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Hello all. *YAWN*

It's almost four in the morning, and I am dead tired.

I am on my last day of my holiday in Paris. Right now, I am in London. I have been here since 9:30 last night. We have a 8 hour layover. :( On the plus side, I got to see Big Ben, the Thames, Buckinham Palace, Picadilly Circus, Heathrow (Where I am now), and some other cool things.

Paris was REALLY neat. The Louvre was awesome; the Mona Lisa is small and has it's own wall. The Venus De Milo is also pretty neat, too.

There were some pretty impressive painting in the Louvre.

The Eiffel Tower was incredible, and the Arc du Triomph was a bitch to walk up!!!

I think I like Notre Dame the best. It was so gothic and erie... and When I went up to the top, I imagined Demona throwing Canmore off the side. ^_^

Disneyland Paris was a blast, though we didn't have much time there. Still, I twas an amazing trip altogether.

If you can ever make it over, go I say! Go!


Battle Beast - [Canada]
That is all I will say.

Welcome to the room Dean and Ferry! If you want to be sure Greg reads your comments, you'll need to post them to Ask Greg, although I think he lurks here sometimes too.

As for Season 3, the best thing is to keep an eye on the "Latest Responses" section on Ask Greg. If/when one is announced, I'm sure Greg will mention it there. Since Season 2 won't air until summer in America though, I guess there's a good chance we won't hear anything for a few more months.

In the meantime, I really recommend checking out Greg's other major series 'Gargoyles'. If you like his work on Spidey, 'Gargoyles' has the same intelligence and epic scale. You can check them out on youtube (the first episode is called "Awakening") to see what you reckon, there are two DVDs and the story is continuing in comics -- the first collection is called "Clan-Building: Volume 1".

Also, to anyone in the UK who has access to the channel Nicktoons, Season 2 is airing daily (including Saturday and Sunday), and they're up to the seventh episode. Assuming they keep going the finale will be Saturday and maybe they'll go back to the Season 2 premiere on Sunday.


Greg you did a f******* amazing job on TSSM i mean ive watched the first two seasons now nd ive always bin a spidey fan so i finally see how te real spiderman handle things in his youth. I liked all the spiderman series but this one is far the best one. Unfortiontly i live in the netherlands so its f****** to follow your show but thanks to the torrents on the internet i can share this spectacular job u did on TSSM, i really hope that you can build a season 3 because you've let us again with a cliffhanger.. can you at least tell us all if there will be a season 3 when it will be aired at it's early states. Season one was in march but season 2 ended up much earlier because of the bulgarian tv.

Once Agen Thnx for this amazing serie:D


ferry - [ferryx_nike at hotmail dot com]

Brook, I think Dean meant Spiderman, not Gargoyles.

Sorry Jack-Pumpkinhead, i should have answered a long time ago, but yeah, if you wanna read it, theres 2 issues out right now, around the middle of the first one the links are dead, so you can't finish it online with the link im about to give you. Yet you should have already found it, its one of the links on the first search in Google, Fan-Comics.


Also, if any of you know where to download Silver Bullets Comics, the first one anyway, please link, Hellsing and Gargoyles match quite well.

Alucard from Hellsing

@ Dean: There is a SEASON 3 - in comic book form. Check the links to the right.
I agree with Rebel on EVERYTHING she says!!

Hi Me.Weisman I would just like to say the last episode of Season 2 blew me away. I have never seen an animated cartoon so intense in my life. I could tell you guys put A LOT of effort into that episode. Please I want a Season 3 so badly ASAP.

Thanks Dean

P.S I am 13 years old(lol)

Dean - [papabear_123_456 at hotmail dot com]

Interesting note on the Amazon page for vol. 1: "Only 2 left in stock--order soon (more on the way). " I wonder if there actually are more on the way or if it could be out of print soon.
Landon Thomas - [<- Gargoyles News Twitter feed]

Lylat-Warrior-Galaxia - If you're new around here and want to ask Greg a question, I'd ask the comment room first. Especially if you're looking for factual information. There's a good chance someone around here will know the answer.

To answer your questions, Gargoyles is continuing in the form of a comic book. It's even written by Greg. You can pick up the first collection here: http://www.amazon.com/Gargoyles-Clan-Building-Greg-Weisman/dp/1593620969 Or check your local comic shop. It's published by SLG.

That book contains the first 6 issues. This summer two more collections will be released: the next 6 Gargoyles issues as well as a 6-issue story that focuses on the Gargoyles 'Bad Guys'. More info on these books is here:


And the Hudson quote is: "A gargoyle can no more stop protecting the castle than breathing the air." It's quoted here: http://gargoyles.dracandros.com/Reawakening

Landon Thomas - [<- Gargoyles News Twitter feed]

Lylat-Warrior-Galaxia > As you can see if you look at the Recently Answered Questions, Greg W is still answering questions from March. So he's got a bit more to go through.
<Be happy for me and for all who fly free.> - Tobias of Animorphs

Hello. I am Lylat-Warrior-Galaxia. I was wondering if Greig had answered my questions I typed on April 14, 2009. I asked him this: "Are you planning to continue the series of Disney's Gargoyles? What was Hudson's motto on one episode of Gargoyles? It had something to do with (Breathing the air) thing."
Lylat-Warrior-Galaxia - [GalaxiaFox at netscape dot net]

Sorry for this non sequiter, but I just stumbled across this Wikipedia article which explains very well why I (and probably most physicists) agree with Greg Weisman's portrayals of time travel:


Vid the Kid - [vidthekid at live dot com]
Does this font make me look fat?

I would suggest that people start with step 3 and save steps 1 and 2 until May at the earliest, since that's when "Clan Building: Vol. 2" is due to be in Previews.
Demonskrye - [demonskrye(at)gmail(dot)com]

Step 1) Call or visit your comic book retailer.
Step 2) Order:
Step 3) Spread the word.

Anthony Tini

Thx to everybody who wrote. It was a pretty hard loss for me, since I saved his life 1 year ago, when he got sick and refused to eat, and I pretty much forced him to swallow a bit of chicken soup all day for another week, resulting in him eating more and more. We had quite a relationship since then. I'm happy he went that old (13) and that it wasn't some longer sickness, where it goes on for months.

@ Chip: Don't worry too much. Another cat of mine went missing for a period of 4 -10 days each spring. She went missing 2 days before my other cat died, and came home 2 days later. Her son, who's with a family down the road, was missing for 10 days a month ago and then suddenly appeared out of nowhere. It's their nature, I suppose, to have some off-time now and then.

I agree with Rebel on EVERYTHING she says!!

Chip> I'm really sorry to hear that. I had a dog run away and remain missing for an extended period of time and it was a pretty horrible experience.

Goliath> Welcome! Feel free to start up a conversation or ask any questions you may have. We're generally a pretty friendly bunch here.

Demonskrye - [demonskrye(at)gmail(dot)com]

I'm also sorry to hear about your cat, Brook. Mine passed on about four and a half years ago (though I adopted a new kitten just a few days later. I don't know if that would be an option for you, though).
Todd Jensen

What's up I'm new.

Thanks again for the birthday wishes, belated and otherwise.

Brook, I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your pet. It can hurt as much as losing a human family member.

I'm thinking about also coming up with a flyer. Don't hold me to it, I tend to take on stuff and have quite a few things to do already. I will let my comic shop know, and they'll put it down for me. This shop is pretty cool about getting things, and may actually get an extra to put on shelf. If I can let the other customers know, then the shop may get some more.


Brook> I'm sorry about your cat, my own cat has been missing for over a week and I'm afraid that he is not coming home, so I can sympathize.
Chip - [Sir_Griff723 at yahoo dot com]
You cannot make a cup of tea large enough, or a book long enough to suit me."--C.S. Lewis

Poster/Flyer > When I get some spare time (maybe this weekend?), Ill see if I can come up with a simple poster/flyer. Though if anyone else wants to give it a shot, I would welcome it. My computer skills arent the best in the world. Besides, multiple posters/flyers would have an even great chance of catching someone's eye.
<Be happy for me and for all who fly free.> - Tobias of Animorphs

@ Demonskrye: To be honest, I was quite surprised, for all the single issues up to #4 were sold out REALLY quickly. I only got my hands at #1 because they forgot about one issue and packed it in the wrong drawer or something - the owner told me that some people asked "the last few days" for it and they all were gone, except for that one which his collegue found 5 minutes before I went in.

Also, this shop is quite big, and they've got a certain maximum of orders of SLG (at least so I was told back then). Apparently, SLG seems to ship a limited amount of copie outside the US, and if one shop sells all these copies, it is highly unlikely to get any more in.

Fingers crossed TPB#2 sells better than #1.

Has anybody advanced with the flyers-idea?

I mean, seriously, just the other day I went outside and registered the 500+ flyers of a norther-soul-party that were attached to lampposts and walls all over my district.

If somebody would bother to do that for GARGOYLES, I'm sure people might pick them up and have interrest in it again.

((see what NINE INCH NAILS fans did for the YEAR ZRO LP on wiki))

I agree with Rebel on EVERYTHING she says!!

So comic shops already have the ability to order Vol. 2? I assumed that would be something they would do in May or June.
Landon Thomas - [<- Gargoyles News Twitter feed]

Comics> I think that asking your local shop to order comics you want rather than waiting and assuming they'll be on the shelf for you to buy is good advice if you're interested in any comics that aren't published by Marvel, DC, and possibly Dark Horse. Comic shops do not generally turn huge profits and as I've said before, with so many people worried about the economy right now and looking to cut back on what they don't need, most comic shop owners are probably going to focus more on sure bets, well-known, popular comics ordered in amounts guaranteed to sell out. Lower profile comics from smaller publishers are going to have an even harder time than usual fighting for shelf space.

What Brook heard from his local comic shop does not surprise me and seems pretty consistent with what we know about the comic's sales. Some shops may have ordered a decent number of copies of the first issue and far fewer of the second, either because they now had a better idea of how many copies of this particular comic they could sell or because they knew from experience that a certain percentage of customers would buy the first issue just to try it out or as a potential "collector's item" and never pick up any future issues. Other shops may have ordered in more consistent numbers, but cut back as sales started to slump due to readers losing interest or just plain forgetting about the comic, probably due to the lengthy gaps between issues.

Brook> The "Clan Building Vol. 2" trade is scheduled to appear in the May issues of Previews, which will feature products due out in July. So you're unlikely to see it until next month at the earliest.

And I'm very sorry to hear about your cat.

Demonskrye - [demonskrye(at)gmail(dot)com]

Hey there guys,

Sorry for all the forgotten birthday wishes, half of my family have their birthdays stuffed inbetween the 10th and 16th, plus I had some more emotional distress when my cat died out of nowhere a few days ago.

Just wanted to drop in to say that I actually asked for the Vol. 2 Trade, and at my local shop, it wasn't listed as of yet. However, I was told that it is ordered, but the comics and the latest trade did not sell out at their 2 shops. Apparently, the first 4 comics were sold out, but afterwards, it didn't go that good... :(

Quite a shame...

I agree with Rebel on EVERYTHING she says!!

Dan Vado > I plan on doing exactly what he suggests. Ill go to both my local comic book stores and encourage them to order Gargoyles and Bad Guys trades. If I have money to burn, Ill buy copies at both stores. Heck, Ill even tell Borders too!

Im glad theyre coming out in the summer when Ill be home to get them. My college town is so small and out of the way, it probably doesnt even know what a comic is ^_^

<Be happy for me and for all who fly free.> - Tobias of Animorphs

Dan Vado pretty much reiterates what Greg has already said: http://slg-news.livejournal.com/331013.html

That is that we need to request Gargoyles and other SLG comics by name or they might not get ordered by comic shops. Reading between the lines, I get the feeling we're fast approaching the sink-or-swim stage for SLG.

Landon Thomas - [<- Gargoyles News Twitter feed]

Gathering> At this rate, I'll be lucky if I can go... and I got tickets last year. The job market needs to stop sucking. Soon. -..-
Kerry (Kth) Boyd

Gathering updates! Follow this link to read the latest newsletter.


Current membership rates last through the end of the month, so register now for the greatest savings!

Patrick - [<-- Gathering 2009]
"A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men." - Willy Wonka

*starts counting cricket chirps*
KingCobra_582 - [KingCobra582 at gmail dot com]
Grr. Arg.

Found another link that might interest many of you:


Todd Jensen

Landon> I'm guessing the focus on "Aaron Stone" is because it's a show specifically made for Disney XD and the for the best example of what Disney is doing with the channel and how they're trying to target the pre-adolescent male market. SS-M was picked up for a new season on Disney XD, but it was developed for a different network. "Gargoyles" is owned by Disney, but it's over a decade old, so while it either show might give some hint at what Disney is going for with Disney XD, it doesn't really show what they'll do when they're building a show from the ground up with Disney XD's goals in mind the way "Aaron Stone" does.
Demonskrye - [demonskrye(at)gmail(dot)com]

Or 'Disney XD targeting boys!' rather.
Landon Thomas - [<- Gargoyles News Twitter feed]

Whoops, forgot: Happy birthday, Asatira!

Demonskrye - I've seen a ton of those 'Disney XD targeting kids!' articles over the past two months and your article is the most prominent and in depth so far. Disney must be doing a serious media blitz. They always mention Aaron Stone and rarely anything else (never TSS-M or Gargoyles). I bet they're trying to create a boys version of Hannah Montana or Jonas Brothers. It's amazing how good they are at creating popular acts out of nothing. This captures it pretty well: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZgXg_7kVI8

Landon Thomas - [<- Gargoyles News Twitter feed]

****Blaise walks into the Room...covered with icing and pieces of cake.**** Yeah, I tripped. Sorry about the cake, Asatira.

ASATIRA> Well, I wanted to wish you a "Happy Birthday!" Unfortunately, I got delayed. So instead, here's a "Happy Belated Birthday!" May your 28th year be full of goodness and goodies.

Until next time! ****Blaise leaves the Room while attempting to clean himself off.****


I saw this on the New York Times website and thought it was worth posting here. It's about how Disney is using market research to try to win back the male viewing audience, including what they're doing with Disney XD:


Demonskrye - [demonskrye(at)gmail(dot)com]

Late Happy Birthday Asatira.

I'll be having mine this Wednesday.

Antiyonder - [antiyonder at yahoo dot com]
Algernon's comment about Norman Osborn: One of the neat things about Dark Reign is that it gives Osborn the chance to expand his horizons beyond tormenting a tweanty nine year old who still lives with his mom.

Thanks so much for the birthday wishes, guys.

Landon> If memory serves, you are correct about the initial decision about eye glow colors. In the first season, Demona was the only female gargoyle in the show who was seen with glowing eyes. Greg (I think it was Greg) did say it was an artistic/writing point during the first season, but seemed to recognize it was something of a cop out. Second season, Angela had glowing red eyes, and it became established that females glowed red. A case of thinking through and reconsidering things previously established or shown.


Ty> The glowing is not really controllable, and is more a general response to strong emotion than anger specifically. You could say it's caused by a hormonal change, similar to the changes adrenaline makes to the human body.

Also, if you've seen the second season, Angela's eyes glow red, too. It's a male/female thing: white for males, red for females. This excludes the clones, whose coloration (including eye-glow) was altered as a side effect of their accelerated aging.

Kerry (Kth) Boyd

Ty: Their eye glow is involuntary: http://www.s8.org/gargoyles/askgreg/search.php?qid=7545

I've always thought they glow during any heightened emotional state, but Greg says it might have to do with adrenaline: http://www.s8.org/gargoyles/askgreg/search.php?qid=3872

Regardless, it's not just an anger thing. I would guess Demona's eyes glowed in your example because she was excited her centuries-long plan was finally coming to fruition.

Female eyes glow red and male eyes glow white: http://www.s8.org/gargoyles/askgreg/search.php?qid=443 I can't remember where I heard it; it may have been one of the DVD commentaries, but Greg has said Demona's eyes glowed red initially because she was evil. They realized that wasn't a good enough reason, so they made Angela's eyes glow red as well when she was introduced.

Landon Thomas - [<- Gargoyles News Twitter feed]

This is a gargoyle's centric comment, and forgive me if this has already been asked and answered.

The gargoyle's eyes glow. I have to know, is that controllable? Or is it simply something fueled by anger. I ask because in the finale for season 2 when Demona is broadcasting her diabolical scheme on television, her eyes glow, but she really isn't displaying any type of... anger. But more of a satisfaction. I could be wrong but this is what I gathered from it. Anyway, just wondering if the glow is something that happens through emotions, or is it something that is controlled.

And for that matter, why do Demona's eyes glow red instead of the white that the other Gargoyle's glow.

Gargoyles Fan for life.

Ty - [tyleanimator at gmail dot com]

Gore> Well, it does look like someone at least has the rights and the intention to make a movie:


That doesn't mean it's a done deal, of course, since any number of movies have been proposed or started production and never seen the light of day.

Reports of the new TV series all seem to lead back to one French site, which doesn't automatically mean it's bogus, but doesn't look quite as good as a story confirmed by multiple sources. If it does actually happen, I don't know that there are any plans to dub the new series into English.

Regardless, I'm glad you got your DVD set. I've got it pending in my Netflix queue and am looking forward to seeing if it's as crazy as a remember.

Demonskrye - [demonskrye(at)gmail(dot)com]

Asatira: If I'm understanding you correctly, your age is mathematically perfect (like mine). Happy Birthday!
Harvester of Eyes - [Minstrel75 at gmail dot com]
"I can face her. I just can't beat her." -Hudson ("Long Way to Morning")

Demonskrye> No idea. A new season seems a bit unlikely. A movie? Maybe. But I'd give it about as much credibility as the rumored second Goonies movie.

OK! A little Bronx figurine holding up a "2" candle, a little Boudicca carrying an "8," and plenty of sprinkles.
Demonskrye - [demonskrye(at)gmail(dot)com]

Sprinkles. And a "2" and an "8" candles.

Oops, sorry! I forgot to shamelessly cater to the shameless plug.

Happy Birthday, Asatira? What do you want on your Comment Room cake?

Demonskrye - [demonskrye(at)gmail(dot)com]

Gore> Since you're here now (or will be until we lose you to your new DVD), do you know anything about this rumored new season or movie that are mentioned on the MCoG Wikipedia article?
Demonskrye - [demonskrye(at)gmail(dot)com]

AT: I pre-ordered the Bowen statue.

My DELUXE edition of Mysterious Cities of Gold arrived today. The packaging is a bit flimsy (very thin cardboard), but WHO CARES?! It's MCoG! IN ENGLISH! ON DVD! WOOT!


Happy birthday, Asatira!
"What if this wasn't a hypothetical question?"

@ second stupid noob> Excuse me? Did you say a Gargoyles/Hellsing crossover? Can you provide a link to this, you have picqued my curiosity.
Jack-Pumpkinhead - [jtjgundam at hotmail dot com]
Lord, what fools these mortals be.

Asatira> Happy birthday. :)
KingCobra_582 - [KingCobra582 at gmail dot com]
Grr. Arg.

Hello, peoples. Not much to say other than I hope everyone has a good day and the week will go well. Mine is pretty good; today's my birthday.

</shameless plug>


SN> Issues 9 through 12 of the main "Gargoyles" comic are going to be available in the "Clan Building Volume 2" trade, which should be out this July. They will not be available as single issues, so the trade is the only way you'll be able to read them. The trade of "Bad Guys," which will include the previously unpuvlished last two issues of that comic, is due out in August.
Demonskrye - [demonskrye(at)gmail(dot)com]

Comics Comics, I wanna know if theres any place I can download the the Silver Bullets Comic, the one with Hellsing clashing culture with Gargoyles, woot!
Second Stupid Noob

Yo, is the comic for The Gate, or Tyrant out yet? or is it still scheduled for July 2009?
Stupid Noob


Anonymous : Consider the incident forgotten. Welcome to the Comment Room, by the way.

"What if this wasn't a hypothetical question?"

VickyUK - [vickyfanofwwe at aol dot com]

(8th)Eighth all the way!
Vinnie - [tpeano29 at hotmail dot com]

7th SEVENTH!!!! Maybe.

6th! Woo. Hoo.
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The One Known As Mochi - [shogi dot keima dot 08 at gmail dot com]
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Matt - [St Louis, Missouri, USA]
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KingCobra_582 - [KingCobra582 at gmail dot com]
Grr. Arg.

sorry sorry im new at this i shoulld have said what i was talking about plz dont be hard on me im not gonna bother any of you again

"And now, introducing our now cleared out comment room
Heeere's Wingless!"


er, I'm announcer, what can I say.