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Dang! I missed a deadline for posting a con jrnl? When was it? And why wasn't I notified?? Dangit! Do ya still need them? I can whip one up quick. I'm still workin' on mine...
Jade Griffin

i was wondering, why is that Greg didnt turn Bronx (in the mirror) into a rotwailer . That would be so great!!

A moment of silence for Supreme Court Justice William Rehnquist, who passed yesterday at the age of 80, having led the Court for the past 19 years.

Flags will be flying at half-mast this Labor Day for many reasons, it seems.


Spike> Thank god. Is his family alright?

I've already donated some money to the red cross... but if Wraith needs some personal help, pass along the word to him and ask him if it's okay if I get his contact info so I can help him out with more?

Brooklyn Magus

Oh, and P.S. ...

I said a prayer for all those affected in the Southland... 'specially in N.O.

Thinking about you...

Battle Beast - [Canada]
That is all I will say.

Hey hey hey all!

I am back from my fab-u-lous trip to SoCal!!!

Did U miss me? Please, Don't anaswer that. :P

Anywho, that's it for now...

Battle Beast - [Canada]
That is all I will say.

I'm very glad to hear Wraith is ok. My thoughts and prayers to those going through this disaster. Somehow, they just don't seem to be enough though. :(

I wanted to apologize and my LJ was the only way I could think to do it. Please, click my name and forgive me.

If all the world's a stage, please help me find my script.

BM>> Just heard from Wraith -- he's safe in Baton Rouge. He's been working with the Red Cross there since Katrina hit and reports that things are very grim.

If you can, please donate to the hurricane relief efforts. From what Wraith has told me, it's really, really needed.


Gorebash: I'm mailing out what I can spare for this month. I just wish there were some way of knowing exactly where the money was going. I'd hate to think it might be going to this guy in Alabama who snapped at me earlier tonight when I tried to express my sympathy. I suppose I should be more tolerant (he does have a right to be upset), but tolerance is one of the main reasons rudeness is so rampant in our society today.

Matt Fews: I've never really kept my eye open for that sort of thing in Gargoyles. I didn't catch the gun that changed between the end of "Awakening, Part Three" and the beginning of Part Four until Greg pointed it out in the DVD Commentary. While we're on the subject of animation faux pas, there was something similar in the early episodes of Batman: The Animated Series, which I didn't notice until watching one of the episodes with the commentary on. The producers talked about something called a "Backwards Bat," and actually pointed two out in the episode I watched. Apparently, early on in the show, the animation studio in Japan would sometimes mess up on the color scheme, and reverse the colors to the emblem on Batman's chest (making a yellow bat on a black field, and not vice versa like it's supposed to be). Like the changing gun in "Awakening," I probably would never have noticed if someone hadn't told me it was there.

Guandalug: They're coming. I'm aware that I promised to write them, and I was raised to regard promises as sacred. Life's kinda hectic at the moment, but they're coming.

Siren: I always enjoyed the way the scream at the end when Fox was reverting back to a human shifted from an animalistic howl to just a normal human scream. The sound morphed with the image, which is still one of my favorite effects from that show (coming in at a close second would probably be the sound effect from that scene in "Temptation" when Demona slams the Grimorum shut).

Harvester of Eyes - [Minstrel75@gmail.com]
"There was a choice but now it's gone. I said you wouldn't understand. Take what's yours and be damned."

Todd > If you count individual Con posts, then we get about 40 ^_^
Chameleon may change her spots, but she refuses to do plaid

Guandalug la'Fay - College just started back for me last Thursday and I've been doing good to only need a *2* hour nap when I get home. [Tuesday, I slept for 6 hours when I got home.] I'm going to try to get one summary typed up this weekend.
Whatever happenned to simplicity?

I'd just like to say....it's been a while since I watched Eye of the Beholder (working on the commercial)...so long, that I forgot just how damn cool Fox's transformation was!

Thanks, Guandalug. I'm glad that you liked it.

My count is 19 Gathering reports. Surprisingly small number (I hope that Greg won't be too disappointed by it).

Todd Jensen
"Human problems become gargoyle problems" - Goliath, M.I.A.

Todd> Thank you VERY much for typing all of this. I was going to announce you works as soon as I got the whole first season up and running, but then you beat me to it :) Now, it IS uploaded, so people - go and check out comments.

And just as a reminder: There are SOME people here who promised me a Summary/Synopsis for an episode. Todd wrote MUCH more than a single episode... so, where are those Summaries?

Guandalug la'Fay - [guandalug@gargoyles-fans.org]

So now that time's up, how many gathering journals were posted? (I suppose I could go count them myself, but I'm just lazy.)
Phil - [p1anderson@go.com]

d'oh... I was going to do a G2005 journal comment last night and forgot =( ah well, I did post a few weeks ago, but didn't get to any convention activity, sigh, just notes on my arrival and lost luggage... double sigh.



A little, lighter news for the comment room (after the reports of the disaster at New Orleans). Guandalug asked me a while ago if I'd be interested in writing some ramble-reviews for "Gargoyles" for the GFW. I agreed to it, and wrote up some reviews for the first season (I'll start on the second season in a while - I'll probably skip the Goliath Chronicles). He's just put up my reviews for all five parts of "Awakening" in the Episodes section of the GFW (and it probably won't be long before the other eight episode-reviews, which I've already sent off, will be joining them there).

Each review includes not only a discussion of the episode itself, but a few "Tidbits" at the bottom, various pieces of behind-the-scenes trivia (such as Greg's "Nice mask" line in "Awakening Part Two" and Elisa's rejected surnames, such as Chavez, Bluestone, and Reed, being applied to other characters).

Todd Jensen
"Human problems become gargoyle problems" - Goliath, M.I.A.

Brooklyn Magus>> Actually, Wraith himself lives up in Shreveport. His family has a home in New Orleans but I don't know if anyone was in residence at the time.

Next paycheque I'm wiring some money to my friend's sister who lives in New Orleans. She's got a little baby and she was stranded there.

I hope everyone who was hit by Katrinia is doing okay. Cheers.

The Sadistic Cow
My friends say I should act my age. What's my age again?

SIREN - Well, according to Greg, gargoyle beasts are more prone to go after pigeons than after cats. On the other hand, the transformed dogs would probably still possess a canine mentality (in the same way that the transformed humans were still humans on the inside, even if gargoyles on the outside), so who knows? Probably just as well that Puck left them alone, in that case.
Todd Jensen
"Human problems become gargoyle problems" - Goliath, M.I.A.

Hey... this is for anyone that remembers who Wraith is, and may still keep in touch with him (Spike do you?) ... does anyone know if he's okay? Last time I heard from him I heard he was living in New Orleans. If anyone knows e-mail me?
Brooklyn Magus - [AceNYCWolf@yahoo.com]

Hey guys. Not to be a downer, but if you've got a couple of bucks lying around, think about donating to the Red Cross. Things are really bad for people hit by the hurricane, especially in New Orleans, and it's going to get a lot worse before it gets better. I guess they don't expect the water to stop rising for a few days. And with no power, and sewage and other stuff floating around there's probably going to a lot of problems in the coming days.

Red Cross lets you donate online (click my name). They'll take donations as small as 5 bucks. I put in $100 myself, but anything you can throw in would be very cool.

And I know there are other things going on in the world that deserve just as much attention and support and why don't I do a "please donate" post for each one... It's that this one just hit close to home, I guess.

So if you've got a few bucks you can donate, cool. If not, no worries.

Back to your regularly scheduled Gargoyles (QFT! bi-montly starting in 2006!)

Gorebash - [gorebash@s8.org]

Matt Fews: It's not an animation glitch, but an editing error. Goliath doesn't break out of Hudson's stone skin; he breaks out of his own skin, but it's only there for one frame. So, our human eyes see it as Goliath exploding out of Hudson's stone skin, but try watching it in slow motion. They should've kept the Goliath frame in there longer, but oh, well...
D. Taina
Fly, my pretties! Fly! Mwahaha!

God help the cats in NY should that have happened, Todd
Sea Turtle Cuteness!!!

I watched Enter Macbeth this morning and I noticed an animation glitch. Right before Macbeth introduces himself, as they awaken for the night, why is it we see Goliath break out from Hudson's stone skin.
Matt Fews
Long live Greg the Bunny

Does anybody besides me suspect that one reason why Goliath nominated Puck for the job of teaching Alex (alongside the fact, of course, that Puck was the obvious candidate) was to get a little of his own back for that "Future Tense" illusion? The way that Keith David delivers the line "What about him?" does give me that impression.

At least Puck didn't turn all the dogs in the city into gargoyle beasts - though that would have been entertaining. (For Puck and the audience, that is - probably not for everyone else.)

Todd Jensen
"Human problems become gargoyle problems" - Goliath, M.I.A.

Heheh Fang. I lvoe fang. He's sexy for a furrie. ;-)

The Mutates being out of the city is a good explanation. Also, they no longer count as human.

Coldstone isn't a gargoyle at all anymore. All metal, and reanimated stone. There is no living flesh there. So I think he stayed the same.

Greg Bishansky
I am so going to the Special Hell

Shara: Fang was the brown one. Claw was the one that resembled a tiger. And to answer your question, I liked Fang a lot. Probably one of the best things I've seen Jim Belushi do.

Todd: I was under the impression that Coldstone is no longer a true gargoyle, but is rather a combination of science and magic inhabited by the souls of several gargoyles. Perhaps there'd be some loophole that would prevent the spell from affecting him. Bronx is a "gargoyle beast," so I imagine that's why he wasn't changed when Demona said "turn the gargoyles to humans." If I'm not mistaken, I believe that the shattered remains of a gargoyle were one of the ingredients that went into Coldstone, but I wouldn't consider him to be a gargoyle in the sense that Goliath and the others are gargoyles.

Something else I thought of, and this is actually fueled by a discussion a few months ago in the TGS CR. In "Future Tense," if Puck had successfully managed to fool Goliath by impersonating Elisa, I'm wondering if he then would have changed back into his true form and then said something like "gotcha!" or something along those lines. Given what we know about him, I think he probably would have. So I think for the most part, the Gargoyles universe should consider itself lucky that Oberon put that restriction on Puck in "The Gathering."

Harvester of Eyes - [Minstrel75@gmail.com]
"Freedom, baby, is never having to say you're sorry." -Al Pacino in "The Devil's Advocate."

Just curious while we are on the subject of the mutates. Who was everyones fav Mutate. Mine was Claw. The brown cat one.

Webcomic. The site got an update and we have an offical opening date right now. Also the gargoyle survey script has been fixed and thats up and running now. Check it out. If anyone knows any good holloween fan fictions. Setting does'nt have to be ON holloween. Just creepy fan fictions. We're looking for one for a comic for october.


Shara - [jeanie54_2000@yahoo.com]

Well, the Mutates weren't gargoyles. They were human, feline, bat, and eel mutations. So I doubt the spell had an effect on them. But it is an intriging thought.

One thing that I found myself suddenly wondering today, after that topic was brought up, was: what happened to the Mutates during "The Mirror"? They had been humans once, but had now been altered into something much closer to gargoyles. So what did they become under Puck's spell? (Mind you, if I was the one stuck with providing an answer to the question, I'd take the easy way out and assume that they weren't in Manhattan at all at the time - which would make sense, since if I was to be mutated into a winged feline, I certainly wouldn't want to be in a big city - I'd be looking for somewhere out in the country to hide.)

For that matter (which is probably getting really silly), I find myself momentarily wondering whether, when Puck changed the gargoyles into humans, Coldstone might have temporarily become a petrified human with robotic parts back at the clock tower. Though I doubt it.

On to a more serious matter. On the subject of "incidental characters", one thing that I'd like to know is whether we'll get to see that element around in the comic book when it comes out. I hope so; the practice may have begun as just a way of making life easier for the animators, but by now it's become as much part of "Gargoyles" as Goliath and Elisa's feelings for each other, Demona's hatred of humanity and suppressed guilt, Xanatos's machiavellian schemings, "Gargoyles protect", "It is the nature of humans to fear what they do not understand", etc. A revival of "Gargoyles" simply wouldn't feel the same without those regular little background cameos from Brendan and Margot, Officer Morgan, the Jogger, etc. So I'm hoping that it'll make the transition to the comic.

In fact, I'm all the more certain that it'll stay in when I think back to Greg's "Once Upon A Time There Were Three Brothers" story at "Ask Greg". In the final instalment, when Prince Malcolm and Robbie (the future Captain of the Guard) arrive at Wyvern Hill to speak to the gargoyles there, they are initially greeted by a young gargoyle, who is clearly (judging from his description) "Othello"/Coldstone. Since Greg gave a role that could have been played by just any gargoyle at Wyvern Hill at the time to a gargoyle whom we specifically knew from the series in a "written-word format" with no illustrations accompanying it (and thus no need to reuse characters to make it easy on the artist), I think that we can safely say that we'll see the same thing in the comic. (I'd like to ask Greg himself about it, but by the time that my question in the queue would reach him, even if I submitted it today, the comic book would have long since begun by the time that it reached him, and although I have his e-mail address, I feel uncomfortable about e-mailing him directly about it - I don't want to abuse it.)

Todd Jensen
"Human problems become gargoyle problems" - Goliath, M.I.A.

Those sea turtles are very cute! Good to see them... considering the beaches near Clearwater and St. Petersburg lost several nesting sites due to the storms we had because of the hurricanes. I'm glad to see that some turtles survived somewhere. ^_^

Oh, just to pass along... my Monthly Gargoyles Caption Contest finished it's first cycle. The results are posted on my link -- and congrats to the winners! -- along with the next picture in the cycle. If you'd like to have fun, please visit there and check it out!

Thats all from me for now... Maintain and Check Six!

Stephen Sobotka Jr
"NoNoNoNO! Not the wed one... Don't ever push the WED ONE!"

Incidental Characters in "The Mirror"> In addtion to the character design concerns, putting in secondary or incidental characters into the episode as gargoyles would bring up one of two problems. Either showing them would take up time which would take away from the story. (Remember, when you have less than haf an hour to tell a story, even a few seconds spent on a shot inside of the castle showing Xanatos and Fox in gargoyle form is tough to justify.) Or, you'd have a character like Morgan hanging out in the background and running the risk that even the the most dedicated fans won't recognize him, resulting in a lot of work for nothing. Plus, with major characters like Xanatos and Fox, you'd get the feeling that there was a story not being addressed. After all, these are two characters who are, like Elisa, in the rare position of knowing what gargoyles are. So would this change their reaction to the transformation in any way? Would they also start to realize that something has changed? Even a really quick shot would have raised these questions and caused us to think about that story instead of watching the gargoyles turn into humans.

I agree it would have been fun to have a gargoyle Brandan and Margot, since they're already background characters and wouldn't need to have attention called to them. But still, it would be a bit of a challenge to design gargoyle characters that were still relatively recognizable as our favorite yuppie couple. Much easier to just say "we need a whole bunch of generic gargoyle designs with modern clothes."


Awwwww, those turtles are soooooooooo cute!!!!!

Ezmeralda - [Ezmeralda@mediablvd.com]

Absolutely nothing to do with Gargoyles, but click my name to see pictures of a sea turtle nest hatching :D
Sea Turtle Cuteness!!!

Whatever happenned to simplicity?


Regarding "The Mirror" comments - I suspect that they didn't have a big enough animating budget to take the time to work out gargoyle designs for the minor characters, given that they already had to come up with the "Elisa-as-a-gargoyle" and "the-clan-as-humans" designs. (They already did have the "incidental characters" concept in "Gargoyles" - Officer Morgan shows up, for example, in four different stories in Season One - though it may not have been as fully developed as it would be later on.)

And I suspect that they didn't want to include any scenes with Xanatos because they wanted to steer the audience away from thinking about him and his associates, so that people wouldn't get too suspicious about Puck's secret identity too early.

Todd Jensen
"Human problems become gargoyle problems" - Goliath, M.I.A.

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Leo - [<- Gathering 2005 Pics]