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Not a Time Machine i don't really know how to work this out, maybe i should just abandon this from the past thing, i don't know, do you guys have any ideas?
Daniel Abraham Raviv, - [dar111191 at gmail dot com]
Daniel Abraham Raviv,

And well if i can tell you something i plan to use something inspired by The Coyote Robots (But Also Spider Man's Spider Slayers as well), Sort of a robot built by the rich man, but he doesn't resemble the rich man or have the same voice like the Coyotes do. He resembles just this ordinary man, until i don't know, i'm thinking of like the Coyote to have a half human half robot face (But if any of you can come up with a better idea, please let me know) and well and like the Coyote Robots and the spider slayers, it gets destroyed but built again, each time getting more advanced and less human like, and that it too in the future will become it's own villain, but if anyone has a different idea, please let me know. As for the main character i summed it up like this, Goliath, Batman, And Rorschach, take some elements from them, add your own and then well there you have it, the leader of those Spartan-Like Soldiers.
Daniel Abraham Raviv, - [dar111191 at gmail dot com]
Daniel Abraham Raviv,

Well For My Thing the rich man is something in between Xanatos and Superman's Lex Luthor, He too doesn't want world domination but just to achieve some personal selfish goals, but on the other hand he is a real estate kind of guy and hopes to make money and fame out of selling neighborhoods, you know sort of like in the superman movie. He wants Super Soldiers, well like Why Xanatos wanted his own personal Gargoyles, to achieve goals that no one with the right mind would ever want to do for him, and couldn't do for him, and to test the ability of his company's resources, and technology.
As For The KKK/QM Group, well i sort of wanted it to be like the Quarrymen, this man who was once a different villian, became angry at the Spartan-like soldiers (Cause that's how'll i'll do it, using Halo Spartans) and vowed revenge, with the help of a secret organization or something, he severes all ties with the rest of his family, changes himself and founds this group, I Know, I Know, Sounds too much like Gargoyles and the birth of the Quarrymen, but i was very impressed by it that i sort of hoped to do my own take but try it in a different way, but if it is too much sounding like a rip off tell me and i'll change, if any of you have a better origin for this group, please let me know, I'll just tell you what's the basic thing, They're A Hate Group Targeting the Spartan-Like Soldiers, they were formed shortly after the world learned of the spartan-like soldiers existence (This Similarity i must keep because it's the only way i think would make sense for the group to form, and because i also hope to only introduce them later to the series), they will continue on to the future led by the founders descendants (Also I must Keep) and they have a special weapon (Like How The Quarrymen have their hammers.) And I personally think i could use this group because well, i always wanted to have my own KKK/QM like group, i even created one that targets Super Heroes (Based On Watchmen, The Incredibles, and Project Cadmus). That well i think they're essential to the plot to show the stupidity and ridiculousness of Hate, Racism, And all those ridiculous things. And For The From The Past Thing, well i just created that so i can make A Hunter-like Villain, Who many people assume the identity of and gets more advanced through the century including the Renaissance, i mean i just thought that's a cool concept but should i drop that too? Look i just want this to be not a Super hero Series, but rather something in the style of Gargoyles, but truly its own. Also The Elisa-like Character i just added so she could be a love interest to the main character, but maybe you're right, even though i sort of saw her as something in between Elisa And Lois Lane.

Daniel Abraham Raviv, - [dar111191 at gmail dot com]
Daniel Abraham Raviv,

And Yes i know i posted it, (I used a different name because i'm scared that Greg will think less of me if he knew it was me who did it, I don't want my reputation with him to be ruined, i know i'm a coward) But what do you mean i didn't take your advice, you didn't advise me to not write it to him, you just said you think he won't read it, from what i thought, you were telling me, you can try but i doubt it'll happen, so i'm sorry if i misunderstood you. Look, please help me, i'll listen to your advice and do anything, i'm sorry i just thought that you'll never know unless you try. So Please help me.
Daniel Abraham Raviv, - [dar111191 at gmail dot com]
Daniel Abraham Raviv,

From The Past, i know, sounds too much like Gargoyles, i just wanted to see if that opens story ideas, but yeah, maybe i should get rid of that. And No I do examine why it was used in Gargoyles and am well aware of it. I'm just trying to open ideas that's been used like A Rich man Lex Luthor Or Xanatos-Like who wants their own personal force, but fail at that, having a brave and strong leader and having A KKK/QM Group, i like those ideas and i just want to see if i can use that, but if it's really out of the question than fine, just tell me what to do.
Daniel Abraham Raviv, - [dar111191 at gmail dot com]
Daniel Abraham Raviv,

Daniel> I see that you went ahead and submitted your story idea to Ask Greg, despite Todd and I telling you that he was unlikely to read it. It's your call whether to try this or not, but seeing you do this does make me feel a little less inclined to help you out since I'm not really sure if you're going to listen to my advice or just ignore it.

Movies> We went to see the new "Star Trek" today and found it to be quite good. Now I know Greg (and Michael Reaves, I think) had a treatment for a live-action "Gargoyles" movie, but still, seeing this movie got me thinking: if you were tasked with writing up a treatment for a live-action "Gargoyles" movie, what would you do? What aspects would you focus on? What would you omit, add, or change? How would you make the film a satisfying experience on its own while leaving room for possible sequels?

Demonskrye - [demonskrye(at)gmail(dot)com]

@ Daniel: Personally, when I write a pitch, I write it as over the top as possible, and then, over the course of a month or longer, strip all the over-the--top-nes off again.

This way, it helps me realise what matters most and what is the most interresting lead.

Let me try to help:

We have the people from the past. Why the past? It would be far more fluent if they were outcasts or people who are close to death - sort of a Faustian deal. A man is blind, and lost all of his friends and family due to this change - the rich guy promises to give him back the eyesight, but only if he works for him as a soldier. He agrees, thinking that this could make him become his older self again, but realises, that the changes he underwent when he was blind were irreversible on the inside, and thus never can return to his former glory.

See? There we have one interresting character. :)

Who is the rich guy? Why does he want the super-soldiers-troop? Because he can't find good enough bodyguards? Because he wants to oppress the system? And if so, why does the bad guy want this? What is his ultimate goal - and why does the team turn against him? Just because he is evil, or because of something even worse?

Try to keep the story-device-characters to a minimum. Try to stripp away every person in the story who helps the achieve something. Of course, it is most easy to have a person say "Hey, Goliath, you behaved like an arrogant twat, you HAVE to do something about it, and put your ego aside!" and Goliath go "Well, you're right, I was wrong..." and let him reflect on what he did - but if the change came out of a situation or himself, this can be far more powerful.

Who is your main hero and why? Is it because of his strengths, or because of his weaknesses? Also, what is the weakness of the 'superhumans'?

The anti-'superhuman-league' (I'm just callin em that way, so I can make it shorter ;) ) - why do they hate them? What do they have against them, and how do they obtain their goals? It is easy to say "We have a group, they hate a minority, they want to destroy them!" and use this as a device for more action. YET, you have to be aware that a group also is made up of more sinister and more light hearted people. If the group is big, try to make it a 'reflection'/mirror-image of the superhumans - try to find what is likeable about them, and how they became who they are now. If I meet somebody who is a homophobe, I do pity the person, because whatever he must have went through in his life may not have been that easy, and led to that blind hate and generalisation, YET he is still human. So is each and everyone of the Quarrymen, except probably for the hired guns who are in it for the money. Casaway is a traumatised man who lost everything that meant something to him and relishes in his own pain, Vinnie was an everyday guy who feared an unknown foe, others might have been scared by terrorism and shock politics to believe that evil is right in front of their doorstep - yet they themselves have to realise that the worst foe is that inside of themselfes.

And THERE we have a connection to the supersoldiers - what are THEIR weaknesses, what MAKES them, after all, human and just like us? What have they lost, what do they fear???

I advise to you to start writing it completely over the top, and then strip down more and more layers, until the entire thing is as 'realistic as possible', and then you are halfway done. :)

I advise you to read Y - THE LAST MAN, the comic series of 60 issues, because it deals with exactly this - an over the top concept, that is handled and written very down to earth, shows various sides to the characters, both good and bad, (nobody is JUTS good and JUST bad! - they all were made, or made themselves, to what they are now) and has equips many of your ideas in very different ways than other fiction. It might give you some inspiration in how to handle certain plot points.

Aside from that, try to write a pitch first - Thta is pretty much a prose-text of your story, without details, say, 20 pages for a 90-minute-film. Try to do that, and then try to equip some of the ideas I advised up there, and see if that works for you. :)

I agree with Rebel on EVERYTHING she says!!

I also agree that the Elisa character can be dumped. If a romance is needed, one could develop between two of the super soldiers (assuming at least one of them is female, which I strongly suggest).

Additionally, I agree that a KKK-type group is not needed. If the super soldiers need extra enemies, introduce a second group of super soldiers. I think there should be some kind of difference between the super soldiers and the enemy super soldiers. Like maybe the super soldiers are from the past and the enemies are from the present, or vice versa. Or, if both groups are from the past, make them be from two cultures who were at war with each other at the time they were "collected".


Daniel> From what you've posted so far, it seems like you've appropriated a bunch of elements from "Gargoyles" without really examining why these elements were used in "Gargoyles" and how they work in concert to create a cohesive whole.

I'm with Litwolf: do the super soldiers have to be from the past? (I also would avoid the term "super soldier" since it's already closely associated with Captain America, who was given enhanced abilities through use of a super soldier serum.) It seems like it's overcomplicating things. The rich guy already has possession of a serum to give humans super powers and tech that allows them to do unspecified other things, and additionally, he has access to a time machine? It just feels like too many "and alsos." If you're really attached to the idea of having the heroes come from the past, why not have them pulled from several different eras, so part of the interest of the story can be these people learning to work together as a team rather than already functioning that way like the gargoyles do. If you go this route, I would think very hard about why your rich guy/big corporation wants heroes from the past. It sounds good on paper to bring the greatest of all samurai, a particularly skilled knight, and a talented Amazon warrior to the present day to form a superhero team, but are these guys really going to be more effective than some present day people who know how to use modern technology, like guns, who you can get without having to build a time machine first?

I'd focus on either the serum or the tech to start with, not both. It's just too much. Give your superhero team a very particular set of abilities, at least for a while, so your audience doesn't start to feel like they're invincible between their powers and gadgets. You can always upgrade them later on.

Xanatos's initial deal with the gargoyles worked because the clan had nowhere else to go, and even then, Goliath didn't want to do what Xanatos asked of him until Demona convinced him to. Human characters would be much less likely to feel like they had to stay with the rich guy, especially if they were from the present day. They could leave at any time and blend into society, though characters from the past might have to spend some time getting accustomed to the modern day world. So maybe they have some other reason to stay. Maybe the rich guy convinces them that they are doing some good beyond just protecting him. Maybe the heroes don't figure out that they're being used on their first mission. Maybe it takes a while for them to see that he has ulterior motives because he's smart enough to send them out to aid the police and fight to protect the city in between doing jobs that benefit him. Maybe the rich guy's need for the superheroes to protect him is more real and pressing than Xanatos's need for the gargoyles' protection was. Maybe he already has a family and there's a rift between the heroes because they realize that their leaving could cause serious harm to come to the rich guy and his family.

Dump the Elisa character. The gargoyles needed her because they couldn't just walk around and learn about the modern world on their own. Human characters won't have that problem.

I'm not really feeling the KKK/Quarrymen styled group. It works for "Gargoyles" because gargoyles are a different species who were revealed in a very sudden way that was very frightening to much of the human population. It works for "X-Men" because there are a lot of mutants, some with scary appearances and some who look like ordinary humans and can conceal their powers, and there are very high profile mutants who use their powers for evil. If the superheores in your story are a small group of people with enhanced abilities from a voluntary drug injection who are all working for the public good, why would there be a group devoted to hating them? Wouldn't a more likely issue be the general public clamoring for the rich man to sell the super serum so that anyone who can afford it can use it?

Demonskrye - [demonskrye(at)gmail(dot)com]

Landon > Thanks for posting that! I am so excited to see it! I didnt realize the princess would become a frog too. Thats so cool! ^_^
<Be happy for me and for all who fly free.> - Tobias of Animorphs

Landon: yeah,I saw that a few days ago.. excited to hear Keith again.. I think he sounds more Morgan than Golath ;)..

Walking tiptoes:.. hmm.. for some reason I have the song "Walk Like an Egyptian " stuck in my head because of that :p..

Mutate, Cyborg, Fancy Armor, Gargoyle... hmmm.. Fancy Armor.. would be my Number 1 pic.. but sharing it with someone like Matrix who could tap into your spine is a little unnerving (pun intended)..

as for being a Gargoyle.. well, you could go down to Guatemala and see if Zafiro and the Gang will let you borrow one of their pendants :)


A new Princess and the Frog trailer is out: http://www.cartoonbrew.com/disney/the-princess-and-the-frog-trailer.html

It has the first glimpse of Keith David's villain and an evil laugh at 0:56 and 1:52.

Landon Thomas - [<- Gargoyles News Twitter feed]

Tippie-toe-walking: I do it sometimes. Especially when I'm barefoot in the kitchen, or if I've watched gargoyles too much. My girlfriend, her brother, father, and sister all do it, too, but none of them are serious gargoyle fans. (meaning they're all aware of the series, but don't own the DVDs, and buy comics, etc.)
Samuel - [AnglOfHellO at AOL dot com]
Now, now... Language.

Daniel > I had a conversation with someone once. I was bashing on Eragon because of how blatantly it takes from other sources. The person I was speaking with said, not in defence of Eragon but in defence of something they did not believe to have been stolen, that there is no longer any original work in the world. That everything takes from something that came before and we cant do a thing to stop that.

I will admit that a lot of my ideas are occasionaly inspired by other stuff Ive seen or read but its up to me to make it my own. So put some thought into your plot. Perhaps rather than a rich guys, its a group who runs a wealthy corporation. Do the heroes have to be from the past? Perhaps they are picked randomly off the street. Make it an original work.

Also, yeah, Greg will not look at it, even if you make it clear its not Gargoyle related. He's got a life and does not have time to take each fan by the hand. Ask him questions but he cant look at everyone's ideas.

<Be happy for me and for all who fly free.> - Tobias of Animorphs

But Seriously, there's new Arthurian Fiction?
Daniel Abraham Raviv, - [dar111191 at gmail dot com]
Daniel Abraham Raviv,

Also if you guys want, tell me any ideas you have for my work, I'm willing to listen and take your ideas into consideration, like if you guys have a villain idea or a storyline idea, please just let me know, i'm willing to make this series yours as well as mine. Only if that's all right with you guys.
Daniel Abraham Raviv, - [dar111191 at gmail dot com]
Daniel Abraham Raviv,

Look i don't want my idea to be too much like Gargoyles, if you guys have any ideas on what i should change or do, please tell, I'm willing to listen.
Daniel Abraham Raviv, - [dar111191 at gmail dot com]
Daniel Abraham Raviv,

I don't want my creation to be Gargoylesish, then can i ask you guys what should i change or do? I want mine to really be original and not look like a micro copy of Gargoyles. please help me with my series if that's all right?
Daniel Abraham Raviv, - [dar111191 at gmail dot com]
Daniel Abraham Raviv,

DEMONSKRYE - I agree that Greg's unlikely to read anything "Gargoyles"-ish, even if it isn't set in the same universe; he's already mentioned that he won't read any new Arthurian fiction, in case it might influence his plans for King Arthur in the Gargoyles Universe.
Todd Jensen

Anthony> Diamond has been failing to deliver Previews to my local comic shop for some strange reason, but the owner is aware that I want the trades and he's generally good about getting stuff for me if I ask.

Daniel> I would guess that Greg is going to say no, for two possible reasons. One is that your ideas still sound very similar to "Gargoyles" even if it isn't fanfiction per se, so Greg will likely want to play it safe and keep from reading anything that someone else wrote that might suggest ideas for "Gargoyles" even if some of the names and details are different and even if it's not intentionally presenting "Gargoyles" ideas. The second is that Greg is a very busy guy between his work, his family, and whatever else he has going on. He already takes the time to answer fans' questions on Ask Greg when he can squeeze it in. It may not seem like much to ask him to take a look at what you have, but I'm sure there's no shortage of other fans and aspiring writers who would love to have Greg take a look at their work too. If he says yes to you, he's going to have to say yes to everyone who has an original project for him to read and there is no way he has enough time to do that.

I'd suggest that you play it a little safer and maybe try to ask for advice from someone whose work hasn't inspired yours so directly and who hasn't stated that he or she doesn't want to read fanfiction or, most likely, personal projects. Or you could ask Greg some more general writing related questions to try to get some advice on areas you're having trouble with, like "How do you work out a distinctive speaking style for each character?" or "What's your process for writing a fight scene?" He's much more likely to answer question than like those than requests to read original material.

Demonskrye - [demonskrye(at)gmail(dot)com]

Well, Guys can i just say, that Gargoyles is an inspiration for this series, so if you guys see any similarities, just note that it's because of that. Also I'm planning to do this series with Halo,Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo Wars, The Sims 2, The Sims 3, The Sims Online And other Machinima, It's about This Rich man who creates this superhuman serum and gives it to some people from the past who become super powerful, no not like superman, but they could jump higher than others, they have sort of superhuman strength and they can see and hear more clearly than others, he also gives them equipment and other stuff and well, he plans to use them for his own ends but either with the help of a woman or something (I don't want this to sound too much like Gargoyles) they turn on him and vow to protect their city and the Rich man becomes one of their worst foes. That's how i have the story so far, i know probably some parts sound too much like Gargoyles, but well i liked the kind of idea and story that Gargoyles had and thought to sort of use that same idea, but make it all it's own. Do you guys have any suggestions for it? Also i do plan to put a Ku-Klux-Klan/Quarrymen like group, but rather than target Blacks, Gargoyles, Jews, or those other stuff, they target The Super soldiers (Actually i took this from an idea i had for x-men about This KKK/QM Group that targets mutants). Also i want to show my idea to Greg and it's right he can't say he won't read it because it's not fan fiction, right, or are there other reasons? Should i try to show it to him?
Daniel Abraham Raviv, - [dar111191 at gmail dot com]
Daniel Abraham Raviv,

Oh yeah, everybody watch this, I think this video makes out planet a better place to live in:


I agree with Rebel on EVERYTHING she says!!

@ Daniel: No problem with that, always happy when I can help people out. :)
I agree with Rebel on EVERYTHING she says!!

Thanks for the birthday thoughts, guys. It was a good day indeed!

Anthony > I havnt because I havnt been home to ask. Ill be doing so next week, when Im also asking about the Mercy Thompson comics Im missing.

<Be happy for me and for all who fly free.> - Tobias of Animorphs

Oh And Brook i'd like to hear your Dark Knighted Gargoyles Movie.
Daniel Abraham Raviv, - [dar111191 at gmail dot com]
Daniel Abraham Raviv,

Hey Guys, I'm back! Unless no one wants me here. Look I'm planning to Attend The 2009 Gathering so I'd like to meet some of you there, including you Demona Taina, Hey guys if it's allright i'm going to change my name account to something like Hailog or something because i don't want people knowing my real name, well new people that is. Also I know this is the Gargoyles Website, but it's one of the only websites i'm on it's not Fan Fiction and it's not the series i mentioned but I want some of you guys's help in making this new series i created (I actually pay more attention to this series than i do my other) It's About Super soldiers and is kind of like Something in between Gargoyles, The codex And Batman, but if i cannot mention it here just tell me! But if i can, let me have some advice from you guys Okay?
Daniel Abraham Raviv, - [dar111191 at gmail dot com]
Daniel Abraham Raviv,

I spoke with my comic book supplier yesterday and I had him order the two Gargoyles TPBs for me. Has everyone else done the same?
Anthony Tini

If you are going to be a mutate, why not be one with innate magical powers like the Third Race?

That would be superior to merely having heightened senses.

Michael Ejercito - [mejercit at hotmail dot com]

Oh man...

Just so you guys know - I guess I mentioned some time ago that I was 'taking notes' to throw together a script (for fun) for a Dark-Knighted-Gargoyles-movie (again, for fun and totally uncommercial). And... well, last night, I had sort of a breakthrough and was overpoured with some nice, yet totally cnon-changing ideas, which in my mind (which is a rather not so fine place to be atm) totally kick behinds.

Since I'm appointing for a new job today and still have loads of work for my other jobs to do, there won't be anything to show around that soon - BUT I will see if I can throw together a treatment these days, whcih I'd love to post to see what you guys think. But what I have in mind is HARDLY Awakening 2.0, it is way more off-canon in some story-devices and timeline changes. The characters remain the same though, except for Xanatos, who is a haitian voodoo priest.

More to come soon...

@ Rebel: why not mutate into something cool and fancy, like David Bowie or Obama?

I agree with Rebel on EVERYTHING she says!!

Mutations: Though highten senses such as smell could be the win-win, I doubt a scientist like Sevarious is keen on 'subtlety.' Not that ham of a b*stard . . . .

I have to go with Dingo on this one . . . armor, and a little AI on the side can't hurt. d:

"The Suspense is Terrible . . . I Hope it Lasts" -- Willy Wonka

Mutations > Something else worth considering (and something we haven't seen in the Gargoyles universe yet) is that mutations which aren't obvious to the untrained eye might be an option. For example, perhaps one could "upgrade" one's senses to become much more powerful, without altering one's appearance. I think it would be cool to have a sense of smell on the same level as a bloodhound. I could be a bomb sniffer and put all the K-9s out of work. Or I could work for a perfume company. Really, having a sense of smell that strong would open up all kinds of opportunities.

Litwolf> Happy belated birthday. I hope it was a good one.

Walking on toes> I do occasionally, but that's partly because I take beginner's ballet and we do go on our toes. I like no ankle strength, so I can't stay up, especially on one leg. Working on that.

Upgrade> Of the ones seen so far, I'd take powered armor. I'd prefer something lightweight, but still protective. The idea of permanently augmenting my body just sends shivers down my spine; I'd like the option to be able to step out of my battle gear and be normal. Sure, I'd sacrifice a certain edge, like finer control of cybernetics, but the option to stop is my preference.

Being a gargoyle> Only on a temporary basis, or under my control. But that kinda defeats the purpose huh? :p Human to gargoyle, the change would be too much for me to handle.


Mutation, Cybernetics, or Powered Armor > This sounds interesting. For me, cybernetics are OUT. As powerful as Jackal and Hyena are, if you took away all their cybernetic parts, they'd be nothing more than a pair quadruple amputees. No thanks. If being cybernetic entailed ADDING ON to my body (sorta like Doctor Octopus) without taking anything away, I guess that'd be okay. But if it involves removing any parts of my body to replace with mechanical parts, heck no.

If I didn't have to worry about what anyone thought of me, mutation would be my first choice, providing it was a fairly cool mutation (like Talon, Maggie, or Wolf) and not a creepy mutation (like Benny...*shudder*). But since I'd probably still want to fit in with other people and people can be judgmental, I guess powered armor would be the safe bet--I'd be really powerful, and I could always take the armor off. Plus, who knows what effect the mutation could have on my ability to have children?


****The Room shakes as if rocked by an earthquake. Just when it seems as though the Room will tear itself apart, the quake stops as suddenly as it began. Everything is once again quiet and the Room looks the way it was before the tremor, except that Blaise is now standing in the Room.**** Okay...let's see if THAT wakes the place up.

LITWOLF> A belated "Happy Birthday" to you! Sorry about the delay--RL's been...problematic for me.

BEING A GARGOYLE> First, let me preface that, yes, back when the show was still on, I would occasionally walk around on the balls of my feet to simulate the "gargoyle stance."
As for whether I would want to be a gargoyle...no. As cool as it would be to have wings, and fangs, claws, a tail, horns, huge muscles, etc., the whole "being helpless during the day" thing is a bit of a deal breaker. I would like the ability to change back and forth from human to gargoyle, though (something like Demona, only under my own willpower...and without the pain). It's kind of like that saying, "New York (or wherever) is a nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there." So, I suppose that means I would prefer to be Oberati (if only I wouldn't have a certain Lord confining me to a magical island).
You know, this reminds me of the time, WAY back at the turn of the century or so, when Station 8 had a little section called "The Box." Each week would feature a new question, and everyone would leave their comments stating and explaining their choice. I think there was a question similar to the "Would you be a gargoyle" one (and another that asked what the person would have chosen if given the same choice as the Pack: Mutation, Cybernetics, or Powered Armor). Good times....
(If you want to know, my answer was Powered Armor.)

Until next time. ****Blaise points up to the sky through the skylight, and a bolt of lightning shoots out of his fingertip. His body starts to vanish from his feet upwards, as though it were being "poured" out through his finger via the lightning. In this way, he quickly vanishes.****


I'd like to be a gargoyle, but only if I got to pick the time period. Let's say, post-Gargoyle Minority Protection Act?

Happy birthday, Litwolf!

I agree more with Purplegoldfish. I personally wouldn't want to be a gargoyle.


Oh and Happy Birthday Litwolf! ;)

lol I can't remember if I ever pretended to be a gargoyle or thought about being one personally (though, I do go on tiptoe a lot-I'm really short lol). I never actually thought that it would be cool to be one. I think the turning to stone during the day thing would suck. Also, I'm afraid of heights lol.

I've actually always connected with Elisa more than the gargoyles. I think if they existed, I would rather be their friend than be one myself.


What happens to a gargoyle or gargoyle beast during a solar eclipse?
Luis Garcia - [tigerbreath13]
Luis Garcia

@ Rebel: Now you're my first choice for Demona in my upcomming GARGOYLES-film-adaptation.

"See, when I was 13, I used to tiptoe infornt of a mirror to be closer to a Gargoyle!"


I agree with Rebel on EVERYTHING she says!!

Happy birthday, Litwolf!

The official term for a gargoyle's foot structure/walking gait is digitigrade: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digitigrade

The article is pretty sparse, but it does say those animals generally move quicker. An artist recently created leg extensions that simulate that movement: http://www.kimgrahamstudios.com/gal-legs.html She looks downright gargoyle-esque when walking: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tx6ej0Vh7HE

Landon Thomas - [<- Gargoyles News Twitter feed]

Demonskrye > Thanks for helping out! I suspect you'd like Farscape a lot.

Queeny > I do that too sometimes. I'll sometimes do it in front of the mirror and try to make my legs look like a gargoyle's, but it just doesn't work since I'm not proportioned the same as they are.


Queeny> Yes, yes I do frequently walk on tip toes, and I am semi-conciously thinking of gargoyle feet when I do.

*Chip quietly returns to lurking*

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Litwolf - Happy Birthday. *throws streamers & confetti* Oh to be 20 again. *sigh*

Queeny - I think the whole Gargoyles on tip toes has to do with the fact they have tails to balance with-as well, they do sometimes run on all fours(we've seen them do it on the show-including Goliath). If we walked on all four limbs, we'd likely be walking on our tip toes too on our back feet.


Queeny > I walk on my tip-toes for fun or when I need to get just a little bit taller.

Well, on this day, two decades ago, I greeted life with a scream.
Yep, it's my birthday. And for my birthday, I must study for exams. It sucks but that's how life goes. Oh well, with any luck, there will be yummy cake later! ^_^

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I've been wondering lately if other gargoyles have the same (somewhat annoying) 'problem' as I and my other garg-friends. Gargoyles appear as though they were walking on their tiptoes, its probably just because of the way their feet are formed, but I and my other garg-friends do the exact same thing. We don't do it when we have certain shoes on, but we do it ALL the time!

Do other gargoyle fans do this? Or just some of us?

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Rebel> I tossed a vote in Farscape's direction. I haven't seen the show, but i hear good things about it and I really should watch it one of these days, though "lack of stuff to watch" is not currently one of my problems. I'm happy to support the work of the Jim Henson Creature Shop. It was a little tough not voting for Futurama, but I think it's had a pretty good life after cancelation already.
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I don't see anything really wrong with it. I got a giggle out of it when I first saw it.

My $0.02.

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hey Greg just wanted to congratulate you on the new Spider-man.its quite possibly better than the one that aired in the 90s.You rock man!
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Well, this is totally unrelated to Gargoyles, but what the heck. Some of you might be interested in this.

From past comments I've read in this CR, I know that there is at least one other person here who enjoyed the show Farscape. Like Gargoyles, Farscape was a great show that ended before its time. Also like Gargoyles, Farscape is being continued in comic book form. The Farscape franchise as a whole is doing well, considering the show has been canceled for quite some time now--the sales for the comic books are quite respectable and the comic books have not suffered from any delays that I know of. The way they're handling the Farscape comics is doing 4 issues for each story arc that they want to tell. I reckon that each 4-issue-arc is probably equivalent to one episode of the show, so it works out nicely. They've already finished one of these arcs and there are two more that currently have one issue out apiece, and another arc is starting up sometime this summer. I'm assuming that if sales continue to be good, then they'll keep making more of these arcs. So far there are 6 issues total of new Farscape material out, and another issue coming out on Wednesday (I think). These comics are considered canon, since they are being overseen by Rockne S. O'Bannon, the creator of Farscape. They're published by BOOM! Studios. As if that wasn't cool enough, there are plans to start doing Farscape webisodes and putting them up on the SciFi (or is it SyFy?) channel website. I'm not really sure what a "webisode" is or how it differs from a regular episode besides the fact that it's on the internet, but whatever.

Here's a link to the first issue of the first arc of the Farscape comics. There are multiple covers for each issue (some of which are out of print). You can click around to see the covers and the synopses for each issue/arc.


Also, if anyone wants to watch some Farscape but is uncertain if they want to buy/rent the DVDs, this youtuber has all the episodes uploaded. The only thing not on Youtube is The Peacekeeper Wars mini-series, for copyright reasons. If you've never watched Farscape but would like to give it a try, keep in mind that some of the first episodes of the first season aren't that strong. They're good episodes, but the second half of the first season is where Farscape really starts to become a strong series.


Lastly, if you liked Farscape when it was on the air and would support a Farscape movie, click here and vote for Farscape:


Even if you never watched Farscape, I would consider it a personal favor if you'd go vote for it. We're trying to beat Jericho.


Wingless - Ah, I didn't know that. Thanks for the info.
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Landon: in answer to your Spectacular Spider-Man question. Yes-season 1 & 2 are available on UK Itunes (being sold in individual episodes only). By The Way, you are able to search Itunes world wide. on the main Itunes page down at the bottom, there is a choice for "Your Store" and a flag beside it designating the country. You can only buy from your own country, but you can browse any of the Itunes stores worldwide. Personally, in this world of so called Global Economy and free trade - online stores like Itunes should be universal(if it's available-it's available worldwide). I for one am tired of looking on Itunes for a song I KNOW is available, only to find out I can't buy it from Itunes Canada.
Ok, done with rant.


@ Todd> If I remember correctly, the first issue of Timedancer would be #10, which is being drawn by Greg Guler, who designed most of the cast. I would hope, even assume, that he would do some sort of visual for the timestream where we at least get glimpses of Katana, Samson, Fu-Dog, and some of the other ideas GW had for the world.
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No sorry Landon. I have no Idea. I only know that Spectacular Spiderman is on UK Channel NICKTOONS
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Tony, and anyone else who is new(er) to the fandom> Here's the document. As you may have guessed from what Todd wrote, it contains general descriptions of some of the concepts and plotlines the main story and the spinoffs of "Gargoyles" would have touched on. Keep in mind this document is now several years old so these ideas may well have undergone some changes since then. Nothing is canon until it's in a canon format.


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Some forum users are reporting that seasons 1 & 2 of Spectacular Spider-Man are available in iTunes in the UK. Can any Britons in here confirm it?
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What is the "Greg Weisman's MasterPlan document"? Was it something he shared at a gathering in the past?
Anthony Tini

I probably should have waited until the second "Gargoyles" trade paperback comes out before writing this (and the "Bad Guys" trade paperback as well), but:

Although I haven't read Greg Weisman's MasterPlan document for a long time, I still remember its contents: an overview of what Season Three of "Gargoyles" would have covered, and the six projected spin-offs. I thought I'd look over how much of that has been covered (or will be covered) in the comics.

1. TIMEDANCER: Will be the subject of Gargoyles #10 to #12.

2. GARGOYLES 2198: No traces of it so far, but we might see glimpses of it in the "TimeDancer" portion of the second trade paperback.

3. DARK AGES: No traces of that either.

4. THE NEW OLYMPIANS: Terry Chung's cameos in Gargoyles #4 and Bad Guys #4.

5. PENDRAGON: King Arthur and Griff's guest-appearances in the Stone of Destiny story - and Greg mentioned the Stone of Destiny story itself in that part of the document.

6. BAD GUYS: Definitely covered in the spin-off.

So four out of the six spin-offs have found their way into the comics, or will - and we might even get traces of "Gargoyles 2198" and "Dark Ages" in the remainder. (Since Greg released that document, we learned about the possible seventh projected spin-off, "Heroes of Ulster", and it got a possible nod in the form of Cuchulain's cameo in "Gargoyles" #8.)

Now for the ingredients for "Gargoyles" from Greg's document (taken from memory):

"The Quarrymen problem, Xanatos's conversion, Goliath and Elisa's relationship, Broadway and Angela's relationship, Coldsteel and Coyote, the four tricksters and Alexander, the Ultra-Pack, the Illuminati, the Clones".

All of these except for the Ultra-Pack and the tricksters story have entered the comic book.

The Quarrymen: Featured mainly in the adaptation of "The Journey", but with glimpses in Gargoyles #3 and #4 and Bad Guys #3. While I'd like to see a bit more of them, to counter the "Goliath Chronicles" treatment of them, what we did see served as a good start on an antidote: Castaway handles the Quarrymen's PR far better than his GC counterpart. (I especially like his commercial in Bad Guys #3 - he does such a fine job of making his organization sound more like a kindly charitable helping hand rather than an anti-gargoyle hate group. He may be a madman, but he's a shrewd madman.)

Xanatos's conversion: We found out, of course, that he hasn't changed that much; he's still scheming as ever.

Goliath and Elisa's relationship: Their break-up, the Double Date, and their reunion.

Broadway and Angela's relationship: We got just a couple of glimpses of that (mainly the library scene), but it was there.

Coldsteel and Coyote: Their team-up features in the Stone of Destiny story (with the lovely detail of the new Coyote being powered by the Coyote Diamond from "Her Brother's Keeper" - and it's so like Xanatos to bring it back just when we'd almost forgotten it!).

The Clones: I think we all suspected that Thailog would come back for them, and that their initial response would be "Obey Thailog" - but Delilah and Brentwood received some unexpected but welcome development.

The Illuminati: We learned a lot about them: their internal organization (and especially the number of membership slots - another wonderful detail), a couple of new members (Quincy Hemings and Shari), and the revelation that Thailog's joined the Illuminati. And we should learn more about them in #9, including getting to meet Duval for the first time (and Blanchefleur as well).

Even the Ultra-Pack got a slight presence: we see references to the Pack in "Bad Guys" as part of Dingo's background, Billy and Susan go trick-or-treating as Jackal and Hyena, and after reading "Bad Guys" #1, I think we can guess who the new member of the Ultra-Pack will be. Though we'll have to wait for those graphic novels to be made (if they ever do get made) to learn much more.

Not a bad score, I'd say.

Todd Jensen

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Yeah! 8th!!! My fave #.
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(6) Six!
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I always forget about the countdown.

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Now, now... Language.

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Third! I really hope it will bring in more sales too.

Not 3rd. Just wanted to comment on some things from last week.

The way I see it, whatever one's feelings about the cover, it CANNOT POSSIBLY deter existing Gargoyles fans/customers from buying the book. I mean, really, if you were planning on buying the book, but then saw the cover and didn't like it, would you refrain from buying it? No, probably not.

However, the cover CAN *possibly* rope in a few additional sales. Which is good for Gargoyles, and good for SLG. The cover might not make a difference, but there's a chance that it will, and at this stage in the game it's worth the risk.



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