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Man, been such a long time that I can't even remember what what avatar pic I used before. Ah well :P

And since Greg called me out on this one...

(in no particular order)

1) Flow of story - Amazingly enough, this series helped me appreciate anime more. The story flows well enough that you can watch each one individualy and enjoy them as stand alone episodes. However, watching them together, in sequence, creates a line of continuity rarely seen in American animation. For example, watching "City Of Stone" helps you understand just who the Hunter character(s) were when "Hunter's Moon" came around. Not many series ask their viewers to be attentive but this one did.

2) Level of writing - continuity is one thing but level of writing is another. You can have each episode relate to one another in several different ways but if the story stinks, no one would care. Here, we had a series that was dynamic in any way possible. There was no clear cut way of telling who was wrong and who was right. To ask the viewer to think outside of the box is a big step and this series is certainly accredited with doing just that.

3) Risky manuever for Disney - At this time, Disney was a company that took safe bets. Whenever they made an animated series, it almost always followed a set standard of animation and a set formula for story telling and characters. Look at series like Duck Tales and Rescue Rangers and you'll see that they were simple stories where characters stayed the same and everything was clear cut. Even now with series like Lilo & Stitch and Kim Possible you'll see those things happening. Gargoyles was different. It was risky for Disney to put out a series with somewhat unmarketable characters (i.e. can't make em plush toys right away). The series was also a straight action series which was something they never thought about doing in the past. For them to do such a series in the first place showed that Disney was willing to take a risk in the name of good entertainment.

4) A newer art style - At the time, almost every animated series out there was full of bright colors and extremely cute characters. With the exception of Batman: The Animated Series, this was the only other series out there that presented animation with a darker look and darker undertones. It dared to be different and that's another reason why it was great.

5) Cult following - Ever since the original Star Trek, studios have been looking for a TV series that they could turn into a franchise because of a strong cult following. Because of the style and intelligence put into this series, it has developed that cult following. For that it should be recognized.

Greg - Can't believe you called me out on this one. That was a surprise and a half. So much so that someone had to call me in order to post here. Hope this helps bunches :)

Brian Dumlao (a.k.a. DumlaoX) - [dumlaox@yahoo.com]
San Diego, CA, USA
Sunday, November 16, 2003 11:55:19 PM

Here's the results of an interview I just did with an online friend (Jephael from www.mikeystmnt.com and www.thetechnodrome.com)

His memory was somewhat hazy, so I had to do a little prompting.

He liked
*Bronx, because he thought it was neat to add a gargoyle canine.

*Goliath "he was cool"

*"the cop" Eliza Maza. However he "kinda" liked the tension between Goliath and Eliza.

*Lexington and Broadway. They reminded him of Michaelangelo and Donatello of TMNT fame.

* The episode "The Mirror." He liked the "transmorphing" aspect (I'm not sure if he was referring to that ep. in particular or to something else)

JJ Gregarius
Orlando, FL
Sunday, November 16, 2003 11:54:13 PM

I think my first reason for how grandly i was drawn to the show and Gargoyles in general was that it appeared one day during my daily cartoon line-up and was unlike anything i had ever seen before. this cartoon was definately made for kids with all the big explosions and the flying monsters in the city, yet there were SO many references that people of nearly any generation could get into. at the time, i believe we were studying "Romeo and Juliette" in school and Shakespere just hit some kind of creative bomb inside my head. when the show debuted, i was instantly hooked.

Also, I love high fantasy, and the setting of the show having origins during the time of Arthur with a plethera of Shakesperean references splashed in for good measure combined with modern day New York was by far better than any time-travelling troup i had ever seen done.

Oh my word the voices! I _STILL_ get a kick out of commercials voiced over by Kieth David. the man commands! such a varied supporting cast of known and unknowns combined to really breathe life into the characters. as a fan of the Trekdom, this show was doubly saweet!

Fourth on my list would HAVE to be all of the people i knew in school who aslo were hooked on the show. granted it can be easy to make friends within the confines of the bubble that is public education, but this show spanned counties, classes, and more importantly ages. at one point late in the series, i was a junior tutoring a freshman, and afterwards we had some time and i commented on how much i liked a sticker on his binder of goliath raging. we became fast friends! so the fourth reason would have to be how easily it spread and closed gaps between people granting a wonderful piece of history-in-the-making to share.

if i had to list just five, then my last reason for what drew me to the show would have to be where it took me after the closing credits rolled. since i found this board through a roleplaying chat-room, i know that i'm not alone as someone who allowed the story to continue by imagining all kinds of amazing things about it. a simple cartoon, barring all the work that goes into it, one day showed up and changed how the world looked to a geeky little kid that still thought Dark Wing Wuck kicked butt every day at 3:30 est. The creativity Gargoyles spawned within me has even lead to a part-time carreer in writing--a major plus for a strapped college student!

Thank you. It has been a very long time since i really stopped and thought about why i liked the show so much that it became a small but significant part of my life.

Sunday, November 16, 2003 11:22:46 PM

My five reasons for being drawn to Gargoyles series are

1> The Animation. I thought it was great
2> The storylines, they were just brilliant
3> the fact that Disney finally made a more adult cartoon
4> The Characters. I loved the trio, and Xanatos himself.
5> The fact that there was a cartoon that had magic, swords, and Gargoyles in it. That just f'ning rocked!

Link Shivenheart - [linkdaggerclaw@theshadowmatrix.com]
Pacific, MO, USA
Sunday, November 16, 2003 11:21:48 PM

...I should add to my earlier post.

It is my fault. When I reminded him about this, I think I said "post your reasons" instead of "post your five reasons."

JJ Gregarius
Orlando, FL
Sunday, November 16, 2003 10:41:56 PM

I invited BeatMakahz to post.

Do you think I should bug him to give three more reasons, or leave well enough alone? I'm starting to feel like a door-to-door salesman putting on the pressure, ya know? He *did* give us his reasons.

I'm glad he posted though!

JJ Gregarius
Orlando, FL
Sunday, November 16, 2003 10:38:49 PM

Wow, we have 465 responses as of right now! Can we make it to 500 in less than two hours? Let's spread the word! We CAN make it to 500 Top Fives!

On a side note, I think we need more Thailog pictures here in the comment room... Are there any Thailog fans out there who agree with me? ;)

Demona Taina - [demona3@hotmail.com]
Sunday, November 16, 2003 10:37:58 PM

Greg Weisman> assuming you were given this particular deadline by a higher power, I hope that they might see something special not just in the numbers but the shear volume of responses on this last day alone. I just found the message today, emailed 100 ppl who are all fans, and some may respond tomorrow. Word spreads, Disney. Get a clue! Gargoyles are here to stay! We just need a little more time to.. aheh.. spread our wings and reach everyone:)

Jade Griffin
Sunday, November 16, 2003 10:32:53 PM

the plot was original and was quite complex for a cartoon show of its time....good sht...
O-town, Fl, USA
Sunday, November 16, 2003 10:09:33 PM

Only 5 reasons? Well, taking into consideration that I'm only half including TGC in my commentary, in no particular order...

1.) It was thought provoking. "Gargoyles" never failed to make me think, whether it be about the issues brought up in the show, or just the characters and the storyline itself. Not just momentarily, either... this show stuck with you.

2.) Not since the eighties have we seen a show so riddled with messeges... but unlike the eighties cartoon morals, this wasn't just something tagged onto the end of a half-hour comercial. The morals, ideas, and concepts brought up in "Gargoyles" filled each episode. Not only was there the constant theme of "learning acceptance", but that show taught lessons of tolerance, patience, responsibility, morality, compassion, forgiveness, and many more qualities that we often find lacking in society, and most certainly from Saturday morning cartoons.

3.) It wasn't just a cartoon for kids. This show hit home for people of all ages. It had cool characters, awesome action with fighting and explosions and conflict; it had humor and silliness and romance, but it also had depth and meaning. It had good and evil, but it had everything in between as well. This is the show that showed me and countless others that the world isn't just black and white... Reality is that and everything in between. People can change, heros can doubt themselves and their compatriots; they can fall; villains can care and show mercy and compassion for reasons other than pity or blackmail.

4.) It wasn't JUST morals and ideas that "Gargoyles" taught us: Literature and history were a constant and undeniably interesting basis for 90% of the show's plots. From Shakespeare to World War II; Greek mythology to religions around the world, it gave many kids a much needed nudge towards leaning without being at all or EVER preachy.

5.) The originality of the character designs. From the base gargoyle design and the many MANY variations, to the Fae, the New Olympians, even the historical/mythical characters. It inspired many of my own designs and continues to do so to this day.
5a.) The animation quality in general was FANTASTIC. No American cartoon since then has even come close to the consistancy with which they kept each and every show animated.

(Okay, so I snuck a 6th one in... ;) )

Mercedes - [templewing@hotmail.com]
Sunday, November 16, 2003 09:38:03 PM

I managed to browbeat my friend into giving up his
Top 5:
1) buff warriors
2) the complex plot
3) I liked that the mutates could shock people
4) Elisa was cute
5) the concept was cool (ex: they only came out at night)
Sunday, November 16, 2003 09:35:45 PM


And this brief and to the point one is from Anael MarsW"

"Because they looks different, they're wigned heroes, because they live in the night, they live in clans and because are Disney...

These are my five reasons!"

Maybe these there are in this long list somewhere. I didn't see them, but I didn't read every single responce either (temping though it was).


Lord Sloth - [spunkidge13@hotmail.com]
ON, Canada
Sunday, November 16, 2003 09:35:38 PM


This one's from alexa boatwright:

"5 good reasons that i'm drawn to the tv show gargoyles are:

1). its a completly origional show with new and creative storie boards on every episode.

2). it mixes alot of well known literature and langauges into the episodes (very creative!)

3).its exiting and action packed

4) the animation is fantastic

5) but most of all it teaches good values and ways to handle bad situations!!!"


Lord Sloth - [spunkidge13@hotmail.com]
ON, Canada
Sunday, November 16, 2003 09:32:16 PM


Hey. I've got some some other "top five reasons" that arn't from me. See I started this week by E-mailing many people with Gargoyle related stuff on their website. I got at least three (though I hope I got quite a few more) but I guess they got the impression that they should mail their list directly back to me. I just found it in my mail some hours ago so it's probably too late to for them to find out they should post them themselves. So I'll take the liberty of putting them here. Just take my word that these arn't my ideas and I hope you still have a use for them Greg.

First of all, this one is from seneschal (that's the first part of his/her e-mail anyway):

Top five reasons I am drawn to the Gargoyles series:

The willingness to incorporate history with fantasy, and the perogitive to step away from the usual avenues of speculation.

Characterization. Especially of the villians.

Overall style of the series.

Mythology. From many different cultures. Used respectfully.

Voice acting. Keith David is a god. Also loved the voice of Demona.


Lord Sloth - [spunkidge13@hotmail.com]
ON, Canada
Sunday, November 16, 2003 09:30:48 PM

It's unfortunate that this poll happened while I'm at uni since I think my brother would enjoy voicing his opinions. I tried to contact him about it today but he doesn't really get what I'm on about. If I was home this weekend I could talk him through it, but sadly I'm not.

That said, this contest reminded of an incident around this time of year in 1996. Sorry it's not a top 5, but Greg or someone might get a kick out of it.

My brother went into Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital in London to get a cochlear implant (among other difficulties, he's profoundly deaf). This was before implanting into the cochlear was a little scar - he had to have a huge scar across his skull. So he had the op around lunchtime. I visited him in the evening but obviously he was really out of it from the operation and the medication and everything. I got up myself in the morning, tape the Disney digest show, tape "Lighthouse" (which was the episode on that week) for him to watch when he came home. Usually I rely on him waking me up altogether too early so it was a bit eerie watching it alone. So I head to the hospital with my dad that afternoon. I tell him not to worry, I've recorded the show for him - I know he'd hate to miss it. But then my mum tell me, 'oh, he's already seen it.' I'm astonished - he's lying on his non-scarred side still looking seriously under the weather. But apparently in the morning he declared to the nurse - the bandage and scar on his head and medication notwithstanding - that he had to get up and watch it. So he did.

But it turned out he also insisted that all the other kids in his ward should watch it too. I don't know how many there were - maybe six or seven. I think some of them were there much longer-term. At any rate, he apparently managed to get all the kids, and their mums, together at 8 a.m. all watching the show. Given how sick many of them were, and how sick he was, I thought that was quite an accomplishment.

So there you go... my brother drew a group of hospitalised kids to the 'Gargoyles' series. ;) (And thinking back, I think it's nice that it was "Lighthouse". It had a positive message about reading and a prominent disabled hero. Of course, I don't suppose the kids would have been that bothered about that sort of thing).

Cambridge, England
Sunday, November 16, 2003 09:19:30 PM

well... it's been years since I watched gargoyles... but I loved it for several reasons... the plots were interesting and more complex than most cartoons, it was an ongoing story instead of various unrealated stories with many back references.. unlike so many cartoons... the characters were great, the references to folklore, mythology and shakespear were great, the action was exciting but not overly graphic.... it was simply great fun.. and a fantasic cartoon
Sunday, November 16, 2003 09:02:23 PM

Out of sheer curiosity I scrolled down to the bottom of the page and then counted up from Greg's original post. I was the 17th to post and we're currently up to 458. How cool it that!
It pays to lurk :)

Chameleongirl - [chameleongirl79@yahoo.com]
Sunday, November 16, 2003 09:00:11 PM

First time posting here, but I heard the call and couldn't resist! And now, my top five reasons for loving gargs!
1)The well written story lines and plots. Even as a 14 year old it was easy to tell that Gargoyles was a step above the rest. It was far above the other cartoons which contained nothing but toilet humor.
2)Mature messages. Gun control, prejudice, tolerance, nature conservation and protection. You were learning while you were being entertained.
3)Well animated. Every cartoon (with the exception of a few in TGS) were well drawn, was animated smoothly, characters were anatomical, colors were soft and went well together
4)Mythical creatures and magic. I've always loved magic and mythical creatures, there's no getting around it! The thought that there is an unseen world out there appealed to me, and I'm sure a lot of others!
5)Dynamic characters. Throughout the series, you could watch the characters grow. Especially the trio. From young characters who acted on emotion to more mature, thinking characters. Even though they were not human, the characters retained human characteristics/personalities and made human mistakes. Children and teens could easily identify with all characters at one time or another.

Mahret - [slf206@psu.edu]
Sunday, November 16, 2003 08:51:19 PM

458. There's only 3 hours to go. Think we can make it?
Damn I wish I knew more people who like Gargoyles!
(Alexis I will drag you kicking and screaming to post in here if you don't post soon!)

Chameleongirl - [chameleongirl79@yahoo.com]
Sunday, November 16, 2003 08:50:19 PM

I just want to add real quick, the plot line and emotion was especially great with Demona and MacBeth. Their assumptions and distrust was their biggest downfall. They both live immortally completely alone as if to say, hey Xanatos, you want to be immortal? this is what it's like, it sucks! It was as if the two, Demona and MacBeth, hated each other so much but the other was the person who probably understood them the most. (eg Demona in City of Stone revealing the password as "alone" and MacBeth in Sanctuary "A sad, endless existance, I am doomed to face alone) and yet it was their prejudice and their pride that made them trapped in their own immortality.
I love those two! :D

USSunday, November 16, 2003 08:34:13 PM

Gargoyles rock! Good animation, lovable heros, lovable villians (even back when I was introduced to the show...whoa, ten years ago! When I was in the 4th grade)hilarious humor and a great story that's not too mature or too immature!
Morgantown, West Virginia, USA
Sunday, November 16, 2003 08:24:57 PM

Hola to everyone....first time posting here, but how could I not when Storyseeker emailed THAT many people requesting for us to post. *chuckles* firgure I could take a couple of minutes here if he can copy that many an EM to a hundred people. OK so Mr. W....you want my five reasons why I loved Gargs so much? He goes....
1) It was an intelligently written series. I mean look at how many adult fans this cartoon spawned. Sure..I liked Aladdin and the Little Mermaid and Lion King when the movies came out...but the cartoon spin offs? Targeted the younger audiences too much.
2) I actually learned something! I loved mythology and history in school (won't even think about how long ago that was now...)Sadly too many kids are growing up not relaly knowing or being interested in learning that kind of stuff. Gargoyles not only introduced a number of younger viewers to some literary classics, but it helped them to gain a little histiry knowledge too.
3) Great animation. Need I say more?
4)Elisa and Goliath. Can't believe that a cartoon had me jumping up and down shouting at the television (several times) during the 'Hunter's Moon' eps.
5)It taught kids (and reminded the rest of us) the importance and benefits that come from being tolerant. It also bluntly showed just how ugly intolerancy is. Sadly we live in very intolerant times- we could all use another cartoon right about now to help keep these lessons ingrained in our thick skulls.
P.S. If anyone knows Jen Anderson's current Em can you send it too me? Thanx!

rm bachnick - [xfiredancerx@hotmail.com]
Sin City, USA
Sunday, November 16, 2003 07:55:30 PM

Reasons Gargoyles is superb!
1) Great, complex plot, best one I've even seen for a cartoon series. Deep meaning and creative, especially City of Stone!
2) Aimed at teenagers, so it's doesn't insult your intelegence (that's not including Goliath Chronicals, those sucked, I'd rather be watching Pokemon) though clean enough to let your children watch it. Good morals.
3) Art, gargoyles are just awesome looking and fun to draw!
4) Incoperation of Mythology, other thing I love!
5) And finally, Owen and MacBeth are dang hot!

Nebulan - [Nebulan@juno.com]
USSunday, November 16, 2003 07:51:20 PM

Thanks, Greg!:)
Well, I maxxed out my account emailing as many as I could, and I have a substantial eddress book, however I have a lot of old email addresses. Mika Snow, Daermon, White Serpent, Carlemot, even Gorebash and Odin... Just don't have their current em's, though I admit Slerpy is quite an oldbie, locating Gorebash and Aimee Major and Pogo and others like that would be important. I've tried. Anybody else? How about Little Demon and Al Wilgus and Raptor Woman? Hudson? At least I see some ppl I emailed responding. Thank you!! *huugs*

Jade Griffin
Sunday, November 16, 2003 07:33:19 PM

GAH!! PLEASE tell me that I haven't missed the deadline have I?! Bugger it, my internet has been down for a few days and when I finally got it working two different friends had sent me the link to this site. Talk about bloody timing...

1 - The characters were fleshed-out, three-dimensional and all completely unique. Even if you didn't always agree with them, you could at least understand their point of view.

2 - The music score was epic! The title sequence still sends a chill up my spine, and I must have watched it countless times over the years!

3 - I loved the way that the show - particularly during the Avalon adventures - incorporated different cultures and mythologies into the plot.

4 - It had morals, but it didn't hit you over the head with them. The show presented ideas and philosophies, but then allowed the viewer to come to their own conclusions (like Goliath and Elisa's opposing views in 'The Green')

5 - Gargoyles was an action show, but it never used violence as a plot within itself. If the characters fought, they fought because they had to, and not because the scriptwriters simply felt like it.

York, Yorshire, UK
Sunday, November 16, 2003 07:30:56 PM

5 reasons I'm drawn to "GARGOYLES":
1. Different from all the other Disney cartoons. Not as "cartoonish" if that makes sense.
2. Diverse characters.
3. Mythology and history mixed in.
4. Life lessons are learned without being sappy.
5. Beautiful animation

Amanda - [gc_girl_83@yahoo.com]
Covington, GA, USA
Sunday, November 16, 2003 07:30:47 PM

1.First of all, the amazing plot :)
There isn't any other cartoon series having such a sophisticated and complex story .

2.Dynamic, realistic characters. Outstanding, profound personalities who are not static.

3.The combination of myths, history and philosophy :D

4.Cultural diversity and intellectual usefulness

5.Impart ethical qualities and teaches tolerance without preaching or steamroller tactics ;)

Sunshine - [MeekoMookimba@yahoo.de]
GermanySunday, November 16, 2003 07:27:21 PM

top five reasons:
- a show that is neither overly cheerful nor overly dark. serious, but with a sense of fun as well
- good characterization. no one sided villains or heros
- socially relevant story lines
- culturally conscious - to both high and low culture (shakespeare in a cartoon? love it!)
- complex story arcs

Countess / EcoGryff - [tlanphere@yahoo.com]
Sunday, November 16, 2003 07:23:35 PM

What about Gorebash? He hasn't posted, has he? (If he has, then my memory, my eyes, _and_ my search thingy are all on the fritz.)
Sunday, November 16, 2003 07:11:05 PM

Wow. I want to thank everyone who has participated so far. I've spent hours this week cataloging the responses. It's immensely gratifying. Thanks again. I'll post the "results" here Monday or Tuesday.

I'd still like to get as many more people as possible in the next few hours. (There are still a number of old faces I haven't seen yet, such as Aris and DumlaoX, etc. Anyone know how to contact some of that old guard?)

To clarify, the deadline is simply when this room clears, which I believe happens automatically at 12 midnight EST.

Having said that, I hope some of the people who are either new to the room or haven't posted here in some time, will stick around over the next few weeks...

Anyway, thanks again...
Greg Weisman
Sunday, November 16, 2003 07:05:25 PM

Ah Gargoyles =) Always a favorite and so my TOP 5 Reasons I loved Gargoyles.

5 Intelligent (For the most part) Stories
4 Intresting Characters
3 Unafraid to take risks story wise
2 A large and fully unique and detailed world
1 Mature (For the most part) Stories and themes
Chendzeea Li - [Chendzeea_Li@Hotmail.com]
Sunday, November 16, 2003 06:58:57 PM

I know this is WAY late, but hopefully it still counts!!

My top FIVE reasons for being drawn to the Gargoyles series are these:

1 - The storyline. As I started to watch this series, and realized that things that happened in the beginning, actually had an effect on things that were going to happen later on.. and then all the little mysteries that throughout the show you were getting hints to help in solving them.. Seriously.. I think this show has some of the most SUPERIOR writing I've ever encountered.

2 - The characters and character design. I was FIRST drawn to it because of how beautiful it was, and how unique and interesting all the characters were.

3 - The overall uniqueness of the show. People have tried, and failed miserably, to copy how unique this show is. Honestly, how cool of an idea was it to have Gargoyles come to life during the night, and end up in Manhattan, NY in our era?

4 - The voice acting. Wow. So many talented people for such a cool show.. what more could you ask? And how cool was it that they all got together and recorded, and ended up having such a great rapport that it honestly made the show that much better.

5 - The cultural aspects. Like others have been saying.. Shakespeare, along with many kinds of myths, legends, and folklore.. and Elisa being the ethnicity she was.. and.. well, I think it's been said pretty well already. It actually taught people something without being overbearing about it! The show made everything interesting.

There ya go!! We love you, Greg. ;D

Noelle Firth {Solstice} - [Solstice35642@icqmail.com]
Sunday, November 16, 2003 06:51:30 PM

OK...the main Five reason I like this show are as follows:
1) I have always been fascinated with Gargoyles, ever since I was a child and I was Extremely happy when they made a GOOD show about them.

2) It is a complex plot that is still very easy to follow.

3) It is very well done (script/animation/voice acting)

4) It is refreshing to have an animated series (non-anime) that is aimed towards children, but it entertaining to adults as well.

5) Elisa is HOT!!!!

P-chan - [mnpchan@hotmail.com]
Kearns, Ut, USA
Sunday, November 16, 2003 06:48:26 PM

Reasons I like "Gargoyles":
Mostly because it was different from any other animated Disney series.

1. animation style: more realistic body proportions - accuratr cityscapes

2. Didn't have any token talking pint-sized animal sidekicks.

3. The series had ongoing plots - Episodes didn't always resolve all loose ends.
4. The characters had depth to their personalities. The heros wern't always perfect, etc..
5. Episodes that dealt with serious social issues that children might talk with their parents about, like "Deadly Force"

Sunday, November 16, 2003 06:27:17 PM

And these are the Top 5 Reasons my little brother likes Gargoyles.

1) The Gargoyles are cool

2) I like the leader Goliath, Brooklyn because he's got cool moves, and Claw and the other guys (the Mutants).

3) I like it when the good guys win.

4) I like the show with Matt when he first meets the Gargoyles.

5) I like the first one (Awakenings) and when the guy (the jogger) says (paraphrased) "I run up this hill every day and I never saw that statue before."

Sunday, November 16, 2003 06:23:12 PM

oops. that last number was suposed to read 5.
Sunday, November 16, 2003 06:14:26 PM

My 5 Reason for absolutely loving GARGOYLES!

1. The characters. they were so well thought out, it's as if they existed long before the series took place. they could even ( if they continue the series) have Gargoyles the younger years. the only bad thing about that would be that elisa wouldn't be in it.

2. Voice casting! An excelent job was done choosing the actors for this show.

3. The storyline! It was completely followable, yet it wasn't dumbed down like other cartoon shows. In my this made it more like anime instead of a cartoon(I worship Anime!)

4. The bad guys were believeable. They weren't just bad because the show needed bad guys, they had reasons to be bad. Like "the humans misstreated and abused me for as long as i've known them. they hate me and they'll never stop hating me. It's kill or be killed"," I don't want to end up like my father, poor and old.", or "I've allways been interested in genetics and now that I have funding and some real material to work with, I'm not going to let anyone take it away from me. Err, make that as long as he's not bigger or stronger than me."

2. The incorperation of different cultures from all over the world in the show. It definately made it more real and was also eductional. I wasn't at all interested in shakespeare until I watched Gargoyles.
ca, United States Of America
Sunday, November 16, 2003 05:51:15 PM

Why am I so drawn? Simply, because this show is not like any I have ever seen. The characters are so real, and they expressed such diversity of emotion: love, hate, regret, loss etc. Watching it I got such a sense of family, friendship and loyalty. It really inspired me and taught me a lot about myself. How many people can say that about a television show? Thanks Greg...
Eraina - [Sirena444@aol.com]
Staten Island , New York
Sunday, November 16, 2003 05:26:37 PM

First off it's been years since I've been to this website. I'm talking since the mid 90s. Place it looking great and has grown a lot.

So, why am I a fan Gargoyles? Because of the animation, the character design, the stories. The fact that Disney had a cartoon made that isn't all cute and nice nor was it cheesy. Not to mention bringing a lot of different mythologies into one show was awesome.

Kentwood, MI, USA
Sunday, November 16, 2003 05:26:02 PM

Iam a very big fan of the Gargoyles.

My 5 reasons are:

- The animations of the TV-series is very good
- very deep emotions in all of the characters
- Gargoyles is a fastidious show and not a simple cartoon
- The Gargoyles are very mythic creatures. That is it what
i like! ^^
- all stories occuring in gargoyles were very well thought-out

Spawn - [spawngarg@web.de]
Arnsberg, NRW, Germany
Sunday, November 16, 2003 04:51:10 PM

My friend Abby told me about this, and since I introduced her to the show, I figured I better post something:

1. Star Trek voices--lots of them. And Keith David as Goliath. The kids still love to shout "And we live again!" as the opening music plays.

2. Great music.

3. Good stories: Shakespeare, legends, etc.

4. Nice animation. I know a 17-year old who loves to draw her own gargoyles.

5. It sparks the imagination. I know kids (aged 8 to 15) who love to "play gargoyles." They have created a number of their own characters. Also, my dad (age 79) stopped in when we were watching "Awakening." He was interested, although we had to explain what was going on, since he came in on part 4. But it shows the appeal of the show to various ages.
Minneapolis, MN
Sunday, November 16, 2003 04:46:22 PM

I have been lurking for some time, but am coming out to list my:
Top 5 Reason I was Drawn to Gargoyles
1) The animation and the voice acting are superb. Disney Japan especially did an incredible job on the animation.
2)The Villains: I love all of the characters, but the ones that make Gargoyles stand out from other shows are the villains. They pose a real threat to the clan, have some motivation for their actions, and they are well fleshed out characters with development and back-stories. There are many times the clan had only a partial victory or even suffered a downright loss. Each villain has their own schemes and reasons for doing things, it is never a case of a random bad guy filling in because a villain is needed. Xanatos changes from an amoral scheming rich guy fixated on immortality, to an amoral scheming rich guy that discovers he is capable of love. Owen/Puck is always fantastic. The back-story of Demona and Macbeth shows them in a sympathetic light. Rather than being cardboard cutouts, the villains demonstrated shades of grey.
3)The Supernatural: The Gargoyles themselves with their need to protect, the Third Race from Shakespeare and mythos ranging from Norse to Native American, King Arthur, Avalon, Time travel, Magic. Yet it seamlessly fits into Modern NYC, and is a believable universe, apparently "energy is energy whether science or sorcery".
4)Continuity and repercussions. Elisa is on crutches the episode after being shot, Demona continues to transform into a human every day, and Owen still has a stone arm… I enjoy how threads wove themselves through the series, such as the Illuminati being mentioned in passing, and then proven not only to exist but also to be a background player. And of course the repercussions of actions, as portrayed by Vinny.
5)The writing and story development is incredible making Gargoyles a truly unique and mature cartoon, interesting on many levels. It dealt with important issues such as gun safety and actually had Elisa critically injured after she was shot. The cast was diverse with Gargoyles, the Third Race and whatnot, but even the humans were a diverse crowd, with the heroine being half Native American and half African American. The easy way out was not used, especially with the time travel and with the Magus's death. There was character growth and development along with continuity, something that many shows seem to forget.

Jenzi - [YouKnowWho112@aol.com]
Sunday, November 16, 2003 04:38:25 PM

1. Three-dimensional characters. You could really feel for them and follow their emotions and thoughts.
2. Literary references abounding. It was always nice when my parents came in and saw Shakespeare references in my cartoon. I actually picked up my first work of Shakespeare because of this show. (And I haven't stopped reading them yet.)
3. An ongoing, mature plot. It was not simply a series of one-shots. Each ep built up into the next. And I enver felt like I was watching a "kids" show. This was intelligent.
4. Great voice actors. They really brought out the personalities of their characters. I can't imagine any other voices for the characters.
5. The ties to mythology. I've always found myths so incredibly interesting.
melissa - [holytoastr@aol.com]
new orleans, la, usa
Sunday, November 16, 2003 03:53:57 PM

I am venturing out of lurkdom to answer the call of our wise and powerful leader Greg. The things I do for Gargoyles... Here we go, the five reasons I was/am drawn to Gargoyles.
1. It's the most romantic show out there. Not in just the 'awww, there're in love!!' way, but in the fabulous way it blended drama, action, truth, legend and love together. Most shows never achieve the depth of meaning that this 'kids show' did.
2. The characters. Demona, Macbeth, Goliath, Owen and David are some of the best-written characters ever. None of them act without motivation or reason. They have realness and a richness that most shows with three dimensional characters don't come close to reaching.
3. It was a journey. Each episode revealed more and more about the characters and drew you deeper and deeper into the gargoyle universe.
4. Gargoyles never treated viewers like they were stupid. For example, many shows would be content to let Broadway be the fat guy that only thinks of food and is only there for comic relief. Gargoyles writers gave Broadway a love of old movies, Sam Spade, and schoolboy crush on Elisa. The writers never take the easy way out. Just that fact alone was enough to make Gargoyles as successful as it was with kids, teens, and adults.
5. Elisa and Goliath. The best interspecies couple out there. They were just so riveting and so passionate with their star crossed romance. How could you not love E&G?

There, it is done. I guess I went overboard, but I couldn't help it. Thanks for hanging in until the end. GARGOYLES FOREVER!

Boho82 - [Bohemianchick82@yahoo.com]
Philadelphia, PA, USA
Sunday, November 16, 2003 03:51:07 PM

1.Engaging Characters
2.Addictive Story Arcs
3. Overall Look and Design of the Show
4.The Awaking of Heroes around the World
5. All of Those Great Star Trek Guest Appearances

Rodney Seabrook - [killkyle225@hotmail.com]
Savannah, GA, USA
Sunday, November 16, 2003 03:50:34 PM


That is all I will say.

Battle Beast
Sunday, November 16, 2003 03:39:18 PM

The show was just a great mix of fantasy and technology in the "real" world. The sky was really the limit because there is so much lore from different cultures explored and all of it was real in their world. On to actual reasons:

1) Likable characters: The characters really made the show. Even bad guys or new characters were brought in well. Bar none, this is what the show had going for it.

2) Interesting/Cool concept: This can sort of be attached to likable characters, because being Gargoyles really permeated their characters. that whole first episode(s) was just golden. Fantastic origins and a sky's the limit view of myths was done very well.

3) Great animation: This is the same reason why Batman:TAS was a fantastic cartoon too. The animation was able to keep up with the story in every way.

4) Voice acting: i really can't think of anyone else for the voice of Goliath than Kieth David. It's perfect. When he voiced Spawn, it didn't seem to fit, but here it was right on. Jonathan frakes bringing over a ton of his Star Trek alums really helped the other characters come alive too.

There, that's all you need to make a successful cartoon, lol. i'm not sure if disney is planning in revisiting the property or what good will come of telling all this but I'll keep my fingers crossed.

George - [guj19@yahoo.com]
Brighton, MI, USA
Sunday, November 16, 2003 03:39:13 PM

My Top 5:

1. Gargoyles. Just gargoyles. I don't know any other species, whether real or imagination, which combine strength, gracefulness and beauty in such a way (besides, they can fly ^^)

2. Gothic. Although gargoyles is not *that* gothic, there are a lot of adumbrations to that topic (they are creatures of the night, their eyes can glow, they have claws etc. etc.).

3. As mentioned from nearly everyone else, the characters are three-dimensional. They evolve and change their perks, some of them also their whole attitude to the world (Xanatos ^^). No simple black / white with super-good and super-evil. That's a fact that would be on top of this list, if I weren't that fascinated by the appearance of our gargies ^^

4. Although mentioned by a lot, the coherent story. There are *very* few series where the main plot changes from episode to episode, not only from season to season.

5. The awesome story. Not only it is evolving, it is also combining mythology, real history and fantasy in an unique way.

Aranesh - [Aranesh@bleak-life.de]
Munich, Bavaria, Germany
Sunday, November 16, 2003 03:31:50 PM

1. Intelligent bipedal flying creatures
2. Literary and mythological storylines that were interesting and teaching at the same time
3. Depictions of the Fair Folk as more than just kindly, mischeivious sprites
4. The international aspects of setting, plot, and culture throughout the show
5. Realistic characters, emotions, problems, conversations, and resolutions. It enabled one to really 'get into' the series as one feels emotions with and about the characters

Kyshandra - [erin@faerydreaming.org]
Sunday, November 16, 2003 03:21:11 PM

1. Interesting characters, which can fly, but are not invulnerable like other heroes. And they are not humans in costumes.

2. The supreme merge between mythology and literature (e.g. Shakespeare)

3. Fascinating connection between magic and technology (energy is energy, no difference between magical or technical energy)

4. Good animations

5. A coherent plot going through all the episodes (with reviews of connected episodes which date back a while)

Thalion - [Thalion-Garg@gmx.de]
Sunday, November 16, 2003 03:00:43 PM

i love the way the characters are drawn, love the actors.
Also like the Beauty and the Beast part of the story, as well as the basic story of accepting people as they are, i also like the way its continuous instead of all messed up like other cartoons :)
Diane - [Tiana30@hotmail.com]
Sunday, November 16, 2003 02:38:55 PM

Here's why I was drawn to Gargoyles:

1. The FANTASTIC fusion of real elements, fantasy elements, and sci-fi elements. It all could have been gratuitously done, or really hokey, but the way that Greg fused them all was well-thought out and very believable.

2. The dark/gloomy element, which rivals even the dark, gritty world of "Batman: The Animated Series." It was especially evident in eps like "Hunter's Moon."

3. The richness of each character, especially of Goliath! )If we did a survey of the top 100 cartoon characters who had the most sex appeal, I think that Goliath would be No. 1, or at least in the top 5 percent.)

4. The fact that all of the characters form a rich tapestry. Even the ones you thought were out of the picture can show up at any time in another episode. (Nuff said!!)

5. The glorious color scheme, which lends a kind of sensuality to the dark, gothic atmosphere, especially in the New York City backdrop.

Noel Leas - [nleas@hotmail.com]
Bethlehem, PA, USA
Sunday, November 16, 2003 02:38:37 PM

430!!! There's a total of 430 now! If we keep trying, we might make it to 500, or even 1000!!! Let's keep up the good work!
Wolf E. Urameshi (AKA Edi) - [wolf_urameshi@hotmail.com]
Lares, Puerto Rico
Sunday, November 16, 2003 02:10:13 PM

Reasons why i am a Gargoyle Fan : I love Dragons, i like the Protecting Spirit of Garoyles, Idea of helping (protect humans) and show acceptance for other beeings - it was the first Cartoon Show with a continious plot (that i known to that time) .. dunno i think it hit a desire inside of me *g*
LiquidGE - [LiquidGargoyle@gmx.de]
Sunday, November 16, 2003 02:01:56 PM

I can't imagine having any new thoughts to contribute, but I'll throw down anyway, just in case we get to 500.

1) Marvelous, incredible actors. Keith David, Brent Spiner, David Warner... Every character was brought to such vivid life by its performer. They really did some exceptional work.

2) Mature, engaging stories with lasting repercussions are something of a scarcity in television in general, IMO. And Gargoyles did it every week in a genre typically regarded solely as kiddie fare.

3) Building from my second reason, I loved the continuous narrative of Gargoyles. Seemingly throwaway names and characters came back to haunt our heroes, and newfound allies didn't just disappear at the end of an episode. Story threads wove around each other, creating a greater tapestry.

4) The melding of reality and fantasy. The writers never had to make up some goofy lost city or legend because they knew to draw upon the varied and rich storytelling traditions of the world.

5) The characters may have had wings or been able to hurl electricity, but those things weren't just gimmicks, they formed a part -- never the whole -- of the characters' respective identities.
Sunday, November 16, 2003 01:44:03 PM

Well, this was a surprise to find! Thank you for whoever put this in miniclan/chat/gib! I'll pass it on. Now for the reasons:

Most have already been said. But I will pick out and perhaps add to my favorite reasons. No particular order

#1. Ties to mythology, lore, and actual human history. Such weaving is truly brilliant. Even to include well-known Shakespearian plays and self-interpret them... Greg, man, you are a god! In a manner of speaking:) Are we not God to those we create? *smirks*

2.) Complex characters. It's true. You can have an oddball of a story and weird animation but if the characters are shining through, there's your rainbow of color to fill in the holes. Gargoyles never needed any holes to be filled. The bad guys alone would make the story! Such powerful antitheses! Xanatos and Owen are by far my favorite villain/anti-hero-pseudo-lacky pair I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. You have never seen more twists and turns and growth in a character outside of a REALLY good comic or anime.

3.) Emotion. It does not bog the story down but carries the series, because unlike some shows, this show remembers and carries the characters' experiences. It truly is important for the show to live. Necessary. And we are given quite a huge spectrum. Desire, blind rage, agony, pity, revenge, suspicion, despair, and even love. Two of the three kinds of love, actually:) Brotherly/familial love and couple love.

4.) Themes. I'm not talking what this week's plot is about. Or morals input to make the show well-rounded and have a point. I'm talking the themes of brotherhood/clansmanship, loyalty, devotion, mental and physical strengths and weaknesses (i.e. Broadway playing with Elisa's gun and having accidentally shot her). Powerful themes these are. *nodnod, pretending she is Yoda*

5.) This is in two parts: a.) well-thought-out series. From animation to script to music to voice actors. There is only one show that rivals Gargoyles IMO and that is Gummi Bears, also Disney FYI. There are too many points to address to clarify and exemplify this point. Gargoyles is a very well-thought-out series, and the important part of this is in part b: The fans that it draws. I'm sure Greg is surprised by the type of fans attracted and held by the show. Time and again, I, a fellow fan, am equally impressed by the creativity, the self-awareness, the vastly special individuality present in all garg fans. We have taken gargoyles in as our own time and again. In fic, in art, in rp, in chat. Gargoyles is ours. And we belong to this very special clan. No one can change that. And it all started with just one simple cartoon. Yeah, a 'kids' show'. It all started with Gargoyles.

Thank you:)

Jade Griffin - [jade_griffin@hotmail.com]
Reno, NV
Sunday, November 16, 2003 01:29:53 PM

1. It's something special, "Gargoyles" was and still is the most creative "tv-comic" I've ever seen. This inculdes the way the characters are drawn.
2. It's everthing but childish. It's one of only a few "tv-comics" for adults.
3. I like the complex story of "Gargoyles", because there was always something to think and talk about after watching the latest part of the story. I miss this very much since "Gargoyles" went off air.
4. I like the way, the charakters are made. Every character was a unique personality.
5. The perfect ingredients.
I like the way how a real existing and very beautifull landscape (Scotland) was combined with a fantasy story. Both togeteher are the best basis to create a virtual mythical story.

Philipp Reis - [philip-reis@web.de]
Neuwied, RLP, Germany
Sunday, November 16, 2003 01:26:01 PM

Okay, here are my top 5 reasons why I loved that show so much... (but not in a particular order because there is no reason that would rule the other out or is less important than the others... But I'll tack a random number on, so that it's stil going to be your average Top 5, after all. *lol*)

- The characterisations were great. There were very few characters on the show I couldn't identify with... Even with the bad guys... of which we learn that they actually aren't really evil...

- I loved the whole bunch of storylines which tied up together... sometimes drifting apart and getting assembled in a complete new way again... I just love these kind of shows.

- The dialogue was often brilliant. Hell, I would give away my left arm any moment just for a new Goliath/Xanatos-confrontation...

- There is an impressive amount of episodes which actually stand the test of time. Although the animation looks sometimes a bit dated nowadays, the stories still shine and remain as powerful and emotionally twisting as on the first airing.

- It's still the best animated series out there. (and I mean AMERICAN animated series. ...cause I feel there were some anime-titles which were even slightly better IMO *embarresed cough* *lol* )

Sid Amos - [cooper_de@yahoo.com]
Berlin, Germany
Sunday, November 16, 2003 01:25:04 PM

425 entries so far! I use Microsoft Word to count the entries so it should be pretty accurate. And I'm counting the ones with five reasons, or more, or less. I don't count the duplicates, the off-topic comments, or the continuation of others (addendums, edits, etc.) So yeah, we have 425 Top Fives! And I think the deadline is either today or tomorrow. Did Greg specify?

Let's see if we can make it to 500!

Demona Taina
Sunday, November 16, 2003 01:12:52 PM

1) Gargoyles is very special and really different to all the other animated cartoon series, which is not only made for children but also for adults.

2) Even after years the story about the Gargoyles has nothing left of its fascination.

3) I love the mythology and the fantasy in Gargoyles. Although the story seems to be so real sometimes that this all becomes true in my mind and i can forget everything that is around me.

4) Each character in the story has its own unique personality. And it doesn't matter if they are good or bad - i love every character in my very special own way :)

5) I miss Gargoyles really that much!!! I would be really a great thing if the story goes on and we could learn more about these fascinating creatures. Please, continue the Story

Nickie - [Nickie.by@gmx.de]
Frankfurt, Germany
Sunday, November 16, 2003 12:43:10 PM

419 everyone. Granted, my count might be differn't from yours depending on your criteria (i.e. I skip the ones with 1 quick reason, but I do count the people with 6 or 10); so, so you think we can get at least another 81 people to post before midnight? Think hard, have you told everyone you could have? Have some people just posted and not spread the word? Remember, Greg said he needed something akin to 100%.
Sunday, November 16, 2003 12:40:11 PM

So, when does Greg need the top 5 responses by? I have some places I could post something about this at, but I'm not sure if we've passed the deadline already...
Calluna - [calluna21@yahoo.com]
Sunday, November 16, 2003 12:29:18 PM

My five reasons why I LOVE and ADORE Gargoyles:

1. First of all, because of the tragic lovestory of Demona & Goliath. That even tops Romeo & Juliet in my eyes!

2. I love the mythology and mid-age parts a lot!!

3. The plot combined action and mystery and romance. I just loved the variety of emotions

4. I love the settings! Especially the episodes that took place in Scotland.

5. The combination of real facts and fantasy. It almost made you believe that all things on Gargoyles really had happened!

Demona McDragon - [gargoyles@dskag.at]
GermanySunday, November 16, 2003 11:57:35 AM

Also, once I became old enough to understand some of the plot, it really occured to me how many great moral and philosophical points that the show made.
Sunday, November 16, 2003 11:35:16 AM

The best reasons that I was drawn to gargoyles was how well the plot was developed, the great voice acting, and the great animation and drawing into the cool special technical effects like rotating around a tower and watching a punch from the first person. The storyline was so amazing because it was unlike anything other cartoon in the states at the time, especially since anime hadn't crossed over from Japan. It also incorperated both sci-fi and fantasy in ways that weren't totally random.
Bristol, TN, USA
Sunday, November 16, 2003 11:32:35 AM

Todd> I remember Greg saying that Donald Canmore was the ancestor of the Canmore Hunters. He revealed it quite recently, (I think it was sometime last month). So that means that Ingbjorg is the maternal ancestor of Jason, Robyn and Jon.
Sunday, November 16, 2003 09:19:38 AM

The Coma-Man - Lex got gay? Huh, my money was always on Matt...*shrugs*


Shadow Kitten
EnglandSunday, November 16, 2003 08:25:57 AM

Don't know if the message was *really* from Greg or not (it's been almost ten years since the show was on guys, I mean really) but I might as well answer anyway. I do run one of the larger webrings after all, so here it goes. These aren't in any particular order:

1. One thing that really appeals to me in any series (from LotR to Harry Potter to Star Trek) is long-running plot arcs. Moving beyond the episodic format allows, I believe, for true depth in both story and characters. It gives you time for real detail: the wonderfully tragic story behind Macbeth and Demona, Goliath's strength through so many diappointments, the sweeping role of the Third Race in human history. I've never seen this approach from Disney before or since, which I think is a true pity. Look as the series on TV that are doing so well now, such as 24. Episodic like sitcoms? No. Plot-arcs, Disney, plot-arcs. It's the way of the future.

2. Other fans have said this but I agree with them: I love how the characters are 3D in scope and behavior. Brooklyn grows tremendously from start to finish, he makes mistakes, those mistakes have consequences, he learns and changes and grows. Demona and Xanatos are villans capable of feeling and change. They have *reasons* for what they do. They have their own stories. All the characters feel like real people, even though they're only ink and paint.

3. The history and lore worked into the series. It's fantastic for children, and even though I was in high school when the show was on I still learned quite a few things past what I was being taught in school about Shakespeare and non-European cultures. The use of history puts this show a step above other animated series and give it an intellectual depth that has kept fans interested for nearly a decade.

4. Fantastic artwork and character designs, even if the animation quality wasn't always the best. Appearance and presentation really make a difference, and I think Carl's outstanding musical score helped the show's appeal as well.
I have to add the actual teleplay quality as well...very low on cliches and cheesy dialogue. The script for each episode was wonderfully detailed, and I still enjoy listening to it.

5. And last, but certainly not least, the amazing talent of the voice cast. I am so intoleratnt of series (whether animated or live action) that have half-assed acting. Keith David and the various former Star Trek members, to name only a few, did an amazing job. Without good acting not even the most well-written characters will come off as convincing.

Gargoyles was an amazing series, something truly special and different. It's a pity it was only on for two years, but that's the way it is in the industry. All good things must end, but that doesn't mean we have to forget what it meant to us. I personally don't care whether Disney continues the series or not (though I seriously doubt it; they've moved on guys, as has the talent who worked on it). I am content to enjoy what exists. Besides, there's always fanfiction :)

Okay, I've said my piece. Cheers, everyone!

Jessica Entis - [calger459@yahoo.com]
Cincinnati, OH, USA
Sunday, November 16, 2003 07:08:52 AM

5 reason why I like Gargoyles:

1. The stories-Each episode has a story that interested me
2. The characters-The characters and their personalities make them intersting
3. The gargoyles adjusting to the new world that they live in.
4.The voice acting was well done.
5.The show thought me about the world's myths.
Sacramento, Ca, USA
Sunday, November 16, 2003 07:04:58 AM

Top five reasons I love the gargoyles? I can only pick five??? Hmmm… Well, after reading a few of the responses, I find that I love the Gargoyles series for many of the same reasons already expressed, and if this is all repetition, I apologize. Narrowing things down to five was tough, but...in no particular order, here we go:
1. The characters acted in a way that everyone could identify with in one way or another, as well as showing a depth that is rarely seen in an animated series anymore. Each character actually had depth to them with a fully developed background that allowed the audience to become involved in their "lives" and future developments that they made along the way.
2. While the show contained enough action to capture the attention of the younger viewers (and mature enough storylines to capture the interest of the older children and adults alike), it also served an alternate purpose of teaching lessons without being "preachy" about it. Things like gun safety, honor, family and loyalty, friendship, tolerance and looking beyond appearances to the person (or Gargoyle) inside. Not many other series have attempted to touch such subjects as well as the Gargoyles series did (but that's just my opinion!).
3. The usage of mythology and Shakespeare (Gargoyles made a Shakespeare fan out of me!)…Let's face it, a little culture never hurt anyone, and the characters chosen for the Gargoyles series were awesome!
4. The storylines were awesome, well plotted out and really drew you into them. I've been a book worm all my life, and very few television shows could grab my attention enough to make me want to find out what happened next…but Gargoyles did it!
5. I guess I'm just going to have to admit that I enjoyed the Beauty and the Beast like romance between Goliath and Elisa. I'm a romantic at heart, and I couldn't wait until they finally realized that they were meant for each other!

Take care all, and keep your eyes on the skies!

Starr Williams - [too_shy_1980@yahoo.com]
Manhattan, KS, USA
Sunday, November 16, 2003 07:02:44 AM

Gargoyles-related trivia: today (November 16) is the traditional feast-day for St. Margaret of Scotland, Canmore's second wife (she was an English princess who fled to Scotland after the Norman Conquest - a member of the old royal family before William the Conqueror) - who may or may not have been an ancestor of the Canmore line of Hunters. (We don't know for certain since Canmore was married twice - the first time was to Ingbjorg, the widow of Earl Thorfinn of Orkney who was a cousin and ally of Macbeth's - and Greg Weisman also at one point speculated on the Canmores being descended from an illegitimate son of Canmore's).
Todd Jensen
St. Louis, MO
Sunday, November 16, 2003 06:39:08 AM

So, OK, this is nuts... I allready posted my top 5, but now, after watching some more EP'S, I've just got SO many stuff...


1. Because of it's heroes. Culture clash vs. coolness. And they're not supermenalien, they act and behave like "normal" people. So for the bad guys. In particular: Brooklyn! He's just the freakin' best hero ever appearing in a series/show!!! :D How he evolves from EP to EP, how he falls in love, how his anger towards Demona grows etc.
This includes the evolving characters: Fox getting pregnant, Elisa getting shot, Lex gettig gay, Derrec being turned into a mutant. Nothing you see in your usual Cartoon-TV-show...

2. The depth. Sometimes philosophy, sometimes mythology, sometimes Shakespeare! Gargoyles is not only entertaining, it also allows young audiences to get into both modern and classic literature. That's why you discover the series completely new when watched it as a kid and got an adult by now.

3. The dark/ gloomy atmosphere. Best used in "Hunters Moon"... it even creeps me out here and there... It is awesome in Grief but Hunters Moon just tops it...

4. The villains. They're no 2D characters who only want to rule the world. Some suffer from madness or shizophrenia, others are victimcs of their own past. But they all've got a life... or had in some cases...

5. The animation. 'Nuff said! ;)

So, I hope that you'll take this instead of the old one...

And about the new EP's: I meant this... Disney maybe producing a 14th EP for season 1??? Who knows...

Dammit, GREG, TELL US!!! ;)

The Coma-man
Berlin, Germany
Sunday, November 16, 2003 06:27:32 AM

In no particular order:

1. Continuity. Unlike a lot of cartoons in its slot in the early 90s and since, it actually <B>HAD</b> one, and stuck to it, through multiple strands. I had to wait until I started watching anime at university to find something like that level of plot development across that amount of time again.

2. It treated its viewers with enough intelligence to follow that plot, without didactically beating them over the head with what they were supposed to get from it. Even though it was supposed to be a cartoon for younger viewers, you got polysyllabic words, big themes, what you'd have thought would be very adult literary references and even some blood where it was called for (actions always had consequences). That was a brave stance, and one which I always respected the series for. Most for a similar demographic would've just shied away from the whole gothic mise en scene altogether.

3. The characters felt genuinely fleshed out. It was very rare that someone was seen in black and white - both the gargoyles and their antagonists (I hesitate to cal, them "villains" - they were largely working for understandable enough goals, just from the "wrong" side) were always seen in shades of grey, which was so much more interesting than a simple superhero battle.

4. The series itself came across as a labour of love. The animation quality was head and shoulders above almost anything else animated around for its age group - or older - at the time. And the writing team always seemed to've done their homework on the mythological and literary side of things.

5. Even today, its repeats still stand out above the other animations on offer, and its fans're still here talking about it and missing it. It's not only not dated - it's endured.
Sarah Rose - [blackfox83@hotmail.com]
Nantglyn, Denbighshire, Wales, UK
Sunday, November 16, 2003 06:19:08 AM


GARGOYLES is a series with value! :D It's not just some kinda moral-preaching stuff or funny cartoon show.

Sources lie deep down in literature. Shakespeare, Mythology, Fairytales...

I could almost say that it is intellectual! :D

Write that down: It has got QUALITY!!!

The Coma-man
Berlin, Germany
Sunday, November 16, 2003 06:13:07 AM


GARGOYLES is a series with value! :D It's not just some kinda moral-preaching stuff or funny cartoon show.

Sources lie deep down in literature. Shakespeare, Mythology, Fairytales...

I could almost say that it is intellectual! :D

Write that down: It has got QUALITY!!!

The Cpma-man
Berlin, Germany
Sunday, November 16, 2003 06:13:02 AM

ok, how should i put this in words...
1) has to say something about the theme. just the right mixture of gothic, fantasy, sci-fi and good old New-York streets crime.
2) evolution. i just cant seem to follow a series which i dont feel i will actually MISS something if i miss an ep, and Gargoyles SO did it. the way back planning, remembering and bringing back, the evolving storyline and characters. if you miss an ep of Gargoyles it will come back at you in one point in the future, and that just makes me follow tight.
3) the humor. you gotta love the humor. i know it wasnt exactly a "funny" series, in all the dark gothic dramatic action theme and all (which is good), but a good series have to have some humor in it, and what can i say? Gargoyles had it.
4) the "stick to the rules". you gotta love a series which opens a whole world for you, and actually makes you feel it. Gargoyles was a cartoon TV show. if you looked hard enough you could find some holes in the rules, some unnoticed "not in the rules" kind of stuff, but still in the overview, it made you feel as if it was written step to step by a prewritten rulebook and history. (and that includes the normal rules stuff, as a friend of mine stated: "finally a series with winged creatures with REAL LOOKING wing movements as they glide...")
5) and last one (but be sure not the least) the suffistication(!!). no "bad guy - weapons - problem - bigger weapons - winning" kinda stuff, like Power Rangers or Digimon. no "there's no difference between the hero and his rivals but a few more hugs in the morning" stuff like Pokemon. in other words, the the usual simple storyline most kids series have these days. the Gargoyles storylines doesnt fail those of my favorate "grown-ups" series. just for the statement, i am 18 and still does Gargoyles Marathons every now and then, and still enjoys it. Gargoyles can be made as a non-cartoon series with the exactly same storyline and will be rated as a great series, and the fact that it is a cartoon doesnt take off any of it's greatness in my eyes (maybe even better, so the storyline doesnt fall out because of lazy SFX).

i could go on, but those are my top5.
still hope for some Gargoyles resurection news,
ShadowLight - [itai85@yahoo.com]
IsraelSunday, November 16, 2003 05:41:22 AM

First time here. In fact, my first time to post on any public message board/comment room. Also, haven't been here before.

Greg's Top 5 Reasons on Why I Like "Gargoyles" request:
1. Good plot. Correction: *very* good and interesting plot.
2. Nice character design.
3. Very unlike the Disney 30-minute animations I've seen in the past (or present). This is difficult to quantify; just take it as it is :)
4. Dynamic characters.
5. I appreciate the fanbase.

As an aside, I've never had the opportunity to actually watch an episode on video (save for the clips available on the 'net). Don't have cable TV where I'm at. Let's just say that a sidetracked search on Google drew me to the fanbase that drew me to the community-at-large.

Good day to y'all!
PhilippinesSunday, November 16, 2003 05:41:15 AM

Top 5 reasons I am drawn to Gargoyles:

1. Well-developed and dynamic characters with realistic personalities. In addition, believable interaction among characters and believable reactions to various stimuli.

2. Plot continuity and quality, with the interrelationship of multiple storylines.

3. Attractive animation style and powerful music, both of which compliment the theme of the series.

4. An ingenious composition of history, myth, literature, fantasy, drama, action, comedy and science fiction.

5. The representation of consequences of various actions and circumstances, and the subtle education of ideals, ethics and values for the individual and the community.

Lady Mystic
Dearborn, MI
Sunday, November 16, 2003 05:04:16 AM

This is in response to The comment at the news central, as to the top five reasons I love gargoyles.

1)I have always loved mythological creatures, dragons, centaurs, werewolves... so GARGOYLES was RIGHT up my alley.

2)I felt after getting to know the characters, and the plot, that the story was VERY fascinating and well planned for a cartoon show, and I watched it religiously.

3)I like to draw and sketch alot and the art styles and images used in the show gave me great insparation and fodder for my muse... Thanks guys!

4)Through the lessons of hope, understanding, and acceptance, even the lessons about biggotry and discrimination, all taugh me a lot about the world, and help me understand my view of the world, as well as my place in it... Like a lighthouse in a sea of bad morals.

5)Finally, though I was rather young when first watching the show, I later realized that there was something underlying that drew me to the show, something I'm SURE the artists and writers did not intend for me to find there... Something I developed as I followed along on the clans adventures... I was gay. I wasn't like everyone else, and the scantilly clad guys didn't disturb or repel me... they fascinated me. I realized one of the mos important things about myself while being a fan of gargoyles, and I owe my thanks to the show for helping me accept myself... And finally, I LOVE YOU BROOKLYN!

Thank you. that will be all I have to say as to my five reasons for LOVING gargoyles and hunting down and acquiring all the gargoyles merchandise I can... I hope my answers aren't too personal or offensive to anyone.

Thanks you.
Bound Wolf

Mike Gisi - [Bound_Wolf@hotmail.com]
Sunday, November 16, 2003 04:57:55 AM

1. great story line
2. good intro
3. i like the different personalities of each character
4. creative character design
5. includes characters from shakespear

brenden - [brenden@slowchild.net]
torrance, ca, U.S.
Sunday, November 16, 2003 01:43:12 AM

Heyo. Ere's me top five ring-a-ding-sons for digging dem Gargoyles yo.

1- Mature and dark themes. Even at my tender young age, it was one of the only cartoons that ever I watched. I think I was about 8 or so, and I had always had a craving for intelligent drama concerning monsters & magic (He-man and the dungeons and dragons cartoon didn't do the trick for me), so Gargoyles were a Godsend-, er, I mean Greg-send. I don't think I was ever confused by the smart plots or complex rules (including the time travel), but even if I was, it was never so important that I didn't understand what my favourite characters were going through.

2- Demona. I love every single character that showed up, but Demona, my angle of the night, has the potential for so much, be it for good or for evil. She has such power, such charisma, such stubbornness, such ignorance and there's so many facets to her, you never really know where she's going next (though you can usually count on her deluding herself). She's like the destiny of the world almost, there's so much riding on her and the choices she makes (Mcbeth as well actually).

3- Continuity. How can you possibly appreciate a story if there is a re-set button built into it? If anything, I whish Gargoyles had concentrated on this even more, but it certainly did a better job then most of everything else I saw on T.V. at the time. Thankfully, T.V. seems to do better in this regard these days

4- Just how brought to life all the characters were. From superb voice actors to wonderful animators (most of the time) to intelligent writers, once I started watching there was no doubt in my mind that the characters were real people (who may or may not be fictitious, but that's beside the point). Quite a different dimension from, say, Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers. I know, I know, apples and oranges right? Still we're talking about the apples from Eden compared to oranges from Toronto.

5- "All things are true". The best blend of history, myth and personal creative genius I have ever seen. No kidding, in this regard, Gargoyles gets the better of every story (set in our time) that has been told to me. Mcbeth's story is as history has recorded it, mostly; but bits of Shakespeare's version wound up as truth (makes me wonder how Shakespeare learned of them). On top of that there's the whole thing about and daring alliance with Scotland's demons, the birth of a thousand years of hatred that gets carried down the family line, and it's a part of the plan of a man seeking ultimate power, world domination and revenge (and who knows how many other layers would have been pulled back from that onion). That's just one example to, for more, take a ride on the Avalon World tour.

Sunday, November 16, 2003 01:03:33 AM

Five reasons I love Gargoyless in no particular order:
1.) The reality of it all. The buildings look real, the humans look real, many monuments are real. It all makes it so much less of a childrens show.
2.) Romance. The romance between Goliath and Elisa keep me hooked, I just need to see them get closer and closer in each episode. I get all mushy inside when Goliath and Elisa touch.
3.) Definitely the plot. There's always something exciting going on in every episode. Nothing ever drawn out too look or too boring to make me want to turn the TV off.
4.) The general characters. The strong leader, the old, wise mentor, the cool, cute gargoyle, the nerdy one, the overweight one, the beautiful female, and the pet. I just love how they all have their own main differences.
5.) Thailog. I have a thing for dupilates of my favorite characters. I just LOVE seeing another Goliath roaming around with that evil grin and voice. God, I love my Thai.

Lily - [lilymaza@hotmail.com]
New Jersey, USA
Sunday, November 16, 2003 12:37:57 AM

Okay... just off the top of my head... the answer to Greg's question.

1. Good character driven stories.
2. Strong plots.
3. Risk taking on the part of the staff. Both in doing the show in the first place, and in the stories themselves.
4. Very well developed characters. The kind of characters that made the ideas for spinoff shows doable even if they weren't done.
5. The style. Dark, bold, and not like anything Disney had ever done or has done since. Not like the stuff that's on now that looks like it was drawn by an elementary school student, or designed in Flash to be shown on the internet. The overall look of the show was artistic, detailed, and just plain beautiful.

Gabriel Moonshadow
Saturday, November 15, 2003 11:29:47 PM

Tired. Spent All weekend hanging out with the indomitable Gabe and Dave. Gabe, put down that beer and learn to kill people proper.

Okay, my top 5 reasons. I'll be brief, since plenty of others have already given all of these more than enough exposition.

1) Characters. Xanatos rocks.
2) Plot. Hmm, we have time travel, the fey, secret societies, reality-bending magic, and murderous hatred that spans a thousand years. Yummy!
3)Setting. New York is cool. New York is cooler with the Eyrie building and giant flying research complexes orbiting the city.
4) Details. Xanatos Corperate Gaurd armed with suprisingly authentic micro-uzis. Owen explaining the mechinations of particle-beam weaponry. Carrier viruses, genetic manipulation, and the Eye of Odin.
5) Style. At the time, I had NEVER seen a cartoon with the gritty, dark style that Gargoyles had. It is still probably the closest thing to American-made anime that I've ever laid eyes on. The first time you saw Demona walk out of the shadows with her eyes glowing, you KNEW this was going to be good.

So that's my piece.


Gunjack V
Saturday, November 15, 2003 11:17:55 PM

Greetings though few of you remember me.

Top five reasons I like Gargoyles:

1 The fact that it started in Scotland
2 The complexity of the characters
3 The mature content of episodes giving it an appeal to older fans
4 The use of mythological characters, including obscure references
5 All the friends I've made in the fandom

Green Baron - [greenbaron@hotmail.com]
Camp Humphreys, Korea
Saturday, November 15, 2003 11:07:06 PM

My answer to:


1) Multi-dimensional characters - bad guys especially. Nobody was being "evil" just for the sake of it - or even thought they were the "bad guy". Quite refreshing.
2) The fact that gargoyles cape their wings was one of the first things that made me think "wow, dude, this is REALLY cool!" I don't know why - it just sort-of LOOKS cool. Just the art in general was one of the major things that helped inspire me to draw.
3) The inclusion of mythology and history in the stories. I have always been interested in the mythologies and histories of various cultures and it was really interesting to watch episodes with that sort of slant - educational but not too cheesy.
4) The show never seemed to "pussyfoot" around anything. Impressive for a so-called children's show.
5) The fact that all characters are flawed in some way or other - this makes them believable and much easier to relate to.

These are all the original reasons why I was drawn to the show. As for why I STILL love Gargoyles so much (aside from the above):
1) The incredible wealth of fanfics this series has inspired. They are amazing.
2) In the same vein, the incredible wealth of fantabulous fan-art this series has inspired, which is ALSO amazing.
3) How a very diverse community from (quite literally) all over the world and from all sorts of backgrounds has drawn together. Sure, we have our scraps and fallings-out but the community and the people involved therin are absolutely amazing!
4) The relationships that the show has helped form for me. If it had not been for "Gargoyles," my fiance and I would never have met - and I think we would have both been much worse for it. There are many other friends I have met who have enriched my life in various ways whom I would not have met had we not shared a common interest in "Gargoyles".
5) Insights from one of the show's creators - access to the "what we were thinking at the time when we made this" and "where we would have taken it had we had the chance" type-stuff is really awesome. I think it's one of the things that keeps me interested in the show - even after all this time.

So, thanks Greg, you rock!

Lurking Fish
Dallas-ish, TX, USA
Saturday, November 15, 2003 11:00:47 PM

Hello. My friend Wolf E. Urameshi told me of this site, so I HAD to come and help! I don't know much English, but I had him traduct my top 5 reasons for why I like Gargoyles. So, here they go:
1- Their characters.
2-The story.
4-Their animation.
5-How cool they are!

And I guess that's it. Hope I was helpful!

freddy - [brondref@hotmail.com]
lares , PuertoRico
Saturday, November 15, 2003 09:34:16 PM

To Erin and Benny:

Hi, first off. I'm not your father to tell you this, but I can't help to say how happy it makes me to see you tell your own father those sweet things. I am very proud of you and how much you love your Dad. When I saw your messages, it really touched my heart, and I couldn't help but tell you this. This made me realize just how much I really love my parents and how much I appreciate them. I thank you for that. God Bless You, and please... Stay that way.

To Greg:

Hey there Greg. I'm so crazy about today, I think this must be around my sixth post. But I'm not here to talk about that. I'm here to tell you how proud I am of you as a father. Judging from what I saw rom your kids, you've raised them well. They really are the best kids anyone could ever have. And, like I said before, it made me realize how much I really love and appreciate my parents. And it's not just me-I'm pretty much sure many of the other posters in this chat room feel that way right now. I thank you and your kids for that. God Bless You and the kids, and I hope you continue to be that way.

Wolf E. Urameshi (AKA Edi) - [wolf_urameshi@hotmail.com]
Lares, Puerto Rico
Saturday, November 15, 2003 09:09:50 PM

I'm sorry I only have two reasons. One is I realy like the voice directory! Two I like that my father created it! I love you dad!!
Foobie Doo
Erin W.
Saturday, November 15, 2003 08:39:48 PM

1. I like the art.
2. I like the names of the Gargoyles.
3. I like the names of the humans.
4. I like the name of the dog-gargoyle.
5. I like the web-sites.
Benny w.
Saturday, November 15, 2003 08:31:02 PM

Siren> Or what about this? I know it's VERY freaky, but...


*ish freaked out*

The Marvel and Capcom characters would team up to defeat Disney's and Nintendo's characters. I can already imagine Ryu from Street Fighter doing a Hadouken to a very crazy Mario. LOL!

Wolf E. Urameshi (AKA Edi) - [wolf_urameshi@hotmail.com]
Lares, Puerto Rico
Saturday, November 15, 2003 07:44:45 PM

Well, hopefully Disney proves me wrong.

You know what else would be cool, a PC, PS2, GB, XBox, and/or Gamecube Gargoyles game. They did have that old Sega Genisis one, but it was so utterly out of this world in some places...The lava in the rookery. The spider robot in the elevator...And the graphics were ok. Besides a platform game with a storyline, a fighting game would be awesome too. Have the gargs up against a Steel Clan Robot, Xanatos in his Steel Clan suit, Demona, etc. Of course include Elisa, Talon and his clan, Avalon clan, and the other worldwide clans. Maybe be able to unlock certain characters. The ideas just keep coming.

Saturday, November 15, 2003 07:40:25 PM

To Siren> You're not necessarily being pessimistic, you're saying something that's somewhat true. But the false thing is, what if Disney is testing us? I mean, please. If they brought them back with The Goliath Cronicles, we may have a chance. We have to hope. Let's just keep those hopes up, someday, it WILL happen.

By the way... To cool myself from the top 5 thing, here's a small thing I came up with as an idea for a fanfic crossover. Picture this: Goliath, Elisa and Brooklyn helping Sora, Goofy and Donald in a PS2-or-GameCube Kingdom Hearts that may never be released... I think it's a great idea! I heard it was done in the Japanese Version of this fabulous game, but I'm not so sure. You think Greg woud agree?

Wolf E. Urameshi (AKA Edi) - [wolf_urameshi@hotmail.com]
Lares, Puerto Rico
Saturday, November 15, 2003 07:25:24 PM

Perhaps I am being pesimistic. But I doubt Disney gives a gargoyle's tail what we say. People have tried petitions, letters, phone calls, The Gathering, whathaveyou. Disney already says it has plans to bring Gargs to DVD, least the first episodes of Awakenings or the first season, but then the rest of the series being released relies on sales alone. Perhaps Greg just wants to hear it. Or it's a secret contest of his. Or he's just reviving long forgotten memories of the show. I wish to God Disney would listen and take us seriously and bring the series back, make the movie, or at least release it all on DVD. But I doubt they will do it just for our sakes. We are a few hundred people on here, posting why we like it. A few hundred won't make them listen, thousands, or millions perhaps.
It's a pity too. Because by the time Disney realizes it's mistake, the whole superhero and fantasy fad may die. Now is a better time then any to capitolize on it. Why not try and nip Dreamworks in the butt, with their own movie about giant heros? But Disney rather ressurect and ruin classics by making sequels. What a waste of animation.

Saturday, November 15, 2003 07:15:35 PM

Reasons i like Gargoyles
1: Cause the animation is awesome, and each plot is so intereting.
2: Brooklyn is funny and cool
3: Goliath and Eliza made a good couple
4: Even though Demona seems evil, her and Goliaths daughter is soo cool.. i think her and Brooklyn would make a good couple.
5: Gargoyles is one of the only disney cartoons i'll watch, it has the best action and i try to watch it every day.

neko-hime_no_tenshi907 - [hanson_star@hotmail.com]
Saturday, November 15, 2003 07:02:49 PM

I love gargoyles for these 5 reasons!

#5 the animation is so great
#4 The character developement was always amazing
#3 The plot line always had me going even when I was eight
even more so now that I am older
#2 The villians were always so well done it was shocking
#1 The heroes and the crisis they faced was always well thought out and enjoyable to watch

Sarah Dracul - [Sarah_dracul@hotmail.com]
CanadaSaturday, November 15, 2003 06:11:01 PM

Could it be? After all these years could Gargoyles be brought back? Following the dismal Disney fare that is being produced of late, I certainly hope so!

1) The artwork was beautiful...the character design was inspired...even the backgrounds were like mini-artworks in their own right. The whole look of the series was spectacular, and I especialy loved the little quirks that the animators put in (like the way that the Garg's wings flapped in the breeze, etc)

2) There were some very high themes in the show that most cartoons are afraid to touch - themes like vengance, self-destruction, forbidden love and honour...

3) ...and yet despite these high themes, Gargoyles was a show that never took itself too seriously. It preached without being preachy, if you get my meaning. The humour was subtle (sometimes even a little beyond what my thirteen year-old mind understood at the time) but looking back I can see that the script-writers had a lot of fun writing it.

4) Gargyoles flawlessly combined several completely different genres in a way that no other show ever has since (even Buffy doesn't come close). It had fantasy, sci-fi, mystery, detective, history...and yet it never once felt strained or forced.

5) Okay, I'll come clean...I'm a HUGE Goliath and Elisa fan. They were the icing on the cake. Now a lot of cartoons are afarid to touch romance in case it puts the kiddies off watching it, but as a teenager at the time I remember thinking about how cool their relationship was.

Hohne, Germany
Saturday, November 15, 2003 05:53:11 PM

Five reasons why I love gargoyles.

5. The animation. I always thought is was a cut above the rest.
4. The casting of the voice actors was superb.
3. The storylines were great and never once did they try to dumb anything down. That's the sort of thing you appreciate as you get older.
2. The heroes of the show were very realistic when you compare it to some of the rubbish you see around these days. They had flaws, they made mistakes. Sometimes they learned from them, and sometimes they didn't.
1. I never met a villian I didn't like, at least not in this show anyway. It's impossible to pick a favourite from all of the because they were all so interesting in different ways, though I do think it wouldn't have hurt if they'd used Fang a little more. :)

Michael Mc Caffrey, aged 19, from Northern Ireland.

Michael Mc Caffrey - [darknessdescending2000@yahoo.co.uk]
Omagh, Northern Ireland
Saturday, November 15, 2003 05:35:39 PM

4: Continuity: In most shows I can remember at the time, generally at the end of each episode, the heroes win, the villains lose, and then it's right back to the status quo come next episode. This didn't happen in Gargoyles. Things changed. What happened in one episode affected the next. If Demona stole some pages from the Grimorum Arcanorum, you knew they were going to turn up later. When Puck introduced the Third Race, you knew more of them would show up eventually. Well, maybe I didn't guess this at the time, but it fit in so well. Things changed and had an impact on future events. Xanatos went to jail and was still there four episodes later. The gargoyles left the castle and for fifty-six episodes were living somewhere else. This ties into what Greg desscribed as the main message of the show: repercussions. Gargoyles quite simply would not have been possible if there was no inter-episode continuity because there would never have been the sense that characters' actions had a real impact on the world. If Broadway had shot Elisa and she hadn't been on crutches in the next episode, it would have given the impression that being shot isn't that serious after all- it would have just been the event of the week. That would have been a huge shame. Another point about continuity is the ambition of the timeline. The fact that it covered 1,000 years was amazing, and yet it worked perfectly. There were so many different things happening at the same time and never any contradictions. The Scottish history was great for me, because it fit in with the rest of the story. At the time, I didn't realize how much of it was based on fact, but I was impressed by the depth of it.

5: Character growth: Characters changed in this show. Or, they didn't change when we knew they should (Demona). What about Xanatos's growth over the series? He went from an amoral scoundrel to a loving family man, but it was a very slow, realistic build-up. Or Brooklyn's growth into a leader. Or Elisa's acceptance of her love for Goliath. Or Macbeth's (my favorite character) learning, once again, about the preciousness of life. Towards the end, even Demona seemed as though she was finding new meaning for herself with Angela. An extension of that relationship is definitely something I'd like to see.

All of this is just vague recollection on my part. I've been a fan of this show for so long that it's hard to remember the early days, but I was hooked from day one. There were times when I forgot about it for a while, but it was always a part of me. Even at times when it had been years since I'd seen the series, I could still feel my heart ripping apart when I remembered Demona's sad utterance: "The access code is: alone." This was a beautiful show. It had a strong impact on my life, and very few pieces of fiction have even come close. All involved should take a bow.

Jurgan - [jurgan6@yahoo.com]
Saturday, November 15, 2003 05:24:40 PM

Returning from a long stretch in lurkerdom to answer the call-to-arms, I find myself trying desperately to think back to when I was eleven years old and started watching this show. I remember that I first heard about it because my brother got a Gargoyles toy with his Burger King kids' meal, and then we rented the movie version of Awakening from Blockbuster, but what convinced me to keep watching the show? Tough question, but I'll give it a shot:

1: Innovation. I'd have to say the big thing that kept me was the fact that it was so different from anything I'd ever seen before. At the time, Darkwing Duck, Ducktales, etc. were the shows I watched. Good shows in their own right, but nothing like this. The closest I can think of were Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Thundercats, or G.I. Joe, and even those were miles from what we had in Gargoyles. The concept alone was brilliantly original- I believe I was instantly fascinated with them turning to stone during the day and coming alive at night. How cool is that? Most of my other reasons probably tie in to innovation. Also, the first regular episode I saw was "Deadly Force," and I don't think I have to tell anyone here just how different that was.

2: Villains. One of the big problems with a lot of shows- and not just kids' shows, though they're probably the worst for this- is that the villains always lose. Sure, the Shredder or Cobra Commander were scary at first, but if the good guys beat them every time, then how can we keep taking them seriously? Gargoyles avoided this problem with a lot of its villains, especially Xanatos. The way he used his "tags," explaining at the end of episodes how he was able to make significant gains even after being defeated, allowed him to claim a partial victory while our heroes still won from their perspective. There were even some episodes, such as "Metamorphosis," whereing he completely defeated our heroes in such a way that even they didn't realize the depth of what he'd accomplished. Thanks to Xanatos's contingency planning and the depth of his plots, it always seemed like he might really win some time, and so we never took his defeat and the heroes' success for granted, thus keeping the tension high throughout the series.

3: Serious, non-condescending themes: Another old favorite show of mine was Captain Planet. I think the show was pretty good and had a good heart, but could its message have been any more obvious? Gargoyles didn't do that. It had very serious messages in it. The obvious theme of acceptance was there, but what got to me even more was the idea that life is precious and vengeance never solves anything. It sounds like a huge claim, but I do believe that my personal views on such matters had a large influence from Gargoyles. Most importantly, though, was that the show did not talk down to its audience. A lot of kids shows seem to believe that kids are stupid and must be condescended to. I've always believed that kids will understand something that is communicated to them honestly. Granted, I didn't understand references to Nietzsche (sp?) and Kafka at the time, but I definitely got the overall message.

I have to leave this computer now, so I'll continue in another post.

Jurgan - [jurgan6@yahoo.com]
Saturday, November 15, 2003 04:59:40 PM

Well, I thought i'd give my two cents on Greg's reason.
I think he's counting us, so he can say to Disney, "This many people will be the DVD." (Hopefully DVDs)

CKayote - [CKayote@worldnet.att.net]
Orlando, FL
Saturday, November 15, 2003 04:04:43 PM

I got the word that the Gargoyles needed help and - like all these other people - immediately dropped by to see what I could do. You want 5 reasons why I like the show? Fine, here goes:

1. Beautiful artwork and animation - it was what made me watch the show in the first place
2. The characters and their development over time - haven´t seen much of that in a cartoon series - you understand the actions of certain people better when you´ve learned more about them (and sometimes it takes a couple of episodes until you finally get these pieces of information). A special note on the female characters: Wonderful job here, I don´t remember a single woman I didn´t like. And Elisa´s a great role-model!
3. Intelligent stories without the moral sledgehammer - other people have said that before, but I can´t emphasize it enough: The viewers, adults AND children, are not stupid! We don´t need someone telling us the morale of the story in the end. "Gargoyles" never tried to do that, but chose the subtle path. Thank you!
4. Great voice acting (though I´ve seen the German dubbed version almost all my life and can´t say too much about the original). But the dubbing was better than usual (especially for a cartoon series) and the voices very close to the original show.
5. Bronx - my favourite character. I wish I had a dog like him...he has the cutest face on the show. And I just LOVE to watch him fighting! :)

Okay, this was what came up and I didn´t even have to think hard. I hope the series will continue or at least come out on DVD - and produce some Bronx merchandise, would you? :)

Wyrd Sister
GermanySaturday, November 15, 2003 03:55:25 PM

My five reasons I'm drawn to Gargoyles:

5.) Since most of the voices all had previous experiance with each other on Star Trek The Next Generation, the chemistry between the different actors are impecable. All of the actors play their roles precisely to a point that makes the cartoon believable.

4.) I still have yet to find a cartoon that matches or even comes close to having such in depth storylines, sub-plots, and nuances that keeps you thinking. All of the cartoons nowadays all seem to come from the same mold, and Gargoyles pretty much broke that mold.

3.) I've been an avid fan of gargoyles even before it came to television. Then it went into syndication...I haven't been able to see it since then. But even so, it keeps my imagination whetted.

2.) The fandom for gargoyles has got to be one of the most strongest fandoms I've seen next to Star Trek, Anime, and Comic Books.

and my number one reason I'm attracted to Gargoyles: They're d*mn sexy!
Dustin J. Craig - [omegasdx@mac.com]
Provo, Utah, U.S.A.
Saturday, November 15, 2003 03:37:25 PM

*crosses fingers and hopes that this is an omen for a DVD release*

1 - Goliath might have been the hero, but he wasn't perfect. He made mistakes, he misjudged people, and damn could he be pig-headed at times! There are too many 'perfect' cartoon heroes out there...I think it's nice to show the kids a realistic role model.

2 - It didn't beat you over the head with morals. It did things like promote literature and racial tolerance so subtly that you don't even realise that you've been given the message until after.

3 - The characters were all unique without falling into any steriotypes.

4 - STRONG female characters! Even smaller roles like Beth Maza were all characters in their own right, rather than just a romantic interest. That really meant a lot to me when I was growing up.

5 - I know this sounds stupid, but it's the kind of show that you can walk away from feeling that you've somehow bettered yourself by watching. Just looking at this list proves how Gargoyles has affected people. It really does make a difference in peoples lives.

Well, thats all from me. I really hope that this helps...I havn't been here since about '98, but when I heard that I could help Gargoyles I just had to stop by!

Jade Kitten
Saturday, November 15, 2003 03:07:06 PM

WHOOPS! I almost forgot! How rude! I wanted to say thanks to Greg Weisman for letting me answer his question. If it wasn;t for him, I would've never been able to know how I REALLY felt about the Gargoyles!
Wolf E. Urameshi (AKA Edi) - [wolf_urameshi@hotmail.com]
Lares, Puerto Rico
Saturday, November 15, 2003 02:58:49 PM

I found out about this kind of at random. Hope it's still "this week".

1. It was made by Disney. Disney consistantly makes high quality entertainment ansd Gargoyles proved to be one of their very best.

2. Character designs. From fantasy based characters to high=tech robots the characters somehow managed to be both diverse but to still have enough consistancy in their appearance to let you know they were part of the same universe.

3. Combining of elements. Literary references, mythology, cryptozoolgical creatures (Yay! that's the first time I've ever used that word!) and traditional superhero elements. In the Gargoyles universe "All tbings are true" and it makes sense that they are.

4. Positive message. It shows that appearances are not important. Monster on the outside and monster on the inside are two very different things and Gargoyles has plenty of both.

5. The Puck. No explaination. Puck just rules.

NotWedge - [xmonorailpilot@aol.com]
Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, USA
Saturday, November 15, 2003 02:56:13 PM

Hello! I am from Germany, Wolf Urameshi recluted me to answer this. I'm very quiet on INternet, so I'll just say the reasons...

1-Its sense of love
2-Animation and artwork
4-Lessons you learn in it, like protecting nature and acceptance of those different to you
5-How cool it is!
Green Devil - [None to put here...]
GermanySaturday, November 15, 2003 02:42:51 PM

Hi. I was sent here by Wolf E. Urameshi to say 5 reasons why I liek Gargoyles. Here goes, and I'm not like him-I ALWAYS get to the point.

2-Voice Casting
3-Brooklyn and Demona in Future Tense
4-Its connection with reality
5-Its homage to mythology

And that's it. Sorry, but I really don't publish emails. YOu may say I'm anonymous.

Zantetsuken - [sorry, I don't put emails...]
Los Angeles, California
Saturday, November 15, 2003 02:37:39 PM

Hi again! I want to say thanks to okamichan for answering this. However, I'll do him (and all of us hopefully) a favor and fix his post:

a-I really like it!

b-Me and my friend, Wolf Uramemshi (who also gave me this site), likes it!

c-I love how the story revolves, and the drawing, it's very clean!

d-The characters have good traits!

e-And that's why I like them: Their coolness!

Wolf E. Urameshi (AKA Edi) - [wolf_urameshi@hotmail.com]
Lares, Puerto Rico
Saturday, November 15, 2003 02:29:52 PM

I really like it! Me and my friend, Wolf Uramemshi (who also gave me this site), likes it! I love how the story revolves, and the drawing, it's very clean! The characters have good traits, and that's why I like them!
Saturday, November 15, 2003 02:25:59 PM

Gargoyles was, and is, truthfully the best tv show I have ever seen in my life. I never really openned my tv again when it went off the air here, because new cartoons are just hollow and all made of the same stuff.

1. What FIRST made we watch it is because I saw commercials, I thought the characters looked nice in them and I was lucky enough to catch the first episode when it played. So it was, good timming :)

2. When I finaly got to watch it, I fell in LOVE with the characters, how their looks were not of common cartoons. No spandex of flashy costumes and such ;) And for once the good guys weren't made out of the same 'mold' than usual 'good guys'. They weren't the big tough 'superman' model or the 'clever teen you can associate to cause he/she is just a common person'. It was fun to step out of the ordinary for something just beautiful.

3. I liked the historical and geographical (cultural) realism to it. Specialy in hunter's moon when you can see how Europe evolved through time as the hunter chased demona.

4. The animation was much better than most cartoons. Just dark enough to suit the mood, but not too dark that you can't see anything. Nice magic effects as well. Some of it was really impressive.

5. I also agree that the themes were more mature and that helped keep the older audience on their toes, but also had nice action that could appeal to mostly anyone. The story was so complexe and wonderful :D

White - [white@archdemons.com]
Laval, Qc, Canada
Saturday, November 15, 2003 02:02:21 PM

Hello! First, I would like to thank Demona Taina for telling me about this. Five reasons why I like Gargs? Okay, here we go:

1- Its literary value. OK, I know you're asking yourselves what I mean. Well, I mean the storyline, duh! I think it's very appealing and great. It's got all the suspense of old-time literature combined with actual storytelling to create the ultimate story. I really enjoyed it, especially what happens to Goliath in Future Tense, which is, of course, my all-time gargs favorite episode. Very enjoyable.

2- The character's complexities. The characters simply are well developed. I really enjoyed how their personalities were developed, especially Brooklyn's, since he DOES have the most dilemmas to solve, like love, and leadership. I think it's interesting to see how do they adjust to their new world. Interesting...

3- The animation quality. When I saw this legend of a cartoon later, when I was older, I realized that it still stood strong among other Disney cartoons (even House Of Mouse, darn it!), because the animators did an amazing job animating it. If only Disney made new episodes...

4- Brooklyn. Yes people. I know I may be sounding stupid to many of you, but it's true-Brooklyn is my favorite character, not because of looks or attitude, but because of how many problems he has to deal with, which bear a striking resemblance to those a normal teenager must deal with in these times. He's a teen, almost like all of us around here... Well, technically. He has many problems he must face, like rejection, shown when Angela chooses Broadway over him. And what about leadership? Everything's in the episode Future Tense. Just watch it-you'll see what I mean.

And last...

5- Its support and love for classic literature. This cartoon pays great respect to old literature that will always be remembered, like Shakespeare. Also, it teaches you at times about classic problems on the world, like taking care of nature (reference taken from the episode, 'The Green'), or respecting your parents and elders (reference taken from the episode, 'Cloud Fathers'), so you might say it's educational at times.

And I guess that's it. Hope it helped Greg, and I hope you continue the Gargoyles, quite probably Disney's best creation, if not the best!

Wolf E. Urameshi (AKA Edi) - [wolf_urameshi@hotmail.com]
Lares, Puerto Rico
Saturday, November 15, 2003 01:53:50 PM

T.T i want my gargoyles back..why'd it have to end...WHY?!?!?!
1) first and foremost...who can resists gargoyles, these flying creatures? The characters were definitely unique and interesting. VERY CREATIVE

2) The AWESOME story line...-_-; even though i couldn't always keep up with all that was going on, i still got the basic jist of it all.

3) it was a heck of a lot different than a lot of other cartoons out on tv. It wasn't crudely draw to catch little kids' attention or crazy spoofs to make it funny. It had a good storyline that could keep the attention of pplz older than 7.

4)- -; i'm not to sure about the last season's animation, but the whole gargoyle series was well put together. The storyline, the animation, the action and everything. SO MANY SHOWS (even non-animation) are lacking in those departments now a day -_- darn reality tv...

5) xD puhahaha...i dare anyone say they didn't like Goliath's voice!!!

whgirl - [fearless_fan@hotmail.com]
USASaturday, November 15, 2003 01:48:42 PM

Let's see...top 5 reasons why I love Gargoyles....I can only pick 5?? *sighs* I guess I'll try to keep it at only 5...

1. The unique and complex storyline. It has a good mix of drama and comedy, many flashbacks and side stories and it still makes sense.

2. The unique and complex characters. It's as if they are real people. It actually makes you want to go to New York to try to find them.

3. The acuracy of the facts used. Manhatten looks real, the Shakepeare characters are portrayed acurately, and the Illuminati is a real, secret organization said to run the world.

4. The consistancy. If a character acts one way in one episode, then they act that way in all the episodes. Or the words to an incantation don't change from episode to episode.

5. It portrays situations realistically...before Disney stuck their nose into it... such as the danger of guns when not handled properly (Broadway accidentally shooting Elisa).

Sydney - [lightning_queen@hotmail.com]
Tidioute, PA, USA
Saturday, November 15, 2003 01:39:42 PM

Coma-Man> well, greg has always said that there are no episodes that were made but not shown on television. he has said that there were many ideas for other episodes (such as the World Tour Himalayas ep) but no thers besides the ones we have seen were ever produced and animated. now, it is possible that Disney would produce and animate a new episode for the DVD, which would be awesome, but i'm not holding my breathe...

my theory is that Greg wants to show our reasons (and pure numbers) to Disney in another pitch to restart the series. i could easily be wrong, greg has been pretty vague on why he wants this info and what hes going to do with it. maybe he was just curious...?

Saturday, November 15, 2003 01:26:43 PM

My Top 5 reasons are:

5. The story had so much depth! There were layers upon layers of different plots, and they were blended together perfectly!

4. Best animation in an action Disney cartoon that I ever saw! It really drew you into the action.

3. The wonderful blend of real history, classic fiction, (the numerous use of Shakespear plays) and the fact that those bits were used it smart, intelligent manner.

2. Continuity. I can't stress this enough, but I loved how if you watched the entire series in order, you knew the full scope of this immense tapestry. This show remembered what was happening in prior episodes, and it succeeded in weaving a story greatly from it!

1. The no nonsense, gritty bleakness of certain episodes. Before these episodes were edited by Toon Disney, there were certain dramatic moments which was just changed EVERYTHING about how I felt Disney could tell a dramatic story. I mean, I almost cried at certain scenes, like in the episode where Broadway realized he shot Eliza. There were many powerful, moving moments throughout the entire series.

Kevin Wasser - [wonderfly@hotmail.com]
Corbin, KY, USA
Saturday, November 15, 2003 12:46:51 PM

1. The character designs are awesomely detailed. Much care went into the design and I appreciate that. Many current shows are and look like they were just thrown together for a quick cheap buck.

2. The compelling story-telling and twists involved. Using real literary figures was also a stroke of genius.

3. The voice acting! I was very impressed with all the actors. You could feel the passion they have for the show in their delivery.

4. Not afraid to be realistic in portayal of the world. Kids can see the parallels easily within their own reality. It was not a moral-soaked show but it makes fine points.

5. Finally....it
Dean H - [thiswanderer@yahoo.com]
Sacramento, CA, USA
Saturday, November 15, 2003 12:21:46 PM

1. The character designs are awesomely detailed. Much care went into the design and I appreciate that. Many current shows are and look like they were just thrown together for a quick cheap buck.

2. The compelling story-telling and twists involved. Using real literary figures was also a stroke of genius.

3. The voice acting! I was very impressed with all the actors. You could feel the passion they have for the show in their delivery.

4. Not afraid to be realistic in portayal of the world. Kids can see the parallels easily within their own reality. It was not a moral-soaked show but it makes fine points.

5. Finally....it
Dean H - [thiswanderer@yahoo.com]
Sacramento, CA, USA
Saturday, November 15, 2003 12:21:45 PM


I just want to tell you something I just heard...

Has anybody of you yet asked himself why Greg asks us this thing???

I just heard by somebody, and now take a deep breath... that IT COULD BE, that the DVD's will unclude MAYBE one or more never seen Episodes! Of course this is highly doubtable since we don't know if they ever produced any others...

But then again, why would Greg ask us this thing???

Because of the DVD?
Because of "the movie"?
Because of THE SERIES???????

Yet, we can only guess...

And post our top 5's! :D

The Coma-man
Berlin, Germany
Saturday, November 15, 2003 12:20:30 PM

Top 5 reasons I STILL love Gargoyles:

#5: Intelligence. While Gargoyles is a children's show, it most certainly appeals to people of all ages. Loaded with Shakespearian references, historical settings and characters, mature themes, etc., Gargoyles was much more than just another dumbed-down Disney children's show.

#4: Originality: Nothing like this had ever been created. Not just the characters, but their entire history was an unprecedented idea.

#3: Plot progression: Every episode held a purpose. Many cartoons are just 30 minutes of a story with no future consequences. Every single episode in some way affected every future episode. Also, the story had remarkably few holes or question marks (although I do disagree with the shows perspective of time travel that kind of makes it a fatalistic universe).

#2: Characterization: Every character developed profoundly throughout the story. Since they grew in every episode, the characters' actions often came back to haunt them. Even though Gargoyles only lasted 2 seasons (not counting The Goliath Chronicles), it still had much deeper, unique, and complex characters than any show ever created - animated or not. Each gargoyle had a distinct personality, sense of humor, likes and dislikes, etc. They all dealt with real life-like struggles and were never just one-dimensional characters. This allowed viewers to become attached to various characters as their perspectives change, as their motives altered, and as some even teetered between good and evil. Even characters like Chavez or Morgan or Margot or the jogger or Vinnie served a meaningful purpose.

#1 Reason to love Gargoyles: Noble, Honorable, idealistic culture of the gargoyles: Their sense of honor and duty was much deeper and went far beyond the stereotypical "I have to save the world" mantra of superheroes like Batman or Superman. Their persistent clinging to the hope for peace and acceptance made the gargoyles truly loveable characters. Their lives were centered around the protection of each other, and that family-centered mentality openned the doors for so many great moments through out the episodes.
*Really wishing I could plug in all the other reasons too*


Saturday, November 15, 2003 12:19:32 PM

Top 5 reasons why I liked Gargoyles.

1. The storyline, while fantasy, had plots and ideas that a lot of people could relate to. And not only that, but it was consistent and not overly out there like some other shows.

2. The animation.

3. The references to ancient history and myths from around the world. I know it caused some people to get more into world culture.

4. The people behind gargoyles dedicated genuine time and interest in the fandom.

5. It was set in NYC *grins*

Brooklyn Magus
Saturday, November 15, 2003 12:16:21 PM

I asked my 5 year old why she likes Gargoyles. This is what I got.

1.) "Bronx!"
2.) "The unicorn Una"
3.) "Puck!"
4.) "The one where Bronx bit the bad lady"...I am guessing the Hound of Ulster episode, with the Banshee here. lol
4.) "When Elisa transformed into a gargoyle."...Yes, she uses the word transformed, it's her new favorite word to say since she saw Brother Bear ;-)

Alexia (Siren's daughter)
Saturday, November 15, 2003 12:03:47 PM

Man, am I glad I talked to Stephen on the phone last night! I never come here, and wouldn't have been able to put in my 5 reasons.


Number 1: The Characters. They were so real in the first episode. If it were allowed on kids' TV, I could just see Elisa saying "WTF?" under her breath when looking at the claw marks in solid stone(still one of my favorite images)

Number 2: The art. The gargoyles are just so magnificent, and it was like having a half hour Disney Disney movie come into my house each Friday. (Yes, I read about the possible phase-out of 2D animation, and will go see 'Brother Bear' tonight in an affort to stop it)

Number 3: The voices. I was a huge fan of ST:TNG, and when I first heard Xanatos' voice, I was hooked. From then on out, my brother and I used to watch it and try to peg the ST guest stars' voices for kicks.

Number 4: Demona. She was a bad guy you could feel sorry for and identify with. She's got depth and range, something that is still sadly lacking in kids' cartoons and many movies.

Number 5: This would be the one that kept me with gargoyles all these years. The fans. If I hadn't gotten online back in '98, just when the show was ending, and typed in Gargoyles into Google, I'd have never found the S8 chatroom, and never met all the wonderful people who also love this show.

Oh, and Greg, if you're allowed, click this link. I think that Kya white Sapphire said it very eloquently.


Thank you very much for Gargoyles, Greg, and I hope this helps. It's been one wonderful glide!
Seri Wavelength - [wavelength8@hotmail.com]
Saturday, November 15, 2003 10:59:27 AM


1. It introduced me to Shakespeare. I'm very thankful for that.

2. It's a "smart" cartoon. It teaches people through carefully structured stories without trying to squeeze in comedy throughout the entire thing. You can learn from it, unlike most other (specifically non-educational) cartoons.

3. The characters are great. Every hero and villian have depth and personality, are well designed, and most importantly, BELIEVABLE. You care what happens to these characters.

4. It shows the true side of humanity. It doesn't glorify NYC and its people, it shows how it really is.

5. While it is a "hero" cartoon, it's not a "Superhero" cartoon. The Gargoyles and their allies are flesh and blood and can get hurt, and that gets shown. It's what makes it interesting. You never know if they will come out of a fight unscathed (and most times they didn't!)

That's my contribution *L*

Saturday, November 15, 2003 10:41:18 AM


1. I started watching when I was young. And you know how that goes. I was hooked on it then and have been ever since.

2. The art is just amazing! Who ever created the apearance of the animated gargoyle is a genius! The way they move, the gestures, the movements in there tails, there wings...oh it's so beautiful! And very pleasing to the eye that you just can't not watch them. (Weeee! Check out that double negitive!)

3. The content is educational and gives a since of exploring. Everyone looks up to Goliath and to see him reading in a library is good for kids. I even tried to pick up Mecbeth and read it. Though most of it went over my head. I should pick it up now and see if I can read it. Plus the vocabulary they use isn't like other shows and inspires kids to go and explore things in a boat that takes you to different dimensions!

4. The difference between doing the right thing, and the wrong thing is definitally present. I don't know how many times when I was younger, that I would find myself playing Gargoyles with my sister and we would be dealing with a "bad guy" of some sort. I can honestly say that my balance improved from standing on my toes.

5. Gargoyles will never be old, only those watching it. Gargoyles ins't just great for the younger generation but for the older one too! And it's still as injoyable as watching it for the first time.

Supergirl - [superbathannah@yahoo.com]
Colorado, USA
Saturday, November 15, 2003 10:19:59 AM

Top five reasons for dedication to Gargoyles:
1. HIGHLY original and imaginative concept untainted by execution, which is rare these days.
2. Intelligent references and dialogue: kids should be inspired to open a book and research what they've seen (macbeth, etc.) and not condesended (sp?) to with alotta flash.
3. Strong character development throughout a solid continuity.
4. Superb voice-acting, especially Keith David and Jonathan Frakes.
5. Creativity in all aspects: this show is an inspiration.
6. The inevitable DVD release? :)
Saturday, November 15, 2003 08:18:33 AM

In no particular order, here are the top five reasons I was drawn to the Gargoyle's series..

1. Villains who seem like real people. You can see good and bad things about their character and you can understand their motives. They also have the opportunity to change "sides" should they want to (ie Xanatos, Fox & Dingo.)

2. Actions have consequences. The characters change and grow based on their experiences.

3. Morals are incorporated into the show in a way that is easily understood but not pushy. They tend to show by example rather preach.

4. Monsters as heroes. I know, they don't seem like monsters once you get to know them, but it takes a willingness to watch and listen for a while. Perhaps this is another disguised moral. ;) When first viewed the gargoyles themselves are striking, but strange. Of course, to misquote Elisa, "after a while, all you see is the beauty."

5. Okay, here's where I try to mention everything else I liked. These were the things that made me sit down to watch a second episode after I'd seen one. (I didn't see them in order the first time.)A present-day setting mixed with a bit of sci-fi technology, history, and myth. The beautiful look and sound: the colors, the voices, the music.

This is my first 'Gargoyles' posting. I hope all these comments lead to more Gargoyles or, at the very least, all the episodes on DVD very soon!

Anonymous - [cookiemuncher@blueyonder.co.uk]
Saturday, November 15, 2003 06:22:19 AM


1. Although it wasn't a "reason" back then, it's a reason it's special to me now: my husband was a lead animator for it. That's GOTTA count for something. ;)

2. Hey, it was the closest thing to a true action-drama that I think TDA ever got. While other action-oriented shows like Darkwing were there, certainly none had the purely dramatic undertone of Gargs. I like animation like that.

3. Keith David rules.

4. Salli Richardson rules.

5. Marina Sirtis and Jonathan Frakes rule.

And there we have it. ^_^

Saturday, November 15, 2003 05:19:24 AM

In no specific order...

1. Writing and dialogue
2. Animation
3. Story background
4. Mythological settings
5. Voice talent casting
nsw, Australia
Saturday, November 15, 2003 01:21:41 AM

Hi! I've never posted here before, and probably won't do so again any time soon, but when no less than three people asked me to do this, well...

Here are my top 5 reasons on why I liked, and continue to like, Gargoyles better than 99% of the animated shows ever seen on TV... And really, better than about 90% of the live-action stuff! It seems that most of my reasons are the same as for other folks, but I'll give them anyway:

1. Unlike most cartoons, the stories had continuity, like a regular TV drama. But it was a continuity that you could follow through the seasons, unlike the 'daytime dramas'; while there were surprises, when looking back they weren't overwhelmingly tangled and confusing.

2. The characters may have been cartoons, but they weren't 2-dimensional in personality; they had depths that could and did sometimes surprise you. And some of them _changed_ over the course of the first two seasons; they evolved and matured. Even a lot of live-action dramas don't show that.

3. Most of the villains weren't all bad, and the heroes weren't all good. Shades of grey were indeed present, making everything more...real.

4.This toon wasn't afraid to deal with "adult" themes, and it dealt with them in a way that helped watching children understand without feeling preached at or patronized by the all-knowing adults again. (I still think the current Disney exec's are a pack of wimps for taking the episode "Deadly Force" out of the syndicated episode run. What's wrong with letting kids know that guns are NOT toys, and should never be played with?)

5. The gargoyles themselves are such a cool concept! Living, sentient beings who not only have wings and tails, but are denied ever seeing the sun with their own eyes... Creatures/people such as these, living among us; who wouldn't be fascinated?

Well, there's my reasons for loving the show as much as I do. The call has been answered; time for this very infrequent lurker to vanish back into the shadows...
Kimberly Towle - [kimbertow@yahoo.com]
Bellingham, WA, USA
Saturday, November 15, 2003 01:19:22 AM

Hi! I've never posted here before, and probably won't do so again any time soon, but when no less than three people asked me to do this, well...

Here are my top 5 reasons on why I liked, and continue to like, Gargoyles better than 99% of the animated shows ever seen on TV... And really, better than about 90% of the live-action stuff! It seems that most of my reasons are the same as for other folks, but I'll give them anyway:

1. Unlike most cartoons, the stories had continuity, like a regular TV drama. But it was a continuity that you could follow through the seasons, unlike the 'daytime dramas'; while there were surprises, when looking back they weren't overwhelmingly tangled and confusing.

2. The characters may have been cartoons, but they weren't 2-dimensional in personality; they had depths that could and did sometimes surprise you. And some of them _changed_ over the course of the first two seasons; they evolved and matured. Even a lot of live-action dramas don't show that.

3. Most of the villains weren't all bad, and the heroes weren't all good. Shades of grey were indeed present, making everything more...real.

4.This toon wasn't afraid to deal with "adult" themes, and it dealt with them in a way that helped watching children understand without feeling preached at or patronized by the all-knowing adults again. (I still think the current Disney exec's are a pack of wimps for taking the episode "Deadly Force" out of the syndicated episode run. What's wrong with letting kids know that guns are NOT toys, and should never be played with?)

5. The gargoyles themselves are such a cool concept! Living, sentient beings who not only have wings and tails, but are denied ever seeing the sun with their own eyes... Creatures/people such as these, living among us; who wouldn't be fascinated?

Well, there's my reasons for loving the show as much as I do. The call has been answered; time for this very infrequent lurker to vanish back into the shadows...
Kimberly Towle - [kimbertow@yahoo.com]
Bellingham, WA, USA
Saturday, November 15, 2003 01:19:19 AM

5. Star Trek talent
4. Animation style
3. Shakespeare Allusions
2. Mesh of Magic and Technology
1. Mythological Tie-ins
Scytrin dai Kinthra - [scytrin@bonbon.net]
San Jose, CA, USA
Saturday, November 15, 2003 01:13:56 AM

1. multi-cultural mythology
2. batman TAS-like animation
3. almost every episode helped the overall plot. hardly any throw aways.
4. dynamic characters
5. frank welker ;)
Saturday, November 15, 2003 12:53:59 AM

I'm coming out of lurker mode to answer this ;-)

5 reasons hmmm...
1. The stories had continuity, like any other TV drama. I sometimes felt that I was watching a primetime drama rather than a cartoon.
2. The characters had depth. When you thought you had a character figured out, they would do something and suprise you with their response to a situation.
3.The villians weren't all bad, and the heroes weren't all good.
4.This toon wasn't afraid to deal with "adult" themes. The series had history, culture, humor, romance, and an ability to touch on some of the moral and cultural issues of the modern world. This is why I can still love it today as an adult.
5.The ability of the show to flow from action to comedy to dramatic all in the same episode, and make it work. Sometimes the little quiet drama happening in the background /side story, could have just as much impact on the viewer as the in your face action. It's all the little things that made this such an engrossing show.

I gotta tell you, the first reason I even watched the show was one day hearing Marina Sirtis and Jonathan Frakes's voices comming out of Demona and Xanatos. I was only passing by the TV when that occured, and mentally thought "What the....?" In the course of investigating why characters from Star Trek:TNG, my favorite TV show at the time, were suddenly playing the villians on a-*snicker*- cartoon, I got sucked in to the whole story of the other characters. While it was a treat to figure out the Star Trek guest voice of the episode, the whole larger story is what kept me rushing to my Grandmother's house from school so I wouldn't miss the next episode. Try explaining to your 80 year old grandmother that the "monsters" were the good guys!(ha!) All this happened when I was 16-17ish and had given up cartoons a long time ago. Star Trek caught me, but everyone else kept me coming back.

Thanks to you Greg, and all those involved in making this one of my favorite TV shows.

A. Pendleton
Pasadena, TX, USA
Saturday, November 15, 2003 12:52:12 AM

Correction:373, give or take 5...
Friday, November 14, 2003 11:55:46 PM

372 posts, give or take 5...

Seems like the posts are slowing down. Or maybe it's just a lull? Still, there's only 2 days left so keep the posts coming.

Troy, NY, USA
Friday, November 14, 2003 11:55:02 PM

#1: Story/Plot: Everything just flows together masterfully, everything that happens has a reason, and unexpected things pop up and carry over.
#2: Characters: The only thing two dimensional about the characters is that they're drawn that way. ;)
#3: Tie-ins: History, legend, mythology, folk lore, and literature. Gotta love it.
#4: Quality: It's a lot better than most of the stuff on TV. (Though I don't watch much TV anymore.)
#5: It's an awesome show. It's got both Sci-fi and fantasy mixed together in a modern world. Not many can pull that off in such a masterful fashion.

Aria (The Insane) Nightshadow
Friday, November 14, 2003 11:52:01 PM

@_@ I'm gonna go get my sister's and make them post. I think I'll get my mom and make her post. Maybe my dad too, if he's interested. *squeals* God, I love Gargoyles! I draw them on cards for every holiday! Yaaa!! *giggles*
Stardustcat - [psycocatgirl_2000@yahoo.com]
Chico, CA, USA
Friday, November 14, 2003 11:27:43 PM


Nobody likely remembers the little high school Gargoyles/Bone fangirl called H\A who used to post here back around 98/99-ish. Well, she's back, albeit temporarily, as a little college junior art major who's just as big a fangirl as ever. Being as insanely busy as I am, I shall merely answer Greg's fan request and disappear into the mists again...

1) I love the story and its premise. Pure genius, ancient warriors going through the culture shock of awakening in contemporary Manhattan...wish I'd thought of it.

2) I love the mixture of all elements of myth, literature, and history: Shakespeare, Greek and Egyptian gods, real war heroes, all blended seamlessly. I adore Puck.

3) I love the fact that it's a continuous narrative. Real character development, real consequences from actions and events, real plot movement. Has there ever been another Disney cartoon where you were truly missing something if you didn't watch every single episode? I can't think of any.

4) The character designs. They're so distinct, imaginative, and fun. Their anatomy is realistic, and they show such great emotion that you can't help but emphasize with them.

5) The characters themselves. They were all fully formed, three-dimensional. The 'bad guys' sometimes did good things, and the 'good guys' sometimes made bad decisions. You cared about what happened to every single character, suffered during their setbacks, triumphed in their victories. You cheered on romantic relationships. You felt like you could relate to these people (and gargoyles alike), for you could feel with what they were going through. Their voice actors also did a wonderful job, performing every line with convincing emotion.

To everyone involved, thank you so much for Gargoyles. It was one of the many shows and comic that influenced me in my choice of a career, and I will be forever grateful. As soon as it's released on DVD, I will be one of the first to snap it up, no matter the cost. This series is important, not only to me, but to American animation as a whole, influencing so many by proving that cartoons aren't just kid stuff.

And a special thanks to Greg Weisman. I hope to be half as creative as you, and just as responsive to the fans. You're amazing.


HNA - [blue_faerie1@yahoo.com]
Jackson, MS, USA
Friday, November 14, 2003 10:45:01 PM

Reason #1: It's the next best thing to Anime, and since I don't get CN out here...
Reason #2: Good Storyline
Reason #3: Good Art quality.
Reason #4: Hey, it's pretty cool
Reason #5: It's better than Digimon reruns

Wish it was on more often though
Gryffin DarkBreed - [Lairenstorm@hotmail.com]
McBain, MI, USA
Friday, November 14, 2003 09:22:56 PM

Just got this call to arms in the email, so here's the two bits of a lurker...

1) The story. It has to the the story. The one thing I love about anime series is the story archs that slowly unfold over time. Indeed, Gargoyles is the first (and so far only) American animation I can call anime. It's so...deep. You can tell good planning went into it. And its epic mood...wow! Not only did it focus on the present, it also paid attention to the past. The past (like Demona's stories with MacBeth) gave real weight to the universe. Wow...just...Wow...

2) Characters: The characters are so real in a sense that they had shades of gray instead of boring black and white. Hell, even Puck, a secondary character that only appears in four eps (not counting Owen, of course) gets awesome character depth in just five minutes in the end of The Gathering (and in the fact that he is indeed Owen. It's complicated, and I love him for it.) And Demona...well, Demona is Demona. Even though she's a cartoon gargoyle, she has awesome, emotionally true weight. I once read that you can write about any type of characters, let it be gargoyles, unicorns, even Sailor Scouts, and people will overloook the little details as long as the characters are emotionally true. And Demona and Xanatos and Goliath, they all deliver.

3) Eye-candy. Beautiful artwork for the most part. Sure, its got a few dents here and there, but most of the series shines like a jewel.

4) The literary ties. You got a lazy fourteen year old girl off her ass and into a library to read Shakespeare. That alone must be a triumph.

5) Suddenly I start repeating myself... It's all in the epic story, baby. It's all about taking chances and delivering stories that neatly tied into the bigger frame. I like my stories as big and sweeping epics, with lots of real characters and magical inclinations (the way that Oberon's Children were slowly introduced was pure genius...the Puck, then the Sisters, offering teasing glances at another world... too cool.) Nothing looked too terribly out of place. Everything just...fit. Everything evolved organically. The Xanatos redemption, Demona's fall into darkness... totally believable.

That's pretty much it, though. From what I've read so far, everyone else falls along the same lines. Good luck to you, Mr. Wiseman, in all your projects. (Who knows? Maybe the future of american animation rests on YOUR humble shoulders.... =P)

Nabiki - [paganj@caribe.net]
Friday, November 14, 2003 09:16:35 PM

I know somewhere you will find the same comments but here are my top 5 anyway and in no particular order.

I think I can honestly say Gargoyles was the first to feature a multicultural family. Elisa, Derek and Beth coming from an African American and Native American background and one taking an interest in at least some aspect of their heritage.

Goliath came from Scotland but when he turned human he wasnt Caucasian! What's that? Wow! The show address gun control, racism, separatism all the negative aspects of our lives and made us think outside the box about such issues

The good guys werent always good and the bad guys werent always bad - most of the time.

The attraction between Goliath and Elisa. I'm a romantic and that was true romance from falling from the castle to falling off the dam and beyond.

And just doggone good characters in doggone good stories - Thailog stealing David's wealth, Brooklyn decking Goliath in "Future Tense", Avalon adventures, The Mirror, Hunter's Moon.

I could go on and on and everyone has their favorites. I would just like to say a bid thank you to Greg and staff for putting out such a mature and adventurous story.

Thank you!

Lawrenceville, GA
Friday, November 14, 2003 08:16:29 PM

Five reasons that I like Gargoyles eh?

#1-The show was sophisticated in its story telling, and it carried a strong plot that if left for a few more seasons and exempting the Goliath Chronicles <no offense to fans of that season, I just didn't like it> could have gotten one of the deepest plots in American animation. I wanted to see the Illuminate have to go head on with another shadow government like Majestic 12, I even have a fan fic I am working on dealing with this.

#2 The characters- you cared about them, you rooted for them, and that they were not all just black and white, good guys vs. bad guys. Fox had a soft side, Xantaose in a way did what he did to prove to the world and himself he was better then them all, yet the birth of a son started changed him to see the error of his ways. Goliath at times was on tech edge of just saying F%$# it and going bad, and their are many more examples.

#3 The way the story was presented was not like most Disney TV shows of the time, it was not aimed at children but teens, young adults and some older adults. It's comic book like art and story telling kept the viewer interested and rooting for his/her favorite character. But the shear fact it attracted older audiences and proved Disney could also do action shows was just plane neat.

#4 It was one of the first American Animes which Disney was producing, and much of the story and art work at times pulled form this genera.

#5 Because it was just a great show, and it made many folks wish they too could be a gargoyle and fight the evil that lurked in the dark. They were a new breed of super hero, or maybe they were an updated version of what was the old breed. Ether way you believed in them, and as I stated earlier, like a comic, it made you keep turning the pages, you would keep siting there and watching.

#6 Brooklyn Rocks and it would have been cool to see him become the time mage, though some of the ideas "Wintersmith Dreams" came up with would have also been cool to see animated.

# 7 If there was on project I want to work on for Disney it would be Gargoyles, I would have loved to have helped create idea and characters for the story and made it one of the best told and deepest stories in animation history. <Ok time to get off the caffeine rush>

BTW the link above belongs to Gaia Online, but the forum is mine!! Enjoy ^__^

Nightshade/Gallen Storm - [gallennon_anime@yahoo.com]
Ellicott City, Maryland, USA
Friday, November 14, 2003 07:53:09 PM

5 Reasons, you say, all right I can come up with 5
1) the many ties to mythology, literature, and history
2) the Phoenix Gate and Avalon, I love anything that plays with time
3) unlike most cartoons the character are not static, Xanatos changes, Dingo changes, even Goliath changes
4) the voice talents, Keith David is incredible
5) the score, I hum those songs all the time
Ben - [bgold2484@aol.com]
New York, NY, USA
Friday, November 14, 2003 07:43:01 PM

1. Gargoyles was a show my whole family could watch and remain entertained. My husband and I would watch it, along with our 4 kids. It wasn't dumbed down and it kept everyone's attention.

2. Shakespearean characters, multi-cultural mythology, laser canons, time travel and sorcerery... who could ask for more?

3. Outstanding voice acting and musical score.

4. The Animation was amazing for an animated series.

5. Each character had depth. No one was just a flat character, even Vinnie ended up with a past, present and future. The good guys had flaws and the bad guys were never 100% bad. ... and everything they did had consequenses in the end.

... and I have to add a number 6.

I have met some of the best friends of my life through this show. This fandom is still, by far, the best I have encountered. Thank you, Gargoyles!

Jennifer Anderson - [jla@artchicks.org]
Friday, November 14, 2003 07:38:43 PM

Only five?

1: Xanatos - he was what first drew me to Gargoyles - the way he manipulated events to get what he wanted, from freeing the Pack in order to get Fox an early release, to mutating Derek and co.

2: The musical score. It's rare in animated shows to have a muscial score with that kind of range and depth; wonderful.

3: Demona; I worshipped her. She was so incredibly dark and bitter, and almost fanatical at times - I especially loved the episode where she cast a sepll to tunr all humans into stone during the day, and went around shattering them.

4: Goliath's voice acting.

5: Hyena and Jackal, from The Pack. Yes, I have a minor obsession with villians, but who can help it when they're as entertaining as these two? Especially Hyena's attraction to Coyote, and Jackal's reaction to it. I can't tell you how pleased I was when he didn't become the Avatar of Time.

Froodle - [snufkin_owns_you@hotmail.com]
Friday, November 14, 2003 06:33:28 PM

I've been a serious fan of Gargoyles since 97, I saw the first few eps when they came out, but at the time the show didn't draw my attention. Then in 97, after collapsing from an algebra test, I had a very vivid dream that combined a number of eps with the movie "Bladerunner" and parts of a few novels I had been reading. It shook me so baddly that I went online and began looking for info on the show, and eventually found www.gargoyles-fans.org. Since then I've watched all the episodes, I've read the continuation of the series (TGS)and wait for each new story, and check the site each day for New fanfics.

The five things that caught my interest about Gargoyles? Well 1) It had enough originality to break through the rest of the fecal matter that is stored on my head by television.
2) Unlike most cartoons Gargoyles was serious. It had the occasional funny, but overall even characters like Fae Tricksters had goals, interests and skill there was no sappy comedy relief character to ruin the atomosphere (Like, oh, say *Star Wars ep 1*).
3) The Idea of using non-human heros is not new, however most such characters were Furrys or mostly human, and the vast majority were over-powered near flawless "entities" that opperated in stories that the viewer could walk out on half-way through and still know that the hero will find some perfect solution, stop the villian's plot, and return every thing to the way it was before the show opened. Gargoyles didn't have that, the characters weren't so much non-human heros as they were individuals of another species. The show had a continual plot that meshed between episodes, and characters that were more "real" than any other cartoon.
4) The multi genre aspects of the show, at certain points in the show we see mystery/crime drama, Sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and slice-of-life stories, I can't think of many tv shows, let alone cartoons, that have tryed to pull that off and succeed.
5) The use of deep, often uncertain, real world issues. Not the least of those brushed were love (espically cross cultural/xenological), morals, the corruption caused by power, and ethical issues of the day.

Finally a less founded view on why I liked the show was that I'm a big fan of anything focusing on Non-humans, too many "Philosophy" and Ethics classes have left me agreeing with Demona in far too many ways.

Lesherac - [tannar_ri@yahoo.com]
Friday, November 14, 2003 06:28:43 PM

damn, every time i've tried to post in here, my dad's crappy internet decides to let out a royal stink about it.

bah :P

five reasons for the sheer awesomeness of the show...

1. it's DIFFERENT.
2. the artwork/style.
3. the musical score.
4. the realism.
5. the characters/voices. and let's not forget, Elisa! ;)


Friday, November 14, 2003 05:30:03 PM

CKayote: Yeah, there will always be some jerk who has nothing better to do that will try to ruin a beautiful thing. [rolls eyes]

[ahem] 363 Top Fives! Keep 'em coming! Greg Weisman will be so happy...

Demona Taina - [demona3@hotmail.com]
Friday, November 14, 2003 05:04:04 PM

We should kill this guy:
Does anyone here live in Vancouver?
Either that or we could sign him up for lots of spam.....

>what drew me to watch Gargoyles..nothing..never watched >it.thought it sucked.dont even know why im writing this
>yo! - [nope@shaw.ca]
>vancouver, BC, Canada
>Friday, November 14, 2003 06:10:34 AM

CKayote - [CKayote@worldnet.att.net]
Orlando, FL
Friday, November 14, 2003 04:55:06 PM

Ummm. . . . ignore last post. Don't know what I hit . . .

Anyway . . .

#5; The artwork was fabulous. It was brighter and more detailed than anything Batman ever did and had Japanese artists too - which Disney really needs right now.

#4: The history and detail of locations, myths and character interactions that went into the story was absolutley phenomenal! It was like watching a japanese chartoon!!

#3; The growth of the characters was wonderful. They personalities changed and adapted according to what happens in their lives - although Elisa and the other characters needed to go through more outfit changes. THats the one thing I hate about American chartoons. Characters stay in one outfit the whole blasted show long instead of showing a change of face. I tell ya, I love Elisa's character but seeing her in the same stupid outfit every episode got really old. Japanese cartoons . . the characters are ALWAYS changing clothes. And sure, Elisa won't want to change every time she works . . but at least a different shirt and pants under that jacket instead of the same Black T-shirt and the same stupid genes! I mean, c'mon they would've fallen off of her by the 40th episode! OR sooner!

#2; I liked how the story lines would often teach a lesson about life, or life's circumstances and how we can fix them, work them, etc. The story always enveloped many different themes and it was wonderful - so long as they never got to explicit. But it was always enjoyable, the suspense was always increble and I never got bored.

And now, the number 1 reason I loved GARGOYLES; GOLIATH AND ELISA!!!! They were the all time best characters ever and there romance was splendid! Sweet, daring, scary, trusting and honest. They believed in each other the way people never do anymore. And it was so - so beautiful!! Goliath is my all time fav. I mean let's face it, he's HOT!!

Well, that's all for now!!

Shauntell - [Holmponyfan2@wcmonnect.com]
Layton, UT, USA
Friday, November 14, 2003 04:43:16 PM

Top 5 reasons I love Gargoyles

1. Xanatos. When I was younger I wasn't much into the series, but what brought me back was when I was surfing through channels and got to Toon Disney and found the evil, smiling, rich businessman turning into a self made man (Vows). And Johnathen Frakes was a great choice in Voice Acting him
2. Avalon, I'm a sucker for the old medieval mythology, so the whole Avalon part of the series brought great joy to me, and getting to see some of my favorite Shakespeare characters (Oberon, Puck) brought to life in the most interesting way possible was the coup de grace.
3. Other villains. Ok, you may have figured out that I love the villains, without the villains, the heroes wouldn't get the recognition they deserve. Gargoyles villains play that part out well, everyone from the Vikings to The Pack to Demona all play out there part very well.
4. the episode "Future Tense", this was by far one of the greatest Gargoyle episodes, and most dear to any fan's heart. When Goliath, Angela, and Eliza wake up in what is New York in the future, and find the whole world has been turned upside down, is one of the coolest moments in the series' history. It was also a good tear jerker, when the time comes for Broadway's passing, and a terrific plot twist near the end when Puck makes his appearance.
5. The "Hidden" Message against racism and prejuidice makes itself loud and very clear in the run of the series, even up to cartoons that have gotten farther, like the X-men, the series teaches a very valuable lesson against prejuidice, in it's many forms

The Heat - [JabroniJim122183]
Friday, November 14, 2003 04:38:33 PM

Okay, it would be WRONG of me not to come in here and post something. I loved gargoyles!!

Anyway, here we go;

The #5 reason I loved gargoyles; The artwork was fabulous - although it needed more animea style to it. IT was far better than Batman, much fuller and much brighter.

Shauntell - [Holmponyfan2@wmconnect.com]
Layton, Ut, USA
Friday, November 14, 2003 04:35:01 PM

Just wanted to pop in and post!

Top 5 reasons I love Gargoyles (in no particular order):

-Character designs - the variety of gargoyles and interesting beasties never stopped pleasing me. (The human variety wasn't too bad either.)

-Interesting vocabulary - million-dollar words like 'immutable' pop up and even if you had never heard said word before, you understood it based on context. (You probably never forgot it as well.)

-Sophisticated plotlines - certain events were set up many episodes beforehand without it being obvious. (You could look back 10 or so episodes and think, "Oh yeah, that's right. But I wouldn't have seen that coming back then.") In the same vein, characters learned lessons and evoloved over time.

-Appealing to all - it obviously wasn't just a 'kids show.' Most anyone could watch the show and not feel like they were watching something made for 7yr olds. I bet it challenged everyone to think at least sometimes, but it wasn't too far above anyone's head.

-A personal reason - I met two of my best friends through Gargoyles. One back in '94 and the other in '02. To expand, I believe many have met great friends through the show or the cons, so while the reason may not be of something that happened in the show, it happened directly because of the show, and it's no less important. :>

And finally, a message to all, because it's important!, (and you have time to save up!!) I plug GatheringoftheGargoyles.com, site of The Gathering 2004.

Sara Berkeley
Richmond, VA
Friday, November 14, 2003 04:30:06 PM

5 things I love about Gargoyles

1. Great strong characters, both men, women and gargoyles. Especially enjoyable was that they were not static "good" "evil" characters but grew and changed. And the fact that the women in the show had all different types of jobs and abilities - definitely not one-dimensional.

2. Representation of different cultures/races. Loved the fact that finally there was representation of mixed race marriages between Elisa parents with each keeping strong ties to their culture and representing that culture in different storylines.

3. Love the mix of shakespeare/mythology/etc in the storylines and how seamlessly they flowed from one to the other. I also liked the fact the storyline was explored and not a simple episode.

4. Straightforward approach to issues facing us today -- racism, prejudice, etc. with no easy answer at the end of the episode.

5. the voice actors were amazing and did an excellent job.

back to lurking :)
Rini - [paulherriman@yahoo.com]
Rochester, NY, USA
Friday, November 14, 2003 04:15:27 PM

Wow, haven't been in here a long, long time, but here's my $.02 for Greg.


1) No easy answers are supplied. The sheer realism of the show extended beyond the fantastic animation - which truly brought Manhattan (my stomping grounds) to life - but the mature handling of the characters. Is Demona evil? Who can tell? She wasn't born evil but made that way over a millenium of genocide, hatred, and fear. The original Wyvern clan was massacred. People fear gargoyles. Xanatos starts off as the clan's nemesis and then repents after the birth of his son (when had <i>that</i> ever happened in television or movies, even live-action? Unheard of in an animated series!). Quite literally, <i>anything could happen</i>. Bad things happen to good people. Our guys had to work double hard to thrive and survive because there actually was a chance they might fail. Perfect happy endings were rare, but they were absolutely never guaranteed. There <i>aren't</i> any good or bad people, just good or bad deeds. The creators' respect for their characters heightened <i>my</i> respect for both the characters and the stories.

2) The animation was just out of this world, for both the early 1990's and today. Aptly put, animated stories weren't thought of in America as much more than kiddie fare until Gargoyles and Batman debuted. The Gargoyles Universe was made more believable by the dark, foreboding atmosphere that the artists provided, resulting in a visually rich and stunning - and frightening! - world.

3) The endless references to mythology, Shakespeare, and history added a new dimension. As an eleven-year old, my knowledge of Shakespeare stopped at Romeo and Juliet, but Demona and Macbeth made me look into the Bards' other works. And the constant messing around with this information was priceless! Macbeth was a good guy after all? The Weird Sisters? How about Puck disguising himself in modern-day New York as a billionaire's servant? The double jokes and puzzles confused the characters as well as the viewer, so you were never quite sure what was actually going on ... and if you actually guessed the answer, you felt that much more cooler for figuring it all out ahead of time.

4) The characters themselves were true invidividuals, making it a) very hard to mix them up, and b) made you worry for/cheer them on every episode. Who cares what happens to them unless they feel like real people to us? My favorite moment in the entire series doesn't even belong to a main character (though there were plenty of those); that honor is reserved Puck when Oberon exiles him in The Gathering. The sheer horror on Puck's face made me feel so badly for him.

5) The characters' growth was handled as those of real people. Honestly, I had no inkling, when Goliath and Elisa first met, that their feelings for each other would grow any further. That's because Goliath and Elisa themselves had no clue. They were as any strangers - particularly in their situation, as gargoyle and human - would act around each other: wary, afraid, and very, very suspicious. Even as the series progressed, the story writers only dropped hints. Subtle ones. It gave the realistic impression that Goliath and Elisa didn't even know they were falling for each other, so that when they finally kissed, it was a combination of a surprise and a cry of "Finally!" for people.

Overall, I'd say what drew me back to the show again and again (and again, nearly ten years later) was the wonderful, incredibly complex storylines and characters. We all want to escape sometimes. Gargoyles gave it to us.

Cat Marie - [C4arobin@aol.com]
Friday, November 14, 2003 03:38:48 PM

Here's my top 5:

1) The characters. Each had the own personality that made them seem all the more real to me. Each had their strengths and weaknesses.

2) The voice actors. Without those talented folks, none of the characters would have come to life in the way they did.

3) The animation. Without a doubt, it was one of the best-done shows I have ever seen. And it was the first show that got me interested in collecting cels.

4) Stories that were well written. Without much of a doubt, they helped influence the way I wrote.

5) Their culture.

Shaun/ BrooklynX - [<-- Gathering 2004! You know you want to come!]
Sacramento, CA
Friday, November 14, 2003 03:08:07 PM

Sorry I'm so late getting to this ... it's been a bad week.

My five reasons:
1. Goliath. I've been fascinated by Chernabog for years -- those wings, that chest, that darkly ominous image -- and Goliath was all the more because of Keith David's fantastic voice and Goliath's set of personality traits. He's honorable in an old-fashioned way that embraces fighting for the sake of honor, clan, and love. He's got a brooding, "I've been deeply hurt" smolder that invites both empathy and challenge. All-around, Goliath's one of the best characters I've ever seen.

2. "It was a romantic concept." Eh, Greg? Gargoyles did what I'd never seen a cartoon show do before. Adult, sensual, sexy. Wasn't Fox the first on-screen pregnant cartoon character since Wilma Flintstone? Elisa came from a multi-ethnic background and developed an attraction to a male of an entirely different species, how daring is that on modern television?

3. History, literature, culture and geography. Face it, folks ... this show was educational! It took us all around the world, explored other cultures, looked at Shakespeare, had time travel ... fantastic! It also addressed issues such as racism, hate crimes, gun control, and plenty of other things that kids need to think about, and that they won't get from many other cartoons.

4. The visuals. This show was flat-out, knock-down GORGEOUS. I'm horribly limited in what kinds of artwork and animation I like, but Gargoyles was exactly what I really, really love. It had depth, and color, and characters that looked like real people.

5. The actors. Never has such a wonderful, talented voice-cast been assembled. What's best is that every one of them to whom I've spoken (and I've tried my darndest; I was the only one at Dragoncon with a Macbeth card for John Rhys Davies to sign instead of memorabilia of Gimli or that guy from Indiana Jones) has genuinely seemed to regard Gargoyles as something unique and special. It wasn't just another job to them. It really meant something, and that comes through not only from the actors but from most everybody associated with the show.

Christine - [christine@sabledrake.com]
Friday, November 14, 2003 02:54:17 PM

1. At first sight, what I liked the most was the splendid animation, which was so realistic, of the characters, buildings, etc., along with a mature plot that promised great things since the very beginning of the first episode.

2. The relationship between Elisa and Goliath (I love them) along with the implication of tolerance, the morals thorughout the entire series, from tolerance, to liberty, honesty, and even the respect towards life.

3. The culture. From geographical culture, to the appearance of several countries with almost perfect precision (like the Sena River in Paris or the statues in Rapa-nui) to literature, especially the references to Shakespeare.

4. The capability to combine into one series adventure, action, fiction, love, romance, tragedy, drama, humor with such harmony.

5. And last but not least, with every episode, we traveled around the world of dreams so tied with the real world, and that it´s fantastic. This series has made me travel and dream so many times...

Lis M - [LisM_@hotmail.com]
SpainFriday, November 14, 2003 02:41:47 PM

Things that drew me to Gargoyles.

1. I was 14 when Gargoyles came out. I'd grown up loving the classic Disney Afternoon, but it wasn't something I was planning my day around anymore. Then Gargoyles came out. Five minutes into the first episode, I knew that someone had finally understood that people don't lose interest in all things animated the second puberty sets in, and I was firmly back on that couch. It was a dramedy. Disney had made action cartoons before, (well, action-comedies) but Gargoyles was unique. A suspenseful drama, with plenty of action, and just the right mix of comic relief blended in.

2. Gargoyles avoided both the traps so many American cartoons seem to fall into. First, it wasn't a 22-minute commercial for a toy line. Gargoyles has an enormous cast, but they were all introduced organically and were important parts of the episode they were in, and often became part of the show's meta-plot. Second, Gargoyles didn't feel the need to beat you over the head with a moral lesson every five minutes. Certainly there are valuable lessons to be learned from Gargoyles (Reading is cool, learn CPR, firearms are not toys, do strict background checks on all prospective new employees, etc) but they were never delivered with the preach-y tone of, say, Doug. If I wanted to be preached at, there's like three or four whole channels devoted to that.

3. It wasn't afraid to take risks. Characters grew and changed, refusing to stay in their pre-assigned roles. Xanatos' character arc in particular, from ruthless amoral businessman to devoted husband, father, and friend of the gargoyles, is unprecedented in American animation.

4. THE GOOD GUYS DIDN'T ALWAYS WIN. Watching something like Ducktales, or Talespin, or Aladdin, you always knew that, no matter what peril our heroes faced, they were always going to triumph in their allotted 22 minutes. With Gargoyles, the audience could never hold that mindset. The stakes were not only real, they could be MORTAL. Character death, even among the main cast, seemed possible. Our heroes pull out few clear-cut victories, and actually suffer some major defeats. Derek and the others stay mutated, the gargoyles get kicked out of the castle, the clock tower gets blown up, etc. It not only made you care more about the characters, it made you afraid to miss an episode.

5. Demona. She's... Well, she's Demona. Suffice to say, she certainly struck a chord with an angsty 14 year-old who suspected she was right about humanity. And yes, the fact that she's a screaming babe doesn't hurt either.

Aaron - [JCarnage@Yahoo.com]
San Antonio, TX, USA
Friday, November 14, 2003 02:12:24 PM

The Five Reasons I loved Gargoyles

1. Elisa and Goliath. I loved the romance between them, my friends and I were happy when they finally kissed and I love the chemistry between them.

2. The Characters and their Personalitys and how they changed and evolved through the show.

3. The animation and color

4. The Story Lines and relationships between the characters. Although I never really like the Angela and Broadway relationship I was hoping she and Brooklyn would have gotten together.

5. The encorporation of History and Magic.

Terry - [Birdman45@yahoo.com]
Manchester, NH, USA
Friday, November 14, 2003 01:47:35 PM

Oh my God! I can't believe that I only found out about this today! When is the dead-line? I've got to go and reqruit people *rushes to send emails*

Most people have already written my reasons far better than I ever could, so I'm just going to be short. I'd jus like to say that I am only thirteen and I just started watching the re-runs...its a very good show and I was dissapointed when I found out that it had ended. I hope that they bring it back.

1. I really like all the characters - they are all so unique, but you can't help loving them all!
2. It's cool to see a cartoon that isn't afraid of having a little romance in (and not just Goliath and Elisa, but Fox and David, Anegla and Broadway, Coldstone and his mate...you get the idea).
3. There is plenty of action, but its not just some boring beat-em-up cartoon like some shows. If they faught, it was for a good reason and not just because the writers wanted something to write about.
4. It has some really adult issues like gun control and genocide. How many cartoons (or adult shows even) even try to touch that?
5. I really liked all the magic and stuff in it.

Friday, November 14, 2003 01:35:20 PM

A bit near the end of the week, but here are my five reasons (in order of the way I noticed them):

1. Great animation for a TV-series, which really enhanced the mood.
2. Same for music, sound and voice acting.
3. Appealing three-dimensional characters, both in the camp of the 'good guys' as in the camp of the 'bad guys'.
4. Continuity in both overall story as in detail. This is a great reward to a loyal viewer.
5. Very creative storytelling and mixing of fantasy with science fiction in a present day setting.
Friday, November 14, 2003 01:21:19 PM

Top Five Reasons I like Gargoyles:

5. All the voice acting by the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation
4. Realistic, multi-dimensional character portrayal, plots and dialogue that isn't dumbed down or sugar-coated to pander to the lowest common retardinator.
3. Mythology, legend, and literature interwoven believably into the backdrop of modern day New York!
2. Brooklyn's SEXY!
1. Elisa is rad-ass and she and Goliath are love-birds.

Kristina - [ks_orcas@hotmail.com]
Seattle, WA, USA
Friday, November 14, 2003 01:20:36 PM

Top 5 reasons why I loved Gargoyles

1. Elisa/Goliath. I loved them together they were my favorite couple and I love the romance between them.

2. The Story Line. I loved how the episodes fit together unlike some cartoon shows and the mature story lines.

3. The Characters. I loved how each character had their own personalities and evolved and changed like people in real life do.

4. I loved how the show encorporated history and magic into it, like in the Demona and MacBeth rivalry it showed how and why they became enimies. Also showing the history between Demona and the Hunters.

5. The animation.
Ash - [firebird234@hotmail.com]
Laconia, NH, USA
Friday, November 14, 2003 01:18:09 PM

I'm a very new fan to the genre but I'm VERY and COMPLETELY HOOKED! You MUST MUST MUST make MORE EPISODES!
My top 5:
1. The characters ROCK! Hero and villian alike. They're all written so masterfully and I love them!
2.The animation is top notch! I'm always in awe of the scenery, the battles, the charaters, etc.
3. The whole Gargoyles concept is awesome! I'm a real sucker for hot,beefy super heroes saving the day and the gargoyles fit that to a T!
4.The mature themes. I actually learn alot about Shakespeare, Mythology and other topics from this series! I love cartoons anyway but the deeper issues of this cartoon made it the best ever!(I'd REALLY LOVE to see some PG/PG-13 type gargoyle cartoons! Then blood and deeper romance wouldn't be a problem!)
5.There's no other cartoon like it! So BRING IT BACK PLEASE!

Fire Redhead - [leahred_9@hotmail.com]
Friday, November 14, 2003 01:12:05 PM

The Top Five reasons I loved Gargoyles:

5)Magic AND Science. Fantasy AND Science Fiction. A blending of different eras and different themes into a coherent whole. And it was so rarely done in a hokey way, that it was believable to watch!

4)An ever-evolving storyline. Instead of one-shot wonders, the audience is witness to an epic tale that builds upon the episodes before it. And takes us in strange, wonderful new directions.

3)Voice-acting. This show had some of the hands down best voice-acting I've ever heard. The characters all had their own enuciations and accents, and they all had deep emotions that came out clearly. Not overdone and cartoony, but real feelings from real people.

2)Mixed Morality. Something that has sorely been lacking from a lot of television programs. The idea that someone can be more than just an allegiance to black or white. Distraught people doing bad things. Hate-filled people doing good things. Even the heroes messing up, or being overcome with emotion and doing things they'll later regret. This is a gray world, and the variation in shades is awesome to watch!

1)Brooklyn. 'Nough said.
Walker - [thewalker@justice.com]
Friday, November 14, 2003 01:01:20 PM

Queen Florence Lane. Queen Florence Island. Now I get the connection. Pure Greg on that one, eh?

That is all I will say.

Battle Beast
<--- my OScars website, if ya care, EDMONTON WINS THE GREY CUP OVER MONTREAL, Canada
Friday, November 14, 2003 12:46:23 PM

In no particular order, here are five of the reasons I loved Gargoyles so much.
1/ The storylines were more mature than most cartoons, and more realistic.
2/ They weren't afraid to address issues that other cartoons avoid - I'm thinking especially of Deadly Force. How many cartoons would have a good guy shoot the female lead and put her in hospital at death's door?
3/ Following on from 2, the fact that the characters had to face the consequences of their actions, both good and bad e.g. Demona attacks a child (Gilcomgain? Apologies for the atrocious spelling) and he becomes the first Hunter, Goliath befriends Renard and can call on that connection in a later episode etc.
4/ The Goliath/Elisa thing. I loved watching the tension between those two and thinking 'if only this wasn't a kid's cartoon...'
5/ This links back into what I said earlier about consequences. I loved the continuity of the plotlines. Okay, Avalon did drag on a bit, especially in reruns, but it was great to see a cartoon where everything wasn't resolved and perfect and back to normal at the end of a 30-minute episode - things changed, things developed, seasons changed and characters evolved.
Paulette Archer - [firebirdnine03@hotmail.com]
York, Yorkshire, England
Friday, November 14, 2003 12:43:46 PM

1. The legends: both urban and traditional. I've always liked mythology from any varied culture, and it was wonderful to see everything from Native American to African to Japanese culture and history... along with stuff like the Illuminati. I, for one, liked the Avalon World Tour. Seeing more of the Gargoyles world was great.

2. The sound: voice acting and music.... I still try to hear any of the garg cast whenever I'm watching something, and sometimes go watch another show just to get some of the voices (though it's still scary to hear Thom pushing pizza ;) ). The emotions and personality, the sheer depth the voice actors put into this show is truly amazing. As for the music, well, I'd buy more of it. Can we get some?

3. The mix: I've always been a fan of the dark ages and high fantasy. That's what first got my attention to watch. But cyberpunk holds a happy place in my heart too, and somehow that got expressed as well. High fantasy, modern day, and something ranging from futuristic to pure cyberpunk - god, what a wonderful combination! Elements of everything for everyone! I don't think there's anything out there that managed such a beautiful mix.

4. The art: the colors, the movement, the characters.... I've increasingly come to appreciate the sheer beauty of it. The gargoyle designs caught me first. There's just something incredible and - ok, let's face it - beautiful about the way these beings are shaped. But then you have to admire how they look in flight, and battle, and before you know it, you're gawking at the way everything moves, and the scenery it goes by.... So much effort, and it shows. I think we all remember the story about Scottish heather? The art has always amazed me.

5. The hope. Gargoyles was unique, to my knowledge, in how it portrayed Life. The heroes didn't always win, there wasn't always a happy ending, and sometimes the good guys... weren't. But the bad guys also weren't always bad. Balance, and change, and the confusion of real life, but with an ultimately hopeful tone. The hope is what keeps me coming back and watching with awe, wonder, and joy. The aspects of real life fascinate me - you just don't find that in (american?) cartoons - but in the end, it's the hope that has made it last.

Thank you.
Ashlee "Norcumi" - [norcumi@backtick.net]
Friday, November 14, 2003 12:17:40 PM

This is amazing! On Tuesday I was impressed by the number of posts, but I tought they would soon taper off. Now it's Friday and we're still going strong. Every time I log on to compose my list, I end up spending an hour catching up on new posts.

Of course the problem with procrastination is that I have nothing original to say. So forgive me if this all sounds familiar.

I'm not counting this one, but I was originally drawn to Gargoyles because it was a Disney cartoon and I'm a Disney junkie. I've watched every show from the Gummi Bears to Lilo & Stitch (and looking forward to Dave the Barbarian). So of course it was a given that I would watch Gargoyles.

1) I was drawn into Gargoyles by the depth and realism of the Gargoyles universe. In the first season, it seemed to be set in our universe; New York City and Scotland are real places. The series used real history and mythology as a basis for all kinds of things. Kennth, MacBeth, and Douglas Bader were characters in Gargoyles, but they are also in the history books. Later, as more and more fantasy elements were added, it diverged from our real universe, but didn't seem any less real. King Arthur, Odin, and others have as much history as many real people (and sometimes more).

2) The realism of the Gargoyles universe also depends on details and the consistency to those details. Rules of magic, time travel, and gargoyle biology were established and then never broken. When the need arose, the writers met challenges by working around the rules, but never ignoring them.

3) Another aspect of the realism of the Gargoyles universe is the realism of the characters. A first impression might be that Broadway was included because they needed a big, dumb, eating-machine for comic relief. But it doesn't take very many episodes to realize that Broadway is there because he belongs there. No one is there just to fill a slot as comic relief, a damsel in distress, or an egotistical villain with a dopey sidekick. Various characters may fill those slots, but they're more than that. And that makes them seem all the more real.

4) Part of what makes the characters and the universe itself so real is the history. Nothing comes out of the blue. Everything happens because of something that happened before. Characters are who they are and do what they do because of what has happened to them or what they have done in the past. Even if we don't always know the history, it's still there. Long before "The Gathering" it was obvious there was something special about Owen Burnett. Added to that, when something happens in an episode it becomes history and affects what happens in future episodes. Everything builds on everything else in a logical progression without being predictable. When something surprising happens the reaction isn't "Where did that come from?" but rather "Why didn't I see that coming?"

5) Based on the fact that everything progresses into something new, the last thing that drew me into and still draws me to Gargoyles is anticipation. I had to watch each episode to find out what happened next. And even though the series is over, the universe is so real that I know things are still going on and I want to know what they are. And that's how I continue to be drawn in after nearly ten years. When my interest in Gargoyles starts to fade, Greg Weisman tosses out a revelation that brings me back. There are a hundred loose threads that will never be tied up. Enough for six spin-offs. Even if the story continues, the threads will only branch out and get longer and more intertwined.

And that is what drew and still draws me to Gargoyles.
Phil - [p1anderson@go.com]
Friday, November 14, 2003 12:14:36 PM

Top Five Reasons why I like Gargoyles

1) High Quality animation for a television series
2) Mature storytelling
3) Ongoing plot threads. Most animated shows never continue their story beyond the single episodes, while Gargoyles expands into an entire universe of plots.
4) Inclusion of of all types of mythology which stays true to its roots while continuing the legends into the modern world. I might add this the main reason that hooked me not only to Gargoyles but to literature in general.
5) Nothing like it since. And I doubt Disney will ever wake up to the truth about their animation. If they want to do childrens' shows, then fine; but even that is sorely lacking as can be proven by the brilliant work of Hayao Miyazaki. I'm grateful for the fact that Disney made this show, and in some ways amd grateful that they haven't tried to make anything similiar, so as to increase the appreciation of the uniquness of the show.

Joe - [jsd19@aol.com]
Highland Park, NJ
Friday, November 14, 2003 11:14:56 AM

*hmmmms* I lost count at 200....*gets dizy*

Wee I'm actually posting in here again!... wonder how long that will last.. o.o

Alma, MI, US
Friday, November 14, 2003 10:58:23 AM


1. The quality of the show is grand, and, by that, I mean that most of the episodes (excluding the GC) are well-written, well-acted, well-animated, and the continuity between episodes is enjoyable in a sensible fashion.

2. The chemistry between the characters are very fun to watch. The Trio, in particular, are always believeable and make for pleasant viewing. Broadway and Angela, I had a little trouble swallowing though.

3. The mature storylines. For example, Broadway shooting Elisa was a nice change of pace from these cartoons that "play it safe" by not showing blood. Gargoyles was very noble in not shhying away from reality.

4. The complex villians. Demona was a cool "baddie", due to her complexing backstory, being involved in the Wyvern Massacre, plus her guilt, loneliness, rage, and her unwillingness to accept responsibility for something that was largely her fault, made for a fascinating character. Xanatos was also interesting because he never actually HATED the Gargoyles and even befriended them in season 2. Also, Xanatos was never really a "cliched" villian. Well, except for the episode "Cloud Fathers".

5. The love angle. After watching the unspoken affection between Goliath and Elisa for the first two seasons, it was cool that Elisa finally admitted her feelings to him in Hunter's Moon Part 3. The G/E thing is very reminiscent of a "Beauty and the Beast" kind of thing, and may set the turning point plot wise, in the future of the Manhattan Clan.

KingCobra3 - [kingcobra_582@hotmail.com]
USAFriday, November 14, 2003 10:24:23 AM

Why I like the series...

1. Because of it's heroes. Culture clash vs. coolness. And they're not supermenalien, they act and behave like "normal" people. So for the bad guys. In particular: Brooklyn! He's just the freakin' best hero ever appearing in a series/show!!! :D How he evolves from EP to EP, how he falls in love, how his anger towards Demona grows etc.

2. The evolving characters. People getting pregnant, killed, fall in love, gay etc. AND THAT IN A DISNEY SERIES!!!

3. The animation. Nuff' said! ;)

4. The philosophy hidden in most Episodes. That's why you discover the series new when you're an adult now.

5. The dark/ gloomy atmosphere. Best used in "Hunters Moon"... it even creeps me out here and there...

The Coma-man
Berlin, Germany
Friday, November 14, 2003 10:24:04 AM

I don´t believe I forgot the characters EVOLVED! That´s the moooost important thing in the series, and it´s quite difficult to come about in an american production.
Friday, November 14, 2003 10:16:08 AM

Reasons I love the series:

1- Clever plot (not the third season, though).
2- Extraordinary animation.
3- Dark mood.
4- Different levels of understanding. Good for children and adults. (I began watching them as a child and still love them- six years later).
5- Japanese where in the project. (quality garanty)

That´s it. Hope it helps.

Alake - [alakefullmoon@hotmail.com]
Madrid, Spain
Friday, November 14, 2003 10:11:50 AM

Opps! I forgot to add, the voice acting... It was simply amazing and really made the series excellent.
Sev - [access_time@shaw.ca]
Friday, November 14, 2003 10:01:55 AM

1. The Gargoyles are not only a wicked cool myth that's never been used before, but they also look freaking cool!
2. The plot lines were always very involved and deep, there was never a dull moment.
3. There were constantly new surprises.
4. The animation was SO, SO much better than any other show at the time, which matters a lot to me.
5. PUCK!! (Shakespeare stories were incorporated throughout...! yay!)

Sev - [access_time@shaw.ca]
Friday, November 14, 2003 10:00:27 AM

The reason I like it is because it's the most realistic Disney cartoon series I've ever seen.
The story's deep (but I usually don't know what going on.)(-_-;)

Alex Dudley - [dudleybaa3@aol.com]
Friday, November 14, 2003 09:47:56 AM

Five reasons I was drawn to Gargoyles:
1) Simply, I was already watching the Disney Afternoon, which had several great shows. Gargoyles quickly became my favorite. It also reminded me of Batman: The Animated Series in terms of quality.

2) I watched the show from the first airing, when I was 14. I was a big mythology buff, and here was a show that seemed to be incorporating as much myth as possible. It introduced me to several cultures whose mythologies I had not investigated before.

3) Animation ranging from excellent (at best) to pretty good (at worst). That sunset in Awakenings Part I as Hakon climbs the castle floored me.

4) Complex characters and storylines, and more importantly, consistency within them (like the time travel rules). What other animated show has a character like Xanatos?

5) Gargoyles are, well, cool!

I tried to keep this to my initial impressions, but I'd just like to add that everyone to whom I've introduced the show has fallen in love with it, and that too has been a great part of the experience. Thanks Greg!

SteveBrady - [jgb1soc@aol.com]
Boston, MA, USA
Friday, November 14, 2003 09:40:04 AM

5. Hudson has such an interesting past.
4. A story of magic and crime is always cool!
3. The animation is terrific (although they need practice doing proper feathered wings).
2. Winged creatures of the night protecting an unsuspecting population is always cool.
1. Elisa Maza's a strong female character who goes through a lot.

Evil Overlady - [evil_overlady@excite.com]
USAFriday, November 14, 2003 09:14:24 AM

1)the story is great
2)the acting is most of the time very good and the main characters have great vioces
3) the artwork is astounding, so is the animation
4)it keeps you interested, plot twists and such
5)Elisa Maza and Goliath, Demona too
asta - [asta_42@yahoo.com]
Reykjavik, Iceland
Friday, November 14, 2003 09:12:56 AM


1) the plot is deep and not silly
2) the characters are well developed
3) it's a mix between fantasy and sci-fi
4) some episodes are based upon existing legends/mythology
5) its animation is great
Epantiras - [epycut@yahoo.com]
Friday, November 14, 2003 08:54:48 AM

we are somewhere around 350 posts now... this is totally unreal!

lets keep it up, topping 500 would be awesome! poor Greg, first hes two years behind on Ask Greg... and now this!

Friday, November 14, 2003 08:18:29 AM

1) The show had good plot lines that were well developed. Things connected and made sense. And every time you saw the re runs it was like "WOW!!! I never caught that before.

2)The characters were so darn lovable. Of the gargoyles my fave had to be Hudson

3) REALLY cool animation

4) Shakespeare references (I love Shakespeare) and by the time we did Macbeth in school, I knew half the characters

5) Each episode dealt with a good theme. GUn control in Deadly Force comes to mind. It put themes, even if they were themes that had been over done in other shows into a new light that made the show seem like it had meaning without seeming preachy or as if it was talking down to you

Friday, November 14, 2003 08:05:41 AM

Top 5 reasons:

Characters: Such an array of personalities: Ever steady Elisa; commanding and stately Goliath, sardonic Brooklyn, poetic Broadway versus Demona and manipulative David Xanatos. Awe inspiring good guys versus bad to the bone bad guys!

Storyline: Conflict and strife pitted against the will to survive and to do the right thing when everything is stacked against you.

Development of characters: The series has all the characters undergoing a developmental change from the start to the end of the series. Goliath went from a "brute" fighter - always using his brawn - to using a little street sense before engaging in a fight; the pressure of being second in command for Brooklyn and Broadway and Hudson overcoming their reading difficulties.

Avalon adventures: I love the fact that you touched on stories from every part of the world! I never saw that before on any cartoon!

Animation/drawing: The attention to details was the coolest : Goliath's wing tips blowing in the breeze, Elisa's hair whipping about her head as she fell from the dam. The fabulous looking Jason Canmore!

Romance/Anit-romance: The love Goliath has for Elisa and watching it grow. David and Fox - as misguided as that sounds - shows that love softens hearts. Demona and Goliath - the worst type of divorce! Elisa, Jason and Goliath - ACK!

Of course there is more but you only requested 5! (Hope this wasn't too long) Please, bring 'em back! Not only is my generation addicted to Gargoyles (thirty something) but also my kids!

Sunshineangel - [sunshineangel1973@hotmail.com]
Friday, November 14, 2003 08:05:01 AM

Hmmm, what drew me to my beloved gargoyles?? Well, these five are in no particular order ... here goes ...

1) "They've got wings and tails and fangs!!! Whooohooo!!!" was pretty much my initial response to Gargoyles. It was fresh, fascinating and different, and I've got a theory that a great many of us (certainly me with my thing for tails) would love to have claws, fangs etc and be able to FLY and roar at people! Great daydreaming material there.

2) Gargoyles always looked so different to the other toons around. The quality of animation seems much higher, and the style not only suits the subject matter it has a lot of appeal visually. Seems more living, less bright and tacky. Lovely use of light, too, if I remember rightly.

3) Quality in storylines! This was a major factor for me. Gargoyles didn't neccesarily tidily finish a story every edisode. Things weren't black and white, goodies and baddies but had the moral abiguity of the real world - a very good thing especially in todays climate of war and violence. Stories had depth, variety and kept your interest. The show most certainly didn't feel like a soap opera.

4) Charactors ... appealing and interesting. Particularly loved Puck - an entertaining wild card - and Brooklyn, just because I love Brooklyn ^.^
Lexington too ... hell, I love all of them. All very wicked in their own individual ways. Their individuality is great.
And different! Heroes who are monsters! (As I'm sure you've said Greg) I get sick of seeing 'monsters' always being the ones on the wrong side, being hunted and killed and run away from. Especially as they very often are cooler charactors than the so-called heroes. Wait ... did I cover this in the first reason? Never mind ...

5) Sophistication ... no baby-talking, with Shakespeare, legends, folk-lore and just in general Gargoyles really felt like a 'grown up' cartoon while all the others were still banging around in gaudy early adolescence.

Hope this helps!

Jessie Fairbrother - [castle_beast@yahoo.co.nz]
North Auckland, New Zealand
Friday, November 14, 2003 07:12:02 AM

Top 5 reasons...

1- Story more subtle than many other series or even movies, more adult oriented.
2- A clever melting between past and present.
3- Moderate universe, the middle age like the present time look like not too much exaggerated.
4- The character aren't caricatured. The bad guys aren't always bad and the good guys aren't always perfect.
5- For on time, non human characters that aren't the target of the human. I like flying creature too.

Brief, people that work on this series made a real successful effort to make something better than usually. I prefer the first season and especially the pilot episode.

Cyrille Castellant - [garg@castellant.com]
FranceFriday, November 14, 2003 06:45:16 AM

what drew me to watch Gargoyles..nothing..never watched it.thought it sucked.dont even know why im writing this
yo! - [nope@shaw.ca]
vancouver, BC, Canada
Friday, November 14, 2003 06:10:34 AM

Top Five Reasons I Loved Gargoyles:

5. Animation -- The style reminded me of the anime trend going around at the time. The fluidity of the animation made the current animation at the time pale in comparrison -- Future Tense comes to mind.

4. Shakesphere Allusions -- I'm an English Major (okay not a good one but still) and it's mandatory to at least respect good ol' Will. The interpretation of McBeth was by far the most amusing thing I've seen at the time, but that was ten years ago -- and I was ten.

3. The World Tour a.k.a Avalon Journeys -- I really didn't get into the show until the second season. As a young kid, I've become fascinated with other cultures. The Avalon Journeys represented that.

2. Goliath and Elisa Relationship Dynamic -- Even at ten/eleven/twelve I knew how taboo their relationship was. To potray that in a series and to actual make them kiss in the end -- that's contreversal my friends.

1. Lexington -- I have a lot in common with this character. We're both short, like computers and have trouble with love. He appealed to me the most in the show -- I loved the conterpart though. So much posibility with that.

There's my top five...darn I could've gone higher
Magus10 - [Magus10@rocketmail.com]
Friday, November 14, 2003 04:01:23 AM

Wow! I haven't been here in years! I still love Gargoyles tho'. In fact I've introduced a new generation to the show through the girls I babysit every week.
Here are my Top 5:

1: Masterful storytelling. One of the first animated shows I ever saw to actually have a deep and engaging plot, something that pulls you in on a weekly basis. When compared to other shows of the time, (like it's disney afternoon companions) there were few (if any) where something that happened in one episode would actually have an effect on, and be mentioned in a later episode. I became completely absorbed into this show and the characters. (I also cried at the end of Hunter's Moon 3.)

2: It's great fun for all ages. Kids can enjoy the show without it talking down to them, (like so many other shows seem to do) and adults (or basically non-children of any age) enjoy it for the in-jokes, more subtle plot points, and romance. It has a maturity that is sadly lacking in much of the animation on today. I think that the more mature themes can really help kids learn, like introducing them to Shakespeare getting them to think for themselves rather than becoming mindless automatons who like whatever they're told to like. (sorry if I ranted, it's a pet peeve.)

3: Excellent voice acting. One of my favorite things to do when watching a show is to try to figure out where I've heard a particular voice before, and there are so many great voices. I especially enjoy the Star Trek cameos, picking them out is the most fun; my only regret being that Patrick Stewart never did a guest spot. ~_~

4: Fantasy. It's my favorite genre. Faeries, Dragons and Elves, oh my! There aren't nearly enough fantasy shows out there, and I was thrilled when I first saw the ads for this show when I was a teenager, a new animated show with castles and mythical creatures!

5: Really good animation/character design/artwork. The characters are unique looking, especially the gargoyles. They're different from humans and yet similar enough that they're likeable, you can connect with them quickly. Elisa is pretty but still looks tough enough to be a cop. The animation in some fight scenes is really great, too. Just the quality when you pay attention to the flight dynamic, or the lighting effects is really quite spectacular.

That's it for me. I could have come up with more, but I had to pick five...^_~

Telraven - [telraven@ywave.com]
Yelm, WA, USA
Friday, November 14, 2003 03:43:51 AM

I have to say I loved gargoyles; just because there was something immediately very different - for one, it was a very honest series in how it was done; the violence was real; and it had real effects that showed you just how bad violence was - when Broadway accidently had shot Elisa; it was a horrible thing, and a very sad tale as well as one that highlighted a problem with guns - in any other series, every gun would be called a 'laser' even if it looked exactly like a rifle and would be edited to make a sound of the traditional 'pew pew!'.

I think it really took people seriously, putting the characters in more adult frames, while keeping it suitable for young people to enjoy.

There is much more I loved about it; cool characters like Coyote, the Steel Clan, Lexington; depths to storylines and characters, originality; Gargoyles had so much; it was just destined for success ^_^ The series may be over, but I'll never, ever forget it; thank you for everything!


Jasmine Titania Smith - [sandra.smith70@ntlworld.com]
USAFriday, November 14, 2003 03:25:31 AM

Reasons for Following Gargoyles:

1) Plots more than settings for fights.
I still remember one of the first times I ever saw Gargoyles. In my junior high school, sometimes we would have long homeroom sessions with little to do, for various reasons. During one of these, I caught the last half of "Temptation." I hated it: it seemed that the whole episode was just an excuse to see two gargoyles fighting. The next year, my schedule allowed my to watch Gargoyles at home, and on a whim, I decided to see "The Mirror." This time, I was enthralled by the funny, thought-provoking story worthy, IMHO, of the Twilight Zone.

I decided that Gargoyles was much more than the "rock 'em/sock 'em" series it thought it was. I became a regular viewer: I even saw "Temptation" again and came to enjoy it!

2) No fear of using humor.
In other words, Gargoyles rarely took itself _too_ seriously. Dark as it may be, it was never afraid to have fun.

3) In the words of TV Guide, "literate storytelling."
As mentioned here before, Gargoyles used existing mythology in a skillful manner. In a very short time, it established a huge universe fit for exploration by the imaginative viewer.

4) The characters.
I simply grew attached to the characters, especially Brooklyn. (This is odd, as I think I am more like Lexington than anything: I am skilled in computers, mathematics, and the like.)

5) Awesome animation, music, and acting, etc.
Earlier posters have commented on this. I can add nothing to their discussion.

JJ Gregarius
Orlando, FL
Friday, November 14, 2003 02:44:28 AM

Whoa! I never post in here, but this is a special exception. So here goes. Hooray top 5!

1) The artwork by Disney Japan, especially in episodes like "Temptation."
2) David Xanatos. Nothing like a sarcastic megalomaniac.
3) Brooklyn, gets chosen as Second-in-command, and inexplicably, is rejected by what was it, three females? I liked the evolution of his character most of all.
4) The wriing: Shakespearean allusions, historical references, interwoven plotlines, and CONSEQUENCES for actions.
5) Pain and Suffering. Mmmm...suffering....

Centreville, VA, USA
Friday, November 14, 2003 02:25:20 AM

I counted 326 Top Fives as of right now, 231 pages in all. Wow, this is amazing. By Sunday, we should have at least five hundred Top Fives if this keeps up, if not more! But it wouldn't hurt to get more, far more. So please, let's keep spreading the word. Let's do it for the show we all love.

I'm also quite eager to find out what Greg's little secret is. What could he have in store for us? What could be so important that he'd ask this of us? Ack, the suspense is killing me...

Demona Taina
Friday, November 14, 2003 02:16:40 AM

Yeah Really! Gargoyles is becmong like the biggest non-porn thing on the net.
CKayote - [CKayote@worldnet.att.net]
Orlando, FL
Friday, November 14, 2003 02:04:59 AM

I think instead of measuring it in posts we should measure it in the amount of mouse scrolls it took to get to the bottom as Jim R. suggested. In which case, 278.

I am flabberghasted. This is simply amazing. Have all these people been lurking all this time? Or is it just a huge outpouring of fan support? Something like this makes me marvel not only at the impact Gargoyles has had on everyone, but also the power of the internet. Wow.

Friday, November 14, 2003 01:45:24 AM

Well... seeing as it is nearly midnight... I'll go ahead and add my QUICK and to the point answers. ^.^

1.) Character Depth: These weren't your typical 2 dimensional FLAT characters! (IE: every other hero, Cyclops of X-Men, Superman etc.)

2.) Character History: The lengths to which the creators went to flesh out this entire species... rivals that of Tolkien's Middle-Earth! (at least in the realm of TV series!)

3.) Kick-arse Villians: I'm sorry... Demona is just about the BEST villian ever created! Add Xanatos, Coyote and MacBeth into the mix and... WOW!

4.) Animation: Aside from the very few roughly animated eps... this show STILL shows some of the best animation I have ever seen. I keep thinking that had it been done today.. with computers... those few mistakes that I have caught (and that drive me nuts!) would not have happened. Oh how I long to be an animator for a show like this one day! (Don't suppose there's a chance huh? ^.^)

5.) Possiblities!: I was SOOO crushed to see this show end! I'm still enamored of it really... I don't think that it will ever truly disappear... thanks to the fan base. ^.^ There are still SOO many possiblities to be looked into... Heck look at the online series! ANIMATE some of THOSE stories!

Ok... I'm done now. ^.^ Can't wait to hear word of the DVD next year!

~Lady Brooklyn

Lady Brooklyn - [AZBrooklyn@aol.com]
Tucson, AZ, USA
Friday, November 14, 2003 01:33:31 AM

Top 5 baby!
1) It wasn't just a cartoon you could miss episodes for, it actually followed a plot and made you think.
2) The characters were more than just one-dimensional
3) The setting. I loves my New York
4) Creativity, it's folklore believeable to the point were you want to look up as you walk under a building with gargoyles on it
5) Melding in of other legends/stories (ie Puck. He rocks my socks)
That being said, as much as I would love gargoyles to come back, I would only really like to see it back the same way it left us. I'm afraid that like most other great cartoons of our day it will be revamped (think X-Men Evolution) for the newer generations. *shivers*

Astellus - [nightwonder@hotmail.com]
Ontario, Canada
Friday, November 14, 2003 01:28:42 AM

1. Story
2. Characters
3. Animation
4. E/G
5. Acting
That might not be in the right order but oh well.

Dernhelm - [springsprite@email.com]
Oklahoma City
Friday, November 14, 2003 01:24:06 AM

5. Unlike every other Disney show that has ever been--and heck, any other animated show--Gargoyles didn't feel like it had been network-executived to death. It didn't feel like the lowest-common-denominator pablum that executives usually approve; it felt like they gave some guy a show and let him run with it. (Like Lilo & Stitch.) It renewed my faith in MouseCorp, however temporarily.

4. The show was essentially a comic book. It had arcs, it had action, it had characters, it looked pretty. It was a comic book that just happened to move and be on our TVs.

3. Demona's bum.

2. Elisa's hair.

1. Everyone my age (thirty) watched it, and liked it. Most of them didn't make a big life issue out of it, but when I draw a gargoyle almost everyone says "Hey, a gargoyle! That was the greatest show! I remember that!"
Hawkstone - [mike@mikeintosh.net]
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Friday, November 14, 2003 12:46:52 AM

I figured that I'd point out how many common and unique responses I've seen. I say Gargoyles should continue. In fact, that would be my ultimate #6 in conjunction with what I said below. The fan base is bound to return to where it was a few years ago. Greg, I'll bet you already realize the demands for it, but I still wonder what little secret you've got in store for these responses :)
Portage, WI
Friday, November 14, 2003 12:29:47 AM

1. Plot and storyline, excellently developed and had a nice variety of everything, including adventure, sci-fi, comedy, horror, drama, romance, etc., and even the tiniest actions had consequences that could last a whole season or even the whole series, and that's a very good thing to have in any series.
2. Characters, all of them unique and entertaining in their own way, their designs were awesome as well.
3. The voice acting, some of the best ever, all actors and actresses portrayed their characters with style and were serious about it, you can tell they did their best to make everything sound great, and that they had a good time at doing it.
4. The fandom, one of the most dedicated I've ever seen, it's good to see so many fans wanting to keep an excellent cartoon like this going and going.
5. The fact that despite being a cartoon for kids, it was also designed to bring audience of all ages and engross them to the great quality of the series overall, and it succeeded, as both children and adults enjoyed it (my father, age 50, being a good example of this).
Chris Velazquez - [freakout41@hotmail.com]
Cayey, Puerto Rico
Friday, November 14, 2003 12:20:55 AM

DPH & ThLonWolf> ;)

Heh, I've even gotten some of my family to post.

Poeple keep saying 'all I ever need in life I learned from Gargoyles'. Just FYI for those who may not know, Batya made up her own such poster over at The Aerie (linked to my name).

Friday, November 14, 2003 12:18:44 AM

Why I like Gargoyles? Duh! (no particular order)

1)marvelous story lines, with real emotion and open ends for continuation, a more mature story line, and Shakespearean content...Shakespeare! You'd never see stuff like that on some other Disney stuff (no offense)
2)believeable and wonderful characters that fight the good fight, yet are alone in the crowd (ya gotta root for those guys)
3)great voice work (Goliath's voice was perfect, and scary at times), and from some good stars too, Star Trek: TNG mostly but whatever
4)Good character designs on Gargoyles, robots, and magical creatures
5) And most important, the thing that got me hooked, the answer to one simple question: "What could leave claw marks in solid stone?" (pure physical power, ripping through a steel door! How is that NOT cool, gliding too)

Joshua Roth - [druid_5@hotmail.com]
Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
Friday, November 14, 2003 12:15:55 AM


Nice to hear from a fellow Edmontonian!!

That is all I will say.

Battle Beast
Friday, November 14, 2003 12:06:30 AM

I've never posted here before, but I've never stopped liking gargoyles, and this seems like a good thing to say. I originally did not like gargoyles back in middle school, though I could not tell you why...I guess I wasn't interested in a 'serious' cartoon. However, all it took was watching one episode and I was totally hooked, even though I caught it in the middle of the first season.

My main reasons:
1. The first episode I watched has Brooklyn in it a lot, and I just thought he was the coolest looking thing I'd ever seen...and his personality was cool
2. The story, once I figured out what was going on...I had never seen a cartoon that carried episodes over.
3. The references to shakespeare...it impressed my mom, an english professor, and that made me realize the quality of it
4. The animation...I used to be an aspiring animator, and all of my artwork took on the style of that show. I still have influences in my art from it.
5. The excellent voice acting and characterization.

There ya go...I love gargoyles, and I always will.
Stacey - [animtr83@yahoo.com]
Illinois, USA
Friday, November 14, 2003 12:05:34 AM

Ok, Vash, you got me. I'm willing to bet that almost everything I could think of has been said already.

1)Gargoyles isn't just a cartoon, it's closer to anime.

2)All the main cast and most of the recurring characters aren't 2 dimensional.

3)Multi-part stories are acknowledged as being multipart stories upfront.

4)Things always change in every episode. There are no true stand-alone stories - everything either follows an existing thread, lays a thread down for future development, or both.

5)All I ever wanted to know about how to rule the world I learned from Gargoyles or stories inspired by Gargoyles.

City of Stone is the best episode ever!!!! So much material.

Friday, November 14, 2003 12:04:49 AM

1)always looked fwd to watching it
2)each character had its own special look and personality
3)every episode had a great story
4)couldnt wait to see when a new gargoyle would show up... what it would look like and what kind of personality it had
5)the show inspired me to make up and draw my own gargoyles

Marie - [MNQuanquin@aol.com]
Torrance, CA, USA
Thursday, November 13, 2003 11:54:27 PM

1. The animation
2. Continuing story. Problems wern't solved within the 22 minuite period of an episode
3. Brooklyn's gradual growth as a person
4. Xanatos' gradual growth as a person
5. The very talented voice acting. (I'm a trekkie)
Mark - [c8f99@unb.ca]
Miramichi, Canada
Thursday, November 13, 2003 11:51:09 PM

It's been ages since I've been here... but hm, well. I got into the series fairly late, if my memory serves me (which it doesn't). The following does not go in any hierarchal order.

1) Story - engaging, multi-layered, yet simple to follow; also, finite - the story was going Somewhere.

2) Characters - varied, interesting, and realistic in nature. Great acting and designs.

3) Range - there was comedy, tragedy, history - and it was accessible to all ages. I mean, it was a "Disney cartoon", I certainly wasn't expecting an epic like Crime & Punishment or something, but for the genre it ostentatiously belonged to, it was cohesive while exploring many facets.

4) Fan community - probably the first Internet community I was heavily involved in, and their enthusiasm and welcome certainly made participation easy.

5) Quality - kind of made up of the 1-3, but I liked how the animation was fairly consistant and well done. Most stories were solid, it was entertaining, the acting was pretty tops, etc. etc.

Hope this helps.

Mirai - [mirai@umbrellastudios.com]
Thursday, November 13, 2003 11:24:10 PM

1)very cool design for the gargoyles
2)stories are very creative
3)original episode plots
4)all charaters have very different personalities
5)keep waiting to see what happens between Goliath and Elisa

Carolyn Quanquin - [pixigirl21@aol.com]
Torrance, CA, USA
Thursday, November 13, 2003 11:05:35 PM

Top 5 reasons I like Gargoyles, in no particular order:

1. The writing - plotlines that develop over the course of a season, not just an episode.
2. The artwork - High quality animation in a weekly format. What's not to like?
3. The characters - intelligent, three-dimensional characters, that are people, not cardboard cutouts.
4. The voice actors - professionals treating this as a real job, not going overboard and hamming up up for the kiddies.
5. Respect for the audience - writing that isn't 'dumbed down' because everyone knows that only children watch animation.

Brian McCrary
Phoenix, AZ, USA
Thursday, November 13, 2003 10:58:17 PM

The top five reasons I'm drawn to Gargoyles . . .?

Well, reason one is an engaging plotline. (Even when I got them mixed up--I can't quite remember how, but for the longest time my memory of Gargoyles was an odd match of The Price and Long Way to Morning.) I've generally been quite curious to see what's going to happen next, and seldom disappointed, while watching. ^^

Number two is the characters. I like the characters. My initial favorite was Lexington the tech-head, but I've grown quite fond of Hudson, as well. Katherine from Avalon I was very neat. ^^ The villains are particularly noteworthy, too. They're actually put into the human perspective. Xanatos has something outside of his scheming--his wife, and then his son . . . when we see the Pack's upgrades, Dingo's perspective reveals the rather terrifying nature of what they were all doing. It's as though everyone were people, rather than plot devices, which is good. ^^

3: The fact that the fanbase was still around some years after the series had actually run. This was fairly important, after going through a few old fandoms to find nearly nothing left.

4: It was a cartoon I wasn't really ashamed to watch at all. Heck, got my stepdad to watch it with me a few times. (His main thing was the gargoyles themselves--they were really cool, specifically the way they climbed buildings, and kicked butt.)

5: The writing is very nice. It seldom seems stilted, artificial . . . it's clear what the characters are saying, it's in-character, and the good guys aren't always right. ^^ This stacks with the characterization and plot--very nice, overall . . .

Lady Baltimore - [selela7@yahoo.com]
Thursday, November 13, 2003 10:28:01 PM

Oookay. I haven't posted in here in AGES!
But since its for the team..here goes!

Top 5 reasons I was drawn to the Gargoyles Series.

1-Finally! A Cartoon with a solid serious linear story line! The only other Disney series I ever say that came remotely close to 3 dimentional characters was Tale Spin and even then it was still a little Sugar and Teddies. Gargs took that, and ran with it.

2- Storylines that encorperated Shakespeare. Being a Theater major, I found that extremely facinating. I would have loved to see what other plays and characters that would have been involved if the series continued.

3-Strong Females!

4-A story that wasn't just slappd out to the audience on the first episode. Characters with pasts that are discovered, storylines with big twists, Good oldfashioned story telling.

5-Muscular men in loin Cloths...Awwww yeah...

Eden (Cindy) - [edengarg@hotmail.com]
Thursday, November 13, 2003 10:18:40 PM

MY 5 Favorite Reasons To Watch Gargoyles:
1. The characters.
2. The story.
3. The details. (Always so precise.)
4. The music.
5. Everything.

Dragon Borg - [dragonborg@sharedwisdom.com]
Thursday, November 13, 2003 10:11:26 PM

The Reasons of Gargoyle perlustration:

1. The animation is spectacular, sets Gargoyles above other cartoons with room to spare.

2. The characters. No one is all good, or all evil, but a realistic blend of the two (with of course inclinations to one side or the other). Makes ALL the characters, identifable with.

3. The beauitful mix of the technological and the mystical, a feat not accomplished since the days of HeMan (but of course with better characters and animation)

4. The seemless integration of history, legend, myth, and imagination.

5. The creator's shameless solicitation of his fans to convince some rich network moneybag of the need, nay the imperitive, of coming out with new shows!!! Kudos!

The Earl of Sloventry
Toronto, Ontario (its a province), Canada
Thursday, November 13, 2003 09:54:37 PM

My personal Top 5 reasons:

1) The characterizations were realistic, even in the context of a fantasy/adventure series, and weren't ever stereotypical. The character portrayals, as well, were not a typical thing at all: Elisa was a strong-willed woman, Goliath a sensitive giant, Lexington the tech-head, Brooklyn the hothead, Broadway the sensitive male ... while they're kind of archetypal, they still transcended the boundaries of their labels.

2) The great respect the show had for folklore and literature. Particularly, the works of Shakespeare and the traditions of Celtic mythology, which were explored in depth. I know that had the show gone longer, there would have been more world folklore explored, and even more great literature taken into consideration.

3) The acting performances. This show introduced me personally to what a thrill it is to take in Keith David's performances, and that was just his *voice.* The rest of the cast affected me as well, they were all perfect voices for the characters they were cast for.

4) The fact that the show was not dumbed down or minimized for any audiences' consumption, and that it could appeal to adults as well as kids. There were themes that ran through the series that were very adult ... themes of betrayal, death, and complicated relationship matters. It was very satisfying to see that kind of thing explored in the show.

5) The visuals. The character designs, coloring, mood lighting ... even the *music* was incredible. It left a deep impression, an impression so deep, I tried to emulate it. (check the link)

Desert Coyote - [The Artist Formerly Known as Coyote the Bando]
Algonac, Michigan
Thursday, November 13, 2003 09:46:52 PM

ok, who the fuck is Sue Irwin at suenrob@kos.ne?? and why is she sending out unsolicited email?? I realize greg wanted some help but does she have to spam up my email and the email of dozens of others? i dont even know how she got my email address. If she somehow got if from S8 somewhere then i want to remove my email from whatever list there may be. I love gargoyles and all but i dont want this shit happening again. *seriously pissed*
Thursday, November 13, 2003 09:36:47 PM

Shows how long it has been since I watched it. I meant "Thrill of the Hunt"
IRC Goliath - [goliath1@pacbell.net]
Thursday, November 13, 2003 09:20:58 PM

The top five reasons that I'm drawn to the Gargoyles series:

1) The incredibly absorbing, well-written storyline
2) The unusual mature property, for example the Shakespeare references and mature themes, unusual for such a type of program.
3) The endearing, evolving characters. I used to go out on the playground every noon hour in Elementary school and pretend I was Brooklyn flying around.
4) The quality of the animation! Truly a visual masterpiece.
5) Rewatchability. I have many of the episodes on my computer and I watch them over and over. They just never get old.

In short, Gargoyles was the show that, to me, was worth leaving my friend's house during a visit to watch. I used to leave for a half hour then go back down to her house after the show was finished. Scary level of obsession.

Patrick - [protopizzaless@hotmail.com]
Grand Bay-Westfield, New Brunswick, Canada
Thursday, November 13, 2003 09:17:56 PM

What drew me to gargoyles?

The script, the intelligent storyline. The characters were believable (as so far as animated characters can be). It all drew you in the and held you there.

On a more personal note it was through gargoyles and it's fandom that I met my finace. :)

AustraliaThursday, November 13, 2003 08:45:19 PM

1. Amazing story.
2. Shows didn't end with the cliché "moral of the story" usually, but if they did, it was well done and it was realistic in that it was a problem that would have directly influenced the gargoyles.
3. Vivid characters.
4. Enough action, but doesn't always resort to fighting to draw in audience. Rather, the fighting isn't the main aspect.
5. Music, especially for the intro, is beyond excellent.

All in all, a gem among cartoons.

Sparta, MI, USA
Thursday, November 13, 2003 08:43:36 PM

1) The very well written story.
2) The gargoyles themselves are attractive, especially Brooklyn! :D

Richard - [runicblade@tsmw.org]
Pembroke Pines, FL, USA
Thursday, November 13, 2003 08:29:00 PM

Five top reasons I liked the show:
1. previously unheard of level of continuity between each episode.
2. Dynamic characters, that evolved over time and remained true to themselves.
3. Stories that did not talk down to the audience, that covered some very adult themes and did not excessively dumb down concepts.
4. It constantly kept me wondering what was going to come next in the storyline.
5. Fantastic voice acting... (easier when it is not ADR)

fred - [isoner sprintmail.com]
Thursday, November 13, 2003 08:28:28 PM

...And thus the mighty Gargyole Lord Greg spoke, and the people did flock to his side...


Wow, what a response! Whatever Greg needs these for, I hope that it's enough!

1} strong, diverse cast of characters (speaking as a black man, it was cool to see some non-white folks on a cartoon that wern't just token characters)
2} top-notch voice acting (Keith David *bows* We are not worthy!)
3) fluid animation that grabbed you and pulled you in
4) evolution of characters - it was a joy to watch the trio grow up
5) worthy themes like love, trust and frienship. This show was ambitioius for a cartoon (for DISNEY cartoon especialy) but it really pulled it off

Personaly I think that thetime is right for a Gargoyles comeback. With modern cartoons opting for a more mature approach (think Justice League, X-Men Evolution, Teen Titans etc) I think that Gargoyles would definitly find an audience. Plus, with the major fantasy revival thats going on at the moment (largley down to the Lord of the Rings movies) Gargoyles has a real edge that othershows don't.

Anyhoo Greg, I hope that helped. I've never actualy been here before, but when a friend told me that this was going on I just had to put my two cents in.

Ben from da BRONX!
ukThursday, November 13, 2003 07:59:40 PM

1. The mix of fantasy, sci fi, presentand past, the amalgamation of everything into one glorious programme, which still amazes me to this day.
2. Continuity in storylines, characters actually changing and staying changed, MAJOR things happening to the heroes and vilains throughout the series.
3. High production values, with an excellent cast and clearly a lot of love and thought being put into the series
4. the intricacy of the characters, for example xanatos, and their plans and dreams throughout. Of particular note, and something that still sticks to me to this day was xanatos' multi layered plan in metamorphosis. I was actually believing him until the end! what a bugger!
5. The in jokes that only a person who has religiously recorded every episode (like myself) could get.
Thanks greg and co for a truly fantastic series.
That is all!

Stephen Brady - [oberons.child@oceanfree.net]
Limerick, Ireland
Thursday, November 13, 2003 07:55:20 PM

Why I Love the Gargoyles?

1. I have always been fascinated with mythic beings.

2. The voices used for the characters, especially Golaith, Xanatos, and Demona!

3. The Plot; cloning, Magic, betrayal, the third race, love, etc..

4. The Characters- Goliath and Elisa (Always hoped they would get together) Demona and MacBeth (the trust and then later the betrayal)

5. The Writing- All the episodes kept me glue to the show, especially Mirror, Eye of thee Beholder, City of Stone, then Double Jeopardy.

Cat - [MysticalAvalon85@aol.com]
Chandler, AZ, USA
Thursday, November 13, 2003 07:47:26 PM

1. The way it blended the fantastic with the everyday, the past with the present, the legends with the real
2. Revisionist Shakespeare!
3. The way it explored the nature of myths and legends--Gargoyles is a believable, thoughtfully developed fantasty world based on the premise that "All things are true."
4. The superb characterization, voice acting, and animation
5. A strong sense of how place affects characters--Goliath loses Castle Wyvern but makes a new home in NYC, and both places help form who he is.
Constance Eilonwy
New York City, NY
Thursday, November 13, 2003 07:34:33 PM

Top Five Reasons That I'm Drawn to the Gargoyles Series (in no particular order)

1. Continuity - The show had a progressive arc that carried it along and weaved the fabric of a delicate universe. While several of the episodes could be treated as individual stories there was a certain satisfaction I took in knowing continuing in-jokes and references to past episodes that tied everything together.
2. Consequences - Xanatos went to jail for public destruction and stayed there for a significant amount of time; Elisa gets shot and as a result was on crutches and received a partner; Demona contributed to the destruction of her clan and went into a maddened state of denial from the horrific event; Xanatos discovered the joy love and family and changed into a better person; They won the war for Avalon but at the cost of The Magus's life; Owen's hand is STILL stone... I think you can see where I'm doing with this.
3. The animation - The Animation quality in Gargoyles was above and beyond most shows that were on the TV then. The multi-parters in particular were exceptionally well done. Kudos to Disney Japan
4. Drama - Thanks largely to the writing and voice acting, the show had characters you could fall in love with and feel for. There were many tear-jerking moments through out the show including Deadly Force, Metamorphosis, City of Stone, Hunter's Moon, etc. It wasn't just an action show, it had a dramatic story carefully interwoven into it.
5. Deadly Force - This episode, for me, was a combination of the 4 points I listed above and was the episode that made the show for me. After enjoying an amazing 5-parter, I ALMOST lost interest in the show after seeing Enter The Pack. I didn't think it was something to be laughed at but suddenly it was feeling like a typical Saturday Morning cartoon show and something I would probably continue to watch casually. Deadly Force convinced me that Gargoyles was not here to mess around.

IRC Goliath - [goliath1@pacbell.net]
Thursday, November 13, 2003 07:31:27 PM

Five reasons, off the top of my head:

1. Character development. For me, everything is in the characters...Gargoyles has very complex characters that are well developed as the series progresses. Even minor characters are often well developed.

2. Demona. Her character is just the most interesting I have encountered in almost any cartoon series.

3. Well, the fantasy aspects, of course...I'm very much into the mythology from everywhere, and Gargoyles just tied all sorts of legends into one solid series.

4. Oberan; the story arc that revolved around Oberan and Titania and the Archmagus and Fox...I'm probably getting a few things mixed up, but oh, well.

5. The complexity of things like Puck's training of Alex while getting Coldstone's friends into other bodies, the multitude of ways to get around the limitations of spells and other things, just the layers and layers of character motivations and tricks and lies and well, everything.
Owle Isohos
Thursday, November 13, 2003 07:20:27 PM

1. There is no good guy/bad guy in this series. What started as good can go evil and vice versa.

2. Villains are given personality and are actually revealed to the audience the reasons to their madness. Demona being the prime example of this.

3. There is always some sort of scheming going on behind the scenes. So nothing Everyone has their own agenda.

4. The plotline is written for a more mature audience.

5. The hero's don't always win and save the day. Elisa losing her brother and Goliath losing Demona show this best in my opinion anyways.

Kyla Bosch - [bloodraven77@vampirethemasquerade.com]
The 'Peg, MB, Canada
Thursday, November 13, 2003 07:16:25 PM

1) The incredible amount of detail and continuity that went into each and every episode.
2) The unspoken but mutual love and attraction between Goliath and Elisa despite complications like Demona and Angela
3) The numerous references to literary and traditional mythology - super fun for a literature major! :o)
4) Xanatos's ambiguity - is he evil? is he good? who knows?
5) Finally, I love Gargoyles for the simple reason that it is a fantasy world that is completely and totally believable. From the character development to the story lines to the incredible craftmanship, Gargoyles was and still is one of the best animated televisions shows around.
Lady Sara - [prncssme@yahoo.com]
Thursday, November 13, 2003 07:14:38 PM

1. The skillful development of the Goliath-Elisa friendship/romance.
2. The literary threads that ran throughout the storylines.
3. The multi-layered storylines and character development that included various arcs that would intersect or tie together throughout the series. It made the storytelling very rich.
4. The simultaneous appeal to younger children and adults (in large part because of reasons 1, 2 and 3).
5. The beautiful artwork (most of the time).
Vanessa - [v-faurie@illinoisalumni.org]
Thursday, November 13, 2003 06:55:17 PM

My five reasons:

1. I'm interested in the mythology of gargoyles
2. The mix between fantasy, science-fiction and reality's past is awesome and unique
3. No animated TV-series has an as much emotional depth as gargoyles provides it
4. Seldom series have a forthgoing plot from episode to episode throughout the whole show
5. Gargoyles is a very well animated and fastidious show, not only a dull cartoon for children

Galax - [dark-galax@web.de]
Berlin, Germany
Thursday, November 13, 2003 06:41:08 PM

I count 290 posts, give or take 5.

Gotta keep them coming, we only have until Sunday.

Troy, NY, USA
Thursday, November 13, 2003 06:35:33 PM

Well here goes:

SETTING: Some of the first few eps I saw were set in Scotland so this backdrop to the story held a kind of familiarity for me. I've never actually lived in the highlands but still, it was enough to draw me in. And New York is somewhere I've always dreamed of visiting, though it's highly unlikely I ever will.

CHARACTERS: Their designs were visually pleasing to look at - I'd never seen anything like it, (And that goes for all the characters, not just the gargoyles themselves.) the voice actors really brought them to life in ways other cartoons never seemed to manage, and they all had such depth to their personalities. Goliath had the appearance of the seemingly perfect hero, and while he had his admirable qualities as a great leader - with his sense of duty, loyalty, and brilliant fighting skills - he also had his flaws. He could be stubborn & set in his ways at times, and highly irrational when he was angry.

MUSIC: Carl Johnson's score is incredible. The music is rich and dramatic without ever infringing on what's going on in the plot. Just the fact that a cartoon show was using a full orchestra for its background music was remarkable. I also liked how there seemed to be different themes or instruments associated with each character or group of characters - like Puck & other members of the third race who had distinctive flute/woodwind themes, or sections where the clan was out gliding, accompanied by a (mostly) brass fanfare.

STORY: I liked the way everything interconnected in the gargoyle universe: like say, Elisa becoming the gargoyles' first real friend in their new home, how she later learns of the third race in The Mirror, then, in Cloud Fathers, we find that her father has a connection with Coyote the trickster. I found the use of myths and legends from all over the world intriguing as well, especially when it came to the introduction of Odin - Norse myths, like the Scottish settings, being something I'm familiar with as they're a part of our everyday life. In fact, it was through watching the series that I became interested in the legend of King Arthur, which led to me becoming more interested in my own local history, and eventually choosing the degree I'm doing at college.

ARTWORK & ANIMATION: The animation was usually really well done, and the artwork stunning. The backgrounds for places like NYC, medieval Scotland & Paris were gorgeous and just made the show even more enjoyable.

There's so much more I could add to this, but that's at least the things which drew me into the series to start with.

Shetland, UK
Thursday, November 13, 2003 06:11:24 PM

1 - All the mythology and all the ways it was woven together. MacBeth and the Weird Sisters were faves of mine.
2 - Robots. Robots are always cool. Moreso when fighting magic.
3 - I liked that when viewed as a whole, the series was a large complex story arc instead of just a string of unrelated 22 minute episodes. It's why Preacher and Transmet are such good comics.
4 - Hudson. He was an old man in a warrior society revered for his wisdom as well as his past deeds. Respect for your elders is something kids need to learn these days.
5 - A kids show with a conspiracy. The whole subplot revolving around the illuminati and the fact that they could be encountered (pretty much) anywhere in time that they went made the show seem a lot more serious and adult than the usual junk.

Monkey v3.0 - [send_sheldon_stff@hotmail.com]
Edmonton, GO ESKS GO, Canada
Thursday, November 13, 2003 06:07:57 PM


1. Disney took away my other favorite show (Mighty Ducks:TAS) before it became really popular. This is all I've got left.
2. It delt with more adult issues, not the typial and sterotypical Disney story for 6-year-olds.
3. Originality. Never seen anything like it before or since.
4. The style! I am ASHAMED of the 'art' Disney is putting into shows now! I never thought they'd stoop to the level of 'Nick' and Cartoon Network. Pleh!
5. Xanatos is coolness. Jonathan Frakes... How else can I get my daily dose of 'Commander Riker" :D

Shannon Fowler - [art@darkelementals.com]
Boulder, CO, US
Thursday, November 13, 2003 06:02:02 PM

1)The art style. Its very different from any other Disney series, being that its mostly dark, shadowed, ya know.
2)The STORY!!! I've never, ever been so drawn into a story plot before with this much intensity. I keep watching the episodes over and over even though I've seen them all.
3)The awesome voice acting that gave believable life to the characters.
4)The Gargoyles. Come on, just look at them, they're about the coolest thing I've ever seen. And believable as a species and intelligent beings in their own right. And its easy to imagine them as real people.
5)Owen, because I'm a shameless fangirl, and every time I see him it sends me into girlish giggles. ^_^

Stardustcat - [psycocatgirl_2000@yahoo.com]
Chico, CA, USA
Thursday, November 13, 2003 05:48:23 PM

Sean, It's "JONATHAN FRAKES," not "William." Just so you know!

That is all I will say.

Battle Beast
Thursday, November 13, 2003 05:35:30 PM

266 scrolls for me!!

Boy, there sure are alot of Canuck fans out there, EH?

You should post more often, like I do!!


Battle Beast
Thursday, November 13, 2003 05:34:27 PM

1. The voice cast.
2. The continuity.
3. The look; nice and gothic.
4. Great story ideas.
5. Xanatos.
Mike - [iamcork@hotmail.com]
UKThursday, November 13, 2003 05:31:57 PM

1. William Frakes/Xanatos = coolest villain ever. Narrowly beating out Keith David's Thailog.
2. Characters actually evolved over the series. Some drastically, some subtley, but all believably.
3. Perfect mix of dramatic and hilarious moments.
4. Adult fare wasn't shied away from, such as murder and outright genocide.
5. Incredible imagination, from Oberon's various children to a different culture for Japanese gargoyles.

Sean - [whitmore_sean@hotmail.com]
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Thursday, November 13, 2003 05:23:20 PM

1)The fact that it wasn't the same old Disney fodder we're used to.
2)The fact that it wasn't the same old Disney fodder we're used to.
3)The fact that it wasn't the same old Disney fodder we're used to.
4)The fact that it wasn't the same old Disney fodder we're used to.
5)The fact that it wasn't the same old Disney fodder we're used to.

Thursday, November 13, 2003 05:17:03 PM

In no particular order......

1.All the characters, they where all incredibly complex, especialy the villians, to this day, there some of my favorite characters, especialy Demona, ehehe...

2.I loved the style of it, I still aspire to that seemless and beautifull blending of high tech and magic in my own work.

3.I think winged people are cool, always have, always will.

4.All the stories where very deep and well wrighten.

5.The humor was really great most of the time, I loved the episodes with Puck.
Jack Cain - [jack_cain@yahoo.com]
Houston, Texas, United States
Thursday, November 13, 2003 04:47:57 PM

this is unreal... and just to add a little fuel to the fire:

i talked to a friend of mine who used to watch Gargoyles with me 8 or 9 years ago when we were in grade school (we are 20 and 21 now) i asked her this question and hers her response:

"I haven't even thought about Gargoyles in forever. I hated the new show. I LOVED Puck and Fox. They were my fav guys. Ummm...can't think of much else....Oh, meeting new kinds of gargoyles was fun." -Quesha Saladin

not sure if this will count, but i thought i'd throw it in here...

Thursday, November 13, 2003 04:36:09 PM

Actually took a few seconds to load this page on high speed internet, and literally takes approximately 100 scrolls from my scroll wheel mouse to reach the bottom of the page. Absolutely phenomenal!
Jim R.
Thursday, November 13, 2003 04:35:09 PM

My top five reasons (in no particular order):

-Voice Cast: Ed Asner, Keith David, Jonathan Frakes, Tim Curry, Michael Dorn, etc... loved 'em.
-Writing/Story: It was Disney animation that wasn't strictly for the kids
-Characters: Every major character had tons of personality and his/her own style
-Feel: Most of the action took place during night or in fantasy settings.
-Multi-part episodes: Cliffhangers that made waiting for the next episode very tough.

Space Lion
USAThursday, November 13, 2003 04:30:36 PM

Reasons why I like Gargoyles?

1) Interesting characters.
2) Extensive plotline.
3) Very few (if any) dull characters.
4) Villains who evolve during the course of the show.
5) The gargoyles themselves.

Whoever - [EvilPlushCthulhu@aol.com]
Thursday, November 13, 2003 04:17:13 PM

1. Fantasy, urban fantasy specifically. I dig it.
2. Big, honkin' interconnected stories with rather complex characters. I always like continuity in my stories, none of that 30 minutes and back to the status quo.
3. The literary and mythic/folkloric characters.
4. I've always simply been drawn to gargoyles and other architectural sculpture.
5. The opening theme.

Thursday, November 13, 2003 04:07:47 PM

Top 5 Reason That Drew me To Gargoyles:

1,) WRITING & STORY DEVELOPMENT - The stories of this series show great quality and depth in writing and in the development of the character and plot arcs. That's something you don't normally see in series animation.

2.) SOURCE MATERIAL/INSPIRATION - This series draws from multiple sources - Shakespeare, Ancient and Modern Mythology, Cultural legends, etc. - which enriches it beyond any standard animation series. It has elements that touch on so many levels, and have made me want to seek out more information.

3.) SOUND & ART - This series is a visual and audible treat. Art with fluid and expresive animation and scenery is blended with music and voices that bring the characters and stories alive with each episode.

4.) INTELLIGENCE - This series doesn't "dumb down" or try to bring the intelligence level of the stories down below that of its viewers. A good example of this is the episode "Deadly Force", which dealt with gun safety and the dangers of firearms and the "glamorizing" of them. This fact makes this a show far and above the rest.

5.) CHARACTERS - The cast of heroes and villians make this series shine. They have layers of emotion and dimentions that bring them out of their 2-dimentional framework. Also, they have suttle variations of good and evil that set them apart from the average group of characters. No one is truely "good" or "evil", but it shows when they are really good or absolutely villianous.

And, that's the reasons... Maintain and Check Six!

Stephen R. Sobotka Jr. - [ssobotka33616_AT_yahoo.com]
Tampa, FL, USA
Thursday, November 13, 2003 04:06:52 PM

*Characters-There was a large cast, yes, but they were well developed and felt more like people than stereotypes or anythign of that nature. The interaction was always great
*Music-I remember *loving* the opening of this when I was a kid. Watching the reruns now, I like that the show is able to also use silence when appropriate
*Entertainment Value- The show appealed to me when I was 10 and still appeals to me now. I know that I didn't understand the concept of the Illuminati or the Macbeth references back then, but I still loved watching the show. Now I can really see how much effort and detail was put into the show. More importantly, it's a show that I've always enjoyed watching.
*Maturity-A lot of deep stuff for a kid's show. I liked that Gargoyles was able to do things and night and be relatively serious (along with letting loose when necessary) as a kid's show. It isn't the type of show that treats children likes idiots who can't understand an ongoing story.
*Mythology- It's always been something I've found interesting, so of course those aspects of the show appealed to me
Thomas Lotito - [mugenunmei@hotmail.com]
Wyckoff, NJ, 07481
Thursday, November 13, 2003 03:51:25 PM

1. Brooklyn
2. Demona
3. Interconnected storylines
4. Literary, historical allusions
5. Real physical suffering endured by the characters

Thursday, November 13, 2003 03:50:42 PM

Wow! Every time I stop by there are more responses. It's enlightening reading, and nice to see that the show touched so many people.

I agree with wingless that seeing a variety in ages might help show the wide appeal of the show. I'm...well...between 45 and 50 (gasp! ancient!).
maple grove, MN
Thursday, November 13, 2003 03:50:13 PM

Top 5:

1: Origonality> Gargoyles was and is so diffrent then anything else Disney has ever created. It was dark and mysterious as well as funny and enlightning.
2: The Art> Such an amazing animation style it rapt my attention even time. I would race home after school to watch it.
3: The Characters> They were so interesting! And you learned so much about them above their exterior as well. Their thoughs and fears, whet made them tick.
4: Cultural History> From Shakespear, to the Lochness monster, Coyote to Dream Walking Gargoyles showed us a wide varity of customs and cultures.. Enough to spark an interest and look into these Legends on our own. (The Mayan Esp. is why I ended up picking a Kulkulkan as my persona)
5: I don't know how to catergorize this, but it was intelegent television. Beyond the claws and fights and heroism that come from many cartoons, they tried to chalange our minds as well. Not so much that it was over anyones heads, but it made you think.

Zoe - [meredith_vo@hotmail.com]
Thursday, November 13, 2003 03:45:52 PM

1.) The Villains: Movies, books, and even animated series live or die by their villains. If they're not interesting, emotionally complex individuals you don't care how the heroes defeat them or what they have to sacrifice. Xanatos, Oberon, Macbeth, Demona, the Hunters... they made Gargoyles into the fascinatingly gripping story it was.

2.) Mythology: This seems to be big with everyone but seriously, between Shakespeare's plays, Norse gods, Egyptian gods, Native American gods... There was such a rich tapestry interwoven within the storyline that you couldn't help but be drawn in.

3.) Romance: The failed, the hopeless, the happily ever afters of all the characters made them human and real in ways that transcended animation and dialogue to give them depth.

4.) The Writing: It doesn't matter how wonderful the voices, the ideas, or the animation is (though all help), if a series isn't well written, it won't hold the attention of an intelligent audience for longer than an episode or two at most.

5.) Owen/ Puck: Ok, Gargoyles itself made me a fan. Owen/ Puck made me obsessed. I love this character in all his many guises and complexities. His creation was pure and utter genius. Hats off to all who had a hand in his making.

Thursday, November 13, 2003 03:34:41 PM

Top 5 reasons I was drawn to Gargoyles:

1. Character development. These characters actually changed, like real people--sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. They took chances, made mistakes, learned--or didn't--from their experiences, and as the series progressed you could see real change in some of them. Goliath, for example, was really big on revenge at the beginning of the series but by the middle had learned to control his anger and be more moderate.

2. Continuity. Linked to character development in that each episode was linked to prior episodes, rather than having everything return to the same default setting that it was at the beginning, as if nothing had ever happened. It really made you want to watch every episode, so you'd be able to find out what happened next. The large story arcs were much more involving than tiny 30-minute stand alone eps.

3. Tragedy. I commend the series for having the courage to have people actually die, be injured (temporarily like Elisa or permanently like Jason Camore), make poor choices and have to suffer consequences (Talon), etc. It was "Her Brother's Keeper" and "Metamorphosis" that really sold me on this series, that instead of forcing a happy ending onto either episode they were able to play out a sweeping story arc that had both triumph and tragedy.

4. Strong female and ethnic characters. Gargoyles portrayed a wide variety of characters of different races, cultures, species and backgrounds, and did so in a very respectful way. It also treated these people as /people/ rather than token representatives of a race or culture, and proved educational while avoiding stereotypes.

5. Literary and mythological references. Gargoyles was a very "literate" show, and while one didn't have to know much about Shakespeare, Greek mythology, etc in order to enjoy the show and figure out what was going on, if the viewer /did/ know a little about the subject their enjoyment was all the more enhanced.

Stormy - [decepticoncommand@hotmail.com]
Halifax, NS, Canada
Thursday, November 13, 2003 03:08:44 PM

The top five reasons that I love Gargoyles :
1. The characters looks so realistic.
2. I ernjoyed the voice talent of Johnathan Frakes as Xanatos.
3. The action fighting sequence was awesome.
4. My favorite episode is The hunters moon when the hunters were after the gargoyles and the public were terrified by the gargoyle sightings. This is a must see three part season 2 finale that changes the gargoyles life forever.
5. The avolon episodes explores Goliath around the world to see other gargoyles from other countries.
Dominic Tagoe - [dominictagoe2040@yahoo.com]
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Thursday, November 13, 2003 03:04:48 PM

1. the continuity. the characters were allright, but not extraordinary in themselves. But they changed during the course of the series, as did their circumstances. In most all other cartoons the characters are in amber and the status quo is ironclad

2. the maturity of the plotlines. Even if they couldn't kill anyone, or at least not very plainly, it had a seriousness to it that was rare. still is

3. the music was very nice. occasionally they just shut up and let it convey mood. In the very first episode there was that montage starting with Xanatos' arrival in the ruins of Wyvern and ending with their awakenig, and for several minutes almost nothing was said

4. the greater scope of the series. this would include the classical literary references, the mythology, and the way the recurring mythological charactes (Oberon, Coyote) interact among themselves and the main cast. It seemed like a real, large world that the series took place in

Four's enough. I wish they made more of it. I also wish the Chronicles series turned out to be a jalapeno induced nightmare, or a practical joke by Puck

Giskard - [giskard91@email.com]
Thursday, November 13, 2003 02:44:19 PM

The Top Five Reasons I Am Drawn To Gargoyles

1.) I first saw the series quite by accident. I was switching channels and saw the last episode of Awakenings. Elisa had jumped Demona before the tower fell and my first thought was, "New Batman show?", but it was quickly confirmed, it was nothing of the sort. Then at the end of the episode it said Buena Vista Television and I was floored, "THAT was Disney???!!!", shock turned to intrigue. I was always a fan of the Batman Animated Series, I like dark heros. Can't get any darker heros then nocturnal gargoyles, eh?

2.) The stories you incorportated. You hardly sugar coated it. It was true and real. About responsibilities, violence, racisim, and prejudice. The whole speech Demona said to Brooklyn on Temptations, it was true, but as Goliath said, only a "half-truth". It spoke that we need to change our ways.

3.) Writing in literary and historical stories, characters, facts, and places. King Arthur and Shakespeare. It makes kids want to know more.

4.) The character design and animation was so fresh and different. It was beautiful.

5.) Character relationships. Hudson respresented the senior citizens. And regardless of Goliath's position in the clan, he always sought Hudson first for advice. And regardless of his age, Hudson was still a good fighter and he was wise, yet still made mistakes.
Broadway was the shy and overweight kid of the bunch, and yet he was the first of the three to find love. Too many things are written where the strongest and most handsome man gets the girl. We needed a change, something more realistic.
Goliath and Elisa were the Beauty and the Beast of the set. As strong and brave as Goliath was in battle, he crumbled whenever he wanted to speak to Elisa about their relationship. She took the first move and took it well.
And Xanatos and Fox, the millionare couple who started out as enemies, changed their ways in the end. Like many people today who make bad choices, suddenly a child is involved in their lives and they suddenly see what the good choices are. And change all their lives for the better in the end.

And these are the 5 reasons I was draw to Gargoyles. And they are also the 5 reasons I miss the Gargoyles

Thursday, November 13, 2003 02:33:14 PM

Top four reasons I'm drawn to the Gargoyles series:

1. The Gargoyles. They are awesome creatures, excellent design.

2. The characters. They have so much personality, their development is rich and believable.

3. The story. Incorporating Shakespear and other historical writings/myths in the plot was a great idea.

4. The animation.

(can only think of 4, sorry!) :)

TaraFox - [fempred@yahoo.com]
Portland, OR, USA
Thursday, November 13, 2003 02:02:24 PM

1. Goliath - He was the main thing that drew me in for reasons Gabriel and others have stated so eloquently. Someone in a previous post said that a lot of people sympathize with Demona than Goliath. Well, I guess I must be strange, because it's the opposite for me. Why? His road is *much* more challenging than Demona's. Seeing him struggle constantly with his convictions and "staying the path" is more fascinating to me than watching Demona stalking about with her aura of hatred and self-pity devising schemes to destroy the "CURsed" humans. I admit that she's sometimes interesting, but nothing about her really *moves* me. Goliath's naive optimism is kind of sad, yet inspiring and *so* sweetly touching. I find Demona to be pitiable, and that's about it. I found Xanatos a vastly more intriguing villain.

2. The plot and continuity - As many others have stated before, I love all the different genres were combined to create this great saga and how everything progressed.

3. The Animation - Stunning and beautiful, simplistic, yet complex.

4. Goliath & Elisa's Relationship - What can I say? I'm a hopeless romantic.

5. Voice Talent - Excellent actors! *Especially* the one and only Keith David.

Thursday, November 13, 2003 01:43:42 PM

I can't get over the response to Greg's question. Not that i'm overly surprised. Gargoyles has touched people in a way no other show has. It's something very special.

One thing that we should have included in the question is we should have posted our ages-if anything to demonstrate the wide appeal the show has for all ages.
For the record, I'm 37.

Be well and glide safely.

Thursday, November 13, 2003 01:08:55 PM

Top five in chronological order

1. The first thing I heard about Gargoyles was a half-minute commercial on ASN. It had Jonathan Frakes who said something along the lines of "Join me this Friday afternoon... for Gargoyles." I had no idea what it was about, or even that it was a disney cartoon, but that was enough to land my intrest.

2. The animation style. Everything you see for the first time in Awakening Part 1. Claws ripping through stone walls, wings that fold into natural cloaks! And when the gargoyles first emerged from their stone sleep, it just blew me away.

3. "Take what's left of your men and depart." I've always loved that line (even if it's not 100% accurate...) and the dialogue in general was almost always top-notch. Above and beyond anything else you'd find in a weekday afternoon cartoon, that was for sure. Not to mention the wonderful voice work.

4. I'm running out of numbers, so let's jump ahead from the first episode. Continuity makes any series that much more... poignant? (Not quite the word I want, but I digress) To be able to have characters develope over the course of several episodes, as well as situations. It kept the show from ever losing steam, it kept it from ever becoming redundant. Most shows (at the time, anyway) lost the 'greater story' aspect by the end of the first few episodes, then becoming "villain of the day" or "evil scheme of the week" oriented. Gargoyles always had more going on than just the current crisis.

5. Which isn't to say that each episode itself wasn't something special, because they all were. Every one (excepting those in mini-series such as Avalon or City of Stone) can stand on its own and be enjoyed even if you haven't seen the other episodes relating to a certain character or story arc. For a while Fox Kids was showing episodes far in advance of where ASN had gotten, so I ended up seeing Reawakening before The Edge, and since both episodes are so well done on their own I didn't feel that the ending of The Edge had be spoiled for me at all. In fact I think I probably liked the episode better, knowing that the "red robot" was in fact Xanatos himself.

6. Oh... just five? Ok.

Ragnarok III - [ragnarok_iii@yahoo.com]
Halifax, NS, Canada
Thursday, November 13, 2003 01:04:22 PM

1. The sword and sorcery fantasy.
2. The animation was beautiful.
3. The compelling stories that didn't just end in thirty minutes.
4. I thought it was going to be like Gummi Bears, but surprisely it wasn't thank god.
5. The voice actors were almost all familiar.
mitch mack - [mitch_l77@lycos.com]
vegas, NV, USA
Thursday, November 13, 2003 01:01:47 PM

1. Fantastic story, the whole show is like on big connected story arc.
2. Serious tone.
3. Great characters, I really cared about what happened to them.
4. Gorgeous animation.
5. Terrific voice acting.
Bane - [Kerr]
Louisville, KY
Thursday, November 13, 2003 12:41:19 PM

1. The Gargoyles looked cool. This is probably what got me to watch in the first place.
2. Great voice acting. Hearing about Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis in the show first drew my attention; the rest of the cast was great, too. (And it was fun to play "Spot the Star Trek Alumni".)
3. The characters were well developed. Heroes had flaws and made mistakes. Villains had reasons to do what they did. There was no black-and-white morality, it was all shades of grey.
4. Good writing. It was an uncommonly dramatic cartoon, but still kept a sense of fun and adventure. A great balancing act.
5. The Shakespeare references. I'm not an expert, but I just thought it was neat how different plays kept getting worked into the plotline.

Minneapolis, MN, USA
Thursday, November 13, 2003 12:12:28 PM

The five reasons I love Gargoyles:
1) The characters are well-developed
2) The storyline is well thought out and involved
3) Great animation
4) Has mature themes without having to be rated mature
5) It has gargoyles as the main characters. Who's done that before?
Josh Norcross - [jnorcross@comcast.net]
Rochester, MI, United States
Thursday, November 13, 2003 11:29:58 AM

Reasons I loved Gargoyles

1. Its intricate plot. Never since gargoyles have I seen a plot like it- so many branches and little things that happened that weaves so neatly into the main tree of it. It was amazeing that the writers were so clever about that.

2. The originality ofthe character's designs and personalities. Along with highly appealing looks, all the characters had very deep and thick personalities- you just dont see that in any other cartoon.

3.The fact that the whole series was an actual story and that events werent serial and relevant to only the one episode they happened in. It was all drawn out and could keep me interested.

4. The animation and color pallets were awsome. So much better than the crazy surgary way-too-happy colors that are out there in all the cartoons these days. Rather than comeing off as hyst another cartoon, someone could look at it and -tell- it was something different from all that other child fodder on tv at the time. This was art!

5.The Heros werent all-powerful and often things did not go their way at all. Brilliant.

Briana - [artsquish@hotmail.com]
Newcastle, California, US
Thursday, November 13, 2003 10:57:25 AM

Reasons I loved Gargoyles:
1. The story, how everything turned out to be SO interconnected. Everything had a purpose. (didn't care much for the "Goliath chornicles" series though).
2. The characters were fun, and they had great voices. Everyone: good guys, villians, and average joes... the voices fit who they were.
3. The inclusion of historical, mythological, folk tales, and other such things into the story.
4. The opening of the first series was great! The music, and Goliath's dialoque was perfect. (but I couldn't stand the opening of the "Goliath Chronicles"... the whole thing was uncomfortable).
5. The series had a "feel" to it, an atmosphere, that it hung on to, it was very consistent.

Caroline - [cardine@rocketmail.com]
Thursday, November 13, 2003 10:43:38 AM

Top reasons I love this show:
1. The characters are well-thought out and almost all their actions make sense.
2. The storylines are well-thought out. When something happened, it just seemed right. I don't know if Greg had everything planned to happen from the beginning, but it sure seems like he did!
3. Bronx -- he rocked!
4. The voice acting is still the best ever seen in an American cartoon.
5. The use of history/mythology with the modern day world and all the high tech gadgets.
Thursday, November 13, 2003 10:13:03 AM

My top 5 reasons that I liked GARGOYLES:

1. The Series' storyline -- It drew me in and kept me.... that is, until the "Goliath Chronicles". Then, it was just OK.
2. The voices -- Keith David, Jonathan Frakes, Marina Sirtis, Michael Dorn, Ed Asner. I even think that the Voice of Brooklyn (The Beaked One) is now the Voice of Kyle Kattan in the STAR WARS Computer Games. A very recognizable voice.
3. The "Chemistry" between Goliath and Eliza
4. The "3 Musketeers" feel of Brooklyn, Broadway and
5. Bronx -- I love dogs, even Gargoyle Dogs!!!

Kent, WA

Koradan - [koradan@myway.com]
Kent, WA, USA
Thursday, November 13, 2003 09:49:03 AM

My top five in no particular order. By the way, I have not seen this show in years, but at the time, and still today, I think it was a bit ahead of its time. I think that a lot of shows are influenced by Gargoyles, especially some of the great work on Cartoon Network like Justice League, Samurai Jack, and the WB's X-Men: Evolution.

1. Keith David as the voice of Goliath. Mr. David is one of the greatest, if not the greatest, voice actors ever. He is a great actor overall as well. It is not just his deep, rumbling voice, but Mr. David is great at bringing emotion through his voice, which is vital in a role with such depth as Goliath.
2. All the other (voice) actors, including;
· Ed Asner
· Bill Fagerbakke
· Frank Welker
· John Frakes
· Marina Sirtis
· Cree Summer
· Matt Frewer
· And the many others.
3. The gripping possibility of the story. Yes, it is a fantasy, but it is also folklore. Gargoyles were placed on a lot of gothic architecture such as Notre Dame Cathedral with the intention that they would scare off would-be thieves with the belief that the creatures came to life at night. Bringing that legend in to the present time, when we could really benefit from their protection, was a brilliantly creative idea.
4. The darkness of the show overall. It was, and still is, difficult to believe that this was a Disney cartoon. It could have easily been straight out of the Batman universe, and a movie directed by Tim Burton or even John Woo would tie in with the show, rather than ruin its integrity.
5. The characters themselves. The show makes light of their pain, the fact that they have to hide in the shadows, yet all they want is to live free.

I am writing this because I am hoping that a fully revised with digital sound dvd set be made available of all the shows. Perhaps a live action movie would be great as well.

Livonia, Michigan
Thursday, November 13, 2003 09:15:39 AM

I was about 12 and was pretty much over cartoons when I first stumbled across "Gargoyles". I wasn't obsessed at first but some things really stuck with me. I looked out for the show for years until I saw it replayed, it was then I became a true fan.
I've listed my reasons roughly in the order in which they caught my attention:
1. ANIMATION. It was dark, attractive and more realistic than the lollipop coloured cartoons that I usually saw. It made me want to take the show more seriously.
2. CHARACTERS. The first "villain" I remember encountering was Xanatos. I loved his Machiavellian drive and humour. It was a revelation for me, Xanatos had his own three dimensional motivations and so did every character - hero, "villain" or otherwise- introduced.
3. RISK TAKING. "Deadly Force" was the episode that had me hooked. The possible death of one of the main characters and the danger that still surrounded the gargoyles themselves (esp. Goliath) grabbed me. It was then I knew that this show was going to go outside the boundaries I had grown accustomed to on TV. The show was not afraid to deal with issues others considered controversial.
4. MIX OF STORIES AND GENRES. Stories could be based in numerous genres or even better mix a few. Dealt with concepts as far ranging as time travel, biotechnological advancements, police work and mythology. I loved that individually some of the ideas could seem far- fetched but they were so steeped in reality (ours and the Gargoyles) they could be believed.
5. ROMANCE. I was going to be mature and say mythological and literary references (which I loved) but what can I say I'm a romantic at heart! Goliath and Elisa , need I say more.

Philomena - [Philomena_lennox@hotmail.com]
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Thursday, November 13, 2003 07:55:40 AM

You know, somebody really needs to save this collection of "five reasons why we're drawn to Gargoyles" posts; Greg Weisman might well be saving it himself to fit in with whatever secret plan he's got connected to it, but it wouldn't hurt for us to do the same. This is something that really should be preserved.
Todd Jensen
St. Louis, MO
Thursday, November 13, 2003 07:51:48 AM

Reasons I love Gargoyles:
1. The mature, creative and complex storyline
2. The mythological aspects of Gargoyles and the influence of Shakespeare
3. The great and complex character development and the cool character design (whole style of the series)
4. The qualitiy of animation as well
5. Voices from Star Trek and the soundtrack

Sophie - [iphesos@aon.at]
Vienna, Austria
Thursday, November 13, 2003 06:49:42 AM

Reasons I loved Gargoyles:

1) The storyline was so mature compared to all of the other Disney cartoons at the time and even now.

2) The Animation was on par with some of the best japanese animatiopn out there by todays standards, and the show is 5+ years old.

3) I loved the voice acting, a lot of thought was put in it.

4) The show also touched a lot of areas no other cartoon would go near. (Ex: gang violence, guns, racism,) Back then that was very daring for an American cartoon. Anf Gargoyles was able to send out positive morals to the kids watching it, but not in some corny way.

5) Demona. She is my all time favorite disney character. She was a very deep and complex, and I loved how she could make her eyes glow red.

Ben - [Zelgodis1600@yahoo.com]
Miami, FL, USA
Thursday, November 13, 2003 06:06:33 AM

1. The story.
2. The great quality of animation.
3. The acting/actors. A great cast from Star Trek, other animated shows and more.
4. Music.
5. Anything medieval is awesome.
aDam - [s8@adamrulz.com]
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Thursday, November 13, 2003 06:05:23 AM

Hi all.

And thus the call went out, and people like myself long missing from this board did hear Greg's request and came back to answer the question.

1. The writing staff. Cary Bates, the guy who wrote all those great DC comics (as well as his writing partner on Captain Atom as porducer), Michael Reaves, IMHO the second-best animation screenwriter of all time (behind only Paul Dini) are reason alone to watch. But add in Brynne Chandler, and Lydia Marano and the much-missed Gary Sperling, and you have one of the best staffs of any show.

2. The voice actors. Batman started the trends towards real acting and towards famous actors, but even that show couldn't match this cast. All those Trek actors, getting to play against type. Ed Asner with a Scottish accent. And Keith David. In some way, I feel like we knew him back at the start, before his voice was everywhere in ads and on PBS.

3. It was part of the Disney Afternoon. I miss those days, when quality animation was on free TV.

4. Puck. Such a delightful and zany character, and yet also secretly Owen. A great idea, made better with mote great ideas.

5. The courtship of Batya. Really. When Batya and I met, she was surprised I knew the show, and that I rememberd Greg from his Captain Atom days. I was surprised anyone would run a con for this show. This was just so cool. As we dated, we watched a lot of Gargoyles, and chewed it over and pondered it some more. We had much else in common, but this one thing, this love of cartoons like Gargoyles, was important, and the role this how played in our becoming a couple still gives the show a special place that even Buffy - our other "courtship" show - doesn't have.
Alex Wittemberg - [sdelmonte@aol.com]
Thursday, November 13, 2003 05:54:52 AM

My Top Five
1. Star Trek alumni for voices.
2. Great writing resulting in arcs and continuity.
3. Animation on par with Batman: The Animated Series.
4. That's it.
5. What more is needed?

Bea Baker - [biffbifferman@hotmail.com]
Evansville, In, USA
Thursday, November 13, 2003 04:20:12 AM

1: The fact that the Gargoyles actually got humanity to trust them and not fear them

2: The characters themselves...the last of their kind in a world of humans

3: The Elisa/Goliath relationship....2 different species yet they fell in love!

4: The bond the clan had for each other...

5: All the mythological, legendary and Shakespearian characters they met!! Like King Arthur, Odin and MacBeth.

I'd like to point out that before this series I wasn't into Shakespear...but curiosity got the better of me and I can't get enough of Shakespearean stories! And my fave poem is "God Bless The Gargoyles" by Dav Pilkey..a wonderfull poem!! Plus it was cool that nearly every trek actor did voices on that show! *L*

Raph's Girl - [Dierna_Lincoln@myway.com]
Lakewood, Wa, U.S.A
Thursday, November 13, 2003 03:45:47 AM

Why do I like Gargoyles? Simply for the exquisit story line and great animation. All the episodes fit so well together, and leave you wanting more!
Raptor - [raptor8x@yahoo.com]
Thursday, November 13, 2003 03:36:20 AM

Well, since I am very addicted to the Gargoyles series, I should probably just post what's on my mind right away:

* Characters. They are full of inner color! (no, not their skin colors, although that's what I'll be getting to... I mean personalities and emotion)

* Artwork. I simply love the artistry involved in establishing such a rich, vast atmosphere. Because of the main setting, the sky really isn't the limit, it's where everything takes place; so much can be seen at once and the depth of the artwork and the detail of the cartoon characters -- it's like the mix between japanese anime and american cartoons, just the way I like it.

* Storyline. I'll probaby say this: the only cartoon I really ever watch on Toon Disney is this one. The storylines might confuse some, but because of the depth you can really get into it!

* Fan base. This cartoon has been around for so long, and yet there are many loyal fans to the community. I believe this is one of the key factor's in the Gargoyles series' survival. It all depends upon the audience.

* Music and sound. The music captures the atmosphere parallel to the artwork to get the adrenaline going. You can tell when something's going on, the music definately sets the mood in every part of the cartoon. Never overused, but never leaves that feeling of emptiness. Brilliant.

Those are my reasons... hope they are reasonable :\

Pike - [saxxonpike@hotmail.com]
Portage, WI
Thursday, November 13, 2003 03:13:17 AM

5 Reasons I love GArgoyles

1. Tone. It was dark without being brooding. There was always the opportunity for laughter, and many lovable characters but the setting was always foreboding and had a sense of suspense. There was always a sense that what was going on was of the utmost importance, but most of the time was being dangled a few steps away from the viewers ability to be sure of how things would end up. Artistically and dramatically, the show created a sense of dark mystery and ultimately discovery (great payoffs in the end). This and the action is what probably gripped the youth, along with...

2. The character designs. Gargoyles created some pretty enduring images. It made a great show visually, and a great toyline as well.

3.Intricate plots. Probably the most (purposefully) intricate Disney show ever. The characters were truly developed into full-blooded beings with high-stakes conflicts that put them into situations that _always_ pushed the show forward whether it be in turns of characters of or new plot developments; this began as early as the first five episodes.

4. Fantastic Music. Goes with #1. With Disney, you always have to think music; its a large part of the equation that seduces children into falling in love with their properties. The same holds true with other age groups. Gargoyles had a soundtrack that, along with the writing, catered to viewers of many different age demographics.

5. Great acting. This added the sense of production values most acossiate with the show. Such great names playing believable characters like Elisa, Xanatos, Goliath, etec., really beckoned young people to escape into this world. It also impressed a sense of respect into an older, more diverse audience.

Personally, I think this show would be a much more intelligent route to the teen audience than something like __Treasure Planet__.
Julius Jacobson - [lone_wolf_852@yahoo.com]
Miami, Florida, United States
Thursday, November 13, 2003 03:11:33 AM

1.It was a very interesting concept. Very dark and mature for a Disney cartoon series. At a time when Bonkers was coming out the studio this show was a major step in the right direction.
2. Voice Talent, Again a very mature, talented voice cast.
3. Continuing story line, added depth to the show.
4. High Quality Animation, for a tv budget
5. Realistic characters, no one is perfectly good or evil. Which made it Neat "sorry one of my friends in the dorm made me add the Neat comment"

Chris Browne - [cbrowne@bgnet.bgsu.edu]
bowling green, ohio, usa
Thursday, November 13, 2003 03:07:18 AM

I would ask why he wants all these opinions on Ask Greg, but by the time he reaches mine, he will have answered it a year or two ago.

It's a warning in case anyone was thinging about it BTW.

Thursday, November 13, 2003 03:03:07 AM

So.. I'm supposed to list the top 5 reasons i was drawn to Gargoyles?
Here we go.. in no particular order (they're all 'special' in their own way :p)

* Character diversity: Gargoyles has a lot of main characters! Theres the NY clan, Demona, Macbeth, Xanatos .. at least 10. They're varied too, with respect to just about any trait (race/species, gender, politics, interests, agendas..) I'm not even going to go into the minor roles here.

* Plot diversity: I didnt think the episodes followed a "cookie cutter" pattern,eg some character (always the same one) gets in trouble and is saved by some other character (also always the same one). I like variety, not "villian of the week" type plots. The series was more of a window into their universe with /all sorts/ of things going on (and always neat when they tied together) as opposed to always being from a single character's point of view.

* Character design: The gargoyles look cool! I dont remember seeing a lot of creatures with wings, fangs and pointy features on tv -- at least not in a positive way. It was definately different than the bubbly, 'overdose of happiness look' of the rest of the TDA lineup. 'Sides, Goliath is sexy, and Bronx... Let's not go there today.(j/k) *waves to vash*

* Subject matter: YES. People get hurt, just like they do in the real world. People have agendas, there rarely is a clear distinction between good and evil -- even the "bad guys" seem to have a good reason for their behavior, and yes, people even switch sides. While not a initial attraction, this aspect definately held my interest. Why is Demona so weird? Who's side is Xanatos on? What is going to happen to Oberon's ego? Life is rarely black and white (its more of a puke greenish black color), and neither are the characters' roles in the show.

* Timing: I discovered Gargoyles (and shortly afterwards a subset of the fandom) at a particularly influential point in my life. I was in high school at the time, and back then, it seemed that every day sucked. It was an uplifting experience once I started taping Gargoyles, knowing that there would be something to look forward to at the end of the day. Each episode made me think about how it related to the world about me and more importantly, who I would be. Yes, I too wanted to be a gargoyle... sorta. No, I didnt want to have wings, turn to stone during the day, or be able to heal quickly. I did, however aspire towards certain traits of various characters -- most prominently Goliath's willpower and Hudson's (usually) clear headed thinking. Once I stumbled upon the IRC subset of the fandom, I had found people with whom I could talk about the show, and through that connection, create a bit of a feedback loop and further perpetuate my interest in the series. Its of note that in doing so, I've made some life long friends as well.

phew! *takes a breath*
The Lone Wolf - [spamgod@steelclaw.dhs.org]
Thursday, November 13, 2003 02:41:08 AM

the 5 things that made gargoyles great:

1 - Great stories that had lasting effects and assumed the audience had an attention span greater than a humming bird.

2 - wonderful art.

3 - great voice work

4 - characters that you cared about.

5 - wonderful music score.

Thursday, November 13, 2003 02:39:16 AM

What I like best about Gargoyles? That's a tough question because there is so much to like about it. Well anyway:

1. The continuity was excellent. There was no contradicting any epsiodes, like you normally get with a DISNEY film.
2. The dialogue is the cutting edge, breaking new ground.
3. An excellent use of Mythology.
4. The characters seemed more real then in other shows.
5. And finally the theme music is so catchy.

Well that's my list of reason. It was tough just narrowing it to five. One more thing, a curse on Disney for not giving Greg Weisman the time he needed to do the third season right, not to mention canceling the series. Hmmm, maybe Disney is already cursed considering everything!
Vinnie - [tpeano29@hotmail.com]
Marquette, Michigan, USA
Thursday, November 13, 2003 02:33:59 AM

1. The Gargoyles Universe: "Gargoyles" probably has one of the richest backstories of any show. There's so much to it and the possiablities for directions for it to go are nearly endless. The mix of Shakespeare, mythology, real places, and smart writing have created a wonderful world.

2. Fan Fiction: "Gargoyles" has a lot of really good writers writing fan-fic for it. It's what drew me into the fandom in the first place.

3. The fan base: How many animated shows that have been cancelled nearly ten years old have their own convention? There's something that draws people to "Gargoyles" and even a shy guy like me likes to be a part of it.

4. The Adult appeal: I think that "Gargoyles" was probably the one of the last Disney animated shows that both kids and grown-ups could watch and enjoy. Like earlier shows such as "Tail Spin'', "Duck Tales", and the later show "Mighty Ducks", "Gargoyles'' was smart and didn't talk down to its audience. Granted that the adventures of our stone friends are geared more towards teenagers and up than any other Disney show, there was still plenty of moments in the rest of them where something was put on screen that would fly right over the heads of kids and be caught by the older viewers. No more these days. I look at "Pepper Ann" and "Recess" and want to cringe. They're just like every other kid's animated show on TV. The spark is gone and they're dull.

5. I really like Brooklyn!!!

James Anatidae AKA Jonathan Parshall - [parshallNOSPAM@citcom.net]
Brevard, NC, USA
Thursday, November 13, 2003 02:23:26 AM

My top five reasons for being drawn to this series? Hmm... Well, I suppose:

#5-Locale. Being a native of New York City, specifically Manhattan Island, myself, I always get a sort of vicarious thrill at seeing a show or movie use locations that I am personally familiar with (during the taxi race in "Die Hard With a Vengeance" I was shouting directions at Bruce Willis). This was even more entertaining in the context of an animated fantasy show, and "Gargoyles" managed to get the feel of Manhattan circa the mid 1990s down just right. Most other cartoons (think TMNT) that take place in NYC feel as if they are set in cookie-cutter cities that someone drops an image of the Statue of Liberty into for reference.

#4-High Quality Animation. For an American cartoon, "Gargoyles" was visibly slick and polished, without the huge frame gaps that one usually sees in a US action/adventure 'toon. Especially when one particular studio handled it. The one that did "Awakenings," "The Mirror," "High Noon," "Future Tense," et cetera. Not quite anime quality, but better than any other non-comedic show produced here.

#3-Interesting concept. I mean, of course, the gargoyles themselves, but I think more of Mr. Weisman's "all legends are real" concept. It's like taking a so-called "high concept" idea that would be at the heart of a particular episode of "The Twilight Zone" or "Star Trek" (pick your incarnation) and then fleshing it out into an entire fictional universe. Really, the only other filmed universe that worked along those lines that I can think of is the "Indiana Jones" reality, where two religious artifacts, of two separate and contrasting religions, could exist simultaneously, and both have mystical powers. Good company, then.

#2-CONTINUITY. For the love of Gort, at last. The only other American cartoon with such tight continuity that comes to mind is the almost-as-good-as-"Gargoyles" "EXO Squad." There was very little of this in live action shows in 1994, much less in a cartoon. Nothing brings a bigger smile to my face than realizing that I'm watching something that was hinted at 30 episodes earlier and was never mentioned again (the Emir thing comes to mind). Bravo.

#1-Adult, and complex characters. Sure, Lexington and Broadway sometimes skirted the typical US cartoon dynamic of childish insipidness (I could have done without the silly "jalapeña" thing, too. Always made me cringe, that.), but the presence of Goliath, Demona, Macbeth, et al, tended to blot that out. A typical US cartoon has paper-thin villains who rant like lunatics, make fools of themselves, and have little to no motivation to do what they do (Think Cobra Commander. What an imbecile.). "Gargoyles" had Demona. Enough said. See "City of Stone" for reference on how to create an interesting villain, cartoon writers.

What's more, these characters were dark and brooding, and full of psychological imperfections that were hinted at throughout the series. This was very brave of the writers and Mr. Weisman, as Disney no doubt never intended this show to be aimed at adults, as evidenced by the cannibalization of the show for Season 3, which was "Gargoyles" for the kids. But then, if the show hadn't been so uniquely grown-up most of the people here in this comment room would have never watched it (I was 17 when I first watched it).

Here's to bravery, then. And to a "Gargoyles" revival.


New York City, NY, United States of America
Thursday, November 13, 2003 02:19:48 AM

I just re-read Mr. W's request. *Jeez* it's tantalizing...just what is he up to??
I know, I know ... he won't go into "the why"...but still.

Thursday, November 13, 2003 01:51:27 AM

1. Engaging and smart writing/plots. Complex stories that are not dumbed down for the viewer, even if it means making some plot elements carry over to the next episode, or few episodes down the road. Continuity is awesome, and is a bonus treat for the devoted viewer.

2. Great characterization. All the characters were dynamic, unique, and interesting to watch develop through the series.

3. The voice acting was superb. All the voice actors were awesome. I wouldn't want any of them changed.

4. The animation. Top notch animation made the the show very visually attractive, and made it feel more serious and down to earth(basically they weren't "cartoony"), and with a more movie like feel. The characters were drawn with lots of detail and good attention was given to the "acting" portrayed by the animated characters by the animators/animation directors.

5. It was, and still is, one of the few best American animated series to ever come to TV since Batman The Animated Series.

Marina G. - [marina_blah@yahoo.com]
Thursday, November 13, 2003 01:39:26 AM

Oh yes gargoyles is one of my favorite animated series anyways my top 5 reasons are:
1) The story and concept was indeed fresh and instead of Making it some cheesy horror thing, it was an epic tale with fleshed out characters
2)The character designs were EXCEPTIONAL, they came off as what their personalities were like, and were VERY well done.
3)The settings of the series were exceptional, they really complemented the characters
4)The voices to the characters were quite fitting, none of them sounded out of place
5) The music to the series really set the tone, I really remember the main theme to gargoyles, it really set the tone to gear you up for the episode

James Ruymen - [rdocrich@optonline.net]
Hasbrouck Heights , NJ, USA
Thursday, November 13, 2003 01:35:39 AM

My top 5 reasons for watching gargoyles:
1) The Story; The plots were well written and 99% of the time when a mythology was mensioned it was accurate!
2) The realness of the characters, e.g. 0Broadway shot elisa, for the rest of the series he has a hatred for guns, Brookln was betrayed by demona, he hated her after that, the goliath/elisa/demona triangle, the fact that the villans were not just "i'm evil DIE!"
3)The scenery and animation that was so beutifully done that you had your breath taken away
4)the mysteries that got you coming back for more E.g. Why does angela look like goliath (even though they say she looks like demona){ yes i kniow it was answered} or the little secrets like titania whispering in fox's ear, and even though that little tidbit will probably never live up to its hype, it would still be nice to know
(i still think she said "I'm proud of you")
5) Ahh 5 already? The fact that I knew that it would not just be some brain rot on that i would enjoy myself for the 25 minutes, learn something without a muppet telling it to m e and that there was always more.... err was always more

Sean - [spbo_mc2@telus.net]
Thursday, November 13, 2003 01:26:00 AM

1-Beautiful Animation. It was like Disney meets Anime.
2-Incredible voice cast. Kieth David's voice for Goliath, drew me in from the first word. Add to that the fact that you had most of the actors from Star Trek doing guest and recurring characters.
3-Wonderful Storytelling. Technology vs. Magic, Friendship & Betrayal, aspects of Shakespeare & Arthurian Legend.
4-Three Dimensional characters. Virtually everyone was given a detailed background. Not all the bad guys were Evil and the good guys didn't always stay good.
5-Goliath and Elisa. Their relationship was always enjoyable to watch. To see how it changed and grew.

Thursday, November 13, 2003 01:14:10 AM

Byrdie Fae- love your answer-
Thursday, November 13, 2003 01:08:42 AM

I'm a huge Gargoyles fan myself, and as for my top 5 reasons for liking the show:

1. The mature stories. Far beyond just about any other cartoon I've ever seen (actually, I can't think of any non-anime animated shows that come close at the moment), Gargoyles had a wonderfully rich, mature story. It was enjoyable and certainly not dumbed down. It could appeal to both kids and adults, and that's great.

2. The characters. The characters were done masterfully... From Goliath, who was a great leader but far from perfect (as a person/gargoyle), to the understandably demented Demona, and everyone in between. Each character was truly memorable and reached out to you. You could really sympathize with the heros, and the motives the villains had made sense.

3. Setting. I'm a fan of all things medeval, so the background for the gargoyles was even more interesting. Putting ancient Gargoyles into modern day New York City and having them cope with their new existence in a foriegn land was a unique twist that was executed to great effect.

4. Character design. Plain and simple, the various characters, human and gargoyle alike, were all very striking in apperance. Suave` Xanatos, tough NYC cop Eliza, loin-cloth clad Goliath... Everyone had their own unique look and style, and none of them were cookie-cutter.

5. The though and thoroughness put into all the aspects of the show in and of itself deserves acknowledgement. Firstly, I love the choice of names for all the characters, and especially the fact that when the original gargoyles were named, the reason they got those names was clever and made sense. The fullness of the back-story preceeding the events that began in NYC, the use of different locations, and much, much more. The level of depth and detail was, and still is, astonishing.

Those are just 5 of my reasons for being a Gargoyles fan.

- April
April - [Jones]
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
Thursday, November 13, 2003 12:20:31 AM

My Top 5 Reasons for Watching Gargs was:

1) The animation. I remember the FIRST few moments of the FIRST episode as it FIRST aired. It took my breath away. Gargoyles was in the middle of the Disney Afternoon at that point, and I loved watching the other toons. But animation wise you just couldn't compare. I just couldn't believe the quality of the artwork I was watching. I loved watching animation, but it was rare to find a series (especially in this country) where the production team really had the opportunity, and will, to go all out. It was obvious that Gargs had some people behind it that loved it to pieces.

2) The second thing I noticed was the fact that the plots were not only engaging, had continuity and were highly entertaining, but that they also *gasp* had historical, cultural and literary references that were used appropriately. I valued that immensely.

3) I'm not sure if this is a real solid point, but I'll try this one anyway. As the series progressed, my negative self just kept assuming that the quality of animation and plot would go south. But Gargs was there for me time and time again. I could tell that the writers actually loved what they were doing and that it (as nice as making cash is) it wasn't just a paycheck. So many ideas were incorporated, so many plot twists and fun connections that kept you going. It was great. So I guess what I'm trying to say here is... consistency GOOD.

4) Does Thom's voice count? Anyway, the veteran voice acting team was a huge addition to Gargoyles. The talented VA's added depth to the characters beyond the rich dialog.

5) We're at five already!? Oh man. One more... one more… Oh ya! I loved the way the writers weren't afraid to tackle issues that mattered. Other shows aimed at young audiences just sorta skipped over 'difficult' or possibly 'offensive' or even 'scary' topics. But Gargoyles wasn't. It took on issues such as: Gun control, Death and personal betrayals. Not just betrayals from that person you hardly knew in the series, but serious long term relationships being torn apart for differences of opinion. Things like that made me happy, because it added a tone of respect. I didn't feel like I was being talked down to. Not to mention the beneficial impact such issues must have had on younger children.

Lexy Lund
Thursday, November 13, 2003 12:11:31 AM

I've got 234, but I didn't double-check this time...
Thursday, November 13, 2003 12:00:42 AM

My top five reasons:

1) The characterizations: After Talespin ended, I was hoping a show would come along from Disney that would equal how in-depth and 'real to life' the characters were portrayed. That show was Gargoyles. Everyone had a honest sense of depth to them that made the characters more alive; you WANTED to care about them and you had to watch to see what would happen next.

2) The writing: Very few animated shows are ever seen as a forum for serious writing but Gargoyles was a brilliant exception. Every writer seemed to respect the 'bible' for the series and wrote stories that would interest people and perhaps make them think as well as entertain. While the Goliath Chronicles were a bit preachy at times, there were some good stories and the ending arc (Hunter's Moon) seemed to pull everything together properly.

3) The voices: I know looking back everyone says 'I can't see so-and-so as Character X because Y was the best!' when it would hold mostly true that whoever was cast in the role would be who we would by default associate with that role. But the actors picked for Gargoyles were all top notch and you could hear their love for the characters in every line.

4) The music: great music all around. Hey...what about a Gargoyles Anniversary music soundtrack?

5) The cast and crew were not afraid to be mature and tell stories that targeted the older viewers. Goliath and Elisa's attraction was painful to watch grow because we KNEW it was going to happen yet it took forever to get there! But even as we hoped they would admit how they felt openly we always kept in the back of our minds that it could never come to total fruition. But everyone involved made sure it got the attention it (and the other romantic pairings) deserved. But when you love the characters and treat them with respect you can dare great things and Gargoyles did that.

Perhaps someday Goliath and Elisa can take that final step outside the world of fan fiction and give them both a sense of closure and beginning.

I doubt we'll ever see it's like again on TV, and in a way it seems to be a pity. The industry at large to this day can't see animation as a way to tell both mature and fun stories for all ages of viewers. It is such a wonderful medium to tell any kind of tale, but so often it simply says nothing.

But not Gargoyles. They will carry a unique place in animated TV history. Of that I am certain.

Don F

Don F - [rodimus@mindspring.com]
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 11:57:34 PM

The show is great! Solid writing and animation, not to mention one of the few American cartoons that can keep a consistant story going instead of having to jump around all over the place. Unfortunately, the 3rd season started to taper off, and we never got to see Elisa and Goliath really admit their feelings like they should have. :/
Ed the Hyena - [EdTheHyena @wideopenwest.com]
Warren, Michigan, 48092
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 11:53:29 PM

Top 5 reasons I can't get enough to of gargoyles

1. The story - The plots are more complex, a bit more adult then kiddy oriented, darker tone, and you really never knew what was going to happen next.

2. The characters were developed well. They always stayed in character, displayed genuine emotions that just drew you closer to the character, and they all evolved and grew over their experiences. I would have never guessed that Xanatos would have gone from being the bad guy 1st season to helping the gargoyles in the end.

3. The Continuity - Most cartoons if you lucky give you a two parter episode. It's not the typical good guy solves everything in one episode that's the end of it; instead, every episode built on the previous ones leading up to some important plot point that hooked you right in.

4. Gargoyles tackled issues that nobody else would touch. I'm still shock to this day and will never forget Eliza Maza got shot by her own gun, when Brooklyn was playing with it.

5. The whole beauty and beast theme between Goliath and Eliza. They both loved each other, but were conflicted with their individual difference. When they finally kissed, you knew it was meant to be.

Lisa - [Riftwar001@aol.com]
Oxford, Mi
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 11:49:43 PM

My top five reasons are really similar to everybody else's:

A. The complexity and layered nature to the storyline. Many signifigant things happened in each episode that built on each other, yet somehow the show didn't feel crowded.

B. The consistently interesting characters. Almost every character, from Goliath to Elisa to Demona to Xanatos to Puck, were always multidimensional and entertaining.

C. I liked all the relationships, especially the ones between Goliath and Elisa, Goliath and Demona, and the relationships between the main group of Gargoyles.

D. "Gargoyles" had some of the greatest villains ever. My favorite was the Pack, before they were mutated. But even after they were mutated, they were quite cool. I also enjoyed the family of Gargoyle hunters, Xanatos, Owen, Demona, Macbeth, and many others.

E. Ambitious stories, like the Dark Future story where Brooklyn is blind, as well as the introduction of the mythological and medieval characters (don't remember all their names; it's been a long time).

So, who do we have to turn to stone to get some FULL-SEASON DVD SETS for "Gargoyles"? They'd sell, believe me.
Andy R. Luckett - [jblfsu@aol.com]
Roanoke, VA, United States
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 11:37:44 PM

I have loved Gargoyles always! I watched it everyday! My top 5 reasons for loving Gargoyles are:

5)The Story, it's almost like a soap opera, but better! The magic, Shakespeare, the adventures, the FAMOUS and FUNNY quotes! ^_^ You name it. This show had!!!

4)The Art. I love the Art work for the show! I draw Gargoyles all the time!! This style of art has also improved my art skills for my Education.

3)Brooklyn. I fell in love with his personality! I loved the way he kind of grew up on the show and we got to witness it all. I even cried when Maggie first turned him down. That's a moment you have to cry! You just have to!

2)Protection. Gargoyles taught me how to protect those I care about and even those I do not.

1)Family. The Gargoyles were like my family all my life. I learned a lot from them. They changed me in a lot of ways.

There is no doubt about it. This show Rocks!

Brook Baby - [bluebabyrvd@yahoo.com]
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 11:35:35 PM

Only our top five reasons for liking "Gargoyles" are allowed, huh? Hmmm...<Thinks long and hard>...

Well, I have to admit that when this show was relatively new, I thought the whole idea was moronic. And then I actually watched an episode and then I was hooked.

After watching an episode, I realized that the premise--1000-year-old Scottish Gargoyles waking up in modern Manhattan--wasn't quite as lame as I thought it would be. The show, for a Disney 'toon, was surprisingly serious and they actually attempted to explain the history of everyone and everything.

The flashbacks to the past, whether they were Demona's or Macbeth's or the Hunters' or the Clans', just plain rocked. I think that aspect, more than anything else, made me realize just how serious a show this was.

The sci-fi/sorcery blend also just rocked. I think the first episode I saw was "Reawakening", where Demona and Xanatos bring Coldstone back to life. The "It's alive! Alive!....I've always wanted to say that" line of Xanatos' is a classic. (Oh yeah, and me being a Trekkie and having all these ex-Trekker people doing voices for characters just made it all the cooler. :)

The characters are flat-out awesome. I especially liked the Trio, the Mutates, Oberon, Titania, Puck, and Xanatos and Fox after their reformation. So basically, everyone that didn't show up all that often was a favorite of mine.

Finally, I have to say that the plots for most of the shows were really cool. The gang war between Brod and Dracon in "The Goliath Chronicles" jumps to mind, as does "The Gathering" Parts I, II, and III. (So why didn't we see too much of the Third Race after those shows, hmmm? ;)

This was a wonderful cartoon and something that I really wish I could have found an appreciation for sooner. So, Mr. Weisman, thank you for this wonderful creation.

Caboose - [caboose@wctc.net]
Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA!
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 11:32:59 PM

Here's my top 5 reasons for liking Gargoyles:

1. I really loved the storylines presented in the series. They were very adult and didn't talk down to the audience.
2. The characters on the series were really cool.
3. I enjoyed the mythological references in the series.
4. Excellent Animation Quality
5. I can't think of a 5th, so I'll just note the storyline again. It was really well done :)

Jesse Brown - [fenrixwulf@hotmail.com]
Saint Clair Shores, MI, USA
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 11:15:49 PM

Top 5 reasons, hmmm...there are so many...k.
5. like the plot/story line
4. nice character development
3. Demona is kick ass
2. What's not to like about creatures that bust out of stone?
1. Humor and maturity all rolled into one.....
Zarin - [she_dragon25@yahoo.com]
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 11:10:23 PM

Why the Gargoyles Appealed to Me? (in no order)

1. It had that comic book superhero vibe to it. A perfect complimentary series to Batman: The Animated Series (both aired on FOX back in the day)

2. Great voice acting by David Keith, Johnathan Frakes, Marian Sartis, and the whole cast.

3. The complex character interactions between Goliath, Xanatos, & Demona.

4. Excellent Rogues Gallery: Xanatos, Demona, Macbeth, The Pack, The Hunter's, and humanity as a whole.

5. Loved the mythology (Odin, Avalon, Puck, Tatania, Easter Island, Oberon, The Three Muses, Anubis, Coyote, etc...) as well as the serial nature of the program.
robert - [askew17@aol.com]
kissimmee, fl, usa
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 10:29:13 PM

Top 5 reasons: (Note, ive not seen the show in a while... so bear with me...)
1) The biggest reason is story. The stories, until it got to the Goliath chronicles, was simply amazing.
2) The Voices. Nuff said. Jonathan Frakes, David Keith. And so much more. Every character from the original series is what made the story come to life. I think anyone different would of made it not as good. And I think it's why Chronicles wasn't my cup o tea. A few of the voices/characters went missing.
3) The relationship between Elisa and Goliath, was very touching and almost romantic. Something very bold for an animated saturday morning/after school toon. Hey, I enjoyed it!
4)Macbeth and other midevil-like mythos added into the story.... this alone diserves it's own space.
5) The fact DISNEY was doing something along the lines of Batman: TAS was to me, simply kick ass.
Nick - [NARgan@aol.com]
West Jefferson, OH
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 10:18:58 PM

Five reasons I was drawn to the AMAZING GARGOYLES:
5. The majestically complex plot. At first this was a turn off, because I started watching the series mid-stream. and was pretty confused. But quickly I realized the plot continuity gave the show a dimension rarely seen these days. It kept my interest. Any show with a plot like THIS was a show worth watching...
4. Multi-dimensional characters. The good guys ain't always good, the bad guys ain't always bad. There's a broad spectrum of character traits, and whether someone is "good" or "evil" often comes down to choices they make, rather than some inherent (and thus, arbitrary) quality. Not only is this realistic, in my mind, but it makes the characters much more interesting. Heroes can fall. Villains can be redeemed.
3. The genre. Stories about the middle-ages always get me. It seems like such a romantic age, full of heroes and maidens and warriors and magic. To see that come to life and blend with the real world was a true strength of Gargoyles.
2. The quality of the writing. The stories told in Gargoyles were alive, articulate, and heartfelt. Dialogue was deliberate and specific to the character. As a viewer, you could tell there was real passion behind the series. It came through in the way each character came alive, which in turn made you care about what was happening on screen even more.
1. Gargoyles as heroes. There's a line from that David Crosby/Phil Collins song Hero that goes "The hero knew what he had to do, and he wasn't afraid to fight". That sort of typifies the Fab-five gargs, in my mind. They were brave, strong, noble, and fair, even in the face of persecution and vilification. If only there were more people in the world with the same traits. I guess part of me saw in the gargs the type of person I wanted to be, or who I hoped I'd be. Not sure I'm there yet, but I keep trying.

Greg, I hope this helps. Gargoyles meant a lot to me, and it still does. Best wishes. Jon

Wednesday, November 12, 2003 10:07:28 PM

Wow, lots of people posting here. Well, here are my top five reasons I was drawn to Gargoyles and still am. This wasn't easy, mind you. I just never really thought about why I love the series; I just do. Well, here are my top five reasons, in no particular order:

1. The continuity. Everything that happens in Gargoyles is not suspended in limbo and forgotten like in most shows, no, everything that happens in the series has consequences. The storyline is vast, complicated, profound, evolving, and yet, it appeals to people of all ages. This is one of the main reasons I love the series.

2. The characters. There are no one-dimensional characters. Everyone has a story, a background, a reason for the things they do... You learn to love them, hate them, or even sympathize with them. And, most importantly, they are realistic. There are no good guys or bad guys; everyone is capable of doing right or wrong. Even the good guys make mistakes. You could almost believe they are real...

3. Gargoyles has EVERYTHING. It has Shakespeare, magic, crime, love, hatred, comedy, vengeance, sorrow... I could talk for hours and hours about all the wonderful things this series has. It's just so vast and complete. It's a dark, thought-provoking series with its light-hearted moments. Like I said, it has everything.

4. Its wisdom. This series has taught me many things about life. For example, "Humans fear what they do not understand." It's just so true. Through fantasy merged with a bit of reality, this series has taught me not to judge by appearances, not to let a desire for vengeance consume me, to keep an open mind, and so on. It's also taught me history, myth, and even a second language because if it weren't for Gargoyles, I never would have learned English.

5. The animation. How can I NOT love the animation? The backgrounds are stunning, the characters look REAL, the fights are impressive, and they always bring the plot to life.

Of course, there are MANY more reasons why I love the series. I love the gargoyles species (glowing eyes, the ability to glide and not fly, clawing up walls, their strength, breeding cycles, need to protect, loyalty to the clan, etc.), the voice actors, the way I never get bored with the episodes even after watching them thousands of times for nearly ten years because I ALWAYS discover something new, the Goliath/Elisa relationship, Thailog, all the science...

All in all, it's a wonderful series and it will always live on in my heart. Now only one thing would make perfect... new episodes! Oh, how I hope...

Demona Taina
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 10:05:29 PM

Top five reasons I loved Gargoyles:

-Continuity, things continued from episode to episode. It wasn't the type of show that you could watch them backwards and never know the difference.

-Strong and able females, a lot of shows make a point of having strong women that really aren't that great. Either they aren't actually strong, or they're pretty much men in a dress. Gargoyles did well at having capable women who were female, and even a great female villain!

-Great writing, while this ties in to EVERYTHING else (writing is the first thing a show needs!) it also stands on it's own. The show appealed to kids, but definetly wasn't too "dumb" for me.

-There were no cheesy "morality" speeches, things were SHOWN, not told. And that's the best way to convey a message to a child or adult.

Meiran - [meiran@asia.com]
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 10:00:51 PM

The top five things that drew me into the Gargoyles fandom, in no particular order:

1) The continuity. I grew up on shows with plotlines, and the newer, more modern episodic-style cartoons were not to my liking. Even though I was "too old" for cartoons by the time Gargoyles came around, the appeal of an ongoing storyline was more than enough to catch my interest.

2) the animation. Someone obviously put some time and effort into the animation - both in character layouts and deisgn, as well as in the actual art of the show. It showed that time and attention had been paid, and that the show was being created by people who cared about it, and not just someone trying to cash in on a new idea.

3) the storyline. This goes along with the previous two. Cartoons of the time were usually simple, bad guy-of-the-week style shows, with no ongoing plot and little to no real substance. Gargoyles had a storyline that carried us from one week into the next and from one season into another. Also, the characters were written with distinctive voices and personalities, and they were kept *in character.*

4) The show did not cater to the masses, or insult my intelligence, and at the same time, was accessible to everyone.

5) The fans. I heard about this show through the grapevine, and the fans were so enthusiastic, so happy with it, that I had to give it a shot myself. It's rare to find a show or movie with that kind of following.
nightwalker - [kellymajik@yahoo.com]
Richmond, VA, USA
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 09:50:27 PM

5 reasons why I watched Gargoyles
1.) The characters are wonderful, they are multi-dimensional, and always learning and growing.
2.) The storylines are great, it's not the same thing seen everywhere else. It's not all sunshine, it shows that the world has a darker side, and that it's not necessarily a bad thing.
3.) The use of such things as Shakspear's characters and historical and mythological beings. It sparks an interest in these things to some who otherwise might overlook them.
4.) The animation (aside from the Golith Chronicles ~as I seen someone else mention as well), it was so real.
5.) Do I really need to say more? It was a show that kept me watching, the same episodes over and over...and almost always I picked up something new, something I had missed in one of the previous viewings.

Kitana - [hex_girl_thorn@hotmail.com]
Michigan, United States
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 09:44:25 PM

My goodness, there's a lot of people posting here. Greg must have found a fan-summoning spell in the Grimorum. ;-)

(David Letterman? *does doubletake* Naaaaaaaah.)


Wednesday, November 12, 2003 09:25:10 PM

well, if I have counted correctly, it is up to 222....as of Death Bunny's post.
Houston, TX
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 09:22:33 PM

Top 5 reasons. I havent seen the cartoon in a looong time, so I really dont remember much about it now. But I will try my best:

1 - I collect stone gargoyls as a side hobby, so naturally I was drawn to the series because of the Dark Promo it boasted in the very beginning.

2 - Like I mentioned in 1, I think what attracted me over all was the Dark Storyline. It didnt seem to hold back and it was very imaginitive. Though the characters were comical at times, I liked the seriousness of some of the episodes. One o the only ones I can remember is where the burly looking Gargoyle used a Gun, not knowing what it was at the time.

3 - Er, I really cant think of anything else at the moment. Sorry. I think what really attracted me to the series was the Characters and Dark Storyline. It doesnt need to be SPAWN or anything to get a certain mood across to the audience.

Talking about it makes me feel nostalgic. Maybe I will try to see if I cant download an episode or two for old times sake. Cause I dont think the series is out on DVD is it?

Death Bunny - [Death77485@aol.com]
Houston, Texas, USA
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 09:19:41 PM

All my coworkers at the video store admit with no sham that they really liked and or loved Gargoyles. This ranges from Drama/Tragedy/Non-mindless Action people like Me and my managers to the 3 mindless crappy action/humor/T&A movie fans (its a small store).

Ok, if I was to list ALL five:

In a nutshell:

5: The continuity
4: The animation
3: Elisa and Goliath
2: The Plot
1: Demona

In detail...

1: Demona: I guess perhaps I could say "complex characters" or something, but the reality is that 95% of my enjoyment of and devotion to this show stems directly from her. She's just fascinating to me (and, of course, hot). This has been pontificated on and I don't feel compelled to go into her history, just to say she is the most complex and tragic 'villain' from a cartoon ever (to me), and she personally makes me sad. I know it's absurd, but when I was a kid her story made me genuinely sad. It still gets at me like a good sad movie or book...

2: The Plot: It was complex, evolving, and interesting. Things had consequences, people developed emotions-real emotions, not fake flimsy fickle things. Complex people are more real, since real people are fairly complex.

3: E+G: Ok, if the question wasn't what originally drew me too it this might not have even made it, but originally I was blown away the the Elisa Goliath romance. Remember, I was in my early teens at the time and was generally board with anything that complex. It was compelling and tragic (before the show finally ended with the kiss), and I followed it raptly.

4: The Animation: Ok, this was an off and on thing, but it was often superb, although sometimes simply awful. It made the Goliath Chronicles (which I don't consider to be gargoyles) unwatchable.

5: Continuity: Again, they made things more complex than I expected.

Vash and MC> Yup, so I am. Thanks. Been a long time and the rooms are set up the same >_< But, as this is a much more genial place, and there aren't volumes posted everyday, thus I think I'll stay here.

State: Denial
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 09:18:57 PM

Hmmmmmmm Top five reasons huh?

1) STORY! As far as I'm concerned it is still the best story idea and plot line I have ever seen in an animated series.

2) The characters! All were wonderful there was nobody I seriously disliked as a character, and all of them grew and developed.

3) Resources: I love mythology and shakespeare (I willingly took it in HS many many moons ago) Seeing Anansi and Cyotee and other mytholigical figures was fun for me, and it made me look up the literature. (I also know HS kids who picked up Shakespeare because of Gargoyels [The teacher rejoices])

4) The animation. As one who lives in the city of gargoyles I can tell you that it was fantastic. You could look at the bagrounds and tell where you were in the city. I even visited places in the show, and I could tell where certian events "ocurred." The animation on that show was ART! :)

5) Promotes creativity: (puts several creativity demons back in their cages) Um yeah that too. :) Seriously, more creativity came out of this show than even I could have imagined. Not just stories, but the artwork, and the filk and all the odd discussions and "what ifs" there have been. I wish the fandom could have "gargoyle novels," the way they have startrek novels. Alot of great authors deserved to be recognized, and I love the artists too!
Kellie Fay - [KFay198120@aol.com]
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 09:15:32 PM

Top Five Reasons I Was Drawn To Gargoyles:

1. Animation - Not many series animated by Japanese studios with American story tellers on TV back then.

2. Adult Themes - War and the word dead was taboo in cartoons.

3. Voice Cast - We don't see to many known actors with distinct voices to often.

4. Fish out of water story line.

5. Likable Characters.

Jerry Torres - [jerrytorres@comcast.net]
Albuquerque, NM, USA
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 09:13:10 PM

Wow, talk about a sudden deluge of posts in this CR! But hey, like it's been said before, if Greg needs help, then we are all here to help! :) It's enough even to pull me out of lurker mode. :)


5) The animation. Man, was it wonderful! The art and animation put into this series was above and beyond the squiggly weirdness you see nowadays ... every character was drawn and animated in such lovely detail, with the backgrounds and scenery so magnificent it really didn't seem like a TV cartoon show!

4) The inspiration to get out there and learn about the world. I remember in 7th grade, watching "The Mirror" for the first time, and hearing the gargoyles mention Puck, Titania, and other names from "A Midsummer Night's Dream." Just that mention was enough to get me to go to the library the next day and check out the Shakespeare play, which has now become one of my favorite stories of all time! Gargoyles turned me on to Shakespeare, Arthurian legends, and many other legends from around the world.

3) The voice actors. Gosh, what talent!! From Keith David's Goliath to Ed Asner's Hudson to the wonderful subtleness of Johnathan Frakes' Xanatos, the voices for the characters were dead-on and always wonderful. :)

2) The storylines. The writing on this series was absolutely wonderful, and was such a refreshing difference from many of the bland, mindless cartoons you see now! This show was smart, and taught me quite a bit. :)

and ...

1) Love. I'll admit it here and now, I'm a sucker for a good romance story, and the Goliath and Elisa romance was just what I was looking for. So sweet and perfect, and I nearly died when the unexpected kiss came at the end of Hunter's Moon!!! Plus, I'm one of those crazy people who actually found love due to Gargoyles ... without it, I wouldn't have met my current boyfriend of three years now, Coyote the Bando. Thank you, Greg!!!! :)

Plus ... what other cartoon show has given Arizona a realistic nod in such a great way!!! I love the trickster Coyote and the Kachina dancers!!!

Thanks, Greg, for such a wonderful series!!!!! :)

Ravyn Maza - [ravymaza@dakotacom.net]
Tucson, AZ
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 09:10:58 PM

1) Awesome character designs
2) Wonderful mixing of Shakesperean literature
3) Complex characters that I could empathize with and cared for
4) Continuous plots and themes spread over multiple episodes and seasons
5) Animation quality
Mario Baumann - [tigershard@yahoo.com]
Ann Arbor, MI, USA
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 08:52:33 PM

5 reasons, hmmm?

-Above average intelligence, for sure. as mentioned by others, no talking down here.

-Great characters, with several (figurative) shades of gray and only a few shown as -truly- evil, but all believable.

-I like most of the humor, including a well-timed belch or two.

-The mix of modern & archaic, high-tech & legend, where little is forgotten & practically nothing is wasted. It made me want to read up on many of the myths.

-Overall, with the occasional (non-gratuitous) shocks, the storytelling, the lack of being "preachy" and the previous four reasons, it's just plain Different.

Not bad t'all.

Raymond Schaff (2) - [rls2@hvc.rr.com]
Saugerties, New York, USA
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 08:50:41 PM

I've never actualy posted in this forum before, but a friend of mine told me that Greg was asking people to post why they liked Gargoyles. Well, I don't think that I have the heart to choose just five reasons, so I'd just like to say this. I started watching Gargoyles when I was in my late teens, and the show enchanted me from the very begining. Now I'm a mother myself, and Gargyoles is the one tape that my children ask to watch again and again. I think it's a tribute to Mr. Weisman and the creative team that they could create a show that not only stood the test of time, but also appealed to people of such different ages.

On behalf of myself (and the two sprogs!) I'd just like to say thank you to Greg for giving us such a wonderful show. As a parent it's something really special to let your kids watch a cartoon and know that it's helping to make them better people.

Lucy Cortez
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 08:25:21 PM

Shoot, lost count as to how many post there. Just that there are a lot of fans and 1 celebrity (David Letterman? Think I spotted him somewhere with gree text and captain chavez picture). Say Mr. Weisman, know any friends who haven't posted here yet (celebrities and/or non-celebrities)?
Troy, NY, USA
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 08:15:36 PM

Erm, anbody got any ideas why Greg wants all these opinions? *crosses fingers for a new series of gargoyles*

Jeez, I hope Greg knew what he was getting himself into. Lotsa Garg fans out there apparently.

Wednesday, November 12, 2003 08:10:30 PM

Top Five Reasons:
1) Character Development far superior to anything else I've seen in any cartoon series, excepting anime.

2) A built-up world, with everything that happens in it having effects that last - there's actual continuity, not a series of lukewarm misadventures that never goes anywhere.

3) Storytelling - at the beginning, you know nothing. Things are presented which do not make sense. At the end of the second season, you've had a chance to learn so much more - and almost everything makes sense now.

4) Xanatos - let's face it, he's the Man. Always in control, always has a contingency plan. Always one step ahead.

5) Atmosphere - There's grit there. You can feel it. There's grit and there's emotion, and it's there. No facsimiles. The real deal.
Ben Blanding - [blandib(at)cc.wwu.edu]
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 08:09:26 PM

5 Reasons why I loved Gargoyles?


...nice to see a show with some real women in it! You go girls!
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 08:07:39 PM

Buzz on the internet is that Greg needs peoples opinions. Well damnit, if Greg needs opinions than opinions he'll get!!

Gotta say, the female role models in Gargoyles were brilliant. I was eleven years old, and as far as I was aware girls in cartoons did only two things - get rescued and fall for the hero. Gargoyles changed that around for me. Elisa, Demona, Fox, Angela...even occasional characters like Diana Maza were all strong and courageous in their own right.

The heroes weren't perfect. I still hold by breath when I see Goliath hanging Xanatos over the edge of the building.

The music was great! It actually added to the atmosphere instead of distracting you from it, like on most cartoons.

The animators weren't afraid to draw characters sexy! In fact Goliath was probably my first real crush when I was eleven. Too bad he's only a cartoon *grumbles*

They had a dog that wasn't just a bumbling sidekick! He had a personality of his own, and I loved that.

The show wasn't afraid to try new things.

Wednesday, November 12, 2003 08:05:12 PM

1. The story
2. The characters
3. Unlike other Disney shows, Gargoyles never talked down to its audience
4. The animation
5. The voice actin
Kenneth - [captaincommax@netscape.net]
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 08:01:03 PM

Just to make a little note, everywhere I said Angela I meant Elisa Maza.
Mark Harris
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 07:58:57 PM

1. The image I chose is Angela, she was the first and foremost reason I started to watch. She was a tough, she could take care of herself and she was my role model.

2. I love everything related to or similar to Camelot and this had it in spades because the Gargoyles were from that time and just one day woke up in our time. They had to adapt to our ways and learn to deal with the person who saved them wanted nothing more than to use them.

3. Angela & Goliath (I think that was the name of the leader) had what could be a budding relationship into more than just friends.

4. Despite being a cartoon it had the most elaborate storylines I have ever seen. It made you fall in love with the characters or want to strangle some to death.

5. Xanatos used some humans (one being Angela's brother) to make his own Gargoyles, cloned Goliath, made his own Gargoyle suit.

I know there only supposed to be five, so sue me I have more.

6. The adventure Angela & Goliath went on took them all over the world, grew their relationship. One story where someone was trying to take something from Goliath but he refused to give it up so whoever created a futuristic world where Xanatos rules and one of the Gargoyles betrayed them.

7. They didn't forget to show the Gargoyles' past before they were dropped into our time.

8. The female Gargoyle she wasn't necessarily evil nor was she all that good. She had it bad and it was from a human and it colored her judgement.

9. Angela turned into a Gargoyle once and it made Goliath realize how good she really looked even though he never realized it before because she is human.

10. The struggle between Goliath's clone and his two fathers (Goliath & Xanatos).

I could go on forever if I remembered more of the show but is has been so long since I seen it.
Mark Harris - [ridoptimus@hotmail.com]
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 07:54:50 PM

Here are my top reasons.
1) Beautifully written and compelling stories.

2) A cast of characters that supports such stories, in that they are growing,changing beings that don't reset after each episode.

3) I am an animation major, so I can look at each episode and really appreciate the work that goes into it. Nothing in my opinion was thrown together hastily on this series.

4) This was a very innovative series for Disney. Nothing was ever like it and more importantly, nothing will ever be like it.

5)This last reason may seem childish but I must say the series just looked cool!

Justin M. Lindley

Justin M Lindley
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 07:49:44 PM

Five reason's I love Gargoyals:

1. The Story
2. The Animation
3. The Characters
4. The Music
5. The Atmosphere

Kevin T. Rodriguez - [KevinTRod@comcast.net]
Citrus Heights, CA, USA
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 07:49:16 PM

1) The characters are intelligent, witty, adorable, strong.

2) The characters are a wonderful, improbable group of friends, with personalities that flow with each other easily. No borders drawn or over the top archetypes, no one is the 'token' anything. They just simply beings with their own histories and motivations and appreciable needs and desires.

3) The show has wonderful writing, sometimes mature, sometimes hilarious, sometimes careful and literary. It isn't a casual show, nor does it dwell on the fish-out-of-water theme, which only adds to its appeal. The characters are written with a serious, sexy, playful combo of brushstrokes.

4) The villains have their interesting facets as much as the protagonists.

5) It's hard to pin down all the specifics since my appreciation of the show is more of a comprehensive, big picture sort of thing. But 22 minutes per episode pretty much leaves you wanting more. I guess that's a complaint as well as a compliment. :)

Rachael - [rlil2001@yahoo.com]
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 07:47:50 PM

- Stood out in after-school cartoon lineup
- Score that wasn't average fare
- evil laughter, villians who love their job
- stories that weren't black vs white: grey area represented
- setting: i love NYC even if i dont live there
Hey Jimmy
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 07:46:40 PM

Five reasons I love "Gargoyles"

1. The ANIMATION - Absolutely Walt Disney Japan at it's finest. From their incredible facial expressions, to their amazing action sequences, this show was the absolute number one best animation in its time and probably since. Seriously, it could have had the worst story and the lamest actors and its breathtakingly beautiful, definitely above and beyond feature-quality animation would have been reason enough for me to watch. This comment only applies to the episodes that were in fact animated by Walt Disney Japan. With the exception of the one that Walt Disney Australia animated a (Eye of the Beholder in the God-Awful "Goliath Chronicles") which was "cool . . . kinda weird, but cool," no other studio came anywhere close to the quality that those incredibly talented Japanese animators did.

2. Fortunately, not only did it not have a bad story, it had an incredible, compelling and mature STORYLINE. With Michael Reaves (and of course all the other brilliant writers) working on it, you knew it had to be good (based on his work with Batman, the Animated Series), but who knew a dramatic action adventure story from Disney could be this great!? Like an action-adventure soap opera, I always loved the fact that (at least in the first season and of course to a degree in the second) every episode naturally followed the last and continued to tell one long story.

3. The VOICE ACTORS of this series really went above and beyond the call of sitting in front of a mic and reading a script. Unlike some cartoons, these actors really helped the already brilliant animators by continuing to make their characters feel like real people (and yes, I know voices are recorded first- I am an independent animator, I mean that from episode to episode they continued to help). Hats off most especially to Keith David, Salli Richardson, Marina Sirtis, and Jonathan Frakes. These four most especially really fit their characters like gloves.

4. The show's WILLINGNESS TO TAKE CHANCES and not pander to children. From the first time I heard Xanatos say "Pay a man enough and he'll walk barefoot into hell." I knew this was no kiddie show. When Brooklyn shot Elisa's gun in her house and she's nowhere to be seen I fully expected Elisa to jump up from behind the counter and yell "What are you, crazy? You almost shot me!" When in fact he did shoot her my jaw was on the floor for the rest of the episode. In another episode they even sent Elisa into the men's locker room and had the guys scrambling for their clothes (a funny moment for that scene, which like the rest of the show was dramatic). The fact that these kinds of chances (not to mention the inter-species romance that eventually developed and many many more) were taken was most especially amazing since this was Disney. In the end they even showed that no one (not even the main villain, Xanatos) was really all-bad. This in itself was a chance taken. Most kids shows say "here's the good guys and here's the bad guys," Gargoyles teaches us that no matter how bad a person may seem, we're all capable of love. Sorry to sound mushy, but I really liked this part of the storyline

5. Carl Johnson's incredible MUSIC SCORE. I'm not sure if anyone but me noticed when, in the third or forth episode of Awakenings Elisa is hiding from what are actually Xanatos' men (and woman) in an outdoor restaurant patio place. The music goes to almost nothing. Then, as each member of Xanatos' team sees Elisa (and tries to fight her) another instrument comes in. Beautiful. Each theme was beautiful and haunting (The flute theme that plays when, later in that episode, Goliath sees Demona for the first time in 100 years brought tears to my eyes. Although the rest of the series mostly used the themes composed for the first five episodes (like most other Disney series), these few themes were enough to musically illustrate the whole rest of the series (although I do have to admit that the music used EVERY SINGLE TIME the Gargoyles woke up from their stone sleep did get a little old after a long while).

These are my reasons for loving "Gargoyles." Sorry they're so long-winded, but I've never been asked a question I've had more fun answering.

Brandon Scott Jensen - [brandonsc@hotmail.com]
Albuquerque, NM, USA
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 07:37:11 PM

**Looks down at the deluge that came down in the past 2 days.**

To quote a popular mid-1990's movie: "GREAT SCOTT!!"

I wonder how Greg is going to sift through all this text. Ask Greg is a big enough pain.

Wednesday, November 12, 2003 07:36:42 PM

What? You mean that I have to limit myself to just five reasons??

1) The characters were so much more complex than in any other cartoon that I've seen to date! From the very first episode we were presented with multi-faceted, intricate characters, all of which were - if not always likable, in the case of the villains - always believable.

2)The themes of Gargoyles were far more ambitious than the usual kiddie fare, and even though the show had a brooding feel there was also a vein of optimism that ran through it all. It was dark, but never depressing.

3)I really loved the whole continuity of the series...it was something that I had never really seen on television before. Everything was relevant in the garg-universe - a situation or a character that might seem minor in one episode would come to play a huge part four episodes down the line.

4)The show really gave the gargoyles a culture and identity of their own. They weren't just humans with wings - they had their own way of thinking, their own beliefs and their own way of doing things.

5)The Goliath-Elisa relationship! Their gradually evolving friendship was what got me hooked on Gargoyles in the first place. Without sounding corny, they seemed to embody everything that was great about the show with ideas of trust and acceptance. A very touching partnership that in my opinion has never been surpassed in any animation.

There are so many reasons to love gargoyles, I could go on forever. I think it's a tribute to what a unique and wonderful show that it was (IS!) that so many people are here replying to this thread some ten years after the last episode was aired. Gargoyles really is something special...thank you Greg.

Stacey Anne
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 07:22:02 PM

1.) Interesting characters

2.) Blending ancient mythology with contemporary settings

3.) Action + Humor + Drama = Quality entertainment

4.) Shakespeare references

5.) Excellent writing

Jose - [guardian_black@yahoo.com]
Macomb, IL, USA
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 07:20:40 PM

Why did I like Gargoyles?

1. Consistent plot. The characters always remembered what had gone before. No sitcom short-term memory here.
2. Maturity. Gargoyles was a cartoon that dealt with the concept of love among the unscrupulous, with inter-species dating and with raising children in a hostile environment in a coherent and adult fashion without alienating the under-13 set.
3. Character development. No character ever remained static, even the walk-on, cameo characters evolved. Witness the evolution of the yuppie couple from shocked bystanders to political activists.
4. Sympathy for the devil. There are no real villians on Gargoyles, everyone has their reasons, everyone has a chance to tell their story. We are allowed to empathize with them all.
5. Ambition. The story Greg set out to tell was long and complex, with more nuance than most cartoons, or even most dramas can handle. The scripts were deft, the plotting even and the story drew to its close without leaving dangling threads.

Merav Hoffman - [merav36 @ hotmail.com]
Jersey City, NJ, USA
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 07:01:46 PM

5. A score like a Hessian boot in the stirrup.
4. Shakespeare, yes, and Arthurian legend, but marvelous invention too: Xanatos as Long John Silver, hero and villain both.
3. Kin to Scott and Dumas: mildewed castles, great thunderstorms, ruined men.
2. Like "Who Goes With Fergus" in its considerations of home and absence.
1. The trickster, wondrous strange, at its heart.
Nathan Kosub - [nkosub@yahoo.com]
Oxford, MS, US of A
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 06:42:20 PM

Why I liked Gargoyles..hmmmm...for Disney is was original, well drawn, well animated and more 'grown up' for them, which made a refreshing change. The premise was good too, and as people have already mentioned, anything to do with Gargoyles is cool. I would be great to see this series return, as long as all the original folk came on board. In someone elses hands it could end up been crap.
Gargoyles didn't seem to be shown much here in the UK, which was a shame - the Disney stores sold the product {the action figures were cool} but soon disappeared.
So bring back Gargoyles Disney, it was, and is, and probably will be, the most diverse animated series you produced, and that can only be a good thing...
Wish you well Greg, all the best from rainy UK...

rick - [ricardowakko@aol.com]
Manchester, Lancs, United Kingdom
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 06:35:29 PM

Top reasons I loved Gargoyles (in no particular order)

1. I loved the story. It incorporated modern life with myth and classic stories like Shakespeare's "MacBeth". It was wonderful with self-contained stories and broad stories with twists or after-effects that appeared later in the series.

2. Characters and characterization were top-notch. The voice acting was fitting and splendid.

3. It was action and adventure with some serious moments, yet still accessable to both young children and adults. It didn't talk down to the kids and wasn't so kiddified adults couldn't enjoy it.

4. It was a unique concept. Stone gargoyles that awaken and must resume their lives? Awesome.

5. It didn't try to be something it wasn't or fit into a certain concept just to move merchandise or be faddy. Watching Gargoyles was like having a cool, weird friend, and everyone needs one of those.

Beka - [whitepages@darthnuriko.com]
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 06:34:25 PM

1. The animation was better than anything else that was coming out at the time in the US, and it was similar to Batman, which was one of my favorite shows.

2. I am a fan of fantasy/sci-fi books/shows/movies, so it got my interest from the start.

3. The episodes had a continuity to them which no other American show really had, with storys that sometimes took 2 or more episodes to conclude.

4. The characters were well-thought out and largely believable...not too "out there"...

5. It actually lated more than 4 months.
Despiser - [satanarchist1@cometohell.zzn.com]
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 06:33:24 PM

1- Story...
2- The developping characters
3- Mythology!
4- Animation was goooood
5- did i mentionned story?
Sherbrooke, Québec
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 06:14:06 PM

Darn...one more reason for number one:

Thailog. Need I say more?

Byrdie Fae - [pocket_avalon@yahoo.com]
Greensboro, NC, US of A
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 06:13:30 PM


5) Carl Johnson's score
4) Quality of the animation
3) The casting of voice actors
2) Strong writing
1) Episodes/Stories that WERE NOT self-contained
Joshua Christie - [JPChristie_77@hotmail.com]
Springfield, Illinois, USA
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 05:58:51 PM

Reasons for liking Gargoyles:

1. The premise is wonderful. I latched onto it immediately and simply adored it. The idea of these mystical creatures from the past being set into present time in New York was amusing, yet tense enough with enough proper set up.
2. The characters. They were all very real, and very diverse from one another. Even Bronx, the gargoyle-dog, had his own kind of personality, and was a very lovable character on his own. There were enough episodes to cover each character, and give them their own spot light, villain or hero.
3. Music. Music is a biggy; it also tells a story. Gargoyles played between simple present day music over to a classical medival feel. The theme song will also forever be remembered. You don't need words to a theme to make you remember what premise it belongs to.
4. Storyline. This almost goes with premise, but really, it goes on its own. There were so many things twining together, forever changing, that you had to sit down and watch most of the episodes, because if there was something different going on, you were badly confused, like if you missed Macbeth's entrance, you wonder why the heck the Gargoyles moved to the Clocktower. Things changed the characters forever; Brooklyn's hatred for Demona, Lexington's hatred for The Pack, and Elisa getting a partner in her detective work.
5. Style. There's a lot of style to the show; besides comedy, it was usually a dark feel, since it was normally night time. The characters have a lot of dark things to deal with. Fear, rejection, and watching and wondering how worth it it is to protect the humans sometimes. The art style is also amazing; it could be simple a lot, but it was also amazing in animation and in design. A lot of gliding scenes, night scenes, skyscrapers, climbing, action-- Gargoyles has definite style.

Overall, it's a beautiful show. What more reason than that alone, eh?
Alba Aulbath - [alba_aulbath@hotmail.com]
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 05:58:43 PM

What are my top 5 reasons for being drawn to to Gargoyles? Well, you asked for it:

5. Dude, they were GARGOYLES. You can't get any better than that. I mean, that's a whole other society, mores, codes, honor system that Greg created, that people bounce off of today. Plus, they kick ass.

4. I'm gonna be honest. The first ep of Gargoyles I ever saw was Deadly Force, when Elisa got shot. When I saw that blood, I was like "oh shizzle, this cartoon means it."

3. Demona. Not only is she the hottest gargoyle around, she means business. I mean, usually you have like "a bad guy, ho ho ho, let's kill them without finding out anything about them!" in American cartoons. Demona was one of them. She feels pain, and the show let us know that. That, my friends, is cool.

2. The Other Worldliness. Gargoyles was about magic without the froofy poof. It was about legends and myths, love and honor. I got into Shakespeare because of Gagoyles and its paralells. This was a deep ass cartoon if you actually thought about more than the mecha and world domination bits.


1. Goliath. Heh heh. Not so much he was so big and strong and stuff or like that alleged love interest with Elisa. It was that no one fucked with him, no one really got into his head that much. And whenever someone did, I was giddy. Leaders deserved to have their heads messed with I think :p (if anyone's read my Gargoyles fanfiction, you'd know that I really mess with him :p)

In conclusion, Gargoyles is a kick ass show. It was deeper than any of us really know, and I appreciate that. Thank you, Greg! I can't wait for the DVDs to come out...

(PS: Notice I didn't say anything about originality. I figured that wouldn't be very original of me....^_^)

Byrdie Fae - [pocket_avalon@yahoo.com]
Greensboro, NC, US of A
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 05:58:04 PM

Direct from the home office... the "Top Five Reasons to Watch Gargoyles."

#5. New York City streets twice as clean and half as crowded as in real life.
#4. Scheming multibillionaire looks like that "Number One" guy from "Star Trek."
#3. More loincloths and men in tights than you can shake a stick at.
#2. Sure, that Demona chick wants all humans dead, but she's still HOT.

And the number one reason to watch "Gargoyles"...

#1. It's better than Barney!

:: tosses the index card and cues the band ::

David Letterman
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 05:45:42 PM

1) I loved the voice cast. Each and every voice was simply perfect and well-cast, especially Keith David as Goliath.
2) I love how the show blends different cultures from the East & West.
3) I love how the show never talked down to its audience and left its mysteries open sometimes.
4) I loved how Xanatos changed throughout the series. He was not your normal villian.
5) I loved the characters themselves. They were such a joy to watch and clashed with each other beautifully.

Matthew Cavalier - [DNukem170@aol.com]
Baltimore, MD, USA
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 05:43:52 PM

1.The story was the first think what impressed me. Other than every other Disney Cartoon it was a real story behind.
2.The characters: They were believable and everybody could understand them, combined with the fact that they were mostly tragic: Demona, Goliath, Coldstone...
3.The Animation: They were much better than by any other Disney Cartoon before.
4.The combination of myth and sciene.
5.The opening theme... great really.
Hardwing - [hardwing@web.de]
The Ruhr, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 05:29:33 PM

top 5 reasons! ^_^ Ok greg, here we go!

1) it was original. I understadn Disney gave Greg one word, 'gargoyles' and let him do with it what he wanted. I like what he came up with!
2) the mythos adn legends aspect. There were a lot of cultural crossovers that I liked.
3) the characters. These were deep characters, villians who had a reason for being dark, and heroes trying to do the right thing.
4) continuity. A storyline that went somewhere!
5) Character design. Very shadowy, very dark, it drew me in for looking different!
penpan2 - [pen_2_991@yahoo.com]
columbus, OH
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 05:28:42 PM


Bet even Greg didn't expect this many people! Hello to these hiding people! Welcome to the forum at last :P

5 reasons... hmmm...

5. Originality! Something this world is lacking these days and this series had it in bucket loads. Disney was onto something big and yet they'd rather say that they created Teamo Supremo than admit they created Gargoyles! Walt would be spinning in his cryogenic tube if he saw what was happening to his company!
4.The storylines. These all fit together wonderfully and involved complex characters and myths and legends. Things that had morals and a more adult twist to them. (Hyena for example. She's got to be the most adult like character in a childrens cartoon. She refers to sexual activites, crazy, creepy and has a deep lust for blood!)
3.Clones! Sure, loads of cartoons heroes have done clones, but this is by far one of the most interesting! You have your good clones, your bad clones, but in Gargoyles we had a clone that wasn't an evil incarnation of the hero with all his darkest thoughts etc, this had ones where the main clone only desired money and power, thought like an indivual, not a knock off and then he made other clones not because he was lonely, but more on the lines 'Why try to woo a girl when you can simply make one!' It had a deep twist of Frankstein irony to it.
2. The possibilities. all these things that just keep you wondering, all these things that we didn't see, all these questions unanswered like, oh... i dunno, picking one at random... what did Titania whisper in Fox's ear?! ;p
1. four words. "The password is... Alone..."

EnglandWednesday, November 12, 2003 05:10:15 PM

My reasons for watching Gargoyles are:

1. The complexity of the plot. It's so rare to find a cartoon that's plot is so complex and interesting. You never knew what was going to happen!

2. The characters were interesting and I loved watching how they grew in different ways all the time. They certainly weren't flat!

3. I love all the Shakespeare references and it's interesting to see how what he had written could be tied into a modern-day story.

4. The art is really amazing and dark for a cartoon by Disney. Very nice!

5. The voice acting was great as well. They really fit the characters they were doing the voice for.

Marie - [mbt114@yahoo.com]
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 04:58:17 PM

Wow! There's been a lot of responses to Greg's request. It just goes to show how much people love this show and Greg too of course.
Top five (in no particular order):
-Broad appeal, it has appeal for all sorts of people (after all there's something that still captivates us, even though we're all quite a bit older than when we originally watched the show)
-Intellectual, there's always something to think about and make you say "hmm..."
-Nothing's black and white, nothing and no one on gargoyles is ever clearly good or bad,the villians have their good moments and the heros have their bad ones
-Complexity of everything, nothing can ever really be taken at face value and it always connects to something else in the show somehow
-Unique plot, the plot was never "cookie-cutter", something different happened in each episode it was never just 'gargoyles fight villian, villian is defeated, the end'

Wednesday, November 12, 2003 04:50:44 PM

The five reasons I watched Gargoyles (and continue to think of it as the greatest animated series ever):

1. Demona. I could say the characters in general, but Demona deserves props as someone I consider to be one of the most complex and fascinating characters ever to grace the small screen, animated or RL. Her pathological obsession with the destruction of humanity, combined with her ultimate denial of her own responsibility, make for a tortured individual, and her life is appropriately fleshed out in episodes like the City of Stone series. She's quite scary and evil, and her crimes make most other cartoon villains seem either small-time or, well, cartoonish. But she is very sad as well, and when she said her password was ALONE, she broke my heart. Likewise her act of redemption for Angela in the Reckoning gave me everlasting hope that her soul could be saved some day. Credit must also be given to Marina Sirtis, who brought her to life so vividly. I will always think of Sirtis first and foremost as "the voice of Demona", not "Counselor Troi".

2. The entire cast. Demona doesn't exactly make the rest of the cast look dull. The show had this incredibly diverse group - and by diverse, I mean the personalities and backgrounds, not just their races. Characters didn't just flare up and then disappear again. They stayed, and they evolved, and they could surprise you, and they became more fascinating as a result - Fox Xanatos being a perfect example of that. Their lives seemed deeper than your typical "lesson to the kiddies". The show never seemed afraid to introduce someone new, be they human, gargoyle, or fay. And their interaction with each other was excellent. Again, the men and women responsible for their voices - Salli Richardson, Keith David, Ed Asner, John Rhys-Davies, and so - were uniformly vibrant who I identify completely with their characters.

3. It wasn't your typical Disney cartoon. Don't get me wrong, I've enjoyed other Disney TV shows - before Gargoyles, my favorite show would have been Aladdin. But there was always a slightly more dark, slightly more adult aspect to it, that appealed to the adult in me, whereas Aladdin might appeal to the child in me. So many times it tackled themes that made me say, "I've never seen that in a cartoon before!" - Fox's pregnancy, for example, or the shooting of Elisa Maza, or death. And they handled it in a completely mature way. They never felt the need to dumb it down for the pre-teen set. As such, it allowed them to work in truly fascinating times, places, and bodies of work - Shakespeare, the Dark Ages, WWII, the lore of the Hebrews and Greeks and Japanese and Egyptians and aborigines, etcetera.

4. It was enlightening. I never knew the truth about the real Macbeth until this show explained that Shakespeare wasn't completely truthful. I didn't know golems were Hebrew legends. I'd never heard of things like "the dreamtime" or Anansi the spider. It expanded my horizons.

5. The basic elements. It was, by turns, exciting, hilarious, suspenseful, romantic, frightening, sad, scholarly, and sweet. What more is there to say?

Sincerely, Allaine

Allaine - [eac2nd@yahoo.com]
Philadelphia, PA
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 04:41:54 PM

Wednesday, November 12, 2003 04:30:02 PM

1. The concept was new, bold, and darring. Following the revolutionary standard established by "Batman The Animated Series"

2. The plotlines, and characterizations that worked on both levels. Proving that sophisticated, and mature cartoons can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

3. The talented cast members who helped bring the characters to life with their voicework. Including many "Star Trek" veterans like Johnathan Franks, and Michael Dorn.

4. The concept of having the middle ages clashes with modern times as the Gargoyles learn to adapt in a world that's not their own.

5. The amazingly high quality production values that went into alot of the episodes.The best television work that Disney has ever produced, and no other Disney series since then has ever come close to the same level of magnitude that "Gargoyles" has established.

Marc Baker - [mbaker@cobweb.net]
Washington, PA, USA
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 04:21:56 PM

1. The intelligent discourse. It didn't adress the audience as stupid children- it gave us a little credit.
2. The accurate mythologyfrom many diffrent culutures.
3. The gritty and realistic style of art.
4. Complicated drama, good jokes, epic storylines. Gargoyles took itself seriously which was nice to see.
5. Well fleshed out characters. Even the bad guys were given motives and often had episodes exploring their past. There were a lot of shades of grey in the show, Xanatos being a perfect example.
Avery Liell-Kok - [aliellko@indiana.edu]
Bloomington, Indiana, USA
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 04:20:52 PM

... ... ... ... Batya ... ... ... ... The Trek connection with the voice overs ... ... ... ... ... ... Fantasy - I'm a big fan of fantasy and mythology ... ... ... ... ... Shakespeare... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Darker ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
... ... ... ... ... ... Xantos is cool ... ... ... ... ... Nothing like Greg to get out the Lurkers! ^_^ ... ... ...
... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Carl Johnson ... ... ... ... ...
... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Sponge Bob sucks ... ... ... ... ... The Mirror ... ... ... ...
... ... ... ... ... The Careful Balance ... ... ... ... ...
... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... King Arthur... ... ... ... ... ... ... ..
... ... ... ... ... I hate Mondays ... ... ... ... ... ... ALLLLLRIGHT!!!! SECOND!!!! ... ... ... ... ...


Yup, that about covers this week (and only three days in!) I read the WHOLE THING. Start to finish. Woah, that was a long read!!!

That is all I will say.

Battle Beast
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 04:17:02 PM

1)The mythology that drove it
2)first continuity I'd seen in a cartoon
3)great animation for 98% of the episodes
4)captivating storyline
5)treated its target audience as intelligent

Leanne Orwig - [leanneorwig@sbcglobal.net]
Colombus, Ohio, USA
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 04:10:24 PM

1. The presence of a continuous story.
2. The literary references worked into the show.
3. Clever and compelling personal drama, which never gives way to an excess of action.
4. The characters are dynamic and capable of changing.
5. The use of Scotland as a setting for many important early events. (I'm a quarter MacLean)

Paul Brömmer - [delthayre@hotmail.com]
Allentown, PA, USA
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 04:09:43 PM

Wednesday, November 12, 2003 04:04:05 PM

Referring to the first 2 seasons:

1. Clarity of narrative and characterization throughout, even as more characters appeared, and others changed.

2. Juxtaposition. King Arthur going on a quest to find Excalibur in modern NYC is one example that springs to mind. I really like that sort of contrast.

3. Characterization.

4. The frequent literary references.

5. The overall sense of high quality in the show's production, as well as just how fun it was to watch. There's just so much in the Gargoyles universe that rivals the amount in any of the recognized/marketted "cult properties".
Boba Fett - [jangosboy@aol.com]
CIA, Valencia
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 03:57:17 PM

1.) The mythology. Everything from all the great myths and tales of earth were there, from Puck and Oberon to King Arthur and Camelot.
2.) The writing. One of the most important things on any series, and this show had it in spades. It's right up there with HBO's "Carnivale" and Patrick McGoohan's "The Prisoner" in terms of brilliance.
3.) The inclusion of the Illuminati. How often is it that TV shows, especially those that air at a kid-friendly time, deal with such tough real world issues?
4.) The arc. This was all going somewhere. That's why it was brilliant.
5.) Keith David. He's one of the greatest vocal performers I've ever heard. And he made a GREAT Othello in New York City, but that's beside the point.
Mal Brettauer - [bensisko3@aol.com]
Rye, NY, USA
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 03:53:49 PM

5 things that drew me into Gargoyles:

(1) Arc -- the fact that the events in previous episodes actually influenced the events in the following episodes in order to tell the continuing story of the characters.
(2) Continuity -- On a related note, the Gargoyles universe feels both unified and continuous. Characters don't just disappear; they DO something while they aren't on screen. Supporting characters aren't just appendages to the main character's lives, they have their own, independent existences.
(3) Character -- Speaking of characters, the characters are both dynamic and conflicted. Each character has the capacity to do both good and evil.
(4) Mythology -- The Gargoyles Universe takes many diverse threads and ties them together is a sensible, interesting way. Characters like Puck, Titania, and Oberon can be enjoyed even if the viewer hasn't read A Midsummer's Night's Dream, but are much more interesting to those who have. Gargoyles would take what was old and make it new.
(5) Design -- The characters looked great. The "dark deco"-like atmosphere (similar to B:TAS) matched the content of the show well.

tpdvill - [mmackenz@law.harvard.edu]
Cambridge, MA
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 03:32:32 PM

It was an EXTREMLY well written series with beleviable characters. The mix of fantasy and reality was absolutely breathtaking. The story had a epic feel that made it larger than life. The voice cast was superb and the dialogue was delivered with passion and commitment.
Will Kilmer - [profweasel@excite.com]
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 03:31:01 PM

I can summarize at least 5 reasons regarding why I like "Gargoyles".
(1) It is well-written. Even years later, the script still holds one's interest.
(2) It is well-drawn. This is especially noticed in the emotions in Goliath's face.
(3) It has humor. I always like the gargoyles' reactions to our modern times.
(4) The voices are well-chosen. I am always amazed to read the credits, and recognize familar actors playing these very different roles.
(5) The series is interesting enough for young and old.

James - [jameswsweet@webtv.net]
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 02:58:44 PM

Um Hi. I saw a post about why we like gargoyles? and i wanted to answer..

I like all sorts of 'dark' things i read lots of vampire and witch books and your cartoon was awesome when i was little and i think it was a nice way of introducing those concepts to me. I wish there were more new episodes, and that the show was on lots more. I loved the charicters most of all, i still do. I used to sit in front of the tv and then during the commercials i would pretend i was part of the show then when it came back on i would sit down again. My favorite charicter of all was Brooklyn, he always reminded me of myself, and i would just like to thank you for creating the show.


Twin_Kitten - [kittin@epals.com]
ridgecrest, CA, USA
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 02:42:37 PM

oops, sorry, 5 only ^^;; there's just so many
Amber - [bookbug85@hotmail.com]
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 02:27:41 PM

Why did I love gargoyles? I <i>still</i> love gargoyles!
1. Elisa and Goliath's growing affections towards each other
2. The complex twists and turns they had
3. The legend and lore thrown in
4. Demona and Macbeth's feud
5. The wonderful character development
6. PUCK!!! <3
7. Avalon and his children
8. *huggles everyone* and because the characters are sooo loveable! *even hugs demona before running away from cannon fire*

I hope they put the show back on during the day and make new episodes! But I only want new episodes if they can stick to the Gargoyle's normal good taste and quality. Also, if they make new episodes, they should try and get back the original voices or at least people who sound similiar.

Amber - [bookbug85@hotmail.com]
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 02:15:26 PM

In no particular order:
1. Fantasy - I'm a big fan of fantasy and mythology, and this series had a great package of that combined with an original, and definitely refreshing story.
2. Drama - I was surprised by how serious and epic this series could be, especially since it's animated and Disney. I have been a longtime fan of animation and Disney, and it was wonderful to see something different being offered. There was great romance, drama, and humor throughout the series and it definitely hooked me in.
3. Animation - Beautiful, simple as that. Very consistant and bold, despite the darkness of the series. I also love the design of the characters and the settings the stories take place in.
4. Good characters - They were engaging and interesting, every single one of them. Even people we don't see much of like Eliza's parents or Detective Bluestone. Everyone was connected, and had a history, and relationships were examined and explored.
5. Music - Just watching the opening and listening to the main theme could draw me in to watch the series, if I had known nothing else about it in the first place.

Shirley - [grywolf220@yahoo.com]
Arcadia, CA, USA
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 02:09:08 PM

1. The Pack- Can't explain why, there was just something to them I really liked
2. Mutants- I grew up on mutant animals and Talon, Maggie and the rest were great
3. Puch as Owen- Just when you thought you knew everything they thorw another curve ball at you
4. Religion, I respect any saga that can bring religion into the series and not make it preachey
5. They shoot Elisa, you never see them shooting main chacters in cartoons, that was just so unexpected it was great, just wish TD would show the ep more than once in a blue moon
woodlands, tx
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 02:05:31 PM

What drew me to gargoyles.

1. Voice acting and Stories that didn't belittle us by acting campy or silly.
2. Top notch stories that not only were self contained but was treaded by a larger story.
3. Interesting characters with great development.
4. Interesting secondary and third characters with great development.
5. Didn't stick to one style of story. Bounced through medevil. Action. Mystery.
6. Great animation/art.

Steve Young - [stevey_1999_us@yahoo.com]
saint paul, mn
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 01:56:30 PM

I liked Gargoyles because yes the show was made for kids, but it was very interesting. It had much information on mythology. The characters were well played and likeable. The drawing and setting was superb. It challenged the imageination. Those are just some of the few reasons I loved gargoyles
USAWednesday, November 12, 2003 01:55:39 PM

1 - Fascinating, well-rounded, and complex characters who developed throughout the series.

2 - A plot that kept its continuity, was vast and involved, and engaging.

3 - A darkness and reality that is rarely seen among a fantasy cartoon.

4 - Mythology and literature were constantly referred to or directly involved in the series.

5 - (pertaining to pre-"Goliath Chronicles" series) The stories all had morals and items to ponder without shoving them down your throat or being saccharine with them.
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 01:55:29 PM

Very simply: the characters are seriously heroic (which few Disney characters are), the story has depth through its literary and mythical references, the villains have understandable and sympathetic motives, the plots are involved, and the plot complications require intelligence to understand.
Thomas E. Reed - [hatemail@off-model.com]
Orlando, FL, US
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 01:54:32 PM

1) Intricate and intelligent plots
2) In depth characters who change over time
3) Serious subject material that for the adolescent or adult and not a four year old. (I don't mean sexual content)
4) Environments that drew you in with voices that we know and loved
5) The weaving together of classic literature with modern themes, events, and ideologies.

David Henderson (Mecord)
Logan , Utah
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 01:54:18 PM

In no particular order
1.Hudson-He was one of the best characters on the show and the father figure gargoyle to Goliath.
2. Macbeth-good version of the character.The best scene for me with him is when he and Arthur fought for Excaliber.
3.Puck. apart from brent spiner this was a nice distraction.
4.Stories-Specifically the arc with Goliath and elisa travelling the world and running into other mythic creatures. the golem is a good example.
5. dedication-the story, no matter what direction kept true to the characters.

Matt Ulmen - [catspawwriter@aol.com]
East Wenatchee, WA, USA
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 01:48:34 PM

The primary reasons I was drawn and locked onto "Gargoyles" have to be:

1. Deep character development and complex plotlines.
2. Fallable characters, noone was invincible, there were obvious weaknesses.
3. The accurate implimentation of Mythology.
4. Dark and realistic portrayal of the world. People are treacherous and there is obvious crime, not every day is 'oh, that turned out wonderful'. There are consequenses.
5. The realistic animation. Heck, the animation as a whole was exceptional. The show was gritty and didn't automatically conform to Disney's normal routine of "Cutesy animation to appeal to small children" This show appealed to even the older audience of teenagers and adults.

Mike - [dragonbreath78@hotmail.com]
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 01:47:23 PM

1)Detailed plots and characters that drew me in to the tight continuity.
2)Beautiful animation.
3)The use fo Shakespeare and mythology in the plots.
4)Dealing with real world issues while being entertaining too.
5)The epic scope.
Matthew Orwig - [mattorwig@hotmail.com]
Columbus , OH, USA
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 01:40:42 PM

Top five reasons, in no particular order:
1) Interesting characters
2) Fluid animation
3) I was drawn to the dark and mythical nature of it all - living gargoyles is a great idea
4) The continuous and intricate story arcs
5) The dynamic between Elisa and Goliath
Mike Butler - [joebox17@aol.com]
Boise, ID, USA
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 01:35:09 PM

Reasons I was drawn to the show (and became a fan):

5. Top-notch animation and design. As a lifelong animation fan, these elements had immediate appeal to me.
4. An ideal balance of action and drama with just the right amount of comedy in the mix. And a sidenote on the drama -- the literary themes added an appealing dimension to the show as well.
3. Very well-written and produced, with engaging plots and must-not-miss-an-episode story arcs. And it didn't appear to pander to a specific demographic. I honestly felt like Disney, for once, was allowing a team to produce a high-quality show that would be entertaining for all audiences -- like there was a sincere desire just to tell great stories.
2. Well-defined, interesting characters -- with a depth rarely matched in animated TV history.
1. It was exceptionally well-cast, directed and acted. This was the primary reason I tuned in and became a fan of the show. And many cast members being "celebrities" had nothing to do with it. I didn't even know who Keith David was before 'Gargoyles,' but his role as Goliath made me a fan and I've followed his work ever since.

Craig Crumpton - [voiceroy@yahoo.com]
Atlanta, GA, USA
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 01:25:46 PM

The top Five reasons that draw me to Gargoyles:
1) Elisa's & Goliath's romance.
2) The complex Stiory Arc.
3)The action & the humor of the series
4)The quality & style of animation used to bring the series to life, for television it was the Outstanding!
5)The interaction between all the characters in the series
weather good or bad or in between the were richly written and acted by outstanding actors.

An added note: This series deserves a DVD box set treatment
of all the episodes. Thanks for listening

Scott Aparo - [cleverloaf@yahoo.com]
Austell, Georgia, USA
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 01:20:15 PM

1. Well plotted storylines with a moral.

2. Characters with fleshed out motivations, backstories that interconnect with each other... and NO two dimensional female characters, as fully fleshed out as the male characters.

3. Rich voice casting. Regardless of the celebrity status of the voice talent, each actor had a rich voice that expressed geniune emotion.

4. Storylines that bring in characters based on literary and mythical figures which fed my interest in reading about other interpretations of those named characters. Anything that engages a childs imagination is good, but something that inspires a child to read is fantastic.

5. Clean crisp animation with well done backgrounds

Damon Stone - [bounce510@yahoo.com]
Sacramento, CA, USA
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 01:08:26 PM

Top 5 reasons I watched Gargoyles??

1. The show was not dumbed down for kids only crowd. It respected teenagers and up to adults who could watch it and not feel like they were being talked down to.
2. Very in depth stories/great plotlines
3. Very fleshed out characters
4. The atmosphere
5. The actors who did the voices were top notch talent.
Matthew Petersen - [deathofthedisc@yahoo.com]
Hollywood, Florida, USA
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 01:08:22 PM

1. Very mature show that also appealed to children
2. Great animation
3. Great voice tallent
4. Fantastic contunity. I hate when television shows (not just cartoons) are eposidic and can be palyed in any order.
5. Great storylines/themes, heavly influenced by great works of littatiure.
Preston L. Bobo - [Navarp@aolcom]
Guthrie, Oklahoma, United States
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 01:06:59 PM

Five things that drew me in:

1. Animation of a style and quality which there is a sad lack of on TV these days.
2. Character depth
3. Voice talent (Keith David's first line: "YOU are trespassing." in Awakenings still gives me shivers)
4. Continuity(i.e. Elisa is gravely injured and then STAYS injured for a few episodes)
5. Writing that wasn't afraid to explore more intense issues and appealled to older audiences.

Wednesday, November 12, 2003 01:05:02 PM

5.) Good, solid, original animation style.
4.) Great music.
3.) Coherent mythology.
2.) Mature, engaging storylines.
1.) Shakespeare.
Striker - [MattStriker@yahoo.com]
Vienna, N/A, Austria
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 12:56:56 PM

Top five reasons? Easy:
1. Great use of classic literature in the series.
2. Tons of in-depth mythology.
3. Puck and Macbeth.
4. Consistant storylines and ongoing plot threads.
5. Well fleshed out characters on par with those in shows aimed at people twice the age of most Gargoyles fans.

Aaron - [donjac@pivot.net]
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 12:50:24 PM

My top 5 reasons? Oh there are sooooo many....
¥ A plot that follows a logical course of time - it spans centuries but is absolutely believable.
¥ Characters that have some real meat to them - less fluff, more emotion
¥ Historical references
¥ A classic undercurrent of good vs. evil
¥ Bronx - dunno why, I just love that big rocky oaf

redheadGrrlie - [gd_forhire@yahoo.com]
Portland, ME, USA
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 12:46:55 PM

*pokes head in*

1. Continuity that makes daytime soap opera writers bite their nails and shave their heads in shame.

2. The way it wove the myths and legends of various cultures into the storytelling universe without being patronizing.

3. The theme, reiterated again and again, of hope from despair. A few survivors of a terrible tragedy, not unlike the survivors of attempted genocides during human history, struggle to find a new place in the world, and despite all the odds, they eventually do.

4. The ability on the part of the writing staff to show the worst villains as three-dimensional characters with their own desires and motivations that are understandable.

5. The female characters. Oh my. Each one, no matter her alignment, has a purpose and a goal and a backstory, and not one of them exists merely to be The Love Interest or The Damsel In Distress or The Plucky Chick With Snappy Comebacks. They're actually complex characters. Why is this important in an animated series? Because some of us had to grow up with Smurfette, and we'd like something a little better for our kids.

Merlin Missy
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 12:20:34 PM

Top five reasons.
1. Good Plots.
2. Great Charcters
3. Decent animation
4. Like the fantasy twist with like the shakesphere stories
5. Great voice actors
Leland Pierce Jr
San Diego, Ca, USA
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 12:16:57 PM

1. Plot - great stories all along
2. Continuity - so many links to what was and what would be
3. Characterization - the characters grew and changed, yet they were always in character
4. Voice - Great bunch
5. Animation - clean, crisp, pretty much all good
Josh Wilhoyte
Roswell, GA, USA
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 12:09:12 PM

Top 5:

1) Continuity - Things change from episode to episode, actions have lasting CONSEQUENCES!!!
2) Good animation / voice acting
3) Awesome music
4) Good characters - characters change, have believable motivations, aren't silly in being evil or good.... Damn, who *didn't* cry watching City of Stone and Demona's 'alone' the first time??
5) Historical/mythical characters/plotlines. What other show has Oberon, Titania, Puck, Macbeth, King Arthur, etc?
Philly, PA, USA
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 12:03:05 PM


1. The intentional/unintentional ontological questioning the show raised numerous times. Also, it's awareness of the question of self-purpose and its relentless pursuit of discovering what is to be (platonicly ?) noble and good (i.e. courage, honor, loyalty, trust, etc. or their anti-theses). There were many episodes where I felt I was watching a platonic dialogue with a good plot and interesting characters. I can always go to back to certain episodes and learn something new and see something new that Heidegger talks about. The differance is that Gargoyles makes it accessible.

2. The damn good story-line. I *really* did want to know what happened. And I still really want to know what is happening!!

3. Goliath is perhaps the most intriguing character I have ever encountered, morseso than any of the literary characters I have met so far. The way he was fleshed out made him real and living, which is a feat that is rare to accomplish *and* encounter.

4. The Characters were believable. They weren't bullet-proof, they weren't always knowing what they were doing. There are many times where I can watch the show and think, "Yeah, I've done something that stupid."

5. The animation was always dark; a perfect relflection of the series story-line itself. Animation tones and story matched wondefully.
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 11:41:57 AM

Top 5 reasons

Characters. The characters developed through the series rather than being one dimensional. They made their mistakes and had their flaws, but they learned from those mistakes and matured. There were also multiple villains who were complex and not necessarily villains all the time rather than your typical cliched villains.

Well thought out story lines: Morals that are woven into the story lines without beating you over the head with them. Consistency within the series yet with stories that could stand by themselves.

Excellent musical tie-ins. The collaboration between the sound editor and the music editor to create the proper feeling for the scenes was great.

Above standard animation. Very visually appealing without the limited animation feel of most cartoons produced today in the US or the nonmoving scenes of open mouth, close mouth dialogue of anamae. The characters had expressions and gestures while they were talking, much more natural.

A variety of subjects that get you thinking and exploring outside sources for more information. (McBeth, different legends, King Arthur, Shakespeare)

Old Kathy
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 11:27:56 AM

1. The ongoing characterization of the heros and villains throughout the series.
2. Use of Gaelic/Medieval/Shakesperean mythologies.
3. Intricate & ongoing relationships/histories between characters. Goliath & Demona. Demona & Xanatos. Xanatos & Fox. Eliza & Goliath. Puck & everyone. Etc, etc.
4. Intriguing, yet simple (maybe fluid is a better word) character design.
5. High and sometimes complex emotional stakes/"prices to pay" for the all the characters - whether hero or villain.
Scott - [wonderscott@yahoo.com]
San Francisco, CA, USA
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 11:24:24 AM

Ok, the top 5 reasons why I was drawn to 'Gargoyles':

1) Goliath & Elisa - strong, sexy characters.
2) For the most part, high-quality animation (fluid etc.).
3) Excellent coloring and lighting - it added more depth and contrast, which seems to create a sense of more realism.
4) COMPLEX CHARACTERS & STORYLINE!!! Food for the brain! Both the characters and the story are not predictable, always surprising. The writing created real empathy.
That is SO rare in western animation today.
5) Personal preference - I like mythology, history, literature. 'Gargoyles' mixed those elements well with the high-tech age of today, making both worlds more interesting. Also, the 'Girl and her secret friends from a different world' notion plays right into my secret wishful imagination.

I hope this helped you, Greg!

Andrea 'Elisa Maza' Zucconi - [elisamaza@t-online.de]
St.Marys, GA, USA
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 11:22:50 AM

They said they wanted 5 reasons for why we watch Gargoyles:
1. Deep, rich, three-dimensional characters. Some toons make it hard to truly emotionally invest in characters; Gargoyles was soooo easy. They even made us feel sorry for the ruthless Demona and MacBeth.
2. Voices. The best voices in the biz: David, Asner, Bennett. The best actors in the biz: Curry, Warner, Rhys-Davies. The best Trekkers in the biz: Frakes, Sirtis, Spiner. Not only did everyone sound devoted to their roles, but they fit their roles perfectly.
3. Deep long storylines. I was FASCINATED every time they filled in the past "blanks". MacBeth, the Hunters, Avalon...RIVETING. No cartoon today expects you to be smart enough to remember past shows, but Gargoyles rewarded us with new revelations every month.
4. High concepts. The whole idea of "Stone by day, Warrior by night"...could not dig it more. The Magus' time "loops". All that darn Shakespeare! (Who knew that Shakespeare could be used after college?) The creators NEVER talked down to us ONCE.
5. And on a personal note: I really loved the emotional tension between Elisa and Goliath. Beauty and the Beast. Love from two different worlds, species even! Do we? Should we? Dare we? That long-awaited kiss made me all fuzzy inside.

If anyone important (above the creators, I mean) is out there listening...Dude. How many years has it been? And we are all still here. Still talking, still listening, still hoping. What more do you need?

Just make it. We promise to show up.
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 11:19:01 AM

143...I believe
Houston , TX
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 11:16:12 AM

1. references to things not on a child level- ie. Shakespeare
2. originally it was on at a time that was conveintent.
3. time paradoxes, gets me everytime
4. recognizable voice talent- "hey I know that guy!"
5. I had just read Macbeth and one of the first episodes I saw was about him- just reeled me in.
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 10:59:45 AM

#1. The show goes through so many genras(from magical to sci-fi to political to survival to mid-evil to alien to time travel to genetics to ect.) and does it so harmoniously and flawless.
#2.Demona(I like female characters who can kick butt and doesn't fall into "the weak woman" steriotype.*drools*)
#3.The most dramatic and graphic animation from disney since the mountain demon from the original Fantasia.

Things I like to see if Gargoyles gets some new seasons.
#1.King Arthur or Xanatos becomes President of the United States.
#2.A new saga based on the ep "Future Tense".
#3.Goliath and Elisa have a son that is human by day and Gargoyle by night(becomes a cop when he 's a young adult).
#4.Dingo, Griff, Coldstone, Coldfire, and/or Taurus, joins Goliath's clan.
#5.The new Olympians declare war on the Human race when a Human(Proteus in disguise) assinates Boreas.
Nuke Mayhem
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 10:44:04 AM

1. The teaser trailer hooked me completely.
2. Subject matter. Straight-out it wasn't just another sugar-coated slot filler. I was introduced to gargoyles as sentient creatures when I began gaming in '85 so the series was like several straight seasons of Christmas.
3. Character design, diversity AND depth. It was hard to find a good visual and mental balance back then. Oftentimes it still is.
4. The stories themselves were intriguing. It was all very multi-layered which was (again) hard to find. The writing was pretty tight and if there were loopholes or straight-line storytelling to be found it was minimal.
5. For the most part the cast was already familiar but all over the place in terms of previous or current projects. It made me curious as to what the series had in store if they were pulling in such a range of talent.

Wednesday, November 12, 2003 10:30:52 AM

Todd> yeah this is great for the room if we are going for pure numbers, but i can't even spare the hours it would take to read all this! don't get me wrong, i think its great to see such support and such enthusiasm... but i agree that Greg might regret asking, lol, i mean , LOOK at all these posts!

*takes a glance around the extremely crowded Comment Room. the dragonlings were forced to climb to the ceiling for lack of space, the cookie table is empty but for a few crumbs and for the first time in years, i don't know the VAST majority of people here!*
so welcome all you newcomers! welcome back all you past-posters, and welcome to the conversation all you lurkers!

Wednesday, November 12, 2003 10:16:59 AM

Why Gargoyles?

It worked on lots of levels making it enjoyable for viewers of all ages.

Visuals. Stunning, in depth, beautiful artwork. Even (and sometimes especially) the backgrounds were just lovely.

Storytelling. Multilayered. Rarely simplistic. Arcs that were subtley rendered.

Source Material. The World Tour was drawn from the mythology of multiple cultures. The series as a whole was peppered with literary references. I read or re-read books I might not have otherwise because of "GARGOYLES".

Characters. Three dimentional. Rarely were any of their motivations simplistic. No one was static.

And then there's the fandom. But that's an entirely different list.

Wednesday, November 12, 2003 09:42:44 AM

My top 5

1)The Rogues' Gallery. Gargoyles is probably second only to Batman when comes to thought provoking villains. And even then only because Bats has more. Xanatos, Demona, Macbeth, The Hunters, Talon, Thailog. You could probably spend hours, if not days discussing each of them. Even characters like Sevarius or Jackal, who are just plain evil have so much style its hard not to like them.

2) As many others have said the ongoing storylines were a big hook. My first episode was "Thrill of the Hunt" I didn't really understand who this Xanatos person they were talking about was or why he was in jail but those references got me intriguied enough to tune in for the next episode and I was promptly surprised to hear Demona mention events that took place in last week's episode. It blew my 11 year old brain and ensured I'd be tuning in for the rest of the series.

3)The production values. The incredible animation (especially WD Japan), The haunting soundtrack, the incredible voice acting by experienced live action actors and the very best voice actors added up to make the series a visaul and audial feast.

4)The mind blowing quality of the writing. Morals that didn't hit you over the head. Shows about ethics that amounted to more than "do unto others as you would have them do unto you." A vast variety of tones and genres, ranging form Sci-fi to comedy to fantasy to urband noir and beyound. Characters who got hurt (Elisa) or even died (The Emir). And everyone had to deal with the rmifications of their actions, wether they were good or bad.

-King Arthur Baby! Gargoyles had a fantastic cast of recurring characters and would even bring throw away characters like Margot or Vinnie and develop them into compelling individuals in their own right.

Wednesday, November 12, 2003 09:41:19 AM

In response to:"WHAT ARE THE TOP FIVE REASONS THAT YOU ARE DRAWN TO THE GARGOYLES SERIES?" 1. Continuous story: You can't just sit down and watch one episode without having seen the previous ones, each one expands upon the greater story. 2. Interesting characters: These aren't your run-in-the-mil typical disney characters who never change from episode to episode. Gargoyles' characters attitudes and feelings are affected by what goes on in a particular episode and the effect on them can be seen in later episodes. 3. Excellent balance of story and action: self explanatory. 4. 9 times out of 10, there is a very obvious moral to the story: something that is seriously lacking in today's series. To this day I'm still reminded of the episode "Deadly Force" which features the best example of the danger of guns (even though Toon Disney cut it from their lineup). And finally, when was the last time you saw this great a show outside of anime? All these elements are fine by themselves and individually would help a series, but Gargoyles brought them all together to create a splended drama that still claims a large fanbase (who eagerly await a Seasonal DVD release) who will forever fondly remember this fantastic series.
Ben - [bp51791@appstate.edu]
Boone, NC, USA
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 08:24:59 AM

Top 5 reasons

1. (the reason I started) it involved fantasy (and had one really nice commercial that got my attention)

2. It had a good plot line that kept my attention from wandering

3. a character wtih muscles using his brain first (most of the time and this being Goliath)

4. cartoons... need I say more

5. it irritated my mother (sorry, just being honest)

Wednesday, November 12, 2003 07:51:01 AM

1. Riveting interconnecting storylines
2. Talented voice actors
3. Stunning artwork
4. Music that was an intregal part of the show's overall mood
5. Inspiration for my own personal creativity

Christi Smith Hayden - [aka Spike]
Dallas, TX
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 07:38:33 AM

What's really great about this "Five reasons why we're drawn to Gargoyles" event is that it's filled the comment room up; things haven't been this bustling here for a long time. Even better is that we're getting comments from people who either haven't been here in a long time (such as Batya *waves at her*), or who (so far as I know) are visiting here for the first time.

I don't know what Greg Weisman's purpose was in suggesting this as yet (no doubt only he knows at present), but you've got to admit, the results have been very, very good for this room.

Todd Jensen
St. Louis, MO
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 07:30:53 AM

Top 5 Reasons (In no particular order):
1. Story: The way the show made use of literary/historical elements, and wove them into the history of the gargoyles, was excellent
2. All of the characters were quite well realized (none were there as 'padding').
3. Voice Actors: Hey, I'm a Trekkie. What got me initially interested in the show was the fact that so many of the ST:TNG cast (John Frakes, Marina Sirtis) were regulars or guest-stars on the show.
4. The Gargoyles: re-imagining the gargoyles as a magical race born to protect mankind was a cool idea.
5. Demona!! She is hot ^_^ (Hey, somebody had to say it)
Chup@Cabra - [chupacabra_s@hotmail.com]
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 07:29:56 AM

Top 5 reasons I was drawn to Gargoyles? Here they are:
1. The characters were wonderful creatures, large, predatory, noble and all around cool, and they were excellent heros.
2. The Gargoyles weren't human, AND THEY DIDNN'T WANT TO BE. I love that.
3. Story and it's depth. Amound animated shows it's very hard to find such great plot and continuity.
4. Animation quality - that's what initially got the show my attention. The Awakening shows were excellent, and though the rest of the series wasn't of unifor quality, it kept a high average.
5. The sexiest characters ever animated.
Alberta, Canada
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 06:27:04 AM

Top 5 reasons I was drawn to the Gargoyles:

1. The way you can almost feel for the characters. Demona being alone, Goliath's losing his clan, the feelings between Elisa and Goliath, Puck/Owen losing his true freedom, etc.

2. The fact that the 'princess' in the story, Elisa, could take care of her self and her friends, and then not lose that independence when she is rescued.

3. The ongoing story which includes ideas from Shakespear, Authurian legend, and mythology from around the world. And the fact that most if not all the shows were in some way connected.

4. The added realism. In real life people get physically hurt and killed. Gargoyles didn't try to hide this and in fact help bring to point how dangerous some things are. i.e. playing with a gun, not listening to family and friends, etc.

5. I was first drawn to the Gargoyles by the gothic theme. It what encouraged me to watch it when it first came out with Awakenings and I was impressed by the almost 'Anime' quality of the series. Note: I had every show on tape, many original airings, then my niece 'borrowed' them. If you are reading this, I want them back!

LadyRayden - [LadyRayden1@aol.com]
McAllen, TX, USA
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 06:05:00 AM

Why was I drawn to Gargoyles? Hmm...

At 5, I'd have to mention the poster I saw one day walking home... Thought 'hey, that show looks pretty cool...' That's what started me watching.
4... The animation. It's got a nice style to it. (I don't know why it differs from other animation stuff... I'm not an artist. It's just... Nicer than most animation.)
3. The continuity... I know... Everyone's said it...
2. The characters... Again, I know...
1... The mood/world setting. Nice and dark. Different


EnglandWednesday, November 12, 2003 05:56:38 AM

Five reasons I'm drawn to Gargoyles? That's easy, the problem is stopping at 5... I'll go with broad targets.

1) The Mood. When I first saw Gargoyles on the air as a kid, what struck me was the atmosphere. It wasn't a comedy. There was no slapstick. It had real characters in serious situations.
2) The Continuity. The whole series tells one story, the story of the characters' lives, and THEIR ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES. That helped me to connect with the characters, when their actions mattered.
3) The Characters. Every character has believable emotions and motivations, /especially/ the villians. Seeing Xanatos manipulate the forces around him for personal gain is great. Watching Goliath respond from his sense of honor and duty is truly awesome. Demona's downward spiral is heartbreaking, and her misdirected vengeance evokes both horror and sympathy. Gargoyles is without a doubt the most emotionally powerful television series ever aired "for kids".
4) The Literacy. Norse legend, Shakespearean theater, Scottish folk myth, its all there. Every story you've ever heard is true, and some you haven't heard before too. How many cartoons actually encourage people to read? This one did, big-time. I'm taking college courses in European mythology, and loving it, all thanks to Greg W and company.
5) The Possibility. The story in Gargoyles could actually be happening right now. Sure, it's a bit of a stretch, what with magic spells and minor deities and the biologically-questionable nature of Gargoyles. But there is nothing in the show that proves it's not real. And for me, sometimes that's enough to believe in it.

Edge - [gfan@element80.net]
Champaign, IL, 61820
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 05:48:57 AM

Wow, look at all the posts!! I wonder if Greg's going to regret asking? Coz you know *someone's* going to have to read all this :)
In reponse to Patrick's question - don't know about anyone else, but I am definately going to The Gathering next year. My first, but hopefully not my last :)

Lakes Entrance, VIC, Australia
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 05:16:36 AM

My Top 5 Reasons for Watching and Re-Watching Gargoyles:

5. The opening of Awakenings Part 1: This episode never fails to rope me in. Right when I think I'm done with Gargoyles, I plug in my tape with this episode and I'm right back where I started before the first boulder hits the ground.

4. Genre/Diversity Mix: This is a point that has been stated already and I'll add my kudo to the pot. The diversity of stories and genres employed gave Gargoyles an extra dimension. I'm not as into myth and magic as others but the series didn't rely on those angles for all its storylines so I never got bored. They threw in a bit of old Hollywood noir, some sci-fi, a heaping dose of modern urban decay, and a whole lot of Shakespeare. The mix may have been unusual, but what amazes me is that it worked so well, so intelligently and so seamlessly.

3. The Struggle to Survive: Yes, the series had action; a little romance; some magic here and there; and lots of cool gadgets, but strip it all away and the show had a daring and dark undercurrent as it centered on that Darwinian struggle of survival of the fittest. The gargoyles are a species that are fighting for its survival and place in a world that does not want them. Because of that undercurrent in its premise, I could easily empathize with Demona's destructive frustration as well as Goliath's sometimes desperate optimism.

2. Characters: It has already been stated over and over, but it bears repeating: The characters are incredible. Whether hero or villain, major or minor, the characters are dynamic, complex, imperfect, hard to pin down and ultimately fascinating.

And my number one reason for coming back again and again:

1. Commitment of the Production Team: One of the reasons that I am such of fan of "Cowboy Bebop" is that I get the feeling that the entire production crew believed in what they were making and enjoyed the process. I get that same feeling from a number of episodes in Gargoyles. "Awakenings", "The Mirror", "Deadly Force", "Hunter's Moon", and "City of Stone" are prime examples of an entire team (story, art, acting, directing, music, etc.) coming together and pulling off something special. That synergy just doesn't happen very often and when it does, it is incredible to witness and hard to ignore.

And there is my list. Thanks for letting me share.
Puaena - [pmathews@hawaii.rr.com]
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 04:19:28 AM

5 Reasons to Liking Gargoyles:

1. It is a Series everyone can relate to, and is one where the characters are not immortal, you can smack them on the head and they wont have a 6 inch long swell raise from their head, they can be shot, stabbed, or electocuted so it is the sense or realisum

2. Relations to History and Writings, what is Interesting about Gargoyles is how it ties in with the past in its own way, using things like MacBeth and things like the Lock Ness Monster and Easter Island for example, extra elements that make it a hit really

3. Character Designs, gotta love them, though I prefer Brooklyn, all the characters, Gargoyle, Human, 3rd Race, are all outstandingly done and the animation throughout the series is excellent credit to the artists and designers

4. Base, the way it is based, both in the past and in Manhatten are a nice key and you can watch from Episode 1 - the very end and it is almost as though the episodes are chapters of a larger episode as they all interconnect with lots of little storylines poping up and finishin, such as Episodes where Xanatos is in Jail to Brooklyn trying and failing to woo Angela's Heart and the Clones' creation and accidents

5. The Character voices, though what 80% are in Star Trek (Riker, Troi, LaForge, O'Brien, Sisko, Janeway, Uhura, Data, ...) the voices are excellent and you can really imagine the characters saying and acting the things said and their tones making them very believable too, and their ability to bring to life other characters, like Jeff Bennett doing Brooklyn, Puck and thugs all in the space of a few scenes well, goes without saying really,

Well hope that helps your survey Greg :)

Adam Kitchin - [adamkitchin2001@yahoo.com]
Essex, United Kingdom
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 04:13:11 AM

1 - All of the literary allusions to Shakespeare's plays, and to the Arthurian legends.
2 - The amazing combination and diversity of plot themes (i.e. middle ages, time-travel, future, morality and genetic testing/manipulation, inter-species love, honor, etc).
3 - The intensity of the episodes; they drew me in and made me feel what was going on.
4 - The ongoing sagas, and when I couldn't wait to see the next episode because the last one was so good and had left me in suspense.
5 - The dynamics between the characters (i.e. family, brotherhood, loyalty).
Gretchen Maune - [Gmaune@aol.com]
Columbia, MO, USA
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 04:01:11 AM

5. The music. Gargoyles has some really beautiful scores, and certainly some of the best music ever seen in the animated genre.

4. The style. The show itself has a very similar feel to Batman (another Weisman show) and I really like it's dark, gothic feel.

3. Memorable one-liners. Seriously, who wouldn't get a kick out of "yeah, use the force Lex!"?

2. Voice acting. Jonathan Frakes and Mirina Sirtis have wonderful talent, but just about every character had a unique sound that instantly identified them.

1. The Characters. There were no over-done villians or always-right hero. Both sides did things that were moral and immoral, and rarely could their intentions be totally good or bad. You almost wanted to reach out and scream at them when they did something wrong, or allowed their fears to hurt others.

Wednesday, November 12, 2003 03:24:43 AM

Why I am drawn to the Gargoyles...

Well in truth there are many reasons. Some are quite simple others are a little more complex.

First I love cartoons. Even with CG (which is a cartoon in its own right) or claymation you can never make a real person fit in with a fantastic creature. It just doesn't look right. Granted nowadays it looks better but it is still missing something.

My second reason. I was 14 at the time the Gargoyles first aired and there really was no solid cartoon out at the time, most of it was marketing fluff. And I was raised in france so I had already had gotten a taste of anime (it was/is cheaper to buy Japanese 'toons than americain ones) so I liked a continuing storyline with a backbone.

Third reason. The caracters that were created felt real. Granted they are cartoons and not real, but I could identify with them.

And lastly. I can't really explain it. I just liked it... There are some things you like or dislike just because and maybe a shrink could give you a real reason but I just truly enjoy it.

Nicholas Browning - [nikadimus@yahoo.com]
San Luis Obispo, CA, USA
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 03:22:19 AM

There are many reasons why I think Gargoyles is the best animated series of all time. I'd also like to thank the creators, animators, directors for making such a beautiful show for all of us.

1. The characters. Each character was so well developed and had their own original personality. It's extremely rare nowadays to find a cartoon with such in depth characters. Every one of the characters were so easy to fall in love with. You loved to love the good guys and you loved to hate the bad guys. The villans also had a direct reason for why they were the way they were. *outside of David Xanatos*

2. The gargoyles themselves. The first time I saw this show on tv in the 4th grade, I was instantly interested due to the fact that what I was seeing were such cool looking creature designs. And not only that, the entire show was based around them, and for once, the coolest looking characters were actually the GOOD GUYS! As an artist myself, I can't get over how well and imaginative these gargoyles are. Especially the wings. The wings were so beautifully animated, which leads me to my next reason.

3. The animation. To this day I have not found a cartoon with better animation than this one. You can see the pure quality right there on the screen. I bet that this was probably one of the hardest shows to animate but they pulled it off wonderfully and didn't cheap out on a single thing. Every character had something unique and interesting about them in their designs. Even the rarely used characters.

4. The story. Gargoyles had such a deep story that people of all ages could enjoy. In fact, even though Gargoyles was suppost to be more of a kids show, I think that the deepness of the story worked better with the older audience. You just can't find quality like this anymore on tv. The plotholes in Gargoyles were very few and far between and everything fit almost flawlessly. There was a reason for everything that happened and everything was fluid and creative. The show also had lessons such as the danger of playing with guns *when Broadway accidentally shot Elisa* and to think things out rationally before being all out for revenge. It teached kids good morals and how to better themselves, and also about the importance of true friendship and teamwork. Maybe not directly but in its own subtile ways. Shows these days are really lacking in that department. Now it's all about what can make the most money and sell the most merchandise. ---One more thing I'd like to add: I thought that the Goliath/Elisa relationship was a brilliant idea and added that much more depth into an already deep show. Well done

5. The voice acting. The voice acting was perfect all the way through. You could tell that the people voicing for the characters were really serious and dedicated to making this show a success. Props to Keith David for making Goliath come to life for us all.

I know this is very long but I had a lot to say about such a wonderful show. Thank you
The Tigress - [tigress_100@hotmail.com]
Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 03:09:46 AM

In no specific order:

1) The Characters - There was a richness and diversity in the characters unseen in most series. Not only were there a lot of characters, but they were all handled well and they each had a purpose in the story. The character interactions were one of the main highlights that made the show worth watching. Finally, the characters all had excellent voices.

2) The Writing - Each episode was tightly written and this made you want to pay careful attention when watching. It wasn't that you might miss something, but every little thing was important and just added that much more to the enjoyment of the episode. I also loved how clues were left in episodes which lead to bigger things later on. This certainly added to the show's repeat value.

3) The Animation - Gargoyles was beautifully animated. It was the best looking animated series of its time. Even with all the new animation technology available now, Gargoyles would still rank as one of the best if it was on today. Unlike many series which cut corners, Gargoyles seemed much more fluid and it looked like it had a great framerate. It wasn't just a great story, but it was a feast for the eyes. Besides what the characters said, you could tell a lot about how they felt just by looking at them.

4) The Plot - The plot achieved a great combination of weaving the storylines throughout many episodes while also explaining the situations in such a way that the viewer was not lost, nor were they in trouble if they missed an episode. One of the most impressive things about the plot was how well it incorporated historical events as well as various stories and legends. Watching Gargoyles I also felt I was learning a great deal about other cultures and I was inspired as a child to work on reading Shakespeare so I could learn more about what the characters were based on.

5) The Action - Besides the great plot and other factors previously mentioned, the show was just plain exciting to watch. The battle scenes were well choreographed and with the use of various things like magic, lasers, claws, robots, etc., they never got boring. Unlike a lot of series where battles tend to get repetive and mundane, the action in Gargoyles seemed fresh and fun each episode.
William C. Maune - [Meteo@ToonZone.net]
Columbia, MO, United States
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 02:45:16 AM

Top 5 Reasons That I Was Drawn To The Gargoyles Series:

1. The maturity of the show. I tuned into the premiere not knowing what to expect, just knowing that it was Disney. I was always a fan of most action-adventure types of animated series, but I was 12 years old when Gargoyles premiered in 1994 and looking for something a little more complex. The gothic feel, the fact that they were allowed to show some pretty harsh details on screen (Goliath catches a sword in the premiere and some blood trickles down his hands, the broken remains of the Gargoyles' family, a whole bunch of other people die on screen). That's right up any 12-year-old kid's alley.

2. Character growth. Over the course of the series, I was surprised to see how natural the characters changing felt. By the end, few if any of the main characters were exactly the same as when we first met them in the premiere story arc.

3. The visuals. The animation was abstolutely stunning at times, the backgrounds paid great attention to, and the direction was masterful.

4. Sound. The incredibly well-cast actors lent their voices to the characters to bring them to life and along with the sript and animation brought them to life. The score and the theme music perfectly complimented the moods and emotions in each scene.

5. The all-genre mix. We got action, adventure, romance, sci-fi, fantasy, and an appropriate amount of humor all wrapped up in one massive epic drama. Something for everyone and everything for those of us who enjoy all genres.

Kris B. - [plekopleko@hotmail.com]
North of Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 02:41:05 AM

Top 5, okay, here goes.

1. It was well written. SO much more intelligent than other cartoons.

2. The characters actually had development!

3. It made cool use of mythology and some more grown up themes.

4. I wasn't being talked down to. I enjoyed it at 11 and at 18.

5. The voice acting was top notch. Absolutely top notch.

There you go, of course there are other reasons, but that's a start.
Talaina - [poet@koyote.com]
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 02:31:02 AM

I don't know if I have 5 but I'll start listing and see where it goes:

1) Mythologies. I've loved reading myths and legends since I was little so any show that featured mythical creatures was bound to grab my attention. What I especially loved was the fact that mythologies were taken from around the world, not solely confined to European or Greek legends. Coyote, for instance, was a great character to explore and tie into the Maza heritage.

2) The characters. Each character was presented as very sure of him/herself. Obviously time had been spent on outlining and defining these personalities and it shows. Even Bronx. (I want a Bronx.)

3) Episodic with underlying longer plot threads. Very few shows can pull this off successfully, live-action or animated. While episodic by nature, major and minor occurrences can be picked up and expanded down the road. By doing so, the show creates a more firm feeling that this is an actual universe into which we have stepped.

4) Balance in tone. Both dark and light in nature. There are comedic bits woven in constantly while in keeping with the overall dramatic feel of the show. Ex: the ex-Xanatos security guard stalking (dramatic), then pie-ing (comedic) Goliath.

5) Animation, voice acting, character design. Clean, crisp, and on the money.

Hmm, I guess I did have 5. Hope this helps.

sKorpia - [skorpianfyre@yahoo.com]
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 02:23:37 AM

Wednesday, November 12, 2003 02:10:05 AM

1. Initially, the casting of Star Trek actors like Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis. Afterwards, the general high quality of the voice talent, especially Keith, Salli and Jeff (but all the regulars were great).

2. Great character design and (usually) top-notch animation. The character designs were simple without being simplistic - treading an elegant line. And the work from Disney Japan (eg The Edge, The Mirror, MIA) was *gorgeous*.

3. The way the show wasn't scared to draw its arcs over extended periods of time, rather than just having each episode entirely self-contained. The World Tour and the Goliath/Elisa relationship come to mind as two particularly good examples of this.

4. It never felt like a kids' show. It never 'talked down' to the audience. And, at the same time, it was never preachy. Take 'Deadly Force' as an example - it would have been so easy to have Broadway simply say, at the end of the episode, "Guns are bad. I'll never touch a gun again" and leave it at that. But instead, the episode showed us the consequences, both emotional and physical, of being careless with firearms. And the experience *stayed* with Broadway. It affected him for the rest of the series' run. There was no 'simple fix' or convenient band-aid stuck over the issue.

5. The characters were compelling. The gargoyles' plight as the only representatives of their kind left after a thousand years is truly staggering. Yet they bear up underneath it. They move on. They take responsibility. Goliath, I feel, bears the weight of this more than the others - yet he does it with such rough grace. He will never be truly 'civilised'. But we can see what it is that Elisa loves about him. And then, after building such well-defined characters, the interplay and dialogue between them is a joy. Because we *care* about them. They're worth caring about.
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 02:08:30 AM

Five Reasons I was drawn to Gargoyles:

1. Gargoyles presented a tightly written well thought out story arc that had an almost flawless continuity to it. It seemed like every story built upon and was supported by another and yet was easily understood all on its own.

2. The concept of living gargoyles is one so aluring that it is almost impossible not to want to believe in it.

3. The art work was original and of an extremely high quality. This together with the wonderful choice of voices for the different characters made it a pleasure to watch each show.

4. Gargoyles was one of the rare animated television shows that was enjoyable for both an adult and children audience. A very difficult thing to pull off.

5. The frequent use of Shakespeare was perhaps one of the most important aspects of the show for me. That's what first caught my attention (being an English major), and, interestingly enough, it's also what caught my daughters' attention as well. Not only do they frequently ask questions about the Shakespearean references when watching the show, but they have become so interested in them that they have had me read several of the Bard's plays to them. They are six and ten--need I say more?

So if nothing else (and there is obviously a lot more) Gargoyles has opened a whole world of literature and ideas to my children that they might not have even known about otherwise. And for this I am truly grateful.
Many thanks for the good work.

J. Learned
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 02:08:01 AM

(it's a hard list to derive.... almost all the reasons mentioned here apply to me as well.. but, trying to narrow it down to the 5 that came to mind most immediately).

1) Use of existing myth: it helps draw upon common knowledge to help relate to the story being told
2) Exciting original myth
3) Three-dimensional characters that grew at a reasonable pace
4) Continuity
5) Intelligent stories that can appeal to an adult as much as an adolescent

Fairfax, VA, US
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 02:04:04 AM

Submitting as per requested by MGC EZBoard Ops:


1. Continuity: Storylines were followed heavily; things that happened in one show were remembered in another. Before Gargoyles, no cartoon that aired on the networks (that I am aware of) ever really paid attention to the timeline it started, unless they were part of a small arc.

2. Values: 'Deadly Force,' anyone? 'The Pack' and 'Temptation' showed the importance of being wary of strangers and that of trust; 'Her Brother's Keeper' emphasized the importance of family. I'm sure there are many more episodes once could use in evidence to this claim.

3. Location: Come on, admit it, how many of you, whether truly or as a joke, tried to locate the Eyrie Building when you traveled to Manhattan? No cartoon show (that I am aware of) has _EVER_ paid that close attention to location and the importance within. Location made Gargoyles real, or as real as it could be.

4. Escapism: Gargoyles, due to its obviously dark nature, was probably not targeted towards young, elementary-school children. More teens, pre-teens, and adults/young adults probably watched the show. As is known, junior high and high school are very difficult times for children; social cliques stress the need to belong and succeed. Oftentimes children feel lost and alone, with no one to speak to and share their troubles. Guess what show helped (expletive)loads of us get through our troubles and get through life?

5. Legacy: Despite it being off the networks for nearly a decade, people the world over still continue to champion this amazing show. None of us would have posted in this room or answered this question otherwise. So many great things have come from this show, be it published stories, talented artists, friends or even married couples.

I could say more, but the Wiesman only wanted five.

Oh, yeah, by the way, Mister Wiesman --- whatever you did for MoL, whoo-hoo!

Okay I'm done.

Guardian - [Guardian_R105@hotmail.com]
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 02:01:48 AM

Top 5 reasons I like Gargoyles:

*Deep, intricate storyline - weaving in mythology and Shakespeare, the series was superbly planned out from start to finish - seemingly insignificant elements from previous episodes would come into play later on, and made extended viewing a rewarding experience.

*It was a mature series - not just in the action, but in the themes it dealt with, such as pain, loss, betrayal, and temptation. Nothing was written down to kids.

*Voice acting - now and forever, David Keith is Goliath. And I can't look at Jonathan Frakes on Star Trek without thinking "Xanatoes!"

*Great characters - somehow, the series manage to develop everyon from the major players to the supporting cast, and even made guest stars/villains sympathetic.

*It was different - different from anything Disney has done before or since, and different from most of American animation.
Simon Chang - [simonc1138@yahoo.com]
Mississauga, Canada
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 02:01:39 AM

1) Characters with great depth who changed and grew as the series went on. Always enjoyed how most of the villains weren't just one-dimensional characters who had motivations beyond the usual quest for money and other cliche bad guy goals.
2) How the series would build story lines and characters around different real life myths and legends of the past.
3) The top notch voice acting and directing. There are a lot of series which have parts where you can tell a VA should have delivered a certain line in a different tone then they did in the finished product, such as delivering a line in one scene in a calm voice when it's obvious by the animation and situation that his characters voice should sound shocked instead. In Gargoyles, the voices tones changed almost flawlessly to match the characters emotions.
4) Animation that did a good job of capturing facial expressions on the characters. This, along with the voice acting, did a wonderful job of getting across everyone's emotions during certain scenes and situations.
5) Exciting action sequences. No action series would be complete without them, and Gargoyles had some very well choreographed fights, both in the air and on the ground.
John - [Renegadelit@aol.com]
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 01:40:27 AM

Top Five Reasons I Was Drawn To Gargoyles;

1) Use of mythology. I've always been into myths and legends, and Gargoyles really capitalized on this. I find on shows like Buffy that, when they create their own demons, it's a bit of a cop-out. There's so many legends out there you just need to do a little research and you can find a creature that will have a little more resonance with your audience because there's already a societal familiarity with it. Gargoyles was great with that.

2) Attention paid to character development. Many cartoons never get beyond the stereotypes and cliches; "He's the serious leader", "he's the wise guy". Gargoyles consciously strived to develop its characters and succeeded, making them three-dimensional and believable.

3) Crisp, often high quality animation. American animation seems a great deal more slack than Japanese animation; corners seem to be cut more often, with everything trying to be made as cheaply as possible. Gargoyles quite often looked very good (the odd episode here and there still being better than most tv animation).

4) The voice acting. These actors were actually *good*.

5) Logical stories that flowed, one from the other. Issues and themes were explored to their full potential. Nothing was glibly thrown out there and never expanded upon.

Hope that helps.
Steven L
Brisbane, Australia
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 01:39:13 AM

My reason's for loving Gargoyles?

1.Character's- When I first saw Gargoyles, I was completly blown away by the characters. I couldn't believe that Disney made a show with characters like that.

2.Artwork + Animation- When Garg's first came on, The first thing I was noticed about the show was how incredable the animation was.

3.Shakespeare-This show got me into Shakespeare, need I say more.

4.Voice Acting-The performence of Keith David, Marina Sirtis, Jonathan Frakes and the rest of the cast made the show perfect. I couldn't imagine anybody else playing the roles of Demona or Xanatos.

5.Mythologies-I just got a huge kick at seeing King Arthur on this show. He was one of my hero's growing up.

Alex "Cyclonus1" Bishansky
Putney (No Man's Land), Vermont, United States
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 01:33:51 AM

Five main reasons... hmmmm...

1. It's cool. It's sci-fi AND it's fantasy, always a plus with me. ^-^

2. Anime-esque style, not your typical, somewhat stagnent disney style animation. All and all, a fun visual experience!
3. It's cool. AWESOME writing. Awesome awesome awesome!!!

4. The Otherkin factor. ^-^ Yay!!! Somewhat accurately depicted fae, werewolves and such on a cartoon show! One happy draggie here!

5. Its surprisingly dark. Ususaly, disney tends to shy away from such realism but Gargoyles is plesantly dark and at times, Gotherific. Gothic is GOOD. Mwa ha ha!!!

Did I mention it's cool?

Sparticus - [dragonfire_jedi@hotmail.com]
somewhere, confusion, outer space
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 01:33:06 AM

The top five reasons I like Gargoyles:
1) It teaches respect. For example, When Elisa's brother was working for Xanatos, she had evidence against Mr. X but allowed her brother to decide for himself rather than force her knowledge on him. The show is full of people letting others make their own choices.
2) The end of the show leaves it different than the start of the show (the world is always changing/continuous storyline)
3) The gargoyles just look so darn cool.
4) They explain how magic and technology work rather than just have show it off. Well, most of the time.
5) It's the least crude thing on TV.

Stickman - [sticks@wolfenet.com]
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 01:32:47 AM

1. Excellent production values.
2. Mature storylines, I found them very appealing when I was young.3
3. Controversial subject matter that other shows didn't touch - gun violence. And the appearance of blood and minor cursing ("Hell" - still pretty cool for an 8-year-old)
4. Long, engrossing story arcs.
5. Emphasis on continuity. Feels like a reward to the loyal fan who's been paying attention.
Marc G. - [marcgagnon106@hotmail.com]
Moncton, NB, Canada
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 01:27:13 AM

Only five reasons?

Intelligence: The writing is brilliant, the plot construction is tight, the continuity is mind-boggling, the whole is refreshingly mature and thoughtful. Furthermore, the educational aspect is undeniable. How many young people, after watching "Gargoyles," started reading Shakespeare? Or Dostoevsky, or Sartre, or Mallory? How many started researching medieval Scotland or Renaissance Italy or the Battle of Britain? How many older students were inspired to examine such topics as the definition of sentient life or the psychological dynamics of denial or the theory of responsibility? And how many adults - such as me - simply enjoyed watching adult characters behaving like, well, adults (what a revolutionary concept), with all their attendant idiosyncrasies?

Characters: Not content with making the characters simply visually appealing, the creators of the series endowed them with unique, well-developed personalities, complete with individual strengths and weaknesses. The flaws of the heroes and the sympathetic elements of the villains make these characters utterly believable. They carry episodes on their own, they capture and hold our interest, they make us care about them and want to see what happens to them next - heroes and villains alike. (And yes, I fell in love with both Elisa and Goliath as they so touchingly fell in love with each other.) On top of this, its complete lack of stereotypical damsels in distress earns this series a truly special place in the heart of this older female viewer.

Courage: "Deadly Force" and Elisa's subsequent convalescence is the primary example, but there are many others as well. In "Outfoxed," the lead hero is forced to confront and admit his own culpability. How many other cartoon series are willing to portray the hero in a morally ambiguous light, and still ultimately maintain his heroic status? "Grief" dealt with the death of a loved one, "The Green" presented both sides of the argument surrounding deforestation. The list goes on and on. Also, much is made of the nature of the relationship between Goliath and Elisa, but standing quietly in the background throughout the entire series are Elisa's parents, who are established as clearly interracial without comment. In his rambles, Greg Weisman mentions how well his team and S&P worked together during the production of the series. It was obviously a winning combination.

Beauty: The colors, the fluidness of the animation (especially prior to "The Goliath Chronicles"), the attention to detail, and the attractiveness of the characters make this series simply a pleasure to watch.

Integrity: As Ed indicated earlier, the series had at its core basic tenets and beliefs to which it held fast, and the characters reflected this. Goliath endured hardships for adhering to his beliefs, and endured even worse repercussions on the rare occasions when he failed to adhere to them. Elisa helped re-orient him to his sense of purpose through her own unwavering devotion to him, his clan, and her profession. Demona remained driven by her basic beliefs throughout a millennium, but found herself thwarted regularly by, in essence, the corruption of those beliefs. Throughout most of the series, David Xanatos was driven solely by self-interest - and the modification of his credo late in the series nicely illustrated the fragility of egotism as a basis for a personal value system.


As a PS, it was while I was researching this series on the Internet two years ago that I discovered the phenomenon of fan fiction, and saw it as a great way to get my feet wet in the world of fiction-writing in general. No matter how far I may (or may not) end up going in this endeavor, I'll always have "Gargoyles" to thank for kicking me into gear and inspiring me to do something I've always wanted to do: write.

Wednesday, November 12, 2003 01:26:10 AM

1. The story
2. the art direction
3. respect for the viewer's intelligence
4. the wide variety of mthyical and literature references
5. the character's personality
Ian Adams - [ian@killallthewhiteman.com]
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 01:06:47 AM

Top five reasons I liked Gargoyles:

1) Mythological and Shakespearian referrences.
2) Continuing, intelligent plotlines.
3) Clever dialogue.
4) Good voice actors.
5) Returning minor characters and referrences to earlier shows

Rebecca - [harpandflute@yahoo.com]
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 12:45:45 AM

Top five reasons:
It created a new mythology, some of which peiced together from the old.
Non static universe: in most of what I had seen up to that point, continuity reset at the end of every episode.
A technomacial universe: maybe not original, but it's fun to see the two together.
It wasn't standard Disney.
An engineer to root for: perhaps not exactly an engineer, but at least engineerish.

Na zdorov'ya.

Gside - [gside@comcast.net]
Fair Haven, NJ
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 12:41:45 AM

1. Depth
2. Character Development
3. Continuing, interwoven, intelligent storylines
4. Good guys actually get INJURED
5. Complicated villains

Direwolf - [Direwolf66@aol.com]
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 12:36:04 AM

Initially I took interest because of the number of Star Trek: TNG actors that kept popping up as doing a voice for Gargoyles on IMDb. But here's why I stayed:

1) Dramatic animated series. Many great comedic cartoons come out of America, but great dramatic ones are exceptionally hard to find. "Gargoyles" appeals to adults in a way few other series can (I'm a twenty year old college student, personally).

2) Exceptional voice acting. The best of the best. "Gargoyles" literally inspired me to switch my life career goal to acting. I'm currently a third-year theatre arts major.

3) Amazing story arcs. The numerous stories intertwine, ebb, and flow with amazing grace. They are always interesting, almost without exception.

4) Intelligent writing. The writers don't just reference mythology, literary works, etc., they integrate them into the story in an intriguing way without ever being trite.

5) Great animation. Dark, dramatic animation is hard to do well in a weekly series (as it has seemed to me) and the animators here did a phenomenal job almost all of the time.

Landon Thomas - [lumpmoose@yahoo.com]
Minneapolis, MN, USA
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 12:22:54 AM

My top five reasons:
1. Continuing plot. Something that happened in one episode carried over to the next, which leads to:
2. Consequences. If you screw up, there are consequences.
3. Quality of the theme and plot. Everything happened for a reason, and it showed.
4. The characters. ALL of them. Good, bad, minor. All were developed.
5. It was darker, grittier... like Batman, but unlike Batman, there were more good things that happened than bad.

Given, there are a lot more reasons why I loved gargoyles, but these are the top 5. If you want a number 6:

6. It was unique. Nothing like it before, during, or since.

Fire Storm
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 12:15:03 AM

1. It's darker than most shows in its genre, and appeals to different parts of your emotions. It's more than just a half hour of laughs.
2. The character design concepts are unique and original.
3. The voice acting, the voice acting, the voice acting.
4. The continuity of the series, the way that it's one story, not a million little stories, it makes you crave more.
5. The possiblities. Where can't you go with a show like this?
Tahiti Analae - [analae@rogers.com]
Ottawa, Canada
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 12:00:44 AM

Hey, Greg? The "spread it around" request? It's working.

So. The top reasons I loved Gargoyles, in roughly chronological order.

1. The premise. Medieval/urban fantasy! Heroic outsider characters! Gargoyles that come to life and fight for truth and justice! How could I resist?
This initial attraction paid off in spades when I actually _watched_ the show. Not just medieval, but accurately researched medieval, with genuine historical content. Not just urban, but set in the real living breathing New York City, depicted with a care and affection that I related to as a successfully transplanted New Yorker. And not just fantasy, but folklore, legend, mythology; a depth of intertextuality beyond anything I'd ever expected to see on American television.

2. The visuals. Which is to say, the animation. So very, very beautiful. And it wasn't comic; it was dramatic. Which, in a Disney Afternoon cartoon, rather caught the attention.

3. The villains. On the one hand, Demona: former love of our hero, driven and tormented by a thousand years of betrayals (others' and her own) fiercely clinging to her belief that she is and has always been the victim, and thus in the right. On the other, David Xanatos: smooth and smiling and self-possessed, casually amoral, with an enviable equilibrium and sense of perspective -- and an enthusiasm and capacity for imagination (and, yes, love) that make him ... well ... just so darned _likeable_, even when he's trying to kill Our Heroes.
Plus other antagonists like the ever-charming Tony Dracon, the intriguing Macbeth (intriguing even before we learned he was _that_ Macbeth), the beautifully over-the-top Dr. Anton Sevarius, the increasingly creepy Three Sisters, the haughty Oberon, and the heartbreaking Canmore siblings (to name but a few).
Antagonists aren't necessarily villains, in the world of Gargoyles; villains aren't necessarily unalloyed evil; and nobody, _nobody_, is ever beyond hope for redemption. (But I'll talk about that more later.)

4. Actions. Have. Consequences.
This was expressed in a number of ways, the simplest being a coherent continuity from beginning to end of the series. (I've since been spoiled by Joss Whedon, but at the time this continuity was startling in itself. Characters develop! And change! And things happen, and people remember them later! My God!) But more importantly, this meant that events that took place in one episode would not be neatly wrapped up in half an hour and completely forgotten about by the next episode.
I think many would agree with me that the best example of this was the episode "Deadly Force" and its immediate sequelae. The episode in itself was tremendously effective in making clear that actions have consequences: Broadway plays with a gun, it goes off, Elisa is hurt and nearly dies. But what floored us was that it didn't end there. Next time we see Elisa out of the hospital bed, she's on a crutch. Not too long after, she's assigned a partner, partly as a result of this accident. (The consequences go both ways: for the rest of the series, whenever Broadway gets his hands on a gun, he crushes it immediately.)
While the best example, this is hardly the only one. Everything from an idle comment to a chance encounter to a long-drawn deliberate decision has its consequence, and foreshadows its eventual results.

5. Themes.
Loyalty. Identity. Family. Justice. Redemption. And of course their inversions: betrayal, loss of self, isolation, vengeance, despair. This show played with all of these on a regular basis, these themes that it seems are only ever properly addressed in fantasy.
Redemption was probably the strongest of these. Good and evil, yes, but not _only_ good and evil; the potential for either that lies at the heart of the other. I will cheerfully admit that I'm a sucker for a good redemption theme, and Gargoyles gave me that.

And I haven't even talked yet about the characters other than the villains, or the use of place and place-folklore, or the casual not-for-kids humor ("How can you read that stuff?" "Because Nietzche's too butch and Kafka reminds me of your little friends there"), or the use of archetypes, or half a dozen other great, great things about this show. But you asked for the top five, and there they are.

Off to spread the word some more!

(P.S.: Click the link to see my latest Gargoyles filksong. Or don't. It's all good.)

Batya the Toon - [batyatoon at hotmail dot com]
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 11:57:56 PM

Why I like Gargoyles
1) Vocal cast surpassed only by Hercules for variety,notoriety, and excellence. Not to mention almost everyone who did Star Trek except for Patrick Stewart
2) High quality artwork. every piece of art seems custom made rather than recycled.
3)Characters and character development you could get into with a backstory and history grounded in not one, but several Classical Mythologies. Characters so real, you wanted to meet them and interact with them, hence the abundance of Fanfic still around.
4)Rich storylines that made every episode a joy to watch and a half hour to truly enjoy.
5) The series as a whole was more like a live action series than a cartoon, and especially like nothing Disney has done before or since.
Patrick - [gojiraxena@yahoo.com]
U.S.A.Tuesday, November 11, 2003 11:56:03 PM

When I first started watching the show, my parents were still of the opinion that cartoons rotted the brain, and Gargoyles got them over that hump. Their reasons may differ from mine, so here are my reasons:
1. Strong characters - Characters that I could put myself into, get behind, and enjoy. As a girl, there were female characters that I liked, identified with, and could pour my heart and soul into.
2. Continuous plot arc - It's quite contrary to the normal Disney cartoons for things to not 'reset to normal' at the end of each show. At the end of the show things aren't 'okay' any more. just like real life - each show after is affected by the events of the previous without being too soap-opera-ish.
3. Fun situations - Watching the show reminded me of reading comic books. Fun, fastastic scenarios that were quite exciting to follow. Main characters get turned into things in any numbers of ways. People forget things and make mistakes. Conspiracies, magic, cybernetics... a little something for everyone.
4. Thought Provoking - Just because the episode is over, doesn't mean that you're done with it. It sits in your mindi and causes you to think about what just happened. Sort of like the latter seasons of Star Trek: the Next Generation and Babylon 5, you are reeling from the implications afterwards, and spend time thinking about them.
5. Emotion - the common cartoon is designed to make you laugh, and not much else. A drama ellicits more emotions. Gargoyles takes it step beyond that, because you not only feel for the good guys, but you feel for the bad guys to (E. G. MacBeth, Demona). Getting the viewer (or reader, as the case may be) involved is not an easy thing to do, but great when you can accomplish it. The best illustration of this is at the end of the "City of Stone" series, and Demona reveals the password is "ALONE" and I find myself in tears. Literary beauty.

Tigris Euphrates - [tigris@miniclan.org]
San Francisco, CA, USA
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 11:55:39 PM

Well, I'll keep this brief...better chance of it getting read that way ;)

1) A addictive love story that when, the first time you see it, has you talking/yelling at the TV with each new development.
(You may or may not know what I'm talking about)

2) Exceptional cast of voice actors.

3) Wonderful ties to actual myth/history.

4) More powerful & dramatic than any other Disney show, thus appealing to the older audience.

5) Episode flow is never stale/repetative.

Josh Murray - [joshmurray@attbi.com]
Ridgefield, WA
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 11:53:25 PM

Tuesday, November 11, 2003 11:48:37 PM

Did anyone stop to wonder why Greg wants this info? Maybe it has something to do with Disney.


That is all I will say.

Battle Beast
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 11:48:04 PM

1) It was a Disney Animation
2) The quality of the art initially drew me in.
3) The quality of the writing and the richness of the characters and "universe" kept me comming back.
4)It was a mature story, totally different form anyhtign Disney had produced for TV, before or since.
5)The Voice acting was incredible.
Cristian Alvernaz - [confuzor@hotmail.com]
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 11:40:26 PM

1. Complex interrelated plots and story arcs.
2. Three-dimensional characterization for nearly everyone.
3. Top-notch acting all around.
4. Wonderful music.
5. Inclusion of so many literary and mythological references.

marian - [oldtieh@yahoo.com]
Berkeley, CA, USA
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 11:26:20 PM


Ok, my top five, with #1 being the greatest I assume...

#5 Have to go with Carl Johnson's great orchestral music. This is one of the only two TV show soundtracks that I think is worth listening to without the show. I can be dark and foreboding, light and jovial, culturally traditional or in total ANGUISH, and perfectly augment the mood of what's happening on screen.

#4 The HUGE stage the show is set on. Rather then just focusing forever on the main isle of Manhattan, which the gargoyles protect, the show extends to include the rest of planet earth (and planed to include a larger portion of the galaxy). These new locations aren't forgotten about either and despite the large psychical distance, ways are found to bridge the gap. There's also a great respect for the uniqueness of the cultures in these other lands and a BOLD mix of their historical and fantastical aspects.

#3 Repercussions, good character motivation, plot threads that may "mutate" or diverge in other directions but never really end. In short: the ongoing, REALISTIC story.

#2 The CRISP and fresh dialogue that is constantly heard. There is a plethora of cool quotes uttered (with the help of awesome voice actors) by almost every character, which reflects that person's background. This dialogue also contains a great vocabulary of words that don't sound forced or too complicated, and any time I didn't understand a word I felt driven to look it up and start using it (even at a fairly young age).

#1 The best part though, are the REAL emotions that all of the characters are subject to. With perhaps the exception of the total psychopaths (I think there were about 5 unique brands of them), I find that the viewer can really empathize with what each character was going through. This was both scary and exciting, seeing as how they go to such raw emotional depths that make me severely hope that I'm never put into the position of making some of the choices that Demona or Goliath or Renard do. Even the few characters that I can't relate to, I can still understand and enjoy; they are marked by their previous experience and have behavioral patterns (and that does not mean that they're predictable).

The end.

This sounds fairly important. Has someone contacted all the other fan bases (TGS, Adult Gargs, Fans.org, Avalon, etc)? I guess this is probably a silly question, but better to not assume anything. Aren't there also small Yahoo group discussions to? They could contribute.


Lord Sloth - [spunkidge13@hotmail.com]
Kingston, ON, Canada
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 11:25:22 PM

Gargoyles - a show for all ages, melding themes of humanity throughout the ages. What more could one ask for in a series? There was mythology, modern epics, and the stories were beyond excellent. The animation was superb and had a strangely drawing appeal. In finale, Gargolyes was a show that never stopped changing and offering new things to people. It was truley able to adapt through time since it covered all time and was enjoyed by all people.
Cat;ein - [cattoguise@hotmail.com]
CanadaTuesday, November 11, 2003 11:21:11 PM

What was not to like?! Here they are in no particular order.

1. It was something completely new and different for Disney - a highly dramatic, action-oriented cartoon - and not only did they pull it off, but succeeded brilliantly.

2. The stories - mixing ancient mythology with modern sensibilities with classic literature with action, adventure and magic. This was an amazingly smart cartoon that never wimped out when there was a story to be told (the very fact that stuff has to edited from it to run on Toon Disney just proves that it pulled no punches). It not only never talked down to its audience, but it challenged them - and yet remained entertaining for all ages. Simply an excellently constructed universe, backed up by amazing storytelling.

3. The animation was slick, polished and beautiful. Even The Goliath Chronicles had surprisingly adequate animation from Nelvana. But the original series' animation from Disney Japan was always consistantly breathtaking.

4. The music - an epic score perfectly befitting an epic animation. An orchestral sound that only enhanced the majesty of the Gargoyles, transported us to different times and places, and heightened the action and drama.

5. Star Trek guest stars galore! Marina Sirtis, Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner, Nichelle Nichols, Michael Dorn, Kate Mulgrew... Not that Keith David and the rest didn't do an excellent job of course, but man what a nifty and fun gimmick!

Emperor Fred - [tokyo-fred@rogers.com]
Ottawa, ON, Canada
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 11:04:02 PM

Lol! I hate Spongebob Squarepants, and that would be Gargoyles's anti-thesis...
Jerr Bear - [jconnerjr2@yahoo.com]
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 11:00:55 PM

Top Five reasons I'm Drawn to Gargoyles:
- Complex characters
- Excellent stories
- Quality and detail of the animation
- Fantasy and Mythology references
- New York rocks!

Emilie Pellenz (Cybernetic Nixie/ScullyRaptor) - [scullyraptor@yahoo.com]
New York, NY, US
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 10:43:40 PM

Okay here's my five
1. Well-written, literate intelligent (nonpatronizing) writing
2.incredible animation
3. between the shakespearean references and the ancient folklore it's arguably the most literate non-educational cartoon ever made
4.complex three-dimensional characterization
5.engaging plotlines
Shogun raptor
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 10:39:22 PM

Five things I love the most about Gargoyles:

1. The quality of storywriting, how interrelated everything was, and the continuing story arcs. Each story stood alone -- but it was also part of a bigger picture.

2. The characterization -- the characters, good and evil, were fully realized. They weren't stereotypes. Demona wasn't all evil, Goliath wasn't all good. The bad guys did good things, the good guys did bad things. Over the course of two years, Goliath fell out of love with Demona and in love with Elisa, Xanatos learned his lesson (we think!), the trio grew up ... we saw Demona change over a thousand years ... the characters were neither static nor stereotypical and I think that, more than anything else, was what sucked me in.

3. The themes -- it wasn't just a cartoonish good vs. evil, but more than that. There were complex moral issues presented -- never (or at least rarely) dumbed down. The show dealt with everything from aging to gun safety to trust and betrayal and true love ... not easy to do in a 30 minute cartoon.

4. The historical, literary, and mythological references. The show didn't always get it right but it always got it entertaining. *grin*
5. The fandom. You know, it's a great show. But what's kept me coming back, and back, and back, for close to a decade of my life now is the other fans. I've made real friends in the fandom. The show was fun. The fandom sucked me in and never let me go ... ya'll are such a great bunch of people. :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2003 10:31:42 PM

Yowsers! I haven't seen this room hopping like this in ages. Here's hoping everyone who stops by here to post their top five also thinks about attending The Gathering 2004 in Montreal next summer. :: points to the link ::

Here's my list, without going into an essay format...

Top 5 Reasons I was (and still am) drawn to "Garoyles":

5) Unlike anything Disney had ever done before
4) Talented voice cast
3) Quality of the animation
2) Solid storylines with depth and continuity
1) Believable, multi-dimensional characters

Patrick - [<-- Gathering 2004... GO4 it!]
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 10:13:49 PM

5 Reasons I was drawn to Gargoyles:
1. Goliath is hot;)
2. Beautiful animation...I really like the way the gargoyles were drawn
3. The plot was awesome
4. I liked the voices, particularly Michael Dorn
5. I liked how the relationship etween Elisa and Goliath grew

Tuesday, November 11, 2003 10:07:11 PM

Nothing like Greg to get out the Lurkers! ^_^

That is all I will say.

Battle Beast
CanadaTuesday, November 11, 2003 09:42:25 PM

I haven't been here in ages, but I had to come for this. Gargoyles is awesome because:
1. intelligent, engaging storylines
2. rounded, interesting characters
3. very good animation
4. excellent character design
5. avoidance of the mundane, typical saturday morning cliches and crapulence

Tuesday, November 11, 2003 09:34:26 PM

1. The learning. I learned about history, mythology, and literature, and to appreciate and want to learn more about these things. Gargoyles was fantasy, but I learned more about REALITY watching it.

2. Gargoyles had a solemnity that other shows lacked, but this was not a gimmick. It had real ideas and real characters. Any episode will impart this genuine "feel" of a story being told, not just a series of gimmicks being played out.

3. The eloquence and sophistication of dialogue.

4. Carl Johnson's magnificent music.

5. The maturity of the storytelling. Little touches like making Elisa Maza half-black and half-American Indian, or making Oberon blue so as not to insinuate white supremacy, showed that the writers cared about what they were saying in their stories.
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 09:29:35 PM

1) The charicters are actually intelligent (well, most of the time)
2) The charicters have deapth and their personalities develope through the series
3) Goliath isn't always the solem, serious, level-headed leader-type. He has a temper, and he loses control of it more than once.
4) Elisa finds her secret a burden sometimes, instead of everyting being happy-shiny
5)Jim cummings does the voice of Dingo, and Tim Curry does the voice of Sevarius ^____^

Marie Ramer - [nighteyes84@hotmail.com]
Oregon, United States
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 09:10:12 PM

1. Animation
2. The characters were real.
3. There was plot and a great storyline that was well written.
4. The show was a continuous plot. You had to watch every episode unlike other shows such as Sponge Bob were one show is enough..it explains it all. The way it continued made you think and try and understand the plot and storyline as well as the small plots within the one show.
5. As other people said it the storyline and plots weren't lowered because the target audience was youth. It was good.

Tuesday, November 11, 2003 09:09:51 PM

1. The mature plot
2. Great Characters
3. Wonderful Animation
4. Gargoyles proved that Disney can do Batman/Superman style show or better
5. The Writing
Micahel - [Eilerman]
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 09:09:47 PM

The top 5 reasons I was drawn to Gargoyles.
1. The stories
2. The characters
3. The atmosphere
4. The animation
5. The action
HT - [cnearhoof@msn.com]
Cresson, PA, United States
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 09:04:59 PM

Gargoyles, how I love thee, let me count the ways....

1. It scared the crap out of me. The first episode I saw was "Temptation" and the terrible beast that was Brooklyn made me yelp in terror. I fell in love with the freakyness right off the bat. Like nothing I'd ever seen before.

2. The plots. THEY ACTUALLY EXISTED. Unlike such things as Sponge Bob, Gargoyles had plots that were not only interesting, but in some ways realistic. Like Deadly Force (or, "The One Where Elisa Was Shot"). That was realistic; Elisa didn't jump up and scream "LOOK! LOOK! I AM THE GODDESS OF BULLET DEFLECTION!" or some such nonsense and then rush off to work like nothing had happened. She was hurt, and she stayed hurt for a while (Enter Macbeth, I believe it was, she had crutches). Some of it was pure fantasy ("The Mirror", "Avalon Journeys", etc), but who cares? The plots were great, still. It gave the entire show a bit of an edge.

3. The characters are believable. They each have their faults (Brooklyn in "Temptation", Lex in "The Pack", Broadway in "Deadly Force", etc) and they aren't really glorified in any way. They're like real life superheroes. They can be hurt, they can't/don't always "win", they don't have any real "special powers" and the things they CAN do are limited, like in real life.

4. The ability to watch a cartoon and LEARN something. My god, most of what I learned in life I learned from Gargoyles. (not kidding, either....heh) Kids could watch and it learn morals, of a sort. "Gargoyles protect"; if people lived their lives by that rule then the world would be a much safer place, I think. That and the show was full of history; from Oberon to Shakespeare to religions and gods and goddesses and aliens and...well, the list goes on and on. It could have gone so much farther, too.

5. The animation was flippin' amazing. There are no words to describe it except: WOW.

The Sadistic Cow - [funkadelic_gnome@hotmail.com]
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 08:57:28 PM

1. Depth of plot. There are layers within layers and 'things left unsaid/undone'; the story often takes turns one might never expect. The delightful intermix of science and sorcery.

2. Intricate connections within the plot. Weaving together different storylines gives the series a feeling of continuity.

3. Depth of characters. There are three dimensions to the characters, even the villains.

4. The relationships between the characters are complex and realistic.

5. The gargoyles themselves. "After while, all you see is the beauty."

Conna Stevenson - [conna@studioangelus.com]
USATuesday, November 11, 2003 08:51:27 PM

I was drawn to this series because it wasn't bright and perfect. The characters had depth, the lessons weren't (okay weren't always) beaten into the viewer's head with a club.

Continuity was a rare and precious jem.

Most of all, I stayed with Gargoyles because I approve of "children's" entertainment that doesn't assume that "child" means "moron." Too often, writers and producers skimp on the intellect because they assume that their audience doesn't have one.

Diana R. Flynn - [drf24@columbia.edu]
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 08:47:38 PM

Oops, I typed my e-mail in wrong...
Jerr Bear - [jconnerjr2@yahoo.com]
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 08:44:44 PM

Top 5 huh?

1. The fact that the movie that started the series is a Disney movie without any chipper singing.

2. Also a Disney Show with decent action.

3. The characters are all great, and for a non-anime show it has some decent characterization (I'm not too big a fan of non-anime animated series, at least a vast majority of them).

4. Mixed two of my favorite story-telling elements, science fiction and fantasy.

5. The first series I ever wrote fanfiction about, and probably the only one I've really stuck to writing fanfiction for.

Jerr Bear - [jconnarjr2@yahoo.com]
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 08:43:47 PM

Here are the Paladin's reasons for loving Gargoyles, in no particular order.

1.) The fact that the show is mature. It isn't kiddied up for television, and challenges you to think with almost every episode.

2.) The characters. Each and every character that has appeared is detailed, with their own story to tell, their own background. They each have a persona so rich and detailed, that I am capable of either truly loving or truly hating each one.

3.) Elisa and Goliath's relationship. This is one of the most touching and romantic things about this series. The way they grow together with almost every episode is a love story much more realistic and beautiful than the stuff in any Disney movie.

4.) The villains. Truly frightening at times and truly evil at times also.

5.) Elisa Maza in general. Number One Elisa Fanboy right here, that's me, yes sir. :) She is just too cool for words, 'NUFF SAID.

KnightMysterio - [mysterio03digimon@yahoo.com]
Willard, Ohio, USA
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 08:27:39 PM

The 5 reasons I was drawn to Gargoyles:

1.The stories were intense and very mature for a children's show.
2. The characters rocked. Loved Goliath and Elisa.
3. The setting... NYC!
4. My love of all action/ super hero cartoons.
5. My friends talked about it!

P.S. I hope there is a spinoff or new show on the way that has a Gargoyles feel to it!

Nicholas - [Nextofkin718@aol.com]
Bronx, NY, USA
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 08:24:49 PM

My five reasons, plain and simple:

1.) The depth of the writing, which envelopes the intense drama, humor, and intricate continuity of the arcs.

2.) Characters. Demona's refusal to come to terms with the ramifications of what she'd done, Goliath's intense belief in the Gargoyle Way, and the appearance of legendary myths from everywhere around the world (MacBeth, King Arthur, Banshee, Odin, etc.). MOST importantly, all these characters have *conviction*.

3.) Animation. The rich colors, attention to details, and unique character designs really make this series stand out above anything else on television then and now.

4.) The involvement of literary works like Shakespeare, Nietzsche, Kafka, etc. as well as pop culture, which all helped in rounding out every character's unique personality.

5.) Talent. The voice actors, writers, animators, foley artists... everyone was top notch.

Gargress - [trickster_brat@hotmail.com]
Kissimmee, FL, USA
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 08:04:38 PM

In no particular order although the last one is in fact the primary one personally...
1. The feeling of continuity throughout the series. That even though a lot of stories were contained in single episodes (with notable exceptions of course) the "gargoyle universe" was constantly evolving and changing as time went on. Something which was not often seen at the time. (Actually I don't recall if it in fact was at the time of the show's first airing frankly.)
2. The way the series always had a sense of realism. Regardless of how fantastical things get there's always a feeling that things that are happening "should" happen that way. It's hard to explain what I mean at the moment.
3. The animation of course. What can I say? It's flat out fabu. Heh. (Or rather it was up until the start of the third season anyway.)
4. The voices. Again, hands down some of the best I've ever heard.
5. However by far and above the main reason the series has always struck a cord with me is that when the series first aired I had moved from the west coast to the east coast. I was apart from all my friends as well as my family (aside from my mother and stepfather). I found it very easy to empathize a great deal with the gargoyles having to make a new home in a totally new world. Having moved to New York myself in 94 has only served to make the series mean even more to me as a result. Heck I even have a nice view of the Chrysler building from my roof! *snickerfit*

Anyway, I could list more reasons but I'll leave it at 5 so as not to flood the room with my babbling. heh heh *hugs*


Ethan Gilchrist - [Ethan@randominformation.com]
New York City, NY, USA
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 07:54:18 PM

Top 5 reason I like Gargoyles:

1. It had a mature storyline. It didn't dumb itself down like all cartoons before it or after it.

2. The characters were three dimensional and believable. Demona is an excellent example of this. She wasn't evil for the sake of evil but because she wanted to protect her species. Her action made her evil because the end she wanted could almost never justify the means she used.

3. Design. The voice actors and artwork were both top notch.

4. Its use of history, magic, science fiction, and Shakespeare. The story drew from a diverse background and used this to weave a complex, believable, and beautiful world that was fascinating to watch.

5. Goliath and Elisa and "The Mirror". The development between these two characters was breath-taking as one got to see them grow together and the emotions between the two characters. "The Mirror" is to this day the hight of American animation as far as I'm concerned. The half hour story had the complexity of one of Tolkien's early fairytales. It was rich in imagery and had a dynamic of action that is quite impressive. It showed me that most American cartoons are substanceless and hollow in the development of characters, willingness to do something new, and willingness to treat views like intelligent beings. I now watch Japanese anime like "Crest of the Stars" and "Fooly Cooly" to get the same experience that I got from "The Mirror".

!! - [ktex50@hotmail.com]
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 07:42:54 PM

1. Great Animation
2. The story lines were well written.
3. The characters had depth.
4. The way the continuality was shown throughout the seasons.
5. The fact that it wasnt dummed down for kids and actually had intelligence in the writing.

Rich Sprague - [RSPRAGUE23@aol.com]
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 07:12:59 PM

In response to Mr. Greg Weisman's search for feedback on why people liked Gargoyles, my personal top five (in no particular order of importance).
-1. The fact that genuine research was done regarding the myths and legends that were woven into the storyline. I suffer frequent frustration when I see history and legends butchered unnecessarily. Disney is frequently singled out, but it is unfair to blame them for a problem that is endemic to the entertainment industry. I enjoyed seeing several legends and characters that are frequently misused, including Macbeth (a pox on Shakespeare) and Anubis (psychopomps/Gods of Death are NOT always evil) used in a manner consistent with actual history (in Macbeth's case) and legends (in the case of Anubis).
-2. The show found a way to blend elements of the fantastic and the realistic into a whole. Many elements of the fantasy and science fiction genres found their way into the show, including magic, extraterrestrials, advanced technology and artificial intelligences, non-human sentient creatures, and cryptozoological marvels like Nessie. Despite this fact, the show never lost an element of realism. Many episodes centered around perfectly mundane premises, including fighting Organized Crime and respecting the rights of others. In addition, the show was always careful to show that actions had consequences. People died. Sometimes, the Good Guys don't win, even when they do everything right, just like in real life.
-3. Characters were dynamic vice static, and often very complex. So many characters introduced as villains saw the error of their ways that a spin-off was planned centering around several of them. Xanatos and Demona, the two key villains, were amazingly complex, with motivations and quirks that made them intriguing even as they bedeviled the protagonists. The heros also evolved. Brooklyn took up the position of Second. Goliath got over his hidebound nature to accept Angela as his daughter in a way that wasn't entirely consistent with the Gargoyle Way.
-4. The show appealed to all age groups because it offered a mature, complex plot and compelling characters in a manner that was both understandable by and acceptable for younger viewers. In this, it can be compared favorably to the Harry Potter series (or, perhaps more fairly, the Harry Potter series can be compared to it, as it predates the publishing of the Harry Potter series). I have long been of the opinion that a story which must rely on profanity, crude humor, and excessive gore to be considered "mature," is, in point of fact, puerile instead. Shows like Gargoyles prove that you don't need an "R"-rating to tell a mature story.
-5. The protagonists of the story, the Gargoyles, are monstrous (by human standards) and nocturnal. Despite this, they have a noble culture and are a far cry from the
"Dark Creature of the Night" stereotype that I've come to abhor. I've always felt that mankind's general habit of equating good with light and day and evil with dark and night is, to put it mildly, a bit childish. Evil can be of the light and found during the day, while good can be dark and found at night. The Gargoyles featured heroic characters that were dark and nocturnal, so it instantly caught my interest.
Thank you for this opportunity. If you some how managed to get past all my rambling and disagree with anything I've said, I respect your feelings and apologize for offending you.

Gothic Cowboy
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 07:11:48 PM

"Kentucky Bluegrass" is ok, but even with my atrocious spelling I know complex is spelled with a 'x'. I suppose if I could add a 6th reason would be the histrory.
Laura 'ad astra' Ackerman
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 07:05:19 PM

I hear that peopel are coming forward with the top 5 reasons they were drawn to Gargoyles. Well, I suppose I can take a crack at it. [And i am curious what color "Kentucky Bluegrass" is. I don't normally hit the comment room.] In no particular order:
-1- The art of story telling- a compless engrossing drama with deeply fleshed out and compelling characters.
-2- Beautiful art and imagary.
-3- I'm crazy for myth.
-4- I'm crazy for Shakespeare.
-5- All through the first season my friends were telling me that I absolutely, positively must see this show when I got back to the US.

Laura 'ad astra' Ackerman
New York
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 07:02:20 PM

Top Five Reasons I liked Gargoyles:

1. Xanatos. On my list of vilains, he still the undisputed #1 vilain. When his enemies are listed under "company ressources", NOW that's scary.

2. Hunters. They have a very good background story. Reminds me of Batman, Spawn and other anti-heroes. Plus I love the mask.

3. Voice Acting. Many talented actors have given a solid performance. The good quotes and lines also helps.

4. This show favor atmopshere over attitude and style. The only "In your face!" you'll see is a gargoyle's fist flying toward your TV screen!

5. The Edge. THE best Gargoyle episode ever. It has a very good balance between animation, story, character developpment, action, quotes, suprises and laughs. A very unique episode.

Tuesday, November 11, 2003 07:00:46 PM

I've enjoyed Gargoyles for many reasons.
1. The attention to detail in real history.
2. The subtle (and not so subtle) ties to mythology of all kinds (especially Shakesperian lore).
3. The voice actors.
4. The animation.
5. Most importantly, the complex and engaging plots and subplots which make each character three dimensional and allow for interesting viewing. My wife and I were both absolutely shocked to find out that Puck and Owen were one in the same when we first saw the Gathering!

Andrew Alvarez - [highlander3000@earthlink.net]
Rancho Cucamonga, CA, USA
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 06:56:09 PM

1) This was probably the most adult "cartoon" show I'd ever seen growing up, as it dealt with it's characters in a mature, engaging way, without alientating the younger viewers. The reprecussions of every action were logical, and the characters behaved in ways that I could sympathize with. There was a strong believeability factor when it came to the historical aspects, as well.

2) The Animation. Stylized characters, with natural, expressive movements. Stunning backgrounds. Imaginative costumes. An enormous cast. Wild special effects!

3) The careful balance between the supernatural and the modern. As much as I loved and appreciated the realistic, every day stories involving Eliza and the Gargoyles crime fighting (though it was never as simple as merely "crime fighting"), I was completely blown away by the mythical journeys. I was introduced to more Shakespeare through this show than in any English class, and the series presented the characters in a (here comes that word again) mature way. Sure, there were witches and the like, but they had motivations and personalities to match. No one was a one-note joke. And the Sagas! Oh, how I loved seeing the various Sagas unfold! Somehow, every story managed to build on a previous one. It's clear that the writers didn't simply come up with any old premise for an episode. Everything had purpose, and nothing was forgotten. And boy were the conclusions satisfying! Twists and turns that I'd never seen coming (Owen as Puck, Oberon in New York, the rookery Eggs hatching on Avalon, Demona and Macbeth, etc) continually had me on the edge of my seat.

4) The Voice Acting. Pitch perfect performances from a variety of actors and actresses brought these characters to vivid life. And somehow, never once was I thinking "Zanatos and Demona are that couple from Star Trek". Everyone put their all into their roles, and it showed. And, as far as I know, no one's voices changed suddenly from episode to episode. There was a consistancy, and a level of quality that never wavered. And since I still have one more point to make, I'll cram in a serious nod to the musicians and composers who outdid themselves to give this series a wealth of music that enhanced and enriched my viewing experience! That theme song was as powerful and evocative as they come!

5) Finally, this show envelopped it's viewers in a world where legacies were made, and in some cases forgotten...where people lived and died and grew and developped. It tried to bring a sense of ultimate purpose to its characters, and that, in no small way, affected the way I view my life. Maybe there is some larger plan that will come to pass, and maybe not. Either way, Gargoyles offered us the possibility that one was there, without forcing us to believe in it or not. For opening our spirits to the vastness of our world, and its mysteries, we are greatful.
James Gartler - [JamesGartler@hotmail.com]
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 06:52:49 PM

1: The great animation.

2: The fact that this cartoon was definitely not just for kids, considering the deaths of all the clan and the way Goliath roared when he found them dead. This show obviously was heading way for some serious drama.

3: The cool way that Greg merged one of Shakespere's plays to the storyline.

4: The character Demona, an evil villain whom you cannot help but feel sorry for, considering what she went through.

5: The many different episodes raging from sci-fi with robots and aliens... To fantasy with magic and dragons, yet there was still a plot of how everything just seemed to flow together

Storyseeker - [Storyseeker.1@btopenworld.com]
Birmingham, UK
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 06:39:11 PM

For those who were curious, I asked the guy who does the Gargoyles impersonation at the Texas Ren Fest, and he said it was a generic gargoyle, and then commented that he does look a little like Goliath though....so anyhow, I still think the pose looked a lot like Goliath.

There are at current about 63 posts on Greg's question...
Houston, TX
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 06:05:29 PM

Top Five Reasons I liked Gargoyles:

1)Is the great animation. The way they did the New York City skyline was amazing. The attention to detail.

2)The complex characters. Xanatos and Demona. They do evil but are not necessarily evil. Demona does evil but she does it to protect her race, while Xanatos does evil to gain wealth and immortality. Xanatos doesn't want to destroy the gargoyles but he will if he has to. It's just a "terrible waste."

3)The storyline. Especially centering around Demona. The time she was an innocent to the events that changed her to a vengeful murderer.

4) The continuity. I liked that the stories often went from one story arc to another in which the smallest detail could come out to become a greater adventure.

5) The morals. I liked the way they did episodes on a wide range of subject matter like gun control i.e. Deadly Force to the Rainforests. The main overlying problem today in our society, hatred they did over a wide range of episodes to the New Olympians to others. And sometimes that problem they seemed to weave into almost every episode. They made this intelligent cartoon for people who want to enjoy this show and learn about some of the harms that touch our society.

Doppleganger - [erodri52000@yahoo.com]
Chicago, Il, USA
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 05:52:02 PM

Top Five Reasons I liked Gargoyles:

1)Is the great animation. The way they did the New York City skyline was amazing. The attention to detail.

2)The complex characters. Xanatos and Demona. They do evil but are not necessarily evil. Demona does evil but she does it to protect her race, while Xanatos does evil to gain wealth and immortality. Xanatos doesn't want to destroy the gargoyles but he will if he has to. It's just a "terrible waste."

3)The storyline. Especially centering around Demona. The time she was an innocent to the events that changed her to a vengeful murderer.

4) The continuity. I liked that the stories often went from one story arc to another in which the smallest detail could come out to become a greater adventure.

5) The morals. I liked the way they did episodes on a wide range of subject matter like gun control i.e. Deadly Force to the Rainforests. The main overlying problem today in our society, hatred they did over a wide range of episodes to the New Olympians to others. And sometimes that problem they seemed to weave into almost every episode. They made this intelligent cartoon for people who want to enjoy this show and learn about some of the harms that touch our society.

Doppleganger - [erodri52000@yahoo.com]
Chicago, Il, USA
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 05:48:28 PM

What drew me into Gargoyles

1. The excellent writing. The dialoug from the characters and the plotlines were a definate turn on.

2. The character designs. Not just how they were drawn or how they poke, but their many dimensions. They were well rounded.

3. The animation was crisp, clean and breath taking. It was different from the other Disney series.

4.The Shakespeare elements and the weaving in the "Mythos" and legends.

5. The excellent voice acting by the actors. As a fan of star Trek TNG I was drawn in when I heard Jonathon F. and Marina S.

Spacebabie - [LadyAndromeda@smstars.zzn.com]
Orlando, Florida
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 05:33:33 PM

Top Five Reasons I Love "Gargoyles"

1. The first and most important. The characters. No matter how great tour plot is, it's your characters that will keep people coming back. With great characters like Demona, Xanatos, Brooklyn, Lex, etc, we had that. The characters all felt like real people rather than cardboard cut-outs.

2. Merging of genres. Where else will you get a combo of Classic Fantasy, Science-Fiction, Noir, Shakespeare, Drama, Comedy and see it work so well?

3. The animation. While I've always felt a great story can save horrid animation, "Gargoyles" had great animation in most of it's episodes. Episodes like "Awakening", "Temptation", "The Edge", "High Noon", "MIA", "Shadows of the Past", "Future Tense", "Hunter's Moon" were beautiful to watch.

4. The passion. You can always spot the shows where the writers are passionate about as compared to the ones where they turn in script just for a paycheck a mile away. Having met Greg Weisman, and other series writers like Michael Reaves, Brynne Chandler, Lydia Marano, etc, it only confirmed what I always felt their scripts put forth. Same goes for the artists like Frank Paur, Greg Guler, Vic Cook, and the various voice actors.

5. The show has a nasty habit of inspiring its fans. Be it to write themselves, to create great works of art. It never ceases to amaze me. Hell, you never know, it might inspire someone to do something crazy like, say, host a convention ;)

Greg Bishansky
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 05:28:22 PM


1. Good animation- much smoother and nicer to watch than alot of cartoons out there.
2. The voice work- the characters have depth, life to them, the acting done was wonderful, the show would have been a draw even in a different format because of the acting.
3. The characters- no clear black and white characters, you see them grow and change over time, there were characters you could empathize with. They were/are real people.
4. The relationship dynamics- same as the characters growing, were the relationships that would mature and change and it was a real pleasure seeing those interactions.
5. The many references to literature and "fairy tales"- pretty self explanatory, I dare say.
Mara Cordova
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 05:21:08 PM

Top 5 reasons I dig Gargoyles:

1~The stories are equally character driven as well as action packed.
2~Great animation
3~Gargoyles are way more interesting than action heroes
4~Alot of mythology from around the world is included in their world
5~Convincing voice acting

Tiehl - [elfchic1@yahoo.com]
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 05:10:56 PM

5) The animation was really nice. Clean cut, not too rubbery. Especially the team that animated "Hunters Moon"! I hope Disney appreciates what a great product it was!

4) Voice acting! I LOVE Keith David, Sally Richardson, and Marina Sirtis, Jonothan Frakes... EVERY voice-actor picked for this show was dead-on PERFECT! Also being a Star Trek fan, the Star Trek actors making regular and guest appearances (Like Kate Mulgrew, Nichelle Nichols, and Brent Spiner) was so much fun! You should really invite Wil Wheaton to guest-star, too, he's a really funny guy!

3)The continuity! The stories developed, and were built upon. As someone who really enjoys long stories, this was a rare treat. The reason that all this fanfiction about the Gargoyles keeps being written is because none of us can stand to see the story end where it did; WHAT HAPPENED NEXT?

2) Political messages! Teaching kids (and others) to respect everyone based on who they are instead of what they looked like was obviously a great central message to this series. Especially since Elisa Maza was part Nigerian-American, part Native American, and she's the COOLEST cop on TV!

1) Character development! Give us some more character development! Darkwing Duck is only funny for so long, but when the characters in the Gargoyles change and advance, we are compelled to keep watching! Exploring Demona's terrible guilt, MacBeth's profound loneliness and bitterness, Xanatos's emerging protective instinct battling with his greed, and the blooming relationship between Elisa and Goliath as equals and true loves is so fascinating. I would be SO HAPPY to see these things and many others brought back, in one form or another! I've been a die-hard fan for so many years, and I know so many others are, too! LONG LIVE THE GARGOYLES!

Bonny Garg - [email_andreas_art@yahoo.com]
Florida, USA
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 05:02:20 PM

Top Five Reasons I Loved the Gargoyles Series:

1.) The dynamic nature of the individual characters. I absolutely loved how, while each character tended towards a certain personality, they each had the real human quality that I personally feel is lacking in most of the characters I see on television today. The characters showed many sides to their personalities and, as a viewer, I could feel really feel as though I was a part of that community. The camaraderie was real, and I loved it.

2. ) The mesh and flow of the series. While, personally, the first few episodes did not truly captivate my attention or make me a hardset fan, as the show progressed and each character grew, I looked forward to each coming episode with greater interest. Each episode led to the next, and the past was never forgotton. The show was layered enough that even though I jumped in mid-season, I was able to understand the series enough to enjoy it, and then during the coming reruns see what I had missed.

3.) Absence of a ton of 'filler' episodes. Every episode meant something to the series. With the exception of a couple avalon episodes, at least in my opinion, each episode built on what the series had already established. There was no episode made for the sole purpose of 'buying time' to come up with something meaningful to do.

4.) It wasn't closed minded. I have a dislike of shows that are full of stereotypes and tackle tradition issues. They get old, really fast. The show didn't have a lot of the "We're superheros, we combat supervillians, watch us combat supervillians" with a few side points tossed it to 'spice up' the endless monotomy.

5. ) It wasn't a little kids show. It was literally the deepest thing I had seen, read, looked at, or experienced at the time. It really exposed me to how the world really works, that most people feel justified in their actions and how much of an impact circumstance has. Tons of important concepts of what it means to be a person. It taught me that gray areas exist; I grew up on this show.

This is one of the first times I've ever posted here at all, and I'm not sure exactly what to say other than my five points. Anyway, I hope this information is of some use to you Mr. Weisman

Gravity - [ogudmundsson@mn.rr.com]
Minneapolis, MN, United States
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 04:54:44 PM

Here are my 5 (only five??) reasons as to why I was drawn to "Gargoyles":
1.The continuity. I love the way the different story arcs progressed and how the actions in one episode led to repercussions in another episode.
2.The brilliantly detailed animation.
3.The realistic voice acting (esp. Keith David- Goliath and Thailog, and Marina Sirtis) tied in with the fantastic dialogue. Making each character have their own idiolect made "Gargoyles" all the more enjoyable.
4.Mythology and the accurate depiction of History in "Gargoyles" made it fun for me and educational at the same time. "Gargoyles" introduced me to Shakespeare and I've never looked back since.
5.Characters that develop and progress; I love Demona to pieces, she's my favourite character and her character development has been one of the greatest that Disney have ever produced. But it is not only her; all the characters grew as time progressed (Broadway and Hudson learning to read, Brooklyn accepting his role as 2nd in command etc.)
Is that it? I could give you a lot more ;)

Tuesday, November 11, 2003 04:49:54 PM

Five things that drew me and still draw me to Gargoyles.

5) Great animation.

4) Good dialogue delivered by good acting.

3) Thought provoking and entertaining stories.

2) Multi-faceted cahracters who are more like actual people because their presonalities are shades of gray. All capable of good and evil.

1) Able to connect to all maturity ages. When I re-watched the episodes as I still find them appealing, but for new reasons that I had passed over when I was younger.

Tuesday, November 11, 2003 03:56:03 PM

What draws me to Gargoyles.

1. Initially, ABSOLUTELY, the opening titles. The music. The graphics. The color. And Keith's booming voice... I was totally sucked in... Hooked. I remember saying aloud, wow, this is gonna be cool...

2. The delivery. The clean writing of this show. There's no 'dumbing down'. The respect for the audience is awesome. The best dialogue. And the voice talent mixed with all the incredible animation makes it all so fresh. The artwork in this show... the backgrounds, the lighting, and the characters are so beautifully handled. Then the timing, the snap, ties it all together.

3. Stories, stories, stories. The other stuff got me there, but the stories are unique. All the mythology and lore. The complex arcs, and character depth... Deadly Force, the respect for reading and learning, the world tour... Love the themes. The conflicts, mixing the old with the new, and the importance of family and friends, ring true.

4. Actually, I love just the concept. The simple notion of gargoyles watching out for us, because they want to, still makes me look UP (living in NYC) and over my shoulder... :) The entire world GARGOYLES creates is, to me, so hopeful and so complete.

5. Oh, and that guy, uh, what's his name... Greg Weisman. Greg's passion is in every scene and every sentence of each and every episode--well, of the first 66. :)


Carol W.
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 03:43:43 PM

Hi everybody!

5 things that drew me to Gargoyles. Let's see.

1. It reminded me of Batman : the Animated Series. That's probably what caught my eye in the first commercials etc for the show. I thought maybe it was an offshoot of Batman or the company that did it. That's why I initially tuned in.

2. The detail. Things like "Gargoyles can't fly, only glide on the wind" really interests me. It's like the series gave the heroes these limitations to make it more challenging. That's just one example, but it made the Gargoyles universe seem more real, and worth getting into.

3. Continuity. I am completely obsessed with great continuity. When a character mentions something from a previous episode it MAJORLY impresses me. It makes a show seem less factory made. This might be the main reason I watched.

4. The World Tour. I remember tuning in wondering if this week Goliath, Elisa, Bronx and Angela would ever arrive in Manhattan. I couldn't believe how the series just veered off into new territory like that.

5. The characters and character growth. Xanatos is such an intriguing character, and Owen too. When Xanatos started becoming more Gargoyle-friendly I couldn't believe how the show turned it's main villain into one of the good guys. I had never seen that before. It made me really happy.

there ya go!

Jordan Cooper - [hallofeyes@aol.com]
Kew Garde, NY
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 03:37:49 PM

Tuesday, November 11, 2003 03:21:23 PM

We should apoint someone to save an offical copy at the end of the week. I don't know what anybody would do with it, but it seems like a good idea....

And please don't volunteer me because I suggested it.

CKayote - [CKayote@worldnet.att.net]
Orlando, FL
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 03:11:26 PM

It's hard narrowing it down to five reasons. Some of these may be repeats, but Greg asked for comments from lots of people, so here goes:

1. Voice talent: I started watching the show because a friend told me it had lots of "Star Trek" voices. And hearing Marina Sirtis as a villian was quite a change from her Deanna Troi character. But the voice casting for the entire show is awesome.

2. Continuity: As has been mentioned, "Gargoyles" shows that actions have consequences that may be undesirable and unexpected and don't go away at the end of the episode (and even the time travel rules don't negate this). The characters grow and change and mature; sometimes they even find redemption and/or forgiveness (like Katharine or the Captain of the Guard). Apparent throw-away lines (like the Emir or the Illuminati) later appear in episodes of their own.

3. Complexity/intelligence: It may have been a kid's show, but this nearly-40 year old found it intriguing right away. The characters were developed, they had motives and backgrounds, etc. The show dealt with contemporary issues and doesn't feel dated even 10 years later. The time-travel episodes (like "Vows" or "Avalon part 2") are as good as time travel episodes in science fiction shows like "Star Trek" (and follow a more-consistent set of rules than that show did). An aside is that this complexity could serve to discourage new viewers. I never saw the show during its first run, and the episodes I first saw were not in order. But the early confusion quickly gave way to a fascination with the show.

4. Good stories: The references to worldwide myths and the introduction of legendary figures like Arthur and Macbeth in a show picturing familiar NYC landmarks gave it a realistic, yet mystical feel.

5. The gargoyles themselves: "Stone by day, warriors by night." What an imaginative idea, not to mention creating a whole culture, biology, and set of motivations for them. Despite all the tragedies they have endured, they (generally) remain true to their characters and purpose ("A gragoyle can no more stop protecting the castle than breathing the air.")
Minneapolis, MN
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 02:17:15 PM

1) The great characters. I always liked the show because the characters had so much depth. And there was a realism to the show, though it was essentially fantasy. I could identify with all the characters and see exactly where they were coming from. I always thought everyone was intriguing and I watched because I wanted to know more.

2) The action. I love a good action series, but it's hard to find any show that can combine good action with excellent storytelling. I always thought that, for the most part, with Gargoyles, the action happened as a result of the story progressing. It seemed to always fit and it didn't seem forced. Though even I wanted to burn that boat from the second season. ( I also love the fact that my sentiments about that boat were reflected by the characters.)

3) The art. If it weren't for Gargoyles' unique and awesome character designs and backgrounds, I don't think I would've ever thought of doing art seriously. So much eye candy! In comparison to other animated shows, I thought the art was a cut above.

4) The ability to speculate. I've always loved that the Gargoyles universe was incredibly vast and most importantly, rich with solid background and foundation. While the series has definate points and events,the world that it inhabits is woefully unexplored. But that, of course, gives those with imagination,room to play.

5) The fan base. I have never seen a fan base such as this one. Some of these folks I've known since I was in 10th grade and that was seven years ago. That's a long time to be a loyal fan. And we fans have so much fun together -- the elements of the show brought us together and still bring us together. It's funny, because the nearest major street to my house is Avalon -- and myself and other fans got such a tickle out of that. No one else would understand why that is so cool, unless they were fans of the show.

Tuesday, November 11, 2003 01:33:41 PM

In no particular order...

CHARACTERS/CHARACTERIZATION - Rich, developed characters that continued to evolve throughout the entire series, learning from their actions. They all had their strengths and faults; heroes weren't necessarily clean-cut, villains had tragic pasts that made the viewing audience sympathize with them. They had dimension,

SETTING - Gargoyles was a gritty, urban drama that often never forgot its roots. Settings were, obviously, mostly at night, which allowed for a dark and somewhat moody atmosphere. As far as the series would reach into fantasy, we were given realistic portrayals of how the characters would deal with such bizarre circumstances. Plus, we were treated to several different locations throughout the entire world, each having an impact on storyline.

PLOT - Smart, savvy, interconnecting plotlines that included everything from crime to sorcery to myth to action to humor, and that continued throughout the episodes, impacting the characters and their world. We had characters with thousand-year-old pasts that were intricately linked with each other in creative ways; we had romance that built itself from trust to friendship to love; we had real-world personalities (either fictional or non-fictional) that were weaved into the plotlines in convincing ways.

DESIGN - Gargoyles characters were simplistic yet beautiful, and were influenced by their environment and nationality. The main characters were distinguished by memorable traits, and human characters were realistically designed to both appeal to the audience and convince them of the realism this show strived for. Plus, animation was well above average on a lot of the episodes and absolutely incredible on more than a few.

SCOPE - Gargoyles reached out and touched many themes in its run: prejudice, revenge, racism, equality, war, terrorism, loneliness, loss, change, hope, and love. It was a world that, even based on our own, had aspects of magic, mystery, science, the supernatural, religion, and futuristic technology; pretty much everything anyone could ask for.

HOOK - I'm adding a sixth here. This show had several 'hooks' that lured viewers in, whether it was the great animation, characters, design, plot or pace. And each viewer, whether tuning in specifically to see Gargoyles or just flipping through the channels, stopped and watched the show for whatever reason and was soon enveloped. My hook was the Goliath/Elisa romance, and that was the one thing among many that's kept this world so fresh in my mind after ten years.

The Barracuda
B.C., Canada
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 01:27:44 PM

Top 5!

1. The complexity and maturity of the story line! After being burnt out on 'toons like Bonkers and Marsupilami, I was SO excited to find a more mature themed show with a story arc that went through seasons instead of just day to day, week to week.

2. AWESOME characters. So many Layers to everyone in the show! And everyone had their own way of interacting and moving the story forward. I loved how seriously they were handled, like real people.

3. Shakespeare and Mythology and Medieval fun. What can I say? I'm a sucker for that kinda stuff...

4. Nicely designed, nicely executed, sexy all around.

5. I'm just going to repeat my love for the handling of the characters and the story line. Not dumbed down, nicely complex and mature. The characters had real chemistry and real personalities and I loved their interaction and it was believable and wonderful and....well..I just love the show what more kin I say?

Lauren (Ariel)
Providence, RI, USA
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 01:21:02 PM

Top five reasons...

1. I love sci.fi and fantasy in general. This carton had both..the old and the new, scientific and fantasy/mythology. And it did it in a good way..it was believable, with technology that was recognizable.

2. The characters: to say what I want to say about the characters and classify them as good or bad is very hard, because the show made it hard. The roles were never obvious, with good guys acting badly and bad guys doing good and even noble things. In some cases, characters seemingly switched sides. Other characters, by their non-human nature and therefore non-human definitions, were even more difficult to pin as to their means and methodoligies for why they did what they did. This was what I think made this show so good. No flat characters.

3. Story line was very good and interwined within itself, to a degree that if alternate reallities were found to be true, I would almost believe that we had peered into one.

4. Bringing in characters from myth and legend. I was happy to see that views of other religions, and even aspects of other religions were brought in in a diginified and respectful way. Also the handling of European mythical creatures such as the fey. Most cartoons in particular take one societies views and put them upon a pedistal, and then take elements from other cultures and use them in negative context compared to the preferred societies views. This show did not stoop to that level, and allowed the quallities and even negativities of all views to show through, equally. In that way it managed to not be racist or elitist, in either religious context or cultural context.

5. Overal appeal and animaltion quallity was good, and in my opinion is the only choice(animation) for such a show, with such a diversity of fantasy characters.
Houston, TX
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 01:07:06 PM

Top Reasons I like Gargoyles.

1. Shakespearean storytelling - From the constant tragedy of MacBeth to the constant hilarity of Puck.

2. Cultural diversity - The single reason I loved the "World Tour" was because it invoked other cultures from other continents.

3. Xanatos - Villiany was taken to the next level with this guy. Only Lex Luthor could match his devious attitude. I think it was a letdown that he turned good at the end of Season 2, because I got a kick out of any episode where he got the last laugh.

Los Angeles
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 12:50:07 PM

Top 5 reasons I was drawn to the Gargoyles series:
1. Upon first seeing the previews from the show, the subject matter. Gargoyles, medieval fantasy, set in the present day.
2. The stories, in content as well as how they were told. They weren't dumbed down for kids. They were appealing to the young adult that I was. (I just realized I was 20 at the time... O_o) They were intelligent.
3. The overall story arc. It wasn't exactly necessary to catch all the episodes in order to get the story, but there was an evolution of the characters and their relationships over the course of the season that has a richness rarely found in other animated shows. Real emotions in three-dimentional characters.
4. The inclusion of legend, Shakespearian stories, folklore from around the world. Again, much richness, and open-mindedness.
5. The look of the show, the style, the art, which influenced mine a great deal.

Kanthara - [<--- Gathering 2004! ]
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 11:55:58 AM

Heh, came across this question by accident.

Top 5 Reasons I Was Drawn to Gargoyles?

1) Continuity. Other shows I'd seen before this did have some development between episodes, but this was the first series I'd ever seen with development in about EVERY episode. The fact that every episode did or could have had something significant in it made thus a "must-see" show for me.

2) Merging of Genres: This show had a fascinating mix of genres, which I've seen often imitated after the series ended. Sci-fi elements such as robots, cybernetics, nanotechnology and genetic engineering co-existed with creatures of magic, myth and legend. This was also the first show I'd seen that not only delved into myths and legends, but delved into myths and legends from multiple cultures and wove them together into a whole like this. The idea of a world where ALL myths and legends were true was fascinating to me. (Mighty Max was the only show that had come close to this, and they were more focused on monsters than actual application of these elements.)

3) Characters: The characters in this show were so nuanced and well-written that you couldn't help but feel for them, both heroes and villains. Combined with the continuity I mentioned earlier, it was like taking a look at people's lives (albeit ones far more fantastical and interesting than one could hope for).

4) Character Designs: They just looked so cool! I wish they'd made more of them as action figures, I liked some of the designs so much.

5) Production Quality: This show was obviously one that all involved put extraordinary effort into producing. The depth and intelligence of the writing, the quality of the music (I'd like to see more of it available, incidentally) and (usually) the animation, the evident research put into references to myth, legend, and literature, and so on all made this seem like a quality production.

JEB - [JEB215AlphaZed@aol.com]
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 11:37:53 AM


you asked for the top 5 reasons why I love Gargoyles?
So here they are:

1. I think Gargoyles are really cool creatures.
2. I like the intelligent and complex story very much.
3. I like that there are so many myths and legends and shakespeare things in the show.
4. To be honest, I can't imagine a fourth and a fivth reason, but the first three were enough to make me a fan of Gargoyles for years now.

I really hope that I will be able to get the Gargoyles-DVD in 2004! The chances for a release in Germany are very small, aren't they? But I think I will get it somehow :-)

GermanyTuesday, November 11, 2003 11:31:15 AM

5 Reasons why I was drawn to Gargoyles:

1: I love medievil things, and Gargoyles has a lot of it! I love it! I love how they have a lot of flash backs, its just really neat...and I apprechiate it.

2: The overall use of magic is VERY interesting. I love the amount it shows, and at the same time, doesnt go overboard like a lot of other shows I have watched. The magic in 'Gargoyles' truly is magic!

3: I've always loved actual gargoyle statues. And to make a show about them coming to life at night and having adventures, is just overall awesome! I truly must say!

4: The action and drama the characters have to go through is just amazing. The show is constantly keeping you going.There is no way you can get bored when you are watching ANY episode of Gargoyles...Its an impossibility.

5: The storyline. Gargoyles has much to offer in its stories. In every episode I can find many twists and turns, and unexpected things that I would not think would happen.

The show 'Gargoyles' has really changed me. I have something good to look forward to everyday, when I get home from school. It will always be my favorite show. And I promise you that.

Steven - [aviemus_the_white@hotmail.com]
Tonganoxie, KS, US
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 10:59:12 AM

and to drag in people who would normally never post in here... *L*

5 reasons:
*Intelligence - in admitting that viewers actually HAD some, and allowing ALL characters, even females, to share it.
*Characterization - not overly stereotyped, grew and changed with learning, actually had motivation for actions.
*Fun referrences to stuff that was fun to 'find' - like real places/history/literature.
*Lack of stupid potty humor/bodily functions that stop being funny at about age 9.
*The fans. the people in this fandom are what KEEP me here after all these years.

kess - [<<MGC! Go vote! Pretty please?]
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 10:52:40 AM

nothing like a request from Greg W to get this room buzzing...
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 10:10:53 AM

1: The realism. For example, when Elisa was accidentally shot, it wasn't forgotten about the next episode. She went for awhile on crutches. It was left to linger in the mind, and make you catch it. Most cartoons just go on with other things, this thing held to as real a setting for the action as they could, which really made the story ring true.

2: It's rare to be able to mix old world folklore and mythology into a modern setting and make it stick. This show did.
3: Animation. The animation of the characters were so vivid and alive! Get a big screen TV and turn off the lights, and you would swear you were on Goliath's back as he glided from building to building!
4: Emotional content. The characters were not cut and dry "william shatner-ish" in sound and feeling. They were given personalities and problems, emotions and concerns. So many shows cartoon and live alike just go from action to scene to end, with no substance. There were stories within stories for these characters, which made you appreciate not only what they were going through, but hope for the best for them personally.
5: Soundtrack. LOL What can I say.....music is a big part in my life, and I listen to background music on credits and in shows, and if it doesn't catch me, I tend to have issues. LOL

Christina Sprinkles - [kayaricainan@yahoo.com]
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 09:23:53 AM

Hi everybody, here's my Top 5:

- Realism
- Interesting Characters
- Good Animation
- An Excellent Ongoing Story
- Fluent Mix of History, Shakespeare, Mythology, and Fiction

Short, sweet, and to the point.

Bye now.

Evermore - [pfog@velocity.net]
Albion, PA, USA
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 09:11:29 AM

For me the art and story was what i like about the show. It helped that the plots developed the characters as well as each step increased the mythos of the gargoyle world.
Silintar - [silinthr@optonline.net]
Yorktown Heights, ny, usa
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 09:01:41 AM

1. A Cartoon Without being Cartooney - Unlike most cartoons, Gargoyles really establishes that actions have consequences. Characters don't just get smooshed and come back the next episode ready to go. It has a sence of realism in that aspect, and you see things that were done early on having ramifications later in the series. In that way, it encourages you to watch and see just what will happen because of those earlier events.

2. Great voice acting - One of the things I loved best about Gargoyles was the range of voice actors that they were able to get. Although sometimes it amuses me when I talk to people about it, as it comes off like one big Star Trek reunion show. But I think they chose the voices well for all the characters, and they were able to capture a great range of emotions that seems to be lacking in current cartoon voice acting.

3. Mythical Story Elements - I tend to be a big buff on the midieval, although in the more Fantasy type of setting. Gargoyles combines traditional midieval with legends and tales from all sorts of myths and backgrounds. I was really fascinated to see how all the myths blended together into something that was wholely believable.

4. The Characters - There's something that I've noted time and time again in popular film and television. If it is good, people will instantly relate to one character or another. Gargoyles is very much like this. You very rarely do not get a fan who has their favorate because they can relate. The characters have real motives and emotions and they develop and change as the story goes on. I think that depth of character allows us to really engross ourselves in their world.

5. Magic All Around Us/We aren't so different afterall - I think what struck me most, as a child watching Gargoyles, was the idea that magic is all around us, we just don't notice it. Not only that, but it shows that people of every shape and size all are a lot closer to one another then we think. The gargoyles are created as 'human' characters. To anyone who's ever grown up as an outcast, it's a real heart-toucher to have someone show in a round-about way how hard it is for someone different to fit in to the world, and that we really aren't that different afterall.

On that note, I remember seeing the previews for Gargoyles when it first came on TV. I remember sitting there in front of my 14" television, between some other shows, and just having to sit back and jaw-drop at the preview. It was /not/ your stereotypical disney show. It was something that instantly drew me to run into the kitchen and dance around talking about 'this kewl new disney show!'. My brother and I watched or recorded every episode, which I still have. Not only that, but Disney gave me the idea for my own character who I have played for eight years now. The fandom is great, and I'm glad to be part of it.

Barbara "Arazia" Herodes - [arazia@gamebox.net]
Chicago, IL, USA
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 08:50:46 AM

rrrrrrrrrrrrr- top 5, sorry greg
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 08:38:47 AM

Top ten reasons that I really liked gargoyles

1)all characters evolved- esp the villians which were a fresh breath from most other shows animated or not, in which they are largly one dimensional

2) the ethnicity of the characters- This may be a small thing to some, but I loved the way that gargoyles was a realistic world that was populated by more than exclusively whites- it was one of the few shows where there was open appreciation of many cultures and where was not one token minor character to represent a whole group

3) the writing was intelligent- I can't even remember the last show I could say this about-

4) all things changed- one story led to another and there was no action with consequences, or no one not effected by the passage of time

5) the color palatte- I loved the way the gargoyles came in such a variety of body shapes and colors, rather than the sterotypical grey which would have probally been easier to animate- having them all the different colors not only supports reason #2, but it makes it a feast for the eyes

Tuesday, November 11, 2003 08:37:43 AM

In no particular order:
SUBSTANCE: How many shows out there now are based on... nothing? There are catch lines, action sequences and merchandise to be had, but there's nothing entertaining about the show. Gargoyles, however, had a plot - multiple plots - worth following; and that's one of the things which separated Gargoyles from many of the cartoon shows on TV during its run. And no matter how strange some episodes got (time traveling, magic spells), the show never got away from its basic plots, and that was something you could always depend on when watching the show.

CHARACTERS: As fantastic as the characters were, they were also believable - heroes and villains. Going back to other shows I've seen, characters' motivations seem to be that they merely are; in other words, a villain is evil because s/he is just evil, and the good guys are heroes because they're good and want to stop evil. But in Gargoyles, the characters had motive, they had history, they had personality - they had it all.

DEVELOPMENT: I originally had this under "substance," but it's really its own category I think. The show took seasons to evolve, for characters to interact and plots to grow stronger. At the end of the Awakening mini, I didn't think it was blatantly clear that Elisa and Goliath would share a kiss 60 episodes later; the relationship between Angela and Broadway took episodes to develop, and during the courtship episodes it wasn't obvious who Angela would choose. It's the ever-present concept of evolution in a show which keeps people watching to find out what happens next and not merely to wait for another battle between x and y.

"DEADLY FORCE": I fell in love with Gargoyles with the first episode, but I didn't become obsessed with it until "Deadly Force." Talk about going against the norm, when cartoon characters got shot in the past, their skin would char a little, their beak might spin around to the back of their head and, after the character says some cliché line, s/he grabs a towel, wipes away the charred skin (realigns the beak) and continues. Not here - Broadway fires, Elisa gets hurt, double lesson learned: don't play with guns, don't leave guns lying around. Nothing grabbed me more than that episode because that's when it hit me that this show was serious.

TIMELESSNESS: Although the show is clearly designed for a 1994-96 timeline, there's a quality of timelessness in the show - unfortunately, it's really only because the show is off the air. After watching the canon episodes, you're left with a show that could go anywhere and out to any time. You can spend time thinking about how characters will evolve and how plot lines will continue to develop. So while the last episode might take place in 1996, the show really doesn't end.

Alex Garg - [alex_garg@yahoo.com]
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 08:25:19 AM


Just to clarify my previous post,the five reasons why I love gargoyles:

1) presence of a complex, multi-leveled continuity

2) shades of grey characters, not just good or bad (Demona's a bad guy, but she has good side and truly cares for her daughter, Goliath's good guy, but he has a darker, jealous, control freak side in him that was exposed by the Eye of Odin. and the list goes on

3) the realism. Bad guys using Uzi, Elisa being shot by her own gun because she wasn't careful enough to lock it up. It shows dangerous things that could happen, without having the annoyingly moralizing tone many shows had and still have.

4) Episodes like MIA (That chase between Badder and the Luftwafe pilot is truly breath taking), Future Tenses and Walkabout (back then, I was an avid Shadowrun player, and these two episode really got me scotched.cyberpunkesque future, Nanotech and astral travels in ONE episode. Yuuzaaaah! Le pied, as we say in french!)

5) Incredible voice dubbing, in English, French and even Italian, wonderful musical score. This series doesn't get old!

Hope it'll help

Denis - [d.deplaen@lft.be]
Brussels, Belgium
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 08:09:27 AM

(And, I should add, when I say "a bit" heavy-handed, I mean "a bit". I'm sure it was just right to convey what it needed to convey to the younger sections of the audience without patronising older fans, and still came off with a lot more integrity than a lot of moralising television shows. Plus, who's going to argue with a show that tackles issues like literacy, gun crime and racial hatred in such a bold manner?)
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 07:50:18 AM

In no particular order:

1. PACE. 'Gargoyles' did more in single 20 minute episodes than many 'hour' long drama shows do, even with several episodes back to back. It was incredibly efficient in the storytelling with pretty much every line serving a very clear purpose and often three, four or five purposes that became clear over several episodes.

2. INTELLIGENCE. By incorporating history, literature and mythology, there was never the sense of being talked down to. I guess a lot of fans my age got hooked on Shakespeare through Gargoyles. I got hooked on Gargoyles through Shakespeare. "Ill Met By Moonlight" was one of my first episodes and it aired the summer after my (wonderful) English teacher had done "A Midsummer Night's Dream" with us. I was about ten, and I watched it and loved it and demanded more. It still satisfies me almost a decade later. And any flashback has me hooked. Love flashbacks. Love them, love them, love them. Did I mention I loved them?

3. INTEGRITY. Very few shows have integrity. A real moral core that's consistent. Some claim to (e.g. 'Buffy') but these often don't hold up to close scrutiny. 'Gargoyles' had real messages and made people think. Looking back, sometimes the messages were a bit heavy-handed, but this was always earnt by a strong emotional basis (e.g. "Deadly Force").

4. GREAT MUSIC. I still hum 'Gargoyles' tunes nearly a decade after watching it first, and even though it's been absolutely years since I've been able to watch very much of the series.

5. CHARACTERS. Especially villains. Some of the most fleshed out and developed characters I've seen on television and ones that -- through the glories of flashbacks -- we got to see lots of. Macbeth. Demona. Xanatos. The heroes were great too, but I think we're probably a bit more used to seeing truly great heroes than truly great villains.

Cambridge, England
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 07:25:27 AM

Top five reasons I'm drawn to "Gargoyles"?
1. It's a cartoon for smart people. Instead of a slapstick, cliched mess of stereotypes, we have themes and plotlines that assume the viewer has the intelligence to understand and respond to things like honour, betrayal, love, hatred, loyalty and nature.
2. The characters, with few exceptions, are rich examples of rounded people, all of whom have distinct ways of behaving and reacting to events, none of whom fall into the trap of utter predictability, and none of whom are boring. They're *real* - they have hopes, fears, goals, agendas, plans, emotions and doubts. None of them are there to just fill a niche.
3. Literary and cultural themes. Shakespeare. Dostoyefsky. Kafka. Stevenson. All have been referred to or played a major role in the development of the series. As well, the fact that this show actually made an effort to expose viewers to other cultures and the myths and stories that make those places up. I'd heard of Anansi and Golems and Raven before, and seeing them on Gargoles made me want to learn more about them.
5. The intelligent plotline and its progression. All the intellect and good intentions won't save a show if it's boring, and Gargoyles certainly was not. I wanted to know what happened next at the end of every episode, and that's the highest praise that can be given about a work of fiction.I cared about what happened to these characters, and I wanted to follow them as they grew and changed.
5. The timing. This show came out at just the right time. Eveything else being put out on network TV at that time was pretty much garbage (and nothing's changed) that were dismal examples of everything Gargoyles was not. Flat, trite characters, "cutesy" plots that depended on the viewer having a lobotomy to think about, etc. When Gargoyles aired, however, it was a breath of fresh air. It stands as a reminder that not everyone wants to turn off their brains when they turn on the television, and that there s a market for well-plotted, well-characterized fiction that doesn't insult the viewer's intelligence.

Whitbourne - [whitbourne@hotmail.com]
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 07:10:19 AM

Top 5 Reasons I like Gargoyles (in no particular order)
1. The characters, both heroes and villains, were complex. I *loved* that there were shades of gray...no one was totally evil OR totally good. Yeah, Demona wass bent on genocide, but her motives were, to her mind, pure. Sure, Reynard was a pretty stand-up guy, but he was human enough to give in to temptation (briefly)...I could go on.
2. Continuity! There was an actual progression in the plot. This was amazing when I first saw it as a kid, and I appreciate it even more now. I was much more invested in the show because I knew that the decisions the characters made had real consequences.
3. Gorgeous animation, music, and voice work.
4. Plot! Besides the fact that the story progresses, the tale itself is exceptional. It's got a little of everything, and it all meshes to make one awesome but believable universe.
5. I really liked that the setting was, for the most part, real. The creators seemed to make an effort to accurately represent Manhattan, and the world tour visited real places in other countries. It gave the show scope that I have never seen in another animated show... or many live action ones, come to think of it. :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2003 04:39:17 AM

I drawed some Garg pictures, because i find the female
characters very attractive. The only thing i missed by the series was, it could be more for an higher age. And what i
ever would like to know was, how has Demona did it to live
1000 years without love, sex, and family?
Damiano - [rockus@gmx.de]
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 04:02:49 AM

Top 5 reasons for liking Gargoles
1. A kids' cartoon with subtle adult themes
2. Characters with depth
3. Plotlines that actually progress throughout the series, unlike the usual run of cartoons these days
4. Brooklyn
5. The third series didn't last too long so I can ignore it

Edward - [jobabob1000@btinternet.com]
UKTuesday, November 11, 2003 03:27:56 AM

31 so far...

You can tell I'm procrastinating, can't you?

Tuesday, November 11, 2003 03:22:08 AM

Well...I just finished something Gargoyle related that made me want to log on and share it with everyone, but, I find so much more to discuss than a usual Monday...

My 5 reasons:

1. The Originality....every other animated show at the time was a comedy series, or based on exsisting characters (Batman, X-Men, Spider-man, etc)

2. The Continuation.....I was just starting to read comic books in 1994 and liked the idea of once you put it out there, you can't ignore it, you have to build on it.

3. The sound (music, voice acting, bumps, creaks, etc) The music was top notch, Star Trek actors doing the voices (and all forms of Star Trek, the original series, Next Gen, Voyager), and the sound effects all hooked me into the story.

4. The Diversity...what other show did you see heroes who were fat, old, young, female, and actually smart? There are very few moments in Gargoyles where I cringe at the dialogue.

and finally....

5. The Story...the best part of Gargoyles was the story. I got hooked imediately. My Mom actually got hooked for a time (albeit a very short time). My sister watched it for a while (she was 2 years older than me....I was in college in 1994). My parents had their house remodeled in 1996. The guys working on it knew what Gargoyles was and liked the show. In my experiences, no other animated show hooked so many people that I knew and nothing since has come close.

Nickerous - [nickerous@ythan ahoo.com]
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 03:16:03 AM

Five reasons?

Well, I'd say number one is that the villians aren't just pure evil for no reason. Demona is bad... but if you stopped to think about it you can see why. You can sympathize with her. You didn't just hand out white hats and black hats and start a show. They all have their good and bad characteristics

I thought the characters were attractive. Yep, I may be a little shallow, but a sexy villianess will get my attention. Any episode with Demona in it quickly became one of my favorites

The story was complex and woven together between all the episodes, not just tiny morality lessons (i'm talking the first two seasons here. The last one got a bit too childish with the pointing out the morals rather than letting people see it for themselves.) It had layers that children and adults could enjoy.

It had magic and wove history and myth together in a way that made me want to actually know more about history and mythology.

It was also a beautifully tragic story that showed gargoyles trying to overcome what their past had been and the losses they suffered to fit into a new world. They took a beating, were attacked, betrayed by their own... and they never gave up what they believed in.

I could probably write an essay on all of this, but since you just wanted a top five list these were the first five to come to my mind.

Princess Alexandria

Princess Alexandria - [princess_alex24@hotmail.com]
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 02:06:39 AM

Top Five Reasons I'm drawn to Gargoyles :

1: VISUALS - The animation style, character designs, immediately caught my eye in the promos. Elisa's face, which was clearly a dark haired ethnic woman as the lead character was very exciting. A bold and welcome move from the usual caucasian only female leads of just about every other show. Before the term "Flava" was coined, Gargoyles had it and then some.

2: STORY - an ongoing drama, darkly romantic heroism and gothic, noir style delivery of the stories was compelling and fascinating to me as a viewer. I like linked story arcs and continuity where each episode builds on the ones before.

3: Characterization - The best characters in heroes and villians. Just outstanding. Goliath's noble, somber mein, Elisa's cynical cop, Demona's anger and anguish, Xanatos's diabolical cleverness, each and every character was vibrant and interesting and just plain fun to watch and learn more about with each succeding episode.

4. Demona -- because I like her so much she gets her own top five listing. Love her look, characterization, her voice, everything. She totally rocks.

5. Series Elements - All the richness of folklore, myth, legend, and classic literature that feeds into the show, mixed with a modern day urban setting. High fantasy style magic mixing it up with cyber punk science fiction, but with an anchor of "real world" time and place background.


Tuesday, November 11, 2003 01:55:22 AM

The Trek connection with the voice overs

The music 8D

The mystery, intrigue, history, characters, and magic!

The little cute humorous moments

Goliath's voice!
Sonia Lai
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 01:43:02 AM

*scrapes the depths of her memory* But it was so long ago... (The "drawing" anyway. The staying might or might not be a different matter.)

In no particular order...

1. "The Mirror." It was the very first episode that I ever saw, and was very cool even without knowing anything about the characters. It was a clever enough episode to make it clear that Gargoyles wasn't one of those shows that only a six year old could watch without their brains melting and dribbling out their ears. Kids are supposed to be developing their little squishy minds, not stunting their growth by watching shows that don't give them any reason to think. Gargoyles saves brains.

2. The villians: Rarely cliched (unless they _wanted_ to be), often fascinating, and always, in the end, very human. If all tv shows gave their characters this much depth, I'd never be able to stop watching tv.

3. "Everything is true." I've always been a sucker for fantasy that doesn't reject reality, but instead tries to add to it. And if it adds everything to reality, even better.

4. Anyone can change, at any time...or not. Xanatos falling in love, Titania learning compassion, Oberon not growing an inch, Hudson finding that he can grow old without losing his worth. Change is constant, but not all-comsuming. Life is in the details.

5. Humor. Drama's no fun without humor.

Bud-Clare - [budclare@yahoo.com]
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 01:37:03 AM

Oooooo.. too bad. Who broke the rules. Now we're going to have to let Severius experiment on you. *Shakes head in a what-a-waste motion*
At least you already call yourself the cat....

CKayote - [CKayote@worldnet.att.net]
Orlando, FL
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 01:02:10 AM

Oops! I gave you ten! Sorry!
The Cat
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 12:57:02 AM

1)I liked the Gargoyle species: premise, biology, varaition between individuals (and later clans)

2)I loved the previously on... segment; The way the episodes all built on each other.

3)The fact that it involved a little bit of every genre under the sun (or as it is gargoyles, under the moon). I particularly liked the magic and science at once. "Sentinel; Elisa: ......everything but King Arthur and the holy grail.... Goliath: Well yes, we have yet to encounter the holy grail....."

4)Lots of little things. Nuances in the animation, humor, minor (as in not major plot points) continuity (It blew me away that Elisa was on cructches in "Enter MacBeth").

5)detailed back story. Knowing where (when, too) everybody came from (particularly Demona) helped me understand/feel for/like more, etc. the characters.

But I first HEARD of Gargoyles through the Disney Adventures magazine.

CKayote - [CKayote@worldnet.att.net]
Orlando, FL
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 12:56:38 AM

Why I like Gargoyles:

1. The first and second seasons had awesome animation.
2. The way the characters sounded, really great voice work.
3. The first and second seasons were excellently written.
4. The heros all had different body types, only Goliath fit the usual superhero mold.
5. Elisa was not a typical heroine, she actually had a brain.
6.Both the good guys and the bad guys weren't bad to look at. Most animated shows have this idea that the bad guy is suppose to be ugly. My perception on evil is that it looks good, but oozes evil vibes.
7. There were characters that reminded me of me.
8. The magic and science blended well, there wasn't too much of one and not the other.
9. There were very few mistakes in the animation and in the first and second seasons most of the animation looked original for each show. None of this, "Okay, they're going through a wall. We've already got a 'going through the wall' scene drawn. We used it on an earlier episode, but the people watching won't notice. Let's use it again." That's annoying to see the same scene in another episode! That's the reason I don't watch anime.
10. There was finally a show that I didn't feel I could write better.

The Cat - [thecat_jc@yahoo.com]
Ingleside, Texas, USA
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 12:55:34 AM

Top 5 reasons:

1. The characters: No one was a flat character and they all had believable personalities, from the main characters to the support characters to Vinne/jogger/Margot/etc., nobody was in the show without a reason/purpose. King Arthur wasn't jammed in there just because it would look cool but because he helped stop the Archmage's power trip, finds Excalibur with the Manhattan clan, knighted Grif, and is off looking for Merlin. Everyone has a purpose.

2. Storyline: When I first saw Gargoyles when I was about ten in the 4th or 5th grade, I got caught on the storyline. It didn't have cliché stories where they dumb down consequences nor did they shy away from giving their stance on tough world/ethic problems. Now 21, I still appreciate the depth those episodes have.

3.No clear cut "good" and "evil," just mixtures of both: First show I remember (or at least first American show, maybe an anime did this first?) where you couldn't really say with 100% certainty that one character was all good or that the villain was all evil(though some could come close). All the characters were capable of doing good and evil deeds.

4. Continuity: Events that happened in past episodes have an affect on later episodes or lessons learned aren't forgotten by next episode.

5. The fandom: After seeing gargoyles get cancelled, it faded to the back of my memory, still mused about it occasionally. By some strange urge 2 years ago, I checked google to see if there were any fan websites on Gargoyles. I found the TGS online continuation of Gargoyles made by fans, Gargoyles central, and this Ask Greg/comment room webpage. I wasn't the only one who heard of this show and people still talk about nearly ten years.

Still holding out hope for Gargoyles coming back with new episodes (since quite a few old shows are coming back, most being really bad but I don't know how well the new TMNT show is doing) and thanks for taking time out of your schedule doing Ask Greg and visiting us for the last ten years.

Troy, NY, USA
Tuesday, November 11, 2003 12:33:18 AM

Top 5 reasons I'm drawn to gargoyles:

1. It is a way different kind of show. Can you name another show on T.V. that has gargoyles in it? (That actually come to life).
2. I really like the plots. The shows gets you involved in trying to figure out what is going to happen next. Sometimes I find myself on the edge of my seat.
3. The characters are great. They are funny and kick butt at the same time. They also know when they need to be serious. (Most of the time, lol).
4. I like the show also because I can get good ideas for when I write. I like to write stories a lot, and some of the characters and plots give me something to work with.
5. I also like the feeling of there might being real gargoyles. The show gives the idea that some statues might come to life. Before the show, I never would have thought of statues really being real. Now I can think twice.

Charisma - [grstknight@aol.com]
USATuesday, November 11, 2003 12:01:03 AM

Top 5 reasons I'm drawn to gargoyles:

1. It is a way different kind of show. Can you name another show on T.V. that has gargoyles in it? (That actually come to life).
2. I really like the plots. The shows gets you involved in trying to figure out what is going to happen next. Sometimes I find myself on the edge of my seat.
3. The characters are great. They are funny and kick butt at the same time. They also know when they need to be serious. (Most of the time, lol).
4. I like the show also because I can get good ideas for when I write. I like to write stories a lot, and some of the characters and plots give me something to work with.
5. I also like the feeling of there might being real gargoyles. The show gives the idea that some statues might come to life. Before the show, I never would have thought of statues really being real. Now I can think twice.

Charisma - [grstknight@aol.com]
USATuesday, November 11, 2003 12:00:26 AM

Charisma - [grstknight@aol.com]
UMonday, November 10, 2003 11:48:42 PM

Top 5 reasons I was drawn to Gargs:
1) The first episode I saw I was hooked because it was set in the middle ages. I adore castles and knights, that sorta thing. The gargoyles themselves I thought were a bit odd looking, but the wings were cool, but I soon came to like them (like half way through the eph) they had depth.
2) Plot. It wasn't 'kiddified'. It had depth and held the adult audiences attention too, it wasn't 'spoon fed' to you but unraveled in an interesting, captivating way.
3) Character depth. As the season progressed you learned more and more about each character, there was more to them than met the eye. They also changed and adjusted to new settings, situations and they matured realistically. They had real feelings and each dealt with them differently.
4) Art and scenery. I found that it was very well done both the character drawings and the often elaborate backgrounds.
5) Ideals. I liked how Goliath (and the others) had morals and beliefs he stood by. It wasn't just a 'mission' to avert disaster but it was something he personally was invested in and felt strongly about.

Kaylee Skylyn
Ontario, Canada
Monday, November 10, 2003 11:25:40 PM

As Greg asked...reasons for lovin' Gargoyles:

1. Well, I first discovered gargoyles before it was ever shown on TV. Through adds in Disney adventures, and later previews. So, first reason is...they look really really spiff. Nothing beats out claws and fangs and wings. I saw that silhouette of Goliath and fell hard.
I was also in 5th grade at the time...but yah, I was hooked first by just the design of the characters, and the amazing quality of art.

2. Excellent voice acting. That's horribly rare these days...gargoyles is one of the only series I've ever seen that's acting equals the quality of the anime I've seen.

3. The writing is amazing. Anything that's so memorable that fans can randomly quote it always tends to draw me. In addition to that it was always written in a way that was understandable (as I was 10 years old when I started watching) but wasn't so simple that now I find it childish.

4. The entire story of Gargoyles is just...nothing short of amazing. I love the connection to mythology. I remember nearly falling out of my chair when Puck appeared. I loved how Gargoyles took a turn towards even more mythical and magical than it was before. Oh, and part of the story thing...the romance. I'm a hopeless romantic, so romance is definately a must.

5. I know it really isn't a show facet...but the fandom rocks. It's got its bad people of course, as anything does. But if it wasn't for Gargoyles I wouldn't have the spiff friends I do now, seeing as I meant them through an RP based off of the show.
So...yep, love gargoyles, it changed my life like soo many other peoples. And it has neat animalistic creatures. You gotta love that.

Oh crow...and deep, dynamic, and intriguing characters...Limiting it to 5 is very hard, you know.

Venus - [VenusGarg@aol.com]
Fairfax, Virginia, USA
Monday, November 10, 2003 11:22:39 PM

The top 5 reasons I was drawn to Gargoyles.

1. The beautiful art/animation. Gargoyles was the show that inspired me to pursue a career in art (Illustration/animation) first. It's also the show that has inspired me the most.

2. The characters. Brilliant, interesting characters. They look so fun and neat. Appealing to the eye, and to the mind on a personal level. You can really connect with them.

3. The story itself. It's interesting, and enjoyable to young and old. It still has a way of getting me excited and on the edge of my seat. I'm able to use my imagination fully to put myself in that world, time, place, and scene and really feel for the characters and what they're going through.

4. The mythology and ancient lore. Shakespeare, King Arthur, and Greek and Celtic mythology are some of my favorite areas of study.

5. Honestly? I found Gargoyles at a difficult point in my life. My grandfather had just died. I had to leave all my friends and move from a good-sized town, to a country farming community, in the middle of the summer, miles and miles away from the nearest stores. I knew no one. Knew nothing of the town. Had no way to get around anywhere. On top of that, Mom was having boyfriend issues that I happened to partially get dragged into. I saw gargoyles once.. a rerun of the first episode.. and I couldn't look away. I've been hooked since. I needed something.. and Gargoyles hit it directly on the head. All those things I mentioned before inspired me to no end, and they still do.

On top of that, the fandom that Gargoyles has inspired, has taught me so much. I've met so many great people and made wonderful, lasting friendships. Gargoyles has had such an impressive and lasting impact on so many people, and continues to draw in new fans to this day.

Remember, kids. Everything I needed to know in life.. I learned from Gargoyles. ^_~

Nikki Owens (Y2Hecate) - [y2hecate@aol.com]
Johnson City, TN, USA
Monday, November 10, 2003 10:39:55 PM

top 5 reasons for loving the show of da gargoyles

1. The amazing voice actors. Where some shows fail, look at the cast. Keith David, Jonathan Frakes, Jeff Bennett. just fshhhhhh. the talent! David Warner, Brent Spiner. they made the characters real and breathed the emotion.

2. the details. introing these Artifacts, The Archmage, Time Travel.... and intertwining details that weave together to form a larger plot. so many layers. god i love the layers!

3. Characters learn. Characters change. Theres continuity. Derick(sp?) to Talon, from emotion to emotion. Xanatos from villian to less of a villian. =) Heroes who learn from mistakes, etc etc.

4. okay, this is a smaller detail. Xanatos turning all the losses into wins. nuff said.

5. The memorable dialogue. no american show has anything remotely as good. "a simple american penny. its not worth much now..." ~ "DON'T CROW SO LOUDLY! Afterall! what have you achieved?..." ~ "Did you say that *human* or *that* human?" just brilliant.

6. Puck (okay i'm obsessed, he neeeeeeeeds to be mentioned aside from a quote. @.@)

Puck40 - [puck40@aol.com]
monroe, ct, usa
Monday, November 10, 2003 10:22:15 PM

Well, as I *AM* a fan, and Greg *DID* ask for this, I am going to give my college try.

***Why I like Gargoyles in 25 words or less***

5) It was and it wasn't a cartoon. It wasn't like "Bonkers" or "Aladin" where one episode had nothing to do with the next. The story contnued from one episode to the next, an ever-changing story line, like a comic book. It was Disney, and yet it wasn't.

4) The Characters are just so damn cool! Stone that come to life! Who would have *ever* thought of that idea?

3) The storylines are just to cool. Monsters, lasers, robots, hot chicks, a great and DEEP plot, etc.

2) The surprises. Too many great surprises aroundevery corner. There are more gargoyles. The eggs survived. The Archmage is still alive. The clones. Etc.

1) It got me literally HOOKED on Shakespear. I love Shakespeare now, and I owe it all to Gargoyles. I never even heard of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" untill I heard Brooklyn utter those lines, and Now I have seen it twice as it is my favourite play. Thanks Greg!

That is all I will say.

Battle Beast
Monday, November 10, 2003 10:11:36 PM

In no particular order, my 5 reasons for loving Gargoyles.

~ The characters. Well thought out, they had personality and background. They evolved over time.

~ The incorporation of history and mythology into a modern setting. That was done well, it wasn't like you just decided to plonk Fae into the middle of the story and see what happened.

~ I love (well done) fantasy/sci-fi shows, doesn't matter if they are live action or animated. I saw the first episode when it premiered here in Australia and faithfully watched every one after that.

~ Wings! and stone sleep and the deliberate pointing out that they glide not fly. While the Gargoyles are a fictional creation a lot of thought has gone into their physiology (sp?). This makes the series more *real*, less of a dumbed-down kiddie toon.

~ The overall look of the show. It wasn't always bright and cheery, overly happy. There wasn't always a happy ending, nor were one episodes lessons forgotten by the next. Actions had consequences, the story line had definate forward movement.

Umm, I could probably list quite a few more reasons (along with everyone else I guess), but I'll stop with 5.

Thank you Greg, for making me actually think of *why* I'm a fan.

Lakes Entrance, VIC, Australia
Monday, November 10, 2003 10:08:04 PM

You want five simple answers. Here you go:

1 - Excellent animation, probably the best seen in the United States in the last decade or so.

2 - Continuing plotlines. With many other series just delivering 20-minute tales, it's great to see an animated series that one can follow from one show to another, and Gargoyles was the first to do that in the early 90s in a long while.

3 - It's refreshingly different, and it still is. It appeals to the imagination of humans in many ways. (Many of our online personas do have wings, after all...)

4 - There are tie-ins to Shakespeare, one of the most famous playwrights known, and there are other tie-ins to various myths and cultures. For younger fans this is quite neat, and for the more mature fans, they can enjoy this fact on an extra level.

5 - It has an intelligent edge to it...not hand-feeding moral or ethical lessons to people. It focuses on good storytelling, and that is what leads to all the other stuff.

Hope this helps.

Scott "Abram" Rogoff - [wintersmith@adelphia.net]
Monday, November 10, 2003 09:36:36 PM


1.) Multi-dimentional characters. The characters had some depth. The show didn't boil down to good vs. evil, etc. In fact, many fans of the series actually sympathize with the "villan" (Demona) than the "hero" (Goliath.)

2.) An extremely creative concept. The idea of Gargs being frozen in stone and reawakened was pure creative genious. It made an excellent setting for a story and the depth of the characters only gave the creators more raw material to craft my third reason.

3.) Brilliant plot development. Everything leads into itself in a very logical and organic manner. The huge plot twists (Puck being Owen, etc) seem phenomenal, but upon closer inspection it seems like it was planned all along. Nothing felt like it was just put there for storytelling value, it felt more like the story was developing on its own rather than being written.

4.) Gorgeous scenes (usually.) The animation was usually very good. Some, like "Enter Macbeth" were very sub-par, but by and large it was one of the most beautifully animated shows on television.

5.) The only original (not based on a comic book) cartoon I can think of that faithfully illustrated the long term effects of characters actions and decisions. Elisa wearing crutches after Deadly Force, Owen's hand being stone forever, etc. It's the only show that made the point that problems do not resolve in neat little thirty minute time increments. Their effects last forever. Essentially, it was the realism of the show despite the fantastic world it was set in that drew me to it most.

Monday, November 10, 2003 09:34:38 PM

Top five things that drew me to Gargoyles

1. Temptation. The interaction between Brooklyn & Demona was the first episode I ever saw, and immediately hooked me.

2. The ARTWORK/Animation! (not much more I could say!)

3. The Character Designs. How unique they were. (I mean, honestly, who would have sat down and designed Gargoyles that looked and acted soo cool! :D

4. The characters themselves. How they evolved through the series, the topics mentioned, how they became their own unique 'entity' in the series.

5. The World Tour. I loved seeing how different legends/tales/etc were encorporated into the series and used to explain the 'world' of gargoyles. I also loved how many of shakespeare's plays influenced the show as well!

Hope that helps you out Greg! Thankyou again. :D

Monday, November 10, 2003 09:18:12 PM

1) the Trio - namely brooklyn. But how they all interacted SO AWESOMELY right form the first second you saw them, and how they were in no way flat characters. They have flaws and likes and dislikes and different sense of humour, etc etc etc.
2) The character designs for the whole show. Every character has some aspect abotu them that is intriguing, both in physical and mental makeup, not to mention the weird character histories that are revealed throughout and how everyone ties in together somehow..(even Vinnie!)
3) The Music. I am a big fan of music, and I firmly believe that music makes the man - er..show. (i.e. brother bear could have gone from good to grea,t i only they had more researched what type of music they REALLY should have been putting in, not just chucking in every big name singer they could)
4) The fact that like, everyone I ADORE from ST: TNG is in here. And I would just keep going "AAH! It' s WORF!" "AAH! IT'S DATA! WEEEEEE!!!"..er..*koff*
5) There was nothing out there like Gargoyles. NOTHING. Not even close. Nothing that engrossing, nothing that dark, nothing that thought out. whether it was for kiddies or adults, It had everything I was after. It sparked my drawing abilities. This show is probably a large part of the reason I am in an art related field. It's poart of me now, and always will be in some way ;)

Go gargs. ;)

Monday, November 10, 2003 09:09:25 PM

1. They look cool. That's literally what got me to sit down and give the show a chance- the Gargoyles look really, really cool.
2. Depth of character. I don't like cartoons where the villain is evil just for the sake of being evil.
3. Depth of plot and character interaction. The villains don't have to explain their plans to the good-guys (and the audience). It delt with the big issues in a serious way: Gun Safety, Inter-racial (species) relationships, the elderly (and their usefulness to society), etc. There were ramifications for actions (Elisa on crutches, criminals in jail) - and there was continuity. The effects were remembered throughout the series.
4. It's a show of strong convictions. Not only does the show tackle the tough issues, it has something to say about them.
5. I like fantasy settings in general.

New Port Richey, FL, USA
Monday, November 10, 2003 08:17:30 PM

While we're on the subject of the "incorporation of real history and legend" in "Gargoyles" (which has popped up on so many of the "Why we're drawn to Gargoyles" comments here), I can't help but think that the people who are designing "educational cartoons" are missing a great opportunity here. It seems that the "educational" element in such cartoons is almost always of the "today's moral lesson" is. What I'd really like to see would be something that would go for being an "educational cartoon" by incorporating history, literature, and legend in its stories in much the same manner that "Gargoyles" did. Now that would definitely make "educational cartoons" worth watching. (I still recall how, after seeing "Avalon Part One" for the first time, I was eagerly looking up everything that I could find about Kenneth II and Constantine III in the local libraries, both public and university-affiliated.)
Todd Jensen
St. Louis, MO
Monday, November 10, 2003 08:16:53 PM

Top 5 Reasons:

1. I loved the Disney Afternoon. I watched it nearly everyday after school, with shows like Goof Troop, Chip&Dale, Darkwing Duck, DuckTales, TaleSpin, etc. Naturally as Gargoyles aired, I began to watch it as well.
2. Gargoyles wasn't just any other Disney cartoon. It's practically the ONLY Disney cartoon that carried a true, on-going story with realistic and memorable characters. Its episodes tied into a much bigger universe, one that forced the viewers to keep wanting more.
3. Exciting clash between modern and medieval themes, with famous literature characters like MacBeth, King Arthur, etc. and having their fates twisted to benefit the Gargoyles universe.
4. Gargoyles' animation was superior for its time and it had an all-star voice acting cast.
5. I'm a raving anthropomorphic, I guess. ;)

Disney 2D animation> Yeah, it's a shame. I believe Disney is making a big mistake by not continuing its 2D animated films any further. I seriously do hope they reconsider.

Jim R. - [jim@dialwforwarp.com]
Monday, November 10, 2003 08:07:55 PM

Top Five
1. Excellent animation, in detail and creativity (in character design). None of that silly Cartoon Network box work. It's realistically fantastic. And that's cool. I think Greg Guler has done stuff on the Lilo and Stitch animated series too. Maybe that's why I find the different experiments so amusing.
2. Each episode is excellent on its own, as well as in the context of the storyline. There is plot development and consequences. Where many cartoons like the Simpsons have automatic reset buttons every episode, Gargoyles has lasting repercussions. For example, when Elisa gets shot, she stays injured for a few episodes.
3. The vast multitude of characters. Actually, the credit goes to the fantastic voice work that really creates the characters. There were new characters all the time - and again, the characters weren't just throwaways. Like Vinnie, they come back to haunt you.
4. Gargoyles doesn't talk down to its audience. This makes it more appealing, even when I was younger.
5. The music. It just fits. (Perhaps the no. 1 or 2 hook/attention getter...Maybe)
I guess Gargoyles, to me, was just a great package deal. No assembly required. It has outstanding work on many different levels.

A few notes - Of the peers that I've talked to, most remember the show. The thing that turned them off was that it was a little too strange. Gargoyles is really good once you understand the backdrop, but you have to admit, it doesn't have that same universiality in hooking an audience. If you watch the intro, does that really cover the essence of the series? Doubtful, as it develops so much. I find that Disney/Toon Disney's commercials are a terrible representation of the heart of the Gargoyles series. It's just not that type of shoot 'em up. Power Rangers vs. Gargoyles? PR is nice and flashy with crap content. Gargoyles doesn't have eye-catching flashiness - it's more subdued in tone. Which is a good fit...but still, how would you grab the attention of viewers and prove that the content is worth their time?

I never really post anything, but Mr. Weisman's message was nice and mysteriously important.

BTW, Mr. W - try to lighten up on Ask Greg. You seem abnormally tense and irritable in your responses. We should be able to do without the dire warnings and indicators of a (blatant) lack of effort in researching answers. A simple, impersonal refer to archives/message boards should suffice. I know you're doing this on your own time and out of kindness, but some responses seem unnecessarily harsh. Some things bear repeating - or maybe even filtering, if the questions become recurringly repititively redundant. This isn't meant to be a personal attack, just an objective outside view. And if this reads like an obnoxious rant, then perhaps I'm not following my own advice.

Thanks for considering the ramblings of the Me.

A Familiar Lurker
Monday, November 10, 2003 08:06:31 PM


Strong characterization: The characters are very believable - voiced and animated very well (realistically drawn, and beautifully so).

Well written stories. Sure, there are fantasy elelments, but stories are also beleivable. There's a continuity written in to the series. Characters develope and grow.

Using real world locations and historical events and tying the characters and fantasy elements into them. Although this has been done in other shows, but never so effectively as with Gargoyles.

Bond between the characters - not simply an interaction between characters. Gargoyles shows a true bond amongst the Gargs. Dispite conflicts thrown at them and occasional disagreements, the bonds stay strong.

The gargoyle instinct to protect. Having mythical medieval beings awaken in the modern world is one thing, but dispite the hatred and fear they face, they still stay true(for the most part) to their protective nature. (some people might feel threatened by the existance a second race of sentient beings, but concept as portrayed in Gargs is very appealing.)

I also like some of the other points mentioned. The fact that the heros don't all wear white hats! heh, more specifically, the gargs are not considered beautiful-thought to be monsters and yet are the heros here. Fact is, as the series grows into you, the gargs become pretty beautiful(as Elisa learns for herself as well). If there was ever a lesson the world needs to learn is not to judge a book by it's cover-something I've known first hand and I can relate to in their case.

Also-as mentioned earlier-wings & tails. What person wouldn't want to know what it's like to really fly. The caping of the wings is cool-and finally the wing embrace *sighs* the ultimate hug.

Ok, I got more than 5 in, but still, there's very little about the Gargoyles series I didn't like. Even Vinny, who I initially didn't like much at the beginning has grown on me.

BTW, if disney was EVER to do a full DVD box set of a series like many companies do with their shows, Gargoyles is the ultimate candidate.

Monday, November 10, 2003 07:57:49 PM

Addendum to #3...

Gargoyles was also more mature than anything I'd seen in a long time. It wasn't just another mindless kiddie series. It had depth and thought that didn't dumb itself down for a younger audience. It made me THINK, and didn't undermine my intelligence, even as the eighth-grader that I was at the time it premiered.

Kythera of Anevern - [anevern@yahoo.com]
Oak View, CA, USA
Monday, November 10, 2003 07:52:24 PM

The top five things that drew me to Gargoyles...

1. The ART. Gargoyles was one of the best-looking things I'd seen on TV in a long time. It had a wonderfully dark, gritty edge that was so downright awesome I couldn't believe Disney did it.

2. Marina Sirtis. Before Gargoyles, I was a big Start Trek: Next Gen fan, and Troi was my favorite character. When I heard Sirtis' voice come out of Demona's mouth, my attention was RIVITED.

3. The story. Once Gargoyles had my attention, I discovered that it did not only look good and sound good, but it had a story that was engaging and interesting.

4. The characters. By that I mean their designs and their personalities. Nobody seemed "random"--each character had depth and personality that made them believable.

5. The historical and mythological elements. From King Arthur and Celtic heroes to Vikings to extra-terrestrials and the fey. Everything I love, all worked into one fantastic package.

Kythera of Anevern - [anevern@yahoo.com]
Oak View, CA, USA
Monday, November 10, 2003 07:38:24 PM


what attracted me to Gargoyles? Well, at first, I saw just a poster on that, in a movie store downtown Brussels, showing Goliath, holding on a rooftop, eyes blazing, with lightning in the background. I though "what the heck is that?! It look so cool! must be a new anime going international." then, I saw the Disney logo. I go in the store, and ask the owner "what's that Gargoyles poster?" He told me what it was...and that it was coming that month on Canal+. figures, they had the coolest series, back then. start to get that way, again. Anyway, I ask one of my friends, whose parents were having the decoder for that station to tape it for me. He did.
And I sit there, looking at the TV, thinking "I'm dreaming. This is too good to be true"
I wasn't dreaming, and there, I was, Hooked from episode 1!

What I liked in that? Well, the realism, for one. I mean, back then, there wasn't any animed TV, beside City Hunter (best known in Belgium Nicky Larson, back then, and aired in the Club Dorothée, in 1994) where real guns were used, and there they were, shooting with Uzi! But the scene that really sold the show to me was Elisa in Central Park chased by the mercenaries. Breathtaking. Even today, it's one of my favorite scenes, along with the car chase in hunters Moon part 1.

Also, it's an intelligent show, dealing with real issues, but avoiding the moralising side (and dumb epilogs giving advices, like Carmen Santiago, which had Elisa Maza's french voice actress Magali Barney doing a voice for)

there is plenty other, like the non-manichean approach ("there's good and bad in every races."), the character design, the music score, an amazing french dubbing.

and there's the "gargoyles spirit", a certain touch that was, and still is compelling.
And there I rest my case.
hope it'll help

Denis - [d.deplaen@lft.be]
Brussels, Belgium
Monday, November 10, 2003 07:07:18 PM

Responding to the 5 things that drew me to Gargoyles.

*ahem* In no particural order
1. The blood, when Goliath catchs the sword in his hand the very first ep.
2. Wings, and tails. Who doesn't want wings or a tail or both?
3. The story line. It didn't treat us like we where stupid, and sometimes even we didn't know what was going to happen next. I like actually having SMART characters.
4. The Middle Ages and the Myths... history buff is me! Wee!
5. The little bibical refence in the first ep, about Golith's name. That was edited out of the movie verison. *mutter* C'mon people, we can say the B word on TV.

Monday, November 10, 2003 07:01:36 PM

****Water drips down from the ceiling, slowly forming a puddle. Suddenly, a hand emerges from the puddle and, after finding a strong enough hold on the dry ground, pulls up the rest of Blaise's body after it.**** Nothing like a brisk swim for exercise.

1. It's about gargoyles.
C'mon, I've always been interested in such creatures, especially after I learned that there were *good* gargoyles (I first learned of this show from a preview on a "Nightmare Before Christmas" tape). Actually, this leads into the next one.
2. Heroic monsters. In some movies, the good guy is the one wearing the black hat, with the bad guy in the immaculately clean white hat (so to speak). I have always been fascinated with that sort of dichotomy (sp?). So it's only natural that monstrous good guys fighting human bad guys would appeal to me.
These are the superficial reasons, the ones that got me interested in the show, the rest are what kept me watching.
3. Plot depth and Continuity. The first few episodes had the good guys losing family, a character who was introduced as a good guy (albeit an angry one) became a villainess, Elisa got shot in one episode and was still recovering when we next saw her--well you get the idea.
4. Character depth and growth. Related to the last one. Characters had many layers and went through changes. Heck, the main villain actually made a kind of peace with the good guys at the end of the series instead of a final battle. Not to mention that there were very few "one-shot" characters. It was great.
5. Incorporation of myths, literature and history in a reasonable and respectful way. The second half of that sentence is pretty important--I've seen other shows incorporate such things in ways that are very out of tune with what they are based upon (I shall not name any names).
Hmmm...I think that should about do it.

That's about all I can say--I have not seen the final "Matirx" movie, and I don't know when I'll be able to (hopefully within the next few weeks). Ah well, I'll see you all later, regardless. Until then, farewell. ****Blaise takes a deep breath, plugs his nose, and dives headfirst back into the puddle. After a moment, the puddle evaporates.****

Monday, November 10, 2003 06:58:33 PM

My five reasons why I like "Gargoyles":

1. The core element - mythical medieval creatures awakening in the modern world and figuring it out - appealed to me from the start. (I especially enjoyed so many of their remarks in "Awakening" such as Lexington asking the female blonde mercenary if she was a Viking and Goliath poetically describing Xanatos's monitor screen as "like a living tapestry").

2. The gargoyles aren't just "super-powerful creatures", but have their own biology, culture, and world-view, with even much variety between the individual clans.

3. In-depth characters, both among the protagonists and antagonists, with believable motives.

4. The feeling of a developing storyline in which permanent changes (both in the characters and their setting) took place.

5. The incorporation of a lot of real-world history, literature, and legends (especially during the Avalon World Tour).

Todd Jensen
St. Louis, MO
Monday, November 10, 2003 06:53:50 PM

the top three reasons that i am drawn to Gargoyles are (in no particular order):

- I love the support, conversation and continued faith in the series that the fans continue to have. The fandom community keeps me drawn into the series after all these years.

- I find that having a series on television (animated or not) that has a strong continuity is extremely appealing. Too often, television series' make points or character developments in one episode and they are forgotten in the next. Real life is not like that, and I like a television series to reflect that.

- Finally, I find a huge selling point of the Gargoyles series to be its ability to really look at important issues, esspecially acceptance of those who are different. From the very first episode to the last, Gargoyles has dramatically showed how important it is to look past the outside of someone no matter how ugly or beautiful they might be and to look at the inside, which is what really matters. Other important lessons shown in the series are the importance of home and family, the need for enviromental conservation, the destructiveness of vengeance, and the power of integrity, education, forgiveness and personal growth. I believe viewers (children and adults alike) can easily benefit from such meaningful themes.

Monday, November 10, 2003 05:45:09 PM

These were probably the top reasons I was first attracted to the series. As I got into it, I loved it for even more reasons, but these are the ones that stick with me:

- It is a series that portrays the modern world, but which also integrates elements from a medieval/fantasy setting (gargoyles, MacBeth, Avalon).

- The colors and designs of the gargoyles are visually pleasing and interesting (in fact, everything about their species is intriguing--their stone sleep/healing, their glowing eyes, their ability to claw through stone, their animal-like screams, their caped wings, their clan society).

- Villains that evolve. The bad guys don't try the same cliche tricks over and over again. They're innovative, they think about the 'big picture/long term effect', they can sink to new lows and sometimes seek and find redemption.

- The show follows a timeline and the story actually progresses. Lessons/clues learned in one episode come up again in the next. This gave the series more of a 'saga' feel.

- It was an action/adventure series that was not dumbed-down for children and was not afraid to take risks, S&P-wise, in order to maintain the quality of the story. The storytelling was also aided by an excellent musical score, dramatic storyboarding/direction, and beautiful animation.

Monday, November 10, 2003 05:14:56 PM

Why drawn to gargoyles> Demona. She is remarkably complex for a "children's" show, and I find myself empathizing with her. She's evil, but tragic.

Uhh... and she's hot. The hair and green eyes in particular =)

2d Animation: Hey, they simply can't make money on it. I find the hysteria over their decision to hold off on 2d animation for a while a little funny-they've had dry bouts before. It isn't the end, they're taking time off. Aside from Lilo and Stitch and to a lesser extent Treasure Planet, I've disliked and even hated everything from Disney Animation Studios the last ten years. They're simply out of fresh ideas-thus, a break may be just what they need. I miss movies such as Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast.

There was a similar reaction, I am to understand, when they stopped fully hand drawn 2d animation after the Little Mermaid, which led to what is largely thought of as their magnum opus: Beauty and the Beast.

One last thing: Disney simply distributes these 3D movies, it doesn't make them. In fact, Pixar's contract ends in a few years and there is no guarantee they will stay with Disney. Warner Brothers offered to let them keep 90% of the gross of their movies. But pixar has been making great shorts long before Disney took notice.

Matrix> Since my copy of Revolutions is done downloading, I think I'll pass on another trip to the theater :)

Monday, November 10, 2003 04:55:48 PM

Hey everybody,

I really need some help. Without going into details about the why, I'd love to get the answer to the following question:


We don't need fancy answers -- and of course there's no right or wrong answers -- so don't feel like you need to compose elegant responses. Just RESPOND, please.

Also, please, spread the word around and have as many fans as possible stop by THIS WEEK and give their answer right here at the S8 Comment Room. It would be much appreciated. Very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
Greg Weisman
Monday, November 10, 2003 04:19:34 PM

Calling in at eleven! I also hate Mondays... and Tuesdays... and can't forget good old Wednesday and Thursday. I love Friday; don't know why, I just do.
Monday, November 10, 2003 03:47:58 PM

10th ! I hate mondays
Monday, November 10, 2003 09:15:42 AM

Monday, November 10, 2003 08:30:24 AM

guess it's 8th or 9th then (re counts)


Monday, November 10, 2003 07:23:03 AM

7th in the name of the Fay!

Impfac, you are thinking of the TGS comment room.

Home on the Range looked cute, but not blockbuster movie material. I can't really hope it makes money for Disney hand over fist. I hope another company doing 2D will come out with a great princess or magical adventure movie and make money hand over fist showing Disney what a bad mistake getting rid of 2D was. What would be keen is if the animators "let go" by Disney got work from another company and put out a huge block buster movie. :D

A new version of Snow White perhaps... or Cinderella, or focusing or another classic magical fairy tale of new adventure sci-fi like Lilo and Stitch. ...ah well...


Monday, November 10, 2003 07:21:57 AM

8th! Wheeeeeeeeeeee!
Monday, November 10, 2003 07:17:27 AM

Jimmy> The loss of traditional 2D animation could put Disney down. Regardless of the popularity of 3D, people still have a lot of respect and love for 'classic' animation. I hope that the last of their 2D films rake in the money and help show them how wrong it would be to cut it out completely.
Monday, November 10, 2003 04:35:04 AM

Jimmy> Are you referring to the titles of the upcoming films? At least we still have "Home on the Range" before 2D-Disney disappears.

Impfac> They're all in the TGS CR. Sevarius Jr. left for good, though.

Monday, November 10, 2003 03:21:02 AM

No, I'm Fourth! :p
Monday, November 10, 2003 02:09:39 AM


And Disney has now lost any shred of respect I ever had for them. Just click on my name and you will see why.

Here is a bit of supplementary reading.


I got the links from slashdot.org.

Sad day for art.

Monday, November 10, 2003 02:02:33 AM

Matrix> The action is what I found dull, unlike in Reloaded. The final 2 battles were just not interesting. There was nothing special in the neo/smith battle at the end and the sentinel battle just got too repetitious and dull, and it was never interrupted by, say, plot. The plotting is what I enjoyed, but that stopped after 40 minutes.

Anyone here see Terminator 3? To me, that was a carefully crafted piece of sci-fi. The action, plot, and acting were all grade A. I'd put it on a par with Reloaded.

Gabe> Too poor for internet??? *gasps* I've put all my money into building a high end gaming rig... the idea of no net is... terrifying. How would I pirate movies and games and download porn??? Who would call me a faggort, n****r, lamer, cheater, camper, or hax0rZ, or ask me WTF u f***ing n00b??? *shudders* When I was living in the hotel-which was wonderful-all I brought was the computer and subscribed to dial up :)

What happened to all the old regulars, IE Josh, MC, Green Baron, Sev. Jr., etc?

Monday, November 10, 2003 12:33:48 AM


That is all I will say.

Battle Beast
Monday, November 10, 2003 12:24:46 AM

Monday, November 10, 2003 12:23:41 AM