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Jim writes...

Would you ever like to write for Power Rangers?

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Armando writes...

Now that Disney and Sony are somewhat working together, is it possible for a Spectacular Spider-Man comeback

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Sam writes...

1. For YJ S3, was the voice recording typically done with the voice actors in the same room, or individually?
2. Has the voice recording process (whether in groups or individually) changed from season to season?

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Todd Jensen writes...

I also recently read the "Oral History of Gargoyles" online, and enjoyed it. My favorite part was when you mentioned how "Gargoyles" was initially inspired by "Adventures of the Gummi Bears", only instead of "cute, cuddly multi-colored bears" it would have "cute, cuddly multi-colored gargoyles". I know you were talking about the original comedy development take on the gargoyles, but I laughed aloud at the "cute, cuddly" part - they're definitely not the adjectives I'd use for describing Goliath. "Majestic", yes, "awe-inspiring", yes, but not "cute" or "cuddly".

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Todd Jensen writes...

I thought you might like to know that I recently found a small book on gargoyles at the library (part of a series of books on mythical monsters), which included a few paragraphs on "Gargoyles". It gave a summary of the series (if a bit inaccurate, I regret to say - it made it sound as if the gargoyles' turning to stone during the day was part of the Magus's curse and stopped happening when they awakened in the modern world) - and also mentioned the Gatherings; it even included Station 8's comment room in the "Internet sites" section in the "Further Reading" at the back.

It also included much information about architectural gargoyles, including the mention that "true gargoyles" (that is, waterspouts designed to look like gargoyles) keep rainwater off the buildings they're mounted on, and even the non-waterspout gargoyles serve a similar function (the rain bouncing off them). So even real-world architectural gargoyles protect - if in a different way than the ones in the series.

The book was written by a Hayley Mitchell Haugen, and was published in 2007.

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Pablo Torres writes...

Could we get an updated list on the designations of the new characters introduced in season 3 of YJ?

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Artemis writes...

What happened to Artemis when Wally die?

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Hulkie10 writes...

Good morning / afternoon / evening Greg Weisman, this is the first time I have done this and first I would like to tell you that I have been following this series for a long time and that I greatly admire your work with Brandon Vietti, the production team and the scriptwriters, seriously Thank you very much for this series. Well here are my questions:
1) I think this was already announced but I am not sure: Will the 4th season of Young Justice leave more or less at the end of 2020?
2) What is your favorite couple of the 3 seasons of Young Justice?

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Angela Milford writes...

Will there be new characters introduced in the upcoming episodes of Season 4?

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Anonymous writes...

Before what happened to jason todd, where Donna troy and jason todd really close friends?

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