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Greg Bishansky writes...

Hmm, I haven't asked a question here in a while. So I figured I'd get one in before the temporary close.

Here's one for the timeline. Since I last asked, there have been two Radio Plays at CONvergence. I've watched them both on YouTube and loved them. Abby's singing voice as Miss Martian really impressed me, and Marina as Demona playing almost every character on her IMDB from Queen Bee to Hurrican Julia to Deanna Troi etc amused me greatly. I don't think I caught any impact grunts. ;)

Since we've had dates for every other Radio Play...

1. What happened in the Gargoyles Universe on July 2nd, 2016?

2. What happened in the Gargoyles Universe on July 7th, 2018?

I miss the Radio Plays and I cannot wait to attend and hopefully participate in one again.

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Kat writes...

Hey! I'm a recent gargoyles fan (and am currently obsessed), and I actually have a couple of questions about the comics.
1) If you were to ever adapt the comics into a cartoon or a comic dub/radio play, for the comic exclusive gargoyles, like Katana and Gnash, who would your dream cast be for their voices?
2) Also, have you ever thought about adding onto the comic series after "Phoenix", or do you feel like the Clan Building arch is good where it was left and it would be good to move on to a new chapter of the Gargoyles saga?

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draph91 writes...

Not sure if this has been answered but do Gargoyle Eggs turn to stone during the day?

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Jacob writes...

Have FreeFall (Roxanne Spaulding)
be apart of young justice

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John writes...

Consider adding Union to Young Justice Do research on him he seems interesting

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Tengu Madame writes...

This question isn't for Greg, but if he can please pass this on to Edmund Tsabard?

Oh, Edmund... when will you bring back Last Tengu In Paris?

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M. writes...

Hi Greg. I have a few questions:
1) Why was Jade so absent in season 3?
2) Was there any problem with Kelly Hu?
And since in episode 325 Lian said something like "we need to find Cheshire for Daddy" (if I'm not mistaken):
3) Does Lian know that Cheshire is her mom?
4) In fact, does she even know or remember who her mom is?
And last but not least:
5) Did Will actually believe what Jade said about being a soccer mom and all that?

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Marvelman writes...

Hi Greg. There are a few things related to the anti-life equation that I am still unclear on following season three.

1)What was the original purpose of Granny's machine? I ask because it seems to me the only thing it was good for was inflicting pain - without Halo to provide the anti-life equation.

2)I'm still not sure how Halo = the anti-life equation. Could you please try to explain it to me?

3)Thank-you for treating Kirby's anti-life equation seriously. In Kirby's fourth world mythology, the equation was something very specific. Some other depictions depict it very vaguely. You didn't. You did your homework. Thanks.

4)What did you think of the Hunger Dogs as an ending to Jack's Fourth World saga?

5)How are you?

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Anonymous writes...

Hello. I'm the anonymous 7 posts back who asked about Icon not being at the big meetup in Nevermore, and I realized that I just missed his name in Guy's list. Whoops.

I'm also the anon who asked about the A-series designations between Tye Longshadow and Dolphin. As was the case with that question, I assume I'm gonna get a big old "SPOILER REQUEST" for most of this, but maybe you're in a sharing mood.

1. Did El Dorado and Cyborg receive B-series designations upon their joining the Outsiders?
2. On the Young Justice backpack that was given away at SDCC 2019, some characters had designations listed with their names. Should the ones not used in the show be considered canon? (I'm thinking specifically of the Z-series for "Batman, Inc." and Stone, Victor G-08.)
3. If Vic is G-08, and Halo is G-03... care to reveal who are G-04, G-05, G-06, and G-07? The only possible option I can come up with is Dr. Jace.
4. There are three Z-series designations missing on said bag (Z-03, Z-04, and Z-06). Should I assume they are Plastic Man, Hardware, and Metamorpho (in that order or another)?
5. Long shot time. Will you reveal the League designations between Aquaman 27 and Steel 36?

Thanks for your time!

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Marvelman writes...

Siiiigh! I've done it again! I already asked the last question! When am I going to learn? Sorry.

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Marvelman writes...

Prior to the release of Outsiders, you mentioned that a character from Legacy would play a role in season three. (Please excuse me if I have this wrong because it was a long time ago.) Yet, this never seemed to happen. Who was this character? Did your plans change?

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Jonathan Martin writes...

Hello Mr. Weisman, I happen to be a big fan of your work over the many years of your television career. I'm currently working the slow path to eventually get an internship at Disney Animation through experience in other job fields first, so wish me luck.

For Spectacular Spider-Man, I would just like to know how were you going to incorporate the Spider-Slayers, Alistair & Spencer Smythe, Vermin, Kangaroo/Frank Oliver, Carrion, and the Spot into the canceled seasons of the series? I know the question is a bit huge and you probably don't have time to answer it completely, but I appreciate talking to you about it regardless and hope to hear back from you when you have the time.

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aggiefrogger writes...

Dear Mr. Weisman,

First off, big fan of Gargoyles, even though I was born after the show ended. I only have one question I would like to ask you, if that's alright:

1. Is there an official backstory for Jeffrey Robbins? I wrote a fanfiction featuring him, and couldn't find an official backstory to him from before the start of the show, so I made one up about him and his family. However, I was wondering if there was an actual timeline or something with his history.

That's basically all I have to say. Have a great day, and thank you again for your time!

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Reiena Grayson writes...

I was wondering if we could get an updated designations list as of Season 3? I'm a fanfiction writer and try to stay as close to the YJ Zeta Designations as I can and I refer back to the list very often.

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SPIDER FANS 07 writes...

Dear Mr. Greg

i am a fan of your show, especially Spectacular Spiderman, well it's sad ended only in season 2. But is there a chance to be revive into season 3 or movie dvd sequel ?

Sincerely your fan

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Anonymous writes...

Hey, Greg.

So because I'm a big nerd, I felt the need to check who was and was not in attendance at the League/Team/Outsiders/"Batman Inc" meeting at the end of Nevermore. Besides a very nice Easter egg (Magog), I noticed that the only active member of the four teams not retired, dead, or Doctor Doom-ing it (by which I mean ruling a small European country) was... Icon.

Is there a reason for his exclusion? Is this a continuation of the weirdness with the comic where you were asked to remove Icon and Rocket? (I assume not since Rocket appeared).

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Evander Ahmad writes...

Can you name each member of the Bumblebees cheerleading squad at Happy Harbor High School?

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Theodore writes...

Well I don't think my questions are very interesting but I'm curious, so:

1 - What are the names of Arsenal's parents? And how did they die?

2 - What is the name of Zatanna's mother? And how did she die?

3 - What are the names of Rocket's parents and husband?

4 - What are the names of M'gann M'orzz's parents?

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FallenLegend writes...

Hey greg, I have a question Regarding time skips. I'm not complaining, just worried. The skips are fine if Young Justice remains as the only earth 16 show, but if any spin offs get made, don't you think we are missing a lot of content and getting a lot of spoilers?

As a fan of your work I've noticed that you tend to avoid making characters immortal. In one answer you said that even the third race of Gargoyles might just be extremely long lived. And you removed Wonder Woman's immortality outside of Themiscyra.

So I'm guessing you are planing to long term retire some characters.

If you got hired to write a Captain Marvel (Shazam) show, well Billy is 18 by season 3, so we basically missed all of his childhood adventures. He is traditionally a kid, isn't he?

If you got hired to do a Superman tv series, and you started from the beginning, we already know he ends up with Lois and even has a son with her up until season 3, so that throws out any tension out of the window.

This applies to all characters, introduced in season 1,2, and 3 that could get spinoffs I think. You would need to start early in their timelines (with people entering spoiled from their fates), or start late Like billy being 18 ( and miss the charm of a kid superhero that made him famous)

Not complaining, just worried. Do you have any contingency for that?

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FallenLegend writes...

Hey Greg I got a question regarding Batman on earth 16.

I know the real-life answer is just that they are different characters and giving superpowers to Batman doesn't fit him, but, still, I've always wondered why no empowering entity ever chose Bruce Wayne as a champion.

Say Why didn't SHAZAM chose Bruce Wayne Over Billy? Bruce already had the training, maturity, and skills, and instead, he decided to empower an orphan kid.

Same for other people giving powers like the guardians of the universe (or is it the ring that chooses?) going over people like Guy over Bruce.

Have you thought of an explanation for that?

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Anonymous writes...

1) So are the titles of the series just meant to be meaningful? Like for example, in Young Justice: Outsiders, Beast Boy's team is called "The Outsiders" even though Black Lightning, Halo, and Geo-Force are the original Outsiders.

2) Is it like a metaphorical title about characters feeling like outsiders?

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Anonymous writes...

In the Young justice episode Overwhelmed when Super boy took Forager to Geranium city some thoughts crossed my mind 1. What do Benny, Erin, Kraig, and Karen all do for a living in geranium city? 2. What do each of the human disguises of the aforementioned Genomorphs look like? 3. Do thay each use the real names when outsiders are in town or fake names like Dubbilex does? 4. Are there any other secret Genomorph cities besides Geranium city?

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Abdullah Khan writes...

Hey Greg,
Q1)I wanted to ask regarding the castings for Young Justice Outsiders, How did you and the crew decide to give the roles of Geo-Force, Terra, Halo, Forager,Cyborg and Darkseid to Troy Baker,Tara Strong,Zehra Fazal,Jason Spisak, Zeno Robinson and Michael Leon Wooley?
Q2)And for replacments decide on David Kaye and Greg Cipes to be Vandal Savage and Beast Boy, i know regarding Greg as Beast Boy u did not cast him in the initially because u did not want any Teen Titans reprisals at the time so what change your mind instead of picking another actor because Logan Grove was unavailable for S3?

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An Old Fan writes...

So I know you've answered this a number of times over the years, but rather than I asking the nth time, I've spent a while thinking about the "how".

So Macbeth and Demona cannot die but by their own hand and although there are situations that seem like they could die by another's (beheading, smashed stone, etc), these situations cannot happen because of the spell the Wierd Sisters placed on them. It protects them from assured fatal injuries that normally would kill mortals (again beheading, smashed stone, etc). The spell basically would manipulate events to ensure that Macbeth and Demona would always get out of such a situation (Macbeth getting caught in the French Revolution and is scheduled to be beheaded but some mishap with the dungeon keys delays it, buying him time to escape or Demona is forced to roost elsewhere instead of her normal spot because of some freak storm preventing her in getting back, thus sparing her from being smashed by the Hunters one morning).

They would have uncanny luck in avoiding death situations that would otherwise be assured.

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JSA Fan writes...

1. When and why did Billy change his moniker from Captain Marvel to Shazam?

2. On Earth-16, did Dick Grayson become Nightwing simply to allow Jason Todd to become Robin?

3. Since Impulse created Earth-16A in Bloodlines, and the Legion of Super-Heroes has a presence in Nevermore...are they now in Earth-16B? Do the Legion come from a millennium away, like in the comics, or are they also from Impulse's time?

4. Will Orphan join the Team, or maybe the Outsiders?

5. Who are Trajectory's teammates on Infinity Inc.?

I totally understand if any of these are too spoiler-heavy by the way, but I can't help getting my hopes up. Always a pleasure!

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