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Anonymous writes...

I have a young justice question for You in dc comics the news boy legion where cloned by Cadmus who created the Genomorphs so is it possible that Brooklyn Main in earth 16 is also a Genomorph city as well and the Mayor, Sheriff. and the Newsgirl Legion are all Genomorphs too like evryone in Geranium city (apart from Dr spence)?

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Ethan M. writes...

Hey Greg, I’m not asking for a spoiler for next season of young justice, I would just like to know a possible release date or even a possible date for a trailer for season 4. I love the series so far and can’t wait for next season.

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Sami writes...

If Gargoyles ever comes back, whether by Petition or by sheer will of the fans with making the hashtag visible, would you ever consider bringing in ideas or a new character from a fan?

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Todd Jensen writes...

A postscript thought I had on "Shadows of the Past". Both it and "Future Tense" - the first and last episodes in the Avalon World Tour respectively - have Goliath being beset by terrifying magical illusions, but at last realizing that they're not real and confronting the person or people behind the illusion. I don't know if this was intentional or not, but I think it gives a great element of symmetry to the World Tour.

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Todd Jensen writes...

Rewatched "Shadows of the Past" today.

Bronx was definitely not enjoying the wild boat ride through the stormy seas - his response put me in mind of the "series Pitch"'s description of him as angst-ridden and not fond of adventures.

I really enjoyed the little animation details in this episode - Elisa cautiously climbing up the path from the shore, grabbing hold of the stone wall at one point to steady herself, or Bronx slipping a bit when he starts climbing up the cliff.

The entrance to the rookery looked different than it did in "Awakening Part One" - apparently those doors and the gargoyle-like face over them were removed by Xanatos to New York, along with the rest of the castle. The depiction of the now castle-less cliff - with a huge gap - brought home just how much of it Mr. X had removed.

I really like the illusory Demona's words to Goliath "Join me in the dark" - it's an illusion of her, of course, but those words capture so well in metaphor what she's been trying to get him to do (when not simply trying to kill him).

This time around, looking at the giant skull-like shape left over from the Archmage's battle with the gargoyles in "Long Way Till Morning", I tried to work out (but wasn't certain) whether it was a real skull (if so, it belonged to something really huge) or just part of the cave sculpted into the likeness of a skull. I'll have to pay closer attention to it, the next time I watch "Long Way Till Morning".

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Todd Jensen writes...

Rewatched the "Avalon" triptych on DVD today. A few new observations.

The Magus's lyre in the "flashback on Avalon" scene looks a lot like Merlin's lyre in "A Lighthouse in the Sea of Time". Obviously not the same one, but evidently both wizards share a common taste in musical instruments.

Princess Katharine and the Magus's telling Elisa "Little is known of the Sleeping King" struck me as all the more appropriate since in 995, nearly all the major works on King Arthur had yet to be written (Geoffrey of Monmouth's "History of the Kings of Britain", the oldest extant start-to-finish account of Arthur's life, wouldn't be written for over a hundred years). There were one or two, like Nennius's "Historia Brittonum", but that was about it.

A detail that I hadn't spotted before: a couple of gargoyle-like sculptures were "guarding" the bridge leading to Arthur's resting-place within the Hollow Hill.

King Arthur and Goliath have both used a mace while fighting Macbeth (Goliath did so in "Enter Macbeth") - one of a few points in common they share (others are awakening in the modern world from a long enchanted sleep, and having scheming illegitimate sons).

The Archmage's boast that he could destroy Goliath with "just a word" struck me as apt, since all the "enhanced Archmage"'s spells were one-word ones ("Vessel", "Revert", "Ice", etc.).

It's difficult not to smile at Elisa's "Souvenirs" question after Season One of "Young Justice". Fortunately, she was asking it in a lighthearted tone.

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Sasha writes...

Hello Greg,

It is with great pleasure that I see Gargoyles is now available to binge on Disney+. With that in mind, I wanted to ask a question concerning the Goliath Chronicles. I know that, with the exception of Episode 1, the Chronicles season is not canon. I'm also aware that, in your comics, you made a nod to one of the Chronicles episodes, where Jeffrey Robbins discovers that Hudson is a gargoyle. At the time you said that you echoed this interaction from the series an a nod to the creators for "getting it right."

My question is this: Apart from "The Journey" and "The Dying Light," (featuring Hudson and Jeffrey Robbins,) are there any Goliath Chronicles episodes that you recommend watching? Do you have any particular opinions on the Chronicles season, as it is displayed on Disney+ alongside the first two canon seasons of Gargoyles? And, in supporting Gargoyles as a whole, should fans watch the Goliath Chronicles as well as the other two seasons?

It is a real joy to see the excitement that has resurged around the series. I hope that it does finally get the renewal it so fiercely deserves!

Thank you for reading my question.
Wishing you all the best,

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Todd Jensen writes...

Rewatched "The Price" on DVD yesterday.

This time around, I noted the Macbeth-robot's "trophies" line, and how that continued the "hunting" imagery I'd been paying close attention to in the series during my 25th anniversary viewing. Because trophies are one of the reasons why someone would be hunting. (As far as I can tell, it's the only time that was given as a motive for hunting gargoyles - and, of course, it doesn't count, since it was all part of the misdirection tactic.)

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Anonymous writes...

This is less a question than a comment, since I know you won't give out spoilers. :)

I've noticed that a lot of writers, especially in TV shows, either can't or don't want to write established relationships - either the courtship is dragged out until the final episode, or the couple gets together mid-series only to fall into an endless cycle of break ups and make ups. And while Gargoyles is one of the few TV series that I think had legitimately good reasons both for the long courtship and for the breakup in the comics, which both made sense with the characters and were compatible with them having a long-term healthy relationship... I also really hope that this won't become a recurring phenomenon, and that their relationship will continue to progress, however slowly. While I know that no relationship lasts forever, if nothing else because no one lives forever, I really really hope that Elisa and Goliath will have many long years ahead of them to function as a healthy couple, and that we the audience will get to see at least some of it. *crosses fingers for Gargoyles coming back in some form*

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Anonymous writes...

1) What sort of hobbies does Elisa have outside of work?

2) Did she have any human friends prior to meeting the gargoyles?

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