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IRC Goliath> Thanks for the info. I can't wait to see how the Bronx and Demona cel will look next to my Mulan cel.
Blaqthourne & Crimson Fury

Oneuke> Thanks for your help, it's much appreciated.

So much to learn, so little time!!


That's 'relatively'. I guess that's what I get for being in a hurry.



There is a quite nice CD of ALL the shotokan kata available from eBay. It's realitively cheap and shows the kata in an mpeg format that can be slowed down and even broken down into separate movements.
Look for the phrase "professional edition" and that should be the one.
Let me know if you have any questions.


Watched my tape of "Heritage" this afternoon. More comments about it than I'd been expecting.

Bronx seems just as keen on hot dogs as Elisa is, or even keener. It's very entertaining to watch him respond to things, whether they please or displease him.

We get our first non-Scottish gargoyle clan, though it turns out to be a fake one. Alert viewers, actually, should figure out from the start that Raven's a fraud; when he first shows up, it's as a raven which perches on the totem pole as the gargoyles turn to stone, but without turning to stone himself - and who only switches to his gargoyle-form after sunset. Incidentally, I like the designs of the totem-gargoyles, as a bear, a wolf, and an eagle.

The episode also contains one of the funniest visual moments in the series: Natsilane's response to Grandmother's explanation about having healed Elisa with tree roots and bark.

Raven's a fun antagonist and I'm hoping that we'll get to see more of him in the upcoming comic (such as the story that Greg had planned for him where he would kidnap Alex). First, he masquerades as a gargoyle in front of Goliath, and deceives him for a while by making use of actual gargoyle traits and problems that Goliath is familiar with (including his clan being supposedly attacked by the local humans, and even more significantly, how the surviving gargoyles continue to protect the humans in spite of the persecution). I like the bit where Goliath explains to Angela about how important protecting is for gargoyles, and Raven comments accurately, "I can see that you have lived this truth."

Not only is Angela suspicious of Raven, but Bronx shows some uncertainty about the illusionary gargoyles; when he looks at them, his eyes glow white for a moment, and he's barking at them several times.

Then Raven sics the bear on Elisa (when he was cawing at it, was he putting it under a spell, or simply saying something along the lines of "That human in the red jacket and blue jeans stole your food!"?), and we get the great follow-up scene of, first Bronx driving away the bear and then poking his head out of the bush with a smug smile on his face, followed by Goliath and Elisa's big hug.

Raven's description of Grandmother as his cousin ought to make it clear (though I have the feeling that it hasn't) that the term "Oberon's Children" doesn't refer to biological offspring.

I faintly remember that this has been brought up before, but Natsilane's regalia for the battle with Raven looks a bit out of place, more appropriate (especially the war bonnet) for the Great Plains than the Pacific Northwest. Looks like they didn't do more research there.

Raven continues to get the good lines in the battle, such as "Oh, well, better make sure it's an uneven fight", or (in a sour grapes mood)" This place no longer amuses me." (Like Greg, I think that his departure would have worked better if he'd flown off in raven-form rather than gargoyle-form.)

Todd Jensen
"Human problems become gargoyle problems" - Goliath, M.I.A.

I posted too quickly the last time, a mistake I don't mean to duplicate tonight...

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JEB > Karine may still have an extra copy or two that we can sell you. I will ask.

Reminder: Today's day to get your Gathering 2006 registration for the low, low price of just $25! Click my name or go to:


"I typed the word 'Google' into Google. Guess what came up? Everything." - George Carlin

I don't suppose anyone knows where I can get a copy of the Phoenix Gate Anthology from Gathering 2004?

Hi! This isn't really Gargoyles related, but I thought someone may be able to help me. I have been searching the web for a clear and understandable diagram of the Shotokan kata Empi, but cannot find one of that description. If anyone can find one, please can you leave its web address.

Ta x x x


Okay... I take that back. TOMORROW is the last day :)
IRC Goliath - [goliath1 [at] pacbell [dot] net]
Yes, I CAN read :)

Hey everybody, today your last chance to get your Gathering 2006 registration for the super low price of $25! Head on over to http://www.gatheringofthegargoyles.com/g2006/register/ before the price increases to the regular pre-reg price.

Even if you're not sure if you'll be able to make it, you might as well register while the price is so low. The money really helps the con out and it beats having to pay full-price later.

Thank you :)

IRC Goliath - [goliath1 [at] pacbell [dot] net]
Obey my dog!!

I have ben remiss in my Con Journal/comments. Instead I've been too busy relaxing here at Jen's house in California ^_^
I *will* be posting a Con Journal at some point (someone poke me with a stick) but for now let's just say it rocked and I'll be back next year! (I am a masochist when it comes to airplanes)

POR QUE!!!!!!

Something that I found myself wondering today. Greg mentioned at the 2001 Gathering (and maybe at later Gatherings, though I don't know if that's the case or not, since I wasn't at them) that he'd had an idea for a two-part story in which Goliath, Elisa, and the rest of the cast would be trapped in a performance of Shakespeare's "Macbeth", playing the different characters (with Goliath as Macduff, Elisa as Lady Macduff, and Demona - naturally - as Lady Macbeth; Macbeth played himself, or his Shakespearean counterpart, rather); the Disney execs rejected the story as too complicated, however. I wonder if Greg will find a way of telling it in the comic, if it lasts long enough. (That would definitely give it a Classic Comics moment!)

Watched my tape of "Shadows of the Past" today. The first Avalon World Tour story (if you don't count "Avalon" itself). And a great one. Whatever you can say about the World Tour in general (and I know that there are many people out there who dislike it), I think that this episode was a must - and even links nicely to "Avalon". There, Goliath was reunited with Princess Katharine and the Magus, and even made his peace with the latter. Here, Goliath visits the former site of Castle Wyvern to re-encounter Hakon and the Captain, and makes his peace with the latter. (And in the same way that the Captain parallels the Magus here, Hakon parallels the Archmage, as an old "long-dead" foe who returns, even more dangerous than before.) And (this isn't an "Avalon" parallel, I know) Goliath has to confront his troubled memories over the Wyvern Massacre.

A couple of little bits that I noticed this time around:

1. At the beginning, Bronx is moaning while they're in the skiff, getting tossed about, and even placing his front paws on his head - was he seasick, I wonder?

2. When Goliath and his friends are visiting the former site of Castle Wyvern with the storm on its way, we get a brief glimpse of a lizard about on the rocks. I wonder if there are that many lizards in Scotland - especially since the lizard in question looked more suited to a desert out in the American Southwest.

Hakon and the Captain's scheme is an effective one, with lots of "creepy" drama as Goliath is wondering increasingly if he's going mad - particularly when he starts seeing Elisa and Angela as Hakon and the Captain. (This is one reason, by the way, that I was disappointed with Hakon's return in "Vendettas"; after an attack like this one, his team-up with Wolf was anticlimactic, nothing more than a regular slugfest.) I wish that I can remember now, by the way, whether I suspected, the first time that I saw it, that the Captain and Hakon were behind it or not.

Then we wind up with Goliath surrounded by what appears to be the "ghosts" of the clan advancing upon him and blaming him for the massacre. (As I've said before, I've sometimes thought that it would be kind of appealing, in a dark and twisted way, to see how Demona would respond to such an event, in light of how much stronger her guilt over the massacre must be than Goliath's, even if she won't acknowledge it.) Culminating in the grand finale when Demona herself shows up and even converts her arm into a mace - but which turns out to be Hakon and the Captain's undoing since Goliath knows that Demona wasn't killed in the massacre.

Hakon and the Captain's line of "Figured it out, did you?" reminds me of "Ducktales", where there was an episode where Magica de Spell was plaguing Scrooge McDuck and Donald Duck's nephews with a series of horrifying illusions as a means of forcing Scrooge to turn over his Number One Dime to her; throughout, the illusions (and Magica herself) had the line of "Figured it out, did you?" I wonder if there was a "Ducktales" hommage intended there.

The scene where the Captain and Hakon are draining off Goliath's life-force is great; my particular favorites are when Hakon is attacking Goliath and starts laughing when he begins to go through him because Goliath's turning into a ghost, and when the Captain is looking troubledly at his hands (good foreshadowing for his role at the end).

And we get the Captain's final farewell before he mounts up to Heaven (presumably) and Goliath's remark to Elisa over who was in there: "One enemy, and one friend."

As I said, a great start on the World Tour.

Todd Jensen
"Human problems become gargoyle problems" - Goliath, M.I.A.

I've done business with VanEaton before, they are an EXCELLENT cel merchant. I bought my Jem cels from them and their customer service is excellent. Saw their table at the Gathering, and that was a whole event in and unto itself! Several gorgeous rare Gargoyle cels, so bright and beautiful it hurt not buy them all. I had planned to get one on the last day, but they were gone on Monday *weep!!!*

Ah well, did manage to snag the only single copy of Liz's wonderful "Scorpio" picture of Demona *^_^*

Got in very about 1am this morning, and I'm still on Las Vegas time, eep! Which is two hours earlier than my own.

Blog/Con Journal later, so much to say about the Gathering... and it's all good *^_^*


Blaqthourne & Crimson Fury> Van Eaton Galleries.
Here's their URL: http://vegalleries.com/gargoyles.html

They're based out of California so I'm pretty sure we'll be approaching them to come to The Gathering 2006.

Only 2 days remain for the super low $25 Gathering 2006 registration price! Get it while it's hot :)

IRC Goliath - [goliath1 [at] pacbell [dot] net]
"I can't do this all on my own. No I know, I'm no Super Man"

Back from the Gathering! Had a great time.
Gotta go now. Need to find out if I have any money left.

CKayote - [CKayote@worldnet.att.net]

Who was the cel dealer at the Gathering, and what is their web address?
Blaqthourne & Crimson Fury - [qrimson_fury@yahoo.com]

Hi all! Glad to have been at G2005 with you all in Las Vegas. Have been posting my con journal in pieces, because I've been writing on lunch breaks at work, whenever I find the time. But it still burns me out, so much to talk about.

Hopefully it'll work out to see you all again in G2006 since it's here in LA.

And now, that my masters' thesis is done and I now have my M.A. in Communications, maybe I'll be around here more often too. We'll see.

Shannon "Shan" Muir - [shanemuir@aol.com]
Shannon "Shan" Muir

Ah, then there's nothing to worry about. Thanks, Gorebash.
Todd Jensen

Hello all. Just got back from my cruise through Progresso, Cozumel, and Belize. It was lots o' fun, but I feel really bad for missing the Gathering. If anyone wants to hear about my cruise I've got lots to tell. So if anyone sees me in the chat room just ask. (I'd also like to hear about the Gathering too)
There once was a man, Zero was his name, he was as white as a ghost, and totally insane.

Hehe gathering was much fun. Gore it was fun meeting you finaly and hudson and chris.
Shara - [jeanie54_2000@yahoo.com]

Welcome back everyone!!!! ^_^
The Sadistic Cow
My friends say I should act my age. What's my age again?

Todd: the article's author just has his number off by one. it's definately 26 episodes. the episodes will appear on the DVD in their correct order. That's straight from Greg's mouth.
Gorebash - [gorebash@s8.org]

Kris: yeah, Thom doesn't really tweak his voice to do Lex, so his natural voice is Lex's voice. Bill Fagerbakke definately tweaks his voice a bit to do Broadway. I think the closest to his normal voice you'll ever hear in Gargoyles was how Broadway sounded in "Future Tense".
Gorebash - [gorebash@s8.org]

One thing about the Ultimate Disney report on the Gargoyles Season Two DVD that puzzles me; this DVD is supposed to have 26 episodes on it, but is listed as having episodes #14-40. That would be 27 episodes, not 26, which means that there must be a mistake here somewhere. So far I can think of at least two possibilities:

1. Whoever wrote down that report made the mistake of adding 26 to 14 rather than to 13.

2. As I recall, episode #39 was "Kingdom" and episode #40 was "Monsters". "Kingdom" was aired out of order, between "Grief" and "The Hound of Ulster", which makes me wonder: could a goof-up at Disney have led to their placing "Monsters" before "Kingdom" on the DVD line-up? I hope not, particularly after what Greg said about their including the episodes in their proper order.

Todd Jensen
"Human problems become gargoyle problems" - Goliath, M.I.A.

In the profile promoting his appearance at The Gathering 2005, The Gathering home page talks about Thom Adcox's three dogs. He named one "Lili Taylor- the magical rat-faced dog" ? Heh, has he worked with that actor before? Did she piss him off or something? I know her from her part as Lisa on Six Feet Under, never heard any stories about the actor though.

Watched the videos that Gore posted. So Thom pretty much sounds like Lex, does he? At least they sound similar to me--maybe he only sounds exactly like Lex through a voice recording mic, or maybe his voice has changed with age. But that's pretty cool that he's more or less his character (and I read a Gathering report from a couple years back that said the character designer tried to base the "Mirror" human Lex on Thom because he knows him, is that right?). Oh and are there any pics of the guy anywhere? I've only seen a couple. I'm guessing there're gonna be lots once everyone catches their breath from the convention...but I'd like to see more soon. He's kinda cute/hot, anyone else think so?

You can hear Hudson in Ed Asner's regular voice as well, it's just not Scottish is all. Seen Bill Fagerbakke in a lot of stuff, but I think he sounded most like Broadway in Stephen King's The Stand mini-series...certainly didn't sound like him playing the nazi guard on the HBO prison drama Oz. I didn't realize the actor who played Angela, Brigitte Bako, was the lead and also creator/write of G-Spot. I've only caught bits and pieces of that series on The Movie Network, but I'll have to give it a serious watch now. MAN did Gargoyles ever have an attractive cast of voice actors. Used to have a bit of a crush on Troi from Star Trek:TNG and I think Gargoyles started the same year that ended--either way I remember being appreciative that there was more Marina Sirtis on TV.

Kris - [plekopleko@hotmail.com]

Back from the Gathering, had a wonderful time! The con staff did a spectacular job. Hat's off to them!
Greg Bishansky
DO NOT WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Woohoo, I survived Las Vegas! I'm in California now, hanging out at CrzyDemona's. I've got one more day here before I head back to Cleveland tomorrow night. Hey, Gore... where at in Cleveland are you staying?

Just to repeat what IRC Goliath already mentioned... online pre-registration for The Gathering 2006 is up and running, and the special rates will be available through the end of the week. Through August 5th, membership for next year's convention is just $25.

Con report after I've had some sleep!

Patrick Toman
"Enjoy your overpriced meal." - Klingon at "The Star Trek Experience"

I'm back and will post my journal this weekend. It was good to see everybody again, and here's hoping I can make it to L.A. next year!
Alex Garg

Just checking in to say I survived my trip home. It's so depressing to come back from a place where everyone knew what I was talking about!

Also, re: the DVD, Greg was only estimating December. He didn't have an exact date. I am still trying to keep all the relevant news on GargoylesDVD.com; I'll be updating that with the little we know in the morning.

Kaylle - [kaylle at ladyavalon dot com]

Yah, I didn't go to the Gathering, but I heard the news and gave it to the Ultimate Disney guy... didn't expect to get my name in their and everything...
Battle Beast - [Canada]
That is all I will say.

Back from the Gathering!! WHOO! We all had a blast. Thumbs up to this years Con staff for pulling off a great time!

I'm off to write up my con journal and brainstorm with my fellow Gathering 2006 staffers for next year... not to mention, finally get some SLEEP!

...as Gorebash said... Two words: strip club!

Jennifer "CrzyDemona" Anderson

For those of you who did not attend the Gathering (like moi), did you hear the news about the Season 2 DVD? Here's the news from UltimateDisney.com:

"More of Disney's "Gargoyles" is on the way! UD forum member 'Battlebeast3' informs us that at the past weekend's Gathering of the Gargoyles convention in Las Vegas, the show's creator/producer Greg Weisman announced that "Gargoyles" Season 2, Part 1 will arrive in December. This three-disc will hold 26 episodes of the mid-'90s animated series (#'s 14-40) with audio commentaries and more bonus features to be announced."

I'm so excited!!! :)

Hope you guys who went to the Gathering had fun!

Kristen - [zzilly14@yahoo.com]
This statement is false.

Hope those who went to the Gathering had fun and made it back safe. Can't wait to read all the news and con-diaries.

I swear, one of these days, I'm going to go to a Gathering.


Hey everybody!

What a great Gathering! It was SUCH a blast and I already can't wait for next year in Los Angeles!
My con diary will be coming soon but before I post it I wanted to make a couple of notes...

For everybody who was at The Gathering's opening cerimonies; What did you think of "The Last" lecia reel, huh? Pretty sweet! If you enjoyed this, please send your praise to vashkoda@glaringdream.org. Vash worked her butt off over the past two years doing the scanning, coloring, timing, adding music, and sound effects to present us with this special treat and really deserves some praise for her efforts. Also, be sure to visit her site, Gargoyles News Central (http://crossroads.dragonmists.org/fantasy/central/gnc.html). It's a great place for the latest and greatest Gargoyles new (the con, the comic, the dvd, etc.)

To any of you articstically-inclined people who were impressed by "The Last" and would be interested in helping fill in the gaps for acts II and III, please e-mail myself and Vashkoda

To everybody else, there is STILL time to take advantage of the special Gathering 2005 registration rate for next year's con! Even if you're not sure you'll be able to make, please seriously consider registering! The price is only $25 and is good until this Friday (the 5th) and the more money we get up front, the sooner we can start putting it into the con! http://www.gatheringofthegargoyles.com/g2006/register/

IRC Goliath - [goliath1 [at] pacbell [dot] net]

Finally watched my tape of "Avalon Part Three" today. A few comments on it.

There's a small bit at the beginning that raises the question over exactly who was controlling Macbeth and Demona. Everywhere else, it's the Weird Sisters. But when Goliath is trying to get through to Demona and Macbeth, and almost succeeds, it's the Archmage who steps in and foils him, saying "They're my creatures now". Of course, the Sisters *were* working for him at the time - and this is the "enhanced Archmage" we're talking about here.

I still like the design of the Hollow Hill. One thing that strikes me about it is that it could be a reconciliation between two different legends about where King Arthur is sleeping, waiting for his time to return. While one version places him on Avalon, another places him in a hidden cave somewhere in Britain. The Hollow Hill allows both versions to be correct (except for the cave being in Britain, of course). Note also that there are a lot of niches in the walls, each one containing a suit of armor with a coat of arms over it. Could these be some sort of memorial to the knights of the Round Table? (The "Arthur in a cave" legends often have him surrounded by his knights, also sleeping; the King Arthur of "Gargoyles" sleeps alone, of course, but the niches could be a way of alluding to that tradition.)

I've mentioned this before, but I'm probably the only person who didn't see the flashback to Princess Katharine and Tom playing with the young gargoyles as taking place in the daytime; the sky in that scene looked dark enough for nighttime to me.

There's a little bit in the Magus's flashbacks which might or might not be an animation nit. When Princess Katharine, Tom, and the Magus go to Avalon in Part One, Tom's wearing his "Guardian of the Eggs" uniform. But in the first flashback scene told by the Magus, when we see the three of them on Avalon shortly after their arrival, Tom's back in his peasant boy attire from "Awakening" instead. (I wonder if it's indeed an animation nit comparable to Elisa's black shirt being short-sleeved in "The Green" and long-sleeved in "Sentinel".)

I still find the Magus's part of the story very moving, including his death at the end. (I've also mentioned this before, but he was indeed in good condition still, despite his age - Elisa had trouble keeping up with him all the way to the Hollow Hill!)

Demona and Elisa have a fight for the last time to date in the series. I'm hoping that we can get a few fresh altercations between them in the comic when it comes out (after the kiss, Demona's going to have all the more desire to rip Elisa's throat out!).

I still find it amazing that Princess Katharine, coming from the 10th century, can figure out a laser rifle so quickly - but I suppose that it's the old "Don't mess with the mother" principle at work.

I sometimes find myself wondering if part of the reason for the Grimorum consuming the Archmage from within was that the Eye (while the Archmage was wearing it) was somehow shielding the Grimorum from the law against human magic entering Avalon - and once Goliath tore the Eye away from the Archmage, that same law took immediate and very drastic effect.

I still really like the bit where Goliath and the Archmage get transported by the Phoenix Gate all over the place. And the Archmage manages to get in a little "Wizard of Oz" hommage in his final moments.

So the battle for Avalon is over, and the Avalon World Tour is about to begin....

Todd Jensen


The site worked for me, so I sent you an email with what I could find. Hope it helps.

The Sadistic Cow
My friends say I should act my age. What's my age again?


I'm having a bit of trouble contacting the folks who ran the gathering and put out the Eye of Odin books. I'm supposed to give them my address so I can get mine (free as a reward for writing one of the stories in it) but I can't get the official Gathering web site to work for me to contact them and give them my address. Can anyone who knows their email address please email it to the address I've put above? (I don't want their email address being posted here for spammers to see, and the one I've provided is my spam-catcher account.)

Thanks a lot.

Stormy - [decepticoncommand@hotmail.com]

OMG !!! Gathering = the most fun convention that I have ever been too. Greg and Tom are really fun to hug ;-)

Being a first time convention goer I will be back next year. Thanks everyone at the con for making me feel like family. And hudson im still going to molest you when I see you agian. ;-)

I'll post pictures as soon as I recover from the long drive back.

Shara Mordinae - [jeanie54_2000@yahoo.com]

DEMONSKRYE - I agree with you about the Quarrymen. Castaway shouldn't be conscious enough of the gargoyles' true nature to have it form the basis of his plans against them, in particular; at this point, he *has* to believe that the gargoyles are evil monsters in order to preserve enough of his sanity to function normally enough to run the Quarrymen. Any realization that they're really protectors and wouldn't abandon humans in need would probably result in his suffering too much of a breakdown to continue the fight. In fact, I don't think that Castaway can consciously accept the idea of gargoyles as "good guys" any more than Demona can consciously accept the idea of humans (including Elisa) as able to live in peace with gargoyles and being anything other than utter bigots.

Yes, Greg originally planned that episode to involve four tricksters in all, but later on, IIRC, he decided that four tricksters would make things too complicated and decided to just have it be Raven (though planning to do something with Coyote the Trickster and Anansi in another episode).

Raven would need to be introduced to newcomers, as well - though at least he has the advantage of being a "pre-existing" mythical being as opposed to a complete invention of the series. (The same with Puck - I assume that even the people coming to "Gargoyles" for the first time must have heard of him through "A Midsummer Night's Dream", though they'll still need to have it explained about Puck's double identity as Owen and the restrictions placed on him by Oberon.)

Re Demona and Angela: I'd forgotten about that. Greg said at the Gathering 2001 that he'd planned for Demona to lie low for a while after "Hunter's Moon" (it would obviously take some time to recover from the last-minute failure of a five-hundred-year-old plan), though she'd be back eventually, of course.

Todd Jensen

What about Demona/Angela relationship? nathing new of that in the comics ??????

Hi guys. At the airport now on my way to Cleveland for a week-long work-related con.

Bit of a hangover. :\

Two words: strip club. 8D

Wildest con yet. I'll post more when I recover.

Gorebash - [gorebash@s8.org]

Excellent idea, Todd, especially since I wasn't aware some of these were intended for as soon as Season 3. So here's my thinking on the topics

1. I am looking forward to a more balanced vision of the Quarrymen, even though I still haven't seen much of TGC. The important thing is that most of the people joining the group are going to be civilians who are just frightened by the sudden revelation of these strange creatures in their midst. With the possible exception of Castaway, they're not going to be endangering innocent civilians in attempts to frame the gargoyles, and even Castaway probably wouldn't go out of his way to hurt anybody; he doesn't need the added guilt. Whether it's through ingnorance or self-delusion, these people honestly believe that the gargoyles really are a threat.

2. If I remember right, this story was supposed to be a total TricksterFest as well, with Coyote (non-robot_ and Anansi making appearences as well. Correct me if I'm wrong there. Sounds like it could be a lot of fun.

3. Yeah, I'm not expecting "TimeDancer" anytime soon either. There's a reason the Avalon World Tour didn't happen during the first season. If this comic is going to work, it has to be accessable to new readers without boring us old timers. Nice as it would be to see the start and end results of the whole TimeDancer saga in the space in continuity where Greg wanted it, it's just way too soon when we have new readers to consider.

4. This is the one I really didn't expect to be scheduled so soon. Greg may have to write Reynard into a few more sotries before his eventual death so that newcomers will get at least some of the intended impact. A potentially very powerful story which I hope makes it in.

5. If Greg can successfully clue everyone else in to the clones' backstory, I think this is a shoe-in. It's a really fun idea, an important point in the Goliath-Elisa relationship, and an extra bonus if they can get the issue out in October.

6. There was some mention (by Gorebash, I think?) in last week's room about research being done as to where the right for the "Coldstone in the Himalayas" story stand. If the rights a clear, I suspect we'll see it.

7. Since this would have to come a little bit later anyway, I doubt it would be hard to slip a story with the current Pack into the pipeline before they upgrade again.

Here's a tought: maybe the next Gathering could feature a comic script reading for the radio play.

*cough*HACK*cough* I gots a cold

Patrick> Right, nothing. So post Gathering reports already! :P
"There are times when it seems to me that it would be a source of personal pride not to be human." - Hobbes

Number 10!

Now move along, folks, nothing to see here. ;)

Patrick Toman
"I have been denied everything, even my CONVENTION!!!" - Keith David

9th??? Still???
Battle Beast - [Canada]
That is all I will say.

Just to help move things along...


Phil - [p1anderson@go.com]

........................7th. With so many people at the convention, Monday morning and we're still counting through the top ten.



Since we know that Greg's plans for the Gargoyles comic consist of doing the Season Three that he wanted to do, I thought that it would be worthwhile to briefly list the basic story-ideas that we know he had for Season Three (the ones that he's alluded to at "Ask Greg").

1. The introduction of the Quarrymen. Which was done in "The Journey", of course. A big advantage of the comic is that we can finally see what Greg's full plans were for the Quarrymen past "The Journey", just the thing that we need to counteract the take that the "Goliath Chronicles" did on them. I suspect that the "Quarrymen issue" would really have been more the "Castaway issue", incidentally, with the Quarrymen's role being more the spear-carriers and dupes who'd be assisting him, but the focus being on Castaway himself. (We know that Greg planned for Jason to discover Castaway's true identity and attempt to dissuade him from the course that he was taking.) Certainly I belive that Greg's Quarrymen would have been a lot more low-key than the hopelessly rash "Goliath Chronicles" Quarrymen (and it would make better sense for them to do things on a "low-publicity" scale; they are vigilantes, after all, so they don't want the police to be that aware of their anti-gargoyle activities. I have a strong suspicion that there'd be many people in New York who aren't that fond of gargoyles, but who would still oppose the Quarrymen on the grounds of "If you want to do something about those creatures, put away those hoods and hammers and join the Gargoyle Task Force!").

2. Alex getting kidnapped by Raven (the story that the Goliath Chronicles turned into "Ransom"). I'm still curious over Raven's purpose in this story. He'd obviously have to have left Avalon with Oberon and Titania's permission, but why would they approve another kidnapping attempt, since Titania had been satisfied with the arrangement over Puck tutoring Alex. Had she changed her mind, or is she using Raven to test Puck's ability to protect her grandson?

3. Timedancer - not the spin-off as a whole, but just Brooklyn being whisked away by the Phoenix Gate and returning with Katana, Nashville, Tachi, and Fu-Dog five minutes later. We know that Greg had planned that as an early Season Three story (probably the second or third story), but I wonder if it might not wind up being a little later in the comic than that, since he's setting up the comic so that it'll introduce the gargoyles to people who aren't familiar with them. In such a situation, he'd want to take some time to familiarize the readers with the clan as it was by the end of "Hunter's Moon", which means doing a few stories with the clan in that state before dramatically changing things by aging Brooklyn forty years and adding four new members.

4. The death of Halcyon Renard. A story that would obviously feature prominently, alongside Renard, Goliath, Fox, Vogel, and probably Titania in her Anastasia Renard form (the people who'd be most strongly affected by Renard's passing).

5. Goliath and Elisa's "double date" on Halloween.

6. The team-up between Iago/Coldsteel and Coyote 5.0. I wonder if Greg would try to work some of the "Coldstone in the Himalayas" story that he'd planned for the first comic, in a flashback form, here?

7. The Ultra-Pack (since it would involve Coyote 6.0, this story will obviously have to take place after the Coldsteel story). Since (again) the comic is being written as much for newcomers to "Gargoyles" as for established fans, I suspect that Greg will need to give us a good look at the "post-Upgrade" Jackal, Hyena, and Wolf before upgrading them again, so that the newcomers can get a proper sense of their previous state. (One thing that I can't help thinking about the Ultra-Pack, though, is that, no matter how dramatic the upgrading will be, it still will have difficulty comparing to "Upgrade". There we had the transformation of Jackal, Hyena, and Wolf from relatively normal humans into a couple of cyborgs and a wolf-man. The Ultra-Pack will be only converting the bizarre to the even more bizarre, and no matter how dramatic the "after" product will be, it can't compare to converting the normal to the bizarre.)

We also know that Thailog will be back, though we don't know as yet (which is probably just as well) what his schemes would involve. (I wonder if he'd be the antagonist in the double date story. We know that Delilah would have a prominent role in it, and since Thailog's linked to the Clones, it wouldn't be too far-fetched to have him show up as a result. Of course, if the double date story had been an animated episode, Thailog were to be the antagonist, and Officer Morgan - as opposed to Jason Canmore - was to be Elisa's date in the story, Keith David would really earn his pay check for that story!)

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