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An Old Fan writes...

So I know you've answered this a number of times over the years, but rather than I asking the nth time, I've spent a while thinking about the "how".

So Macbeth and Demona cannot die but by their own hand and although there are situations that seem like they could die by another's (beheading, smashed stone, etc), these situations cannot happen because of the spell the Wierd Sisters placed on them. It protects them from assured fatal injuries that normally would kill mortals (again beheading, smashed stone, etc). The spell basically would manipulate events to ensure that Macbeth and Demona would always get out of such a situation (Macbeth getting caught in the French Revolution and is scheduled to be beheaded but some mishap with the dungeon keys delays it, buying him time to escape or Demona is forced to roost elsewhere instead of her normal spot because of some freak storm preventing her in getting back, thus sparing her from being smashed by the Hunters one morning).

They would have uncanny luck in avoiding death situations that would otherwise be assured.

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JSA Fan writes...

1. When and why did Billy change his moniker from Captain Marvel to Shazam?

2. On Earth-16, did Dick Grayson become Nightwing simply to allow Jason Todd to become Robin?

3. Since Impulse created Earth-16A in Bloodlines, and the Legion of Super-Heroes has a presence in Nevermore...are they now in Earth-16B? Do the Legion come from a millennium away, like in the comics, or are they also from Impulse's time?

4. Will Orphan join the Team, or maybe the Outsiders?

5. Who are Trajectory's teammates on Infinity Inc.?

I totally understand if any of these are too spoiler-heavy by the way, but I can't help getting my hopes up. Always a pleasure!

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Anonymous writes...

Hey, Greg.

Watching Young Justice season 3, and was shocked by the appearance of designations A41 and A42. Given that the highest known A-series designation prior to this is A20 (Tye Longshadow), it seems like a lot has happened in the two-ish years between Endgame and Quiet Conversations.

I know you are loathe to reveal designations in an off-screen environment, so I won't ask who the missing twenty names are (or even the still-unrevealed A08, A09, and A14), but do you know exactly who those numbers are?

On another note, in Away Mission, the computer reads a designation as "Pierce comma Jefferson G01". But in Humanity, it reads a designation as "Zatanna Zatara A03". Is there any rhyme or reason to which designations are last-name-first or first-name-first?


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Anonymous writes...

Who’s is older â€" Jade Nyugen (Cheshire) or Will Harper (formerly Red Arrow)? And what is their age difference?

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Jeremy G. McLaughlin writes...

Pretty much the entire main cast of Gargoyles have popped up in some way or another on "Young Justice." But there are just a couple who have not quite shown up as of yet. Will there ever be a potential role for Salli Richardson, Frank Welker or Jonathan Frakes?

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Kiddo writes...

Oy, I’m stupid.
Not Eliza.

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Kiddo writes...

Hey, thanks for hours of entertainment through your shows. I just recently finished watching the canon run of Gargoyles on DVD through the library (Me and a friend greatly enjoyed the journey, and had a lot of fun watching it!) after growing up on your other shows, like Young Justice and Spectacular Spider-Man. So, thank you, and as I’m new here, I’d figure I’d try and put a question that isn’t quite so... obvious.
Did Eliza’s palate change much after the Avalon World Tour?

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Anonymous writes...

Sigh. Hi Greg. I was the one who complained about the poster who was making hundreds of posts about Beast Boy on Ask Greg. I realized almost immediately that I had crossed a line and I regretted it. I tried to have the moderator delete the post, but no dice. It is not my place to decide who posts what on YOUR web-site. All I can say by way of an explanation is that I was in a bad mood and that poster really bugs me. So, sorry.

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Joshua writes...

Hey Greg I'm a newbie who just started watching your show on disney+ and first off wow! How did miss this? Now that gargoyles is on a exclusive streaming service is there any new possibilities for it to come back? -also while typing this would you be open to a kingdom Hearts crossover or a gargoyles video in general?

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Andrew writes...

Hey Greg, got two questions for you

1. How did you meet Brandon Vietti?

2. I ask because I'm a big of the DCAU, how did Rich Fogel get involved with the series?

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