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Demona Taina>No problemo! I'm about to make my own
web site, if you heard... so is their any thing you can help
me with for making a good looking web site? I went to
your site and saw that 2 headed version of Goliath and
thought that looks like something off of the Twilight
zone, but I liked the Demona gone Egypt the best. You know the site is not that bad... tho' some stuff
is shot, dose your chat room still work? I like to talk, um
as you can see by all my posts since allot of people are
all tied up with Xmas and all I look like a spam-mer. I see
about 10 people post a day mostly but now it's down
to about 3 or 4. I only really talk in this site most of the time, some times I do talk in chat rooms but only for a few minites if somethings good enough to get into comes a long. Most of the time I don't because nobody has ever forgiven me like you all have. But maybe thats because I have not had alot of free time to say I'm sorry to them but all that stuff was 3 weeks ago so I don't know what the peoples problems are at the gargoyles-fan site. I did everything I could like I did here but nobody cared like you all cared. I'll try to fix what I did when I was a beginner so wish me luck like the generosity I got here.

Jerr Bear>I have but did not help too much, I'll buy a
strategy gide for it if I can't figure it out. But I like games
with good graphics and story, however short games I
can get everything in. I don't have allot of time on my
hands, it's just that I have been good with games since
I was a hatchling. I pretty much have had all the consoles
since the late 80s but thats over the years. Only have a
PS2 and a few games, rent most of them than buy them
if they are really good. So thats what I like about games,
however I now spend most of my time on my story's
and also about to make my own site too.

I guess I will not post as much as well but... I'll be back!

Brooklyn X
Cold Nights, in the CA, of the USA
Sunday, December 21, 2003 11:35:10 PM

Leo: Yeah, that's the rebuilt site. How'd you know about it? Well anyway, I'm thinking of taking it down, at least until I come up with a new design and with new content since I now think it's pitiful... Really, it's had the same design for five years and I'm really, really sick of it.

Heheh, I love that Two-Headed Goliath pic. And you haven't even seen the edited version of that drawing: one half is Thailog, and the other is Goliath. I love it. Sigh, I'm obsessed with those two...

Brooklyn X: Thanks for the vote of confidence. I'll see what I can do. Thanks again. :)

Demona Taina
Sunday, December 21, 2003 03:00:09 PM

Brooklyn X>> I haven't played any Final Fantasy games, though if you need hints, go to Google and type in Universal Hint System. Hints, no spoilers.

BGI took me forever because I went through every area I could, and there are tons of areas in BGI! However, the great thing about BGII is that it has less areas, and better graphics. The story is great, especially when you get to the Throne of Bhaal expansion, and you even get to romance certain NPCs when you play both Shadows of Amn and Throne of Bhaal. However, even though weapon icons look the same on your character on-screen, in your inventory the icons for magical weapons look horrid in Shadows of Amn. That's the only negative, in my opinion.

Jerr Bear
Sunday, December 21, 2003 02:22:29 PM

Demona Taina> Re: "Demona's Holy Temple" / aka "Taina's Holy Temple" at [http://www.angelfire.com/ok/Demonas/]

I'm assuming this is the rebuilt site?

Anyway. That two-headed Goliath pic is creepy. lol

Sunday, December 21, 2003 12:19:00 PM

I hate to say it but if I ever met a gargoyle for real I'd probably scream and fall on my butt. Depending on the situation...if I was already freaked out by muggers, or whatever, then seeing a gargoyles would most likely fray my nerves even more.

After the initial shock I'd be like "Whoa....if it's not gonna eat me, this is too cool! If it IS gonna eat me I'm gonna crush it's nuts"


Funkadelic Gnome - [funkadelic_gnome@hotmail.com]
Gaw, MOO, Ca-na-DUH
Sunday, December 21, 2003 10:08:27 AM

Whiteout - Yay! looks like I'm gonna get my white Christmas after all.
I'm heading down the south end for a party tonight so, in the event that I get stuck down there I'll take this opportunity now to say hope everyone has a wonderful time over the Christmas period.
Bye for now, speak to you all again soon.

Shetland, UK
Sunday, December 21, 2003 08:22:19 AM

Demona Taina>Also I feel so dumb for forgeting to read all of your post. I put that post up in about 2 min, so fast that I miss read your post so ow well, maybe It's really dead hua!

So I smack myself in the head but not for real, maybe Brooks head in my posts or somthing if you like people kidding around that is.

Brooklyn X
Sunday, December 21, 2003 06:07:26 AM

Demona Taina>Please don't let it go... fix it or make a new one or something, I liked that site and Demona their so much. It's serously a great site and all. And I also just got to the end of watching LotR 2 for a 3nd time so I'm all happy because that movie I can't get enough of, so asome. But I can still understand if you really half to kill your site or let it rust to death slowly on the net so people can still remember your legacy but the choice is yours.

Good night to you specialy Demona Taina. Good bye to all.
So thats it no more so don't bother ha ha jokeing really!

Brooklyn X
Cold Nights, In the CA, Of the US of A
Sunday, December 21, 2003 05:56:34 AM

Brooklyn X: Ah, "Demona's Holy Temple," huh? Yeah, I loved that site. I worked so hard on it, and Angelfire HAD to go and disable it because I uploaded an mp3 so a friend of mine could download it. I was so ANGRY and they won't even tell me how to contact them! I tried rebuilding it, but it's been thrown in procrastination limbo. Well, it had been up for five years and maybe I should just... let it go, huh? Thanks for asking, though.
Demona Taina
Sunday, December 21, 2003 03:38:19 AM

Battle Beast>Um, I think I should have said it better then that to you... well it may have sounded offending. So did my last post before the typo one or did you even see my post? I'm sorry if the post did, but is that why you did not say a thing to me? I would like to know if it was something I said or did?

I'm wondering is all?

Brooklyn X
Cold Nights, in the CA, of the USA
Sunday, December 21, 2003 02:17:55 AM

Nickerous> Sorry to hear, man. My Sympathies.

Todd> Re Disney's Hobbit...

Your right. Look what they did to "The black cauldron." They took two books and squeezed them into one 1 h 15min movie. They basically trashed the books.

That is all I will say.

Battle Beast
CanadaSunday, December 21, 2003 01:17:57 AM

I can't beleave this... the typo gods have cursed me again.
<Correcting>"Demona" and "dude"... Sorry but I hate when that happends so I put up a new post if I see the problem.

I'm finished!

Brooklyn X
Saturday, December 20, 2003 11:34:37 PM

Drmona Taina>Yea, I like when we can just get along.
So, whats up with your site, is it still up? I forgot the
address... Can you tell me it?

Jerr Bear>I meant about the game's story, BG2 I know
nothing about? I beat BG1 very easily, it was fun but short.
Is BG2 better, must be! I even got that blue elf dudes that
welds double swords. But the thing I need help on is
Final Fantasy X-2's secrets, you know any?

Battle Beast>Yo, what's been up with you? You don't post
as much as you use to. Do you have allot going on all at
once or something?

To all>Allot of people have now come from all sides, what's going on here? Xmis! That's comming.

So. that's it for now!

Brooklyn X
Cold Nights, in the CA, of the USA
Saturday, December 20, 2003 11:21:22 PM

Todd - <he'd wanted things more along the lines of "alternative history", such as "What if the British had won the American Revolution?", rather than the "action movie rip-off" concept that they were doing instead, and was especially critical of the bad physics in the episode that his character was killed in, where the Earth's being bombarded by radiation from outer space> Admittedly, I do like 'alternative histories" quite a bit, when done properly. If one event is changed from history, it needs to be . . obvious (or at least implied) how that single event caused the big deviation that we see.

Admittedly, I'm fascinated by one particular alternate history in the Gargoyles Universe. If the massacre hadn't occured, how would Goliath's clan had surived to let's say the time that Macbeth would have taken the crown. We know the massacre lead to the creation of the 1st Hunter and the 1st Hunter was the one who killed Macbeth's father, but if Demona didn't create the 1st Hunter, would Macbeth's father been killed by another cloaked figure or would Duncan have decided to rise up against clan Moray?

Saturday, December 20, 2003 07:29:51 PM

Nickerous> My condolences. Though it's been a long time since there was a death in my family, we had a bit of a scare when my mum suddenly became ill last year. She's a lot better now and back at work but I'll certainly never take her for granted again. Please know that you're in our thoughts.

ROTK> (hides behind the curtains) Haven't even seen the second film yet! That's the problem with having no cinema - you don't see new films til at least a couple of months after the mainland, it's at the theatre in town & usually at daft times that don't fit with the bus home. Heck, even Orkney has a cinema and the've got a smaller population. Fingers crossed Santie'll leave a dvd of 2 towers under the tree!

College> One big reason for not posting much this past few weeks. I am terrible for leaving stuff to the last minute, though in the past i've always got things done & had surprisingly good marks on some of them. This semester however, along came october, a trip south to the opticians & a referral to the eye casualty dept. Dodgy eyesight led to extensions on assignments, which led to further extensions on later ones. Add to that things like work, music and other committments and i soon fell WAY behind. Got majorly stressed out a couple of weeks back cos i had so much to do, and then it was announced that exams start on 12th jan - about 3 weeks earlier than they were last year. For a couple of days i was so worked up i lost my appetite & had trouble sleeping. Had a good chat with my tutor the next time i was in college though, and now everything's sorted. After speaking to the course leader over the phone (and being told how to look after myself properly, ie "drink plenty of fluids" - yes 'mum' - cos i was coughing away like an old seal) i felt a lot better & now ive been given til the end of next month for my essays & don't have to sit the exam til feb at the earliest. Take my advice - don't ever get yourself this stressed over something like an essay or test. It's not worth it. Obviously studying with the UHI is a lot different to college in the states, or even mainland uk, but tutors/guidance counsellors are there to help. As my tutor said - "We're here to facilitate learning, no provide an obstacle course for those who're having difficulties".
It is good fun all the same though, and you do get to meet loads of new people - even if it is only as a blurred picture on a tv screen!
College is hard work, but it should be enjoyable too, otherwise is it really worth being there?

Spacebabie> congrats! I'm only half way through the 2nd year - got at least another 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 yrs to go. (Depending if I do honours)

I need sleep. Work party last night & college one tomorrow. Then it's essays, essays, essays for the next 6 weeks. Oh Joy!

Good Night

Shetland, UK
Saturday, December 20, 2003 06:51:02 PM

VASH - Thanks for the excerpt from the John Rhys-Davies interview. I found myself reminded in the last bit of his comments about why he left "Sliders", due to his disgust over the scenarios that they were coming up with (he'd wanted things more along the lines of "alternative history", such as "What if the British had won the American Revolution?", rather than the "action movie rip-off" concept that they were doing instead, and was especially critical of the bad physics in the episode that his character was killed in, where the Earth's being bombarded by radiation from outer space).

I know that he's spoken highly of "Gargoyles" in the interviews, however, and particularly about how they worked in the "real history" of Macbeth into the series (I recall Greg Weisman commenting that Rhys-Davies had initially criticized the portrayal of Macbeth as the good guy and Duncan as the bad guy in "City of Stone" as revisionism until Greg explained about it being based on the real history, and then became enthusiastic about it).

Todd Jensen
St. Louis, MO
Saturday, December 20, 2003 06:50:25 PM

Hm, was scanning articles on LOTR when I found an online chat interview with John Rhys-Davies (who plays Gimli, Treebeard, and as everyone in here should know, Macbeth). I found these quotes interesting, in light of his past and hopefully future roles in "Gargoyles":

ChatMod: As an actor, at least here in the US you've become closely identified with genre roles in science fiction, fantasy, and adventure. Were those the kinds of roles that appealed to you when you entered the profession?

JohnRhysDavies: A friend of mine reminded me the other day that when I was at university I swore I would only do Shakespeare, and had not the slightest interest in going to Hollywood and working on films. I was also 100 lbs lighter then.

* JohnRhysDavies laughs. *

ChatMod: <DMD> to <ChatQ>: If the right idea came along, would you consider doing series television again?

JohnRhysDavies: Yes, of course. But it is too demanding to do a show that you cannot fully commit to. I have found it very hard to talk nonsense when, with a bit of intelligent writing, you can talk of profound thing that matter that are based in plausible science. And I love reason. And I hate scientists being constantly stereotyped. More than that, the average American child spends 14 hours a week watching television. I'd like to do a show that not only entertained in the most brilliant way but exposed their young minds to the wonders of the universe, the glory of man's inquisitiveness... to a sense that intellectual enthusiasm is a worthwhile passion, and to give them a dream of what heroism and adventure can really be about.

Saturday, December 20, 2003 05:12:31 PM

Brooklyn X>>What help do you need with Baldur's Gate?

Guest>>My comparison was mostly in the episode when Brooklyn, Broadway, and Lexington were competing for leadership. Brooklyn did exactly what Goliath would have done when the situation of one of the Clan being in danger came up (It's been a while, all I remember is something came up that made Brooklyn take charge), he ignored whatever petty squabbles he and his rookery brothers had, and took the initiative. That's something any leader would do. That's one similarity I see. I didn't say that they were exactly similiar at all.

So what differences did you see in them?

FG>> Agreed about college, my situation has been particularly stressful.


Jerr Bear
Saturday, December 20, 2003 05:04:58 PM

Wow... Its been so long since I've been to S8. Probably 5 or 6 years now... Its great to see the Gargoyles fanbase is still alive and well.

You all rock!! :)

TaraFox - [fempred@yahoo.com]
Saturday, December 20, 2003 01:30:54 PM

Spacebabie> Congrats!
Alex Garg - [alex_garg@yahoo.com]
Saturday, December 20, 2003 12:51:32 PM

Spacebabie - I just, Graduated, from UCF

So now that you're donw are you just going to take an "extended vacation" from all things academic? I spent 6 1/2 years getting a degree in Music Composition. After I graduated, (Dec. 2000)I didn't even think about graduate school. I was just hapy to finally have that degree, and not have to worry about taking a class with certain professors ever again ;).

Now comes the hardest part of having a liberal arts degree, getting employment. (Says Leo, who is currently "between commissions") Are you going to get your teaching cetificate? :D

Saturday, December 20, 2003 12:49:24 PM

Nickerous> *hug*

College> DO NOT DOUBLE MAJOR! Don't do it! And if you do, scale back on the extracurriculars. Got *way* in over my head last semester and everything came back to bite me in the [tail] at the end - there's definitely an "F" waiting for me on my transcript. All this nicely segues to...

Procrastination = suicide in college. Unlike in high school, there's nobody to harp on you in college if you slack off so you're on your own to regulate your time. That can be dangerous and if you let it go too far, you'll dig yourself a heck of a hole.

But college has its high points - I rarely emerge from my studies and scheming to know what they are, but that's what I hear.

Goliath> I like Goliath. He's not my favorite of the clan, but he has his moments. I don't think his desire for human-gargoyle co-existence is naïveté in action, and I think he recognizes that his vision will take time and patience to be realized.

What I would do if I met a gargoyle> Uh, depends on the situation (and I'm assuming, or trying to, no prior knowledge of the show, gargoyles, etc.)
A) If I'm just walking along and one drops down in front of me and, you know, I'm forced to meet him/her, I don't think I'd run in terror but I'd require some sort of incentive before I'd come close enough to engage in conversation. Otherwise I'd cross the street to avoid an encounter.
B) If I were in trouble and one saved my life, I'd probably be receptive of gargoyles - don't know what it is with all those people getting saved and then fleeing in terror.
C) If I were on the receiving end of punishment, I might not like gargoyles all to much.

Okay, now to Christmas shopping... *ugh*

Alex Garg - [alex_garg@yahoo.com]
Saturday, December 20, 2003 12:49:12 PM

Sorry I haven't been around much as usual guys but the last semester was kind of stressful and it was the LAST semester.

Happy Hanakkah to everyone who celebrates it.

Spacebabie - [LadyAndromeda@smstars.zzn.com]
I just, Graduated, from UCF
Saturday, December 20, 2003 12:17:12 PM

If Disney ever took the Hobbit into it's own hands, I'd die. I love Disney movies (my mom and I go see them every year, tradition and all, heh) but that's just...eek. Though I'd probably have a good laugh.

RE: Goliath>> I never liked his character but I did respect it. He's stubborn, sometimes hard-headed, maybe even naive about things at times, but that's all part of his charm. In essence, he's a good leader. He cares for his clan, would bring down hell for them, he's smart and though sometimes he judges too quickly, he's a good fellow. Though I hate to say it, cuz I really don't like Goliath or Elisa, they make a good match.

Brooklyn was and always will be my favourite character, and though he's quite a bit different from Goliath, Goliath was right to choose him as second. That to me says Goliath has a good eye for his clan, and he knows what he's doing. Had he chosen Lexington or Broadway that would have shown he doesn't know his clan as well as he ought...at least, that's what I think.


<<A word of advice: whatever you do, DON'T PROCRASTINATE. Really. Don't do it. Trust me on this one. Don't keep thinking "I'll do it tomorrow," because tomorrow won't come until it's the night before it's due. I keep procrastinating and I end up doing everything overnight, and it's excruciating.>>

Dear GODS don't I know it. I'm in college at the moment (well, on break) and I procrastinated to my heart's content. Stupid Art Fundamentals....I hate 3D DESIGN! Damn wire heads! *kills the evil wire heads* Another word of advice, dude....if you can at all help it, DO NOT GET SICK. You miss one class and you're screwed for life. That ugly new flu bug thing wrapped it's little feelers around my throat in the middle of the semester and I missed two or three days of classes, which resulted in a LOT of catching up, a LOT of sleepless nights, and a LOT of heartache when I failed 2D Design. It also didn't help that my money funds went down the tube and I couldn't afford my anti-depressants, which put me in a horrible way the last week of school before break. >.< Honestly, I've never cried that much in my entire life as I did that week...I've also never gone that nuts. Heh.

Time management in college is one of the hardest, yet easiest, things to do. I suck at it so my marks weren't all that great...and getting sick didn't help, cuz I got swamped. Managing your social life and school life is a pain in the arse. I'm not working yet but some of the people in my classes do, and I understand the strain they're under...though baka Rachel (my arch enemy for life) who doesn't work or do ANYTHING or even leave her bloody room says, "Time management's not an issue, I get all MY work done"...(well gee, that's because you have no friends since you're a huuuge art snob who thinks art isn't creativity, it's skill...I laugh at you, wench. Art is everyting betwixt and between!!).

Compare Dan to Rachel. He works part-time, five days a week, weekends, and still manages to do an amazing job on his projects. Then there's Rachel, who sits in her dorm room and does nothing except her projects. Dan has a life. Rachel doesn't. They both get their work done, though sometimes Dan is late with it. Which one of them is happier? Dan, I'll bet. He's living his life AND doing his job and school. Cheers for Dan.

A lot of people (like me) have a lot of trouble with the responsibility that comes with college. Basically, you're on your own. I'm not used to it, but for a first-time ever thing, I didn't do too badly. I try not to take my failures to heart; since I can go back and do it over again, though preferably, I'd rather not, but failing one class doesn't make me, or anyone else, a failure for life.

Besides, the good times I've had at Sheridan and the friends I've met more than make up for all the idiodic crap I've done. That's another thing: College is NOTHING like high school. THANK THE GODS! The people there are so much cooler; aside from that damnable*curserantrave*wench Rachel, the classmates I have are accepting, kind, humourous people. Two people I met the first few days have stuck with me this far and, oddly, they've helped me grow up some more in the span of a few months.

That is...if growing up means you shriek like a monkey, hump walls and yell shredded Shakespeare quotes for no reason ("YARR! What wind from yonder window breaks? It is the yeast, and Juliet is the nun!"...yes, I DID do that. heh)...and if it's not growing up then it's learning how to live in a world that tries to squash you down constantly.

College is the best experience in life a person can have. It's stressful, it's hard, it's everything you hate, but it teaches you more than high school EVER could. It's also wonderful, fun, and self-fulfilling. It pushes you to the end of your rope, and when you think there's no more rope left and you're gonna fall a zillion feet into the abyss, you find yourself MAKING the rope, with strips of cloth from your shirt or pants. And if you have the will, and the ability to learn to cast aside your reservations, you use all that's in, on, and around you to keep making that rope longer and longer. When you finally run out of rope (at 70 or 80 years of age) you can look up and see how bloody long it was, and how well-made. And you can grin, laugh, and touch the ground with your feet in the end, because you made that rope with every part of yourself you could spare.

I think I'll shut up now that I've left you all with my ten bucks of the day. ^_^; Is long post, ne?

Ja ne!

Funkadelic Gnome - [funkadelic_gnome@hotmail.com]
Yawn, What time is it?, Ca-na-DUH
Saturday, December 20, 2003 12:03:05 PM

Brooklyn X: Well, I'm glad that's settled! Isn't it great when people conquer their differences?

Guest: Thank you. :D I love Goliath to death and I simply had to stand up for him. And if you are who I think you are, get on MSN, would you? It's been a while. :P

Demona Taina
Saturday, December 20, 2003 10:39:18 AM

Demona Taina: *APPLAUD* Well put! Happy belated Birthday! *wink*

Jerr Bear: "Plus, he and Brooklyn have some similarities" Uhhhh...no. I'm sorry, but I don't see that at all. Brooklyn is a different type of leader in a way that is (at least to me) glaringly obvious. He can in no way compare to Goliath. In fact, to do so would be unfair to Brooklyn.

Saturday, December 20, 2003 09:52:13 AM

???Name??? Hum? City, State, Country? I must be tired to forget all that on my post.

Christine>Sorry that's happened to you, my appologys!

That's all I will say for now, so good night!

Brooklyn X
Cold Nights, in the CA, of the USA
Saturday, December 20, 2003 03:58:00 AM

???Name??? Hum?
Brooklyn X
Cold Nights, in the CA, of the USA
Saturday, December 20, 2003 03:43:19 AM

Jerr Bear>Yea, Balder's Gate. But I only played the 1st one so
can something from that help? I also like all the new Resident
evil games. Survival Horror games are one of my top 3.

?(1st Survival Horror)?
?(2nd RPG)?
?(3rd Action adventure)?
Each time I Menton a game nobody answers me, hopefully
you will! But about Gargoyles and Demons... I know most
people would say they were demons, I knew that was coming.
However, I see past what they look like, in fact I like them
with their wings and tail as well as the color's of their skin. That's a real garg fan, when I write about a character I made or use, I like to think on how they would act, not me.

So since we're on that subject, Sex...
About that class, I took something like that in
high school. Liked it too but knew all about it before. My
family thought that I was craze because I never asked about
the bees thing. But now they know about my smarts about

So I have made 12 story's like that about sex soule, and a mix in most of my others like a sexual situation every once and a wile. Than back to the plot. All at the right and wrong place and time. When you would least expect that!

I hate repeating the same stuff like I see on moves. So in my story's it's different. Don't know how far I can talk on this site about my story's tho' I would not want to get in trouble about talking about stuff like this. You might not like them because it's about girls. But anyways tell me what you think.If I can say then I will for anybody who's interested?

Man this stuff should be talked about in the AGF rooms not
here, right? Didn't I talk about this before too? Can somebody help me please, is that what it is? I don't know
serously and nobody is their to even talk to in the 1st place... I'm done!

Wait maybe you Siryn, can you help?


Saturday, December 20, 2003 03:41:38 AM

Brook X, College Advice: Never try to predict how the professors will calculate your final grade. You'll always be wrong.
CKayote - [CKayote@worldnet.att.net]
Orlando, FL
Saturday, December 20, 2003 01:27:12 AM

Just great, I forgot to mention college. Take psychology. It's a fun class! I took it in high school, then in college again, then human sexuality (Psychology of Sex), and since I moved I'm planning on taking Intro to Psych again for a refresher.

Or don't, lol! Ok, seriously, only take Psychology if you have the time for it. I'm a little biased because it's my planned major (Unless I find something more interesting)...

Jerr Bear
Saturday, December 20, 2003 12:11:39 AM

Unfortunately, it is in our nature to fear what we don't know.

I think the episode with the bikers is a good example of this. The bikers had no idea Gargoyles existed, in fact they probably thought they were demons.

I know some extremely religious people who would probably mistake Gargoyles for demons if they really did exist. Plus, I like to live by the motto that I really don't know (Or assume) how I'd handle a situation when presented to me.

Anyway, The Pack is another good example of what we know and don't know. Those kids knew The Pack to be 'good' because of what they've seen on TV. They also trusted The Pack because of this. The kids didn't know anything about the Gargoyles, all they knew was that the 'good' guys were being attacked. So naturally they rallied on the side they thought had good, not evil.

Personally, I can't imagine how I'd act if I met real living, breathing, Gargoyles. Mostly because I wouldn't have information on who they were, or what they were. If I knew, then I could make a guess.

Anyway, I just lost track of what I was going to say next. Don't you all hate that? I bet you the minute I push Submit I'll remember exactly what I was going to say. Worse yet, in the middle of the night when I'm sleeping!

Oh ok I remember...

Whenever the humans get scared when the gargoyles save them, I understand why now. The Baldur's Gate II video game reminded me of this today, while I was playing.

In BGII, you're a Child of Bhaal, the dead God of Murder. Chaos is sewn in your path. Despite every good intention you have, people fear you due to the blood running in your veins. The reason why is because you were born from evil, and they know evil in it's worst form.

Basically put, my character could only be saving someone from being killed just so he CAN kill them himself. Well, this is what the humans maybe thinking with the gargoyles saving them. "Oh no! They're only saving me to kill me, or worse!"

The same goes for another human saving a human. The only real strangers we tend to trust, are those of authority that do it everyday. If the gargoyles were cops, they'd probably get less fear from people, other than being gargoyles whose roars can send shivers down your spine ;C)

Though, they'd get hatred and fear from criminals. Unfortunately, as well, them taking jobs as cops would take away a lot of the freedom they have with performing vigilantism.

Jerr Bear
Saturday, December 20, 2003 12:06:19 AM

Demona Taina>No, I'm fine with the Goliath thing I like his Ideas but as their is nothing wrong with them. I just like (Brooklyn 2nd) better is all, then (Demona 1st) over all Than down (Lex 3rd), (Thailog 4th), (Goliath 5th), (Angila 6th), (MicBeth 7th), (Owen/puck 8th), (Xanitos 9th), (DesDemona 10th) Top 10 list not in real order below 3rd. I will also say that even in reality with wars. Humans can't even get along threw out the history, only fighting is all we know how to resolve our problems with. I don't think this way but the rulers of this world do. That's why I said all that, how can we kill our own kind and expect to be able to live with another kind of being like alien or gargoyle the same?

That was only a opinion thats all. I really would not want to be in a war but I like when we win them in good ways. Stop the bad guys, save the people. !Iraq! The evil people are the threat but it's not always the big things. Remember The episode "The Pack" were Lex got rocks and trash thrown at him and he was called names from the kids and Lex felt all mad and betrayed at the pack. Then the episode were Lex built Brooklyn a bike and he went up to the bikers, 1st imprison that runs throw peoples heads is "Kill It" Not me! Only if I was being attacked or approached by him in a deadly way. But I don't see what was so deadly about a gargoyle on a bike saying "Hay you like my bike, built it myself" acting so nice than when he takes off his helmet the bikers automatically assume he's a monster.

I don't think it's human nature like the saying is. Myself and most gargoyle fans wish gargoyles were real. So I think we all think the same when I say we would not do or react the same way to Brooklyn like the bikers did right.

I was not offended by your post at all, I like Goliath too but also know Brooklyn made mistakes like we all have as well. The laser shot Goliath took was not a joking matter for a human would have died. But I think Goliath was not in a life threatening manner. I know what a gargoyle can take and do. Remember Demona, looks like a normal persons muscles but super human strength. 1.She ripped off a steel door from its hinges and throw it 20 feet, that door was like a 3 inch thick, 12 ft wide door on all sides and must have weighted 2 tons and she folded it up like a pice of tin foil. 2.She also lifted up this big bolder that was as big as she was and throw it like it was a base ball. A what, 4 ton rock is that all! Well not even the governor of the CA could not even lift a car like that or any human for that matter.

I love Demona like you love Thailog, also because she looks good but in the episodes when shes younger she looks better. Bluer !WEOW! *Woops*

(What you said)>
Whatever you do, DON'T PROCRASTINATE. Really. Don't do it. Trust me on this one. Don't keep thinking "I'll do it tomorrow," because tomorrow won't come until it's the night before it's due.< (What you said)

I say>
I know and don't, but I use to be that way until 12th grade than graduated with 27 credits and a 3.0 GPA. So now I'm ready for the final frontier (Collage) before my real life begins. Well I think thats it. Talk to you on your next post and tell me if I missed anything.

To all>
Sorry everybody else I'll answer to you all when I get a chance.
That is all I will say...For Now!

Brooklyn X
Cold Nights, in the CA, of the USA
Friday, December 19, 2003 11:41:21 PM

Todd:> Re: a....*Disney* "Hobbit" ???


Imagine all the horrible schlocky songs they'd load it with. Leonard Neimoy's "Ballad of Bilbo Baggins" is bad enough. :p

Friday, December 19, 2003 11:01:47 PM

After reading about Greg's enthusiasm for the LOTR movies, I found myself wondering how he particularly likes the fact that John Rhys-Davies is in all three of them.

So Disney actually considered doing "The Hobbit" at one point. It might have been just as well that they didn't do it, since they might have tried squeezing it into their stereotypes too much in a way that wouldn't have fitted. (Tolkien really couldn't stand Disney, so I suspect that if he'd still been alive, he'd have protested such a project tooth and nail.)

Todd Jensen
St. Louis, MO
Friday, December 19, 2003 09:49:50 PM

*reads Ask Greg* Wow, I've never seen Greg so hyped O.o;; Seems he has some specific requests for music videos, if anyone needs ideas for the G2004 contest.

Nickerous> *hugs*

Friday, December 19, 2003 09:14:01 PM

NICKEROUS - I'm sorry to hear about your loss. My best wishes to you in this hour.

I also agree that Goliath is doing the right thing in hoping for peace between humans and gargoyles. I might add that I don't think that Castaway is quite the poster child for xenophobia that he appears to be, except on the surface. The real reason why he's going after the gargoyles isn't because they look like monsters, remember. The real reason is because he shot his older brother, couldn't take responsibility for it, and decided to blame the gargoyles; he's hunting Goliath and his clan since it's the easy way out to avoid accepting responsibility for his actions.

Todd Jensen
St. Louis, MO
Friday, December 19, 2003 06:51:52 PM

Nickerous>> My sympathies.

Brooklyn X>> For the Gargoyles Litmus Test, I took it about a year ago for one of my original characters called Jon. He scored a borderline Mary Sue, which is to say he's close to being one. Usually the results are never what one wants (I was hoping for a 0-10 score when I took it).

Of course that's not why I stopped the Jon series, I just ran out of steam. Plus I created a whole cast instead of using the current cast. He'd probably have scored higher if I had used the original cast.

The test doesn't apply to cannon characters, just to Fan-Created Characters.

As for Goliath, he didn't believe that all humans would accept gargoyles, he just believes that humans and gargoyles could co-exist together. He wasn't naive enough to believe that there wouldn't be another Castaway/Canmore, Demona was proof enough to him that there will always be bigots in the world. He's just optimistic.

Plus, he and Brooklyn have some similarities, which is one reason why Brooklyn got second-in-command. I'm not saying it was favoritism, just at the time Brooklyn had demonstrated some leader-like qualities that Goliath has.

But back to the whole Castaway part, even with others like Castaway it's never a lost cause, as long as the vast majority doesn't think like him which Goliath Chronicles, though that series kind of sucks, proved.

Siryn>> You're welcome.

Demona Taina>> Agreed, Goliath is a great character. However I'm STILL the top Broadway Fanboy...pun intended on top.

Jerr Bear
Mundania, CA, USA
Friday, December 19, 2003 03:41:37 PM

Nickerous> I'm veryy sorry about your loss. *hugs* :(

Jerr> Oooo thankyou for this link!! I had forgotten about it.

Wee...current incarnation of Siryn : 20 points. Aka borderline. *Siryn coughs and looks innocent* Well...I COULD always just drop the entire hybrid thing altogether... *siryn gasps, then dies*

(don't mind me..it's early. O.o;;)

Brooklyn X> No problem..it's what I do. ^_^;;

ROTK> Is it bad if I'm not...gun ho about seeing this movie? ^_^;;; (that..and entirely no time..maybe on Sunday though.. O.o;;)

Friday, December 19, 2003 11:53:27 AM

Nickerous > my sympathies as well. It's a hard thing to lose a family member at any time.

Brooklyn X > <<So why did they half to remove it, cancer or something??>> Yes, exactly. It runs in the family.

Friday, December 19, 2003 11:26:02 AM

Sorry for the double post, but I forgot to mention something very important. Shame on me.

Nickerous: I'm sorry about your father. I can't even imagine what you're going through. No one has died in my family in over ten years, and your post made me realize that I've taken them all for granted. I'll try to tell them that I love them before it's too late, but it's so hard to be so open with your own family. But I'll try.

I'm afraid there's not much I can say... except... we're here for you if you need someone to talk to. Take good care of yourself.

Demona Taina
Friday, December 19, 2003 10:22:51 AM

Brooklyn X: Hey, don't insult Goliath. Just because you're a Brooklyn fan doesn't mean you have to insult Goliath. Remember, "To put one down is to indirectly put down the other," as Greg Weisman said. You don't need to throw mud on Goliath just to make Brooklyn shine better. Make Brooklyn shine for who he truly is, not insulting anyone in the process. See, I'm a Goliath fan, and even though I don't really like Brooklyn, I'm not insulting him. Why? Because I love Goliath for who he is and I'm not insulting others in order to make him shine better.

If Goliath were such a bad leader, then he wouldn't have chosen Brooklyn to be his second in command and lead the clan if something were to happen to him or if he stepped down. He chose him because he thought him capable of becoming a great leader someday. If Brooklyn thought less of Goliath, then he wouldn't have said, "Hey, Goliath, be careful, huh? I'm in no hurry to take your place." Not to mention all the times Goliath has saved him and viceversa. Oh, and remember The Price? Brooklyn started to cry and Goliath came over to comfort him. They respect each other; why can't we respect them both instead of just the one we love?

You say Goliath is filled with childish fantasies? There's nothing wrong with having a little hope in a world that seems to have lost just that. There's nothing wrong with being an optimist when everything around you seems to crumble before your very eyes. Because if we have no hope for a better tomorrow, then I'm afraid that we're just going to lose the battle.

Remember when Brooklyn sent Goliath to Demona in Temptation? He'd done a terrible thing; he'd betrayed his leader (even if the intentions were good), and what'd Goliath do? He forgave him. Just like that. It takes greatness to be able to forgive someone after doing something that nearly cost him his very willpower.

And besides, he isn't perfect. Sure, he's made mistakes in the past, but that, ironically, is what makes him perfect. And don't tell me Brooklyn hasn't made any mistakes, because he has. Love him for who he truly is, and I'll do the same with Goliath. To do otherwise is to be the one immersed in childish fantasies.

And Goliath isn't weak (both physically and mentally). If he were weak, then he'd just give up the fight, let the Quarrymen win, etc. But no, he keeps fighting for his life, for his honor, for his clan, and for Elisa. Name ONE scene where he's acting weak. It doesn't count when he's injured.

I bet that that laser burn in Long Way to Morning HAD to HURT. When Thailog shot at the bars in The Reckoning with his laser gun, they MELTED. Just imagine the same thing happening inside of you. No wonder his eyes started glowing when he saw the laser burns on Ophelia. And that was a totally pointless paragraph, I know. Oh, well. Had to be said. Moving on...

Oh, and Thailog. I love Thailog, too. He's so deliciously bad. We really do need more Thailog icons here in the comment room, and of course, more Thailog episodes. Three (excluding TGC) just aren't enough.

Well, that's my two cents. I'm a huge Goliath fan, and I just had to say something about that. And I didn't mean that to be some kind of flame against you, Brooklyn X. I hope you didn't take it personally because that wasn't my intention. I was just hoping to help you understand by presenting my point of view. And besides, as a Goliath fan, it's my duty to defend him. I'm sure you'd do the same if Brooklyn were the one being dragged through the mud.

Well, on a lighter note...

Oh, you're starting college next year? Oh, that's nice! Good luck with that. I'm on my third year and I can honestly tell you that it's excruciating... but it's worth it. You also meet a lot of people. It's a great experience. I'm on vacation! Bwahaha! No more worrying about essays, portfolios, and whatnot! More time to finish all those stories I've started that I've thrown into oblivion! No more worrying about college... until January 22nd. Darn. A word of advice: whatever you do, DON'T PROCRASTINATE. Really. Don't do it. Trust me on this one. Don't keep thinking "I'll do it tomorrow," because tomorrow won't come until it's the night before it's due. I keep procrastinating and I end up doing everything overnight, and it's excruciating. Just the other day, I ended up typing a huge essay in less than five hours. And I ended up writing sixty-four pages overnight (good thing I'm a fast typist). It was... truly painful. I hope this teaches me not to procrastinate.

>>"And how do you like typing or writing your story's, any special way?"

Well, I like to be in COMPLETE SILENCE (which I rarely get). Usually a little music will help inspire me. If I want to write a sad story, then I listen to a sad song. If I want to write a happy story, then I listen to a happy song. And so on and so forth.

But usually inspiration comes when you least expect it. I can be sitting there, listening to a song, chatting and whatnot, with noise all around me, with no intention of writing a story, and then something would awaken inside of me, my hands would start trembling, and I'd just HAVE to write something. That happened to me once, and only ONCE. And what a great story came out of that... I can't wait to post it. But I'm my own worst critic. Sigh.

ROTK: I haven't seen it yet, and I don't think I should until I've seen the first two. [runs from the mob of angry fans] I'd just get thoroughly confused. Not to mention, it would spoil the first two movies for me. Yeah, I need to watch those movies. I tried asking my mom, who has both DVDs, and what'd she do? She gave me The Two Towers and "forgot" the first one. I can't watch the second movie without watching the first one! And what do I get? An "oops." Sigh...

I think this is my longest post ever. Okay, I'll stop now. No, really. [clicks "Submit"]

Demona Taina
Friday, December 19, 2003 10:17:21 AM

My sympathies, Nickerous. May you find many friends and family members to turn to at this difficult time.

Friday, December 19, 2003 09:39:23 AM

Nickerous> I'm sorry. :( I can't even imagine what it must be like. All I can base it on is the continued absence of my sister, who ran away and went missing a few years ago. Have heard nothing of or from her since (aside from learning that she had become a stripper and was doing mega drugs and boozing it up -_-;).

*sigh* Things happen in life we can't prevent...we just have to learn to live on.

Good luck. :( :(

Funkadelic Gnome - [funkadelic_gnome@hotmail.com]
Friday, December 19, 2003 06:28:54 AM

Brooklyn X
Cold Nights, in the CA, of the USA
Friday, December 19, 2003 02:16:17 AM

Jerr Bear>That test is in every way bad to use. I read it and see that in all possibility's most characters in all the archive I have ever read about would fail that test. Most people use their fav character from the show. Tho' I don't I see that test does not like super powered up people, who act cool of bad ass (Brooklyn), smart (Lexington), can fly with and without wings, have spirit or Ki energy, geneticly engineered, mix of races (Human/Gargoyle), etc... That means all the Gargoyle characters would fail, people who like to use the characters from the show. So much to say for that test but I'll see what my most commonly used characters that I have been using for 2 years. And even before that, some of my character are 4 years old from my drawings.

That's for the wrong one, not good at all... But I'll check out the right one. The one you told me 1st of all I would disagree on, I'll see if the good one works. I'll be back.

Christine>I know, you have been honored, your one of the top people in fan-fic! But wow your thyroid gland removed, I would be afraid to have doc's messing with my throat. ?(All those vanes and stuff. I don't trust doc's in critical places like that, they might slip. Ow no I had dreams like that a few times and maybe thats why. Scarred the hell out of me when I was the kid. But I don't have dreams like that eneymore, glad too because they were really realistic, woke up in cold sweat and could not move for a sec. Have you ever had a dream like that? I know we all have at 1 time in are lives, no!)? It's that I never had any surgery or anything wrong with me at all in my life. The worst thing I ever had was a cold. Faked allot of tho's like we all have to not go to school right, but now I'm out of school and about to go to collage and stuff. So why did they half to remove it, cancer or something??

Nickerous>We all are sorry for your loss, damn Death I don't like it at all. My greatest fear of all is that! Lost some in my family over the years, not my mom or dad but some of the oldbie's of my family, a sad loss for all.

Todd>Goliath is just weak period, I never liked him and think Brooklyn should have taken over the clan. Brooklyn is a cooler character in the 1st place, + Goliath is a lost cause. Goliath is a child filled with nothing but diluted fantasy about humans and gargoyles living together peacefully. Their will always be people like Castaway in the gargoyles universe that well stop everlasting peace. And so on and so on, until the very end of all ends.

Demona Taina>I'll start collage next year, how do you like it so far?

So, that's all your getting out of me!

Brooklyn X
Cold Nights, in the CA, of the USA
Friday, December 19, 2003 02:14:49 AM

You guys have my sympathy.
CKayote - [CKayote@worldnet.att.net]
Orlando, FL
Friday, December 19, 2003 12:54:44 AM

**shakes head in shame and embarrassment at that glaring typo**
Friday, December 19, 2003 12:22:32 AM

Nickerous> :(
I'm sorry for you loss.
Last week was a rough week for my family as well. Both my mother and grandmother spent time in the emergency room. That monday my mother had two "dizzy spells" the first while she was driving, and the second while i was driving her to a doctors appoint she just made for the dizzy spells. She told me she couldn't breathe so I wound up driving her to the emergency room. She spent a few hours there and was released. (she's ok now) unknown to us, at about the same time, my grandmother was sent to another emergency room in a different hospital for chest pains. (she told the nurses NOT to notify us so we didn't find out until the next day) It turns out she had a slow heart attack. She has always been so healthy. This is the first time in her 90 years that she's ever been in an emergency room. She spent 5 nights there while they looked over her and determined that she wouldn't need surgery. The discharged her this past saturday. She's doing fine now. She's back to her old energetic stubborn self. She just has to keep track of a few more pills now. Before this happened I had always taken it for granted that she would live to be 100. At times i even considered it a "chore" when it was "my turn" to "entertain the grandmother" or sit at the table and chat with her. My brother and I even fought over who would "have to" take her home when she came over. So this was sort of a wake-up call for me. I'm going to try my best now to not be as selfish when it comes to doing those "required extras" for her. :(

Well, that's all I can say. :(

Friday, December 19, 2003 12:19:44 AM

I'd like to say something real quick. Don't take anything in life for granted. Your whole world can change in seconds. Tell the people you love how you feel about them. Don't put things off. You never know what can happen in the blink of an eye.

This is dedicated to my Dad. 2/11/45 - 12/13/03

I love you, Daddy.

Nickerous - [nickerous@yahoo.com]
Thursday, December 18, 2003 11:35:57 PM

ROTK> BEST MOVIE OF THE YEAR. If it does not earn MANY awards, then I'll get really pissed.

I am STILL in haze from it. (I had to get up at 4:00 AM afgter going to bed at four. NOT FUN.)

That is all I will say.

Battle Beast
CanadaThursday, December 18, 2003 06:51:16 PM

Ok, found it!


Jerr Bear
Thursday, December 18, 2003 05:37:07 PM

Brooklyn X>>Ignore the Mary Sue Test, it's the wrong one.

Everyone>> Anyone have the URL?

Jerr Bear
Thursday, December 18, 2003 05:34:16 PM

Brooklyn X>> Even though I MiSTed it, I thought your story had potential. I really don't read much fan fiction anymore, and I still need to get around to reading Christine's latest story on her site.

But, like I said, potential. However, just a warning on Original Characters. Make sure they're not Mary Sue's. That'll turn off any potential readers.

If you're spellchecker sucks, the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary is really good with spellchecking. Just type in a word, if it's misspelled, several links will appear that lead to the correct spelling of what you're using.

Here's the URL:


If you're worried about your characters being Mary Sues, here's a test to tell you:


As for me, I mostly hang out around the Adult Fan Fiction part of the GFW, though I'm writing something non-adult currently. I'm just waiting for my editor to get done with it, but in no real hurry because I've got lots of time on my hands currently.

Jerr Bear
Thursday, December 18, 2003 05:32:02 PM

Brooklyn X > I've been very honored over the years to have so many great artists immortalize my characters in their art! Can never thank them enough. The med thing is that I need daily thyroid replacement hormone as my thyroid gland was surgically removed 13 years ago, is all. When I don't get the medication, I get all tired and grumpy.

ROTK > the more I hear, the more anxious I get to see this one! Sounds so good! At least the days should speed by, what with the holidays looming.

Goliath, Demona, and the Plan > I thought it was a good example of Demona's thinking, and Demona's habit of putting the blinders on herself. She must have known better, known HIM better, but talked herself into hoping that once done was done, he'd see that there wasn't anything else he could do and come around to her point of view. Even though she knew better. And then, when he didn't, she was all the madder at herself because she _had_ known, but she's never been one to admit her own failings and transfer the blame instead to others. She really is one of the most brilliantly complex characters of all time.

Thursday, December 18, 2003 09:56:03 AM

Yep, Goliath struck me as one of the biggest weak points of Demona and the Captain's scheme. I certainly don't think that if Goliath and the rest of the gargoyles had returned to find that the Vikings had taken away all the humans in their absence that he'd have simply gone for an attitude of "Well, that's that, too bad about them." He'd definitely have gone after the Vikings to rescue the humans, even without the massacre (though the massacre definitely helped as a motivating factor). That was the second biggest weakness in the plan (the biggest weakness being the fact that the plan consisted of bringing in an outside enemy to solve an internal dispute).
Todd Jensen
St. Louis, MO
Thursday, December 18, 2003 07:35:33 AM

Siryn-Open a wine bottle in joy and call it a night till New Years Eve. I call New Years or was that saying, I call shotgun! Well thanks Siryn, too kind for telling me. Serously now I feel truly at home here, double thanks. I have not bin treated like this in a wile so only with my friends, famly, now my on line friends like you, so nodes and smiles for you.

Chistine Morgan>???Um??? I'm all new to the med thing, you OK? I hope so!? What's happened or going on here? Did I miss something?

Matt>Um, the Titanic movie, the newest one did that same thing to me too like the movie you saw, I saw the Titanic 3 or 4 years ago when I saw it with some friends at the movies. I cried with my girl and her friend(Liked that draw the foxy girl seen too). I have that Brooklyn edge but man is that a shell to protect or hide my romantic side or what, I think so!

Ok, I admit I'm a softy deep down too so "sue me". No just kidding around, serously!

Well, you know I'm really dome for now, see ya and good night! So tired... must sleep. Ua Taxi, no I'm joking
but still tired bye!

Brooklyn X
Cold Nights, in the CA, of the USA
Thursday, December 18, 2003 07:04:20 AM

I just saw RotK.......just...wow.
Aside from the fact that certain members of the audience saw fit to applaud *every* triumphant moment,(grrr pet peeve)it was absolutely wonderful. Beautiful, grand,
...just amazing. I'm still too dazzled to do more than gush in sweeping generalizations....akk bedtime for me. :)

Thursday, December 18, 2003 03:58:41 AM

Brooklyn X> Oh no worries. There's a vote every month, so just wait until New Years (or maybe a little after that since the staff will be celebrating) to vote for the current topic.

Personal plea : If anyone has Brooklyn Magus' email address, I would really appreciate it if someone could email it to me. I had it previously, but I'm having problems locating it. It concerns payment involving a commission. (for those that know, yes, the same one, and that's all I have to comment on) Thankyou for your help. <:)

Congrats to the MGC and AMGC winners!!

MGC (November topic -Scifi Gargoyles)
Artistic Winner - Sara Berkeley - Hirogen, eat your hearts out
Creativity Winner - A TIE! Between: Dana - Poor Owen & Spike - Predator vs. Gargoyles

AMGC (November topic - Fun with Food)
Artistic Winner - Spike - Honeydipper
Creative Winners (tie) - Rita M. - Banana Split..with surprise!
Anatidae - Gargoyle Sugar Cookies

Thankyou to everyone who participated and voted!

Current Topics still accepting artwork
MGC: Rennaissance Gargoyles
AMGC: All Wrapped Up

Siryn - [siryn7@aol.com]
Thursday, December 18, 2003 03:56:00 AM

Christine Morgan>In your adult garg pics area are very good too, for some reason I think Demona and Jerico make a nice match. Some good Godiva pics but I like Demona best of all always have and will, well maybe my character named Alxea looks a little like Demona, but better. Thats my fav gall of all garg like beings. That's just what I forgot to say. Good night!
Brooklyn X
Cold Nights, in the CA, of the USA
Thursday, December 18, 2003 01:55:15 AM

just got home from seeing RotK, and it was fantastic. what an amazing movie... and i'm a big enough man to admit that i cried for the last 45 minutes of the movie... and when the credits started rolling i just sat there and sobbed for 5 minutes, my bro, sis-in-law and mom thought i was hurt or something, lol. anyway, wonderful movie, so big and powerful... but its all the little things that got to me.

*goes off to cry a little more.... just kidding!*

Thursday, December 18, 2003 01:46:26 AM

Chistine Morgan>Godiva by Demona May Stephens art in scenes from Damien are the best Godiva pics I seen so far. Thats a good looking character you have their by the way. But some things wrong with the part 2, it says the servers not their, I would have liked to see all the scenes of that story but, ow well. And about your characters thats OK! I have characters I have not even used so that's fine and I don't give out my characters much too. I would like to put my drawings up, showing off my cool characters would be good for people who want to know what thay look like. But
like you sald with this story, you've made better.

I have allot of character drawings too, but all made myself and got pretty good at drawing over the years. It took a long time to get that good. Your a video game liker right,
if so then what games? I like fighting, RPG, action, adventure, flight simulators and some shooters. I'm working on Final Fantasy X-2. I love that saga, the story's
and music are so nice. Played them all since FF7, and got every thing in it for most of them.

Battle Beast>To the Lord of the Rings movies, I loved them all so far, best battles and good story make me like the movies as well as the best music I have ever heard in in a long time. I played and beaten the 2 games the twin towers and the return of the king games. Really fun but too short and easy. I want to see the 3rd movie and will soon.
Battles in the movies like that remind me about my story's some times and speaking of what Jerr Bear said.

Jerr Bear>Were are the wars that broke out? Well the Lexington and Spike story are all about a future I made up that never happened. I don't know why I ever made that story that never went anywere, maybe I thought I could make a all battle saga from it. I could make a sequel to it but since it sucked. And since the Legends of "Sprits" ?(meaning a mutant race)? saga, I flushed the Lexington and Spike saga long ago, and had a plot and story so good that even now a year later I still come back to that story the Legends of Sprits and never finished it yet. Mostly because it's made me think of many sequels and pre-sequels 1 after another but I know I'm getting close to the end and of corse I have backups, I mean over the years I made
story's that I never even started. Ideas I never used. In a folder with 76 pages of about 100 story's I could use in the future.

Future Tense is, and about Goliath your right about too.

By the way are you or anybody interested in my characters, I hope the Lexington and Spike story did not ruin your interest in my story's. Their are only so little of my
overall story's that are like that and thats all. The rest are plot filled and have allot of nice twists.

To all>I would like to talk about my story's here so if any are interested in them, than I would be more than happy to tell my tales to you all. Any questions?

That's my say, so I'm done here for now!

Brooklyn X
Cold Nights, in the CA, of the USA
Thursday, December 18, 2003 12:44:04 AM

*slips in to offer a belated "thank you" to Greg Weisman*
San Antonio, en route to the east coast
Wednesday, December 17, 2003 10:41:33 PM

I just noticed, they don't have avatars for Human Hudson and Human Broadway...
Jerr Bear
Wednesday, December 17, 2003 10:12:52 PM


Hahahaha! Just seeing the picture of Gollum had me LMAO!

Jerr Bear
Wednesday, December 17, 2003 10:09:35 PM

Matt>>"MacBeth did nothing wrong, except say the wrong thing at the wrong time. in Demona's life this may be a reason to betray the best thing going for you and move to genocide of a species, but that isn't the rational thing to do. Macbeth put his trust in Demona and she betrayed him long before Duncan's forces made it into Moray. Demona betrayed Macbeth but not trusting him. after YEARS of serving as his primary advisor, after YEARS of him helping to rebuild and unite her clan and begin to give them a better reputation in his lands, and after YEARS of respect he gave to her she still was so suspicious of him as to eavesdrop on a private conversation and immediatly jump to conclusions."

I'm going to go out on a limb and say it was possible she wasn't eavesdropping intentionally. I basically mean it's possible that maybe that's how she enters the castle, through windows, despite the fact that MacBeth would have been ok with her using the stairs. It doesn't mean that the guards aren't.

Although MacBeth could just order them to let her.

Plus, wasn't it someone other than MacBeth who said to betray the Clan?

"Demona could have talked to macbeth about the conversation at least, but no, she deserts him. the Golden Age with Macbeth may have been her last chance for trust and understanding, but Demona ruined it by never trusting in Macbeth. in the process she brought down a kingdom, destroyed her clan and tore apart people who were honest and true and loved each other. but did Demona pause to think that any of it might have been her fault? no.
Demona is most certaintly a tragic character, but she is not tragic because of what people have done to her, shes tragic because of what she has done to herself."

True. That was mainly what I was trying to get at with my previous statements. As with the Captain, though, I do believe that if Goliath had been there to tell her what she did wrong, she might have reconsidered her path. To me, everything that Demona hates about the humans leads back to the Archmage, who took her in as a pupil, and treated her good until she messed up a mission.

She most likely trusted him at first. Add onto this that he probably showed her no prejudice (To get what he wants), while most other humans did show her hatred, and it leads to a volatile situation.

Brooklyn X>>
"But is Goliath would have just lessoned to Demona
and left the castle they would have never died, gotten into all
this mess about sleeping for 1000 years, New York, they
would have lived and died in their time and stayed at peace,
they could have lived as Avilon. Too many possibility's for that
future but Christine Morgan's 50th fan-fic story "What Might
Have Bin" Goes threw that possibility. I made up my own
version as well for past things like that. "

True, they would have survived if Goliath had listened to Demona. However, there's a problem with the whole scenario of Goliath listening to Demona, no series as we know it ;C)

Anyway, Goliath would have gone after the Vikings after the sacking of the castle for justice. I don't think the Captain quite counted on Goliath taking that course, but it's in his character. He saves countless humans, no matter how much they hate him and the other Gargoyles. As for Demona, it's unfortunately, and inadvertantly, her fault the Clan was killed. She had the chance to tell Goliath her plan and possibly save the Clan from massacre (They set out to where the Vikings really are, and attack), except she put her trust (Not all of it, considering she saved herself from vulnerability) in the Captain and the Vikings.

Future Tense is a little hard for me to take seriously myself. Mostly because even though Puck says it's a possibility, he says it in such a mocking way that it just seems as if he's trying to pull another prank on Goliath. However, if it was a prophecy, then it would have happened no matter what. Probably not totally to the letter, considering you could bend the rules of time to create a loop (Ala Archmage). Although, according to Greg Weissman (Spelling anyone?), events in time can't be changed in the Gargoyles series (Hence Demona not changing).

Jerr Bear
Wednesday, December 17, 2003 09:45:04 PM

*still hasn't seen RoTK yet*

*sobs* I WANNA SEEEE! :( >_<

Funkadelic Gnome - [funkadelic_gnome@hotmail.com]
Ugh, UGH, Ca-na-DUH
Wednesday, December 17, 2003 09:39:16 PM

****Blaise staggers in, one hand to his head, the other clutching an empty popcorn bag.****

RETURN OF THE KING> I didn't go to see it at 12:01 AM last night, but I saw it at 12:45 PM today...and I'm actually in a haze as well. There was just SO MUCH in that move. Not enough, though (I know of at least one character whose absence was conspicuous)...well, that's what the Extended Cut will be for.

I'd say more, but my head is just too wonky at the moment. I'll come back when my thoughts are a little more together. Until then, farewell. ****Blaise walks towards the window and jumps out. An instant later, a giant eagle swoops into view, carrying Blaise on its back, and flies off into the distance.****

Wednesday, December 17, 2003 08:12:48 PM

Count me as another person who doesn't think that we should take "Future Tense" all that seriously in light of the fact that it was all just Puck's device in an attempt to trick Goliath into giving him the Phoenix Gate. In any case, the mere fact that Goliath got back to New York only shortly afterwards rather than forty years later would make it clear that the "prophecy" will never be literally fulfilled.

Not to mention all the plotholes in it (everybody knows that Goliath has the Gate and who Angela is even though they couldn't have known either of those things, the Xanatos Program is able to kill Demona - indicating that Puck didn't know about the link between her and Macbeth, and Xanatos is somehow able to take over New York for thirty-two years without the outside world stepping in to stop him - and the fact that Xanatos is behaving far too much like a cliched cartoon villain here as opposed to his usual far more pragmatic self - although the last bit doesn't count since it was really Lexington running the show).

Todd Jensen
St. Louis, MO
Wednesday, December 17, 2003 06:59:10 PM

Jerr Bear>"I meen if Goliath" Type-O!

Brooklyn X
Hot Days, in the CA, of the USA
Wednesday, December 17, 2003 05:33:40 PM

Jerr Bear>"I meen is Goliath" Type-O!

Brooklyn X
Hot Days, in the CA, of the USA
Wednesday, December 17, 2003 05:33:06 PM

Patrick>Puck said that was all a dream to Goliath at the
end, but he also said that it could have bin a glimpse into
a possible future. And that he would never tell Goliath
his future, that is for me to know and you to find out
puck also said. So really future tense is a real possible
future. The time dancer staff really take that future very
seriously as well as the 2198 or whatever future it was were
the earth is ran over by all these aliens in that year. They
say a gargoyles saga would probably start in 2004 if they
made a new one as well as some of future tenace and 2198
as well so I really don't know about that only beleave what
you think might happen. Goliath said that the future is what
we make of it. But Demona says that time is immuteable, ?
?(unchangeable)? so if she's right that the future and past are
going to stay the same like she proved with the past.

Jerr Bear>But is Goliath would have just lessoned to Demona
and left the castle they would have never died, gotten into all
this mess about sleeping for 1000 years, New York, they
would have lived and died in their time and stayed at peace,
they could have lived as Avilon. Too many possibility's for that
future but Christine Morgan's 50th fan-fic story "What Might
Have Bin" Goes threw that possibility. I made up my own
version as well for past things like that.

That is all, till we meet again!

Brooklyn X
Hot Days, in the CA, of the USA
Wednesday, December 17, 2003 05:27:32 PM

Ack, sorry 'bout those.

Brooklyn X > yes, there are various pics of Damien on my site. Click my name for my fan art Gallery, then go to the "Gargoyles Characters" link. As for using the characters in your stories, though ... I'd really rather not. I try not to lend them out much. But thanks for asking.

ROTK > augh ... we won't be able to see it until after Christmas! When Tim's folks are here to mind Becca, who doesn't want to go. As far as the Oscars go, though, I must say that I'm quite partial to Master and Commander. Damn, but that was an excellent movie!

Health news > for those who've been wondering, I had my radioactive iodine scan today, and they decided in their wisdom to dose me again with the maximum allowable outpatient amount to burn out any lingering bits of thyroid tissue. So, I am NOT in the isolation ward, but I am still directed to keep all living beings at a physical arm's length for at least 2 days. On the bright side, I get to resume my thyroid medication and normal diet. Huzzah!

Christine - [<--- Gallery!]
Wednesday, December 17, 2003 04:45:06 PM

Wednesday, December 17, 2003 04:40:13 PM

Wednesday, December 17, 2003 04:39:59 PM

Jerr Bear> ummm, i strongly disagree with some of your statements about Demona.
" If Demona had known this, she still would have killed the Captain, except she would have just blamed him and the Vikings (In my opinion) rather than the whole of humanity."
- is doubt it. everything we've seen of Demona shows that she makes her own trouble for herself and when she decides that someone has wronged her, she does not fault the individual, she faults the entire species. ie. Macbeth intended to betray me so i hate humans, the captain betrayed our clan so i hate humans. IMHO, if Demona really wanted to have a problem with these guys, fine, even Goliath is pretty pissed about the Captain, but Goliath doesn't charge all humans with the Captain's crime, Demona does and she always has... we will see if she will continue to do so in the future...
"Also, to her perspective, the death of her second clan is MacBeth's fault, not her's. If she had just stayed a few more seconds, she would have heard MacBeth's refusal to turn on her and her clan then maybe she wouldn't have betrayed him. That whole segment of her life was her turning point, whether she'd continue to hate or continue to trust."
- MacBeth did nothing wrong, except say the wrong thing at the wrong time. in Demona's life this may be a reason to betray the best thing going for you and move to genocide of a species, but that isn't the rational thing to do. Macbeth put his trust in Demona and she betrayed him long before Duncan's forces made it into Moray. Demona betrayed Macbeth but not trusting him. after YEARS of serving as his primary advisor, after YEARS of him helping to rebuild and unite her clan and begin to give them a better reputation in his lands, and after YEARS of respect he gave to her she still was so suspicious of him as to eavesdrop on a private conversation and immediatly jump to conclusions. Demona could have talked to macbeth about the conversation at least, but no, she deserts him. the Golden Age with Macbeth may have been her last chance for trust and understanding, but Demona ruined it by never trusting in Macbeth. in the process she brought down a kingdom, destroyed her clan and tore apart people who were honest and true and loved each other. but did Demona pause to think that any of it might have been her fault? no.
Demona is most certaintly a tragic character, but she is not tragic because of what people have done to her, shes tragic because of what she has done to herself.

*flips out because i stil have 4 hours to go before i see RotK!!!*

Wednesday, December 17, 2003 04:20:29 PM

Brooklyn X>> I think in terms of Future Tense, there's a few holes in what Puck created to scare Goliath into giving the Phoenix Gate away. I toyed with the idea, myself, of doing a series based on Future Tense. Although I initially scrapped it because I tend to have the middle and end of a series thought up, but never a beginning. Beginnings are my weak point.

Anyway, it's been too long since I've seen Future Tense to point out the holes, which lead to Goliath guessing something was wrong.

As for Demona, I think she feels justified in her behavior, however the reason why has to do with her perspectives. To her, the humans truly did betray her, and this leads back to the Archmage. However, she lacked information.

The Captain of the Guard didn't betray the Gargoyles by allowing their deaths, there was just nothing he could do short of dying at the time. If Demona had known this, she still would have killed the Captain, except she would have just blamed him and the Vikings (In my opinion) rather than the whole of humanity. She probably would have faced the perspective of her own betrayal, unfortunately the trauma of her betrayal leading to the Clan's massacre made her switch to denial mode at the time.

"What have I...THEY done!?"

She switched fast but it happens fast.

Although I'm more optimistic than some people about Demona's nature.

Also, to her perspective, the death of her second clan is MacBeth's fault, not her's. If she had just stayed a few more seconds, she would have heard MacBeth's refusal to turn on her and her clan then maybe she wouldn't have betrayed him. That whole segment of her life was her turning point, whether she'd continue to hate or continue to trust.

Plus, she believes all of her half-truths.

Jerr Bear
Wednesday, December 17, 2003 02:58:21 PM

Patrick> "So how many people are walking around in a haze today because they went to the 12:01 AM showing of "Return of the King"?"

Hmm, what? Is somebody talking?

There was nowhere else I'd have wanted to be last night/this morning than in that movie theatre at 12:01... so worth throwing off my sleeping routine.

Alex Garg - [alex_garg@yahoo.com]
Wednesday, December 17, 2003 12:44:29 PM

I get the sense that Patrick is talking, but I'm too hazy to make out what he's saying...

Aaron - [JCarnage@Yahoo.com]
Wednesday, December 17, 2003 11:58:08 AM

PATRICK> "So how many people are walking around in a haze today because they went to the 12:01 AM showing of "Return of the King"?"

Guilty as charged. Mmmmmmm, hazy.

Greg Bishansky
Wednesday, December 17, 2003 11:32:50 AM


I saw the Return of the King at 12:02. And all I have to say is "HOLY $#!t."

This is probably one of, if not thee best movie I have EVER seen behind Dances with Wolves.

I mean, the first one was amazing, the second one blew my mind, but this one! THIS ONE!!! Zowee!!!

The epic battle scenes were simply mind blowing, the cinematography was out of this world, the costumes, graphics, score... it was all just breathtaking.

I HIGHLY recommend seeing it. But make sure you see it at 12:02 PM and not AM like I did and get only 3 hours sleep before you have to go drive you grandmother around town.

*Is frustrated about this but can only vent to you guys*

NOw, If Peter Jackson ISNT nominated for Best Director Oscar again (unlike last year where he was MAJORLY snubbed) and if the film (or trilogy) doesn't pick up some MAJOR hardware nominations, I will be right pissed off. I mean, Fellowship obtained 13 nominations. Towers got six. You can't NOT nominate a film for Best picture or Director all three times when it was filmed ALL TOGETHER.

Peter Jackson deserves the Thalberg for this trilogy. He really does.

IF you want to know more about the Oscars, visit my site:


or clicky my name link.

If you have read the book, you won't be dissapointed here.

That is all I will say.

Battle Beast
Wednesday, December 17, 2003 10:28:54 AM

*going crazy because i don't have tickets to RotK until 7PM!!!!!!*
Wednesday, December 17, 2003 09:31:02 AM

Brooklyn, Demona, and everyone else in the "Future Tense" world was an illusion created by Puck, so it's kind of a pointless exercise to wonder at their motivations. It all comes down to what Puck's motivations were. And it seems pretty clear all the trickster wanted to do was scare the loincloth off Goliath and get him to fork over the Phoenix Gate. So the more crazy scenarios Puck could cram into that little land of confusion, the better.

So how many people are walking around in a haze today because they went to the 12:01 AM showing of "Return of the King"?

Wednesday, December 17, 2003 07:01:04 AM

Demona Taina>I think it was more like that too. Goliath and Coldstone now that I remember right did do that. Well, I may go on Hotmail, thanks. And how do you like typing or writing your story's, any special way? I like to lessen to music that suits the story's moment like action would be fast music, romance would be love music, scarry, sad, you get the picture! It makes the experience of writing and reading more enjoyable, wouldn't you agree? I used mostly Gargoyle music from a CD like Greg has off the show or other music as well from anime, that's the best most of the time.

To All>
Now what about this question. In "Future Tenace" what do you think Brooklyn was thinking when he punched Goliath in the face? And how Demona and Brooklyn became lovers?

1. I think of corse he thought that Goliath never came back because he thought he was dead. But because he was alive, Brooklyn than felt betrayed and thought Goliath just left the clan to die for 39 years so thats why he hit Goliath.

2. Demona and Brooklyn maybe saw eye to eye on matters after Xanitos managed to take over the world. They needed a strong force to take down Xanitos and fell in love over the years. Or Brooklyn was with Demona for so long that he started to think like her as they became closer. Brooklyn started to believes Demona about that humans were all bad, but she was not all wrong in the 1st place.

Demona was betrayed all her life, so she had all the right to think so. Still she and Goliath were not all right ether. Goliath was asleep for 1000 years so that leaves some question in his core believes, Demona had 1000 years to see the truth but she took it all in the wrong way. Eleisa berley changed him, Hutson was smart but it did not make any difference. Demona was awake for 1000 years and got 1000 years of smarts out of her imortality so she was smarter than eneyone on earth besides Oberons kind and MicBeth as well.

Maybe thats another question answered, everybody talks about Hutson's so smart, well not really anymore at least! Just because a being is old does not always make it smart, Demona's proof of that. Tho' her plans never work and Goliath and the others always stand in a draw every time, the New York clan has really never beaten Demona. So it's questionable to who would really win in a battle to the death, Hutson said so himself. And that I remember right. I remember the best episodes and sayings like that.

Now what do you think?

Jim R>I've had 4 years in computers in school but don't know very much about IP's really just what you said about them and that they are a net id or whatever.

Jerr Bear>OK, cool! Owen, I did notice that too. Puck and Owen acted allot alike in a way from how I saw it in some episodes.

Siryn>Well this is it, my good side, not mad Brook anymore. I forgot to vote on my fav drawings at the adult gargs site too. Ow no!
Alex Garg>That's fine, I was mad but not anymore. But in my universe I put Lex as not gay. I know the creator made him gay from now on but about 2 years ago he did not have him that way. And I did not know until a month ago. So no problemo.

Funkadelic Gnome>My word processor is not the best so it sucks, you half to type the word just about right or it will say "no suggestions" and stuff that makes me mad like when you go to look up a word in a thesaurus to find its spelled with the almost right words, you want to kick your computer for being stupid for not being able the figure what your typing. So ow well.

Christine Morgan>I'll e-mail you as soon as I can, however the comment rooms and chat rooms are my only way of contacting to you at this time. So I'll be here. No proof reader, that's OK I'm going threw the same thing with my fan-fic. So much to type, no time to put it up. Damein drawings, were are they? You have any? And is it OK if I use some of your characters too?

So thats all I'll say because Brook is done and tired of typing all this. My longest post Ever.

Brooklyn X
Cold Nights, in the CA, of the USA
Wednesday, December 17, 2003 12:45:55 AM

Brooklyn X >> <<Christine Morgan>Is that really you?!>> Yep, it's me. << Well my question before was did you know lexwyvern, I think you did right? >> In the old days I used to know or at least know of most everyone, though I have never been very good about keeping up on others folks' stories (even less since I stepped down from Avalon Mists). There's a lot of new people in the fandom I haven't had the chance to get to know so much, though I am greatly looking forward to attending the next Gathering! << does his story's have something to do with his disappearance or what 3 years ago? >> Don't really know, sorry! << 2nd. About your story's, I have not read your new ones yet so what have they bin like, any new Jerico story's or has he still "bite the dust" (dead)? Did I miss alot of good ones since 2 months ago? >> I have slowed way down in my fanfic writing, other projects having taken over. But nothing's changed with Jericho's situation since he was last seen plunging into Hell (which many say couldn't have happened to a more deserving guy, and they're right). << As you also know I need a proof reader, do you have time to help me if I ever need it? >> Sorry, but with everything else I've got going on, I barely have time to keep up on my own stuff. << You must have little time for all the stuff you do right? >> Right. I had been hoping to get one more fanfic done in 2003, but no such luck. Between holidays, medical stuff and family stuff, I probably won't even start it until January. Feel free to e-mail me, though. I always enjoy getting mail!
Christine - [christine@sabledrake.com]
Tuesday, December 16, 2003 11:20:11 PM

Anyone ever spot hints that Owen was Puck early on?
Jerr Bear
Tuesday, December 16, 2003 10:19:05 PM

Demona Taina> maybe they were both thinking it... but i think it makes more sense that Coldstone was thinking it, and it fits into the plot more sensibly. but Goliath may have been thinking it too.
Tuesday, December 16, 2003 08:48:52 PM

Matt: I always thought that Hudson's words were in Goliath's mind, and not Coldstone's... I thought that the way the words trailed off symbolized him losing consciousness. But that's an interesting theory, that it was actually coming from Coldstone.
Demona Taina
Tuesday, December 16, 2003 07:48:37 PM

I agree one hundred percent with what you said Matt...
Houston, Texas
Tuesday, December 16, 2003 07:19:19 PM

Reawakening> my favorite episode, i had to comment. i don't think Goliath had any motivations to grab Coldstone besides his survival. Goliath is weary and takes a long fall into an icy river. hes exhausted and with his last bit of strength he tries one last time to reconcile with his brother, he tries to save his own life by reaching out to the one person who can help him, Coldstone. Coldstone does not nod, he is visably annoyed and shakes off Goliath's attempt at survival... then, he reconsiders and (remembering Hudson's famous line) decides that there is more to life and more to Goliath's life than mere survival. he sees that even if Goliath is his betrayer and enemy, he can not let him just die. Coldstone realizes that only he can 'protect' Goliath right now and he realizes that if he stops protecting (even those who he doesn't believe deserve protection) than he has lost his purpose. it is not just Goliath and the Clan who have a reawakening, it is Coldstone as well. at the beginning of the episode, in the flashback, Coldstone wants to leave the castle, saying "we can survive anywhere" but by saving Goliath he realizes that isn't enough. he says to Demona, "is that all there is for us? mere survival?"
i think the scene in the river is the most important part of the episode, the climax certaintly. and i think the most important thing about that scene is watching Coldstone shun his duty and then see that he needs his duty to survive.

Tuesday, December 16, 2003 09:58:54 AM

::Scrambles back in and holds a sign up reading S8 GARGOYLES'r over the TGS'r in previous post and whistles innocently.::

Tuesday, December 16, 2003 09:00:32 AM

::Blare of Trumpets::

It's new! It's shiny! And it's just for *YOU* to talk about the 2004 Gathering of the Gargoyles.

Updates. Ride and Room Share. Speculation about Guests! It's all good.


or click my name to go straight to the Gathering 2004 Message Board.

Don't forget: The Gathering makes a perfect gift! Buy your favorite TGS'r a Supporting or Full Membership, A Banquet Reservation, a Tee Shirt or even subsidize their Art Show Entry!

You could even get them a copy of "THE PHOENIX GATE ANTHOLOGY."

You've started YOUR ENTRY, right? ::BLINKS:: What do you mean you don't know what I'm talking about?

We're looking for stories about the PHOENIX GATE 2000-4000 words long but no more than 5000. (If you think in pages figure roughly 8-16.) Original characters, canon characters, it doesn't matter as long as it involves the Phoenix Gate and you turn it in by March 1, 2004. See our Contest Page for full details.

If team events are more your style keep watching the Gathering Home Page and Mailing List for a special announcement coming soon!

::I now return you to your regularly scheduled comment room still in progress::

kathy ::clickie:: - [volunteer@gatheringofthegargoyles.com]
Tuesday, December 16, 2003 08:58:01 AM

Brooklyn X: Well, I tend to think that the multiple personalities problem didn't come about until the virus in "Legion," otherwise, I think he would've shown signs in "Reawakening."

And about your e-mail problem... you could always get an account on Hotmail or some other free e-mail provider.

Demona Taina
Tuesday, December 16, 2003 02:21:46 AM

Demona taina>To what happened to Coldstone. It was a cry for help, Coldstone and Goliath were ruckery brothers so I think thay were sad to the fact that they may never see one another again. Maybe? Could have bin a battle cry too!

Or could it have ben all a trick from 1 of the personalities, like the evil 1 that was in Coldstone! If goliath thought coldstone was dead then that could have allowed him and Demona to think a plan. If that is right to what I remember, is that right?

So that is all this garg typed!

Brooklyn X
Cold Nights, in the CA, of the USA
Tuesday, December 16, 2003 01:15:32 AM

Sorry Christine Morgan>It's a pleasure to meet you! The Type-o> It's an pleasure to meet you! Did not sound right so I fixed it. Geeze,I hate when that type-o stuff happens. Ow well!

Brook has spoken again. And did not even see that type-o.
Brooklyn X
Tuesday, December 16, 2003 12:08:25 AM

(All wide eyed and smiling)

Christine Morgan>Is that really you?! It's an pleasure to meet you, type to you whatever. Well my question before was did you know lexwyvern, I think you did right? I liked your and his story's for a long time and that's what got me started with wanting to write and to make my own universe of fan-fic, reading most that you and he created. I know something happened to him, but what? And I think you read his story's too, so you may know what I'm talking about if I asked, does his story's have something to do with his disappearance or what 3 years ago?

2nd. About your story's, I have not read your new ones yet so what have they bin like, any new Jerico story's or has he still "bite the dust" (dead)? Did I miss alot of good ones since 2 months ago?

3rd. As you also know I need a proof reader, do you have time to help me if I ever need it? But If you don't I can understand! That would be the best, if you can and nice. I mean, I think your the best so I would like that. To talk to you as a fan of your story's as well as be part of the best. If you ever look at this post and respond back too? You must have little time for all the stuff you do right? Well Bye.

To All>
Ow Man, that's like a Christmas present you all gave me, thanks, 2nd chances are good! But I think I'll put up my story's later, their are so many I need to type. So I'll tell you when I will put them up, months I bet. And I need to find somebody that can help but I'll do that too when I need that when the time comes. I see you all are in the same mess I am in too so that makes us allot alike as well.

Brook has spoken for now!

Brooklyn X
Cold Nights, in the CA, of the USA
Monday, December 15, 2003 11:52:43 PM

B-X> Well, if we're all extending the olive branch of peace, then I might as well extend mine. I'm sorry that we got off to a lousy (for lack of a more *appropriate* word) start - we all know how much it stinks to be a newbie and it doesn't help any when things start off rough. However, as for sticking my neck out for Jerr, I can't apologize for that. It was the right thing to do at the time, and I think in your apology you've recognized that flaming wasn't the best course of action for responding to a MiST. I'm sorry that my response ticked you off further - it was an attempt to stick up for a friend and point out the ridiculousness of flaming, not to spite you.

Anyway, I'm ready to move on and leave all this ugliness behind - no sense in dwelling on it as it seems that all the necessary lessons have been learned.

Reawakening> I stand by my post from last week. I'm not opposed to Zess' take on the matter, but I'm not sure that was the primary message we were supposed to get from that scene.
Reawakening rel. Jim R.> Goliath faking fatigue to get his brother to respond... interesting. It strikes me, though, that battle fatigued or not, a dip into an icy river would zap anybody's strength. Gargoyles may be cold resistant, but I can't imagine that they're immune to an icy plunge. I think there was a survivalist instinct going on in the background - "Woah! I'm in water, gotta get out... hey, you're convenient to grab on to," but Goliath keeping it in the background as an excuse to bring Coldstone back to reality is an interesting idea.
I'd dismiss it as too OOC for Goliath, normally if he's got the strength, he uses it, but flash forward to Angela in "Eye of the Storm." She could have easily pulled herself out of the crevasse as it closed up, but instead she kept herself in harm's way to bring back Goliath. Like father like daughter? Goliath could have drowned if he miscalculated Coldstone's response, Angela could have been crushed if she miscalculated Goliath's…
Hmm... I'm definitely going to have to mull this one over.

Alex Garg
Monday, December 15, 2003 09:35:43 PM

Brooklyn X> Last time I stated you were bordering the line between commenting and spamming. And for a little while it seemed like you had strayed away from that line, until just last week you suddenly made a running jump over it (not landing on your feet too well at that). Not sure why you did that. Fortunately, it appears you've managed to painstakingly crawl your way back, meaning, I know apologies are the hardest things to do, especially after you've felt like you've royally screwed up. And everybody does. Glad to see you're back to your senses as you put it. So don't worry about your mistakes. They're in the past, and nobody in here really holds any grudges.

So I hope you don't think any less of me for what I said in my last post, but I do have to note (just because I'm a tech guy who's suffered through a second course on networking), that typical IP addresses provided by your provider are dynamic, meaning the part of an IP address (the host ID or fourth dotted quad) will almost always change everytime you connect/reconnect to the internet. Unless of course, you have the extra cash to toss for a static (unchanging) IP address. I look forward to the emerging IPv6... ;)

Trivia Question> Not really a trivia question, since there's no definite answer, but you perked my curiosity to watch the episode. In one way I'd see it as a natural response. Goliath appeared to be fatigued and would naturally grab ahold of anything extended out to him, such as Coldstone's arm. But on the other hand *little pun there* maybe Goliath wasn't as battle-worn as we think. Maybe he could've saved himself, but just didn't want to right away. Perhaps he's testing Coldstone in a way only his brother would recognize from the past. So maybe a warrior's shake, but probably even more so, as in what Zess described on last week's posts. Just my two cents.

Jim R. - [jim@dialwforwarp.com]
Monday, December 15, 2003 08:52:30 PM

Matt<heres a quote that is all i will say: "Many who live desearve death and many who die desearve life. Can you give it to them?" -Gandalf>

No, but we should still execute him with extreme prejudice.

The Question
Monday, December 15, 2003 08:20:00 PM

Brooklyn X>> It's cool, takes more to offend me.
Jerr Bear
Monday, December 15, 2003 03:54:58 PM

Brooklyn X> Apology accepted. One more chance. Please show me you can be nice and friendly without spamming the place k? ^_^

Voting ENDS TODAY. If you haven't voted in MGC yet..get your tails over and do SO!

Zess> nah. Colours and pictures anyone can use. ^_^ The only rule is to really not to use the same name as someone else so there's no confusion, and of course the normal 'be polite and don't spam'. Welcome. ^_^

Must go back to drawing....*starts chewing arm off* @.@

Siryn - [<--Monthly Gargoyles Art Contest]
Monday, December 15, 2003 02:27:03 PM

Brooklyn X > thanks; glad you like them. Did you have a specific question for me, btw? I recall seeing something a while back, before it all got lost in the maelstrom.
Monday, December 15, 2003 01:57:51 PM

Brooklyn-X> I'd help you proof-read, but I'm swamped. Photoshop designs, my own writings, plans for building an official website for my friend, job hunting, etc...crazy life. Heh.

Hmmm.....does your word program have spell check and a thesaurus? Like, do little red lines appear under misspelled words or whatever? That might help. There are probably websites somewhere that can help. Or if you look at the way we write, how we spell, how we say things, that could help too.

My motto for writing is this: Details, details, details! I'm a sucker for dragging out every little detail that I can without ruining the mood of the story.

Anywho, I haven't had my morning coffee as of yet so I'm a little wonky. Off I go for sweet, lovely, caffiene. Mmm...

Ja ne!

Funkadelic Gnome - [funkadelic_gnome@hotmail.com]
Hammytown, Moo, Ca-na-DUH
Monday, December 15, 2003 10:43:30 AM

Brooklyn X: Yeah, I know exactly what you mean. I have over a hundred stories here on my computer, over a thousand pages worth of stories, and I haven't posted any of them because I'm my own worst critic. I also don't stick to one story and stay with it until I finish it, but I always start a new one and never get anything done. I doubt I could proof-read your stories since I have college and my own stories to worry about, but I could give you some advice if you'd like. But I understand what you're going through. I used to write terrible, terrible stories because my English was very, very rusty (really, I thought "runned" was a word) and I could never find anyone who could proof-read them without laughing at them. I eventually learned to do it myself. So maybe with a little help, you could write good stories. Yeah, you got potential. Work on it. See what comes out. But, always keep in mind that you're writing for an audience and not just for yourself. And, most of all, be humble about your work.

Gargoyles Trivia Question:

Here's a Gargoyles question for all of you:

In Reawakening, when Goliath was in danger of drowning and as he started to lose consciousness, he held on to Coldstone's forearm briefly. Now, here's my question: was it merely a cry for help, or a warrior's wrist-shake? Both? Was it something else? And why?

Demona Taina
Monday, December 15, 2003 02:36:08 AM

Jerr Bear>I'm 19, tho' I have not read your story's for my own reasons. I do read threw the adult rated archives once and a wile. So I can imagine what they would be about. Sorry I said all those mean things to you too. I can't have any thing agents you anymore, so no more hard feelings?
I like reading Christine Morgan's storys the best as well as some others too.

Demona Taina>I want to ask you if you could ever help me on my story's like be my proof reader for me, or something to help me get back in the fan-fic archive or something. I don't have a working E-mail address now but when I do can you help me or get somebody? I really need and would like to see my storys not get hated so much, you know? I have much better story's in my collection after all, the ones I did put up were my 1st and really made in 2002 at some time in the summer when 1st got into stuff like writhing fan-fic. I know they sucked too, I was just in too much of a rush. I'll seriously make more depth to that story if I ever put up my greatest failure up again, but only if I can ever make time for it. See, I don't really go back to my story's that aren't good and mess with them. I constantly write more and more. I seriously have about 1500 pages of writing stuff off of gargoyles, 300 of of DBZ, then 500 of my own stuff now. About 2300 pages in a year and 1/2. So I like to write allot and have gotten a lot better, I can promise that. So, please tell me what you think?

Or anybody, I know I've bin a bad boy but I'll put up a apology note in the archive under Brooklyn-X. So I know as I type this I feel better about being here now.

That's all I say for now. So any body like Frank Sinatra music hee hee, well I wont ever do that crap again! Wow what a trip to get this far hua, tho' I think I put this all on myself. Ow well, past is past right. (Why did I half to go bringing the past up for, don't even lessen to this last part of my post. Because it's all a joke to me for how stupid it was for me to do the stuff before I came to my senses.) New week, new beginnings so I'll shut up about it now. Bye again! I think this post is good, well I hope so!?

Brooklyn X
Cold Nights, in the CA, of the USA
Monday, December 15, 2003 01:48:29 AM

Monday, December 15, 2003 01:02:50 AM

#9, or at least top 10
Monday, December 15, 2003 12:55:46 AM



Monday, December 15, 2003 12:53:15 AM

*yawns* ..... I'm going to say 6th !
Zess> Na just pick which ever you like

Monday, December 15, 2003 12:49:01 AM

Zess>> I don't think there're any real rules...

Brooklyn X>> Generally speaking, if I hadn't MiSTed thee someone else would hath. I would show you the MiSTing of the first two stories I ever submitted to the Archive, except there are two problems:

1. Both stories are adult-rated, therefore if I posted a link to their MiSTing here I'd probably be breaking a rule.

2. Even though it's hilarious (The MiST of Brooklyn and Lexington, Together at Last), you wouldn't want to read the scenes that are being made fun of.

Jerr Bear
Monday, December 15, 2003 12:31:56 AM

In whatever place, Ha ha.

Demona Taina>Thanks Demona Taina! That stuff is all in the past, I'm all new, Ok. No more garbage. Just plain old real me. Very nice of you to say that to me after all the jerky things I said. I will take that promise and hold onto that one.

Thats all your getting out of me. Good night to all.

Brooklyn X
Monday, December 15, 2003 12:29:32 AM

4th ooops :)
Monday, December 15, 2003 12:13:21 AM


Newbie question: what's the rule on colors and images? How do we know if we're using someone else's favorites? Are we supposed to stick to just one of each? Does it even matter?? Enlighten me! :)

Monday, December 15, 2003 12:12:45 AM

JJ Gregarius
Orlando, FL
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Monday, December 15, 2003 12:10:43 AM

Greg Bishansky - [Lord Regent of the Sacred Red Planet]
Monday, December 15, 2003 12:00:55 AM