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Kris> I don't know if it bothers people (no Garg related stuff like my auctions) but sorry if it bothers anyone. I don't do it all that often, anyway, and I don't mind if others want to do it. I did it once before, and nobody said anything. *Shrugs* IF y'all don like, I won't do it again. *It's a sloww week*

Yah, I'm selling the DVD set. I really didn't like the first two discs, so the other two would be just as lame to me. The animation was terrible and the stories were cheesy. On the other hand, X and Spidey were terrif.

I want to get the X-Men set when and if it comes out. That was one of the better Marvel shows. Spider man was great as well, and it lasted a LONG time. I watched BOTH of them ALL THE TIME.

HARRY POTTER> Todd> I too would have liked to see that scene. Also the one where Harry wins the wager and all the gold he gives to the twins. Also, I thought there was no real pacing between the tournament tasks. It was one right after the other.

I read the first Narnia book in grade three (yeras ago!) and I would like to see the film. If it is as good as I remeber, I will read it again. I tried to read the LOTR trilogy, but it's a hard book to get into. (I love the films, though.)

Narnia should be up for some Oscars, I think, because WETA did all the graphics like it did for LOTRs.

Battle Beast - [Canada]

Yes, I thought that the movie was a bit rushed in places (as in, we see the big build-up to the Quidditch World Cup match, but not the match itself). Mind you, it's been a while since I last read the book, so my memory of it is a bit foggy in places (another scene that I found myself missing was the Weasleys popping out of the Dursleys' artificial fireplace with Mr. Weasley wanting to find out more about how the artificial fireplace worked).

Fortunately, the upcoming "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe" movie should, if anything, be more likely to fill the book out than to abridge it (judging from the size of the book; it's much shorter than "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire"). I'm certainly looking forward to seeing it (just 19 days now).

Todd Jensen
"Gargoyles" - did for monstrous-looking statues what "Watership Down" did for rabbits!

Battle Beast >>> Normally I don't point out typos people make, but having stuff up for "suction" instead of "auction" made me laugh. That "s" key is right next to the "a", so it's an easy mistake to make.

Getting rid of that Fantastic Four DVD set already, huh? Yeah, I watched mine the week the live-action movie was released in July and I'll probably never re-watch it. Still, I kinda like owning all the `90s superhero cartoons (season sets of X-Men and Spider-Man any day now studios. Come on already...they'll wait to coincide with the next big screen films though, so they can cross-promote). It's funny to note how far apart in quality some of the cartoons in the early to mid `90s were though. Fantastic Four wasn't nearly in the same league as Gargoyles, barely on the same planet.

Is it okay to promote our own auctions though? I know Gargoyles-related prints and animation cels are cool, but unrelated eBay auctions? If that's the case, then I just joined eBay as a seller and to test it out am selling the original Aeon Flux animated series DVD with FREE SHIPPING. Great if you're hoping to sample the series for cheap before the live action movie with Charlize Theron is out in theatres in a couple weeks, but don't wanna spend the cash on the Complete Series boxed set...


Just tell me this really isn't cool and I'll never do it again. But since we're a fairly small group of fans with sometimes similar interests anyway, I'm not sure I'd be opposed to it occasionally.

Kris - [plekopleko@hotmail.com]


I have, up for suction, two different sets of movies...
1) 19 different DISNEY VHS tapes, perfect for the kids!


2) 20 different DVDs mostly hardly used.


check 'em out if you wanna.

I saw Harry Potter on Friday, and I was somewhat dissappointed. They REALLY cut up the beginning of the book; it jumped around a lot. I realise this was because the book was soooo big. I was hoping they would film more and make an extended DVD set like they did with LOTR trilogy. The plot did also feel rushed; there was no time to catch your breath between happenings in the film like there was in the book. I know they had to cram a lot into a short time, but I would have been ok with a three hour film. They could have even made two versions, a shorter one for children, and a longer one wor adults.

Still, and Extended DVD would have been great.

Battle Beast - [Canada]
That is all I will say.

Part of the reason is also that we seem to have difficulty coming up with conversation topics, at least, conversation topics of the sort that everyone feels eager to jump in on. As I've mentioned before, I'm hoping that when the comic comes out, with the new stories for "Gargoyles", that could revitalize the comment room by giving us something to discuss again. As it is, we're left these days with little more to talk about than the little nitty-gritty things about Gargoyles merchandise, which quickly peter out. We really need to start looking for more involving topics (I know that I've been trying).
Todd Jensen
"Gargoyles" - did for monstrous-looking statues what "Watership Down" did for rabbits!

Kris- I understand the ISP the server S8 is on had a fiber optic cable break this week. Tis why things were down for a while.

Was anyone else not able to access this site at all for the last few days? My bookmark is set for the front/home page of this site, not the comment room, but I kept getting error messages. Maybe that's part of the reason it's been so dead lately.

Vinnie >>> Thanks a lot man for the link to the Marvel Gargoyles comics. Really appreciate it.

Kris - [plekopleko@hotmail.com]

Boy, I haven't seen a room this dead since Demona did stand-up at the Quarreymen night club. [Rimshot]

Quick question: If someone asked me for an official site for the Gargoyles DVD, what would I give them? This site is the closest there is to an official Gargoyles site, but it doesn't have the DVD information in a compact manner (at least, it must not be very clear at a glance, considering the number of people who Ask Greg when the DVD is coming out). There was a site called something like gargoylesondvd.com, but I can't find it. Basically, what I want is for someone to read information on Gargoyles and then click a link that will explain to them exactly what the status of the DVD is and how to buy it. Anyone have a suggestion?

Jurgan - [jurgan6@yahoo.com]

Jim Harvey- Heh, in the words of Napolean Dynamite: "Luucckeeyyy!"
Thanks for the info :)

Purplegoldfish - [skydragonn@aol.com]

Thanks Ellen! I'm just still trying to get a handle on how to work this forum. This is differnt than just about every forum I've ever been on!
Jim Harvey - [bbeyond@yahoo.com]

Harvester of Eyes -- Hee hee! :D

Spen -- *winks back at you* I figured you were joking, but wanted to be sure that everyone reading your quip knew better as well. It's distressing how many people don't.

Jim Harvey -- I can't think of a better forum than this one. Thank you for sharing that info!


My apologies if this is not the correct forum/board to post this, but my knowledge of Gargoyles sites an dhow to properly navigate them is somewhat lacking!

I received a copy of Gargoyles: Season Two, Volume One to review just a couple days ago, and I'm slowly making my way through it. So far, in terms of extras and content, it's the same caliber as the first Gargoyles: The Complete First Season released last year. The menus are iffy in terms of quality but the transfer are solid, extras are enjoyable, and the packaging is well done. I'm hoping to get a review of the set online as soon as I can, pending my current schedule. Gargoyles fans will not be disappointed!

Dec. 6th is the street date for this new three disc DVD set!


http://wf.toonzone.net">Jim Harvey - [bbeyond@yahoo.com]

With respect to Patrick, I have a different countdown that might be important. Question #55 from the top in the current backlog as of this moment is the 1st Gathering 2004 journal and question #203 from the top is the last Gathering 2004 Journal.

Question #22 from the top in the current backlog is one that I've been looking forward to seeing an answer to for no particular reason.

*makes mental note to write a review of the Season 2 dvd on Amazon.*

There's only *24* reviews and I gotta do my part.

Vash - can you put a reminder up on the gnc about gettign more reviews for the season 2 dvd?

Whatever happenned to simplicity?

another slow week it seems...
matt - [ewoks11@hotmail.com]
"To know that we know what we know, and that we d not know what we do not know, that is true knowledge." -Henry David Thoreau

Spen> That's OK. I forgive you. :)
Battle Beast - [Canada]
That is all I will say.

19 days left until Gargoyles Season 2, Volume 1 comes to DVD.
"The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco." - Mark Twain

Kris- (I wish Marvel would put out their Gargoyles comics in a nice big collected edition.) All the Marvel titles for Gargoyles are happily scanned and available at the below address for free. Even the Disney adventures so copy and paste and enjoy.


Vinnie - [tpeano29@hotmail.com]

Ellen and Battle Beast : Oops, I forgot to add the ":)" to that last post. That was meant to imply what I'm about to say and that is : I WAS JOKING! Sorry to shout, I just needed to make that clear.
"All in all, it's better than Philidelphia." - words on W. C. Fields grave.

Demonskrye said:
"I'm not sure how many months ahead of ship date Previews comes out"

It comes out two or two and a half months before shipping. I bought a membership at a local comic shop last week and a copy of the Previews catalog is one of the benefits. Knowing most of what I'll want, I filled out the form for those items and should give my comic shop guy the form before this Friday. Those items will ship in January.

It helps out a comic immensely when you pre-order, especially with first issues.

I wish Marvel would put out their Gargoyles comics in a nice big collected edition. I only ever skimmed a couple of them at the bookstore as a kid and wouldn't mind owning them. But I don't wanna track down all the issues. There's probably very little chance they'll put it out in a trade, yeah? With a library as huge as Marvel's, they've probably got much larger priorities when it comes to binding together old series.

Kris - [plekopleko@hotmail.com]

KRIS - The Hunters blew up the clock tower and Xanatos brought the gargoyles back into the castle at the end of "Hunter's Moon", so it's not a strictly "Goliath Chronicles" idea.
Todd Jensen
"Gargoyles" - did for monstrous-looking statues what "Watership Down" did for rabbits!

Dan Vado also said that the comics would have their own ISBN numbers, like books. So you could order them at book stores.
Greg Bishansky
"I just don't trust anything that bleeds for five days and doesn't die" - Mr. Garrison

I'm hoping Greg Weisman will let us know when the time come to do this, but you will probably want to track down and go into a comic book store near you long before June (assuming that's how you plan on getting your copy/copies). Stores order their product way in adavnce through monopolistic distributor Diamond. Diamond put out a catalog called Previews which shows all the comics and other merchandise they'll be shipping several months from the Previews arrival. Most food stores will let you look at a copy so you can flip to the Slave Labor section, locate the Gargoyles comic, and ask them to order one or more for you. I'm not sure how many moths ahead of ship date Previews comes out, so that's even more reason to visit the comics store soon.

If you don't make arrangements with the store before, you're likely to run into an unpleasant scenario:

You: Do you have Issue one of "Gargoyles"?

Comic Store Employee:

a) "Never heard of it. Is it DC or Marvel?"

b) "Oh, we saw that in Previews, but we didn't know what it was so we didn't think it would sell so we didn't order any."

c) "We had two copies, but we sold them."

d) "Sure!" ::hands you a copy of Issue #1 of the Marvel Comics series::

Order Early, Order Often

Kaylle >>> Re: the Gargoyles comic book

If you go to the Disney Comics section of Slave Labor Graphics' website (http://www.slavelabor.com/disney/disney.html) you can find the initial press release as well as up-to-date info.

Seems like they're staggering the Disney Comics releases, none of them debut the same month. Haunted Mansion already came out last month, Tron is April 2006, Wonderland in May, and Gargoyles in June (all tentative though. Could come out later, but doubt they'll be out earlier).

Here's the premise:

"Released from a medieval Scottish curse, the Gargoyles now live in the rooftops of Manhattan. But all is not safe for them -- a mysterious organization called the Quarrymen are determined to see them all obliterated. The gargoyles must rely on each other and their human friends to turn the tide of public sentiment and show that they can live peacefully with humanity."

Where were they living in the series right after "Hunter's Moon" ? I'm someone who hasn't seen most of the Season 2 episodes since they aired, so I can't remember. Did the sibling Hunters blow up the clock tower and leave them homeless? Did Xanatos offer to let them stay at the castle again, or was that a Goliath Chronicles idea? 'Cause the way it sounds from Slave Labor's description, they'll be nomads for at least a little while, so that could be interesting.

Kris - [plekopleko@hotmail.com]

Vashkoda: I would hate for Gargoyles to be promoted through fast-food chains, anyway. Especially not McDonald's. But on the other hand, some sort of promotion through Disney would be better than no promotion. I could imagine them, however, using one of the fast-food chains as means of promotion in order to maintain their image as an Evil Empire by helping to promote obesity among American children. But I'm one to talk. I'm still giving them my money, if only to see the rest of Gargoyles on DVD.

Ellen: Yup, everyone knows that the Canadian two-dollar bill really contains a picture of Neil Peart, the greatest living rock drummer (who happens to be Canadian). ( ;

Harvester of Eyes - [Minstrel75@gmail.com]
"All the world's indeed a stage, and we are merely players, performers and portrayers. Each another's audience outside the gilded cage."

the DVD is coming soooon!

anyway, a little notice to everybody who had me in their Yahoo Messager contacts.
I got a new Yahoo ID: damiel_be

Denis - [d.deplaen@lft.be]
Belgian Muggle Death Eater

Spen> I belive that Like I belive that Elvie Presley will come riding into Wimbledon nake on horseback.

There is NO american of the Candian bills. Seesh,

Battle Beast - [Canada]
That is all I will say.

In reference to Spen's post below, everyone here *does* know that's an Internet legend, right?

HoE > I use AIM but I don't like to post my handle on forums. E-mail me if you'd like to know it.

20 days left until Gargoyles Season 2, Volume 1 comes to DVD.

"The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco." - Mark Twain

Do we have any news on when the comic book is to be released? The last I heard was "sometime in the first half of 2006," which isn't particularly specific, and the suspense is making me crazy ;) Has anyone heard anything more recently? Or, Greg, if by any chance you're reading this, any news on when we might expect to see the first issue?
Kaylle - [kaylle at ladyavalon.com]

One of the questions asked at AG reminded me of something the fan who made the Gargoyles video game a while back said to me(http://castellant.free.fr/). His point was that Disney had just made a populat TRON video game, and that the market was ripe to try for a new Gargoyles game too. I know he was trying to approach Disney. I'm guessing he was unsuccessful tho. =/

Speaking of TRON, the news is that it's going to be one of the new worlds in the next Kingdom Hearts game (the collaboration video game project between Squaresoft and Disney), along with Pirates of the Carribean, the B&W world of Steamboat Willie, and other animated classics. I remember when Kingdom Hearts 1 came out, there was talk about maybe seeing a Gargoyles world in a sequel. No hint of that being true in this release, but in future versions, who knows?

Finally, I was actually contacted by someone at Disney Buena Vista Home Entertainment who claimed, "To help push the title I have been given a limited number of DVDs to do online contests between now and December 6th." I'm waiting to hear back from him, but if this guy is legit, it's great to know that Disney is serious about promoting the DVD. It might not be a commercial, or a promotion in MacDonalds Happy Meals, but it's something. ;)


Wingless and Battle Beast : You know, the Canadian two-dollar bill contains a picture of an American flag. So, we do actually own Canada! Hahahahahaha!
"All in all, it's better than Philidelphia." - words on W. C. Fields grave.

Patrick: I was just wondering (and I asked in the TGS CR, but never got a reply), do you use AIM at all? I'm always looking for people to have an intelligent discussion about music with, and from what I know, you seem to be a man of good taste. I'm just curious. I've had several interesting conversations with Tharos regarding modern progressive metal.
Harvester of Eyes - [Minstrel75@gmail.com]
"Animals want to change my life! I will ignore animals's advice!" -David Byrne.

Just three weeks left now. :)

21 days left until Gargoyles Season 2, Volume 1 comes to DVD.

"The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco." - Mark Twain

Jade-Nope, You're looking at early December for that. I think the day it comes out is when we want to do the glut order ^_^. weee, I can hardly wait

Dang... did I totally miss the time where we all charge amazon.com at once to preorder season 2 vol 1?
Jade Griffin

dph> i think you've misunderstood Jurgen. i don't thin he was claiming 10th, i think he was remarking that it may be a record that 10th was claimed by somebody else (in this case you) after noon on Monday, which is somewhat unusual...
matt - [ewoks11@hotmail.com]
"To know that we know what we know, and that we d not know what we do not know, that is true knowledge." -Henry David Thoreau

Once again, people can't seem to count right. I claimed #10, and yet an hour later somebody else didn't realize that my claim was right.
Whatever happenned to simplicity?

10th after noon- is that a record?
Jurgan - [jurgan6@yahoo.com]

Whatever happenned to simplicity

*chirp... ninth... chirp.......*
matt's pet cricket - [ewoks11@hotmail.com]

Battle Beast - [Canada]
That is all I will say.

Fine, seventh. Heh.
Kris - [plekopleko@hotmail.com]

Kris - [plekopleko@hotmail.com]

Phil - [p1anderson@go.com]

"Why is it that we rejoice at a birth and grieve at a funeral? It is because we are not the person involved" - Mark Twain

heh first time I've done this :)

Purplegoldfish - [skydragonn@aol.com]


Woo! Lucky number 3!

"Eh, educational stuff. Me, I'd rather watch things explode." --Rattrap

As Buzz Aldrin once said, second comes great after first!
Harvester of Eyes - [Minstrel75@gmail.com]
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(I mean, first)