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Todd Jensen writes...

Rewatched "Sanctuary" on DVD today. New observations.

Elisa writes Macbeth's name as "MacBeth". Not quite as serious as the infamous "Servarius" error in "The Cage", but still a bit unfortunate.

I was amused to note that Demona barely even registers Elisa's presence in the middle of her fight with Macbeth, even though Elisa's calling out to both of them - until just before Elisa shoots her. She does finally spot the detective and aim at her, but Elisa takes her down before she can do more than that. Apparently her feud with Macbeth tops even her hatred for Elisa.

I felt a sense of near-horror, though, as I noticed how Demona and Macbeth's fight was damaging the library, with several books apparently getting damaged or destroyed.

And the silhouette of a gargoyle against the moon in the newspaper photograph bears an uncanny similarity (obviously coincidental) to the Bat-Signal.

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chad writes...

In the young justice outsiders episode Leverage why as beast boy not cold standing in his human form WHEN HES WAS STANDING alone side tigress when the Russians had thier weapons had their pointed the team ?

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Todd Jensen writes...

I rewatched "Golem" on DVD.

Not many new observations or insights, but I was impressed by the late Robert Culp's performance, the way he switches the tone of Renard's voice when he's in the Golem's body. It still sounds like Renard, but tougher, more vigorous.

I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but I found the scene where Janus was petting Bronx on the head charming. (And all the more impressive, given that he's just encountered his first gargoyle beast only minutes before. He clearly picked up on Bronx's nature quickly.)

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Aj writes...

Hello. Is it possible to buy signed copies of your work; whether it be comics or possible artwork? Hope you’re having a great week

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Todd Jensen writes...

Rewatched "Monsters" on DVD today. (Appropriate timing, I thought, since November 30 is St. Andrew's Day, dedicated to the patron saint of Scotland - and on that day, I was watching Scottish gargoyles encountering Scotland's most famous monster.) A few fresh thoughts on it.

When Elisa describes herself to the man at the souvenir stall as "not really the adventuring type", I found myself thinking of her statement in "High Noon", "I'm no hero; I just do my job". Certainly, whatever her incliations, she's had plenty of adventures.

I wondered whether Elisa's remark about theme parks doing "robot Nessie-type" stunts five times a day was Disney poking a bit of fun at itself - we'd see something similar in "Bushido".

And when Elisa says at the end how some legends need to stay that way, she looks in Goliath's direction as she speaks, making me wonder if it was just the Loch Ness Monster she was talking about. Certainly Elisa's been zealous about preserving the gargoyles' secrecy - maybe too zealous, in light of "Revelations" and "Mark of the Panther".

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Christopher Chiu-Tabet writes...

Hi Greg,

I'm fascinated by how anything public domain appears to exist in the Gargoyles Universe, including characters adapted by Disney elsewhere. So I have to know, where does the Little Mermaid fall between the Three Races? Are they a hybrid like the New Olympians, or just Avalon kind?

Looking forward to bingewatching the show again when Disney Plus arrives in the UK - here's hoping the spin-offs live again soon!

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Gargs writes...

What's the largest Gargoyle clan in the world by the early 21st century (present day)?

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Todd Jensen writes...

I've now rewatched "Heritage" and "Kingdom" on DVD. No new thoughts on "Heritage", but I still really enjoy the gargoyles bringing Cagney to the clock tower to look after him in Elisa's absence. I thought it appropriate that it was Broadway who found the kitty (he's the one of the four left behind gargs who's closest to Elisa). And I liked Hudson's rapport with Cagney, while missing Bronx. Including Cagney rubbing affectionately against Hudson - he's got no problems with gargoyles (though Maggie's another story).

I found myself wondering how that containment unit was still functioning after Fang ripped the cables apart to transport it. (To make up for it, I noticed this time around - and really liked - the way they did Talon's voice while he was stuck in there.)

As you pointed out in your ramble, Xanatos's security system does far more damage to the castle than to the gargoyles - I cringe as I see it blowing pieces of the castle apart (small wonder that, by the time of the Double Date story, Owen was getting fed up with all those repairs!) - but Xanatos's lines made up for it.

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Gargates writes...

I'm enjoying watching Gargoyles on Disney Plus, but I have a few questions about the future of the universe.
1. The child that Elisa and Goliath will adopt at some point - what age will they be when they're adopted? I hope that doesn't stray too far into spoiler territory.
2. Following the commitment ceremony that Elisa and Goliath have, will she move in with the Manhattan Clan or will she live at her own home and simply make it work with Goliath some other way?
3. Since it's likely you won't answer this until some time into the year, how big will the Manhattan Clan be by 2020?
4. Do you have a general appearance in mind for the Space Spawn? If so, can we have some details about what they look like?
5. Since the Gathering is still going on by 2198 and Oberon's Children are by and large mostly confined to Avalon, will there be a decline in magical belief? Or at least in the belief of certain folk stories that Oberon's Children inspired?
6. Finally, are there any details you could share about the Lost Race?
Thanks for the time, I hope the Disney Plus location helps get Gargoyles to a wider audience. I've already seen an uptick in discussion myself. Hope all's well with you.

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Anonymous writes...

sorry i ment to say Maine ps If the inhabitens of Brooklen maine are Genomorphs i for one like the idea of the news girl Leagion being some espechaly Gaby after all the recording she did and posiive reactions to the Outsiers she helped i for one woold love to meet a friendly Genomorph hiding under her cap and hair !

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