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Suggestion to Greg:
You ever consider playing the lottery?
You never know if you might hit it big and then be able to continue this franchise xD Wouldn't that be something ???


BALRON - [RobertoTh3ba1r0n at yahoo dot com]
Roberto Rivera

I happen to have the series one and 2 DVD's as well, and have watched the episodes on YOUTUBE! :3
I know what there is to know about the series in general :D

BALRON - [RobertoTh3ba1r0n at yahoo dot com]
Roberto Rivera

REBEL - Unfortunately, I don't know. I probably should have asked.
Todd Jensen

Todd > That's fantastic news! Perhaps his report will get other people to purchase it.

However, has he seen the Avalon episodes, "Pendragon", and has he read CB: volume 1? If not, he might be lost when reading CB:Vol2


To reply on your letter, I happen to have all the comics that SLG and Greg have had published :3
If you want a personal critique on the story and the work of the creators, definitely contact me and I will be glad to relate it all to you :D

BALRON - [RobertoTh3ba1r0n at yahoo dot com]
Roberto Rivera

HOW MANY people were at this years gathering?

Wan't "Garoyles" one of Slave Labours best selling titles? Does anyone have stats on this?

I had planned to send Buena Vista a lett THIS WEEK. And not just a letter; some more than a letter to get their minds going.

I have a lot of info I want to write in that letter, and it will take some time to craft it correctly.

But I AM going to send a letter.

PAUL R> PLEASE send a letter, if you care to. It will help.

battle Beast - [Canada]
That is all I will say.

Jade> I most certainly will!
Guardian - [Guardian105 at gmail dot com]
Having trouble with your TPBs? E-mail me, and I'll try and get them either through my employer, Barnes & Noble, or my comic 'pusher,' Galaxy of Comics

A bit of good news for the comment room. I e-mailed Alan Stewart, the webmaster of "Camelot in Four Colors" (a website about the Arthurian legend in the comics) about "Clan-Building: Volume Two" a few days ago, reporting on King Arthur's role in the Stone of Destiny story. He just e-mailed me back saying that he's bought a copy of his own and plans to add a report on it to his website.
Todd Jensen

by the way, if you don't remember me...I came to the 2007 "Pigeon Forge Gathering"
Great times, and I at least got your autograph :3
I wanna give you a good word of inspiration for your future endeavors:

"May the depth of your accomplishments follow you always. For the work you do shall never be forgotten. To those you have inspired (like me), we wish you all kinds of luck and good spirit."

BALRON - [RobertoTh3ba1r0n at yahoo dot com]
Roberto Rivera

Just to be clear... no one on the Gathering of the Gargoyles convention staff is a "Disney associate". Maybe I'm misreading the meaning of that phrase, but I just want everyone to be aware that at no time did Disney ever have any official ties to the convention.
Patrick - [<-- Gathering 2009]
"A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men." - Willy Wonka

I just wanted to say I hope you had a great convention career. I understand from the gathering website that this con would be the last. I so wish I could have come to participate, seeing that it's a rarity that Disney associates have such conventions. But since you have a comic book association, does that mean you might make appearances at the comic-cons of the future? And does that also mean that the comic is eventually over?
BALRON - [RobertoTh3ba1r0n at yahoo dot com]
Roberto Rivera

Landon ~ My Amazon BG pre-order shipped - supposed to be here tomorrow. I hope.

Paul R.> Doesn't hurt to send Buena Vista Television a letter asking them when they'll release that dvd. Like, one a day should do it.

Guardian> You do that! That's a great idea;)

Leah> I got your email address and added it to the Garg Con/Fandom mailing list.

For those not already knowing, I headed The Future Of The Fandom panel at G'09. I collected info and emails and am constructing a mailing list. ANYONE interested in being on this mailing list to be getting the, as current as I know, info on any mini-cons or other gargoyles related meetings and plannings, please email me at jade_griffin at hotmail dot com to be added to the list. Thanks! BTW, if you've already given me your address, no need to send again. I gotcha! Feel free to check if you wish, though.

Jade Griffin - [jade_griffin at hotmail dot com]
"Food, food, FOOD!!" - Jade Griffin, on many occasions

I pre-ordered both CB2 and BG on the Barnes & Noble website, but neither has shipped yet. The expected ship date for CB2 is September 18th. The expected ship date for BG hasn't updated yet. :( So, I just went to SLG and ordered them straight from their site.

PS - that's why I haven't been posting in the CR, I wanted to avoid spoilers. I'm sure my absence was noticed. At all. 6.6

Samuel - [AnglOfHellO at AOL dot com]
Now, now... Language.

Y'know, with all this talk of the DVDs/comics being unavailable . . .
I work with the Barnes & Noble company as a generic bookseller. I certainly wouldn't mind ordering copies of either for anyone and shipping them. That, and I can get 30-percent off the books, and 20-percent off the DVDs. If there're any takers, feel free to e-mail me.
Which reminds me, I should check here more often. :-P

Guardian - [Guardian105 at gmail dot com]

Bad Guys is finally in stock at Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Gargoyles-Bad-Guys-Greg-Weisman/dp/1593621930 Did everyone's pre-orders ship?
Landon Thomas - [<- Gargoyles News Twitter Feed]

Andrea: I'm so glad you posted the numbers that are missing! I was cleaning last night, and found my big box of duplicates, and LO! I can offer the two missing #24 and three #40 cards. :D

SO! For whoever is claiming Andrea's extra sets, please drop me an email with the numbers of the cards you are missing and a mailing address, and I will plunk these in the mail for you. :]

Actually, if ANYBODY is missing any single cards, please feel free to email me with your wish list. If I have what you are missing, I will be happy to send whatever extras I have.

Gargoyles POGs! Does anybody else have some of the Gargoyles POGs? I bought the box of POGs at the Gathering in hopes of completing my collection, but I'm still missing two! I have TONS of extra POGs and slammers that I'm willing to send out as well.

Kythera of Anevern - [kythera (at) gmail (dot) com]
"Live for glory, strength and fury; play your part in the greater scheme of life and nature"

DESERT COYOTE - It was still down around 5:30 to 6 a.m. yesterday morning.
Todd Jensen

I'm a little late on the Gathering comment-a-ganza... mostly because I've been traveling for the last week and will be traveling for the foreseeable future.

I'm working on a con journal (livers, etc), but I wanted to do as all the other newcomers are doing and check in, shout out, and get started. So here I am, stealing some midnight internet from my relative's neighbors, arriving to thank you lovely people for the best con ever. Seriously. Literacy and myth and kindness and arrrgh. It's 3am, and I'm emotional rather than eloquent, but hopefully you get the idea.

Also, I wanted to curse you all. I'll be heading to the Penny Arcade Expo in a few days, and I'm not nearly as excited as I should be. In some cases 75,000 people can't contain the awesome of 180. You know it to be so.

Leah - [beeandcat at gmail]
'tis better to have conned and lost...

Todd: How late was S8 down? I know it initially went down around 1am.
Desert Coyote
The writer formerly known as Coyote the Bando

Litwolf> I had literally JUST checked my e-mail and got it! You're the lucky recipient of the 3rd set!

So everything I have spares of has been called dibs on!

More stuff may become availble in the near future, but I'll keep the CR posted on anything extra I'm gonna fork over.

I'll send e-mail replies tomorrow, too lazy to do it right now.

Andrea - [SailorV77 at yahoo dot com]

Andrea > I just sent you an email about the Gargoyle cards (possibly twice, sorry about that). Let me know if the cards are still up for grabs! :D

Trades > Though I got CBV2 from SLG because I didnt want to wait, Ive been waiting for Bad Guys and a second copy of CBV2 from my comic store. I went to the guy today for the grand reopening of his store (he moved to a larger location) to ask about them. He said that they would be in the shippment coming to him on Monday. Sadly, Im heading to my college town tomorrow but my mom has promised to pick up the trades and mail them to me. So, hopefully Ill have Bad Guys at the end of next week! I cant wait, I want to see more of the gang, especially Yama and Fang :D

<Be happy for me and for all who fly free.> - Tobias of Animorphs

Paul Rasmussen> If you haven't already, buy the first two DVDs.

If you did, then try telling other people you know who enjoyed the series. As for how you can get other fans interested in the DVDs if they watch the series on YouTube, let them know that both sets show the episodes uncensored (Especially the episodes with notable cuts like Deadly Force, Her Brother's Keeper, City Of Stone Part 1 and High Noon) as well as each set containing a commentary track for the multiparters.

Antiyonder - [antiyonder at yahoo dot com]
Algernon's comment about Norman Osborn: One of the neat things about Dark Reign is that it gives Osborn the chance to expand his horizons beyond tormenting a twenty nine year old who still lives with his mom.

I was going to ask about Gargoyles season 2 vol. 2 but people have already ask. If their is anything I can do to get Disney to release it let me know even if it only is good luck.
Paul Rasmussen - [marshaladmiralq at yahoo dot com]
Paul Rasmussen

I was wondering the same thing Todd.

Anyway, 1 set of cards claimed, 2 more still available! I'm going to have a huge load going to the post office on Friday to ship everything out, and I still have to shop for the packing to put them all in!

Andrea - [SailorV77 at yahoo dot com]

At least Edmund hasn't been arrested for framing his brother for something, or getting his father's eyes poked out. Not yet, that is.

So does anyone know why Station 8 was down this morning?

Todd Jensen

Edmund Tsabard = Greg Weisman:)

Jade Griffin - [jade_griffin at hotmail dot com]
"Food, food, FOOD!!" - Jade Griffin, on many occasions

For future reference, I've moved my album back to the old username: http://picasaweb.google.com/lumpmoose/GatheringOfTheGargoyles200902

I had to shift it around due to Picasa's crappy permissions features.

Landon Thomas - [<- Gargoyles News Twitter Feed]

Well, it's raining non stop here and there's nothing on TV...so I decided to whip out the packs of the (Series 1) Gargoyles Skybox trading cards I took home from the Gathering. This time, BOTH my parents were a tremendous help! They opened all the packs for me and helped organize some of them. Pretty much all I did was assemble the indivdual sets. Yeah, it's THAT boring of a day.

Anyway, I have 3 sets available. One is missing a single card (#40), and the other two are missing 2 each (#24 and #40 for both sets).

Again, as before, first people to drop me an e-mail get dibs! I will take care of all the shipping costs. I'm just trying to spread the Garg Love : )

It should be worth noting that the outside box said "6 cards per pack" while the actually card packs correctly stated there were only 5. They also spelled Katharine's name wrong, but that happens pretty frequently anyway.

Andrea - [SailorV77 at yahoo dot com]

Landon> Thanks! I feel dumb. But then, everyone does once in a while.
battle Beast - [Canada]
That is all I will say.

battle Beast - No, they look nothing alike. See, Edmund only has one eye: http://picasaweb.google.com/GatheringOfTheGargoyles/GatheringOfTheGargoyles200902#5373088047507376786 The fact that that eye changes only adds to his mysterious nature.
Landon Thomas - [<- Gargoyles News Twitter Feed]

Well, crap, I guess there's no point in concealing it ... my wife found me out.

Yes, it's me. Yes, the book is mine. I confess, I'm shilling. ;)

Desert Coyote
The writer formerly known as Coyote the Bando

I don't get it... Sorry, I'm slow as a turtle today... Greg = Edmund? Just say "Duh."
battle Beast - [Canada]
That is all I will say.

Okay, I get it now.

All right, I'm a little slow on the uptake sometimes. ;)

An anonymous former fandom regular
"Normalcy is so overrated."

Oh hey, something that was brought up in the Gargoyles production panel that hasn't been covered in here yet (is it a revelation?).

They spent some time looking at doing an episode of Gargoyles in 3D. But a special kind of 3D that doesn't require special glasses, but rather using some property of how our eyes interpret color such that RED colors appear farther away and GREEN appears closer (or vice-versa). But you need to do this on a black background. They were looking at possibly doing this for Future Tense. However they didn't have the time (or money?) to invest in fully researching the concept as the second season of gargoyles (52 episodes, when they were expecting to do maybe 12) made them way busy with working on getting all those episodes produced as fast as possible.

Still, kinda cool.


To learn more about Edmund Tsabard, go here: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/alias
Anthony Tini

Being out of the loop, I beg to ask.

Who on God's green Earth is Edmund Tsabard? I've seen his name all over these boards all day, and the talk of his reputation and the general dislike existent between Greg and the man, and I know nothing about him other than his last name is an anagram of "bastard."

An anonymous former fandom regular
"Normalcy is so overrated."

Todd> That awful Edmund Tsabard must have some kind of highly effective blackmailing technique that he used on the Gathering staff for every one that he's been to. I can't see how else the con staff would ever allow him within 50 feet of Greg, given Greg's clear distaste for the guy. And judging by his reputation, Edmund is probably 37 lawsuits just waiting to happen. And then there's the potential worry that the authorities will show up and haul him off for some "misunderstanding" or other in the middle of the con.
Demonskrye - [<---"Toy Story" at The Ink and Pixel Club]

Wow, you guys are fast!

The 2 complete sets of garg stickers have been claimed! I do have I believe 2 more sets that are nearly complete, but since I found someone online to possibly trade with, they may become more complete if I can get some of the missing ones (but first I have to go through the massive pile of extras to see if it's possible).

So, for those of you who still want and missed out, there may be an opportunity forthcomming to nab some! Even if I can't complete them I'll still give them out, but I'd rather try to get them as complete as I can first, so keep an eye out for another offer : )

Now, the other question is, should I, in my boredom on my night off on Tuesday (wherein I am mostly confined to my room out of respect for my nearby sleeping parents), scan and upload pics of all 198 stickers? :P

Andrea - [SailorV77 at yahoo dot com]

I almost forgot, there's a preview of the novel available. Enjoy.
An anonymous former fandom regular
"Normalcy is so overrated."

And let's give thanks that the last Gathering was such a wonderful one at that - so many guests (including Marina Sirtis), a grand Radio Play crossing over two of Greg Weisman's series, and so on. I didn't go, but from all that I've read about it, it sounded great.

(I get a kick out of Greg's mention of Edmund Tsabard's activities in his Gathering report.)

Todd Jensen

This is to Greg Weisman:

First of all, I want to say that it was great to meet you again and be a part of the Gathering this year. Thanks for creating a masterpiece that has brought me joy, friendships, laughs and a new hobby ;) Secondly, I made a music video that was shown @ the Masquerade but I don't think you were able to see it because you were judging the costumes. Anyway, I created in it honor of the fans and the staff of Gargoyles as well as the Gathering :) I'm hoping that someday, you'll be able to see it and know that as a unit, we shall never surrender :) Here's the video so you can see it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0kGhlauTY5c

I also want to say that I was happy to see your reaction to the "Poor Unfortunate Demona" video XD Glad you liked it!

<Zehra> Wow! Those are some great pictures :D They came out nicely! Btw, I just wanna say that you looked GREAT as Shari and you did an excellent job @ the Radio Play XD It was wonderful meeting you!

<Phil, Battle Beast> [SPOILER] I think you guys are right about Katana and her egg. I mean, Brooklyn may be familiar w/ his surroundings but Katana's never been there and she's used to carrying her egg around with her. Until she gets settled down and learns to trust her new clan, she's gonna be carrying lil Egwardo (Tachi) around ^^ Thanks for the reply; it all makes sense now! Much appreciated :) [/SPOILER]

VoLpE - [sailorx78 at hotmail dot com]
"Man, you chicks are better than soaps!" ~ Fang

I read the Ask Greg missive in regards to why the end of the Gathering. Sad, really, as an attendee of three past Gatherings I was sorry to hear this would be the last one, but I completely understand Greg's sentiment and why he would want to stop it ... it kind of shows what a truly great person he is, that he would care so much that the organizers are spending too much of their own money.
An anonymous former fandom regular
"Normalcy is so overrated."

Well, I finally got my CB2 today(2 copies) I won't post any spoilers since I'm not as profound as you people. All I will say is it was AWSOME and I NEEEEED MOOOOOORE! A Loooot moooore.

'nuff said.


As far as I know, I got two people on YouTube to pick up the trades as well as CB Volume 1.

Also, Adamrulz will be putting some videos up sometime to talk about the trades.

Antiyonder - [antiyonder at yahoo dot com]
Algernon's comment about Norman Osborn: One of the neat things about Dark Reign is that it gives Osborn the chance to expand his horizons beyond tormenting a twenty nine year old who still lives with his mom.

Is anyone interested in a set of the Gargoyles Panini stickers I won at the Gathering Auction? I have 2 spare complete sets as well as the book (even after I completed my own set and the ones I promised Jade & Guardian). If anyone is interested, drop me an e-mail. These will cost you nothing (I will take care of shipping as well). My mom helped me sort though the last 300 or so today, which was a relief, since all that tearing and sorting hurts the hands! (for reference, there was 1800 stickers to unwrap and organize)

I haven't gone through the trading cards I also won just yet, but I'm sure I'll be giving away spare sets of that too once I start organizing.

In other random news, I have no idea what the heck is wrong with my right ear, as it still hasn't 100% popped from the plane trip. It doesn't hurt or affect my hearing or anything, but I can feel it when I yawn or swallow. Tried everything to fix it, but nothing so far. It's a mild annoyance, but still and annoyance nonetheless.

I should get off my butt and type up my journal, but I'm still trying to restore everything to my PC. I didn't use my external drive backup to just overwrite everything, since I want to make sure everything is installed the right way to avoid problems (and it's easier to check for updates where applicable if the program is directly on my mind).

Andrea - [SailorV77 at yahoo dot com]

David: The first couple paragraphs cover the reasons: http://www.s8.org/gargoyles/askgreg/search.php?rid=818

Basically attendance had been shrinking for a couple years (and overall since 2001). The Gathering was facing another year of losing money. Greg didn't like the fact that the staff was paying for more and more of the convention out of their own pockets (and subsidizing everyone else), so he asked them to stop.

Landon Thomas - [<- Gargoyles News Twitter Feed]

Hey everyone,

I read on Ask Greg that this is going to be the last Gathering for the forseeable future? Any word on why?

David - [souiofangelus at aol dot com]

Keep an eye out for this link. This is an upcoming novel by a former Gargfic writer, which may be released as soon as next week.
An anonymous former fandom regular

Hi, everyone! Thank you to all who were involved with The Gathering--both this year and throughout the years--I've had an incredible time.

I've made my Gathering09 photos temporarily public on Facebook. You can view them here:

I'll keep them public for at least a week. :)

Zehra - [zfazal at gmail dot com]

Rebel> Aw, thanks! The feedback I've been getting on the site is limited (though my mom thinks I'm special), so I really appreciate hearing that.

Jade Griffin> You've got mail. I'm poking my wa through your con journal for a preview of what was discussed, though for some reason neither my husband nor I slept well at all last night, so my reading is going sloooooow.

Charisma82> I really like the idea of doing an online "Gargoyles" get-together with maybe a few special events and a guest or two. It could in theory be considerably less work and expense than a traditional con and would eliminate the "I'd love to go, but it's too far to travel" issue. Even if someone does decide to try to do a more standard con again, I think we should look into an online one too to give some of the fans who haven't been to the Gathering for whatever reason a different yet still fun fan experience.

Demonskrye - [<---"Toy Story" at The Ink and Pixel Club]

Jade Griffin> Now I can put a name to a face! Sweet!
battle Beast - [Canada]
That is all I will say.

Hey guys! Been a little bit, but life is craaazy and my last three weeks were filled with trying to prep my costume and of course GATHERING AWESOME!

Now that I'm actually more awake after all the madness I figured I would just pop in. I'll be doing a report soonish as per Greg's orders (you know..to rot livers and such with jealousy), but I just wanted to say in the meantime:

I had my reservations because of drama and tight budgets and low staff and such, but this Gathering was THE BEST. I had an absolutely amazing time and I was so happy I finally got time to get to know the more well-known people who do so much to contribute to and keep this fandom alive.
And despite some earlier things others have said....everyone was totally nice and welcoming to me and the others that were with me. We all had a great time!

Thank you so much to the staff (Particularly Patrick...you have been awesome and totally friendly and OH MY GAWD I hope you got some sleep finally! <3). You guys did a fantastic job, and if we can get another Gathering/Pseudo-gathering/JoeSmithsrandomGargoylegettogether then I will be happy to be on staff to help with whatever is necessary. It'd probably be about time. ^^

Thank you again guys...I'm currently going through the Gargoyles comics and Bad guys over and over in utter glee over the story and art....it's so amazing, I think I almost forgot just how special a story this really is.

Oh, and Greg...turns out you ARE just a genius. If the radio play and these comics don't show it, I don't know what will. Maybe you're a little lucky....but only in getting such crazy devoted fans. ^_^

Love you guys...report to come later. Do we need to post them here too? Or on Ask Greg??

Venus/Rika - [VenusAD at gmail dot com]
I am so desperately in love with Katana's design it's sort of disturbing.

I've got the photos from the Gathering up on facebook now. My name is Vicky Lye on facebook. last years Gathering is on there too.f
VickyUK - [vickyfanofwwe at aol dot com]

Fanfiction> I don't know if this has ever been considered, but as I read through the fanfiction comments and was thinking about the possiblity of a gathering online, it made me think of this. I've seen people have moving comicbook series, which is basically a radio play with art work put into a movie form to put online. If interested in how it works, here's a link to a youtube account that tried to start one, but hasn't gotten their videos up yet. http://www.youtube.com/user/BagOfHoldingSeries

I only mention this because it sounds like it would be the next step to add this if there were an online gathering.

"The alien mothership is in orbit here. If we can hit that bullseye, the rest of the dominoes will fall like a house of cards. Checkmate." -Zap Brannigan

Okay... Last post today. It is the stupid con journal that the link didn't go with. Okay, here it is:


Jade Griffin - [jade_griffin at hotmail dot com]
"Food, food, FOOD!!" - Jade Griffin, on many occasions

Apologies, JJ... For some reason it changed the link I typed in. Here is the link to my current fanfic/fanart site:


and the direct link to the fanfics:


Jade Griffin - [jade_griffin at hotmail dot com]
"Food, food, FOOD!!" - Jade Griffin, on many occasions

So who the heck runs gargoyles-fans.org and why aren't they updating or giving the updates to someone else?
Jade Griffin - [jade_griffin at hotmail dot com]
"Food, food, FOOD!!" - Jade Griffin, on many occasions

JJ> I actually still write gargoyles fanfiction of sorts and am still working on my older stories -- both typing them up and writing them. Not dead, just a little sleepy:) I'm adding the link to my stories but they'll soon move to a new site. I can no longer access the angelfire account due to whatever issues that host is having but the sites are still up for viewing of the sites/stories I have. And, yes, it says I haven't worked on it in a while but I'll add another link, too:) That's my current stuff that I DO have access to and can show when I update. So here's the link to my garg fanfics:

--Garg Fanfics

And here's the link to my current fanfics stuff:

--Kid Stuff

The link I am posting in the clickable of my name is actually a link to my con journal that I just typed up. Clickies!

Demonskrye> gimme yer em and I'll add ya to the list:) In the mailing list I'll provide a summary a lot better than in my con journal but that's a little taste:)

Jade Griffin - [jade_griffin at hotmail dot com]
"Food, food, FOOD!!" - Jade Griffin, on many occasions

Greg> I just smacked my head. I knew that! That explains it, sort of!
battle Beast - [Canada]
That is all I will say.

Battle Beast> Remember, time passes differently on Avalon.
Greg Bishansky - [<----- Gathering 2009]

UncleDeadly> The Garg Wiki says that they have parented an Egg. It will hatch in 2038. 2038???

How does that work? If the Eggs is layed by 1997, and they take ten years to hatch... it should hatch in 2007. Not 2038.

Can someone shed some light on this?

I think Angela must have been gone before they laid their egg.

battle Beast - [Canada]
That is all I will say.

UncleDeadly> I didn't know about the "third" Beast on Avalon, I only knew of two... I must go investigate this.
battle Beast - [Canada]
That is all I will say.

Battle Beast - Greg has said there are three Gargoyle Beasts on Avalon. Boudicca, and another female and a male. The other two are a mated pair, according to Ask Greg and the Wiki. And since Gargoyle beasts are able to breed one generation earlier than Gargoyles, there could/should be an egg. Hence my query.

UncleDeadly> I am sure Greg once mentioned that Bronx and Boudiccah have mated. I don't know if Gargoyle Beasts are monogamous or not (I tend to think they are, as winged Gargs are I belive).

So I doubt that Boudiccah had an Egg on Avalon (Greg has said there were two Beasts on Avalon) because she mated with Bronx and I belive all of the Avalon clan are JUST comming up to the first mating session.

So no, I don't think Angela has seen an Egg, like she said.

battle Beast - [Canada]
That is all I will say.

Demonskrye > "Of course, I wouldn't hesitate to name drop "Gargoyles" with a Station 8 link into another article, if it's relevant. I'm not going to start spamming my own posts with sentences like "'Rock-a-Doodle' is a terrible movie, completely unlike 'Gargoyles,' which is a great TV series.""

Absolutely. I would never expect anyone to spam Gargoyles somewhere when it has no relevance. It would be a bad move because it would be obvious to the site's visitors that it's a blatant plug, and it would diminish the professionalism of the site. Plugs/mentions of Gargoyles should only happen if an opportunity presents itself to hyperlink the word "Gargoyles" back to s8.org/gargoyles, while still being relevant and not making it obvious that it's a plug.

Your blog is great by the way. I've read a few of the articles, and they've all been good.


Speaking of the Radio Play, I'd still like to see the script for it up at GargWiki - which already has the cast list up (and that whetted my appetite to learn more about the story). I also learned that it involved the Spear of Longinus, which excited me even more - yet another "real" mythical object entering "Gargoyles", even if apocrypha this time. [SPOILER] Given the Spear's links to the Grail legend, I'd expect Peredur to have it at Carbonek next to the Holy Grail and the Stone of Destiny. [/SPOILER]

About fanfic: I'd moved away from "Gargoyles" fanfic even before the comics began coming out (during my last year on TGS, I realized I was far more interested in the "Pendragon" spin-off than in the "Gargoyles" portion, and once we brought "Pendragon" to an end, I felt no further need to be on the staff), but the comics, if anything, have blunted my desire to write "Gargoyles" fanfic. After seeing Greg's new stories, and comparing them with the stories that TGS did, I think that Greg's stories were much better (no offense to my fellow TGS writers), especially when comparing them to specific stories (the Stone of Destiny and "Timedancer").

Though I was often amused at the occasional parallels that came up, parallels that were genuinely coincidental (rather than stemming simply from "Ask Greg" revelations, such as the basics of Brooklyn's Timedancing). For example, both Greg and I independently explained the Stone of Destiny being the Stone from Arthur's Sword in the Stone feat by having Merlin borrow the Stone from the Scots (though the details were different - I didn't anticipate King Pelles' role in it). And Christi Smith Hayden's character of Lucy seemed almost like a forecast of Lunette (the biological daughter of Leo and Una, a member of the rookery generation equivalent of ten-year-olds, and both names begin with "Lu" - though the Lucy of TGS looked like a lioness rather than a unicorn).

But after reading the comics, I feel all the more inclined to let Greg tell his stories rather than try guessing at them. Instead, I've decided to work on my own stories, where I can feel more certain what should take place than when I'm trying to complete someone else's story.

Todd Jensen

@Demonskyre: Unless you cover Awakening, a season two ep might be better. Season one mostly focussed on only a few characters per ep, though Re-Awakening might be good (features all Gargoyles, the two "most importan"t villains - with well-known voices to boot, has Elisa, her conspiracy crack of a partner, has sorcery, has technology, has the Gargoyle credo of Protect).

Depending upon your readership the Halloween ep might be good, too, features the love aspect of the series, shows that the villains aren't univocally evil, features to a lesser degree the prejudice of the humans against the Gargoyles and the Gargoyles fear of discovery, features once again magic - coupled with a real-life myth this time, features advanced technology.


Rebel, I know how you feel. I actually used to live in San Jose, CA, in the same city where SLG is, and it used to be so easy for me to get Gargoyles comics. I miss living in San Jose. Anyways I ordered my copy from SLG now and it's already been shipped. So I should get it by Saturday. I wish I knew earlier that this was going to happen at Barnes and Noble, then I would of ordered my copy from SLG back when it first was released.
Audra - [birdygirl85 at hotmail dot com]
I <3 Brooklyn

Rebel> I'm just happy to have my blog noticed! :)

I do plan to do a "Gargoyles" article at some point, though I'm still trying to decide which episode to cover. I feel like it's too daunting to try to take on a whole series, especially one as complex as "Gargoyles." So my plan is to give an overview of the series and then tackle one episode that embodies most or all of its best qualities without being so continuity heavy that I spend paragraph after paragraph trying to get readers caught up on what happened previously. So I'm thinking season one episode, but I still haven't decided which.

Of course, I wouldn't hesitate to name drop "Gargoyles" with a Station 8 link into another article, if it's relevant. I'm not going to start spamming my own posts with sentences like "'Rock-a-Doodle' is a terrible movie, completely unlike 'Gargoyles,' which is a great TV series." (Oh, now I've gone and scooped myself.)

GFW> If a couple of fans could get control of the site and give it some much needed updating, I'd be good with that too. I think the site definitely has content that this one doesn't and it wouldn't be redundant to keep it around, just so long as it has some information about the trades and the DVDs front and center at the very least.

Demonskrye - [<---"Toy Story" at The Ink and Pixel Club]

Something popped out at me from the last few pages of Clan Building 12, I'd love people's thoughts. [SPOILER] Angela asks to see Egwardo because she's never seen an egg before.

Someone crunched dates on Ask Greg and thought there should be a Beast Egg on Avalon. An egg might not have been laid by the breeding pair of Beasts, but the potential appears to have existed.

Do you think Angela's statement shows there are not actually any eggs - or is she splitting hairs and saying she's never seen a Gargoyle egg, not a Gargoyle beast egg? [/SPOILER]


Well, my local comic store didn't have my copy of Bad Guys last week, so I naturally assumed they would have it this week. But, I decided to call and check just in case. I'm glad I did. They still don't have it. I'm glad I didn't waste a trip out there, but I'm really disappointed at this point. Why has almost everyone else's shop got their copy by now but mine hasn't? Though I love the area where I live right now, I really miss my old comic book store. That guy was so reliable about getting things in on time, plus he always gave good discounts AND he would throw in a slip cover and one of those white comic boards with every single comic you buy from him, meaning my comics were always well protected and preserved.

Gorebash & others - I tried over a year ago (Ed - I did when we were going through the gargoyles fans registry list) to get a hold of the owner of the gfw. I got nowhere. Can somebody talk to Hudson about re-assigning control over gfw to a group of people? I'm not sure about giving one person access, but feel comfortable with 2-3 people having access and them keeping up with each other, making plans to update the sites within gfw.
whatever happened to simplicity

Demonskrye> I agree that spreading the word is not nearly as simple as just telling people that the "Gargoyles" comic is out there. If it were, we'd probably be in much better shape. Even when we try to stick to forums we know and people who we think would enjoy the comic, there are other factors that may keep people from going out and buying it. I've had a few hopeful nibbles here and there, but no one who's ever gotten back to me and said they picked up the comic. It can be hard for people to actively comment on something they don't know about, especially if they feel like they don't have anything more to say than "Sounds cool." Telling people the comics exist is one thing. Getting them to go out a buy them is entirely another.

It would probably also help to get some new blood within the fandom as well. Anyone who enjoyed Greg's work on the 1986-1991 Captain Atom comics, Max Steel, W.I.T.C.H. and The Spectacular Spider-Man should be able to enjoy Gargoyles.

Shakespeare readers would likely be interested in seeing the show and comic's Shakespearean elements.

Trekkies I imagine would be interested in the DVDs to hear the voice actors/actresses from Star Trek.

Antiyonder - [antiyonder at yahoo dot com]
Algernon's comment about Norman Osborn: One of the neat things about Dark Reign is that it gives Osborn the chance to expand his horizons beyond tormenting a twenty nine year old who still lives with his mom.

Wikipedia problem > Great! I'm glad it's been resolved.

Boosting position in search results > Well, I just changed my signature on two forums that I'm a member of, so that clicking "Gargoyles" leads to the main gargoyles page on s8. It's not much, but it's a start. I've been a member of several other forums in the past, I'll see if I can dig up my old passwords and change my signatures there, and maybe make a few new posts. It doesn't have to be just forums either. As examples, Demonskyre could slip in a mention of Gargoyles on one of her blog posts on The Ink and Pixel club, and have it link back to s8.org/gargoyles/. Anthony Tini could have the word "Gargoyles" link to s8.org/gargoyles/ on his gargoyles news page where he used to post when the comics and trades were coming out. Ed could have "gargoyles" link back to s8.org/gargoyles/ on his gargoylescomic website. The MGC girl who drops by occasionally could do the same. These are all just ideas, nobody has to do them.

Adding a forum > I was one of the people that pushed for a forum rather than the CR. Part of the reason behind this is my experience with forums. I've been a member of a lot of them over the years, and I've never found the forum format to be inadequate. In one of my favorite forums that I was ever a member of, the forum format didn't stop us from becoming friends with each other. It was still a very casual environment. I think (and have thought for some time) that adding a forum here is a good idea. My main worry is that people will still use the CR for discussions that should go in the forum. But if people are diligent in posting forum-appropriate content in the forum and not in the CR, this shouldn't be a problem.

The main reason why I wanted a forum here rather than making my own forum or using another gargoyles forum is because I consider s8 to be the closest thing to an "official" internet home for Gargoyles, largely because of Ask Greg.

On one of the forums that I'm a member of, the administrators hold an annual "beach bash" in the forum itself. They temporarily add a new section to the forum and hold all kinds of contests and other fun things in that section. You can check out the archive of it here: http://terrafirmascapers.com/index.php/board,86.0.html

It's mostly just a bunch of silliness, but I think if we were ever to have an online Gathering, it would pretty much necessitate a forum format.


Pardon the double post. Please refer to Gore's more up-to-date report on the Wikipedia situation.
Demonskrye - [<---"Toy Story" at The Ink and Pixel Club]

Rebel> My understanding from reading the discussion on the article is that one person was making links inappropriately to first GargWiki and then Ask Greg despite repeated warnings to cut it out, resulting in both sites being blacklisted. I'm not sure if this has been resolves now or not, but a lot of the info that could stand to be updated doesn't have to cite either one.
Demonskrye - [<---"Toy Story" at The Ink and Pixel Club]

Rebel: the wikipedia/s8 thing is no longer an issue.

s8.org was blacklisted by Wikipedia because someone was trying to bypass their own blacklisting by linking to s8 and saying "click on this link (to s8), then click on the link that says 'website x'". As a result all links to s8 (especially Ask Greg nodes) were deleted from articles.

I argued for removal of s8 from the blacklist when I first found out and was denied. Months later I made the case for removing s8 from the blacklist again and this time they agreed.

So we're good now.


Rebel: You'd want to link to http://www.s8.org/gargoyles/.

Demonskrye: It was listening to people talk at the "future of the fandom" panel at the con. It became clear to me we need some organization to help better focus the fandom and better share our ideas.

I see the CR like a bar. It's casual. People come and go as they please and talk about whatever comes to mind. Lots of tangents. Lots of threads in one space. There's a certain amount of din you have to hear over at times.

Arguments for a structured forum came across to me as people wanting to change the decor of the bar, but not the function. I like the way my bar operates. It's quirky. It has its drawbacks, but it feels more personal and, hey, I like my decor. Let someone else open up a bar across the street and you can go there if you like.

But now I see that a forum could be something completely different. A means to organize and discuss. Something like a town hall. It's not as casual, it's more organized and focused.

In a bar you might say "how 'bout that local sports team". In the town hall you might say "we need to make some changes to how the local sports team operates".

I'm not sure how well this analogy is working.

Put it another way. You couldn't hold a months-long conversation about the merits of hosting the con online versus in-person in the CR. Nor could you do it in a single Gargoyles forum where threads about the comics and the latest Ask Greg answers are going to push your convention thread off the page. But a forum that has, say, a "Gathering" category inside which there's a forum about "Online Gathering Ideas" and another forum about "In-Person Gathering Ideas" might help keep attention and focus on those ideas. It'll at least make it a hell of a lot easier to find.

I know we talked about being careful not to spread ourselves out too thin with lots of categories and forums on a Gargoyles forum, but I think my opinion of that has changed. Instead of diluting the fandom I think it'll concentrate and help crystallize aspects within the fandom that have been like a thin mist spread through a thick forest -- you know it's there, but you can't get a hold of it.

Anyways. It comes down to I need to see things in a way that makes sense and has purpose to me. I've hit that point and now I plan to act upon it.


Wikipedia article > Last I checked the Gargoyles wikipedia article, apparently there was some problem and you weren't supposed to use s8 and Ask Greg as a source for information. Can anyone shed some light on this? Why did this happen?

Gore> Just out of curiosity, what came up at the Gathering that got you to reconsider the possibility of a bulletin board styled forum?

GFW and other sites> Again, if it was just a case of the GFW being a little less frequently maintained or less of a good site than this one, I would be fine with it. But the problem is that GFW seems to have been completely abandoned and it's the first fansite that comes up in a Google search. The last update listed occurred two years ago. There is no mention of any of the trades. The DVD are listed under the Merchandise section, but from the description with the link to that page, you wouldn't think there was anything there but old "Gargoyles" toys and books and the like. As I said previously, attempts to track down Guandalug la'Fay have not turned up anything. I'm not saying that GFW is a terrible site or that anyone who starts a "Gargoyles" fansite must commit to it forever. But like I said, we are fighting an uphill battle to convince people that "Gargoyles" is not dead and should not be allowed to die and abandoned sites having a higher profile than the active ones doesn't help. If GFW is the first fansite people come across on Google and they don't see anything newer than two years old unless they check out the chat room, their assumption isn't going to be that this is a single abandoned website. Their assumption is going to be that this is a dead fandom and a dead property. I wouldn't have thought there was still an active Rescue Rangers fandom, but if even they think we're long gone, it's not a good sign.

The amazon link I get from Google is for the Season One DVD, which is OK if people click it, but not if they're just googling "Gargoyles" to find out whether there have been any new DVDs or comics released.

The Wikipedia article is only as up to date as we make it. I only just updated some of the info about the trades and the Gathering. If anyone is up to it, it could probably use more work.

Jade Griffin> I'm very much looking forward to hearing what came out of that panel.

Anonymouse> I'm not sure whether the new comics have reinvigorated any fanfiction writing that's still going on or reduced the appetite for it. A lot of what kept the "Gargoyles" fanfiction going was that the show had ended, the story clearly wasn't over, Greg Weisman was telling us about all of these cool ideas he had for more stories, and TGC was such a disappointment for so many people. It's kind of a two-way street with fanfiction or fanart and a fandom. It helps keep a fandom alive, but as time passes, if nothing new happens with the source property and the fandom gets smaller, fan creators tend to either move on to something newer that gives them fresh inspiration and a fresh audience or start focusing more on their own original work.

Demonskrye - [<---"Toy Story" at The Ink and Pixel Club]

I'm finally back home and really tired, I left the hotel just before 12 yesterday to LAX terminal B and waited around till I boarded the flight at 5. luckily i had a seat free next to me so I had more room to sleep but only slept for 3 hours as it was a bumpy flight. so I'll sleep like a baby tonight.

I'll put up photos up hopefully at the weekend. I'm on facebook if anyone wants to add me just put my e-mail address in or my name which is Vicky Lye.

VickyUK - [vickyfanofwwe at aol dot com]

Concering linking to S8. Having a link in your signature while traveling other forums, especially if they are big and have lots of travels, should already help a bit. If those forums are fitting Gargoyles to some degree (animation, mystical creatures, etc), it should be even better.

Trying to force the topic in posts is generally only annoying the other users. Imaging someone came here and would often tell you that merchandise XYZ is out for series ABC.


Well, fanfiction-wise it doesn't look so good, at least at the place I look regularily, GFW is getting hardly anything new, my last LJ sweep produced nothing worthwhile and Fanfiction.net is only barely scrapping along, too.
With so little stories getting, easily findable, posted one also runs into a variety problem. Not everyone likes everything, so the pickings grow even smaller.

But it's easy to lament about that when one is writing oneself (though there are about two or three stories by out there). Stories can stimulate stories.
And I personally wouldn't use GFW to post fanfiction, it's hopelessly outdated (no charset set = difficult to read, format all over the place, public email address) and I personally dislike that I can't easily open/link several stories and authors at once.

My CB2 arrived yesterday, surprisinly from my comic importer, I'd didn't know that they considered the trade paperback to be part of the abo. If the stories were episodes, they would be among the ones I rarely watch.

Also yesterday I had the great joy of splicing another Gargoyles episode together for my DVD set. Gargoyles came early than expected, so I missed the first two minutes. I got the necessary parts from my ten year old VHS, it worked rather well, only a very slight sound hiccup and a switch in picture quality. Found out that I only have episode once on my second oldest Gargoyles VHS, and I think those take it particular bad that they aren't played on the device they were recorded on. It's the second episode I had to stitch up. The first one worked even better, there I could use a younger VHS, so the picture quality hasn't suffered so much and I managed to get the correct cut point better, so only really sees the change due to the channel logos changing.

And before someone comes and says: "Buy the DVDs", I do have the DVDs since they first came out, the DVDs don't have all episodes, neiter do they contain the German voice track.


Sorry for the double.

Gorebash > When you say that other sites need to link to s8 using words like Gargoyles, what kind of sites do those have to be? I'm a member of a few forums. If I make a post on those forums in a relevant thread about gargoyles and hyperlink Gargoyles to go to s8, would that help? If we ALL did that, would it help?

Also, should be we linking to the main s8.org or s8.org/gargoyles/comment?


JJ - Do you think you could post a thread over there in the off-topic section letting the acorn cafe peeps know that there are now three gargoyles trade paperbacks available? I just went over there and did a search of "gargoyles" and found a lot of people mentioning that they liked it a lot. We could really use those extra sales to support the trades.

If you have radio play clips go ahead and post them. Don't worry about scooping anyone. We tried recording the audio and it didn't come out at all. I have maybe 75% of it on video (with crappy, but usable audio), but not the whole thing. So post what you've got if you're up for it.

Redirecting GFW here is a bit presumptuous. GFW, the wiki page, AND the Amazon page are all on the first page of search results. That's not a bad thing. s8 is on page 2. Increasing s8's rank is a bit of a black art, but what Jade said is about right, it's a matter of getting other sites to link to s8 with words like "gargoyles" and maybe "disney". And after a month or two you'd see an increase in page rank. I think the fact that GFW has the word "gargoyles" in its domain name is what has gotten it bumped up tot he top.

I need to create a forum theme that matches the site. Then I'll let a few people into the forum to help flesh out forum categories and such as well as take on mod duties.

Andrea Zucconi talked about a ball jointed doll forum she goes to a lot and how they organize things and it made a lot of sense to me. Anyone know what forum that is (I'd like to peek at it myself) or, Andrea you out there? Can I get the URL?

How strong is the fanfic community in Gargoyles? I know it was strong way back when, but is there still something there? Just curious after JJ's mention of fanfic communities.


I'm still waiting for my copy of "Bad Guys" to arrive at Left Bank Books, as well. I hope it comes by the end of the week.
Todd Jensen

Guys, to an outsider, the fandom looks dead, in large part to the aforementioned gargoyles-fans.org site.

Then again, it has appeared dead for quite some time. I may have mentioned earlier that several years ago,
Rescure Rangers fans at theacorncafe.org were eulogizing us (in epic form no less!*) a a Disney Afternoon fandom that didn't make it. This was because when the fans looked for comment boards, fan fiction sites, art, etc. all they could find were sites that had been abandoned.

Actually, I'm not too active in the fandom: are there any art sites left anymore? Good fanfiction? That's the sort of thing that keeps an online fandom alive -- why do you think that the online Rescue Rangers community is more lively that this one, with a line of official comics and graphic novels that could very well be continued?

* Granted, this was from a large story that told the history of the Rescue Rangers and the fandom as a fantasy epic.

JJ Gregarius

Jerry> Thanks for posting those pictures. Great that I can at least see what I'd missed.
KingCobra_582 - [KingCobra582 at gmail dot com]
Grr. Arg.

UncleDeadly, well if my order to Barnes and Noble gets shipped soon, oh well, I just ordered a copy from SLG. I just have no idea when Barnes and Noble would get the copy they ordered for me... So I'm just going to cancel my order from them in the morning. I would of liked to save the money on shipping, but I just didn't like it that at this date they can't even say when they'll get it. They said it isn't even at their warehouse, and they thought it was weird when I told them the book has been released for a week or so, and that it should be at their warehouse now.
Audra - [birdygirl85 at hotmail dot com]
I <3 Brooklyn

Jade Griffin - "How the heck DO we get search engines to find S8 before gargoyles-fans, anyhow??!"

It's very, very difficult. There are more drastic methods: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_bomb but companies spend lots of money hiring consultants that work solely on manipulating Google search results and Google spends even more money trying to make their search algorithms more intelligent.

The old way to do it would be to have the word 'gargoyles' link to s8.org multiple times throughout the web to increase the search relevance for s8. Nowadays, I don't know how it works. The dirty little secret is that if we do redirect gargoyles-fan to s8 directly, we could risk lowering the relevance of gargoyles-fan itself.

Landon Thomas - [<- Gargoyles News Twitter Feed]

I was about to cancel my Amazon order of Bad Guys but it finally shipped. I figured the delay was getting more stock shipped to them. Sadly, it is shipping from Kentucky, and I'm in CA, thirty minutes and no car from SLGs offices. Oh well, least I'll have it by moths end.

OMG! An active garg chat room! Clickies!
Jade Griffin - [jade_griffin at hotmail dot com]
"Food, food, FOOD!!" - Jade Griffin, on many occasions

So... I went to Barnes and Noble today and my copy of Bad Guys shows in their system that they really have no idea when they are going to get it. That's lame. I waited until today, thinking they should get it in by now, and they don't even know when they'll get it. I wanted to order my copy from SLG when they first announced it was available, but I thought I should wait for the copy I actually ordered at the store. I waited all this time to get my copy, and I would wait longer if I had to, but the problem is I don't even know how long I'll be waiting since they don't have a date to give me... I think I'm going to go ahead and just order a copy from SLG online and cancel my order from Barnes and Noble. I think that's a little disapointing that I waited an extra week or so so I could buy the copy I ordered, and I can't even be given a date. They said I could cancel the order and I think I will and just buy from SLG...
Audra - [birdygirl85 at hotmail dot com]
I <3 Brooklyn

Okay... My goodness! So many posts! Weee!

I will make a con journal and post it shortly. I was there, I was on staff, we conquered and it was the total and the awesome. Sooo much more to say! I'll try and get it compiled as fast as I can. In short:

Demonskrye> I actually moderated the panel at the Gathering called "The Future of the Fandom" and will have more on that for interested parties shortly. It was a brainstorming session where I took contact info, ideas, and all that. Your comments have a lot of validity. How the heck DO we get search engines to find S8 before gargoyles-fans, anyhow??!

Mara> "Like a virgin!" Go me! I love you!!

Eden> I'll give you Guardian's contact info. She posted it in the Arcadia comment room too.

Battle Beast> Owen! Yay! I made that costume and that was my husband:) I'm dressed as Masquerade Fox and my daughter is Masquerade Alexander:)

Jerry> Those pics are so great, man! Thank you so much!!

Okay, I think that was everyone for now.. Oh,

Gore? Yes, she does leave a trail of sugar! I lick her tracks:) My relatives and husband think she should go into acting or modelling... Like, right now.

Jade Griffin - [jade_griffin at hotmail dot com]
"Food, food, FOOD!!" - Jade Griffin, on many occasions

TODD> Your efforts are not in vain. You said you post was viewed 20 times? Well, if even one person was serious about the info you left and bought the comic or DVDs or reasearched Gargoyles further, you were a success! It all starts with one person!

So keep up the good work!

battle Beast - [Canada]
That is all I will say.

Two hours in Las Vegas becomes three and all the good restaurants in the terminal closed at 9 pm. At least I have interwebs and a seat near a power outlet!
Patrick - [<-- The Gathering 2009]
"I'm not really here."

Jerry >> So...many...pictures... Awesome!
The One Known As Mochi - [shogi dot keima dot 08 at gmail dot com]
Current Mood: (>T.T)> I missed the final Gathering... School can be so cruel... This could be my one major regret of 2009...

Jerry > Thanks for posting all those pics!

I'm not sure how ten days passed so quickly, but here I am, posting from the waiting area at LAX Terminal 5, Gate 54A. I've got a short hop to Las Vegas, a 2-hour layover, and then a redeye home to Cleveland. See the rest of you on the other side. The post-con back to real life blahs probably won't hit me until I'm back home and had about a day of sleep.

Patrick - [<-- The Gathering 2009]
"A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men." - Willy Wonka

Landon> That's a good point and one I hadn't thought about. I wasn't aware that this site is not near the top of the list on the major search engines. If it was just that Station Eight wasn't the most popular "Gargoyles" fansite anymore, that wouldn't be such a big deal. But the sites that do come up for the TV series and comic (as opposed to different gargoyles) are not being updated regularly like this site is. Truth be told, we are fighting an uphill battle against the fact that even many people who do remember "Gargoyles" see it as something that ended a long time ago, whether it's because of TGC, the long period between the end of the show and the start of the comics, the delays between issues of the comic, or something else. Sites that make it seem like nothing has happened with "Gargoyles" in two years (in the case of The Gargoyles Fan Website) or five years (The Avalon Archive, the next "Gargoyles" fansite to come up on Google) aren't helping our case.

This is part of what I was talking about. I know there are people here who have attempted to track down Guandalug la'Fay who ran The Gargoyles Fan Website, but last I heard nothing had come of it and the site continues to sit with no updates since 2007.

Todd> I agree that spreading the word is not nearly as simple as just telling people that the "Gargoyles" comic is out there. If it were, we'd probably be in much better shape. Even when we try to stick to forums we know and people who we think would enjoy the comic, there are other factors that may keep people from going out and buying it. I've had a few hopeful nibbles here and there, but no one who's ever gotten back to me and said they picked up the comic. It can be hard for people to actively comment on something they don't know about, especially if they feel like they don't have anything more to say than "Sounds cool." Telling people the comics exist is one thing. Getting them to go out a buy them is entirely another.

My original plan when the DVDs came out was to buy copies for all of my friends, until I realized that I had a lot of friends who weren't that interested. In some cases, they had seen the show in the 90s, thought it was OK, but never really got into it. I don't think this means I need better friends, and I did end up giving DVDs to some friends of mine. It just reminded me that not every reasonably intelligent person out there is automatically going to love "Gargoyles," even if they do give it a chance.

Demonskrye - [<---"Toy Story" at The Ink and Pixel Club]

I've found it difficult to spread the word. I don't want to make my word-spreading look like spamming, so I have to time my mentions of "Gargoyles" carefully - and even so, I haven't always succeeded in provoking the kind of attention that I should have liked.

After I bought and read "Clan-Building Volume Two", I posted a commentary about it on an Arthurian mailing list that I belong to, focusing on King Arthur's role in it. Nobody else commented on it. I also posted a similar report at an Arthurian forum that I also regularly visit; nobody responded to it, though I noticed that it had received over twenty visits. Both the mailing list and the forum have been quiet lately, and maybe a lot of people were simply away on summer vacation. But it still felt as if my efforts had achieved nothing.

Todd Jensen

Jerry: Great pics. I was hoping someone got good pictures of the Masquerade, since the my camera kept having issues with the lighting.
Harvester of Eyes - [Minstrel75 at gmail dot com]
"'In the end?' Nothing ends, Adrian. Nothing ever ends..." -Dr. Manhattan ("Watchmen")

Demonskrye - I think the single biggest hindrance to spreading the word right now is search. If you do a search for 'gargoyles' on Google, Bing, and Yahoo (the top 3 search sites), s8 does not appear on the front page. What does appear in the top 3 results is http://www.gargoyles-fans.org/ which seems rarely maintained.

S8 is, in my opinion, the best-looking and best-designed Gargoyles site on the web with the most useful information. The blog on s8 could become the definitive information resource with the most important news that casual fans could check, say, once a year.

I think it would be worthwhile to archive gargoyles-fans.org and redirect that URL to s8. Or at least make s8's URL very prominent on the site. I know that gargoyles-fans has a storied history and a wealth of information. In fact, it's the first Gargoyles webpage I ever encountered. I know it's maintained by someone else and it's rude of me to suggest this. But it's prominence on search engines should be exploited if it's not going to be 100% up-to-date. It's getting pretty damn late in Gargoyles-land and the fandom clans need to band together and do what's best for Gargoyles' future.

Of course, we could make Gargoyles news the easiest thing in the world to access and certain fans still won't care. But it's *not* 100% easy right now and we have the power to change that. For me, 100% easy means:

1) Google 'gargoyles'
2) Click 1st link after Wikipedia
3) See the latest info on new canon material

Landon Thomas - [<- Gargoyles News Twitter Feed]

Havester of Eyes>> *LOL* My pleasure! I'm just glad you guys were so dang patient with waiting for the cash box! Thanks for that.:)

On a random note, does anyone happen to have any contact information for the con-goer who went by the name Guardian? If so, could you email it to me? I want to send her a thank you email.

I shall be lurking in the shadows as usual.:)


Eden - [edengarg at hotmail dot com]
That Redheaded Chick that was running around a lot.


I think having a new disscussion board, along with this comment room, would be great; people could talk about what ever topic they want and join into other discussions, and by keeping this comment room up, we still be a close fandom.

I, for one, have done what I can... I've bought the tapes, DVDs, comics and trades, and I enocourage others in the fandom. I spread the word.

I was never able to make it to a gathering, but I have posted Con-journals... about my activities all week-end long while listening into the fandom's reports from the con.

I will post a con journal probably tomorrow.

I don't want the fandom to die; we have to keep it together, spread the word and buy the product.

And Yah, I think letters to Disney and petitions would help.

I myself have thought of taking the "Shawshank Redemption" approach and writing a letter a week to Disney about the next two DVD sets. (Yah, I said two; if that comes out, you have to buy it in support, no matter how bad it was or is.)

ANDY - "I'll write a letter a week... they can't ignore me forever."


My two cents...

battle Beast - [Canada]
That is all I will say.

A few thoughts on the state of "Gargoyles" and the fandom:

I realize that this point in time probably feels bittersweet at best for "Gargoyles" fans. The two new trades are finally out, but there are no current plans for anything more. The Gatherng, from what everyone has said, was great, but it was the last one and there are no plans for a new "Gargoyles" convention yet. But one of the major messages of "Gargoyles" is that one ending often leads to a new beginning. And I certainly hope that is the case here.

In the meantime, there are still things we can do to support "Gargoyles." Notice I said "can" rather than "must." I don't believe anyone has to do anything to be counted as a "Gargoyles" fan aside from love the series. Certainly do what you can to help support something you enjoy and ensure that it continues to be around with new material, but don't do anything you aren't comfortable with or that will become a serious burden on you in any way. This is supposed to be fun, after all.

Buying the trades and the DVDs remains at the top of the list, as always. Something that I hope we have all realized by now is that there are no guarantees. A comic will not always have a next issue and Part One of a DVD season set will not always be followed by Part Two. I don't want to be overly negative, but if a new SLG deal doesn't happen, we have no reason to assume that there will be any more new "Gargoyles" stories. It could happen, but we should not be counting on it happening. For around $40 (probably less, since I don't have the exact prices of the trades in front of me), you can help to ensure that "Gargoyles" has a future. I remember someone in the comment room (a really long time ago, so I don't recall who) asking how much money Disney would want if somebody wanted to buy "Gargoyles" outright. I can say with certainty that it would be more than $40, or even $40 from each person in the fandom. If you can afford it, buy the trades, and the DVDs, if you don't have them yet. If you can afford more, buy more. They can make good gifts, but if not, there are plenty of other options for giving away books or DVDs you don't need: libraries, shelters, online trading sites. I just traded away a copies of Season One I had been keeping around in case I needed a gift for someone on Goozex. It went as soon as I listed it.

We still have two Goliath statues coming out, as I recall. The trades and DVDs are still priority number one, but buying other "Gargoyles" merchandise is another good way to tell Disney that they can still make money off of this property. Letters and petitions are all very well and good, but actually buying products says to Disney "This show is a priority in my life and I will putt of spending money on other luxuries to buy merchandise related to "Gargoyles.""

I doubt there is anyone here who hasn't heard "spread the word" dozens of times already, but it just recently came to my attention that there is still a lot of work to be done in this department. Just two weeks ago, a fan of the series posted on the gargoyle_clan Livejournal group (which is still active) saying that he had only just heard that this year's Gathering would be the last and wondering if this meant that the comics were cancelled as well. Granted this could have just been one fan falling out of the loop, but it did surprise me and there were other comments that reminded me that not all "Gargoyles" fans come here or get the information that is posted here. I've always known that many casual fans of the TV show were unaware of recent developments with "Gargoyles," but now I'm wondering if the more active fans are not as well informed as the should be either.

I'm not suggesting that we try to create one all-inclusive "Gargoyles" site. I don't think there is any way to do that by design as opposed to fans just gravitating towards a particular site. And I realize that we could have the best resources in the world and that fans still might not use them. But I wonder if there might be a way to ensure that major information about "Gargoyles" gets to the widest number of fans possible. Maybe an e-mail list with major "press releases" which can then be copied onto numerous sites and forums or wherever interested fans might be.

One of the problems I've noticed is that the people who run both old and new "Gargoyles" sites will sometimes disappear without a trace, leaving the site abandoned and lacking updates. So if a mailing list or some other new information distributing project were to happen, I think it would have to belong to a group of fans rather than just one, just to make certain that the future of the project does not depend solely on one fan.

I'd be interested to hear everyone else's thought on where "Gargoyles" and the fandom are now and where they might be going in the future.

Demonskrye - [<---"Toy Story" at The Ink and Pixel Club]

I'm home. I'm exhausted. I promised we'd go out with a bang and damn it, WE DID! Kudos to my AMAZING staff and my awesome friends. Double thank you to the pros and voice actors that joined us and got just as silly as we did. ... and thank you all for putting up with all our tears at Closing Ceremonies/Group Therapy session.

Greg Weisman, thank you for being one of the best friends I've ever had in my life. Thank you for your ability to create these things that touch so many people in so many ways. Thank you for bringing us all together through your stories and dedication to them. We love you, man!

I'm sure I'll have more to say once I get some sleep, but right now I ache from head to foot and my bed keeps calling me!

Jennifer "CrzyDemona" Anderson
"It's better to burn out, than fade away" -- Def Leppard

Great Photos, jerry! I like the one of the Person who dressed up as Owen... complete with stone fist. Great stuff!
battle Beast - [Canada]
That is all I will say.

Awesome! Thanks for posting those pictures, Jerry.

You guys definitely want to check out Jerry's photos. He took a TON of pictures of EVERYTHING and he had a sweet camera to do it with. Easily the best source of pics from the con.


I got the pictures I took at The Gathering of the Gargoyles posted on my site. They are at:


Jerry - [jerry at jerrysphotos dot net]

Stone & Webs: Spectacular Spider-Man Meets Gargoyles

Greg B put this one together and dedicated it to Greg. It's a great mix of Spidey and Gargoyles. Another hit at the con.


Cindy: It was nice meeting you, too. Thanks for keeping us entertained while the table was cashless.
Harvester of Eyes - [Minstrel75 at gmail dot com]
"'In the end?' Nothing ends, Adrian. Nothing ever ends..." -Dr. Manhattan ("Watchmen")

Sorry a second time...

TO ANYONE> Sometimes when I am typing, I hit a wrong key and it screws up my keyboard to the point where if I try to type a question mark, I get this symbol: IT`S NOT SHOWING UP, BUT THE SYMBOL THAT APPEARS IS A CAPITAL `E` WITH A FORWARD SLASH ON TOP

and other keys don`t work properly. How do I fix that if I set it off???? HELP!


battle Beast - [Canada]
That is all I will say.

Sorry, made a mistake...

TO ANYONE> Sometimes when I am typing, I hit a wrong key and it screws up my keyboard to the point where if I try to type a question mark, I get this symbol: `É` and other keys don`t work properly. How do I fix that if I set it off???? HELP!

battle Beast - [Canada]
That is all I will say.

Branduno/Eden/Shing> Hello and welcome! Have a cookie!!! *Points to the table*

TO ANYONE> Sometimes when I am typing, I hit a wrong key and it screws up my keyboard to the point where if I try to type a question mark, I get this symbol: `É` and other keys don`t work properly. How do I fix that if I set it off???? HELP!

TIME DANCER> [SPOILER] I was reading the Garg Wiki about Fu-Dog (my new favorite design) and I saw that Fu-Dogs come from China. And so, while staring at the wall at work (Where I seem to get my best Gargoyles thinking done) and I realised that Brooklyn will meet a Chinese Gargoyle clan and obtain Fu-Dog some how. I'm sure some of you already know this, but I thought I would throw it out.

I think it's neat that it's neat (to me at least) that I have figured out something that will happen in as yet un-everything`d Gargoyles Cannon.

then again, I could be dead wrong... [/SPOILER]

Katana's Egg> [SPOILER] I think Phil is right... I think Katana doesn't realise that she is now "home." It was instinct to take the egg with her. Some mothers are very protective. My aunt didn`t leave her two girls untill they EACH were four years old. [/SPOILER]

Greg B.> Thanks for posting that Video link! That was freakin' amazing! MARTINA WAS AMAZING!!!

battle Beast - [Canada]
That is all I will say.

Branduno/Eden/Shing - Thanks for stopping by! You're always welcome at S8. It's a great place to keep up on the fandom.
Landon Thomas - [<- Gargoyles News Twitter Feed]

Hey everyone -

I never post here, but I wanted to say that I had an excellent time at the Gathering. I was the tiny asian girl selling small clay critters in the dealer's room.(and I'm Shing - not Shinga. It's my real name.)

I love you guys so much. It's impossible to explain how much some of you mean to me(I first dabbled in the artsy end of the fandom when I was 14 and then met some of you when I was 18, at my first Gathering in 2001).

Thank you for everything!

Shing - [shingkhor at gmail dot com]

Hey Folks! I don't usually post here but I really wanted to today. I was that redheaded chick that was usually seeing in the art room/Dealers room (also known as Cindy:)) I just wanted to give a shout out to the people I chatted with at con. You guys kick Boo-tay! Seriously. This was hands down one of the best cons I have ever staffed and it was a good deal to do with how wonderful everyone was. I had great conversations with all of you, made some awesome new friends, re-contacted some old ones, and was overwhelmed with how quick everyone was to jump to help when it was needed.
So, from the bottom of my heart, Thank you. You all made this Gathering extremely special for me.:)
If anyone wants to keep in touch with me, I'm on twitter as CinsAngel42, on LJ as CinsAngel, and on face book as Cindy Kinnard (though I tend to not poke face book as often as I should).

Eden - [edengarg at hotmail dot com]
That Redheaded Chick that was running around a lot.

Might be mundane compared to all the excitement in here, but the Bad Guys trade copy I preordered from Amazon just shipped. The 'stock' status has been fluctuating between "Usually ships within 2 to 4 weeks" and "Temporarily out of stock" over the past 10 minutes. This could be very good news if it means all the stock SLG sent to Amazon sold out before release. But I think their computer is just a bit behind. We'll probably know tomorrow whether Amazon actually has copies available. But for now, I have a tracking number and everything.
Landon Thomas - [<- Gargoyles News Twitter Feed]

Josh Keaton (voice of Spidey) posted this video of Keith and Marina from the Radio Play on YouTube.


Greg Bishansky - [<----- Gathering 2009]

Branduno >> Welcome to the CR! We have a cookie table loaded with goodies! Enjoy your stay! (>^^)>O
The One Known As Mochi - [shogi dot keima dot 08 at gmail dot com]
Current Mood: (>T.T)> I missed the final Gathering... School can be so cruel... This could be my one major regret of 2009...

VoLpE>[SPOILER] About Katana and the egg. I suspect that she stays in constant contact with the egg because of her experience TimeDancing. Because she never knew when the Phoenix was going to show up and whisk them away, she had to keep it with her at all times. Brooklyn seems confident that he's home, but I wonder if Katana isn't as sure. I don't really know, it's just a theory. [/SPOILER]
Phil - [p1anderson at go dot com]

Hi all! I'm a first-time poster, and first-time Gathering attendee. I'm still pretty out of it from the trip from LA to Philadelphia, so for now I just want to thank everyone--especially the hard-working convention staff--for making the Gathering weekend so much fun. I'm sorry I never attended before this year.

Getting to meet such talents--and just all-around nice folk--as Greg Weisman, Michael Reaves, Thom Adcox and so many more was such an honor. And it was especially great to meet with the fans themselves--having seen how great the Gargoyles fandom is, I hope to post here on Station 8 more often!

Great to meet you all!

Branduno - [branduno at gmail dot com]

Got home about an hour ago from LA! And seriously, if there is such a thing as "elevator sickness", that hotel invented it cause I'm gonna constantly feel like I'm moving for the next 2 days. Honestly, I feel like I've been on a cruise boat.

I probably won't post my con journal until the weekend (have until Sunday off), mainly because I still need to fix my PC and reinstall crap having nearly FUBAR'd it last week.

But in cliffnotes, I had a blast, so did my friend.

And RE: Gore & the shaving cream: they opened my sealed Jelly Belly machine for my parents in my luggage, and didn't even put the free bag of Jelly Belly that came with it back in the box (shocked it fit, cause seriously that thing was packed tight as heck). They did, however, tape the box back shut. Shocked they did't inspect my carry on, since that was full of boxes from my auction wins.


Just got home from the Gathering. I'm frakkin' exhausted because I got two hours of sleep last night, but I had a blast. Wasn't a single panel I went to that I didn't like. In fact, I told Jennifer yesterday that had we not been told that the con was understaffed, I never would have guessed. So, to paraphrase the movie "Blade Runner," I'd like to say to the Gathering staff: "You've done a man's job, sirs and madams."

SO many great things about this year's con. I'll be posting the con journal eventually, and pictures once I've had a chance to look through them. But for now, I need to unpack some key items, such as my toothbrush, and then crash.

Thanks for all the fish, Gathering. I hope to stay in touch with the friends I've made, and I'm sure we'll meet again someday.

Harvester of Eyes - [Minstrel75 at gmail dot com]
"'In the end?' Nothing ends, Adrian. Nothing ever ends..." -Dr. Manhattan ("Watchmen")

Gorebash> Wow! Thanks for offering the links of my MVs XD I'm glad the attendees were able to enjoy them on the big screen w/ the surround sound! It's a totally different experience :) Thanks to you, Patrick and everyone else who made the MV viewings possible! I have some videos I took of the Radio Play, but I won't upload them until the actual entire Radio Play is uploaded so that I'm not interfering in any way.[SPOILER] As for the biological children, I think Greg said that the Gargoyle that Brooklyn said "bro" to is actually Brooklyn's biological brother. I'm not sure about the others though. The female who was killed by the fire arrows seems to be related to Lexington, her wings are somewhat similar. [/SPOILER]

[SPOILER] I thought it was cool to see the difference of Brooklyn's style of speech in the comics. Right after he first gets whisked away by the Phoenix, he's got "cool" jargon but when he comes back, he's got a wiser, more mature and experienced air about him. Yes, I know the change is obvious and expected because Brooklyn's been gone for 40 years, er, seconds...whatever ^^; But I just thought it was really cool to be able to see that transition.

[SPOILER]I have a question about Katana. It's clear that when Angela asks to hold Katana's egg that she seems a bit hesitant to hand it over. However, when they glide off into battle, a battle that may be a bit different than what she's used to, Katana brings the egg along? I mean, isn't that a bit too harsh of an environment for an egg to be in? I have a feeling that maybe she takes her eggs into battle to have them "exposed" to the warrior life, even before it's born. But it still seems kinda confusing to me... [/SPOILER]

VoLpE - [sailorx78 at hotmail dot com]
"That was completely uncool of The Game! 'The Game'...what's up with that? Who's his manager? Milton Bradley?" ~ Edge,WWE

PHOENICIAN - [SPOILER] Obviously, Findlaech's assassination and Gillecomgain's subsequent assuming the title of High Steward of Moray cost Macbeth the possible support he would have needed to become Maol Chalvim's successor. But Duncan's mother (her name was Bethoc, incidentally) was probably older than Macbeth's mother (whose name was Donada).

In real history, Maol Chalvim died in 1034, two years after Gillecomgain's death. The series doesn't say how he died, but I've sometimes speculated that Duncan hurried him to his grave in one of those "You taught me too well" moments (like Thailog with Xanatos in "Double Jeopardy").

Bodhe and Gruoch being Kenneth III's descendants offers an additional interpretation of Duncan's actions in "City of Stone Part Two". Since they were the son and granddaughter of the man whom Maol Chalvim deposed, they would have a better claim to the Scottish throne than Duncan himself. Hence Duncan wanting Gillecomgain - whom he saw as securely on his side - rather than his rival Macbeth to marry Gruoch. Hence, also, Duncan wanting Gillecomgain dead all the more once Gillecomgain turns against him - because he could use his marriage to Gruoch as a way to seize the throne from Duncan, claiming to be rebelling on his wife's behalf.

I think that the English's role in wiping out gargoyles had to be stressed in "City of Stone Part Four", since it was the English who sided with Canmore, not the Irish. [/SPOILER]

Todd Jensen

Another thought . . .

[SPOILER] I wonder who told Macbeth of the time gargoyles and humans fought side by side now, as he was telling Duncan when he asked that Demona be spared . . . Bodhe or Findaech. For that matter, I'm curious as to Maol's thoughts on gargoyles . . . he never seemed as excited about their aid as Kenneth III was . . . [/SPOILER]

'The suspense is terrrible . . . I hope it lasts" -- Willy Wonka

Been home for a day now and I'm still on a Gargoyles high. So, I popped in my Season II, Volume I DVD and rewatched the entire City of Stone 4-parter. Just as awesome as previous viewings, except now I have the added insight of Clan Building Volume II

(And just in case you have read it yet) [SPOILER] For starters, the entire Findlaech-Gilcomgain fight scene just became soooo much more bitter. The key moment for me was after Findlaech falls to his doom and Gilly takes the medallion, essentially the patronage that was denied to both him and his father Mail Brigti . . . all stemming from an illegitimate birth, oy.

Another interesting moment was seeing Bodhe as a full adult. Previous viewings had me just mentall cast the guy as about the same age as Findlaech, probably because Macbeth and Grouch appeared to be the same age themselves and the focus was on them, really. Bodhe and Findleach are just the parents of those two crazy lovers d: But seeing Bodhe as a kid in 997 in the comic help point out that Bodhe has bright red hair at this point, while Findlaech, who had a much darker hair color in the comics, is now gray haired.

And thinking of it further, Bodhe and Gilly or more the same age than Bodhe and Findlaech (though judging on sole appearances, Bodhe's the youngest of the three).

Bodhe's cowardice in Part I on the balcony just rings more cowardice than ever before . . . I'm actually finding it harder to beleive he went out and died in battle as Greg has suggested in the past. Then again, maybe he did. Grandparents always like the grandkids more than the son-in-law, lol.

As much as titles and bloodlines go, I'm really wondering just what Duncan had going for him to make him the heir apparent compared to Macbeth . . . Maol Chalvim, son of Kenneth II had two daughters, one married Findlaech who gave birth to Macbeth, while the other married (presumably) and gave birth to Duncan. It's not like Duncan had the 'stronger' male line, so I'm curious what Maol's other son-in-law had to compete with against the patronage of Moray.

Another thought: just when did Maol Chalvim finally die? Duncan's refered to as a prince throughout the flashbacks until he's seen with a crown and Canmore to boot while strolling the hills and caves of Moray with Macbeth and Luach in 1040.

I don't know . . . maybe Duncan was just born first and called 'dibs' d:

Macbeth sparing Canmore after killing King Duncan now echoes Findleach sparing Gilly. Seriously, this family has GOT to quit with the cousin-brawling . . . but a quick scan at the timelines tells me they never did. *Sigh*

Canmore banishment to England also brings to mind that his (totally unseen brother who later becomes King) is wisked away to Ireland.

Bodhe's line with the English killing off the gargoyles clans down there would probably have been more consistent if he had said Irish, since it seems the Irish clans didn't make it long after the time of Cuchulainn. Of course, Greg has done plenty to show that the London Clan has hidden themselves well d:

In this flashback series, the descendents of the Three Brothers include Bodhe (grandkid of Duff), Duncan & Macbeth(great-grandkids of Kenneth II), Grouch (great-grandkid of Duff), and Canmore and Luach (great great-grankids of Kenneth II). Man, were these brutal family reunions . . . I think I would have rather joined Princess Katherine (daughter of Malcom) on Avalon, wouldn't you?

We REALLY get to know this family, don't we?

Luach's line in part 4, "The Hunter and his English Dogs will pay for this!" also reminds me of the "Irish Dogs" comment in the war room between Moal, The Grim (Kenny III), and Findlaech. I doubt it was supposed to be an echo, but that's what I thought. [/SPOILER]

Anyways, those are some thoughts, post Clan Building and post Gathering d:

'The suspense is terrrible . . . I hope it lasts" -- Willy Wonka

Has anyone here ever seen the series "I Shouldn't Be Alive"? It inspired me to think 'What if the Gargoyles were in those situations'? It also gave me an idea for a fanfic.
Gargoyleslady - [kendal dot renfro at yahoo dot com]

Will we get to have the script for the Radio Play put up on the Internet at some point (like the Radio Play scripts for "Hunter's Moon Part Three" and "The Reckoning")?
Todd Jensen

The Hotel Cabal Anthology PDF is on now linked on the Gathering 2009 home page.

Multiple cameras were recording the Radio Play, but I'm sure the people who were working them would like a chance to get home and recover their senses before they dive into the editing.

Patrick - [<-- The Gathering 2009]

I'm just posting here on the chance it'll be visible for all the really great folks whose names have escaped into the ether for me: If we talked during the convention, and you have a facebook account, please don't hesitate to send a friend request for Mara Cordova.

I'm at the airport and only now is it truly beginning to hit me. So keep in touch!

I love you all.

Mara Cordova - [<---18 and up for link, please dot]
Like a virgin! Like a virgin, goshdarnit!

Gore-Re audio. As far as I know, it can be EQed a bit to bring down the distortion somewhat, but I think the problem you might have is that the camera has an auto level control-it searches for the audio level and-if it's off in the distance, brings the volume up very loud, thus anything that's really close that you don't want to hear would be very distorted. It could be improved, but fixed entirely, likely not. (Not with any techniques I know anyway). If you can get the audio alone into something like adobe audition, that would be the best way to improve things, then sync it back with the video once you get it the way you like it. (You could always send a sample to me and I'll see what I can do).

Thanks, Everyone!
battle Beast - [Canada]
That is all I will say.

Hey guys! Just got back from The Gathering-- what an EXCELLENT time. Twilight Detective Agency is the name of our original Gargoyles characters comic-- it's about two Gargoyles who-- yes-- run a detective agency while hiding their true natures from their clients. We handed out issue zero at the convention just to see what people thought. Issue ONE is in the works now, and the website (still under construction) is at www.twogargs.com -- enjoy!
Riverdale - [michael at twogargs dot com]
Michael (aka Riverdale)

Starlioness - I can't recall whether Greg was referring to just the comic line or the cartoon as well (although I'd argue that Deadly Force is PG-13, at least in a traditional MPAA sense). He did say his original intention to not exceed the mature content level of the cartoon with the comics is no longer true, as evidenced by "bastard", the stabbing, etc.
Landon Thomas - [<- Gargoyles News Twitter Feed]

Demonskrye: Greg mentioned he had a scene with Donald Menken in mind that he was going to include in the radio play (and he'd play Menken), but he forgot to add it in.

RE: "a few surprises" from Greg's ramble pre-con

I'm not sure how he intended that to be taken, but I don't think there was any major surprise handed out at the con. There were a few small ones. For example some of Demona's clan seen in Clan Building, V2 were identified as specifically being the biological children of some of the Wyvern clan gargoyles we know. I don't remember who belong to who, but someone else probably will.

During a Q&A someone asked about fae/human hybrids and I asked if we've met/seen any fae/gargoyle hybrids in the show and he said no comment, which makes me want to interpret that as a yes, but it's still just a no comment.

I think the biggest surprise for me was that Michael Reaves was there in person. That was very cool. Also the family of Gary Sperling was there and we celebrated his work.

Frank Paur's long hair surprised the hell out of me.

As did seeing Greg's son who is about 10 feet tall now. Last time I saw him I think he was maybe a foot tall.

If Greg gets to write more Gargoyles comics (which is possible if the trade paperback sells well) the next one is probably going to be a Dark Ages story called "Dream" (I think).

There were probably a few revelations at panels I missed (others will have to fill us in on those).


....and Greg Weisman will be playing the part of the kitchen sink. That's quite a lot of characters. I'm sure it was a blast.
Demonskrye - [<---"Toy Story" at The Ink and Pixel Club]


This is Greg handing out scripts to the radio play cast.


[SPOILER] I suspected that the scenes between the Stone of Destiny and Macbeth, Arthur, Xanatos, and Peredur were a major reason for the non-linear format.

So did Greg make any comments about the "Percival/Peredur and Duval aren't the same guy after all" revelation in #9?

On MacBodhe's assassination: a few year ago, a book came out that was a collection of Shakespearean murder mysteries, each mystery linked to a different one of Shakespeare's plays. The murder mystery linked to "Macbeth" revolved around the historical murder of MacBodhe. Unfortunately, I only glanced at it and can't report on it.

Whatever else you can say about Brooklyn's breaking the fourth wall moment, it reminded me again of one of my favorite aspects of "Gargoyles": how it probably encouraged us to take such an interest in the history of 10th and 11th century Scotland. Look at how many historical figures from that setting have become more than just names to us, as a result of such stories as "City of Stone", "Avalon Part One", and Brooklyn's first Timedancer adventure! [/SPOILER]

Todd Jensen

Another idea I have figured on trying to get more people into buying trades. Take advantage of the viewer comments on YouTube to those who find the episodes uninteresting and prefer the first two seasons.

Gore: better Security inspects your Cologne than.. [SPOILER] an empty shoebox , or worse that Gargoyles spaghetti pasta from way back! [/SPOILER]

Landon thaks for the tidbits.. I had a hunch on True, but it still doesn't explain [SPOILER] whether the Beasts survived [/SPOILER]

Gargs was supposed to be PG-13? the comics sure.. but I never thougt that about the series..hmm..


WTF, I go to work in FOUR HOURS. I should be sleeping.

Going through my video footage and realizing that the reason the camera I bought was so cheap is because it was really poorly designed. The mic is on TOP of the camera, so it doesn't pick up what you're actually filming, but what's ABOVE the camera while filming (my fat mouth). I hope others share the video they recorded.

I am in the process of uploading a 10 minute video I took where Greg handed out scripts to the cast of the radio play. I'm mostly quiet during this (amazingly) and, while quiet, the audio is at least audible. The nice thing about the video is it has all the voice actors in it. Once it's up (hours from now, once YouTube does all its processing and such) I'll toss a link out.


Gargoyles/300 Trailer

Another hit at the con.


Poor Unfortunate Demona

Quite the hit at the Masquerade on Sunday.


Okay, I'm still at the Gathering hotel. I'll have a lot more to say later. But for now, let me say that the Radio Play rocked! I was in it... in a role only I could play!

But that's not why I am mentioning it. Hearing Marina Sirtis perform Demona in person, and Steve Blum perform the Green Goblin was a GEEKGASM of epic proportions. Everyone in it was awesome, all the pros, all the fans... but I had to comment on those two... they really brought down the house.

The first time Blum did Gobby's voice... the applause he got was... thunderous. And, let me tell you, Marina Sirtis is STILL Demona... she just stepped right back into the role as if she never left it.

Oh, and Daran Norris cracked me up as J. Jonah Jameson.

God, I just want to give everyone a shout out. And I will... in my upcoming con journal. I'm going to hit the sack now, you have no idea how exhausted I am.

Greg Bishansky

Ding, got a question for you (or anyone else who has an answer): is it possible to repair audio that had the input levels set too high when it was recorded? Or is the information lost because the audio was blown out?

I have the majority of the radio play on video (and whatever audio my camera picked up) as well as a copy of the audio recorded separately from speakers placed around the actors. Although I'm not so sure on the quality. If it can be cleaned up something will be done with pushing it out so everyone can hear it.

I could only sit in on the first hour of the "Future of the Fandom" panel on Monday, but it gave me a much better understanding of how and why a more traditional forum system would really help. I think I may take a stab at it afterall. This CR would remain as well. And I have very distinct and different purposes for the CR and the forums, meaning they wouldn't be redundant. I still need to do some brainstorming. I'm also thinking I'm going to start from scratch on a new web-based chat system. There are very specific features that I want if we're to ever attempt something along the lines of an "online gathering", which came up in the panel on Monday.


Just got home. I'll sort out what video and pictures I've got later this week. For now, a funny story.

At the silent auction I had the only bid on a Gargoyles shaving kit. I picked it up just before I had to leave to catch my plane. Well I put the kit in my carry-on bag without a second thought.

That is until the TSA lady pulled it from my bag and noted the whole fluids must be in 3oz or smaller containers inside a clear plastic bag. Well the shaving cream was over 3oz in size and it, nor the Goliath cologne was in a plastic bag.

Aw, crap.

But the kind lady took pity on me. She tested the Gargoyles shaving kit for explosives (THIS IS NOT A JOKE!) and, having found none, decided it would be okay for me to keep it rather than throw it away.

So there you have it. Government proof that the Gargoyles shaving kit is not explosive.


I arrived in South Texas at 11:30 PM and it was announced that the current Temperature was 90 degrees. Ahh, Texas. One of the few places where you can shower AND sweat at the same time.

Well, I didnt make a con journal but I could piece everything together from memory. I wont do that now because I want to take a shower and get ready for school tomorrow.

I did want to say that Marina Sirtis asked about my lip ring. Yup, thats right, she asked what it felt like when I got it, if it get in the way when I eat, and of course girls' reactions when I kiss them. That was a pretty cool conversation to have.

Lurker - [JohnR783 at hotmail dot com]

Judging from the ton of users, I think we already finished the Top 10 tonight . . . so I guess it's 'And away we go with the show!" d:

Anyhoo . . . Whew! I've only been home for about an hour now, the most exhausted I've been all summer . . . but I have to say this Gathering just flew through the weekend . . . even with many of us sticking around at the Closing Ceremonies longer than expected d:

I've only yet to finish my Monday entry for my Con-Journal tonight, and then I'll actually be done with the thing -- currently on MS Word its nearly 7,000 words and 11 pages already . . . single-paced (;

It was absolutely a blast to meet in person so many of the regulars (and even some of the casual/lurkers) who visit the CR . . . man, the weekend flew by.

*Sigh* Well, from Phoenix, Arizona I bid you all goodnight!!

"The suspense is terrible . . . I hope it lasts" -- Willy Wonka

Landon >> Nice tidbits of info!
The One Known As Mochi - [shogi dot keima dot 08 at gmail dot com]
Current Mood: (>**)> Exhausted...

Landon, great photos and videos I could see me in some of those photos.
VickyUK - [vickyfanofwwe at aol dot com]

Hi friends, I arrived home about two hours ago, I will have a great deal of photo to upload, and will try to do the same for video. Including the masquerade. I said all the goodbyes sunday, so will just say this.
The gathering has been a remarkable experience, I will savor the memories and (hopefully) friends I made, and hope I made some small impression on everyone there.
It was a great privilege to attend in 2008, and even more for the final gathering. I cant imagine what it it like for those of you who have been going for years. I wish I could have been there for the closing ceremonies, I hope someone has video of it.

In closing, maybe I will see you all down the road.

Justin "I'd Rather Be Pillaging"

Landon > Echoing Ricky, that was exactly what I wanted to read: all the interesting little tidbits that Greg shared at the Gathering. Thanks for writing all that up! :D
<Be happy for me and for all who fly free.> - Tobias of Animorphs

Landon> That was fantastic, thanks for all those little tidbits. As someone who wasn't able to attend the Gathering, I really appreciate hearing about it as much as I can! :)

I really enjoyed coming to the Gathering lots of tears being shed at the closing ceremonie including me. I'll upload my photos and hopefully video clips when I get home.
VickyUK - [vickyfanofwwe at aol dot com]

The last two panels I attended today were awesome. Full of great info and the closing ceremonies were great too (with Thom in attendance). I've uploaded my last pics: http://picasaweb.google.com/GatheringOfTheGargoyles/GatheringOfTheGargoyles200902


Creature Comics has been disbanded. The business model no longer seems viable and Greg Guler is too busy.

Dan Vado is currently the best hope Gargoyles has for new issues so Greg's sticking with SLG until that possibility is exhausted.

Dan Vado asked Greg if he wanted to do a spin-off comic series after reading a question about it on AskGreg.

Clan-Building vol. 2 spoilers:

[SPOILER] The reasons for the non-linear storytelling in Stone of Destiny:
-The only way to tell it properly.
-Freed him from the usual linear style of animation storytelling.
-Folks can more easily check back and cross-reference with comics than cartoons.
-Number 1 reason: he really wanted to show the Macbeth/Xanatos/Pendragon/Peredur two-page spread and a non-linear style for the overall story was the only way to accomplish that. The spread turned out just how he pictured it.

For the cyborg Lex costume and post-TimeDancer Brooklyn designs, Greg specified: use the exact Future Tense models, with a few specific alterations (weapons, eye patch, etc.) "just to drive [us] crazy".

Greg's character notes on Katana (from memory, someone should AskGreg for the full notes): beaked, pale blue skin, black hair. He also specified the number of finger/toe digits. Robby came back with 3 or 4 head shapes, then they went through several iterations before they agreed on the clothes and accoutrement.

USN on Gnash's shirt stands for United States Navy. Greg says you can buy that shirt.

There's a "connection" between Valmont and Duval, but they aren't necessarily the same person.

True and her rookery brother were not in the battle because they're too young.

Constantine's war paint explains why people didn't necessarily assume Gillecomgain was the Hunter in City of Stone, even though the mask matched his scars. It wasn't a new motif portrayed by only one person.

Brooklyn's literacy quip might have broken the 4th wall or might have been directed at Mary, who would ask WTF? in the next panel. Greg says it was probably Spidey-inspired.

The battle was emotionally scarring for Bodhe, who was too young and/or small to fight in it.

The name 'Eguardo' is Brooklyn's joke. Katana either puts up with it or thinks it has greater significance in English.

The gargoyle behind Brooklyn and the "Bro=Rookery Brother" character in #12 is Brooklyn's biological brother. The panel was to illustrate that bloodline is unimportant in determing a gargoyle clan brother (compared to mess going on in the Moray clan bloodline). [/SPOILER]

Post Clan-Buidling story spoilers:

[SPOILER] MacBodhe was ambushed and murdered. Greg wants to show that story. He feels showing Luach's death would be redundant.

Greg doesn't think #13 will continue right at the Pack battle since they're so obviously outmatched. But that battle will provide motivation to turn them into the UltraPack.

Angela will lay an egg in 2008. [/SPOILER]

Bad Guys spoilers:

[SPOILER] Falstaff is a member of the Illuminati. His crew isn't necessarily (i.e. it's supposed to be ambiguous).

Greg's voice for Falstaff during the Disney production days: John Goodman, due to a Henry IV 1&2 performance of John Goodman as Falstaff that Greg saw. He's now leaning towards Brian Blessed (i.e. someone more British).

The Tazmanian Tiger sequence was intentionally goofy and superhero-esque due to it being in Australia and to contrast the grittiness of the battle to come. DIngo is basically Superman down there. [/SPOILER]

Post Bad Guys story spoilers:

[SPOILER] Dingo and Hunter eventually get together. I thought Greg said the Monmouths and Castaways would become rival families, but I wasn't clear on that.

Tazmanian Tiger is "very, very rich" and commits crime for the thrill. [/SPOILER]

Gargoyles was, is, and will be a PG-13 property. Bad Guys was designed to be edgier. CB2/BG spoilers: [SPOILER] Greg specifically said: don't show Valmont's stump. BG's strangling was beyond the allowed violence level for the main series. [/SPOILER]

All the pencilers for all the issues had to do their own inks. Guler found it provided better control but took much longer and turned into a more difficult process.

Robby Bevard essentially produced the last two CB#2 issues, down to hiring the artists.

Frank Paur's "Rule of Robots" for character design: a human should not be able to fit inside a robot design, so it doesn't look like a suit. The Xanatos bots were designed to look like Goliath to fool the audience into thinking the red armor was just another robot.

Biology panel:

Brooklyn's and Griff's beaks are not like bird beaks. Brooklyn's beak at least is probably full of bone and cartiledge.

The normal number of eggs in a given rookery's generation is 40. That's why London's 25 eggs was so surprising to Lexington.

Knight's Spur is a safe haven. Expanding beyond it would be "extremely dangerous".

The Loch Ness clan has tails closer to Zaphiro, like a dolphin. They use their wings like a ray's fins.

Landon Thomas - [<- Gargoyles News Twitter feed]

*crosses fingers*...

[SPOILER] I still wan't to know if the beasts survived the Rain of Death or not.
I didn't see True in the one big panel of the Gargs attacking so maybe she stayed behind.. also notice that True's hair is white? I guess Hudson always had white hair after all [/SPOILER]


ooooo-teeny tiny clips of the radio play. that kinda made me feel better ^_^ weeeeeeeeee

Drat, hit shift by mistake. Hopefully Gore can fix it when he gets back, but until then BEWARE!!! UNTAGGED SPOILERS IN PREVIOUS POST!!!!
Demonskrye - [<---"Toy Story" at The Ink and Pixel Club]

Tony> [SPOILER] Editing on GargWiki is happening as we speak to reflect eh new information coming out of the Gathering. Previously, it was believed that Demona's Second was the only survivor of the Wyvern Splinter Clan (referred to as "Wyvern Clan (split) on GargWiki). This is the first we have heard of any other survivors. [/SPOILER]

In-universe, the Wyvern Splinter Clan was formed when the original Wyvern Clan became too large for Castle Wyvern and the surrounding are to support, or too large for the resident humans to tolerate. From a writing standpoint, I believe the clan was created to explain a possible inconsistency. There are several gargoyles in the Avalon Clan who look extremely similar - if not identical to - the gargoyles in Demona's Clan,including Demona's Second. What happened was that the overseas animation studios simply re-used character model sheets from the gargoyles in Demona's Clan for some members of the Avalon Clan. So the Wyvern Splinter Clan is a ret-con explanation for how gargoyles who appear to be related to the Avalon Clan gargoyles could still be around to join Demona's Clan when we know that all members of the Wyvern Clan other than Demona were either dead or cursed by that time.

Demonskrye - [<---"Toy Story" at The Ink and Pixel Club]

Added more pics, starting with the Gargoyles production panel: http://picasaweb.google.com/GatheringOfTheGargoyles/GatheringOfTheGargoyles200902#

No reveals that I can recall, but I 2nd Gore's report. The Composing panel might be my favorite so far. Besides the awesome Carl Johnson (who even stayed to judge the Masquerade), they had the 3-man composing team that has done pretty much every superhero cartoon since Batman: TAS. Back then they were freelance but have since formed their own powerhouse company and work on everything jointly. They went quite in depth into the process.

Landon Thomas - [<- Gargoyles News Twitter feed]

Anthony > Here's the GargWiki page for the Wyvern splinter clan: http://gargoyles.dracandros.com/Wyvern_Clan_%28split%29

It is still considered canon-in-training... [SPOILER] though if Greg W is saying that True and Bronx's biological parents are in Demona's Clan, that makes the splinter clan all the more canon. [/SPOILER]

<Be happy for me and for all who fly free.> - Tobias of Animorphs

Can someone please direct me to where I can read more about the [SPOILER] "splinter" clan that broke away from the Wyvern Clan before the massacre at Wyvern? [/SPOILER] This is the first I'm hearing of it. I'm guessing it's something that has been hinted at during Gatherings? [SPOILER] I'm guessing it's all canon-in-training material? I know in the garg wiki under Wyvern clan it doesn't match what you guys are saying about True. I'm guessing that the wiki needs to be updated? [/SPOILER]
Anthony Tini

Brigadoon Traveler> Re: Stone of Destiny - [SPOILER] I don't know exactly what Xanatos told Coldsteel and Coyote, but I think that almost everything he did in London until after the Stone had been "safely" moved was just for distraction. Since he was in London during the time the Stone was being moved, everyone expected him to be doing something nefarious, so he called in C&C so that no one would investigate deeper.

The question I have is this: how did the convoy end up using a "trick car" (with the rotating trap door)? And how did Xanatos get possession of it after the transport was completed? Was the vehicle supplied by Xanatos Motor Company? [/SPOILER]

(This is my first spoiler comment, so I hope I did it right.)

Phil - [p1anderson at go dot com]

[SPOILER] That the two gargoyle beasts of Demona's clan are Bronx's biological parents does not surprise me. When I first saw them, that was my first thought. I was confused as to how they could survive the massacre but then I remembered the splinter clan and it made perfect sense to me.

True, though, is a surprise. She is a very young gargoyle. I am surprised that the Wyvern Clan would risk young gargoyles like True's rookery in a clan move. The clan didnt know where they would be going. It could be a very dangerous journey. I would think gargoyles of True's rookery would be kept at Wyvern Castle, where the clan is already safe and established. Thats just my idea anyway. Perhaps gargoyles saw such a move as a chance to prove themselves and young ones jumped at the chance. [/SPOILER]

Im glad everyone had a blast at the last Gathering. I wish I could have been there, wish I could have attended one Gathering. Well welcome back, Gathering attendees! Share your stories with us! :D

<Be happy for me and for all who fly free.> - Tobias of Animorphs

Todd> I completely agree. I have always found it rather unforgivable that Demona never bothered to perform a Wind Ceremony for the slain members of the Wyvern Clan, especially if the theory about how Coldstone was brought to life is correct and that the spirits of dead gargoyles who do not receive these rites are condemned to a kind of limbo. [SPOILER] Her behavior in "Tyrants" just adds to the mounting evidence that her hatred for humans has become all-consuming, likely because it keeps her from admitting her own culpability in the Wyvern clan's destruction. [/SPOILER]

Brigadoon Traveller> [SPOILER] It seem most like that True and Bronx's biological parents were survivors of the Wyvern splinter clan rather than the clan that was still at Castle Wyvern. As I said yesterday, I'm not entirely sure how the decision was made for such a young gargoyle to leave the main clan. But it makes more sense than True surviving the Wyvern massacre and escaping the notice of everyone until after the survivors were cursed. Come to think of it, since Demona's second - and by association, his mate - are believed to be from the Wyvern splinter clan, maybe this entire cell is comprised of former members of that clan. I wonder if the little green gargoyle and the one with the long beak might be related to Lex and Brooklyn?.

I'm also wondering when Demona figured out that the Brooklyn she encountered was from the far future. Did she go to Castle Wyvern shortly after Brooklyn left and realize that the gargoyle she met must have used the Phoenix Gate to travel to 997 from some point in the future when the curse on him had been broken? Or did it take her longer to sort out what was going on?

Come to think of it, when did Demona realize that the spell on the surviving members of her original clan would be broken and that she would live to see it? She had already encountered future Goliath and her future self before. So wouldn't she know at some point that Goliath and the others could and would be awakened? [/SPOILER]

Demonskrye - [<---"Toy Story" at The Ink and Pixel Club]

In Greg's last "Latest Response", he said that there would be some surprises at the Gathering. Can anyone shed some light on that. Thanks.
Adam - [carl006_1999 at yahoo dot com]

Finally got my copy of CB 2 last week and I loved it. Especially loved the [SPOILER] 997 arc, it was fun seeing post Wyvern Massacre and pre CoS Demona. Can really see her happiness and joy coming out when she realises Brooklyn is a fellow Wyvern survivor. Makes me wonder whether 1000 years on she remembers this encounter with him and whether it had any impact on she interacted with him in 1994 (is this possibly why she singled him out above Lexington and Broadway in 'Temptation'?).

Also cool seeing the politics play out as a pre cursor to the events of CoS. This arc really made some things clearer to me, such as why Constantine started a gargoyle genocide. I found it hard to believe that the events of 'Avalon part 1' alone would have made him want to destroy all the gargoyles of Scotland. But it's interesting to see that rather it's because he's learnt from the lessons behind his father's demise. Also liked all the other references to "the three brothers" which are sprinkled throughout this arc, such as the three swords on the shields of Grim's army.

Have to mention that I loved all the designs of the new gargoyles, especially the ones in the Sruighlea cell; wonder whether they were once from the split Wyvern clan or not. Shame we didn't get to see more of them. It's interesting to find out that the little one in the surviving clan is Hudson's daughter True; wonder how she wound up in Demona's clan - did she survive the massacre as well or is she from the split Wyvern clan? [/SPOILER]

It was also cool to finally see the end of the Stone of Destiny arc. But there's one thing I don't understand completely, maybe I'm missing something. [SPOILER] When Xanatos sends Coldsteel and Coyote 5.0 on a "small errand", what exactly was that errand? Retrieve the Stone? Maybe this is something that I need to send to Ask Greg, but I'm not sure that that's why he sent them to England.

On November 15th at 12am Coldsteel and Coyote 5.0 attack the gargoyles at Victoria Tower. Now unless this was them making their play for the stone, which I'm doubting, I don't understand why Xanatos would want them to attack . Maybe it's to distract Macbeth and Arthur from the stone? But Xanatos isn't anywhere to be seen that night, so what exactly are they distracting from? Arthur is the only one who comes anywhere near the stone that night. And if he sent them to steal the stone from Westminster Abbey, why signal Coldfire to come and find Coldsteel? That's the bit I still don't understand. And if all Xanatos needed to do to take the stone was to flick a button and make a switch between the "original" and the duplicate, then why bother with the robots? And again why send for Coldfire?

Maybe there's something obvious that I'm missing completely, or maybe there's more to this than first meets the eye. Either way, I'm completely stumped.

But on the whole I thought the entire book was great. Slightly disappointed that this is the end of the current run. Hopefully we'll get some news on future issues soon. But until then I'm still waiting for Bad Guys.

Briagdoon Traveller

[SPOILER] The scene in #11 where True suggests holding a wind ceremony for the gargoyles that Constantine and Gillecomgain massacred shows just how Demona's hatred is consuming her. Demona's first priority is getting revenge on the humans who murdered her fellow gargoyles, rather than giving a proper funeral for the gargoyles they killed.

It reminds me of a summary of an Elizabethan tragedy - Thomas Kyd's "The Spanish Tragedy", thought by many scholars to be a partial influence on "Hamlet" - that I read a while ago. The protagonist's son has been murdered, and he vows revenge upon those who did it, but leaves his son's body unburied so that he can focus upon his vengeance. The author of the commentary remarked that the audience would have found the protagonist's refusal to give his son a proper burial unsettling and a sign of trouble to come.

Certainly, I think that we must see Demona's placing vengeance over a Wind Ceremony as a sign of the direction that her hatred is driving her. [/SPOILER]

Todd Jensen

8th in the name of double shifts.
KingCobra_582 - [KingCobra582 at gmail dot com]
Grr. Arg.

Charisma82: "Hotel Cabal Anthology is out!" cool! where can I find it?

Gathering attendees: will there be a youtube video of the radioplay?
or could you tell us the story?

Denis - [quinceyfordersl at gmail dot com]
He's fire and ice and rage. He's like the night, and the storm in the heart of the sun

The ball went well. Some very cool, very fun costumes. Among the judges were Ben Diskin (voice of Eddie Brock/Venom, and a very, very, very cool guy) and Carl Johnson, the composer of the music you hear in Gargoyles. Carl was also very cool. He and the crew who scored Spider-Man did a panel that I missed, but I've heard it was the surprise panel of the whole con, being incredibly fun and interesting.

Jade Griffin's daughter is easily the cutest thing that has ever existed. This is not even an exaggeration. She leaves a trail of sugar wherever she crawls.

A bit of a downer that this was the last "big" day for the con. Tomorrow I fly back home. I'll only be able to catch the first hour of the first panel, which is on the future of the fandom. We'll see what that brings.

Anyways, off to bed. Have fun!


I'll take the (5th) fith!
Vinnie - [tpeano29 at hotmail dot com]

Hotel Cabal Anthology is out!
"The alien mothership is in orbit here. If we can hit that bullseye, the rest of the dominoes will fall like a house of cards. Checkmate." -Zap Brannigan

Hope everyone's enjoying themselves at the con! Wish I could be there, but I went to the last three, so I'm not that upset. And my Gargs trades should be showing up in the mail any day now, after which I'll want to talk a lot in here. Now, I must go to sleep, because I have to get up in less than four hours to go to work. Bye, all!
Jurgan - [jurgan6 at yahoo dot com]

Checking in from the con. We just finished the banquet where fans sat at tables with 2 or 3 guests from the show. The food was great. Always a bit awkward trying to find topics of conversation between pros and fans, but one of the people at the table is a pro wrestler, which immediately piqued the interests of the pros. A little Q&A and then it was over. The Masquerade should begin in a few.

Earlier in the day I caught the Producing Gargoyles panel with the people repsonsible for producing the show. That was cool. Later had my first taste of Tommy burgers.

At the auction this afternoon, which saw a TON of gargoyles merch I never knew existed, I picked up the original artwork for a page from the Bad Guys comic in the issue "Bash". Very cool.

Thom Adcox mentioned (and I'm not sure if this is a joke or not, so I ask you out there to confirm or deny) that he did a session to record lines for a talking Lexington door knob. Anyone ever see/hear of such a thing or did I totally miss a joke?

Johnny M: Nothing on the DVDs. If the trade paperbacks sell very well then Dan Vado, president of SLG, will get in touch with Disney about renewing the contract. So here's hoping.

Gotta get down to the ball. Video and images are sure to come once I get home and have a computer powerful enough to playback the H.264 vids my camera records.

Gorebash - [here t]

Starlioness> [SPOILER] Yes, I'd like to know that, too. BUt I think Greg may have changed the designs on some Gargoyles because in the TV show, he doubled up on designs of Demona's clan and Avalon Clan to save money/time/resources to that effect. [/SPOILER]

Correct me if I am wrong...

battle Beast - [Canada]
That is all I will say.


battle Beast - [Canada]
That is all I will say.