alive and frozen instead?
4. How did Mal and Karen discover Conner's and Megan's real identities, or is that something we might see later?
5. What's your response and feeling when people come up to you and say that the show (or even Gargoyles) helped them during a difficult time, maybe even saved them from suicide?


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Noah writes...

Two questions about Season 3

1. Do any of the rescued meta-teens in True Heroes, Influence, Early Warning and Into the Breach have names?

2. If they do, can you identify which specific metas they were

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Jason R. Carter writes...

1. How exactly was Lady Shiva able to decapitate Orm?

2. Was DeLamb's usefulness as a pawn for the Light a major reason he wasn't already executed for regicide and high treason?

3. Where's La'gaan been and is he invited to the wedding?

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Wells writes...

1. Given that Terra betraying the team is a well-known trope, were you determined to have Terra turn away from Deathsttroke in the ends, or were there other ideas where she still went dar?
2. Were you ever tempted to have Terra actually kill Beast Boy like Deathstroke told her to?
3. In your mind, did Brion take Terra's place in your version of the Judas Contract story.

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Kroft writes...

Why did Halo not heal beast boy's broken arm after the mission seen in episode young justice outsiders nevermore was over ?

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Bob Hellmann writes...

Is King Sha’ark going to appear in Young Justice Season 4?

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Nick writes...

Hi, Greg! Hope production on Season 4 is going well.

Throughout Season 3, we get only one glimpse of Ray Palmer/Atom, standing on the Flash’s shoulder in the big group shot in “Nevermore.” He’s in costume and seems to still be operating as a member of the League. Yet, Kaldur’s line in “Princes All” indicated that all Earth-based League members were present “either in person or via hologram” at the Watchtower meeting. But unless he was at the subatomic level, Ray Palmer was nowhere to be seen.
1. Can we take this as confirmation that Atom was operating as a space-based Leaguer for most of Young Justice: Outsiders?

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Danny writes...

Since you say you've always planned on including Dracula in the future, does that mean vampires exist in the "Gargoyles" universe?

Also, what is your opinion on there being gargoyles in the Carpathian mountains? Seems like that's a place they could roost and live safely.

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JACK writes...

Why did BEAST BOY stop dating QUEEN PERDITA soon after his OUTSIDERS team was form IN YOUNG JUSTICE TIMELINE ?

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