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*throws a rotten fish bomb under the couch*
We like our comment room monster-free. I know a little boy that needs a monster-under-the-bed though ...

Chameleongirl - [<- article on web-feud]
Chameleon may change her spots, but she refuses to do plaid


The Toothsome Thing Under the S8 Couch
*bu-uUUUURRP!*... 'scuse me.

snap! *crunch crunch crunch*

*chirp... chirp chirp... chirp*

Thanks for the countdown, Patrick. It's also 6 days until the movie premiere of "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" and 27 days until the movie premiere of "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe". We've definitely got some big days ahead of us.
Todd Jensen
"Gargoyles" - did for monstrous-looking statues what "Watership Down" did for rabbits!

Battle Beast - [Canada]
That is all I will say.

Patrick-We are? *scratches Head*


Matt > Last I checked, Canada and United States were different nations.

24 days left until Gargoyles Season 2, Volume 1 comes to DVD.

"Need more cowbell!" - Christopher Walken

Does anyone know where I can find a video of Etrigan from the previous Batman series.
Matt Fews
Season 2- Wahooo

Hi guys. I'm doing some fall housekeeping via Ebay. Included in my auctions are a Goliath/Elisa production cel and cleanup drawing (framed) and a Batman/Poison Ivy LTD cel. Click or surf. http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQfgtpZ1QQfrppZ25QQsassZmQ2ethecat

The Gathering Staff - it's not a job, it's an adventure!

suns energy> keep in mind that all plants on Earth are less then 5% efficient when it comes to photosynthesis, meaning that of all the energy hitting a plant from the sun, less then 5% of it is converted into sugars and starches. furthermore, when we and other consumers eat the plants we are one about 10% efficient, meaning of all the energy in a piece of fruit or vegetable matter only a tenth of it will we end up using or storing as fats. so really all the living things on earth that need sunlight use it, but use very little of it.
gargoyles are very unlikely to use much solar or thermal energy when sleeping. obviously they can continue living even when they sleep mostly in caves and whatnot. if Sevarius is right in his theory, gargs absorb energy from sunlight, but still the vast majority of their energy will come from food.
that said, the changing of length of days would have very very little effect on gargoyles when it comes to energy. now when we are talking about exhaustion and need to sleep, i can see gargoyles needing to stay in lower latitudes so they are not staying awake for more then say 20 hours, which could get exhausting i'm sure. i can see them being able to sleep more then 20 hours and being ok though, maybe long ago some gargoyles migrated...? its possible, and it makes a lot of sense, obviously a lot of creatures migrate for a lot of reasons. of course, gargs are pretty territorial, so maybe not. *shrugs*
the point is, DST only exists in the human mind, natural biological and solar clocks don't recognize Daylight Savings Time, and i'm sure gargoyles world-wide ignore this stupid human custom entirely.

matt - [ewoks11@hotmail.com]
"Do not despise the day of small beginnings." -Zechariah 4:10

Matt: If you're referring to the fact that Gargoyles might store less energy during the winter because the sun is not up as long, I honestly don't think it makes that much of a difference. Few people realize just how much energy is contained in the sun's rays. I think every second, the sun expends the same amount found in a thousand A-Bombs. That figure might be wrong (I haven't read up on it in a while), but I do know that it is quite powerful. If anything, I'd imagine that gargoyles would enjoy the winter, since they have zero control over their sleep cycle: when the sun rises, they turn to stone whether they like it or not. During winter, it rises later and sets earlier.

Battle Beast: If it gets hard being nice to a telemarketer, just tell yourself, at least they're being responsible enough to work and not leaching off your taxes.

Harvester of Eyes - [Minstrel75@gmail.com]
"Well, well, let's get on with it..." -The last line in Sartre's "No Exit."

Matt Fews> daylight savings time has nothing to do with the length of days. changing your clock ahead or behind an hour (or two hours, or twelve hours or whatever) will do nothing to affect the natural day/night cycle and length of day/night in different latitudes due to the planet's tilt. when we recently set our clock's back we did not lose or gain an hour of sunlight at all, likewise in the spring when we set our clock's an hour forward the sun will not magically rise and set at any different instance. DST is stupid, some countries/states/regions have realized this and stopped doing it, but most of us still do. unfortunatly the benefits of this are sparse at best and mostly it only serves to confuse people... and make them late/early to work...
sorry for the rant, i just hate DST.

matt - [ewoks11@hotmail.com]
"Do not despise the day of small beginnings." -Zechariah 4:10

Matt -- Not true; the term you're thinking of is "intercontinental." In another nation = international.

I've been thinking, does the internal Gargoyle body-clock have to deal with Daylight Savings Time especially since the days are shorter then the nights?

As for G2004 being billed as the first International Gathering, I find that as a bit of cheek since Quebec is still a part of North America where technically all of the Gatherings have been held, a truly international one would be say in England/South America/Japan and maybe in Africa/Australia.

Matt Fews
Season 2- Wahooo

Matt >>> It's already been stated in the press release what extras we'll be getting for the upcoming DVD set. Only "City of Stone" is getting commentary, none for the "Avalon" three-parter. Though apparently we're getting introductions from Greg on all 26 episodes, so there may be commentary-like bits preceding each of them.

I think it's pretty cool that there're two multi-parters on each of the Season 2 sets ("City of Stone" & "Avalon" for Part 1, "The Gathering" and "Hunter's Moon" for Part 2).

Re: Comment room slowing down

It seems to go through its ups and downs the way many boards do for completed TV shows/trilogies/comics. I hope it sticks around though, 'cause it's the only Gargoyles-related board I'm inclined to check and I don't feel like getting further into reading people's blogs since that can get tedious and/or addicting. As for not saying much...I comment when I feel I have something to say. I haven't seen most of Gargoyles in a decade, so these DVDs are VERY welcome in my house. Will definitely be around to discuss the comics (too bad Season 2 Part 2 won't be out on DVD before it, otherwise newbies and those rediscovering the fandom could've been caught up entirely before its start).

Battle Beast >>> It's not good for lots of fans to copy/paste the same message when trying to get through to a company regarding a complaint and/or advice on how to improve their product. Your suggestion to use the feedback form at Disney DVD is a good one, it's just that each person should write in their own distinct voice, otherwise Disney would be more likely to suspect it's the same fan sending in multiple entries (also, it has to get annoying for them to read the exact same thing. If we vary it up a little--while still arriving at the same point about including pilots--it'd probably make it a little easier on those who have to read the feedback). Giving more demographic info like your age helps as well.

Kris - [plekopleko@hotmail.com]

Todd, there also might be a commentary on Avalon, I wonder how that will turn.

I'm also looking forward to watching The Cage & Kingdom for the first time since G2004.

I'll try to attend g2006 but it depends on whether I find another job between now and then.

Matt Fews
Season 2- Wahooo

Hey the T-shirt has Xena on it! heh during the mid-nineties, Gargoyles and Xena were my life..very sad I know lol.
Purplegoldfish - [skydragonn@aol.com]

Haha Well since the room is dead Ill try to start a subject about helping spred the dvd word and see if anyone is interested in the same.

In january we are going to launch a website called the gargoyle publicity website.

Basicly we get booth space at conventions and do promtional Things. We just get some gargoyle cosplayers walking around the conventions passing out either flyers about the gathering, T-shirts, or other fun stuff just to get people to know the dvd is out. Or we talk to them about the gathering and things like that. It can be alot of fun.

We did this for 2005. Dressed up as a gargoyle and gave out T-shirts talked to others about the dvd and gregs comic at anime expo and comic con and some smaller conventions in california.

Anyone who helps out gets in free to the cons and a free hotel space. It's kind of the same thing we did at the gathering if anyone stoped and played our dice game. We also passed out some customized stickers we had made to pass out at conventions that where desgined by Y2Hecate.

If anyone is interested in helping us or finding out more email me.

Give me your comments or suggestions on this idea. It will help when we design the website.

Tshirts being passed out this year can be viewed if you click the link.

Publicity website will be located here


Shara - [Jeanie54_2000@yahoo.com]

Actually, we had a disscussion of this matter in the other CR a couple of weeks ago, and I myself agree with what Shannon said about it. Heck, I'm one of I think five people in the other CR who dosen't have a blog of some sort.
"Why is it that we rejoice at a birth and grieve at a funeral? It is because we are not the person involved" - Mark Twain

I don't keep a blog myself, but I've been quiet here for a while - more because, since I had no plans to buy the "Duck Tales" or "Rescue Rangers" DVDs, the absence of the pilot episodes on them seemed like Somebody Else's Problem to me, and so I didn't have anything to say on that issue. And I didn't have any big new thoughts on "Gargoyles", so I was waiting until either I did or else somebody brought up something that I did have strong thoughts about.

Things might pick up once Greg launches the comic book next year and we'll have new Gargoyles stories for the first time in almost a decade. Or once the second Gargoyles DVD comes out. (I'm still looking forward to the "City of Stone" commentary - I wonder if they'll say anything on it about those two statues that Demona smashes that bear such a striking resemblance to a certain pair of yuppies.)

Todd Jensen
"Gargoyles" - did for monstrous-looking statues what "Watership Down" did for rabbits!

or maybe i just killed the CR with my last post... lol
matt - [ewoks11@hotmail.com]
"Do not despise the day of small beginnings." -Zechariah 4:10

Actually, I lurk a lot but rarely find reason to post. And I too, have noticed much the same decrease in traffic these days. Since the question's been raised, I'll share my thoughts.

I recently discovered that several people I've come to befriend from this fandom have blogs the same place I do, and seeing their friends lists, it appears that many of the people who used to show up in this comment room read one another's blogs every day. They were the big posters when I first found this room in 2001, names I know in a heartbeat, just like some people still here.

Since I don't know those other people as well, as a courtesy I try to steer clear of their blogs. Common courtesy, even though technically our lives are out there for anyone to read unless we lock off posts to friends. Those who do know me, I let know that I want to add them to my "friends" lists, and I see what's up in their lives.

This ability to use blogs may very well fill the same need this comment room used to, while letting each of them also control threads on subjects that interest them.

Or maybe that isn't it at all. Or perhaps multiple factors. I'm not entirely sure.

But that's my two cents as they say...

Shannon "Shan" Muir - [shanemuir@aol.com]
Shannon "Shan" Muir

Wow, with 14 hours between posts I wonder if people are still interested in this chat room.

Just a thought

Matt Fews
Season 2- Wahooo

kjay> I couldn
't possibly be a two disc set. There isn't enough room. Remember, a DVD can hiold around 3:30 min of video (give or take) which is why most 1 hour long shows have three episode per side of a disc, and most 1/2 hour shows have eight episodes per disc. ANd then they still have to add commentaries, menus, and the like. With Gargoyles having 28 eps, there will most likely be three discs. (could have four.)

FOR ALL OF YOU WHO BOUGHT THE DUCKTALES AND RESCUE RANGERS DVDS> Could I get your help?? I had a novel Idea: I am going to send this polite message to the good folks at DISNEY DVD at this website:


If we all send the message, maybe they will isten! even if you didn't buy the sets, you could help out...

To whom it may concern:

I recently purchased your sets of "Ducktales" and "Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers."

I was dissappointed to find out that the multi-parter pilot episodes the establish characters and setting, etc., were NOT included in the sets, even though they are the first episode of the respective series.

In the future, could you poosibly put these MULTI PARTER PILOTS EPISODES as the first ones on the discs, and not just by when they were aired?

I am quite happy with the discs, as they are, but I would have been much happier with said episodes included.

For future releases like "Dark-wing Duck," "Tale Spin," and "Gummie Bears," please, please, please, PLEASE, include the pilot episodes at the beginning.

Ihis information is not going to the right people, kindly pass it along.

I look forward to purchasing more quality Disney dvd sets in the future.

Thank you very much.

[Your Name], [your province/state/city]

the power of the people will compell them to act!

********MY RANT**********

I have been subscribing to TV GUIDE for a year. I live in ALberta, and get the guide for Edmonton. However, now they are going to do a edition for WESTERN Canada, not just BY CITY. This means my TV GUIDE will be in Pacific time (not mountain) and for Vancouver (Not edmonton). How am I supposed to know when anything is on when I don't get half the same channels, the channel numbers are different, and the time are one hour off??? Where are they triing to become Scrooge McDuck by making one edition??? Ugh!!! They lost a customer, they did.

***********END RANT*********

Battle Beast - [Canada]
That is all I will say.

Season 2>I'm glad the next season is coming out this year. I'm wondering if it will be a two disc set. The extra features should inculde Art,and stuff that didn't make it in the episode, ect.
Duck tales/Tail spin-I never knew there was a pliot episode for ducks tales, But When Duck tales came out I was in Grade school. 2nd or 3rd grade I think.

kjay - [tigonesskay@netzero.net]
Only 3 more months til I'm out of the army! Yay!

very random thing>

did anyone happen to watch "Trading Spouses" tonight? i don't watch a lot of tv, but the ads for this drew me in and i watched the show for the first time to see a ultra-christian mom go nuts. i laughed my @$$ off. anyway, the point is, i was wondering if anyone else caught her nearly unintelligable snarl about gargoyles being "ungodly" and "dark-side".
what a nut, someone should send her a copy of the DVD, i'd love to see her reaction to Elisa's mom saying "we can pray" hmmph.

matt - [ewoks11@hotmail.com]
"Do not despise the day of small beginnings." -Zechariah 4:10

Congrats to Greg Weisman for clearing all the 2003 questions. It's less than 100 questions before he runs into the next set of gathering journals.

Drat, I was hoping to find out where Demona and Macbeth got the disk that they used to install the operating system back into the Cold Stone body during High Noon.

Whatever happenned to simplicity?

I found the dvd here, in argentina and...IS SO F******* EXPENSIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XO my goddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 buaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Hear Hear.
Battle Beast - [Canada]
That is all I will say.

Battle Beast- Agreed. A major Kudos to Greg Weisman. He's getting nothing for going out of his way to get Gargoyles put out on DVD in the correct manner just to make the fans happy(other than the satisfaction that it will be done correctly). As I said before, It may well be his baby, but he's getting nothing for it-and frankly he damn well should be. We were very lucky fans to see Gargoyles as the first "catalogue" TV show title that disney decided to put out on DVD-and seeing what they are now doing with Ducktales and Rescue Rangers, We have been a very lucky bunch of fans.
Raise a glass of whatever you have to to drink right now to Greg Weisman-because we do owe him a great deal helping to make this happen.


Greg Bishansky> I agree. I work retail (at a wholesale store...) and I have to put up with BS everyday. Although B&CF had a good idea, it just wouldn't work. Unless a manager took notice and wrote down the complaints and then handed them over to BVHE or who ever. Ain't gonna happen.

I now have much repsect for other cashiers. I mean, when something goes wrong and they keep saying "sorry, sorry, sorry," I just keep telling them, "It's ok, I know what your going through." rather than being impatient like customers are with me.

Telemarketers> My best friend is one. I know what he goes through. My parents did the same thing for two years at night to support my family, so I know how they feel. I've tried to be nice to them, but they keep calling and it gets to be a bit much. (There is only so much I can take.)

THANK YOU, GREG!> Thank GOD for Greg Weisman and his handling of the season sets. If Greg had never came to this forum, we wouldN't have the Expanded universe, or the inside info, or the gatherings, (possibly) or the DVDs even! Would we still remember the show ten years later, or would it be a footnote in the Disney archives???

Points to ponder. (Not ment to become a hot topic.)

The security code is "a535". (Rub a535?) Tee Hee.

Battle Beast - [Canada]
That is all I will say.

Greg B: Hear, hear.

Matt: Everyone should work as many of those shit-jobs as they possibly can. I'm never hanging up on a telemarketer again. From now on, I tell them that I know they're only doing a job, and I'm glad that they're working for a living, but that I don't purchase things over the phone.

Harvester of Eyes - [Minstrel75@gmail.com]
"There is water at the bottom of the ocean." David Byrne.

Blaqthourne & Crimson Fury> yeah, i was gonna say the same thing Greg B did, but he got to it first. seriously, never, ever take your aggravation at a company or place of business out on someone behind the counter, unless they specifically are your source of frustration. i've worked many jobs in my time and one of the human constants that i've learned from said jobs is that people love to bitch and complain to you even if (or maybe esspecially if) you can't do anything about it. one of my biggest pet peeves is people who are not good to lowly employees, like waiters, those working cash registers, etc. but what REALLY pisses me off is when the people who complain once had these jobs themselves and have been through these frustrations and still treat people like crap. lack of empathy is one of the biggest problems in this world, IMHO.
so, leave the clerks at the Disney Store alone, i can guarantee they will not call up the top dogs at Disney to inform them of your complaints, and you'll only contribute to an already bad day of working at the Disney Store.
*end of rant*

matt - [ewoks11@hotmail.com]
"Do not despise the day of small beginnings." -Zechariah 4:10

I just checked with TV.com and for Ducktales and Talespin and I found no trace of the Ducktales pilot episode being mentioned over there and for Talespin the 4 part pilot entitled Plunder & Lightning was shown half-way through the season.

Of course Ducktales might go the way of Spongebob and have the pilot on the Season 3 set.

Matt Fews
Season 2- Wahooo

<<Here's an idea to show your outrage: get everyone you know to go to a Disney store, pick up the DVD set as their only purchase, and at the checkout counter suddenly "remember" that the pilot isn't included, mention this to the cashier (having the store manager there would be a bonus), leave it at the counter and walk out.>>

Um... speaking as someone who used to work retail, let me tell you right now that you won't accomplish anything... anything at all by doing this. The most you'll do is piss off one or two employees working at a job they probably hate, and don't need the extra aggravation over something they have nothing to do with.

Greg Bishansky
"I just don't trust anything that bleeds for five days and doesn't die" - Mr. Garrison

And they called it a mass-a-cray.
(Though wasn't the movement bit from the sequel to Alice's Restaurant? When the narrator was being injected, infected, rejected, etc. by the draft board?)

Anyway, the episode order for Ducktales through TaleSpin (at least!) is all messed up, anyway. The pilot episodes are placed rather late in the official production order, IIRC. Also, I believe the pilots were actually scheduled fairly late in the official airing order, ignoring the feature-length "special" versions that aired before shows were broadcast.

I'm hoping that the episodes are being released in airing order, as the UltimateDisney site suggests. That would mean that the pilots eps. for these series will be released later, at the "appropriate" time.

Y'know, we could ask Greg W. why the order of episodes for these series was so screwy. I mean, TaleSpin could even have a sort of continuity if it was shown in a reasonable order. :shrugs:

At least it's not like The Raccoons, the Canadian cartoon mentioned here a few weeks ago, which is only being released in small "best of" compilations. What I would give to understand the business end of releasing cartoons on DVD; there must be some non-obvious factors that make things turn out screwy sometimes.

JJ Gregarius
Like the man said, "There are no problems; only solutions!"

Blaqthourne & Crimson Fury: Heh, funny, I played Arlo Guthrie's "Alice's Restaurant" on my radio show this past Sunday:-) "You can get every EP you want, except the Ducktales pilot on DVD"

Look at it this way folks, We've been lucky, We've had Greg looking out for his baby at Disney-making sure it's been treated well and released properly on DVD (Keeping in mind I haven't seen season 2 yet on DVD and the eps will be in the proper order). The Ducktales and Rescue Rangers releases likely don't had anyone looking out for them with the same interest and care like our Gargoyles does. I suppose we're lucky at all that these things are coming out at all. Still it would be nice if a fan of the show was put in charge of the release so extra care would be put into getting these sets right. I'm so tired of hearing about many of these box sets(not just Disney) being released with Syndicated(edited) episodes, replaced music, Mono soundtracks when they were originally stereo, bad or no restoration. We pay good money for these things and then get stung with the results. I'll buy the ducktails and rescue rangers sets-but like the previous comments, I'm not happy about the screw ups.
Advance warning: Talespin and Darkwing Duck sets better be in true stereo Disney!
Personally though, the next set I want to see out is Gummi Bears.


BattleBeast> My take on the review was that the reviewer was pretty happy with it except for the lack of extras and pilot, which s/he points out was reaired later in five separate episodes.

Here's an idea to show your outrage: get everyone you know to go to a Disney store, pick up the DVD set as their only purchase, and at the checkout counter suddenly "remember" that the pilot isn't included, mention this to the cashier (having the store manager there would be a bonus), leave it at the counter and walk out.

Could you imagine, could you imagine 50 people a day walkin' into a Disney store mentioning the lack of the pilot and walkin' out! They might think it's a movement. And that's what it is: The DuckTales No Pilot Included Movement.

Sorry, got a certain song stuck in my head.

Blaqthourne & Crimson Fury

Looks like the fellas at Ultimatedisney.com were less than enthused about the Ducktales set too. check out their review.


Battle Beast - [Canada]
That is all I will say.

Demonskrye> I too bought the DVD sets today. Boy, am I ticked! My favorite episodes of Chip N' Dale is the first four eps, a multi parter, and I was dying to see them again. To my horror, they aren't even on the discs! I BOUGHT THESE DISCS EXPECTING THEM TO BE "THE FIRST 27 EPISODES 1-27." (like the complete first season part 1. Man oh man am I P***** off!!!

If you read the disc cases, they say "Cartoon selction" and list the eps, leading me to belive that these are just compilations of the best (or, quite frankly, any) of the episodes. I will still enjoy these episodes, but I am REALLY dissapointed. REALLY.

And for that matter, I agree with everything Demonskrye said. You can't have GARGOYLES without Awakening. It just don't work.

Battle Beast - [Canada]
PI**** in Edmonton

I should also mention that, having actually taken the DuckTales set out and watched some of it, neither set contains the multipart pilot for its respective show and i am NOT happy about it. There's no indication on the box that these episodes are omitted; it just says "1-27". Disney.com seems to be playing the "never heard of it" game, with no mention of the sets on their site or release calendar. (Season 2, Part 1, however, is in the upcoming releases.) Now granted, these shows aren't quie the headless snake that Gargoyles minus "Awakening" would be. But the pilots of both still do set up the characters and ideas for each show pretty well and I've heard nothing but praise for the DuckTales pilot. (My own memories of it or a little sketchy, making this doubly upsetting.)

If just habing some of the cartoons is good enough for you, then I imagine this won't bother you. But if you're looking for something a little more from these DVDs, just keep in mind that they're very bare bones releases and the pelvises seem to be missing.


Matt Fews : I once read a Harry Potter/Gargoyles fanfic, however, I don't remember the title or the author, and it wasn't particuarly good either.
"Why is it that we rejoice at a birth and grieve at a funeral? It is because we are not the person involved" - Mark Twain

I though I should mention that the FIrst DuckTales and Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers DVD sets came out today. So if you want to have a more full Disney Afternoon experience, they're available.
Life is like a hurricane

Todd, what was that story called ?

Maybe someone should try to write a fanfic in which Harry/Xanatos finds the Phoenix Gate/Mirror of Erised.

Just a thought

Matt Fews
Season 2- Wahooo

Nope. Born in PEI, lived in Ontario and Nova Scotia. I've been to Newfoundland, though. Love it.

There've been at least two crossovers, both of which (not too surprisingly, given Harry Potter's nationality) involved the London clan. One had Hagrid stopping by Leo and Una's shop for a couple of purchases (and mentioned that the London clan generally avoid Diagon Alley and other wizarding places, because of a bad history with the Slytherins - they keep on wanting to use gargoyle parts as ingredients for some of their spells). The other (written by Christine Morgan herself) had Leo getting a toothache and Una having to take him to a dentist - and Hermione's parents are dentists; we can all see where that is headed.
Todd Jensen
"Gargoyles" - did for monstrous-looking statues what "Watership Down" did for rabbits!

Has anyone done a Harry Potter/Gargoyles crossover. I'm kind of curious what would happen if he found the Eye of Odin/Phoenix Gate, etc.
Matt Fews
Season 2- Wahooo

Whitbourne> Are you from Newfoundland??? Just wondering.
Battle Beast - [Canada]
That is all I will say.

Todd> It doesn't matter what they call the day, I still have TREMENDOUS respect for the day and all it stand's for.

I plan to watch "All quiet on the Western front" on thatday. 9The 1930 Version, not he cheesy 1970-ish John-boy version.)

Battle Beast - [Canada]
That is all I will say.

Whit, I don't think even Greg could answer that.
Matt Fews
Season 2- Wahooo

Well, there's another Gathering out. My exam schedule came out recently, and the Gathering starts the day before my final exams in Obstetrics/Gynecology and in Pediatrics. While I'd love to try and get extra credit by trying to answer questions about pre-eclampsia and gestational diabetes in gargoyles, and on the suggested immunization schedule for hatchlings, it looks like I'll be absent again this year.

Crud. I was kind of hoping to see if we could go. Ah, well, maybe the stars will align again for 2007.


Actually, everyone from ninth onward was one number off.
"Why is it that we rejoice at a birth and grieve at a funeral? It is because we are not the person involved" - Mark Twain

At least we celebrate Veterans Day on the same day - except that, up in Canada, they call it Remembrance Day. So I suppose that we're still in for a holiday-related disagreement.
Todd Jensen
"Gargoyles" - did for monstrous-looking statues what "Watership Down" did for rabbits!

Whitbourne> Got that right! October 10th, to be exact. ^_^
Battle Beast - [Canada]
That is all I will say.

Demona May> That turkey looks like it could use a presidential pardon, plus a few secret service men. :)

Hope all our US commenters have a good Turkey Day in a few weeks.

Gobble Gobble!

Pfft, Thanksgiving was a month ago. :-)

Thankgiveing is coming... too bad the MGC haven't though of Thankgiveing.. sign!
Demona May
The Insane One Is Alive And Still Kicking!


OK, I couldn't resist.. my favortie number... but it stops there... this is the TOP TEN. :)

Battle Beast - [Canada]
That is all I will say.

haha Does being 12 count!!!!

Tshirt desgin for give outs at conventions in 2006 is up if anyone is interested.

This will be a free t-shirt you can win by entering contests on the garg webcomic site or just attending some conventions in california. Someone will be dressed up like a garg handing them out like we did last year. That's all part of the publicity website.



11th - which happens to how many questions in the backlog that are left from 2003.
Whatever happenned to simplicity


*whew* just made it...

matt - [ewoks11@hotmail.com]
"Do not despise the day of small beginnings." -Zechariah 4:10

Number 9!

29 days left until Gargoyles Season 2, Volume 1 comes to DVD.

"In Soviet Russia, television watches YOU." - Yakov Smirnoff

And I still think mornings before eight A.M. should be outlawed.

If all the world's a stage, please help me find my script.

Number eight. *BURP*
Kyra Sorrows - [ksmanning@mechavalon.com.alt]

"Why is it that we rejoice at a birth and grieve at a funeral? It is because we are not the person involved" - Mark Twain

Kythera of Anevern - [kythera(at)gmail.com]
"Live for glory, strength and fury; play your part in the greater scheme of life and nature"

Number five, but I don't feel very alive at the moment. And I need to get up in five hours for an interview. Good night, everyone.
Harvester of Eyes - [Minstrel75@gmail.com]
"There is water at the bottom of the ocean." David Byrne.

4th, wow!
Christine - [christine@sabledrake.com]

3rd? Yay I am now on Central Time
Spacebabie - [spacebabie@hotmail.com]

Holy shit .. Second?
Chameleongirl - [<- article on web-feud]
Chameleon may change her spots, but she refuses to do plaid