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1 - Xanatos, the most brilliant villain ever
2 - mix of fantasy, science fiction, mythology, drama, mystery and much more
3 - the continuity, very rich and enjoyable
4 - the beauty of the main plot, especially about the tolerance and love
5 - the credibility of characters, with good explanation of why they are what they are (expept for a few guys, like Wolf... sorry, but he is just funny :D).
Thank you Greg (and the rest of crew, of course) for your job, and sorry for my english ;).

P.s. BTW, here in Italy, the "Goliath's Chronicles" was never appear in tv. Season 1 and 2, then, were appear just one time. In 1997, i Think. Gee.
Mabou - [mabou82@tiscali.it]
Sunday, November 23, 2003 05:25:23 PM

Mabou - [mabou82@tiscali.it]
Sunday, November 23, 2003 05:11:25 PM

My five reasons I come back to Gargoyles.

1. They have lived a long, long time and have seen the old and new civiliations: guess what, nothing seems to have changed. From Castles to High Rises, the humans still have both good and bad among them.

2. They belong to a magical time, and have brought that magic along with them to this area.

3.They are ugly, in a very beautiful way. No matter how they really look, its ultimately their actions that show either there beauty, or ugliness.

4. Their almost human qualities ( arthritis with Hudson,all except Goliethe looking for a mate),helps to make them look like good friends, who we'd like to hang with.

5. To see the unsolved plot twists from ancient times, being brought into our age, just helps get me involved with the series.

ancientone (a.k.a. Rich ) - [rranta@sbcglobal.net]
Grand Rapids, MI, usa
Sunday, November 23, 2003 03:35:47 PM

1) I like the time line. How they brought the lives of the characters from days of fire, into our day and time of flashlights and hairspray. I guess it kind of gave it more realistic feeling.

2) It's dark, I don't mean Goth or Devil worship kinda dark. I know Snow white and the 7 dwarfs had a few dark parts in it, but Gargoyles the whole screen was dark It dealt with everyday problems and pointed them out, showing us the death, weapons, realistic crimes that everyday cartoons leave out (which is good for the kids).But showed them not like the rest of movies, shows that they've done before. Different. Yea it's different, and I like it.

3) The Animation, there was a lot of detail in the work and it shows, every characters flaws and pretty spots, Xanatos' house (dear lowrdy who thought of making it that huge), the background scenery You can't find one part of the cells that doesn't have somekind of art put into it.

4) Yes, the Mythology as Chris said. For some reason I can't get enough of it.

5) It wasn't a musical... I should have made this the # 1 reason. 99.9% of Disney movies have way to much sappy slappy music. (Sorry but someone had to say it.)

Top 5 things that could have been changed.

Well, let me being by saying. I'm sorry, Yes I know you're all gonna yell at me for this.

1) How Brenden kept getting slapped in the face by his. Wife, girlfriend. I would have liked to see him duke it with her.

2) How naive they made Goliath and Angela, now they mentioned many of time that Goliath was, but I didn't think it could have gotten worse until they brought her into the show. Trick me once; shame on you, trick me twice; shame on me.

3) The 3rd season, Don't get me wrong I still watched it, but there was things about it that just weren't like the other seasons. The whole Quarrymen thing. A different kind of sexual tension between Goliath and Elisa. a few other minor things but I don't to get you all more mad than yas already are reading this.

4) It ended.

5) .....

Just a reminder, all that was stated above has nothing to do with anyone's thoughts, if it offends you. Sorry.

Philly, PA, America
Saturday, November 22, 2003 11:50:15 PM

This is about my Top 5 reasons for being a fan of the Gargoyles series. It's kinda tough to explain since viewings of the show since it's cancellation have been few and far between...sometimes they air an episode or two on the Disney channel but it's not often(usually Halloween time).

1) Characters...The characters themselves seemed more 3Dimensional than characters on a lot of other animated series(meant that figuratively of course).

2) Animation...It had some really amazing animation(wasn't it from the same guys who were at the time putting out my other fave at the time Batman the animated series?). At any rate the animation was really good and the closest to it now is Samurai Jack on the Cartoon Network.

3) Voice talent...The actors who did the voices(particularly IMHO the voice of Goliath) were really good, it wasn't overly cartoony.

4) Storylines...The storylines were well thought out and written. I really liked that the Gargoyles weren't just fighting machines(like alot of non-humans on alot of other shows) but were actually fighting with a cause...they were well, noble, but with human qualities and failings combined with innocence. Just my opinion of course but hey I thought that was what this was for.

5) Kind of goes with animation but I feel it's totally different...Character Design...I really loved the character design(mind you this was during my serious gothic/medieval/dragons/mythology phase...still haven't grown out of it but it was supposed to be a phase).

Nolita - [nolitad.1@sbcglobal.net]
San Francisco, CA, USA
Saturday, November 22, 2003 10:02:48 PM

1) Continuity and plot twists
2) Great characters
3) Use of mythology
4) Action
5) Romance

Chris - [Glennoch@bc.edu]
Boston, MA, USA
Saturday, November 22, 2003 09:54:15 PM

EVERYTHING!!! the romance (yay! E/G!), the intricate plot lines, the fantasy, the fact ive grown to love the characters and they have -personality-, BROOKLYN!!!!!! , the style its drawn in, that its so....so...magical, great,......EVERYTHING!!!!!
Aisling - [narg_queen@yahoo.com]
Peacehaven, UK
Friday, November 21, 2003 12:13:54 PM

I was going to wait a while to do this, but since it has come up...


1) TOP 5 EPS?




5) TOP FIVE MOST EVOLVED CHARACTERS (From 1st appearance to "The Journey")?

Everyone is posting their own top five favourite Eps. So I propose...

Lets get a consensus (everyone agrees) We will banter and state our opinion on each ep/ question untill a consensus is reached.

I shall start it off.

1) TOP 5 EPS?

ALL are in no particular order:
1. City of Stone IV It showed us a different side of Demona; it told us the secrets of Demona and Macbeth, and the the Wierd Sisters have a load to carry.
2. The Mirror: It was Zany; Off the wall; and down right wierd.
3. The Gathering I: It brought Goliath and Co. home, as well as set in motion the event of the next ep.
4. Awakening I: Got the ball rolling; told us the story of the Gargoyles and their terrible plight.
5. Deadly Force: It was an ep that wasn't affraid to tackle a big issue.


1. City of Stone I: started the tale of Demona's long story.
2. Avalon I: Told the first part of the story of the Rookery Eggs.
3. Thrill of the Hunt: Introduced The Pack.
4. Leader of the Pack: Set in motion the events that would lead to Xanatos Marrying Fox.
5. I'll met by Moonlight: Introduced Oberon and Titania.


1. Elisa and Goliath kiss
2. Castle Wyvern Masacre
3. The Pack "upgrade" themselves
4. Goliath Meets his clone
5. Demona becomes human by day


1. Demona
2. Xanatos
3. Goliath
4. Elisa
5. Oberon

1. Brooklyn
2. Xanatos
3. Dingo
4. Broadway
5. Owen

Now the fun begins at deciding... This is to be done by the fans, and should be "official."

If anyone else has a question we should debate, please post it!

That is all I will say.

Battle Beast
EDMONTON WON THE GREY CUP!!!!!, bliss, Canada
Friday, November 21, 2003 01:36:07 AM

Wow, I actually made it in before the cutoff, sweet. ^_^

For Wolf: My favorite episode is definately Future Tense. Even as just a dream, it's still just amazing both what they came up with as content for the episode, and what Disney actually let them put into their program block. For lack of better words: Wow.

After that... man... it's been so long since I saw them I can't remember specific episodes so well, just the overall impact. (Hence, we need those DVDs soon!) But Deadly Force, The Mirror and The Gathering are pretty stand-out eps. After years of having not seen a single episode, I still remember those ones. I'm sure if I thought longer I could come up with more, but then I run the risk of getting a pretty long list going.

Wonder if I'll have enough time to start lurking around here...

Gabriel Moonshadow
Friday, November 21, 2003 12:50:15 AM

well the five reason's why i liked the show was one it had a dark yet light side to it at the same time and the fact that stone statues come to life and that are a species is cool the second was the freindship between Elisa and Goliath my vaorite couple and the third was the kick ass action in every episode was great the fourth was that every episode was different and never kept ya bored it would make me want to see what happend next and five and not least was how great the characters were different then any disney cartoon i would bu all box sets when it comes to dvd and i mean it buy all. your adoring fan of the show Logan2182
rudy - [Logan2182@aol.com]
Dunellen, nj, usa
Friday, November 21, 2003 12:24:12 AM

well the three reason's why i liked the show was one it had a dark yet light side to it at the same time and the fact that stone statues come to life and that are a species is cool the second was the freindship between Elisa and Goliath my vaorite couple and the third was the kick ass action in every episode was great the fourth was that every episode was different and never kept ya bored it would make me want to see what happend next and five and not least was how great the characters were different then any disney cartoon i would bu all box sets when it comes to dvd and i mean it buy all. your adoring fan of the show Logan2182
rudy - [Logan2182@aol.com]
Dunellen, nj, usa
Friday, November 21, 2003 12:22:41 AM

well the three reason's why i liked the show was one it had a dark yet light side to it at the same time and the fact that stone statues come to life and that are a species is cool the second was the freindship between Elisa and Goliath my vaorite couple and the third was the kick ass action in every episode was great i would personaly buy every box set when it comes out on DVD
rudy - [Logan2182@aol.com]
Dunellen, nj, usa
Friday, November 21, 2003 12:13:56 AM

DX> You used to post with Coyote.

Matt> "beat that": I was 2nd. ;)

Jim R.> I noticed your page was back! yaaay!!!

fave eps> I'll also have to do a top 5 for this:
-Awakening I
-The Price
-The Mirror
-Future Tense
-Hunters Moon II

Friday, November 21, 2003 12:08:22 AM

Favorite episode? Well, I suppose I'm still in a "Top 5" mood. So here it goes:

#5: Pendragon - For one, it was a nice break from the World Tour. I thought the action scenes were excellent. I love the characters of MacBeth and Griff, not so much Arthur though. I guess it was just fun to see this motley crew of characters who had never been together before.

#4: Kingdom - Since Brooklyn is my favorite character, I loved his spotlight and development. His attitude and growth was very realistic. Also, I actually thought Fang was a pretty comical character, even though he was a rather unorthodox villain. Strangely enough, the fact that his voicing was a little over the top made it even more enjoyable. It was also a nice break from the World Tour. It was nice to see some old characters again

#3: Future Tense - A widely popular episode, and for good reason. It was fun to see what the creators could come up with when they knew that everything was just a dream. The portrayal of futuristic characters was wonderful. Brooklyn and Demona together, Brooklyn's hatred for Goliath, Lexington's path, etc. Even though the whole idea of them skipping ahead to a disasterous future seemed a bit suspicious watching it the first time, I couldn't put anything past the writers of Gargoyles. The episode had me on edge the whole time.

#2: The Mirror - Everybody loves Puck. This was easily the most fun and the funniest episode. Puck stole the show, but in a good way. Demona's voice acting was great throughout. The writers constantly came up with great twists for Puck to use. The episode really openned the door to the 3rd race as well.

#1 favorite episode: Awakening part #1 - This episode had so much action, story progression, and character development, but none of it felt rushed. The action sequences and animation were outstanding. So much happened in just 30 minutes and the viewer gets a great understanding of the necessary historical perspective. So many characters' personalities were defined, and all of them were enjoyable to watch. None were cheesy or misplaced. Normally first episodes are just weak shells of what the series is about. But this episode threw us right into the action, while at the same time gave us all the information we needed to know along the way. When I watch this episode again, it's no wonder I got hooked.


Thursday, November 20, 2003 09:37:29 PM

****There is a distant thumping sound, and the ground begins to tremble. It is followed by another, similar sound, but one that is slightly louder. Then another, and another, until it is clear that these are footsteps! Eventually, a great creature that seems to be a cross between a tree and a man strides into the Room. It addresses the assembled masses with a deep booming voice that can still be recognized as Blaise's.**** Hello all! Spent the past two days enmeshed in the extended cut of "The Two Towers." Say what you will about the adaptation, but I still find it a wonderful viewing experience.

FAVORITE EPISODE> Hmmm, that's a toughie. I mean, there are a few episodes that in animation and/or storytelling seem to stand above the rest. "The Mirror" is one, along with the multi-parters "City of Stone" and "Hunter's Moon."
Of course, since my favorite character is Brooklyn I tend to have an affinity for the episodes that strongly feature him. "Kingdom" is a great Brooklyn episode, without a doubt--though the animation isn't quite up to the level of storytelling there.
But, all around, I'd say my prime one, and in fact the one that made Brooklyn my favorite in the first place, is "Metamorphosis." Brooklyn is featured heavily, Tim Curry's Sevarius is introduced, along with the Mutates (which I thought were cool from the get go), and Maggie Reed (who I happan to think makes a pretty hot mutate). Plus there's the fact that Xanatos pulls off an impressive deception/victory, and Elisa's brother gets transformed and doesn't change back at the end of the episode. The animation is still a bit rocky, but there's just so much in this episode for me to like.

I'll be back after I've rested, and maybe had some Ent-draft. Until then, farewell. ****Blaise marches out of the Room...strangely enough accompanied by a great orchestral score complete with choral section.****

Thursday, November 20, 2003 09:02:44 PM

Oyez, Oyez!

(that's 'hear ye', but in French)

Is there anyone here that DOESN'T know that every year, the fans of the Gargoyles series get together to celebrate the show, learn from each other in art, writing, voice acting, get to talk with the people behind the show and generally have a great time?

Where have you been hiding?

Come to the 8th Annual Gathering of the Gargoyles taking place on August 6-8 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada! We'll be staying in the heart of downtown, close to everything great about the city, and in a hotel that will knock your socks off.

Our confirmed guests are (of course) Greg Weisman and Thom Adcox Hernandez; more guests will be announced later. Activities include many panels on art, writing, voice acting, the animation industry in general and what our guests have worked on aside from Gargoyles. We will have the Art Show, the Clan Olympics, the Masquerade Ball, and what promises to be the BEST BANQUET in the History of the Gathering!

Our panels have a theme this year: we will be talking about ACTION! Some panellists will discuss weaponry and fighting, modern as well as medieval, so this is a big attraction for anyone who's a writer or an artist, or just for people who want a great show, as some SCA heavy fighters will demonstrate techniques of the time!

Of course, the Radio Play's on again, so come to the auditions and be cast for a role in the play written by Greg Weisman!

There's so much going on that weekend, so make sure you take the trip to Montreal next summer! Start saving now, and register!

Click my name for more information, or copy this link and make sure you visit us:


Kanthara - [<-- The 8th Annual Gathering of the Gargoyles]
Montreal, August 6-8, 2004, Canada
Thursday, November 20, 2003 06:31:46 PM

So, I'm posting again and all. I've Gotta ask, Greg, will you ever tell us what that was about?

Other than that... Favorite episodes... I don't remember the name but its the one where you find out that owen was Puck. I went running around the house giggling "*PUCK!*" To myself for hourse after that... And I'm not a giggling type of person at all. So... ummm.. yeah. Other than that... The Mirror, The Gathering, (hey, that was the name of it!) and some others that I can't think of right now. (SOrry, its been a long time. No Toon Disney (hell, no access to TV for four years due to being in a literal communications black hole). Anyhow, people are talking of a DVD release of Gargoyels? *hope* Hope* ?

Aed Sawin
Thursday, November 20, 2003 05:50:09 PM

If you loved Gargoyles, come to the Gathering! This Gargoyles Convention is held every year in different cities across the nation. Next year The Gathering goes International in the fabulous city of Montreal! Show your support of one of the best cartoons ever and join us in Montreal next year!
Kelly L Creighton - [<-- Gathering of the Gargoyles Website! Click!]
Thursday, November 20, 2003 05:41:25 PM

I have been looking for a local chanel that is showing Gargoyles. i don't have Toon Disney, and my mom can't afford it. i love watching this show, because it has adventure, it is very well done, i find the older cortoons to be nicer to watch, and it is my favorite. it seems that all of the great cartoons are being cancelled. this show teaches people good lessions and is the most entertaining, funny,and adventurous show that i have ever seen. i would greatly apriciate it, if you would e-mail me back.Thankyou!
stephanie - [xxxstarfire119xxx@yahoo.com]
Santa Barbara, CA, USA
Thursday, November 20, 2003 04:27:44 PM

#1 : excellent plots and excellent characters who evolve constantly. Really attractive characters. It was the first time (to me) that Gargoyles were used, designed and so on.
#2 : Wonderful use of mytholigical and magical stuff (I'm a mythological and magic addict ;) ) but medieval and european background too
#3 : Nothing was looking or sounding like Gargoyles : epic, darker, more adult but an easy access too
#4 : Not affraid of challenges or original stuffs. Disney seemed to leave a carte blanche to the producers and scriptwriters
#5 : Really good atmosphere : voices, soundtrack, etc.

I'm only waiting for the release of the series' DVDs cause sadly in France TV channels were broadcasting episods in a wrong order v_____v. There isn't a such fan community here in France

Karell - [coda_leia]
Near Paris, France
Thursday, November 20, 2003 01:53:54 PM

My favorite episode? I have several that I really like, and it's hard to pick just one. Here are of my favorites:

Possession: It was one of the first episodes I saw, and it impressed me with its complexity. The fact that it was similar to an original Star Trek episode didn't hurt either.

Deadly Force: Not so much because of the gun control message, but because it makes the point that actions have consequences that last beyond the end of the episode. Broadway's experiences here influence his actions throughout the rest of the series.

The Price: The discussion between Hudson and Xanatos about immortality and fearing death still impresses me, coming as it does from a "kids show." And the moment when everyone mourns the shattered Hudson is very moving.

The Mirror: Enough said.

Awakening, especially parts 1 and 2: Goliath's nobility is shown when he still wanted to protect humans, even after the Captain's betrayal and the other tragic events he endured. It's very sad when he says, "Now I am truly alone" after the Magus turns the remaining gargoyles to stone until the castle rises above the clouds.

Minneapolis, MN
Thursday, November 20, 2003 11:54:20 AM

i think Lex was just following his brothers lead. pursueing Angela simply because Broadway and Brook were pursueing her. "Turf" really showed that the Trio was not so interested in Angela as interested in seeing who could "get" Angela, and Lex would naturally be up for the competition. Greg has said that Angela's presence made Lex really begin to think about his sexuality. in my own experience, i can relate totally to Lex. i'm gay and would not consider myself bisexual, but i dated girls before i came out and it was through dating girls that i began to wonder... i think Lex, like myself, was just trying to fit into society's norms but it made him realize that that was not who he is. i'm impressed and pleased that Greg has such a realistic idea for Lex's coming out.
Thursday, November 20, 2003 09:00:05 AM

So Seth (aka IRC Goliath?) encouraged those of us who posted here for the first time during the big poll to continue posting. So I will. 'Cause I love this series, I haven't seen it in years, and the DVDs are still coming some time in the hopefully near future. Plus from what I can see from the sites I've checked out and just reading this message board and the recent chat transcript with Greg, it looks like Gargoyles has a really friendly, intelligent fanbase.

Trying to think of something to post about and this came up. I dunno if it's already been discussed. I think in the chat transcript, or maybe in an earlier post on this board, I read a question from someone who asked about homosexuality in the Gargoyles species. Greg responded that Lexington was gay and that he eventually would've gotten a boyfriend. Did I imagine this exchange? Anyway I just wanted to mention how awesome it would've been if the story had eventually made it to that point. Mostly 'cause I think it's hilarious when popular entertainment (like Buffy for example) pisses off the super-conservative and religious right (okay so it's more sad than hilarious, intolerance and all that...but still funny to see them get all bent out of shape over). Plus it would've set a precendent in North American animated programs aimed at a younger-to-general audience. One thing though. We never actually saw Lex have a girlfriend, but what about when he and the other two thirds of the Trio were competing for Angela's attention when she first showed up? Does that mean that Lex is actually bi, or was he simply as excited over a new gargoyle as the rest of them but not competing for her affections like Brooklyn and Broadway? Or was he just not in tune with his sexuality yet? Oh and for anyone who was gonna point it out, yeah I spotted the bit in Greg's big FAQ about this subject (I hope that series bible makes it out).

Oh and does anyone here keep track of the avatars/images that're most-frequently used in this forum? There's a nice selection of 'em but I'll only use one if it isn't used at all or if it's used by only one or two other people. Oh, and failing that, are there any of the colors that aren't taken?

Thanks. :)

Kris B. - [plekopleko@hotmail.com]
North of Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Thursday, November 20, 2003 05:28:03 AM

I don't like my color anymore, so I am looking for a new one. Please bare with me. :)

My favorite episode is... hmmm... I do like "The Reckoning," but I have soft spots for "The Mirror" and "The Price."

And I do love the part when Goliath and Co. return home from the journey and Angela is introduced.

That is all I will say.

Battle Beast
EDMONTON WON THE GREY CUP!!!!!, Happiness, Canada
Wednesday, November 19, 2003 11:59:41 PM

Top 5 reasons for loving Gargoyles:

1) Wonderful use of mythology and literature as source material
2) High-class voice acting and production values
3) Character development a prime concern of the series. Characters actually grew and changed over time.
4) Accessible to kids but easily able to be enjoyed by adults as well.
5) Not afraid to do multi-episode plots rather than the "one episode and done" story arcs seen in many cartoons.
Wednesday, November 19, 2003 11:52:14 PM

Zess...I found those downloads do not typically work on Macs. :)

But I will go and look.
Houston, Texas
Wednesday, November 19, 2003 11:23:18 PM

You can go to the "theatre" section of http://avalon.gargoyles-fans.org/
if you wanna see Deadly Force. :D

Wednesday, November 19, 2003 11:16:16 PM

Favorite Episode: The Mirror. Well done, incredibly absurd, ground breaking, and eternally memorable. Did I mention it was funny?
CKayote - [CKayote@worldnet.att.net]
Orlando, FL
Wednesday, November 19, 2003 10:57:47 PM

Fav Gargoyles episode: The Mirror
Fav Gargoyles series show: City of Stone

In a way, it is a bit of a toss up between those two. Of course, my opinion may change if I were to see Deadly Force. :/
Houston, TX
Wednesday, November 19, 2003 09:03:05 PM

Hello! How are you all? I'm fine, as of today. Well, the reason I'm here is to do a small survey (not that I'm imitating Greg Weisman... I respect him far too much to do that!!!) and the question is this: *hopes his HTML encoding works* <I>What is your favorite Gargoyles episode and why?</I> Now be truthful, and answer with the truth. The survey wasn't made to ridiculize or insult anyone, but I'm just curious. The first answer, of course, will be mine: MY favorite episode is Future Tense. Why, you ask? Two reasons. One, everything seemed to be so utterly in ruins that it seemed to be real. Also, I LOVED the way the characters were portrayed in the episode after 40 long years, especially Brooklyn and Demona. Also, the story was freaking awesome. OK, your turn. Deadline's this Sunday, so don't be in a hurry. And please spread the word if you wish. Well, I gotta go, so I'll see you later!

PS: Do NOT email me responses to the survey-I barely have enough space! Please and thank you!

Wolf E. Urameshi - [wolf_urameshi@hotmail.com]
Lares, Puerto Rico
Wednesday, November 19, 2003 06:10:52 PM

11th...guess I'm in the top 1-2%. =)

What someone ought to do is submit those posts to Disney, whether or not Greg had this in mind. It's certainly better than any petition out there containing more explanatory reasons, not just signatures which could be considered more fraudulent.

I'm not sure anymore how many scrolls it takes to reach the bottom of the page, but it's A LOT. ;)

Jim R. - [jim@dialwforwarp.com]
Wednesday, November 19, 2003 12:50:43 PM

No one mentioned this yesterday, surprisingly enough, so...

Happy Birthday to Mickey Mouse. He looks good for 75, don't he? That's about 40 times the average lifespan for his species.

:: scans that list of Top Five contributors ::

I'm amused to see that "David Letterman" was included... since to my eye that post was so obviously just a joke by a friendly neighborhood trickster.

Off to the Land of the Cubes.

:: bounces out ::

Wednesday, November 19, 2003 06:58:27 AM

Reasons why I love The Gargoyles Series

1)Very very well thought out plot and character backgrounds
2)Excellent voice acting.
3)Had an epic feel to it
4)Great personalities
5)Nice soundtracks used.

I want this Series to come back so badly. Cartoons these days have no substance. Gargoyles was the last great cartoon.

Robert - [oldstyle@migente.com]
New Brunswick, NJ, USA
Wednesday, November 19, 2003 12:38:21 AM

Top 5 Reasons;
1. Very Good Story telling.
2. Good Voice-acting.
3. Excellant Orchestra.
4. Memrable animation.
5.Last of the Great series from Disney. :(

Bes - [Bbez85@aol.com]
LA, ca, usa
Wednesday, November 19, 2003 12:06:08 AM

Top Five Reasons I'm Drawn to Gargoyles
(In no particular order)
1.) Nostalgia - This was the first series I became _seriously_ involved in, way back in middle school.
2.) Design - I still adore drawing gargoyles, and my obsession with wings can be traced directly to the show.
3.) Complex characters and 4.)Themes - While fun to watch the gargoyles adjust to the modern world, the series was not a one-trick pony. It continued with different storylines, developing characters and weaving them together. The themes used were universal, including change, revenge, love, pain, violence, and family. Plus, it made Shakespeare a whole lot of fun.
5.) Staying power - It's nearly ten years old, and still has a devoted, active fandom. We love to play in this universe.

So, that's why.
Thanks so much!

10th Week Insane
Tuesday, November 18, 2003 10:07:03 PM

Well everyone has already posted what I would have posted.
I was attracted to Gargoyles for the same reasons as just about everyone else.
It was more adult (darker) than anything else on TV at the time. The only time I had ever seen anything like it, it was anime.
The stories were great they went throughout the whole series..not just that one episode.
The animation was the bomb! Wonderful, flowing not just "cut outs" as some animation was. Very realistic, not cartoonish.
The MUSIC! It so helped to develop the mood.
The voice actors. It's hard to find such wonderful voices at least in US animation...and Gargoyles had the best of the best.
And the best thing about Gargoyles? The fans who loved it and created online communities like this one. The IRC chat room, Gorebash!, and all the fans who read fanfics and bought toys and sent them out to other fans. Rookery brothers and sisters all, you are what help make Gargoyles a series I am very proud to have watched, and a community I was a part of for many years.


Cearda - [cearda@ultimanet.com]
Tuesday, November 18, 2003 09:53:33 PM

WEEE!!! I'm numbah 389!!! Whew... I was so close...

Hey, at least I made it thanks to you guys, right? Oh well, at least I gave my two cents... Glad all that Gargs mania's over... *falls asleep*

Wolf E. Urameshi - [wolf_urameshi@pleaseremovethisitstoprotectmefromspam.hotmail.com]
Lares, Puerto Rico
Tuesday, November 18, 2003 08:56:33 PM

My Top 5 Reasons For Loving Gargoyles:

1. Adult story that appealed to kids. I was in my late 20's when it aired.

2. Highly-anticipated gargyole tableaus and actions. Plenty of those wonderful moments with the gargoyles perched, looking over the city, the climbing, the glowing eyes...I got goosebumps every time the gargoyles woke up and broke out of their stone protection. (Even 5 seasons into the series!)

3. Story-arc. It ballooned into something greater than itself, surprises and mystery at every turn. As a friend of mine remarked, coming into the middle of the series, "Woah, the Illuminati are involved? Wha...? Ninjas? Evil corporations?! WOAH! OBERON AND TITANIA?!" "Yep," I replied, "and you ain't seen nothin' yet!"

4. The artwork! Animation! Fabulous, not too detailed, dark, haunting, magical, just plain great!

5. The acting. I could really tell the actors were taking the story seriously, and enjoying themselves. It was great to see (or rather hear) each and every one of them, still in their prime, branch off and do something that none of them had done before.

ScottMan - [slyfeind@yahoo.com]
Tuesday, November 18, 2003 08:09:39 PM

Gargoyles really caught my eye when I first saw it -- and that's the first night we had Toon Disney. in fact, I still watch it. sO:

2-actors and their voices/acting
3-scripting, very nicely done!
4-music, captures the feeling of the scenes, i like the orchestral style

Tuesday, November 18, 2003 08:04:56 PM

1: Gargoyles have always been fascinating - monstrous statues in holy places.
2: As generally noted, the quality of animation, voice acting, sound and overall design was consistently high.
3: The staff weren't afraid to take risks with the format. Episodes like The Mirror turned the show on its head - and had lasting effects, rare enough in television let alone animation.
4: The characterisation of the Gargoyles, from a noble leader maintaining his honour in a world almost without it to a grizzled old veteran trying to enjoy his retirement, was always entertaining.
5: Any series that can reference Shakespeare's take on Macbeth and the Fae, and exaine Arthurian mythology extensively, and also feature giant robot attacks, has to be worth watching...
Craig Oxbrow - [craigoxbrow@lineone.net]
Edinburgh, N/A, United Kingdom
Tuesday, November 18, 2003 07:59:09 PM

1. High-quality animation; some shows have tied it, few shows have beat it it.
2. Paranormal. This is not your standard shoot-them-and-say-cool-lines kid's show. I loved the references to mythology.
3. Everyone could watch it. Both boys and girls in my school (okay, the boys and girls who liked to read) watched Gargoyles.
4. Goliath and Angela. You know they wanted to hook up.
5. Demona and Xanatos were very effective villains, with very belivable motivations and very well-fleshed personalities. Team Rocket can't touch them.
Shanya Almafeta
Tuesday, November 18, 2003 07:48:55 PM

Five Reasons I Love Gargoyles:

1. Beautiful animation
2. Talented voice cast
3. Complex and engrossing plotlines that interest all ages without insulting anyone's intelligence
4. Well-kept continuity - no X-men-eque retcons here
5. Emotional involvement in what happened to the characters

Frank Jarome - [ftjarome42@aol.com]
Tuesday, November 18, 2003 04:52:26 PM

Five reasons why I liked Gargoyles:

1. The setting was dark and yet hopeful at the same time. The gargoyles wouldn't stop protecting the same people who were so prejudiced and hateful.

2. The voice acting was beautifully characterized -- whenever I think of the series, one of the first things to pop into my head is the sound of the voices.

3. The integration of history, literature, and the modern world to create a new fantasy modern world is seamless and fascinating.

4. The animation was a step beyond most Disney productions and avoided being anime-style.

5. The plot arcs were consistent and coherent -- few, if any, one-off episodes. Characters grew and developed throughout the show.

Gargoyles is my favorite cartoon ever -- I hope there's something new and wonderful in the works for it!
Chinook Wind
Tuesday, November 18, 2003 03:49:16 PM

The 5 Reasons I liked Gargoyles:
1. The reference to mythology and Shakespeare
2. It didn't play down to little kids
3. Awesome characters and wonderful storylines
4. The continutity
5. The relationships between each characters

Brandy - [angelofmusic_18@yahoo.com]
Tuesday, November 18, 2003 02:24:30 PM

Brandy - [angelofmusic_18]
Tuesday, November 18, 2003 02:19:40 PM

Five reasons for loving Gargoyles:
Infusion of mythological details;
complex plot lines delving into different cultures and varying historical periods;
beautifully drawn animation;
rich dialogue;
and, engrossing themes with pervading Shakespearian characters and plays.

Tami - [ctv203@yahoo.com]
New York, NY, USA
Tuesday, November 18, 2003 02:14:34 PM

News Flash:
Nokkar gets a face lift

It's remotely Gargoyles related, so I figured I'd post it.

CKayote - [CKayote@worldnet.att.net]
Orlando, FL
Tuesday, November 18, 2003 01:17:46 PM

Just a quick P.S.A. since I know alot of us here probably use Ebay and Paypal fairly often. Beware of any "update your credit card info" e-mails claiming to be from Paypal. It may actually contain a virus. Click my name for more info.
Tuesday, November 18, 2003 12:21:29 PM

Just a quick FYI

MGC: Monthly Gargoyles Art Contest is accepting submissions for the Sci-fi Gargoyles Topic.

AMGC: Adult Monthly Gargoyles Contest is accepting submissions for 'Fun with Food'

Artists of the Month
Mgc: Y2Hecate
AMGC: Lynati

MGC winners for October
Most Artistic: Sara Berkley
Most Creative: Tiger Lily
(AMGC voting is currently ongoing)

Congratulations to our winners and to all the artists who continue to submit! Thankyou very much!
Siryn - [ekkapinto@yahoo.com]
Tuesday, November 18, 2003 12:17:54 PM

forget the Top Ten of the week... i was Third! in nearly 500!! that means i'm in less than the top one percent! beat that! :)
Tuesday, November 18, 2003 03:02:48 AM

ELLEN> It's never too late to support the Gargs!! ^_^

IRC Goliath> Thanks for that list!!

That is all I will say.

Battle Beast
Tuesday, November 18, 2003 12:43:51 AM

Kudos for Greg for compiling that info by *Monday*, esp. considering the mad rush on Sunday.
JJ Gregarius
Orlando, FL
Tuesday, November 18, 2003 12:25:49 AM


I'm afraid I'm getting in on the 'Top 5' project late, but I did want to add my $0.02. I loved the show when it first aired, and eagerly await it's release on DVD.

1. The show was quite original in terms of memorable characters (heros and villains), setting, and story. The flashbacks I enjoyed particularly well.

2. Story-arc. Elements were foreshadowed and reprecussions often didn't take effect 'till sometime later on in the series.

3. Realism. Characters got hurt and weren't all better next eps. People died. This was quite groundbreaking back in the mid 90's for an American animated show. Things weren't always black-and-white or easily resolved by the end credits, though that didn't stop the characters from trying.

4. A remarkable take on mythology and lore, with some neat explainations and visuals.

5. Animation. Great character designs, action sequences, and pacing.

Minneapolis, MN, USA
Monday, November 17, 2003 11:44:10 PM

I'm posting the following on behalf of Jackel, who is unable to post this top 5 herself due to technical difficulties. She and I both know that this is too late to "count," but she deserves her say, and Greg and his team deserve the additional accolades.

Jackel's Top 5:


1. It is an honest, serious drama that addresses issues like love, loss, betrayal and its emotional aftermath, and the courage needed to live and love again after the worst experiences. The plots are emotionally charged and complex; they do not resolve easily, neatly, and unrealistically at the end of every episode...or even, ever. It is intelligent. It is compassionate. Despite its fantastic nature it is, in its best moments, real.

2. Its characters are well-fleshed, sympathetic, real people with strengths, flaws, and the potential and need for growth. Very few of them are "cartoon" parodies of life, either "good" or "evil"---easy, familiar plot devices that are overused, trite and meaningless. "Gargoyles" was amazingly refreshing in this. Demona and Elisa in particular come immediately to mind as some of the most complex, believable characters I've ever seen on TV, much less in a cartoon. To me, Demona is without question Disney's most interesting and best ever "villain", a fascinating psychological study, and a tragedy of Shakespearian proportions.

3. Its writing and visuals are embued with a rare grace and elegance. It is very difficult to carry on the kind of complex and occasionally profound storyline "Gargoyles" managed, especially, I would imagine, in a half hour cartoon supposedly for kids. Its art design matches the feel of its writing in a very balanced, harmonious way. The show was not always perfect; I have very high standards, and there were a few episodes that made me wince. But taken as a whole, it is an utterly stunning work of art.

4. "Gargoyles" gave us a genuinely fresh, unique race of sapient nonhumans. The care that went into creating the gargoyles' subtle and unique psychology, physiology and natural history shows. If some of it is not actually scientifically sound in the real world (for instance, I personally think Goliath would be able to glide, IRL, about as well as half a ton of bricks attached to a hang glider) the reality of the gargoyle species is so carefully and well constructed that I am totally willing to ignore the little biologically trained voice in the back of my head that screams from time to time. And the character designs are simply beautiful.

5. The relationship between Goliath and Elisa. :-) So sue me for being a romantic sap. The chemistry and tension between those two is so good that it grabbed me and pulled me in immediately...after my first episode, "Protection", I was hooked by that and that alone. Though point 5 is really the result of success in points 1-4.

"Gargoyles" is wonderful. I wish it could have been an hour prime time drama. I wish there could have been more of it.


Ellen (for Jackel)
Monday, November 17, 2003 11:15:58 PM

Interesting stats from Greg. I'm still wondering what prompted him to do this survey though....
Troy, NY, USA
Monday, November 17, 2003 10:33:04 PM

Someone using this forum signed me up for a ton of spam. Needless to say, I am not pleased.
Monday, November 17, 2003 08:15:12 PM

And now for the official stats from last week's craziness (a.k.a. Seth had nothing to do at work today, which is pretty damn awesome for a Monday). It was great seeing so many faces return to the fray one more time and it was equally wonderful seeing so many new faces... so I'm hoping that posting these statistics will encourage people to come back and search for their name to see what number they were, and while you're here, maybe contribute another post or two :)

1. Impfac
2. Vashkoda
3. matt
4. Todd Jensen
5. Blaise
6. Silver
7. Denis
8. Kythera of Anevern
9. Wingless
10. A Familiar Lurker
11. Jim R.
12. Sapphire
13. MAui
14. Siryn
15. Jimmy
16. Scott "Abram" Rogoff
17. Chameleongirl
18. Battle Beast
19. Puck40
20. Nikki Owens (Y2Hecate)
21. Venus
22. Kaylee Skylyn
23. Charisma
24. Rac
25. The Cat
26. CKayote
27. Bud-Clare
28. Sonia Lai
29. Mooncat
30. Princess Alexandria
31. Nickerous
32. Edward
33. zess
34. Whitbourne
35. Ed
36. Alex Garg
37. jenna
38. Barbara "Arazia" Herodes
39. Silintar
40. Evermore
41. Christina Sprinkles
42. kess
43. Steven
44. Namida
45. JEB
46. Kanthara
47. Karc
48. Sahyinepu
49. Lauren (Ariel)
50. The Barracuda
51. Karlyl
52. Abby
53. Jordan
54. Carol W.
55. Revel
56. Faieq
57. Gravity
58. Bonny Garg
59. Tiehl
60. Mara Cordova
61. Greg Bishansky
62. Spacebabie
63. Doppleganger
64. Storyseeker
65. James Gartler
66. Andrew Alvarez
67. WhoIsSlade
68. Laura 'ad astra' Ackerman
69. Gothic Cowboy
70. Rich Sprague
71. !!
72. Ethan Gilchrist
73. Gargress
74. Nicholas
75. KnightMysterio
76. Jerr Bear
77. Diana R. Flynn
78. Conna Stevenson
79. The Sadistic Cow
80. HT
81. Micahel
82. Anonymous
83. Marie Ramer
84. Entity
85. Acheron
86. Nicoloca
87. Patrick
88. Leva
89. Shogun raptor
90. Emilie Pellenz (Cybernetic Nixie/ScullyRaptor)
91. Emperor Fred
92. Cat;ein
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118. Darkling
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122. William C. Maune
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155. Preston L. Bobo
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176. Mal Brettauer
177. Boba Fett
178. Paul Brömmer
179. Leanne Orwig
180. Avery Liell-Kok
181. Marc Baker
183. Allaine
184. Enigma
185. Marie
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187. penpan2
188. Hardwing
189. Matthew Cavalier
190. David Letterman
191. Byrdie Fae
192. Alba Aulbath
193. Joshua Christie
194. Boo!
195. Despiser
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198. Nathan Kosub
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202. Brandon Scott Jensen
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204. Rachael
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213. Raymond Schaff (2)
214. Mario Baumann
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241. Monarch-sama
242. James Anatidae AKA Jonathan Parshall
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245. The Lone Wolf
246. Chris Browne
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249. Raptor
250. Raph's Girl
251. Bea Baker
252. Alex Wittemberg
253. aDam
254. Ben
255. Vienna, Austria
256. Philomena
257. Jared
258. Koradan
259. Nikki
260. Caroline
261. Briana
262. Josh Norcross
263. DubbleYoo
264. Bane
265. mitch mack
266. Ragnarok III
267. Guest
268. TaraFox
269. Siren
270. Giskard
271. Dominic Tagoe
272. Stormy
273. Kei
274. Zoe
275. Azreal
276. Thomas Lotito
277. Stephen R. Sobotka Jr.
278. RMC
279. Whoever
280. Space Lion
281. Quesha Saladin
282. Jack Cain
283. Jaguar
284. Sean
285. Mike
286. Stardustcat
287. Shannon Fowler
288. Monkey v3.0
289. Sheltie
290. Galax
291. Vanessa
292. Lady Sara
293. Kyla Bosch
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295. IRC Goliath
296. Constance Eilonwy
297. Cat
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365. Nightshade/Gallen Storm
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370. Aria (The Insane) Nightshadow
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373. Scytrin dai Kinthra
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403. Benny W. (YAY!!)
404. Erin W. (YAY!!)
405. freddy
406. Lurking Fish
407. Green Baron
408. Gunjack V
409. Gabriel Moonshadow
410. Lily
411. Bubs
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451. Sunshine
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463. Mercedes
464. BeatMakahz
465. Link Shivenheart
466. Baitmask
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468. Brian Dumlao (a.k.a. DumlaoX)

Sunday Cut-off

469. Andrea
470. Question
471. Robby Bevard

Official Cut-off

472. Claire
473. Eboni
474. Aed Sawin
475. neomae
476. Lisa Keelty
477. Oliver
478. Jenna Tation
479. Luke
480. Katherine Gray
481. Katherine

For those of you, both new and old (Gorebash) who didn't quite make Greg's cut-off, I hope we continue to hear your top 5 throughout the rest of the week.

IRC Goliath - [goliath1@pacbell.net]
Monday, November 17, 2003 08:12:18 PM

I suppose I should be more "adult" with my answer:

#1: The voices are great
#2: The graphics are outstanding
#3: Its fun to watch
#4: Goliath tries to accomplish the same as Gene Roddenberry/ all peoples should be able to get along and accept each other as equals
#5: I like it-the stories take me away from the reality in which I live.

Now, I've given a logical answer- but it all still comes to the same thing--- I like it!!

The Bluelady
Katherine - [bluelady1@charter.net]
greenville, sc
Monday, November 17, 2003 07:47:48 PM

I started watching Gargoyles because I had heard that several of the Star Trek "people" had done voice-overs. That was 2 1/2 years ago and I'mm still watching. I watch it everynight and several times on the weekend. (5) reasons???? I like it! I like it! I like it! I like it! and #5- I like it!

I've logged in on the TVland partition to have the DVD's released. I'm hopping for the best! And expect the Best! Gargoyles.

The Bluelady

Katherine Gray - [blueldy1@charter.net]
Greenville, sc, usa
Monday, November 17, 2003 07:42:52 PM

As many of you know, I stopped by here last week, asking the fans to list the top five reasons that they were drawn to the Gargoyles series. My post received 470 responses in one week: a pretty good start on short notice and with no publicity.

The responses can be viewed at http://s8.org/gargoyles/cmntarch2.php. They'll be on that site through this coming Sunday (11/23/03), at which point the room clears.

I copied and pasted the entire room over to a Word Document and found it to be nearly three hundred pages long and full of very gratifying bites about the series, but it's a lot to wade through, so I put the following statistics together. [Note: some people gave more than five reasons, and many reasons overlapped. I just tried to count everything. But this is far from scientific.]


Out of 470 Total Responses…

#1 - Characters.
An amazing 437 people cited the Characters and the series' complex characterization as one of their top five reasons for being drawn to the series. They discussed, often in great detail, how real and believable the characters seem, how detailed their backstories were, how major and minor characters grew, changed and evolved, and how complex they were, reflecting shades of grey. They liked the relationships/bonds/dynamics between the characters, as well. They even liked their names. 35 respondents specifically noted and appreciated the diversity of our cast (multi-racial and multi-species, and all of very different body types). 16 respondents noted our depiction of strong and non-stereotyped female characters. Another 35 respondents listed our villains as their favorites. Many individual characters were listed simply as examples, but many were also singled out by the fans, voted as one of their top five reasons for liking the show: Demona (39), Brooklyn (30), Xanatos (29), Goliath (23), Puck/Owen (22), Elisa (17), Lexington (13), Macbeth (9), Broadway (9), Bronx (7), Hudson (5), Thailog (5), Fox (4), the Mutates (4), The Pack (3), Oberon (3), the Tricksters (3), the Hunters (3), Angela (2), the Illuminati (2), Jackal & Hyena (1), Desdemona (1), Titania (1), the Clones (1), Una (1), Fang (1) and Matt (1).

#2 - Plot Development.
228 respondents listed the series' ongoing saga, its story arcs, as one of their top five reasons for liking the series. They liked its dynamism and twists. How stories built on past stories and presaged stories yet to come: the tapestry of events that created the Gargoyles Universe. In fact, 23 people specifically listed the "Gargoyles Universe" as one of their top five draws. 88 people specifically referred to Gargoyles' Continuity as being a plus. They liked, in essence, that the show had a memory - it made events more real and seemed to reward the fans for both sticking around and paying attention. It also encouraged them to watch episodes over and over to pick up tidbits that they might have missed on a first viewing. 18 also liked how actions had repercussions and consequences. 3 people praised the series' "epic scope". 6 talked about how it seemed to be filled with possibilities for yet more stories.

#3 - Literary, Mythological, Historical & Biblical References.
201 people loved the integration of various characters and concepts from myth, history, literature and the Bible. A whopping (and gratifying) 104 specifically mentioned all the various Shakespeare references and characters as being a plus. Many felt the show was educational, inspiring them to read Shakespeare's plays or study Scottish History, etc.

#4 - Animation.
199 people loved the series' animation. Many consider it the best or among the best that American television animation has ever produced. Many people compared it favorably with Japanese anime and Batman: The Animated Series. Two people specifically praised the pacing.

#5 - The Voice Cast.
158 people listed the voice cast and voice acting in their top fives. 38 people specifically mentioned that the presence of so many Star Trek actors in Gargoyles was a major initial draw. As with the characters, many individual actors were singled out by the fans in their lists: Keith David/Goliath (32), Jonathan Frakes/Xanatos (19), Marina Sirtis/Demona (15), Salli Richardson/Elisa (4), Michael Dorn/Coldstone (3), Edward Asner/Hudson (2), Jeff Bennett/Brooklyn (2), Jim Cummings/Dingo (1), Tim Curry/Sevarius (1), Thom Adcox-Hernandez/Lexington (1), Frank Welker/Bronx (1). Three of our international fans even praised the foreign dubs.

That takes care of the top five, but this'll fill out the top twenty:

#6 - Series Intelligence.
140 people specifically stated how much they appreciated how "smart" the series was. They liked that it was written on multiple levels so that it could be appreciated by kids as well as by teens and adults. That's one of the reasons why they're still watching it ten years later. They liked how Gargoyles respected its audience and its audience's intelligence.

#7 - Design.
122 people cited the show's design work and art style as part of their top five. They liked the looks of the individual gargoyles and the other characters as well, with 12 people actually praising how "sexy" the characters were. They liked the backgrounds and the overall look of the show. 12 people specifically gave credit to the series' color palette.

#8 - Writing.
76 people cited the series' writing for praise (this is in addition to those listed above who liked the characters, overall story arcs, literary references, etc.). They praised the writing's attention to detail, its substance, layers and intensity. 32 people praised how "believable" and "realistic" the show seemed, despite its fantasy premise. 28 specifically noted the mystery and intrigue, liking the risk-taking twists and turns that kept the audience coming back for more. 27 praised the show's humor and comedy (and one person even liked all the in-jokes). 24 specifically praised the dialogue. 11 praised the emotional depth. 5 praised its timeless quality. 3 praised its scary sequences.

#9 - Issues/Values/Themes.
71 respondents were impressed by Gargoyles ability to introduce real world issues and teach values without preaching. They cited episodes that dealt with gun safety, illiteracy, environmental concerns, etc. 24 people also specifically cited the shows pro-social themes, again noting how the show got its messages across without hitting the viewer over the head with them. Specific themes were even listed on occasion. 10 people hailed the idea of our using monsters as heroes and exploring the theme of "not judging a book by its cover." Four liked the show's theme of hope. Another four liked its theme of protection. One person listed "the fish out of water" theme. Another listed the theme of Family as being important.

#10 - Romance.
67 people responded to the romance in the show. In particular, the slow-boiling Beauty and the Beast relationship between Goliath and Elisa.

#11 - Core Concept.
65 people listed the core concept as one of their reasons. They liked the whole idea of medieval Gargoyles waking up in the modern world. They liked how fully realized the Gargoyles species was, from how they looked to how they acted, their history, culture and behavior. An additional 30 people specifically cited the series' "Originality".

#12 - Music.
62 respondents listed Carl Johnson's music score and opening theme as one of their top five reasons for liking the show. (Though one person was happy that there was no singing.) Many of the fans spontaneously requested that Disney release the music on CD. [Of course, many, many others noted that they would like to see the whole show on DVD.] 7 additional people listed "Sound" in general, including music and sound effects.

#13 - Multi-Genre storytelling.
62 individuals liked how the series elegantly combined multiple genres, including fantasy, science fiction, comic book action hero, comedy, drama, horror, etc. They liked how science went hand-in-hand with sorcery. They liked the use of magic and technology, time travel, robots, gods, monsters, etc.

#14 - Episodic Stories.
60 respondents praised the storytelling of individual episodes. How each was able to stand alone, while still fitting into the larger tapestry of the series' arcs. 17 people praised the stories from the Avalon World Tour set of episodes. Many individual episodes were also cited in the fans' lists: "Deadly Force" (9), "The Mirror" (6), "Temptation" (2), "Future Tense" (1), "M.I.A." (1), "Awakening" (1), "City of Stone" (1), "Hunter's Moon" (1), "The Edge" (1), "The Hound of Ulster" (1). One person specifically stated that he liked how not a single episode was filler.

#15 - Setting.
46 people cited the setting, usually the combination of medieval gargoyles in modern New York City. They liked how we depicted the city, how we got it right. Many people also enjoyed the flashbacks to medieval Scotland, and the World Tour episodes that took our cast to locations across the globe.

#16 - Atmosphere.
34 respondents praised the series' gothic atmosphere, running through the writing, design and animation.

#17 - Action.
30 people liked the action. The pure excitement - without being gratuitous.

#18 - The Fandom.
29 people noted that they were either drawn to the show or have remained with it at least in part because of the loyal fandom. An additional 20 found the show inspirational for their own creativity. Another 18 listed the show and its characters as "Aspirational" (although most didn't use that word). 14 more cited personal reasons for why the show was important to them. And it seems that we have many couples who met through the fandom, including multiple married couples who credit the series with bringing them together. 17 people were specifically impressed by the passion and dedication of the Gargoyles cast and crew and their participation in the fandom.

#19 - New for Disney.
28 people were impressed with the show simply for being something new and different for Disney.

#20 - Original Publicity.
11 people cited the series' original publicity for getting their attention and getting them to sit in front of their televisions in the first place. 5 more cited the old syndicated "Disney Afternoon".

That's pretty much it. There were a few other random and/or hard to qualify answers, but the above 20 reasons pretty much cover why the fans still love the series. I know all this sounds incredibly immodest coming from me, but all it takes is a quick skim of the actual responses to see that I'm not exaggerating at all.

Thanks, gang,
Greg Weisman
Monday, November 17, 2003 07:10:24 PM

I loved Gargoyles and still do through the fan fiction that has been inspired through it.

1.) The characters are so real and have deepth beyond comperhension of most

2.) I loved all the myths that were played out in the saga

3.) The thought of statues coming to life inspired me to dream as a youth

4.) It was different then what was out cartoon wise then anything else out there

5.) It was the best show out there!
Luke - [Freefallsb3486@aol.com]
Monday, November 17, 2003 05:54:53 PM

I know these should be last weeks coments but I was unable to here last week.

First off I think the characters were very believable more believable then most tv shows much less cartoons
The plot lines were stong and easy to follow.
However most cartoons are designed for children and this one was easy enought for them to follow by the plot developed enought for those of use like myself who are not so young.
I started watching it when it came out and fell in love with it right off. I have been a fan ever since. You have to admitt that this one was worth the time. I truly wish that the 3rd season had not changed because when the writters changed so did the feel and it lost something.

So am I a gargoyle fan? Yes. Why... because I feel in love with the characters from the first show.

Jenna Tation - [Westrichcounsel@yahoo.com]
Monday, November 17, 2003 05:13:26 PM

It wasn't dumbed down for children. The animation, plot scripts and dialogue were significant to people of all ages. The theme is universal and the timelessness of the series doesn't limit it's appreciation. Adults can enjoy the cartoon just as much as children, and each for their own respective reasons. It was truly a case of quality over quantity which is sadly, no longer apparent in most modern network cartoon series.
Oliver - [Spray121212@Hotmail.com]
Montreal, Canada
Monday, November 17, 2003 04:21:02 PM

It's the most original cartoon series I've ever had the pleasure to see. The way they blend folklore, legend and history is incredible.
Lisa Keelty - [obssidean@hotmail.com]
Beaconsfield, Quebec, Canada
Monday, November 17, 2003 03:01:31 PM

For me "Gargoyles" is the best TV series ever because:
1.The Charakters are very well created. There is nearly no one without a clear and understandable reason for thinking and acting the way he/she does.
2.The series offers so many completely different charakters, that every one can find one (or more) to identify with - and to identify with a charakter means to get a closer link to the series.
3.Every (main)charakter in "Gargoyles" evolves. To watch them grow is realy fun and it brings more life into the series.
4.The niveau of "Gargoyles" is realy high. Nearly every event, place or charakter is linked with a true background and that makes the series realy believable.
5.The charakters have to face not-every-day-happening adventures as well as every-day problems: a great mixture!

neomae - [neo_mae@freenet.de]
Lugau, Germany
Monday, November 17, 2003 02:09:23 PM

Oh, by the way: I don't have a website to post the saved 'transcipt' on. If anyone would like me to email it to them for their site, plz either email me or post here.

CKayote - [CKayote@worldnet.att.net]
Orlando, FL
Monday, November 17, 2003 10:23:53 AM

I saved of the last weeks posts just a few minutes ago.
It's big. 1.29 megas. Took me over a minute to save even with my LAN connection.

My pick for the top 1 top 5 is CONTINUITY. Followed close Star Trek voices.

CKayote - [CKayote@worldnet.att.net]
Orlando, FL
Monday, November 17, 2003 10:22:11 AM

I know this is late, but I didn't get the email till this week. :( But I still wanted to say what I loved, and still love, about Gargoyels.

1. Charicters. Good god, they did this in a CARTOON? They can't even do it, much less well, in live action adult shows, for the most part. They were intresting, complex, fed off eachother, learned and grew, and, here's the kicker, changed.

2. Yeah, the animation style was great. Especially when you compair it to a lot of the crap that is coming out today. For animation, it had a solidness to it that is amazing, and puts it above alot of the Anime I've seen. Correction. Even above a lot of the Good anime I've seen.

3. The richness of the setting(s). A castle in the sky, a clock tower, parks with egyptian obilsks, Avalon, etc. Tking something as boaring (physically. not crime rate wise) as New York, and making it seem artisticly and fantasticly apealing.

4. The use of Shakespeare, and myth. Of course, Shakespear is so intigrated into our culture as to be myth, but still... With in the world they made, the way they intigrated the myths made sense,and it was beautifully apealing.

5. *sighs* ok. I have to admit it. PUCK! The Gargoyels version of Puck (And a lot of the fey for that matter) is my favorite. THoughts of him still sends me dancing around the room giggling.

Anyhow, thanks for asking, and I hope that whatever Greg is working on comes out well.


Aed Sawin
Cranston, RI, USA
Monday, November 17, 2003 09:36:33 AM

I'd like to thank everyone who posted all last week (and even the first few hours of this week) for the contributions that they've made to Greg's request. It really was a happy moment, seeing how many people still remembered "Gargoyles" and wrote so much about why they were drawn to it.

And I hope that somebody has saved those responses somewhere and continues to save them; they shouldn't fade into cyber-oblivion once next week comes along. They need their own page for perpetuity. (Greg's probably saved them, but it wouldn't hurt to have a second place for them.)

Todd Jensen
St. Louis, MO
Monday, November 17, 2003 08:07:33 AM

My Five Reasons Why I Like Gargoyles:

1. The story is AWESOME! It's not often that you see such a great story with such complex characters.

2. The art style is great. I would kill to be able to draw like that!

3. I love all the references to European Literature, Mythology and History. They were able to put a new spin on various stories such as the Legend of King Arthur, A Midsummer Nights Dream, McBeth, as well as many others.

4. The voice actors. I'm a Star Trek fan. Yea, pity me. LOL.

5. I loved the music. Every time I hear the opening theme song I still get excited, something that has been happening ever since I first watched Gargoyles when I was a kid. It's nice to still feel that youthful excitement every once in a while. Now that I'm in college I tend to feel stressed out. Watching gargoyles makes some of the stress go away. I don't know why, but it does.

Eboni - [lil_eboni2001@yahoo.com]
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Monday, November 17, 2003 07:22:39 AM

1. the past characters, like the wyrrd sisters and Macbeth type plots were the best.
2. how other gargoyles etc, were met and interacted with.
3. i really like the style of animation.
4. the transfomation between astone to gargolye or of other non-gargoyle characters.
5. i liked the ones with Fox in too. and the ones with Angela and demona in.

Claire - [sweuzo@msn.com]
Kettering, Northants, UK
Monday, November 17, 2003 06:42:02 AM

wow, what a week in the Comment Room that was! usually we are lucky to get 100 posts in a whole week and usually they are only from 15 people or so... but last week over 450 people made entries and there were around 500 posts!
unless my math fails me (which is very possible) that means that the amount of people posting went up 3000% in one week!!!

Monday, November 17, 2003 06:33:06 AM

too late! :O
Monday, November 17, 2003 02:40:25 AM

Um, Greg, tomorrow *is* Tuesday! :P
JJ Gregarius
Orlando, FL
Monday, November 17, 2003 02:21:07 AM

I really wanna thank everyone who participated in the Top 5 poll. Tomorrow (or Tuesday), I'll post results.

But I'm gonna have to call an end to this now. I mean nothing stops you guys from posting. In fact, I hope you do.

But I'm done counting.

Thanks again.
Greg Weisman
Monday, November 17, 2003 02:05:45 AM

5 reasons I loved Garoyles. Hmm.

Too many things to really narrow down to just five, but I'll try. BEfore the week is up, so I gotta be quick.

1- The character interaction first and foremost. The characters were a family and you got that real easy. They cared about each other and you cared about them. Their personal interplay, be it between bickering brothers, or a leader to those under his command, it was all good.

2- The romance. I'm a romantic sap. The Goliath/Elisa subplot kept me hooked, cause you just wanted to see them hook up, there was just great chemistry there, and they could never be together. Some of the best stories and series of all times have back and forth romances that won't work, and Gargs was one of them.

3- The villains. While most series had stupid villains with vauge ambitions, Xanatos was great. He was intelligent, clever, a worthy rival, and you just wanted to see what he did next. You actually believed he could win and worried the heroes would lose. And Demona... Demona has fueled countless essays and fanfics...

4- The animation. Beyond just how good the stories and characters were, the animation was neat too. Similar to batman, it was a little darker, a little sleeker than other stuff. The design was great, and it just gave the show its own feel. It was awesome in more ways than I can even begin to go into.

5- The music. I always wanted to soundtrack to the show. It had great themes that were catchy and really enhanced the feel of the show, and reprises that gave atmoshpere. I've studied music on a lot of movies and TV shows, (I have nearly 100 various soundtracks) and gargs had memorable themes and music. Great stuff.

There's so muich more, the maturity of the show and the writing, willingness to show consequences of guns, the literary aspects, the ongoing story as opposed to just standalone eps, so much stuff. But you asked for five things, so there they are. (Had I known about this sooner I woulda said more, but I just found out about this thread like 10 minutes ago an its just prior to midnight here...)

Robby Bevard
Monday, November 17, 2003 01:59:55 AM

Hm.. I guess it did close like he said it would...
DumlaoX! Greg asked for you by name, dude!
As for a final count, I believe it was close to or around 470, by our estimations. Dunno what criteria Greg was looking for in each post.

Jade Griffin
Monday, November 17, 2003 12:26:15 AM

So does anyone know the final count for the ftop 5's?
Monday, November 17, 2003 12:16:44 AM

Top 10, maybe
Monday, November 17, 2003 12:16:33 AM

1-Aside from Buffy, DC, and Marvel comics, Gargoyles was grounded into our modern day world and yet had a far flung future and a past waiting to be explored in flashbacks and spinoffs.
2-It incorporated many diverse mythologies and legends fron Anasi to Oberon.
3-The heroes didn't always win. In fact season 2 begins with Xanatos getting Fox out of jail and ends with the Gargoyles being revealed to the general public.
4-Death. Greg actually had the guts to kill off the Magus, a well developed good guy, in Avalon Part 3 and then we have the infamous Wyvern massacre in the beginning.
5-animation-finally the animation was a lot better compared to most of the shows airing back then.

Monday, November 17, 2003 12:09:29 AM

Hey it looks like there is a Top 5 in the Top 10!
Fire Storm
Monday, November 17, 2003 12:08:39 AM

Well, I've been harrassed to post my top 5 reasons, so here I go! And hello to all you people out there whom I have never seen before.

5. Character Variety. There isn't just one main protaganist, and even the little people all fit together somehow.

4. Character complexity. The characters aren't just black and white, or just plain good or evil. They appear more like REAL people.

3. It's Massive universe. It's impossible not to find something to love in a story THIS huge. And for once, I can actually follow it!

2. Magic. Long have I been obsessed with magic stuff of any kind. The fact that Gargoyles has it is alone enough to make me want to watch it.

1. It just plain kicks mega ass. 'Nuff said.

Andrea - [takarifreak@dark-stars.net]
Monday, November 17, 2003 12:07:20 AM

woops. forgot my name too(previous post)
Monday, November 17, 2003 12:03:34 AM

Comedy of Errors tonight, eh?
JJ Gregarius
Monday, November 17, 2003 12:02:38 AM

darn. guess i was 4th.
Monday, November 17, 2003 12:01:58 AM

Third then. sigh
JJ Gregarius
Monday, November 17, 2003 12:01:11 AM

ok, 2nd. <:)
Nickerous - [nickerous@yahoo.com]
Monday, November 17, 2003 12:00:58 AM

Monday, November 17, 2003 12:00:54 AM

Addition: Oh, the "transforming" aspect reminded my friend Jephael of TMNT.
JJ Gregarius
Monday, November 17, 2003 12:00:41 AM

1st! (maybe)
Nickerous - [nickerous@yahoo.com]
Monday, November 17, 2003 12:00:10 AM


Just like way back when :)

Brian Dumlao (a.k.a DumlaoX - [dumlaox@yahoo.com]
San Diego, CA, USA
Monday, November 17, 2003 12:00:07 AM