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I ordered both the trades at my local comic book shop today.

Brook> It helped that Greg once identified "Falstaff" as an antagonist that would appear in Bad Guys (although he specifically avoided using the term 'villain'). That's in the FAQ if you want to check.

Also, the guy just looks like Falstaff, doesn't he?


@ Todd: Could you please sum up how you came to the conclusion that the man is Falstaff? I think I missed something there... ;)

Also, I never knew Perceval was actually one of the knights in the Arthurian legend... you live, you learn. :)

I agree with Rebel on EVERYTHING she says!!

Shakespeare made it clear in the play that Falstaff was dead (though having him die off-stage) - but the "Arthur's bosom" line might indeed be appropriate (even if it was most likely a slip of Mistress Quickly's for "Abraham's bosom"). If the Falstaff of the Gargoyles Universe is indeed one of the Illuminati, as the promo suggests, remember that it was founded by a former knight of the Round Table (Percival/Duval), and is therefore linked to King Arthur.
Todd Jensen

Oops, typo. I meant "did Shakespeare" not "to Shakespeare".

Todd> I forget, to Shakespeare actually specify that Falstaff was dead, or did he stick with commended to "Arthur's bosom"? Interesting euphemism, given certain other characters appearing in Gargoyles, hm?

Toon Zone has their Greg interview with fan-submitted questions up: http://marvel.toonzone.net/specspidey/interviews/weisman3/ Apparently when the movie re-edits were canceled after Attack of the Lizard, the extra footage was shelved. I personally liked Attack of the Lizard and the transitions, but what are you gonna do.
Landon Thomas - [<- Gargoyles News Twitter Feed]


Patrick - I don't know if this is enough of a spoiler to avoid, but Bill Fagerbakke voices Morris Bench and Elisa Gabrielli voices Dr. Ashley Kafka is season 2 episodes. So technically, they could have a G and an S on the guests page.


Landon Thomas - [<- Gargoyles News Twitter Feed]

Nice work, Patrick! I know this is an unreasonable request at this point, but I thought I'd throw it out there anyway: since you're adding more crew members, I'd really appreciate meeting a sound guy who worked Gargoyles or TSS-M, like from Advantage Audio or something. Just a thought.

Also, the general discussions forum has a lot of spam. You might want to update the captcha.

Landon Thomas - [<- Gargoyles News Twitter Feed]

Hey, everyone. I finished up tomorrow's Gathering web site updates early, so Station 8 will be the first to hear this...

Recently added to our guest list: Bill Fagerbakke, voice of Broadway on Gargoyles; Vanessa Marshall and Daran Norris, voices of Mary Jane Watson and J. Jonah Jameson on The Spectacular Spider-Man; and Gargoyles production crew members Joey Mason and Doug Murphy! For more details, please visit our web site (click the link below).

9 weeks left until The 13th Annual Gathering of the Gargoyles in Los Angeles, CA!

Patrick - [<-- Gathering 2009]
"A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men." - Willy Wonka

"I thought it was a great touch to have Falstaff (assuming that's his name) describing the Illuminati as the "good guys", as a parallel to the comic's title. It fits Greg's fondness for making the antagonists mirror the protagonists." -- Todd

That reminds me, I had the devilish thought after seeing the trailer on YouTube that maybe this guy talking to Dingo IS actually telling the truth, and not just his side of the story . . .

Granted, we know the infamous ambiguity of the Illuminati (Martin Hacker playing Bluestone, Xanatos, and Castaway is a perfect example) AND a lot of have been spoiled by the Gargoyles 2198 premise with the Society selling Earth, so -- at least I've been -- inclined to think they are not trustworthy. (of course, this DOES make them perfect for Greg's universe).

But back to the devilish thought: While the Illuminati isn't clear in its motivations, perhaps the Director isn't as well, and if so, maybe the carrot that the Redemption Squad has been teased with this entire time may be just a ruse. And maybe in THIS battle Hunter, Dingo, Hunter, Matrix, and Fang really ARE the 'Bad Guys' and not just reforming villains . . .

"The Suspense is Terrible . . . I Hope it Lasts" -- Willy Wonka

Anyone in here fans of Nostalgia Critic? If so, you probably know about his next review that's coming up, which happens to be on Gargoyles. Just thought I'd post that info here if anyone didn't know. I was skeptical about the review, since he usually bashes on tv shows & movies, but I just read this quote from a co-writer of the Nostalgia Critic's videos. He had this to say:

"I just sat through the first five episodes for cowriting purposes. It's the first time I've seen it in years.

It was difficult, because it's actually a GOOD show. Kinda like Disney's answer to Batman: The Animated Series. I liked it when it was on, but never got to watch the whole thing through (high school, lack of cable, and life all got in the way for awhile). Still, a solid effort. Not one that's easy to rip to shreds. I mean, I skewered it left and right as best I could, but they were really more just generic observations about plot holes and recurring patterns and Disney quirks and stuff. Really, I was making fun of it as fan, and not as someone who hated the show itself.

Doug said he's gonna try to keep it funny, but try to acknowledge the shows strong points. Odds are this one will be semi-serious. But you never know..."

The quote goes on more, but just talks about how much he loves Keith David's voice and the Nostalgia Critic's infatuation with Demona & Elisa.

Thought I'd let anyone know who was interested in seeing this review that comes out next week. I figure it's a good way to have some advertisement for Gargoyles (I hope).

"It is better to have a horrible ending than to have horrors without end."

Until today, I'd assumed that the Falstaff who would appear in "Bad Guys" (ever since learning from Greg Weisman that he would appear in "Bad Guys") was a namesake of the fat old knight in Shakespeare, a counterpart to him in the same way that, for example, the ColdTrio are a counterpart to Othello, Desdemona, and Iago or that Terry and Sphinx will be a counterpart to Romeo and Juliet.

But after seeing the YouTube promo, I began wondering. If the old man whom Dingo's talking to really is Falstaff, he looks and dresses the part so well that maybe he's the original Falstaff. If he's a member of the Illuminati, he could have survived for a few centuries from 15th century England, the same way that Duval and Blanchefleur have from King Arthur's reign (and maybe Shari from the time of the Arabian Nights, if our speculations about her are correct). Shakespeare records Falstaff's death in "Henry V", but he might have been mistaken (we know that his account of Macbeth's career was far from accurate). So possibly this is *the* Falstaff whom Dingo's speaking to.

I forgot to mention it this morning, but I thought it was a great touch to have Falstaff (assuming that's his name) describing the Illuminati as the "good guys", as a parallel to the comic's title. It fits Greg's fondness for making the antagonists mirror the protagonists.

Todd Jensen

Two new volumes of the original X-Men animated series coming to DVD - courtesy of Disney...and no, I don't work for Disney.
Click my name for details:


Sorry this has nothing to do with Gargoyles But I just got back from seeing Transformers Revenge of the Fallen and OH MY GOD it was brilliant I really enjoyed it and I have to see it again.
VickyUK - [vickyfanofwwe at aol dot com]

Warcrafter - I think you're looking at cloth folds. Here's a blown up image: http://www.tc.umn.edu/~thom1576/ClanBuildingVolTwo.JPG
Landon Thomas - [<- Gargoyles News Twitter Feed]

Todd> I like you assesment of the trailer... I never would have that the ol' "Merry Wives of Windsor" star would appear here in "Bad Guys," but that is interesting, to say the least.

I am all the more excited.

I just finished watching the series again (well, the two DVDs; I am attempting to download the rest of it) starting with "Awakening," in pre for the new TP's.

I just wish there was more...


Battle Beast - [Canada]
That is all I will say.

Potential BAD GUYS SPOILERS from the trailer

It's nice to see Yama smile about anything at all. He hasn't been a particularly happy gargoyle ever since we met him in "Bushido" and exile hasn't exactly lightened his mood. I'm glad to see that he might actually start getting along with some of his new teammates rather than viewing his time with them as something he has to suffer through in order to restore his honor and return to his clan and Sora.

Demonskrye - [demonskrye(at)gmail(dot)com]

Just finished seeing the "Bad Guys" promo on YouTube, and I'm all the more excited about it - especially after the scene between Dingo and the white-bearded man in Shakespearean attire. I'm certain that the old Illuminatus is Falstaff, tying in with Dingo's real name being Harry Monmouth (he even calls Dingo "Harry" in the conversation). A new touch of Shakespeare in the Gargoyles Universe, this time from the history plays, which have seen less use in the series so far than the comedies and tragedies.

I also liked the scene between Yama and Matrix at the end; it was great to see Yama's amusement at Matrix's remark.

Todd Jensen

@ Bad Guys Trailer: Hurm... the art looks good, but it didn't make me as excited as the CB-Vol.2 Trailer did...

And uh, is that Santa Claus??

I agree with Rebel on EVERYTHING she says!!

I just got kicked out of Ghostbusters wiki, it never fails wherever i go i'm not welcome. not here, not there, not anywhere. Why. WHY! Oh Sorry am i disturbing you guys, sorry.
Daniel Abraham Raviv, - [dar111191 at gmail dot com]
Daniel Abraham Raviv,

Love the cover for clan building. Is it me or does it look like there is blood dripping off Demona's mace?
Warcrafter - [grafixfangamer1 at sbcglobal dot net]
Chuck Norris has never been denied anything. NOT EVEN REVENGE!!!

Gargoyleslady - "And don't forget that I'm at a disadvantage when it comes to reading expressions. Just a reminder. I'm not trying to be mean."

Not at all, we're glad to help. But lines are always useful, so we know exactly what you're wondering about.

As the scene starts, the Trio are playing. Demona looks on in amusement. Tom notices them and thinks it looks like fun so he runs over. Eventually the Trio notice him standing there. Demona doesn't like this casual interaction between humans and gargoyles and looks on sharply and intently. She doesn't think this will turn out well and doesn't think Tom should have anything to do with the Trio.

Tom: "I'm Tom. What's your name?"

A standard introduction. He looks a little apprehensive since they are, essentially, scary monsters to a human, but he's curious enough to introduce himself. This also sets up that he has an affinity for the gargoyles, more so than the other refugees, although his mother comes around eventually as well.

Lexington: "Except for Goliath, we don't have names."

A friendly, introductory response. The gargoyles don't seem to have any apprehension or prejudice about talking with Tom.

Tom: "How do you tell each other apart?"

He seems more comfortable and conversational now.

Lexington: "We look different."

Brooklyn nods in agreement. It's still a casual conversation that even the gargoyles seem interested in.

Tom: "But what do you call each other?"

Still curious. It might even be considered a little nosey by prudish adult standards.

Brooklyn: "Friend."

I don't think Brooklyn is saying the gargoyles literally call each other "friend". He's making a point that names aren't important when the gargoyles care for and respect one another.

Tom's physical response shows he is intrigued and the smile shows he likes the idea.

Mary: "Tom! Get away from those monsters!"

Mary runs over, worried for her child. She's carrying a stick, ready to defend him. She assumes the worst.

Tom: "But mother-"

Tom's won over. He likes the gargoyles and has seen enough evidence to trust them.

Brooklyn: "We wouldn't hurt the lad ma'am."

Brooklyn comes back with an entirely reasonable statement in a compassionate voice, but Mary doesn't listen. She interprets his physical approach as a threat.

Mary: "Keep away from him, ye beast!"

She attacks with the stick, although she probably thought she was acting defensively at the time. There is, however, a lot of prejudice and vitriol in her voice.

Demona: "You're the beast you-"

Demona's pissed. I'm actually surprised she tries to argue with the human. Maybe she was about to attack and Brooklyn sensed that. Did Brooklyn block Demona to keep her from attacking Mary?

Brooklyn: "No! If they think we're beasts and monsters-"

Lexington: "Then perhaps we better live up to the name!"

They try to scare off the humans. They know that they have a frightening reputation so there's no need for them or Bronx to actually attack. I guess they don't care about frightening Tom but want to reestablish their dominance with fear. Or they wanted to diffuse the situation without resorting to violence. Or maybe they were just having fun. Others might have different interpretations. I don't think they ever felt threatened, but Mary probably did piss them off.

Landon Thomas - [<- Gargoyles News Twitter Feed]

Demonskrye> This is what I'm unsure of: "My name's Tom. What's your name?"

"Except for Goliath, we don't have names."

"How do you tell each other apart?"

"We look different."

"What do you call each other?"


"Tom! Get away from those monsters!"

"But mother-"

"We wouldn't hurt the lad ma'am."

"Keep away from him, ye beast!"

"You're the beast you-"

"No! If they think we're beasts and monsters-"

"Then perhaps we better live up to the name?"

And don't forget that I'm at a disadvantage when it comes to reading expressions. Just a reminder. I'm not trying to be mean.

Gargoyleslady - [kendal dot renfro at yahoo dot com]

"Bad Guys" Trailer> Looks pretty cool. I think it will be a fun read. I'm hoping issue six at least gives some sense of "open-ended closure," since I don't know when we'll get to see more of these characters or anyone else in the Gargoyles universe again.

Gargoyleslady> It's possible that Demona felt like Goliath was pushing her aside and ignoring her opinions. I can't say for certain. I do believe she still loves Goliath at this point, as much as she possibly can while at the same time believing that his views are very misguided. I think in her mind, she's trying to save Goliath from himself. He is so idealistic that he will never give up trying to create a harmonious relationship between gargoyles and humans. But Demona no longer believes that this is possible. So while she might be a little angry with Goliath for not understanding her anger with the humans, maybe on some level she is trying to protect him.

I don't know what it is that you're unsure of regarding Tom's interaction with the gargoyles. Tom is basically a curious kid who hasn't grown up with the prejudices that Katharine did. He sees Brooklyn and Lex playing with Bronx, a very normal and not at all scary activity, and goes over to make friends. Tom's mother, Mary, is unfortunately not as open minded as her son and sees the gargoyles as dangerous monsters. She moves in to protect him, which upsets the gargoyles and leads to them pretending to menace the humans until Goliath steps in and send the Trio and Bronx to the rookery.

Demonskrye - [demonskrye(at)gmail(dot)com]


Bad Guys Trailer: Again, anything new with 'Bad Guys' reminds me just how much I've enjoyed this series. From the ever build-up to battling the Illuminati (maybe we'll get some more rank-numbers in issues #5/#6??), to the constant and monotonous reminder from Matrix that he seeks 'Law and Order' . . . LOVE Yama's reaction in the trailer)

I wonder if that is Falstaff there, sharing a drink with our Harry 'Dingo' Monmouth? And I do wonder if that secret lair they reach with the giant Illuminati symbol is a stop before the 'leica reel' blow up we've been getting for four issues now, or if it's on the island they have been fighting the numbered robots?

As I have never seen the leica reel at the Gathering - though I do hope to soon, very possibly this year, I think funds will be met d: - I have no idea which is the case, but I'm really glad this comes out a month after Clan Building: Volume II, if only so I have one more Gargoyle treat to enjoy . . . until we officially get some more :)


"The Suspense is Terrible . . . I Hope it Lasts" -- Willy Wonka

Wow, missed this one. New Bad Guys trailer with all new scenes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQAJUgq0Bqk
Landon Thomas - [<- Gargoyles News Twitter Feed]

Demonskrye> One thing I'm not 100% sure about is: Is it possible that Demona felt like Goliath was pushing her to the side? And I'm not real sure about Tom's interaction with Brooklyn and Lexington.
Gargoyleslady - [kendal dot renfro at yahoo dot com]

Gargoyleslady> It's not entirely a ruse. The part about driving off the Vikings for good is a ruse; she knows that they will be heading back to the castle for a daytime attack. And she does want to leave the humans at Castle Wyvern to be captured and taken away by the Vikings. But additionally, she wants to make sure that her clan is far away and safe while the Vikings attack the castle.

You may or may not have read it already, but there's a short prose story (or beginning of a story) that Greg wrote and posted on Ask Greg called "Hyppolyta." Thoug it's not official canon yet, it does give some interesting insight in to Demona's character and suggest that the true tragedy is that she once did believe in Goliath's dream of peace and mutual respect between their clan and the humans they lived with, the implication being that she was not born hating humans, but came to hate them over time as she realized that no matter how hard Goliath tried, the humans who the gargoyles protected would always fear and mistreat them.

Demonskrye - [demonskrye(at)gmail(dot)com]

Demonskrye> Yes I have watched the commentary on the DVD. I've also figured out that Demona's plan to get the gargoyles out of the castle was a ruse to rid it of humans but Goliath wants to protect the castle not abandon it. To her, To Demona, that's what Goliath's problem is. He's too intent on having a gargoyle/human alliance. She can tell that the humans aren't going to accept them any time soon. In her mind, he's just too blind to see that isn't possible.
Gargoyleslady - [kendal dot renfro at yahoo dot com]

Hey, SLG finally got the cover picture on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Gargoyles-Clan-Building-Greg-Weisman/dp/1593621671 And it's ranking up to #73,641. That's the highest I've seen it (volume 1 is #187,834 and I think vol. 2 was in the 300Ks a few weeks ago). And they now have a "frequently bought together" deal that includes all three trades so people will know they're together.
Landon Thomas - [<- Gargoyles News Twitter Feed]

Greg B has uploaded a new high-res cover of the Bad Guys trade without the text: http://gargoyles.dracandros.com/w/images/f/fa/BadGuys6.JPG
Landon Thomas - [<- Gargoyles News Twitter Feed]

Regarding that review:

Xanatos has a very good motivation to do what he wishes, and the capability to do so, because he's richer than God. Or, to put it in Seto Kaiba's words, "Screw the rules, I have money!".

Dasrik - [vm_postitnotes at yahoo dot com]
Fly at higher game

Gargoyleslady> I don't know if you've watched the commentary on "Awakening" where Greg points out that although Demona obviously disagrees with Goliath, she behaves like a good second-in-command. She doesn't argue with him in front of the Trio; she waits until they're out of earshot to tell him what she thinks.

Goliath is in an awkward position here. He probably does know that the young gargoyles weren't actually going to hurt anyone and he may even know that they didn't start the fight. But as he says, he can't just let it slide because the gargoyles didn't initiate the hostilities. He has to show both his clan and the humans that he is serious about keeping the peace and willing to punish any member of his clan who picks a fight with the humans, provoked or not. I think he genuinely does want to make it up to the Trio or at least explain further why he sent them to the rookery. But he doesn't have the time right now.

Lylat> I haven't checked the Virtual Console offerings in a while, but I don't know how many licensed games they've been releasing. They would probably need to go through both the games publisher and Disney to release the game. As Mochi pointed out, it was not a tremendously popular game and there are more popular licensed Disney games from that era that I think would be released before they got around to "Gargoyles."

Demonskrye - [demonskrye(at)gmail(dot)com]

Lylat >> I have a Wii and a wifi connection. As cool as it would be to see the game appear on the Virtual Console, it would be a long shot since the game wasn't as popular as the titles already available on VC. I would be surprised if Nintendo does make it available.
The One Known As Mochi - [shogi dot keima dot 08 at gmail dot com]
Current Mood: (>O.o)> Somewhat wide awake...

Does anyone have a Nintendo Wii with the Wi-Fi device? If you do, by any chance if Nintendo plans to bring Gargoyles from Sega Genesis to Virtual Console section on Wii? That would be cool, huh?
Lylat Warrior Galaxia - [GalaxiaFox at netscape dot net]
"Never give up! Trust your instincts!"- James McCloud and Peppy Hare from Star Fox

Yeah, and Goliath didn't find out until Awakenings part 5.
Gargoyleslady - [kendal dot renfro at yahoo dot com]

Gargoyleslady: Your analysis is still pretty spot on, though I would argue that Demona was already pretty distant with Goliath to sell the castle behind his back with the Captain's help.
"The Suspense is Terrible . . . I Hope it Lasts" -- Willy Wonka

To Demona, Goliath sending The Trio down to the rookery was uncalled for and unneccessary. She knows the humans started it so in her mind, there was no reason to punish them. But to Goliath, it didn't matter who started it. He wants to keep the peace between the two sides. "I will make it up to them... later." He's saying here that they can come out when he says so. The rookery is the equivalent of time out. "Now I have business to attend to!" means the discussion's over.

To her, to Demona, Goliath was more concerned with tracking the Vikings than supporting her and the more he refused her requests to come with him, the more and more distant she became from him.

But, Goliath basically will not get the chance to "make it up" to them. Because things are about to happen that will be beyond his control and his world is about to come crashing down on him.

Gargoyleslady - [kendal dot renfro at yahoo dot com]

Great review. His criticism is pretty spot on and remains on things that you smirk about when you think about them rather than moving into areas where it would actually hurt ("Why the hell is XY such a dork? I mean, seriously... he's a DORK!!" etc.). And he mentioned the comics and the DVDs!! :D
I agree with Rebel on EVERYTHING she says!!

Warcrafter> Thanks for posting that review. I like it except for a couple of things:

#1 - Was he criticizing it or did he like it? A little of both, I think, but confusing.

#2 - "Ah-lie-zah"??? IT "AH-LEE-SAH"!!! This isn't "My Fair Lady"...

#3 - Johnathon "Frocks"? IT'S JOHNATHON "FRAKES"

Aside from that, good review.

Battle Beast - [Canada]
That is all I will say.

"Lexington: "I can see why. (pokes Broadway's stomach)"

Fat joke. His boasting revealed his enormous stomach. There were a lot of Broadway fat jokes in the early episodes."

Also, it's sort of a pun. He's saying that Broadway's so fat/heavy, the ground would literally shake/tremble every time he took a step. I too got tired of the endless Broadway eating jokes (let's face it, even his name was a fat joke), and was happy when they got scaled back. When they returned in the form of Broadway eating his own hat in "Eye of the Beholder," I was downright embarrassed for the show. (and that's my favorite episode otherwise).

Jurgan - [jurgan6 at yahoo dot com]
"Not necessarily. I know a lot of dumb people who went to Ivy League schools." -Karl Rove

Warcrafter here. Not much to say. Just thought I should post this link to this guy reviewing Gargoyles on youtube.


Warcrafter - [grafixfangamer1 at sbcglobal dot net]
Chuck Norris has never been denied anything. NOT EVEN REVENGE!!!

I always rather liked that line of Broadway's because it did break him out of the "fat guy cartoon character" stereotype. Most such characters would start off being offended and then immediately do something to prove that they are in fact completely obsessed with food. Broadway isn't like that. He know when he's been insulted and is rightfully upset about it. One of the few things that hasn't happened in the series that I would have liked to have seen is Broadway's interest in food evolving into something less exaggerated and more of a reaonable character trait. I've seen a few fanfics where he develops an interest in cooking, which I think would have been fun. I think he has enough of a distinctive personality at this point that his interest in food could be an aspect of who he is without being all of who he is. As it stands, this part of Broadway seems to have just disappeared, which I find somewhat unfortunate.
Demonskrye - [demonskrye(at)gmail(dot)com]

Yeah, you notice Broadway was talking with his mouth full as he said it and one thing I can tell you about him is that rest assured this is NOT Garfield The Cat as some fans make him out to be. This guy is a warrior. Somebody who is smart enough to use a robot arm as a javelin.
Gargoyleslady - [kendal dot renfro at yahoo dot com]

Gargoyleslady -

Broadway: Why do you want to learn how to fly a helicopter? You got wings.
Lexington: Oh, you wouldn't understand.
Broadway: Right, I'm just a big dumb gargoyle with his brains in his stomach.
Brooklyn: Couldn't have said it better.

It was sarcastic. Lexington said that Broadway couldn't understand the game. Broadway, offended, sarcastically answered that if that's true, then he must must be a complete ignoramus who only ever thinks of food ("brains in his stomach" idiom). This exaggerates Lexington's barb to indicate it's untrue. Then Brooklyn agrees with Broadway's exaggeration, sarcastically, to further Lexington's insult. All this childishness pisses off Goliath.

Landon Thomas - [<- Gargoyles News Twitter Feed]

Like in Her Brother's Keeper when he says," I'm just a big dumb gargoyle with his brains in his stomach!" I've never been able to figure out what he meant by that.
Gargoyleslady - [kendal dot renfro at yahoo dot com]

Missed one.

'"It's nearly dawn. Perhaps we should return?" What was Hudson saying here? Had he sensed that something wasn't right?'

His earlier statement: "It's them right enough, but the tracks are very light for horses carrying armored men." is an indication of skepticism. He might be suspecting a decoy at that point. "It's nearly dawn. Perhaps we should return?" could carry a sense that something is wrong, but remember that gargoyles are completely vulnerable during the day. They must have a strong sense of when dawn will occur and an inclination to find cover well before that happens.

Landon Thomas - [<- Gargoyles News Twitter Feed]

Gargoyleslady >

Brooklyn: "Shall we let our brothers and sisters have all the fun?"

The Trio characters are still young and somewhat immature. They consider combat to be fun, perhaps even a game. But I think there is a touch of sarcasm in there; it's kind of an idiom. Also, focus on the "all". "Shall we let our brothers and sisters have *all* the fun?" Brooklyn wants to have fun too before the battle is over and he's encouraging his brothers to get a move on so they can join the battle.

Lexington: "Not afraid are you?"

Ribbing/competition from Lexington. He's gently mocking Broadway as too frightened to fight, but it's mostly a joke, not hurtful.

Broadway: "Me? Ha! All of nature trembles at my passing!"

The last sentence is an exclamation, not a question. It's boasting from Broadway that he's not afraid of combat and everyone and everything fears him.

Lexington: "I can see why. (pokes Broadway's stomach)"

Fat joke. His boasting revealed his enormous stomach. There were a lot of Broadway fat jokes in the early episodes.

The next couple of paragraphs are right on.

"Did Goliath consider that suicide?"

Yes. Greg has confirmed that Goliath was trying to commit suicide or simply giving up. He was too stricken with grief to carry on. Since "until the castle rises above the clouds" seems 100% impossible in his time, he fully understands that he'll never wake up. He understands the consequences.

"Also in Awakenings part 3, notice that Xanatos wasn't exactly looking at Elisa when he told her his men repelled an invasion by a rival corporation. A sure sign he was lying."

Hmmm, I never noticed that but it could be. I would assume Xanatos to be a very good liar.

Landon Thomas - [<- Gargoyles News Twitter Feed]

Hey guys! I'll be attending the Gathering this year for the first time and looking for some roommates. An all girl room block is preferred. Anyone have any space?
Heather - [heather dot wbr at gmail dot com]

"Shall we let our brothers and sisters have all the fun?"

"Not afraid are you?"

"Me? Ha! All of nature trembles at my passing?"

What were The Trio saying here? I haven't been able to figure this out.

"It's nearly dawn. Perhaps we should return?" What was Hudson saying here? Had he sensed that something wasn't right?

Demona berates Goliath for having no pride and no sense of justice. She is disgusted that the humans did not give her kind credit for protecting them. She feels they were there first and deserve respect. She is angry over how the humans have been treating them. Goliath believes that it's natural for humans to fear them and not understand. Their way of life differs from the human way of life.

In Awakenings I figured out that because Demona was nowhere to be found after the massacre, Goliath assumes a pile of rubble to be hers. Then to add to his misery, what's left of his clan is turned to stone. It's like his whole world has come crashing down on him. He's lost his love, he's lost his clan. This guy has basically been through hell. He hands the eggs over to the care of Katherine and The Magus because he's giving up. He's not going to take care of those eggs. The Gargoyle eggs. That's how depressed and grief stricken he is. When he asked The Magus to cast his spell again Goliath is, for those who realize it, committing suicide. Did Goliath consider that suicide?

Also in Awakenings part 3, notice that Xanatos wasn't exactly looking at Elisa when he told her his men repelled an invasion by a rival corporation. A sure sign he was lying.

If Greg B ever comes back to the comment room, I would like for him to know I'm at a disadvantage when it comes to reading expressions on people's faces.

Gargoyleslady - [kendal dot renfro at yahoo dot com]

Gargoyleslady> My apologies. I didn't realize that you were at a disadvantage when it came to reading expressions. I am sorry for my misunderstanding. You seem to be figuring out the characters' intentions just fine, but feel free to ask if you aren't 100% sure about anything.
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I haven't rewatched Awakenings part four yet and people were getting annoyed with me asking questions so I thought it was better if I rewatched the episodes to figure everything out for myself. I'm also someone with Asperger's syndrome so I don't recognize expressions on people's faces.
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Gargoyleslady> That's all true, but I thought it was all pretty clear from the episode. I mean, isn't it explained outright that Xanatos set up the whole fake theft of technology just to trick the gargoyles into helping him steal Cyberbiotics' rightful property? I'm not sure what there is to figure out.
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I don't know if this is right or not but after I rewatched Awakenings part 3, I figured out that Xanatos was the one that had been trying to steal new technology from Cyberbiotics not Cyberbiotics themselves. I also determined the repelled invasion crap he gave Elisa was a lie to cover up his involvement in the fight and the clan's existence. I just want to know if this right or wrong.

Also in Awakenings part three, I figured out that Goliath wanted Elisa to leave because he was hiding something and he's just been through a massacre so he's going to be a little paranoid about a human seeing and knowing that he turns to stone which is understandable.

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Just a quick reminder that Spectacular Spider-Man season two starts on Disney XD a week from today. So remember to tune in or set your DVRs or do whatever it is you plan to do to view it. And it probably wouldn't hurt to let Disney XD know how much you're enjoying the show once it starts airing (assuming that you do enjoy it). My impression is that it's much easier for fans to encourage a network to keep a current show in their limeup than it is to convince them to bring the show back after canceling it. Most - if not all - of us are not Neilsen families and this is one of the few ways we have to let Disney know we like the show and want to see more.
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Rain from last week - Look into this: http://www.bananabungalow.com/ A friend and I will be staying at the Hollywood location. You can get as cheap as $32 per person per night in a dorm. And it looks nicer than many motels in the area at 2-3 times the price (except for the dorm part). I can't vouch for Banana Bungalow, but I've had great luck with hostels in the past. Don't expect AC though.

The best part is that you can catch the red line half a mile away at Hollywood and Vine and be dropped off right at Universal Studios: http://www.metro.net/riding_metro/red_line.htm The Hilton is only 4 miles from the hostel, but the walk is uphill and borders the 101, so I'm going to take the short subway trip back and forth. The last train leaves Universal City at 12:58a on the weekends: http://www.metro.net/riding_metro/bus_overview/images/802.pdf

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