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Confucius say: Man who walk through airport turnstile sideways is going to Bangkok.

Um, yay?
Greg Bishansky
"Superman Says: You can slap a Jap with War Bonds and Stamps."

He who sees beyond there name, will find the truth in the insane.
Past the doors of the oblivios mind,
a dream come true, the truth you`ll f

"dismiss not the unfiltered hopes, for a door to unkown can and will be obtained, search not the world, the storm, nor the sea, look to me.
There will be the day when Geinku walks and our hopes open up Thesirus's door"


D. Taina> Sorry for the typo - it's fixed, of course. And thank you for doing "The Reckoning" - it's noted.
I for myself decided to do "Hunters Moon I", so all missing episodes of Season 2 are at least claimed - they only got to get in now :)

Guandalug la'Fay - [guandalug@gargoyles-fans.org]
It has been said that the world is a strange place. This is not true. The world is a VERY strange place.

Guandalug: I'm glad you liked my synopsis! Oh, if no one's picked The Reckoning, then I'd like to do it. I LOVE that episode. Oh, and you misspelled my last name in the news section, but that's okay. ;)
D. Taina
Humans fear what they do not understand.

D. Taina> Thank you very much for that summary. It's already uploaded - and I didn't have to change anything (well, except for the special characters Microsoft tends to spread through a document - but that's okay, I can do that :) I just added a short Overview, and I could remove "Genesis Undone" from the list of missing synopsises. This leaves us with 18 missing reviews (half of them unclaimed). COme on, people - we're getting closer :)
Guandalug la'Fay - [guandalug@gargoyles-fans.org]
It has been said that the world is a strange place. This is not true. The world is a VERY strange place.

Guandalug: I finished my Genesis Undone synopsis and I just sent it to your e-mail address. Let me know if I need to change anything. I'm off to work on... ugh... "To Serve Mankind." Please, give me strength...
D. Taina
Humans fear what they do not understand.

oh ya click on my name
Ethnar - [algalords_emisarry@hotmail.com]
hail to the winged gekos!

hey wasup everyone! i have a friend who started a fantasy forum! so register and lets all talk about stuff! theres 2 topics right now! one started by me about discrimination between elves and dwarves, and one about what dragons are lol! so come and join!
Ethnar - [algalords_emisarry@hotmail.com]
hail to the winged gekos!

IS ANY ONE WATCHING LIVE 8??? I suggest you turn it on or at least got to


or clicy my name

and sign your name to help out... they have 10,000,000 sigs and they need more...

Battle Beast - [Canada]
That is all I will say.

Wow guys, I see gorebash has modified the comment room, I like it! Kudos to gorebash:). Well, that's all I have to say for now, later guys!

GFW news: 2 new summaries (Runaways and The Cage) and a new filk song.

Episode summary statistics: 9 missing summaries in Season 2 (2 of them unclaimed) and 10 missing summaries of Season 3 (7 unclaimed).

And now: Got Filk? Garg-Related? And it ain't on the GFW? Why not submit it. Just send it my way, and I'll put it up.

Guandalug la'Fay - [guandalug@gargoyles-fans.org]
It has been said that the world is a strange place. This is not true. The world is a VERY strange place.

Love the new CR! I've been very busy this week and haven't been able to see it till today. Looks good, and I definitely don't mind putting in the code. If it gets rid of spammers, yay! :)
Kristen - [zzilly14@yahoo.com]
This statement is false.

The cover story in this week's "Entertainment Weekly" is about the new "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" movie starring Johnny Depp. Some interesting tidbits in there. All the Oompa-Loompas are played by ONE actor. And Christopher Lee makes an appearance in a flashback as Willy Wonka's father. Count Dooku as your dad... no wonder Wonka is such an oddball. :P

8 days left until pre-registration for The Gathering 2005 ends.
27 days left until The Gathering 2005 in Las Vegas, Nevada!

"Guess what. I've got a fever, and the only cure is... MORE COWBELL!" - Christopher Walken

The citizens of South Park (Sheila Broflovski) start a war with Canada over a foreign film from Canada, "Asses of Fire," starring Terrence and Phillip, two "no tallent actors from Canada, with their beedy little eyes and flapping heads..."
Battle Beast - [Canada]
That is all I will say.

Canadian Bacon I understand, but South Park?
JJ Gregarius
Like the man said, "There are no problems; only solutions!"

As the biggest Canuck here, I am also want to wish everyoen a HAPPY CANADA DAY!!!

TYoday, i celebrated the day by watching Canadian Bacon with the late, great John Candy, and South PArk: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut.

Great films.

Anyway, Happy Canada Day Everyone!!!!

Battle Beast - [Canada]
That is all I will say.

I'm not going to comment on Lighthouse... right now. I do think I have to say something more about Broadway.

Ealier, I mentioned how the evens of "Deadly Force" and "Metamorphosis" lowered my esteem for Broadway. However, I think the big guy needs *some* defending from my assault. Knowing about gun saftey may be a big order for a gargoyle around the time of "Deadly Force," and in "Metamorphosis," preventing Brooklyn from barging in on an unknown situation would be a good thing. Yet, in the latter case, investigating the stiuation would be much better than just ignoring it, as I sensed Broadway wanted to do. Broadway isn't always the brightest bulb.

However, I fear I have an unreasonably dismissiive attitude towards him. To me, he seems like an overgrown hatchling that isn't growing up.

JJ Gregarius
Like the man said, "There are no problems; only solutions!"

For anyone going to the anime expo this weekend.


Help me promote gargoyles. I will be with my friend who is dressed as brooklyn. Will be handing out gargoyle gathering stickers and flyers.

If your attending on sat or sunday look for the big brown gargoyle.

Gore>This comment room rocks!!!

Shara - [jeanie54_2000@yahoo.com]

Watched my tape of "A Lighthouse in the Sea of Time" this afternoon. Still a favorite of mine.

I've said a lot about this episode, and so I'm going to keep my remarks to a minimum, simply to avoid boring people who've been here a long time and seen my comments on "Lighthouse" before. But a few things, some old and some new.

One thing that I only noticed in 2004 is that only Lydia Duane was on the ship taking the Scrolls to New York, and Morwood-Smythe wasn't. Presumably he'd stayed behind in Britain. (Next time I watch "Sentinel", I'll have to see if he's portrayed as recognizing Elisa, in light of the fact that this would have to be the first time that he'd met her.)

I've sometimes wondered what the design on Merlin's seal was supposed to be. At times, it looks to me like a stylized M, but at other times, like a lyre (which would be appropriate, since we saw one in the cave at the beginning).

Note that the episode starts off with an owl hooting near Merlin's cave. I'm half-tempted to wonder if it could have been related to Archimedes, though I doubt that the character exists in the Gargoyles Universe as opposed to the T. H. White one. (Of course, he made it into the Disney adaptation of "The Sword in the Stone", so it would be possible to mention him in the Gargoyles Universe.)

The chest containing Merlin's scrolls contained this inscription: "The seeker of knowledge has nothing to fear; the destroyer everything." In his ramble, Greg Weisman said that the meaning of that (although he wasn't certain that it came across too well) was that the chest was magically protected so that any would-be pillagers would meet an unpleasant fate, as indicated by the brief "face of Merlin" that appeared when the archaeologists opened the chest. But before I read Greg's explanation, I saw it as a hint about the true nature of the scrolls; as Merlin's memoirs, rather than his spells, they would be valuable to "seekers of knowledge", but not to "destroyers" in the sense of people hoping to use them in the same way that Demona did those pages torn out from the Grimorum (or as Macbeth was hoping to use them).

I still get a kick out of the scene where Lexington is prying one of his magazines out from underneath a sleeping Bronx.

I still enjoy Hudson and Robbins' first meeting, particularly the bit where Robbins explains about how he's a writer, Hudson, staring at all the books on his shelves, asks in awe, "You wrote all these?", and Robbins replies amusedly, "Wouldn't that be something?" And how he gently guides Hudson to understand that there's nothing wrong in being illiterate, but only in remaining that way.

Owen gets a fun cameo (echoing, in a reversal, "Leader of the Pack" - in that episode, Goliath comes to the castle accompanied by Hudson and Broadway, and Lexington and Brooklyn are missing; here it's the other way around). One line of his that I may be overanalyzing is when Goliath demands that Owen take him to wherever Xanatos, Hudson, and Broadway are, and Owen replies, "You should know that I can't do that." I've occasionally wondered if Owen's response had a secret "double meaning" to it. Remember that he's forbidden from using his powers as Puck while serving Xanatos in his Owen role, as part of their deal. Could Owen/Puck have been secretly meaning (and it would no doubt amuse him to know that Goliath wouldn't be aware of that side to it) that he couldn't magically transport Goliath, Lex, and Brooklyn to where the others were because it would violate his agreement with Xanatos? I'm probably reading too much into it, but it does give additional significance to that little smile of his....

Banquo and Fleance really need to work on their aim, given all the damage that they do to Macbeth's home while firing on the gargoyles with those giant cannons.

And I've said so much about my appreciation of both the pro-literacy part of the episode and its introduction of Merlin and King Arthur into "Gargoyles" that I shan't comment on it further this time.

Todd Jensen

Happy Canada Day to all the Canadians out there!!! It's the long weekend, so make sure you take it easy on the drinking! ;)

And a Happy 4th of July to all you Americans. The drinking comment goes to you as well. We don't need a bunch of gargies coming home drunk ;)

Don't worry about the world coming to an end today. It's already tomorrow in Australia

I received my cel and drawing from Van Eaton galleries at the beginning of the month, but the CoA just arrived the other day. My cel was also from "Sanctuary."

Anyone care to place bets on where I'll be in exactly four weeks? ;)

9 days left until pre-registration for The Gathering 2005 ends.
28 days left until The Gathering 2005 in Las Vegas, Nevada!

"There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics." - Mark Twain

Just like to wish all my Canadian Garg friends a happy Canada Day(that means today is Canada is 138 year's old-that's alot of Candles folks).

Also a happy 4th of July Weekend to all the US Gargie peoples. Have fun, be safe and glide home early on the 5th(days may be getting shorter now but sun still gets up early ya know ^_~)


Can't wait till season 2 is on DVD. Then I can redo all my videos with clear DVD quality. :P

Which also reminds me...Guess I better start working on a commerical teaser for the DVD, cause it's not like Disney is going to do any advertising for it. :P


Thanks, Bishansky. That certainly feels reassuring.
Todd Jensen

Count me in as another who thinks that comment is being read into way too deeply.

Todd, I think what they mean by not sure on how many issues just yet is how many they'll be releasing in the short term. If it does well, I'm sure it will go monthly rather than bi-monthly.

Greg Bishansky
"Superman Says: You can slap a Jap with War Bonds and Stamps."

I think that we're overanalyzing the "ignoring, not denying" statement. The overall impression that I get from Greg's remarks in general is that he's simply going to tell the stories that he'd planned for Season Three in the comics, and that's that. I don't think that he's going to leave out the Quarrymen or the Clones, and I think that those people who do expect him to do so are reading too much into a casual remark. Both were part of his plans for Season Three, anyway, so he can't leave them out without altering his plans accordingly.

What I think that Greg meant was simply that he's not going to say straight out that "The Goliath Chronicles didn't happen" in an explicit fashion. That's it, and nothing more.

What I *am* concerned about (and maybe I'm reading too much into this statement) was the remark from the person at SL that the "number of issues is as yet undecided". I hope that that doesn't mean that it's being intended as a limited-run comic book rather than the sort that lasts for as long as the sales are good.

Todd Jensen

Hi again all,
Wow, I haven't posted here in at least a couple of years. Keep meaning to, but never seem to quite get round to it.
Heh, since then I've had a couple of different jobs, bought a house and got married - so quite busy ;)

I do occasionally lurk and try to keep up with events, though I seemed to miss the big recent announcements - I had the DVD shipped the day of release and as I understand it we should eventually see season 2.
I did catch the comic announcement a few days after though and it's just ~wonderful~ news - it's not the show coming back, but it's probably the next best thing.

Even better though - the missus and I will be attending this years Gathering. We're from the UK (where there's next to no fans since it never really aired outside of subscription cable channels) so I'm looking forward to finally meeting some other fans.
We got married in Vegas last year and loved the place and can't wait to go back.
See some of you soon ;)


I'm so excited about the comic book I'm not even coherent about it. I keep telling non-fan friends and forgetting that they won't care as much as I do...

As for the timing of the comic, I'd be really disappointed if we skipped the weeks post-Hunter's Moon. I want to see Elisa and Goliath's relationship develop, and if we jumped forward to present day we'd miss all of that. I know it might be desirable to set the comic in present day, but I'd really miss all those years of character development and plot.

Kaylle - [kaylle@ladyavalon.com]

That and Greg planned for Thailog to become the new "main antagonist" if he got to do his series.

Honestly, I'm pretty sure we're going to see that happen.

Greg Bishansky
"Superman Says: You can slap a Jap with War Bonds and Stamps."

ffs, i can't get off topic in my head. i'm stuck in gargoyles mode today. so i'm going to flood the cr. tough.

i dug "dying of the light" from chronicles. best episode (aside from journey) of the third season, imo. reminded me of pete (dana eclar) from MacGyver. Plus it put forth the idea of Gargoyles needing medical attention, that the stone sleep isn't a cure-all for everything. And where is that medical attention coming from? Humans. So it forces more interaction (in a non-beating-up-bad-guys-way) between Gargoyles and humans. how does that work?

so there are some bits from chronicles i wouldn't want to lose.

i wonder, too, if some of the harsh reactions from chronicles had anything to do with the fact that it was definately a point when the storyline was undergoing an evolution. The Goliath-Xanatos-Demona triangle isn't the focal point it once was. Now it's Gargoyles-Humans.

it's going to be interesting to see how the dynamics of the cr and ask greg change as well. greg wasn't "around" during the show's run, so all the first-time rants about what was going on in the storyline and what we liked and didn't like, was all over the place.

critics probably shouldn't be looking over the artist's shoulder while he works, you know?

Gorebash - [gorebash at s8 dot org]

<<"I don't plan on denying the Chronicles, but I do plan on ignoring them."

So the book probably won't focus on the Quarrymen and we probably won't see the mutates. No worries.>>
I'll agree with you that the Quarrymen can be throwaways, if necessary, but I think the clones are an integral part of the Gargoyle universe, if my understanding of Delilah from 2198 is correct. There could be another batch of clones in the future, I suppose. It all depends on how Greg W. wants to handle things.

And even the part about not denying the Goliath Chronicles is not set in stone, if you read Greg's original comment at Ask Greg.

Todd>> Just because "civil organizations" aren't trying to blast the gargoyles into tiny bits of organic matter doesn't mean that the gargoyles are ready (or willing!) to fight for hatchlings to go to school, or start anything resembling the twentieth-century civil rights movement. Things will be more nuanced.

I imagine the city will be torn over dealing with these creatures, especially when their human-level intelligence is discovered by the mainstream. How should such powerful, intelligent, *non-human* creatures be treated? Should they be put in a zoos, or relocated to somewhere with few humans, ordered not to return to civilization under pain of death?

On the other hand, should responsible humans be able to own the gargoyles, with the understanding that they must control the creatures or have them hunted down as wild animals? If so, how restrictive should such control be? Should gargoyles be allowed to help mugging victims, or even to have supervised excursions out in public?

JJ Gregarius
Like the man said, "There are no problems; only solutions!"

Oh, and I know Greg said (http://www.s8.org/gargoyles/askgreg/search.php?rid=438) that we'd start off in 1996.

I was just going off on his ignoring but not denying Chronicles comment and how could that might work. But if it's starting from 1996, and he's doing _his_ third season, how does one ignore yet not deny Chronicles?

I'm assuming by "not denying" he means what happened in Chronicles kinda, sorta did happen, but those events aren't going to be directly linked to or talked about in the book.


Gorebash - [gorebash at s8 dot org]

Legion>>> One of my favorite lines was between Elisa and Matt.

Elisa: I hope you handle that thing better than you drive.
Matt: How would you know? You never let me drive.
Great lines

Spacebabie - [spacebabie@hotmail.com]

Comic> The Slave Labor/Disney deal was reported on in Comic Shop News, the free newsletter that gets handed out to customers. Pretty length story, and the first one to boot. There's essentially nothing we didn't know about "Gargoyles", but there is some fun info on how they're looking at doing the "Haunted Mansion" comic. Basicly, they want to delve into the history of the mansion and its 999 post-mortem inhabitants, detailing how they met their demise and how they ended up at the mansion. Potential main characters are the Ghost Host, Madame Leota, and the Bride. It will NOT be based on the movie.

Cels!> Has anyone else who bought something from Van Eaton Galleries recieved their cel yet? Mine came in the mail a few days ago after getting some linework touch-up. It's in fine condition, though the layout drawing (which arrived earlier) has a fold in it, likely from some time long before it came into the gallery's hands. The Certificate of authenticity confirms that both pieces are indeed from "Sanctuary". So thanks again to whoever suggested that might be the case. (Sorry I don't recall your name; it was many comment moons ago.) I'm at work, so I don't recall where I put the image of the cel. But in case anyone's curious and doesn't remember, it's of Goliath, Angela, and Bronx as they've just awakened from their sleep with the usual stone shards flying everywhere.

Now I just need to frame them...

Oooh, signature. Fancy.

When we first heard about the comic, I slipped and e-mail off to SLG to get more info. It took a little while, but I got a response. There really isn't anything we don't already know here, but I figured I'd share anyways.


Yes, it is true. SLG will be doing a Gargoyles comic
for Disney. Greg Weisman will be writing it. We've
tentatively scheduled it to be bi-monthly, and the
number of issues is as yet undecided. We are still
considering artists for it.

Jennifer de Guzman
SLG Publishing


"I don't plan on denying the Chronicles, but I do plan on ignoring them."

So the book probably won't focus on the Quarrymen and we probably won't see the mutates. No worries.

World Tour: Volume 2! Can I get a Jalapena?!

I can't wait for the book to come out. I'm dying to see what stories Greg is going to start off with. Will we see anything he's talked about, like the double-date story, or maybe look to one of the spin-offs? What kind of time-jump would we see? Or are we smack-dab, right back in 1996 when the story resumes?

A time jump seems like the easiest way to deal with the Chronicles. A lot of unseen things can happen in 10 years - such as a way to bring back the mutates and maybe Manhattan settles into some kind of apathy towards the Gargoyles so the human (quarrymen) threat isn't there.

It'll be interesting to see if the Gargoyles will be.. more socially aware or.. just more "hip to the jive" when it comes to the "human scene". Lex at raves with a fistful of glowsticks and doing E. Okay okay, that's going a bit too far, but you get the idea.

Will this be our childhood's Gargoyles or will this be something different? You had mature themes in the TV show but they were masked a bit so that kids could watch. Goliath's "suicide" in Awakenings is a perfect example of that. Or Hakon murdering the Gargoyles at Wyvern. Or Demona killing dozens of people in City of Stone. And throughout the whole series there was the thread of racism. And that's just the tip of the iceberg, but it was done in a way that let children watch the show and left something there for the adults who would pick up on the subtleties.

Will that mask come off with the book? I'm not sure if I want it to.

I wonder what the target audience is (or if that's even a concern).

Time will tell, and crap, I can't wait. To the Phoenix Gate!!

Gorebash - [gorebash at s8 dot org]

Oh, and sorry for the double-post, but:

ETHNAR - The problem with your theory that the other Quarrymen could bust Castaway out is that the impression that I got from "Angels in the Night" was that they all took part in the attack on the train (except for Maxwell) and would therefore be all arrested. Which means that there'd be nobody left to break Castaway out of prison. And even if they could, Castaway would now be a fugitive from the law; he wouldn't be able to make public appearances any more to rally people against the gargoyles. That attack on the train would have done for him what taking fashion models hostage and trying to assassinate Xanatos did for the Pack.

Todd Jensen

GREGARIUS - Could you be more specific, please?

I think that the big problem with the Quarrymen (in terms of how we perceive them) remains the fact that Greg Weisman only got to do one episode with them, and all the rest were made by the new team that wasn't as familiar with the series. So that distorted our image of them because what we mainly saw of them was the monolithic force of one-dimensional villains who didn't even have a proper rationale for hating the gargoyles (they're supposed to be after them because they believe the gargoyles to be evil monsters, but a lot of their tactics would only make sense if based on the premise that the gargoyles are protectors rather than predators). I think that Greg would have given those guys more variety. Mind you, I'm not that certain that the Quarrymen (as in, the general organization) would have been so important in the series if Greg had been in charge all the way through. Instead, I think that the "Quarrymen episodes" would have been, more accurately, "Castaway episodes", with the focus on Castaway and the Quarrymen's role being primarily that of extras to carry out his orders (as in Hakon's Vikings, Tony Dracon's gang, Demona's henchmen in "The Mirror" and "Hunter's Moon Part One", etc.).

For that matter, we know that Greg's vision for the Quarrymen was more complex than just rampant xenophobia. Yes, the citizenry in that meeting-hall in "The Journey" were certainly motivated by fear. But Banquo and Fleance would be in it mainly because Castaway was paying them to do it (nothing like motivating people to carry something out if they know they'll be getting a nice fat paycheck for it), Castaway's real motivation is his failure to take the responsibility for shooting his brother, and the Illuminati (who were behind the whole thing) are doing it as part of their general plans for carrying out their mysterious objectives (we don't even know if their main target was the gargoyles when they developed the scheme or if it was like Xanatos's plans that appear directed at the gargoyles but turn out to have some other purpose with the attack on the clan being just the diversion).

For the Quarrymen to be a credible anti-gargoyle organization based on fear of the unknown, you'll need to downplay the criminal element; as I said before, the criminals would be even more likely to go after the gargoyles if they *do* understand what they are. You can't expect those guys to tolerate the gargs' presence in New York as a threat to their lawlessness any more than the criminals of Gotham City can afford to tolerate Batman or the criminals of Metropolis can afford to tolerate Superman. (Of course, most of the people in the original series who were actively trying to kill the gargoyles were criminals anyway, preying on their fellow humans with equal gusto - Hakon and his Vikings, Constantine, Gillecomgain, Duncan, Canmore, the Pack, and the Archmage all being examples. The Canmores in "Hunter's Moon" were probably the only would-be gargoyle-slayers who weren't deliberately waging war on humanity at the same time - though even then, they still opened fire on a police station.) For the Quarrymen to be a believable case of "humans fear and seek to destroy what they do not understand", there have to be a number of law-abiding citizens among them (though the one problem with that is that it's hard to believe that such people would stay around for long once they see some of Castaway's style; look at Vinnie's case).

Todd Jensen

Whit > But how do you REALLY feel about the Quarrymen? :P

10 days left until pre-registration for The Gathering 2005 ends.
29 days left until The Gathering 2005 in Las Vegas, Nevada!

"There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics." - Mark Twain

I think everyone is reading way too much into Greg's comments.

He said he's going to ignore the Chronicles, but not deny them. Basically, it means he's not going to address the issue at all, as I read it. So yeah, the clones won't be stone statues, Castaway will still be leading the Quarrymen. Stuff like that.

Greg Bishansky
"Superman Says: You can slap a Jap with War Bonds and Stamps."

i wanna add to tods coment abouthow the journy would end it. :D
i believe that if they really wanted to they could set it up for instance. the Quarry men> theve done alot of damage all throughout the series, i meen think of it , they are throwing hammers around, crashing helicopters, shooting up buildings till they are holy and destrying public property. so what would be there to stop them from intersecting the police van carrying castaway and get him out.
as for the judge lady, theres always more from where that comes from, besides i think macbeth can use her help lol even tho hes "living in a fantasy world" and they had "burnt wiches like u", because i dont think he was doing too well.

Ethnar - [algalords_emisarry@hotmail.com]
hail to the winged gekos!

Hello all how yall doin im back babie yaya!
hey im gonna be in new york city this summer im gonna get to see the island where those that we love live! hehe pity theres no eery building wot!, anyways nifty chat room.

Ethnar - [algalords_emisarry@hotmail.com]
hail to the winged gekos!

Battle Beast> Seems to me that aside from Xanatos and Macbeth at times, all the antagonists wanted the Gargoyles dead.

Demona - Nah, that was just playful shooting, she didn't mean it ;)
The Pack - Oh, they're just playing... it's like Rugrats, except on rooftops
Dracon - Of course having the gargoyles around is good for business.
The Hunters - They were just kidding around.
The Archmage - Oh, he was just a little senile, he had no idea just what he was doing at all.
Thailog - Really nice guy when you get to know him, all he wants is a family.

Yes, let's do gargoyle stories with silly villains who wouldn't hurt a hair on our beloved gargoyles' heads. That'll result in some great drama. ;)

Greg Bishansky
"Superman Says: You can slap a Jap with War Bonds and Stamps."

Sorry. As I was writing, someone else posted...

In response to Whitbournes comments> I ahte the Quarry men aas well. I mean, we got THIS far,. so why have ANOTHER antagnoist that wants the Gargs dead? We want them to live, and if the Quarrymen kill even one garg, It'll would be a total let down.

Lexington (or someone) on Goliath: "He didn't survive for a thousand years just to die now."

Battle Beast - [Canada]
That is all I will say.

Well, I for one loved Angels in the night, but I didn't think it wrapped everything up in a nice little package.

Clones Dying> I HATED this. i thought that should have lived.

Bronx Tale> Loved this. Long Time Comming.

Aladdin Esq New Olympians Sequal> HATED this Episode. Totally didn't fit into established story lines. Desroy this episode and burn it's nitrate!!!

Battle Beast - [Canada]
That is all I will say.

All hyperbole aside....no. No to the Quarrymen. It's like...the idea had promise, but the exectution was just so catastrophic that as soon as I see them anywhere, I get this visceral reaction to just...argh. Is there even a word in the english language for simultaneous vomiting, flinging something across the room, and shouting obscenities at passers-by?

Clean slate. Clean slate, all the way. Pick up from Hunters Moon and do something more interesting. Do something more /realistic/ to show that not everyone in the city would reacting in such an imbecilic fashion. Have a group there against gargoyles led by Canmore, but have it one of many, because you just /know/ that there would be as many people fascinated by the gargoyles as there were people afraid of them.

The Quarrymen were just an abysmal failure, because they sort of came across as this monolithic force that gave the impression that everyone just absolutely hated the gargoyles. And that depended on the people of New York being so monumentally stunned as to not figure out there was an airship floating around that fired the missiles, all that stuff, etc. So if they come back, then to me, it's just going to be that much harder to care what happens in that universe, because the last time it got tried, it ended up so monolithic and so much /not/ a reflection of what reality would be that it seemed cheap and pointless.

No to the Quarrymen, unless they're just one reaction of the many.


Brief comments from me.
Legion: It's been a while since I've seen it, but when I did finally catch it, I particularly liked the switching of personalities too. I think it was neat how the lines were delivered differently enough for each personality to be distinct.

Angels: Yeah, I thought that was actually a pretty weak ending. Pretty much proof the series was dead as far as the people who made the changes were concerned. It was too ... pact is the closest I can come up with, but really it wasn't. And I've always thought of the Quarrymen as really bad rip-offs of Klansmen, so they were being heavy handed on the real life parrallels. And c'mon, when a group is using heavy artillery in the middle of a city, you've got to draw the line and start making serious arrests.


Personally, I want Greg to have his chance to depict the Quarrymen his way. I'll reserve final judgement on the whole concept until I see what he does with them.
Greg Bishansky
"Superman Says: You can slap a Jap with War Bonds and Stamps."

Todd> Keep in mind, too, that the Quarrymen freaking /sucked/, and that hopefully any gargoyle resurgence will have all of the Quarrymen dying in a horrific, completely gratuitous plane crash caused by something prosaic like a seagull flying into an engine or something.

Blech. One thing I liked about Angels in the Night was that it got rid of the stupid Quarrymen. What a bunch of sucky, sucky characters. Anyone involved in the comic book that might be reading this, don't bring them back. Ever. Ever ever ever. They're terrible characters and if you bring them back, I'll pistol-whip your entire family.


<<And, since "Gargoyles" is an adventure series, I doubt that there'd be that much room for stories focusing on the clan facing job and housing discrimination or school segregation, as opposed to frightened and suspicious humans attempting to kill or capture them. "Gargoyles" is simply in the wrong genre for that.>>
Again, I must point out there are many shades of gray between these black and white options you mention.

JJ Gregarius
Like the man said, "There are no problems; only solutions!"

Watched my tape of "Legion" today. A few comments on it.

When we see Othello and Desdemona together in Coldstone's memories at the beginning, they're kissing - which is a trifle odd when you consider Greg Weisman's statements that gargoyles traditionally don't go in that custom. I'm half-tempted to place that question in the queue the next time that "Ask Greg" gets opened up again, but there are so many questions ahead of it that it might be better to leave it alone.

I found myself wondering when Coldstone broke into the Golden Cup Bakery Building if there's some possible connection between that place and the Illuminati, and not just because the Illuminati would almost certainly be interested in goverment defense labs. We know that the Illuminati are linked to the Grail through Duval being the Fisher King, and the Grail is often depicted as a golden goblet. But maybe I'm just reading too much into that.

I still find it mildly disappointing that we never got to see Xanatos do anything with that virus. (Though, back when I was on the TGS staff, I had Lexington make use of it as a means of remedying that - but this is the wrong comment room for that.) I still like the fact that they played fair by letting us glimpse the familiar "Xanatoos robotics company" logo from "Awakening" on RECAP as it headed off to encounter Coldstone.

I still get a kick out of Coldstone constantly switching "personalities", though it most fully makes sense (especially when Desdemona first emerges at the clock tower) when you see it a second time and know what's happening from the start. And also the scene where the Xanatos Program is talking to Goliath about how the virus is devouring everything, and adds "Careful, you might be next." Goliath immediately lunges at it, only to have the Xanatos Program simply teleport itself out of the way.

I could say more, but I'm pressed for time tonight, and most of what I could say I've probably said before anyway. So, to briefly move to the question that Gregarius raised about the Gargoyles Comics:

I think that any continuation of "Gargoyles" would *have* to ignore "Angels in the Night", simply because it changes everything so drastically as to make a recognizable continuation of the series all but impossible. I know that people have brought up before that one single train rescue wouldn't end all the hostility against gargoyles. Maybe not, but the situation at the end is already substantially different.

1. For a start, Castaway and nearly all of his followers have been arrested for their attack, and would almost certainly be in prison for a good long time. It's been argued that Castaway's defenders would claim that the Quarrymen were just trying to stop the gargoyles from escaping custody, but the fact remains that the Quarrymen still endangered the passengers aboard the train (not to mention that Castaway openly boasted that he knew that the gargoyles would go to the passengers' rescue, meaning a confession on his part that he knew that the gargoyles were innocent and that he'd been knowingly lying about them to the public). And given their track record already, if they're still out of prison and in good standing with the public and the authorities after that, I'd say that it would be raising some very serious problems about the justice system in Manhattan (not to mention the common sense of its people).

2. Margot Yale, the main "civilian adversary" of the gargoyles, has been converted and recognized the truth. Therefore, there's nobody to serve as a representative of anti-gargoyle sentiment among the authorities, the "Senator Kelly" figure, if you will.

3. Conceivably, replacements could be developed for Castaway, the Quarrymen, and Margot to fill their roles, but unless this was carefully done, it would be in danger of coming across as unconvincing, as merely pale imitations of the originals. (Not to mention that after all the damage that the Quarrymen did, any new anti-gargoyle organization would be well-advised to avoid violent confrontations with the gargoyles henceforth. The moment that would-be successors to the Quarrymen start going after the clan vigilante style, the police are going to be watching them closely to make certain that they don't start pulling more stunts of the "open fire on a passenger train" or "fire heavy artillery in downtown Manattan" variety.)

I agree that the events in "Angels in the Night" wouldn't end all prejudice against the gargoyles. But I think that it would mark the end of that prejudice taking on the guise of armed violence (except among the criminal section of the population, which is always going to be anti-gargoyle simply because "gargoyles protect", and is, if anything, going to be more anti-gargoyle once they get the truth about Goliath and his clan). And, since "Gargoyles" is an adventure series, I doubt that there'd be that much room for stories focusing on the clan facing job and housing discrimination or school segregation, as opposed to frightened and suspicious humans attempting to kill or capture them. "Gargoyles" is simply in the wrong genre for that.

Not to mention that, in another sense, I think that the Quarrymen's potential is just about over after "Angels in the Night". They've sunk so low in evil by that time that there's nowhere left for them to drop (unless they decide to forget their original "mission" of wiping out gargoyles and become just plain-old all-purpose criminals waging war on the entire city deliberately, with the hammers being now designed more to commit robberies than to fight gargoyles).

Todd Jensen

The code is to verify that you are not a spambot. The graphic that displays the code is rather hard for such programs to decypher, while fairly easy for humans.
JJ Gregarius
Like the man said, "There are no problems; only solutions!"

NOW I understand why I couldn't post before...
I had my privacy settings too high...
Otherwise the new room looks petty good..

kjay - [tigonesskay@netzero.net]

I hope I can actually post on here this time...
kjay - [tigonesskay@netzero.net]
???? what's the code for?

Gorebash: That's funny, I've been doing the same thing for months. The "mosaics" I've made can be found here:


D. Taina
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Battle Beast>> Luke left his training early to try to save his friends, in spite of Yoda's warnings. As a result, he lost a hand, nearly died, and still Han Solo was frozen. He failed, and was left to look out at the heavens, pondering his decisions. Sound familiar?

Patrick>> Well, I did say "right conditions"!
Greg B. >> Ditto, though, actually I didn't catch/forgot about the relationship you mentioned.

On a more serious note, whether or not Angela and Gabriel (or any of the other Avalon gargoyles) would develop a romance isn't that important. The idea that such a relationship would seem more natural than a one between Angela and any of the lads of the Manhattan clan is. The relationship Greg W. and company wanted seems a little forced and, as Battle Beast suggests, clichéd. I suppose it was necessary to move the master plot along, though.
The Manhattan clan will need children.

* * *
Ack! Why is it that 80% of the time I find something to say here, it is negative? Let's move on to something different. Recently, Greg W. suggested that while he will try to ignore the Goliath Chronicles in his comics, he will not "negate" them. What is your impression of this statement, especially in regard to "Angels of the Night"?

JJ Gregarius
Like the man said, "There are no problems; only solutions!"

JJ> You do realise that Gabriel and Ophelia were a couple, right?
Greg Bishansky
"Superman Says: You can slap a Jap with War Bonds and Stamps."

I'm also working on a new batch of CR images that may, eventually, replace what's up here now. Since I'm putting a border around the images, I'm not deleting the backgrounds.

I'm trying to find some oddball expressions you don't normally see on the characters. I'm pulling most of these off the DVD, which is great because I think the best animation in the show is found in the first season

Gorebash - [gorebash at s8 dot org]

Started doing something I'd been meaning to do since the DVD came out: compose mosaics of larger shots that were pan/scanned on the show. You can click on my name to access the folder where I've started putting these up. Some notes on a couple of them-

wyvern_atop_eyrie.jpg: I removed Xanatos' helicopter from this so you get a nice top-down view of Wyvern.

turned_to_stone.jpg: this was panned diagonally so the top-right and bottom-left sections were missing. so I went ahead and recreated them as best I could. i'm really surprised/happy with how well the stone bit Brooklyn is sitting on came out.

Gorebash - [gorebash at s8 dot org]

I don't really have anything to say. I just wanted to try out the new comment room.
Pretty neat!

Phil - [p1anderson@go.com]

JJ> "Think of Luke's behavior in the very last scene of the Empire Strikes Back..." What, the one where he gets a new cybernetic hand? How did THAT drive anyone away?

Angela> I think it's cliched that she would end up with ANY of the trio. I mean, who didn't she THAT comming?

Battle Beast - [Canada]
That is all I will say.

One thing I really like about the new format: the "Make a Comment" screen remembers my name, color, avatar, and quote. C is for cookie, that's good enough for me. ;)

<<I thought Angela and Gabriel could have evolved a romance, given the proper scenario.>> -- Long distance relationships are hard enough. Relationships where one of the parties involved is aging at 24 times the rate of the other due to a magical warping of space-time are even harder.

11 days left until pre-registration for The Gathering 2005 ends.
30 days left until The Gathering 2005 in Las Vegas, Nevada!

"There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics." - Mark Twain

hmm, I take that back, it's jut IE being stupid. *kicks Microsoft*

Hmm, is it just me or did the text stop wrapping around the pictures and now it just sits undernieth them? Oh Goooorebash?????

Broadway & "Metamorphosis" >> I have to disagree with you and Greg about how Broadway comes across in this episode. Rather than being intuitive, Broadway seems dull, thoughtless, and, frankly, cold-hearted. If he had his way, the gargoyles wouldn't even check on the apparently hunted "monster", rather an ignoble decision for a race of persecuted protectors. Indeed, the ignobleness of Broadway's desire to leave Maggie to the Fates may be why Goliath was willing to risk a sortie to help her. While the depressing conclusion of this episode seems to back Broadway, the events of "The Cage" and "Kingdom" show that Brooklyn had the right idea, if for the wrong reasons.

In retrospect, when added to "Deadly Force," this episode probably convinced me that Broadway was not to be respected. I could almost say that I couldn't accept that Broadway could be deep enough to be Angela's soul mate from those two episodes. He was a buffoon.

Also, I disagree with Greg's interpretation of Brooklyn's "funk" at the end. (Michael Reeves wrote this episode, right?) I don't think it was just a "crush" gone bad that hurt Brooklyn; rather, I think that the total, absolute failure, to the point of driving every Mutate away, including Maggie and Elisa's brother, was what hurt. Think of Luke's behavior in the very last scene of the Empire Strikes Back.

BTW: I would have thought that a Brooklyn/Angela romance would have been awfully clichéd. I still don't know why Angela felt pressure to choose so quickly, or even to choose from the Trio at all. Gargoyle biology?)

2nd BTW: I thought Angela and Gabriel could have evolved a romance, given the proper scenario. However odd it may seem, IMHO it would fit better than a romance with the Trio.

* * *
This is a rather long post, but I will say one thing from the conversation last week. I still think that the excessive risk-taking of Xanatos, ironically, is a sign of internal insecurity. He constantly has to prove that he has "the edge" in most episodes. Perhaps, one day, he will die from his these risks....

JJ Gregarius
Like the man said, "There are no problems; only solutions!"

Watched my tape of "Metamorphosis" today. The picture for that was better than that for "Leader of the Pack" (though the fact that I'd run a tape cleaner between the two might have had something to do with it), but I still found myself looking forward to the DVD while watching it.

"Metamorphosis" is one of my favorite early Season Two episodes, thanks especially to a very powerful ending (which I'll get to later). What really stood out to me the first time that I saw it was the fact that I honestly believed, while watching it, that Xanatos was being honest to Derek, that he genuinely wanted to find a cure for him and the other Mutates. Mr. X comes across as a great actor here. (This time around, I noticed that he has a truly sad-looking expression on his face when claiming, at the end of Act Two, that Sevarius is dead.) I still recall giving him a mental standing ovation, the first time that I saw the episode, when he refused to cage Derek, saying "He's a man, not an animal." And all of this even after I'd seen all the preceding episodes and knew that he was the main antagonist. Quite a testimony about the guy.

Broadway describes the Gen-U-Tech logo as a "symbol"; this is of interest, since the logo consists of the actual name "Gen-U-Tech" rather than a mere stylized letter or picture. This fits in with the fact that Broadway was illiterate at this stage in the series ("A Lighthouse in the Seas of Time" wasn't due for another two episodes).

Some of you may recall the bit where, when the gargoyles awaken, some of the pieces of stone skin land on top of a man in a coat and hat down below, who stares up bewilderedly. I suddenly remembered, while watching the scene, a man in a similar coat and hat at the end of "The Mirror", when we see the New Yorkers being changed back from gargoyles into humans. I wonder if they're the same guy (particularly in light of the show's habit of recycling character designs); I'll have to compare the two scenes.

Some nice touches with Brooklyn's crush on Maggie, and utter depression when she rejects him. "She doesn't want our help. She doesn't want me." (Broadway picks up from the start that Maggie doesn't want anything to do with him.)

I had another big shock the first time that I saw this episode when Sevarius was apparently killed, staring at the screen in disbelief with, "They actually killed someone in a Disney cartoon?" Even with the Captain and Hakon falling off the cliff and the Wyvern massacre in "Awakening", I still was shocked by that. How many of you, the first time that you saw the ep, thought that Sevarius was really dead?

And we get a great ending with Elisa angrily declaring war on Xanatos and crying back at the clock tower, as Goliath and the others troubledly look on....

Todd Jensen

WHOO!! Nice new updated look! SO PRETTY! ::distracted by shinies::
Jennifer "CrzyDemona" Anderson

I was never a big Pooh fan, but my son and daughter loves it to death. 'Tigger' will be missed. *sits in silence for a moment*

Demona May, I'll be passing through your area in about two weeks - after this house setting business in NC. Want to try to get together then? Email me, please?

Renee - [jhessill@gmail.com]
If all the world's a stage, where's my script?

Battle Beast, it went bankrupt in March, click my name for more info.
Matt Fews
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With oil prices now topping $60 a barrel, it's a good time to be a Saudi prince and a bad time to be an airline owner. I hope everyone has made their summer travel plans already, because it wouldn't be surprising in the least to see the airlines hit us with another round of fare hikes in the very near future.

12 days left until pre-registration for The Gathering 2005 ends.
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****Blaise phases into the new Comment Room through the wall. He glances around, nods, and waves his arms, bringing in the buffet table and all its food.**** Figured I'd come out of lurking to check out the new Comment Room. Looking good, Gore! I'll miss the old one, but change is not always a bad thing.

GARGOYLES DVDs AND COMICS> Well, I don't have to tell you guys what good news that all is. But, I'm holding off on my jig-dancing until things (like release dates and such) are settled, contracts signed, and the projects are a go. Until then, I'm just keeping my fingers crossed.

TIGGER AND PIGLET> Yes, the passing of Winchell and Fiedler (pardon my spelling) is a loss, but they have thankfully led long and full lives, and we can only mourn our own loss.
Although Winchell retired in the late 80s/early 90s (Jim Cummings has been Tigger since then), it was still rather comforting to know he was around. And Fiedler...when I found out Piglet was still voiced by his original actor, I wondered what would happen when he finally passed on. I couldn't imagine Piglet with any other voice.

Well, that's it from me for now, but as always I'll show up again, sooner or later. Until then, farewell. ****Blaise gives a whistle and a very big and fully grown golden dragon bursts in through the ceiling. Blaise hops on his back, gives a cry of "Onward, Coren," and the dragon soars out into the night.****


??? Why is my info still here ???

Matt Fews> When did jetsgo go bankrupt??? was that that here one day, gone the next thingy I heard about?

Battle Beast, - [Canada]
That is all I will say.

I know this has nothing to do with Gargoyles, but I recently finished a new music video that I am asking everyone to spread around. I made it in hopes of encouraging more people to adopt pets.
99% of the animals in the video were or are in shelters. Some were adopted, some were put to sleep, some are still there. One of my adopted dogs made an apparence. But I encourage people to inform others on message boards, email, etc.

And it will be sure to pull some heartstrings.

Click my name or copy/paste http://www.sirens-grotto.com/look.wmv


*delurks* Wow, this is new, have I been MIA that long?

Just a note, all - I am officially going to be at G2005. But I would like to ask a favor of the rest of you who are going.

See, I may be in Vegas, but I'm not going to be allowed to gamble. Not more than $5.

Why? I won't have any MONEY to gamble with. I just handed the bank most of it today to buy my first house. :)

Please, if you see me at the slot machines, feel free to drag me away from them for my own good.

*goes to collapse*

"I have an inner child? I don't remember eating anyone." - War aka Jen (who is coming to Vegas with me)

Ah, Yes, the Gathering, I could have gone to it if Jetsgo had not gone bankrupt. Oh, Well, here`s hoping it comes back to Montreal again, I really enjoyed it last year.
Matt Fews
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AHHH! It's all different! It's all changed!!! *curls into fetal position*

Hehe, J/K! ;)

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I wonder if my usual font color will show up okay...?

This is a pretty sweet set-up. Dark blue as a background is a bit easier on the eyes, I think.

Heh, was going through the very first archive a few minutes ago. People's reports were coming in for The Gathering 2002 and everyone was so excited to learn that they were probably getting a Gargoyles DVD that year...Ah well, it only took about a couple years longer.

Kris - [plekopleko@hotmail.com]

*lookies around the new room*
Wow.. nice!!! Upgrades are always a good thing.. that is unless, they turn out bad.
Anyways, just here to see what was going on. I should really make an attempt to show up more often. Especially with the Gathering coming up and everything.

Don't worry about the world coming to an end today. It's already tomorrow in Australia

Just to pay my repects to Paul Winchell. Its a wonderful thing to bring smiles and laughter to others. x x x

Another moment of Silence. Tis a very sad day for we fans of animation. We didn't just lose Tigger, we also lost Piglet. John Fiedler, the voice of Piglet, passed away on Saturday. He used to turn up everywhere in movies and TV, not just as a voice actor either. Used to see him turn up quite a bit on episodes of "Get Smart" - loved his voice. Farkleberry juice?

As for Paul Winchell, I loved his voice-especially in the Banana Splits. He had such an amazing laugh as Fleagle-much like Tigger. He was just as great in Gummi Bears. 2 other great classic voices in that series, Lorenzo Music and June Foray(sadly June is the only one left with us).

Now since there was "only one" tigger and Piglet, what are we gonna do? *sniffs sadly*


Forgot to add the link... mea culpa.
Stephen Sobotka Jr
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Greetings all...

A moment of silence please... voice actor and former ventriloquist Paul Winchell has passed away, at the tender age of 82. Paul was a children's TV star of the 1950's and 60's, doing the voices of two 'dummies' named Jerry MaHoney and Knucklehead Smiff. Most of us will know him best as the actor behind several cartoon voices: Gargamel from "Smurfs", Dick Dastardy from "Wacky Races", and Fleagle the Beagle from "The Banana Splits Show".

His most beloved character though, was the bouncy, pouncy Tigger from the animated Walt Disney productions.

For the full story of his career and passing, click my name.

Looks like Rabbit will get his fondest wish come true... Tigger will never bounce again.

Maintain and Check Six!

Stephen Sobotka Jr
"It is the way of the Jedi to comprehend bad comedy... in other words, "Feel the Farce."

Yep, I guess that'll do all right.
Battle Beast, - [Canada]
That is all I will say.

OOOOO I love this!!! Much better layouts! :D
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Hmmm the new look is interesting and I don't mind the cod. They made us do that for a while at Neopets.

One thing I really have to say about the room is the foloowing. "Is it not nifty?"

Spacebabie - [spacebabie@hotmail.com]

So this is the new comment room. Many features are going to take some getting used to, but at least we should have far less spam now.
Todd Jensen

Hooray for the new comment room!

13 days left until pre-registration for The Gathering 2005 ends.
32 days left until The Gathering 2005 in Las Vegas, Nevada!

I was wondering why the train kept getting bigger. Then it hit me...

Typing in the code every time will take some getting used to, but I'll get over it. Though I kinda like the idea of registering. It'd be easier to ban the trolls that way too.

I think I'm going to have fun with the sigs ;)

Greg Bishansky
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Typing in the code every time will take some getting used to, but I'll get over it. Though I kinda like the idea of registering. It'd be easier to ban the trolls that way too.

I think I'm going to have fun with the sigs ;)

Greg Bishansky
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test... *pokey poke*

hmmm... new format *^_^*


In my world, we have people in chains, and ride them like ponies.

Ah, man! 11th!

Gorebash - can you make a direct link to the previous week's comments so we don't have to go through the Archive index right after room wipes to see what was talked about just before the wipe?
Whatever happenned to simplicity?

9th! Very nice new set up we have!
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Yay! New comment room! :D

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Crapdoodle ^_^ Greg beat me by 30 seconds.

I don't mind the code, it's only a few extra keystrokes and if it stops the spammers I'm all for it :D


Greg: Yep. That code should keep automated spamming out of the CR. I've seen it work before with other sites I help manage. It's a bit of a hassle, but for the CR it shouldn't be a big deal. The chat room, which runs of the same program, has this "feature" removed because then it'd become far too much of a problem for people.
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Whatever happenned to simplicity?

::wanders through with a golf club::
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We going to have to enter that code every single time we post?

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First in the new comment room-woo ^_^

As you can see, I'm moving over to the new CR system. Please let me know, either here or via e-mail, if you have any problems with the new CR system.

Hopefully I've thrown out enough warning about this that there isn't too much of a suprise here. Good luck to us all. :)

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