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Volpe> I think the guy selling the Gate pins and magnets was named Aaron, but I'm not sure if that was him or not in the cool Jackal costume.

Todd> Yeah, now that you mention it, I think I did write the thylacine Real World Background bits. I recall that a big impetus in my doing that was that the comic had me so curious about them that I went and did a bunch of reading on the subject, which led me to moving a lot of info into the Wiki.

Matt - [St Louis, Missouri, USA]
"For science, which, as my associate Fang indicated, must move ever forward. Plus there's the money... and I do love the drama!" -Sevarius, 'Louse'

Hey guys! I was wondering if anyone knew the name of the person who was selling the Phoenix Gate keychains/necklaces. I think he was the same guy with the uber-cool Jackal costume for the masquerade this year (complete w/ glowing red eye and everything!) Was his name Justin? I'm writing out my Gathering experience and I wanted to include his name in it ^^ Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks :D
VoLpE - [sailorx78 at hotmail dot com]

RICKEY> I don't think Greg B was refering to you. I think he means all the various internet fanboys who are saying that Disney are going to start censoring the hell out of Marvel or have Hannah Montana join the X-Men without offering a shred of proof to back up their claims.

GREG B> If I'm misinterpreting you, feel free to jump in and stop me making a bigger idiot of myself then I already am.


I don't see how what I'm saying could be termed "rumors," but I guess I'll stop. Sorry if I've annoyed anyone, that was never my intention.

BISHANSKY - I share your wish that these rumors wouldn't keep on being tossed about so casually - but, alas, I fear that it's human nature for that to happen.
Todd Jensen

RICKY> The thing is, I read a lot of Marvel comics, and trust me when I say that there wouldn't be any content issues, at all.

Hell, very recently, we had Norman Osborn sleeping with and knocking up his son's fiance... which is all kinds of wrong. Not to mention other sick material going on in the Marvel Universe (really cool stuff, I think). That stuff will continue, Disney has said they are not going to clamp down on Marvel for content.

So, again, I understand you're speculating, and nothing wrong with that. It's all moot anyway since SLG is our best bet. But I wish these assumptions about Disney buying Marvel weren't being tossed around so lightly, as they have no basis in fact.

Greg Bishansky

Antiyonder> Yes, Disney approves the content, but Gargoyles being put out by SLG will reach a far smaller amount of people than Gargoyles being put out by Marvel, for the simple fact that things happening at Marvel, a huge comics publisher, will get much more coverage, especially now that Disney owns it. Therefore, if Disney had any problems about certain content, they might not have as much of a problem with it being done at SLG, where it's not as directly connected to Disney and it won't receive a good amount of media coverage.

Also, Marvel Zombies and MAX originated with Marvel, not Disney, and they won't be judged as Disney properties. They won't be judged by different standards as they have in the past just because Disney now owns them.


MATT - Thanks; I'm glad you enjoyed my little historical bits [SPOILER] such as "Constantine the Bald" [/SPOILER]; I've really enjoyed writing those for the GargWiki.

I might be writing even more of those soon; I've been trying to stay away from "Bad Guys" spoilers, but I accidentally found out while looking over the questions in the "Ask Greg" queue to clear them that [SPOILER] apparently not only will Falstaff be showing up in the final third of the trade paperback, but so will a lot of his associates from Shakespeare's plays (or at least, namesakes of them, a la Banquo and Fleance) [/SPOILER] - this is why I've stopped clearing questions until my copy finally reaches me - [SPOILER] and if this is indeed the case, I'm looking forward to, once I've read the trade paperback, putting up entries for them at GargWiki, especially the "Real-World Background" where I can discuss the roles of their namesakes in the Henry IV plays - and also "Henry V" and "The Merry Wives of Windsor". [/SPOILER]

Though I recall that you've made your own contributions with the thylacines (you were the one who wrote up about their real-world background at GargWiki, right? I know that you've commented on it here in the comment room).

Todd Jensen

Ricky> I was always under the impression that the approvals for each Gargoyles issue was to make sure that Disney was okay with the content that was being used. So if they didn't want the comics to become more adult oriented I don't see it making difference whether they were done by SLG or Marvel.

Plus, Marvel so far is still being allowed to release Marvel Zombies and their MAX Comics (adult comics).


Ricky> I was always under the impression that the approvals for each Gargoyles issue was to make sure that Disney was oky with the content that was being used. So if they didn't want the comics to become more adult oriented I don't see it making difference whether they were done by SLG or Marvel.

I don't see the harm in discussing and making assumptions or whatever.. As long as things remain friendly.. I think this is the way we stay strong as a fandom, by talking and enlightening each other. I have absolutely no knowledge of Disney's inner workings, but I've expressed my thoughts and I welcome anyone and everyones criticism or counter-thoughts. I think it's really nice that we can all come here and do this, share a common interest and become friends.

Greg B> "In the mean time, I wish everyone would stop making assumptions about this Disney and Marvel thing."

Sorry, I should really have made clear that my earlier comments were merely idle speculation based on my own VERY limited knowlege. I should have paid more attention to this...



Greg B> My understanding is that the gay days at the Disney parks are not an official thing. They're neother encouraged nor discouraged officially.

Future of the Comic> The fact is, no one really knows exactly what the Disney purchase of Marvel is going to mean for pretty much anything, beyond that deals for the Marvel characters already in place will almost certainly continue until the agreements run out and Disney XD will likely start showing more existing Marvel shows (meaning they'll be airing finished shows from years past which they now don't have to pay for, NOT that "Spectacular Spider-Man" will definitely be picked up for a third season.) What we do know, as Greg Weisman said, is that SLG is so far the ONLY company to have shown an interest in producing new "Gargoyles" comics. Maybe Disney will let them go after the license again. Maybe they won't. But I think our chances of anything happening with the comic license are much better if the trades sell well and SLG still has an interest in making more. As Greg W pointed out, neither Disney nor Marvel really care about making a "Gargoyles" comic right now. This could mean that they'll be more agreeable to letting SLG have the license. Or maybe when they see that SLG is interested, they'll be more willing to take a look at it themselves. But if all they know is that SLG had the "Gargoyles" license, published a few comics, and then never showed any interest in pursuing the license again, Disney and Marvel will have no incentive to look at it.

In short, the Disney.Marvel deal doesn't really change anything for "Gargoyles" fans. If you want to see more "Gargoyles" stories, buy and promote the trades. Not that anyone has really suggested it, but if the fandom collectively just sits on their hands and waits for Marvel to come and save the say, nothing is going to happen.

Demonskrye - [<---"Rock-a-Doodle" (really) at The Ink and Pixel Club]

I'm pretty sure Gay Day at Disney World is and always has been organized independently. Disney has never officially supported it, but to their credit, has never discouraged it either. The gay Marvel characters point is well-taken though. Disney obviously isn't going to ditch Northstar, Anole, Hulking, etc. any time soon and they are now pretty much "Disney characters", whether they like it or not. In fact, Gargoyles is so far removed from its kiddie-friendly Disney Afternoon milieu that there might not be anyone within or without Disney that would still care about Lexington.

Nevertheless, as Greg says, Gargoyles is not on Disney's radar--and Greg would know.

Landon Thomas - [<- Gargoyles News Twitter feed]

Greg B.> It's not about Disney not being gay friendly, it's about including a gay theme in the continuation of what was once a children's cartoon. Again, I'm just thinking of possible roadblocks Gargoyles could face if it were more closely watched by Disney. Doesn't mean I'm right lol.

There are gay characters in Marvel comic books. And as for swearing and blood... keep in mind, we've seen eye balls getting eaten in Spider-Man comic books.

Not to mention that Disney is one of the most gay friendly corporations there is. They have Gay Days at their theme parks!

But, like Greg said, SLG is still our best bet. In the mean time, I wish everyone would stop making assumptions about this Disney and Marvel thing.

Greg Bishansky

Ricky > Other than Lexington's relationship...I really can't see why one would be concerned those things. Blood and swearing aren't really important.
Harlan Phoenix - [harlanphoenix at live dot com]

I've recently watched Awakenings part three, I suspected that Xanatos may have been spying on Cyberbiotics. Is it possible he could have been doing that?
Gargoyleslady - [kendal dot renfro at yahoo dot com]

Antiyonder> "Don't get me wrong. I'm with supporting SLG, but considering that Disney approved of each story, doesn't that mean they've been okay with the way the comic way handled?"

Yes, I do think they've been ok with how the comic was handled, but I believe that had the comic come from a publisher more directly linked with Disney, like Marvel is now, we may not have seen as much blood as we did, or Angela may not have called Thailog a "bastard," or eventually we might not see Lexington's gay relationship. Now, generally it seems that it's much easier to get away with these things in comics, but I'm still left wondering whether or not Disney would want to show such things in a comic series that is a continuation of a children's animated series. Obviously, I don't really know for sure, I'm just making an assumption.

Also, sorry for the duplicate post before, my computer's being a little wonky.


My mistake. I meant to make my response to you Ricky.

Greg W.> That's exactly what I've been trying to say all along.

Harlan Phoenix> I doubt Disney owning Marvel would have any impact on them licensing Gargoyles to SLG. It's a Disney-owned property and that has nothing to do with Marvel. Although, that's just an assumption, I could be totally wrong.

Desert Coyote> I think you're right, if Gargoyles were to become more closely associated with Disney again (i.e. by being published through Marvel), I think they'd definitely be a lot more controlling over the content.

Congrats to all of us who helped SLG get so many endorsements! It's at 91 right now :)


Desert Coyote> I think you're right, if Gargoyles were to become more closely associated with Disney again (i.e. by being published through Marvel), I think they'd definitely be a lot more controlling over the content.

Don't get me wrong. I'm with supporting SLG, but considering that Disney approved of each story, doesn't that mean they've been okay with the way the comic way handled?


Greg W.> That's exactly what I've been trying to say all along.

Harlan Phoenix> I doubt Disney owning Marvel would have any impact on them licensing Gargoyles to SLG. It's a Disney-owned property and that has nothing to do with Marvel. Although, that's just an assumption, I could be totally wrong.

Desert Coyote> I think you're right, if Gargoyles were to become more closely associated with Disney again (i.e. by being published through Marvel), I think they'd definitely be a lot more controlling over the content.

Congrats to all of us who helped SLG get so many endorsements! It's at 91 right now :)


Joe Burke > Hi! Have a cookie! *Points to a table* take one!

Joe, you are most welcome here as all fans are!!! Do you have the DVDs and Comics? If you are a huge fan, and don't have any of those yet, purcahse them! that can really help us out.

Secondly, do the SLG sponsor thingy posted a little below if not too late!

Thirdly, post often and have fun here!

battle Beast - [SUPPORT SLG]
That is all I will say.

Moving right along...

My Review For Gargoyles #11, "Tyrants"...

[SPOILER] - Alright. I'm a liar. I said in my "Rock of Ages" review that I planned to read each issue independently and review them before moving on to the next chapter, so as to get my true first impressions of each story without influence from later chapters or talking with fans. I was doing pretty well until this issue. By the end of it, I could hardly stop before moving on to #12. What is worse is that I've recently returned home from the Gathering and have had lots of discussions and revelations about the entire book. Nevertheless, I'll do my best to write these reviews as separate issues, focusing on my initial impressions for the most part.

- So, as usual, I'll start with the cover. Brooklyn meeting his past, frozen self is a neat idea. The cover made me wonder immediately if Brook will ever meet and talk to himself at some point in his TimeDancing. I guess we'll have to wait and see. Anyway, it is a good, fun cover.

- We pick up more or less where we left off, though I get the sense that some time is passing in 10-12 that we are not seeing. There is a lot of traveling through Scotland going on and I'm sure Brook is spending days on the road. What strikes me about that is that this time is passing without note, which contrast greatly with the previous three comics where every minute was accounted for. So, Mary, Finella and Brooklyn arrive back at Wyvern. A few years have passed since the Massacre and all seems quiet and calm at the old Castle. Brooklyn finally gets a chance to really face what happened to his Clan. Their crushed remains lie all around him. Brook is such a rich character. Capable of such sorrow and anguish and still be one of the most humorous characters in the series. Great writing. Brooklyn learns quickly that it isn't a great idea to talk about future events to people in the past when Mary asks about Tom. I get the sense here that Mary and Finella know and believe Brook is from the future, but not from how far in the future. I doubt Mary knows about how time passes on Avalon, so I suspect that she might only believe Brook is from a few decades down the road. Interesting. Also of note here is that Brook finds an old scabbard for the sword he obtained in the last chapter. I think this merits note because suddenly Brooklyn feels the need to carry a weapon, something he has never needed before. He also discovers that Goliath's half of the Phoenix Gate is not available.

- Meanwhile, in less quiet corners of Scotland, the busy world of war and politics is ticking along. Constantine fulfills his moniker of "Constantine the Bald" by shaving his head. Thanks to Todd Jenson and the GargWiki I was well aware of this historical tidbit before reading this chapter and it gave me a cool feeling. Constantine's relationship with Gillecomgain is very interesting, and thus the relationship with Mail Brigti is interesting as well. Constantine seems creepily fascinated by the teenager and this seems to worry Brigti, though he is probably wise to say nothing of it. Most strongly on Constantine's mind seems to be the war however. I like how he mentions the "Three Brothers". Valmont is cool here too. He deduces that Katharine and Magus have left "this world", Tom is with them or dead and that the Grimorum remains in Scotland all by reading the entrails of goats! A talented and creepy sorcerer to be sure.

- And finally, in another corner of Scotland, Demona arrives to her clan's cave with bad news. "They're all dead". Yikes. She seems mostly pissed off, but everyone else seems more shocked and sad. I like that distinction. And lets talk about this clan. The male gargoyles are not new to us, but the females and the beasts are. I can't help suspecting that the beasts are Bronx's biological parents and that the young female is 'True', Hudson's biological daughter. As it turns out, both suspicions were correct as revealed at the Gathering. Apparently, this cell is of gargoyles that originated at Wyvern. Kinda cool. We also get our first canon mention of the Wind Ceremony (just as earlier we got our first canon mention of the Humility Spell, this is a good chapter for canonizing things). I like how young, innocent 'True' suggests a Wind Ceremony, but the older, harder, angrier Demona just wants vengeance. For me this symbolizes Demona's ironic drift from the true gargoyle ways.

- And in yet one more corner of Scotland, the army of the Three Brothers assembles. I love their emblem being the three swords. A symbol of unity as opposed to Constantine's claw being a symbol of domination. So, while Demona plots to kill all humanity, Grim is hoping they will be strong allies, that is pretty cool. Really plays into how much I like the Grim. And he gets some luck when Brooklyn arrives and immediately allies himself, with hope that he can bring an army of gargoyles. Things are looking up for the army of the Three Brothers. I also want to mention that I found it funny to see Bodhe and Brooklyn standing next to each other. Not two characters I ever really suspected of being in the same scene, but I suppose TimeDancer will give us plenty of surprises along that line.

- So, we've visited all the 'camps' in this issue and now they all start coming together. After a really funny moral message to his audience beyond the fourth wall, Brooklyn leaves to find the last remaining gargoyles in Scotland. I get a good sense of a lot more time passing here. Maybe a few days or even longer. Brook finds more smashed clans and spends his days hiding before finally being discovered by an old acquaintance, the gargoyle who will be Demona. Naturally, he attacks her immediately. She is amazed to discover she knows him and he barely keeps his anger in check. I like how they both start lying to each other about how they survived the Massacre. After Demona stammers out her line about being in the forest, Brook brushes it off with a "Doesn't matter". I love how he knows she is lying and yet doesn't call her on it. Good restraint on his part and from the other angle it makes me wonder what Demona's reaction will be when she realizes Brooklyn was not being entirely honest either.

- Back at the ranch, Finella wants to try to use the Grimorum. Mary says this sounds dangerous, and I have to agree. Everyone else who has used the book was probably in training for years. We'll see if she can pull it off. I suppose knowing Latin and seeing magic performed before is a good start, but still...

- And at the opposing army's camp, Constantine the Artist is doing some really fun face-painting for the kids... or actually creating an emblem of fear, hatred and genocide which will last for centuries. And all the while is being a real jerk. Killing the messenger and all that. And finally we come to the Battle of Rathveramoen, which we've been building towards for a while. The army of the Three Brothers seems way out-gunned until sunset. And then we get this AWESOME two page spread of Brooklyn leading the gargoyle army into the battle. I noted a couple cool things with this battle. I liked how the gargoyle beasts are seen already chomping down on Constantine's men. I like how Demona's Clan left the young gargoyles behind which contrasts with Bodhe being in the battle, against Gillecomgain, no less. I like how Demona's Second is thrilled at the thought of a 'true battle' rather than the hiding the scattered clan had been doing, and I find it cool that he (and apparently the whole clan) has started calling Brooklyn "The Gargoyle of the Sword". Not a name, of course, but just gargoyles being gargoyles. Why call it 'The Hudson' and not just 'the river', why call him 'Brooklyn' and not just 'the gargoyle of the sword'? The are just called what they are, I love it.

- And lastly we get the battle coming to where it wasn't supposed to get. Mary and Finella's guards are quickly taken out by Valmont and the Grimorum is snatched away. And we get this iconic Gargoyles moment where Demona and her enemy speak the same passionate line. In this case both desire to control Scotland. Really great stuff.

- This was a really interesting issue. Lots of new, cool things to look at, new canon stuff and a great battle begins. A fun issue that clearly left me desperate for more as I was unable to stop reading at this point. And I can still in my mind almost hear Valmont or Constantine's voice-over say "To Be Concluded..." [/SPOILER]

Matt - [St Louis, Missouri, USA]
"For science, which, as my associate Fang indicated, must move ever forward. Plus there's the money... and I do love the drama!" -Sevarius, 'Louse'

Just found this site today and I'm hooked like a go fish.

Just wanted to say I'm allright and I'm a huge fan.

Joe Burke - [Burke_fse at yahoo dot com]
mea culpa

Phoenician: I really like your observation about the [SPOILER] four immortals from the nations of Britain. Interesting spec too about the Megalith Dance. I know I was surprised by its inclusion in the Rock's list but I hadn't fully considered the possible implications of that. Hmm. [/SPOILER].

Marvel v SLG: Captain Britain had consistently four times the readership of 'Gargoyles', a load of critical buzz and tied into Marvel's biggest crossover event of the year it launched. Marvel canned it within a year. Moral of the story: don't bank on Marvel to be some big knight in shining armour.

Also big thanks to Landon for digging up this stuff. Outside the wiki, the twitter service has to be the best innovation in fandom this decade. Fingers crossed for SLG.


I am back from the land of DIZ.

And, I sponsored that SLG thingy.

I think EVERYONE should do it. So I will REPOST IT.

Thanks, Landon!!!

Here's a way to support Gargoyles for free: http://shinealight.ivillage.com/sbo-profile/?ProfileID=7170

Register and endorse SLG Publishing for AMEX's small business spotlight contest. If they win, they'll get $100K in grant and marketing support. They need 50 endorsements to move onto the judging phase, which begins Monday. Gargoyles fans might be their biggest and best-connected audience. Considering what's ahead, winning money for them couldn't hurt. Even if they don't win, getting SLG to the judging phase so they have a chance is a great, free way to show our appreciation for them clearing the mothballs off the property.

battle Beast - [SUPPORT SLG]
That is all I will say.

I sponsored SLG in that contest. Anyone else do the same?
John Pannozzi - [johnpannozzi at hotmail dot com]
The world's biggest cartoon fan

WOW! Thanks everyone! I hadn't checked in 24 hours but SLG is up to 80 endorsements now! We made it with room (and time) to spare. I'm pretty sure those 80 are mostly us because there were only 6 endorsements when we started and no one else had Tweeted about it for 3 hours by then. I'm going to start promoting it on comic sites to get a better count, but you guys can be assured you single-handedly pushed SLG into the next round. Thanks again!
Landon Thomas - [<- Gargoyles News Twitter Feed]

Greg W: I agree, you're probably better off sticking with your SLG contract. I kind of think you have a lot more control over the property with SLG than you would with a Disney/Marvel book, precisely *because* you're so far under the radar. Control over your work is always such a wonderful thing. :)
Desert Coyote - [<- Buy my book, please?]
The Gargfic writer formerly known as Coyote the Bando

Mr. Weisman > Makes sense to me. And it may be out of naivete, but I do find the idea of Disney allowing SLG the license for more Garg books a little weird since they have a comics publisher of their own now...but the interest factor does kind of fill in that gap, so I can dig it. Would the ownership of Marvel even affect how SLG would have to go about doing business with Disney for more Gargoyles (or, hell, any other property)?
Harlan Phoenix - [harlanphoenix at live dot com]

Just to be ENTIRELY clear...

Even given the upcoming Disney purchase of Marvel, there is NO DOUBT in my mind that our current best bet for new GARGOYLES comic book material remains with SLG. They are interested. In contrast, we are not even a blip on Disney or Marvel's radar right now. There is no interest there, and I cannot overstate how difficult it is to get a company -- ANY company -- interested in a property -- ANY property, let alone a company in tremendous flux like Disney/Marvel is now. The leg up we have with SLG because of their [BOLD]EXISTING INTEREST[/BOLD] FAR surpasses any hypothetical advantages that might come from some potential (if not flat out mythical) Disney/Marvel synergy.

Greg Weisman
The preceding has been a reality check from Greg Weisman. Though it only represents Greg's opinion on the subject, it is an educated opinion based on 26 years in this business.

Sorry for the double post. I hope that last post didn't sound confrontational, I just get a little passionate. :)

Algernon> I totally agree about wanting to see Marvel take another crack at Gargoyles. As long as Greg's writing, I don't care what company or artist or whatever.. I'll buy it. And with Marvel, we'd be looking at a much better situation in terms of exposure and publicity. How many people probably still don't know about Gargoyles over at SLG?... Still.. the fact of the matter is that SLG was and is there for Gargoyles and for us, the fans. I don't take that lightly, if it wasn't for SLG we may not have met Coco and Amp, or witnessed the long awaited return of Brooklyn and his new family. We finally got to hear (read) Goliath and Elisa say "I love you." I may sound a little crazy right now, but even if we never get any new Gargoyles stories, I'm just very thankful for SLG.

Anyway, I think the benefits of licensing a property to a smaller publisher would be that Disney would be sure that, if the comic was a failure or even had delays and various issues as Gargoyles had with SLG, it wouldn't tarnish the reputation of Marvel, and it wouldn't allow people the chance to say "Disney's messing up Marvel's name," or "look at Disney trying to pass off this junk as Marvel," or something along those lines. It's Disney flying under the radar of major criticism, should their own properties somehow prove unsuccessful with the Marvel crowd.


Todd : Hmm. That's odd. It went fine on my computer, and since I'm using an eleven year-old laptop with Windows '98 and IE4, you'd think that I'd be the one having problems.
"What if this wasn't a hypothetical question?"

RICKY> While I agree that Disney doesn't seem to interested in Gargoyles at the moment, I also think SLG is something of a lost cause. It's highly unlikely that Disney would be interested in licensing their properties to relatively small companies like SLG when they now own one of the biggest comic publishers in North America. Of course, this is just my own speculation, I don't pretend to have any special insight into the inner workings of Disney, Marvel or SLG.

Personally I wouldn't mind seeing Marvel take another crack at a Gargoyles comic provided Greg was writing of course. Maybe then we could get a decent regular artist and have the thing come out on time. Just don't let Mephisto retcon away Timdancer and i'm golden.


SLG has 69 endorsements, good job everyone. :)

Algernon> I still believe that SLG is our best bet with Gargoyles. As far as Disney is concerned at this moment, Gargoyles is over.. and they aren't going to make the first move toward changing that. In fact, I think that since the start of the whole Goliath Chronicles fiasco, Disney hasn't been concerned much with Gargoyles at all.. but I digress. In Dan Vado, we have someone who still believes in Gargoyles and is willing to take steps toward working out a new deal with Disney. Of course that's dependent on whether the trades sell well enough, but that's the best shot we have right now. Someone who wants to make Gargoyles happen now, someone who has a reason to be invested in Gargoyles now, not Disney who probably looks at Gargoyles as a long-dead property.


Litwolf > Alright, yeah. That would make more sense. Thanks!
Harlan Phoenix - [harlanphoenix at live dot com]

Harlan > If you want the trades in a hurry, I would order directly from the SLG website. They seem to be the only one's who have the trades readily at hand.

Andrea > I got the cards earlier this week and OMG I love them!!! They are so cool! I had no idea what to expect but they blew my mind! Thank you so much! Im debating between placing them in my card binder or putting them on my wall so I can admire them. I think I definitely want to do that with the cards that form the poster at the very least. Thanks again, its so cool!!!

<Be happy for me and for all who fly free.> - Tobias of Animorphs

So what I'm saying has nothing to do with anything being talked about, but I'm about to order Clan Building vol. 2 off of Amazon...but it still seems to be out of stock. Hasn't it been out of stock for a while? Can anyone clear that up? Normally I'd just assume it's legitimately out of stock, but given that it went a decent period as being out of stock I was just wondering if it was some kind of error or something.
Harlan Phoenix - [harlanphoenix at live dot com]

LANDON> "Here's a way to support Gargoyles for free: http://shinealight.ivillage.com/sbo-profile/?ProfileID=7170"

I also encourage this, mainly because I think SLG is a good group and I want to see them succeed; but I don't think it'll help Gargoyles in the comics department. Any future Gargoyles related comics will most likely be done through Marvel.

In fact once the Disney merger goes through, Marvel will even be able to reprint the entire run of Clan-building and Bad Guys without having to pay SLG a dime. Of course there's no reason to assume they will mind you, but they could if they wanted to. If anyone reading this happens to personally know Joe Quasada, it wouldn't hurt to buy him a copy of Season 1 for Christmas. ;)


[SPOILER] One thing that really threw me off was that there was a pretty big coloring error in the Timedancer arc. Bodhe's a redhead in the City of Stone episodes, but he's blonde in the comics. At first I was confused, thinking, "that can't be Bodhe". Finally I just went with it, but I wish he had been colored the same in the comics as he was in the show. [/SPOILER]

Landon, Ricky> I just endorsed SLG as well. Only 12 more endorsements needed, and 30 hours left...
Paul - [nampahcfluap at yahoo dot com]

SLG's endorsement tally jumped from 19 to 32 in just twenty-four hours! We're more than halfway there!
Guardian - [Guardian105 at gmail dot com]
Check out GargCon on Yuku to share ideas on how to keep the spirit of gathering together alive!

Blaise> Thanks for going through all that. In all honesty, a lot of it I had figured out for myself already. This review was written as a 'first impression' kinda thing. No talking to fans, GargWiki, Gathering etc. to bias or alter my earliest thoughts. Anyway, it all makes much more sense to me now. Thanks anyway.

And moving right along...

My Review For Gargoyles #10, "The Gate"...

[SPOILER] - Having the next chapter a page turn away but forcing myself to refrain from proceeding until I write up a review is really good motivation for writing said review. So even though I'm not feeling well and just want to read the next chapter and go to sleep, I'm gonna write up my #10 review instead. Who knew I could be so disciplined?

- So, lets start with the cover for this one. A cool cover, though I wonder if it is a bit bland. I'm not sure it would do a great job of catching the eye and bringing in new fans, though I suppose that criticism is moot given that it never hit the stands anyway. Being an old fan (and knowing what the Phoenix Gate is and why Brooklyn's hand is reaching for it), I thought it was very cool. Very exciting.

- Beyond the cover we find ourselves in a new adventure quite separate from the last couple chapters. A different setting, a different bunch of lead characters and, most strikingly, a different artist. Like many others I've greatly anticipated Greg Guler's art in this issue. And, to no one's surprise, he didn't dissapoint. Like Karine Charlebois, Guler's style here really echoes the TV series. This, of course, isn't a shock since Guler designed many of these characters for the series in the first place. It's impossible not to like Guler's work here since it feels so Gargoyles. That doesn't mean I don't like Hedgecock's (or other artists') work on the book, because many people know I liked Hedgecock's work a lot. But one thing I greatly enjoyed about Hedgecock is that he kept well-known characters recognizable while still maintaining his own style. With Guler, the style is the same style as the show. I think both are great, honestly. The ironic thing I noticed immediately when reading this chapter is that some characters not directly designed by Guler (such as Broadway) are spot on, while others he did work on extensively (like Angela) seem a little off at times. All of it looks great though.

- So our story starts back in Manhattan where the oh so melancholy Brooklyn endures the Broadway-Angela relationship. This must be especially tough with Lex and Hudson off in London. Clearly, Brook wants them back for their company. He seems so lonely. I wonder how much he hangs out with Goliath. Who else can he hang out with? How many times in these reviews have I said "Poor Brooklyn"?

- Anyway, the three young gargs are hanging out and a portal opens and out pops the fiery Gate. I wonder if this is where the Gate immediately came after Goliath tossed it in "Future Tense". And if so, why here and why now? Did Goliath's mind have some influence? Or did the Gate come here and now completely on its own accord? Hard to know, though the events that happen next make me suspect the latter. Before anyone has a chance to do anything, the Gate seems to... evaporate or something and out from the ashes (how neat is that?) comes one huge flaming Phoenix. Woah! Thats a big bird. I wonder what nearby New Yorkers thought of that pyrotechnic display. I really like how the Phoenix seems to single out Brook. I wonder why, but no one gets any answers here. The bird gobbles him up as if it didn't have a moment to spare (haha). This leads to one of my favorite moments in this chapter; Broadway and Angela. Now, having the general idea of this moment spoiled to me nearly ten years ago, I've had a lot of time to imagine how it goes down. In ways I'm not too far off, in other ways I was surprised how I reacted. As I suspected, Broadway and Angela do what they can to rescue Brook from the flames and are not successful, but after he is gone and the flames have died out we get one great little panel. Broadway says, "We've... we've lost him..." And Angela responds, "Maybe forever..." How chilling that was! I'm serious, the first time I read it, I got chills from Angela's line. And I think I know how this sort of ends even! Broadway has this sad moment of fear and helplessness and frustration and Angela responds with this great line that contains this mix of pragmatism and sorrow. Like she is trying to comfort Broadway, reassure herself, but ultimately face reality all at once. Leave it to Greg Weisman to deliver such powerful moments in such little dialogue. I mean I am really impressed. A couple frames to look at and no voice actors and I still totally feel for these characters. Great stuff. Really great.

- And what about our poor Brooklyn? Well, he seems to barely have time to catch his breath before he faces danger yet again. This chapter just keeps moving forward, which contrasts greatly with the last three issues. As fun and interesting as the non-linear storytelling was, it really is a relief to get back to a more standard format. One big catch is that I seem to read through these issues even quicker. Anyway, Here we are again in the tenth century, much to the delight of many fans, I'm sure. Flashbacks and time travel and other adventures in the past really are one of the great things about Gargoyles. It is no surprise to me that nearly all the multi-part episodes contain them as they seem to be bursting beyond the seams of a normal length tale. There is so much neat stuff going on in (the year of our lord) 997 that I barely know where to start. Some of the cool things that come to mind include the use of tenth century 'slang' and viewpoints, the natural alliance of Gillecomgain and Constantine, the appearance of one of Constantine's aforementioned sorcerers, and Mary and Finella's continued life on the run. All these characters are so fascinating. I look at Finella and wonder if she has ever seen a real gargoyle before. She seems so amazed that they actually bleed. I love that Constantine is a jerk, but a smart one, he knows his enemies will seek the help of gargoyles and moves to destroy them. I like how he kills the gargoyles out of strategy and maybe a bit of evil joy, while Gillecomgain's destruction of them is pure anger and vengeance.

- And how about the gargoyles themselves? Naturally, I'm thrilled to see a new bunch of Scottish gargoyles, especially since they include females and a beast! They didn't last long though, and boy is Demona pissed about that. Of course, she hasn't been named Demona yet, right? But damn isn't she getting an awful lot of non-speaking cameos in the comic. Isn't this the fourth or fifth book we've seen her, but not heard from her? I know thats about to change, but it strikes me as interesting. Like Greg is baiting along those diehard Demona fans! Haha.

- And as for Brooklyn himself, we see here so clearly how he, more than many other Gargoyles characters can lead his own spinoff. He is a warrior and has issues and aspirations and problems and a keen mind. But most of all he has that sarcastic humor we all love him for. He really had me laughing out loud in this one. Kudos Greg! Some great lines: "Okay, now that I've set back human-gargoyle relations for the next millennium..." and "Look, I know you've never seen Star Trek or Quantum Leap, but I need you to understand - I'm from the future." Great, great stuff.

- One other scene I want to point out is the meeting between the rightful heirs of the Scottish throne. There is a lot of cool stuff going on here. You've got this new character called "The Grim". The moniker is such a contrast to how he seems to actually be. I like him. He seems wise and kind and good-natured. A really good guy in a really ugly world. I love how he knows from his own family history that gargoyles can be powerful allies. He makes me wish that his wisdom and optimism about gargoyles would lead to a good future between the species, though we know this is not to be. Not yet. The other three characters are not new at all. We've got Maol Chalvim just as brooding as ever. Findlaech, who has always been such a great mix of "look at the bright side" and "face reality". And then young Bodhe. Bodhe was a fun surprise. I was surprised he was the Grim's son, I was surprised at his relative youth next to his future friend Findlaech, and most of all I was surprised by his eagerness to follow his father into battle. This is very different from the somewhat cowardly man we know he grows to be. I have to wonder what changes him down the road?

- One final note before I wrap this review up. The "wanted posters" that Constantine is displaying all over Scotland... they seem to have been drawn by the same artists that are designing the characters in Spectacular Spider-Man. Tom especially has a strong resemblance to Peter Parker. I find myself looking for the mole... Anyway, kinda funny. I guess now that references to the other show goes both ways.

- This issue was just awesome. One of the best of the ten chapters, in my humble opinion. The art, the plot, the writing all of it was perfection. My only gripe would be the cover, but one message of this series has always been to not judge a book by its cover and that axiom certainly bears truth for me here. This chapter really leaves me desperate for more, so I'm off to read #11! [/SPOILER]

Matt - [St Louis, Missouri, USA]
"For science, which, as my associate Fang indicated, must move ever forward. Plus there's the money... and I do love the drama!" -Sevarius, 'Louse'

I just endorsed SLG Publishing. :) Anything I can do to help...
Audra - [birdygirl85 at hotmail dot com]
I <3 Brooklyn

I tried to endorse SLG, but wasn't able to register; apparently my computer doesn't agree with their site. I kept on getting "unable to connect to the web page" messages whenever I tried registering. I'm sorry about that.
Todd Jensen

Landon> I just did it, thanks for bringing it to our attention. This was so so easy, if everyone just took 5 minutes and did this, we might be able to help SLG and Gargoyles in a big way!

And just to clarify, I got this off SLG's Twitter page and Dan Vado himself submitted the nomination. So it's not a random, pie-in-the-sky contest but something SLG considers important enough to ask fans for help.
Landon Thomas - [<- Gargoyles News Twitter Feed]

Here's a way to support Gargoyles for free: http://shinealight.ivillage.com/sbo-profile/?ProfileID=7170

Register and endorse SLG Publishing for AMEX's small business spotlight contest. If they win, they'll get $100K in grant and marketing support. They need 50 endorsements to move onto the judging phase, which begins Monday. Gargoyles fans might be their biggest and best-connected audience. Considering what's ahead, winning money for them couldn't hurt. Even if they don't win, getting SLG to the judging phase so they have a chance is a great, free way to show our appreciation for them clearing the mothballs off the property.

Landon Thomas - [<- Gargoyles News Twitter Feed]

TODD> But, I think what I enjoyed most was the people I got to act with. I am not an actor, nor do I want to be one. But these Radio Plays are fun. And this year, the cast kicked ass. The fans and the pros, and hey, when would I ever get a chance to do this again?

That was the aspect I enjoyed the most.

Greg Bishansky

[SPOILER] Thanks for the story, Bishansky.

I wonder if it was just a coincidence that one of the "Too late" lines, as Demona assumes the power of the Crown of Thorns, was No. 666.


Todd Jensen

TODD> [SPOILER] It was a lot of fun. It's a throwback to a story Harry Osborn was telling his new friends in the first Sandman episodes, about the worst chauffeur ever.

I actually auditioned reading the Norman Osborn copy, but, turns out I didn't have to audition at all. ;)

But yeah, it was a lot of fun. As soon as I was told who I was playing, I knew what it was all about. And afterward, I had to tell all the Spidey voice actors the story behind all this, because trust me when I say that they were curious.

Heh, I'll never live it down. [/SPOILER]

Greg Bishansky

LANDON - In light of "King Fergus" and "Queen Eleanor", they obviously aren't as interested in using the real history of 10th century Scotland as "Gargoyles" was. But it sounds promising.
Todd Jensen

Lasseter recently talked about Disney's and Pixar's new movies: http://www.empireonline.com/empireblog/Post.asp?id=681

After that was Pixar's The Bear and the Bow, perhaps the film that I'm most excited about. It's Pixar's first real attempt at a leading female character (and a female director in Brenda Chapman), and focuses on Merida (Reese Witherspoon), a princess in 10th century Scotland. She's something of a wild girl who's most at home in the Highlands rather than in the family castle, and is somewhat alienated from her family: King Fergus (Billy Connolly), Queen Eleanor (Emma Thompson) and her much younger triplet brothers. We don't know many details of the plot, except that it's less about finding a prince and more about Merida's relationship with her mother (Yay!), but we do know that there will be a baddie, who's a witch (she prefers "Wise Woman") and is voiced by Julie Walters. Only concept art for that one, but gorgeous concept art.

Landon Thomas - [<- Gargoyles News Twitter Feed]

BISHANSKY - [SPOILER] I agree with you about the looser S&P. I noticed, in particular, the mentions of "Satan" and "Jesu" in the Timedancer story in Clan-Building: Volume Two. (I don't know if the cameos by Old Testament worthies in the Stone of Destiny's backstory count as well.)

I liked your cameo in the Radio Play, by the way. (So how did you like appearing as yourself in it?)


Todd Jensen

TODD> [SPOILER] The Spear and the Crown would be much easier to use in a comic book, which has looser S&P anyway. In animation, the Spear, sure. The crown... I highly doubt it.

Though Greg has mentioned that he is interested in using both down the line. [/SPOILER]

Greg Bishansky

I'm still enjoying the script for the Radio Play.

[SPOILER] I found some of the Spidey elements - the ones connected to Season Two, which I haven't seen yet - confusing at times, but on the whole, I enjoyed it. I laughed at the continuing in-jokes (Lexington discovering Blue Mug, the Green Goblin's quip about phoning up Disney about the gargoyles, the moments where the villains argue with the narrator, Brooklyn's spin-off remarks, etc.).

And talk about a big battle - everyone wants a piece of the action! Though in the end, Demona winds up with it. And it's a great cliffhanger, though, even aside from the legal difficulties with the crossover, it would keep this from ever being a canon episode, due to religious controversy.

(Incidentally, I would suspect that in the canonical Gargoyles Universe, the Spear of Destiny would be more likely in Carbonek, next to the Holy Grail, because of the role it plays in the Grail romances. Though many treatments of it nowadays do "de-Arthurianize" it.)

I'm looking forward to the final instalment on Monday. [/SPOILER]

Todd Jensen

****A piece of parchment appears in mid-air. Almost immediately afterwards, a feathered quill pops into existence and begins writing on the parchment in Blaise's handwriting.**** Just dropping off a quick response.

MATT> In regards to your questions on "Rock of Ages":[SPOILER] Okay, here's how I understand it:

1) The Illuminati assigned Xanatos the task of obtaining the Stone of Destiny (that's what Quincy Hemings did back at the White House). Why? I don't know--maybe they knew he was sneaky enough to pull it off and have no one suspect a thing.

2) Xanatos's reasons for sending Coldsteel, Coyote 5.0, and the two Clan Robots was largely a distraction, just like Macbeth said. Xanatos anticipated that the gargoyles of Manhattan might show up (and it wouldn't surprise me if he suspected the possibility of a clan in London). So he wanted something flamboyant to draw their attention. And, just to make sure Coldsteel didn't do too much damage (and maybe be able to talk his way out of trouble with the Clan later), he arranged for Coldstone and Coldfire to arrive shortly after Coldsteel (via the tracking device). That way, he could be sure that the FOLLOWING day (when he made his REAL play for the Stone), Macbeth would be too preoccupied following the battle between the Coldtrio and Coyote to pay any undue attention to the convoy on the ground. Coldsteel and Coyote were NEVER MEANT to reach the bridge. When people think of magicians and magic tricks, they think of "smoke and mirrors" and while those are important, NOTHING is so important as "misdirection."

3) While the convoy was stopped (by the shoebox Xanatos left out), he activated the mechanism in the Land Rover that would replace the Stone in its container with a perfect replica (no one heard the mechanism over the sound of the band). That replica is what wound up in Scotland, while the "real" Stone remained in the hidden compartment.

4) The Land Rover (which was most likely provided by Xanatos in the first place) is returned to the warehouse in Leith where Xanatos is waiting. Now, when it arrives at the warehouse it is NOT being driven by the woman. Check the time stamps. The Land Rover arrives at 12:36 PM, Xanatos has his conversation with the Stone at 1:06 PM, Coldsteel arrives at 2:23 PM, and finally the Mysterious Woman (#3) arrives at 3:59 PM. That means 3 hours and 23 minutes of stuff happened between the Land Rover's arrival at the warehouse and #3's (completely separate) arrival. After that, THEN she drives off in the Land Rover (with the Stone) to Castle Carbonek.

5) Now, Xanatos was going to try to pull a fast one on the Illuminati. He was going to switch the "real" Stone of Destiny still in the Land Rover (the one Arthur talked to twice) with yet ANOTHER perfect replica, until the Stone told him it was "pointless" and outlined to him just exactly what the Stone was. After that, Xanatos changed his plans: he didn't bother trying to pull a switcheroo and just let the Illuminati have the Stone.

Of course, Greg might answer your questions in "Ask Greg" (though, it may take MONTHS again before he gets there), but I hope some of the *possible* explanations I put forth will be helpful. [/SPOILER]

Until next time! ****After finishing the last sentence, the quill pops out of existence. Meanwhile, the parchment bursts into flames and is quickly consumed.****


The play does bring up a question to me. How well would Sevarius and Miles Warren (TSSM Version) get along?
Antiyonder - [antiyonder at yahoo dot com]
Algernon's comment about Norman Osborn: One of the neat things about Dark Reign is that it gives Osborn the chance to expand his horizons beyond tormenting a twenty nine year old who still lives with his mom.

Here's what Greg said about the lightning:

"Robbins would not be immune to Archmage lightning, because the magic creates the lightning. Once created it's free to zap as many blind men as it can."

Greg Bishansky

My opinopn on the whole magic thing.

I don't regard Hudson as an absolute authority on magic. The whole "you need to see and hear magic for it to affect you" might just be from HIS personal knowledge/experience. That doesn't necessarily mean it's true of ALL mortal magic.

We've already established the humilty spell certainly breaks that boundary, and yes, while that one had a bit of help with it, it still breaks the 'rule' nonetheless.

Also, didn't the spell Demona used in City of Stone specifically mention people who see and hear it? What would be the purpose of having that as part of the spell, if all who saw and heard it were going to be affected anyway (per the 'rule')? Isn't that a bit redundant? In this specific case, those who did not do both are indeed immune from the effects, as they did not meet the requirements, but that still doesn't be default mean it's true of all spells.

So, in my opinon, the whole idea is just being overthought. Maybe it's a very general rule that tends to hold true. My personal opinion is that, say, an ordinary sorceror without much 'help', only has so much range for which spells are effective, and it just so happens that a good deal of that range is within sight/hearing distance of those who may be affected by it. Makes sense in my head, anyway.

Andrea - [SailorV77 at yahoo dot com]

Tony Tini> The 2008 Radio Play is MIA, sad to say.

As for the 2009 Radio Play, the Gathering of the Gargoyles will be making it available as soon as we can. We'll keep you posted.

Greg Bishansky

For the record, (1) is the 2008 Radio Play MIA and we'll probably never see it on YouTube, and (2) will the 2009 Radio Play be posted on YouTube soon? Maybe after Greg finishes posting the transcript?
Anthony Tini

My Review For Gargoyles #9, "Rock of Ages"...

[SPOILER] - Well. That was worth the wait. Okay, so I couldn't wait any longer and had SLG ship a couple copies of Gargoyles: Clan-Building Volume 2 to me directly (or rather to my workplace so I could get them even faster). Just to finally have it feels great. Ask my coworkers, I was bouncing off the walls today. And here is the funny part; I've only read half the book so far. I decided in advance not to just read through the whole thing in one big gulp, no matter how badly I want to. I know that over the next weeks, months, years, new Gargoyles material is going to be scarce if existent and I want to make this last. So, with that in mind, I'm reading one issue at a time, reviewing it and waiting til I've assimilated it pretty well before moving on. You have no idea how much temptation I have. So, the reviews for 9-12 will be given without any idea of what happens in the following issues (and hopefully there will be more beyond 12). Being that as it may, I'm happy that the first issue I read happens to be #9 as I witnessed the Radio Play in 2008 in which it was a part and thus received major spoilers. I was eager to actually see it though. And to see how the fractured timeline thing worked itself into the issue.

- So, without further ado... the cover. Gorgeous. Perfect. Lex and Hudson look great, but Griff is just awesome. I mean, I've always liked the guy, but this is just so cool. At no other time has Griff (or any other English gargoyle) looked so... well... gargoyle-like. Turn Griff to stone with that expression and you can see him on some building or church. He is scary and cool and so dynamic. I LOVE Griff on the cover.

- So, on with the story. It has always been difficult to review this story 'in order', but I'll do my best. (I sometimes think I should've written these reviews then randomly mixed up the paragraphs for effect.) So, with a few side-bars, we continue with the battle above Westminster while Arthur checks out the Stone inside. Lex wakes in Staghart's arms (*sigh*) and quickly takes control of the situation. Go Lexington; he is pretty impressive here. After waking from unconsciousness, he quickly gathers "the gist" of the situation, comes up with a plan and implements it to spectacular effect. Don't ask me why, but I especially liked the viewpoints of the Steel Clan and Iron Clan robots in infrared. I had fun deciphering their little codes. Great attention to detail with all that. 'ICR', 'SCR', 'Tracking:Lexington' and cool how they just identify Griff and Amp as "U.G.-1" and "U.G.-3" since they don't know their names. Neat. So after the ICR and SCR are taken care of (by Coyote, whoops). Coldsteel and Coyote make a quick exit. Coyote's light blast was cool, though I wonder why he didn't use it during the battle. Anyway, a fun end to a fun battle. And Coyote makes it away nearly unscathed, he must be thinking his luck has finally turned.... nah.

- So morning comes and the Stone is being moved and we move to the second airborne battle. This one was a lot of fun too. The way Coldsteel ties up Coldfire is just so darn suggestive, ya know? Coyote's chain-saw, Coldfire's head-butt and especially the way Coldstone takes out Coyote are great attacks that came as really fun surprises. It isn't always easy to keep these battles fresh and original, but Greg does a great job. Kudos there. And it isn't just the actions, the lines are superb. The dialogue of the whole scene is great and flows so well. Coldsteel has a lot of good ones, but Coldstone's "Define this!" got a laugh out of me, probably because when he said it I could just hear Mr. Worf saying to some Borg "Assimilate this!" in a similar situation. I have to admit that it struck me as odd that Coyote would refer to Xanatos as "David" when talking to Coldstone. He always called him "Xanatos" before, why the first name basis now? I also liked that Coldsteel's self-repair initiation seems to mention the Matrix technology. Kinda a cool little thing. Oh yeah, Coldstone running around the bottom of the river is cool too.

- Alright, on to the Stone itself. We get several more stories from Shari. I have to admit, these don't grab me the way they did in #7-8. Maybe it was that I was less familiar with the legends and characters mentioned or maybe I was too interested in the modern day stuff. I dunno. I imagine in time I'll become more familiar with these legends and historical figures. Gargoyles is always good for that, eh? One thing I immediately wondered is if the man behind Robert the Bruce is, in fact, Macbeth fighting on the sly for Scotland. Or is he the Irishman Cormac Maccarthy? Or is he some random dude who happens to look like Macbeth? Or is Cormac just one of Macbeth's alias'? Hard to say, though I suspect talk with the fans and some research will reveal more. Gargoyles sure has a way of making you hit the books. Kudos to Greg for that.

- Now we get to where I get a bit confused. So, we know the Illuminati wants the Stone. They get Xanatos to help. But I'm not sure I understand why, or what exactly Xanatos is up to here. The Stone is in the car being driven by some English military dude (presumably). Xanatos uses the shoe box to stall the convoy on the bridge. Coyote and Coldsteel head to the bridge but don't make it there. While the cars are stopped, Xanatos hits a button which flips the stone with a replica. Alright. The shoe box is found to not be a bomb and the convoy moves on to Scotland. But the same car (with this woman driving now) arrives at some warehouse a little later with the Stone and it is later taken to Carbonek. So... what happened? I'm afraid I didn't figure it out. And I really hate that. I'm not sure if I should feel dissapointed or just stupid. The whole plot leaves me with a lot of questions. The Stone itself seems to say it is every rock and that protecting, mending, stealing or hoarding it is utterly "pointless". Well, great. So that means it doesn't matter which Stone is real and which a fake. But I still want to know what Xanatos' plan was. Was he trying to obtain the Stone for himself while making both the Illuminati and the authorities believe they have the real stone in their possession? Why did he send the robots to attack the gargoyles the night before and what were Coldsteel and Coyote going to do had they reached the bridge? Why did Xanatos summon Coldfire and Coldstone? What happened to stone that was flipped in the car? How did the car get to be driven by the Illuminati woman? I've read the book several times over trying to understand this stuff and I hate to say I don't, but I just don't. *shrugs*

- But moving on, we get to Carbonek. These characters are not what I expected. They are modern. Modern clothes, modern personalities, even beyond modern cybernetics. I guess it makes sense to think about it now, but I sure didn't expect it. The Stone's long dialogue to the four men is just awesome. So cool to think about. What a list. I especially love some of the references like the Megalith Dance and Uluru. Cool. And for the past year I've been thinking about the Stone's little comment to Duval about Arthur being awake and his reaction. This is really interesting stuff. I want to know how the Illuminati knew he'd sleep for another 200 years, but I suppose that is a story for another day. It is funny, for a long time we heard in the series a lot of characters (including Arthur himself) talk about how he'd been awakened early. I always suspected that they were wrong and that Arthur woke precisely when he was destined to and that no one knew what they were talking about. Looks like I might be wrong. And looks like Elisa might've really screwed up the future. Guess Samson will just have to do his best without Arthur.

- Okay, the "Hey" "Hey" Stone/Grail scene is just hilarious. It was hilarious during the Radio Play and it is hilarious in the book.

- So we come to the end of this tale. Which is really just the beginning. Hudson, Lexington, Coldstone and Coldfire decide to hang out with the London Clan a while and it sounds like the latter two might just rejoin the Manhattan Clan when Hudson and Lex return. We'll see. Meanwhile, it is fun to see Una and Leo (and presumably Pog) in the background. And Lunette gets her little line. Coldsteel is off again, but this time he is untraceable, or so Xanatos promises. Xanatos gets the Coyote Diamond back. I like the bit about being it's minder only.

- For the most part, I loved this chapter. Yes, Xanatos' scheme still alludes me, but I'm not worried too much about it. Though I don't understand how things happened exactly, I get the gist of it and know what the end results are. The book itself is filled with so much good stuff, that I'm willing to overlook this problem. And perhaps it is only a problem for me anyway and someone will explain it to me soon. Anyway, I'm off to read #10 now... SO EXCITED! [/SPOILER]

Matt - [St Louis, Missouri, USA]
"For science, which, as my associate Fang indicated, must move ever forward. Plus there's the money... and I do love the drama!" -Sevarius, 'Louse'

Well, I'm back.

Took a couple days to write up my reviews. Took a couple more days to catch up on everything I've missed here for the past couple weeks. Anyway, my reviews are all done. I'll post just one a day for a week so as not to flood the room with my (admittedly) long rambles. Still need to write up my Gathering Journal... [SPOILER] I also want/need to test out the spoiler tags before I post my reviews. I've not used them before, so hopefully this works. [/SPOILER]

Anyway, first review in a moment.

Matt - [St Louis, Missouri, USA]
"For science, which, as my associate Fang indicated, must move ever forward. Plus there's the money... and I do love the drama!" -Sevarius, 'Louse'

DEMONSKRYE> I believe when the Humility Spell was cast, the Roman Magus had the Grimorum, the Eye, and the Phoenix Gate. So, with that level of power, I think he could easily cast something global like that. The normal rules went out the window.
Greg Bishansky

Magic> It seems like there are at least two categories of magic spells when it comes to mortal (non-Children of Oberon) magic. There are spells that have a direct effect on their targets, such as turning them to stone during the day, forcing someone to obey your commands, healing someone, and so on. Those, I think, would generally have to be seen and heard to be effective. Then there are the spells that affect their targets indirectly, like the Archmage's thunderbolt and [SPOILER] Brother Valmont's rain of arrows [/SPOILER]. Since they create something that then attacks the target rather than having a direct effect on the target, they probably don't require that their targets be able to see or hear the spell.

You could also say that there are spells with no particular target, such as the incantation to get to Avalon or the one to activate the Phoenix Gate, which I imagine no one needs to see or hear either. It is possible that in these cases, the one who needs to see and hear the spell is the spellcaster, which would mean that deaf or blind individuals would be unable to perform magic as well as being immune to some of it.

And of course, there are weird exceptions, like the Humility Spell, which affected every gargoyles in the world for all time, but was probably not seen or heard by every gargoyle in the world even at the time it was cast.

Demonskrye - [<---"Rock-a-Doodle" (really) at The Ink and Pixel Club]

A couple of observations on the first Act of the Gargoyles/Spectacular Spider-Man crossover:

[SPOILER] I know that the Radio Play isn't canon, but I'd like to believe that this is the way Dominic Dracon actually is behaving in the Gargoyles Universe after "The Silver Falcon", utterly broken down over the fruitless seventy year pursuit of the jewels that Mace Malone ran off with, and finding only a bunch of marbles at the end of the search.

I liked the touch of having the corresponding elements of both series making contact with each other: J. Jonah Jameson calling Travis Marshall on the phone, and Captain Stacey visiting Chavez at the remains of the 23rd precinct's headquarters. It made the setting feel all the more like two universes temporarily merged harmoniously. [/SPOILER]

Todd Jensen

Josh Keaton has noted that Spectacular Spider-Man season 1 is now for sale on iTunes in the US.
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Paul> Children of Oberon are creatures of pure magic, so the rules don't apply to them in the same way.

As for lightning hitting a blind or deaf man. The spell creates the lightning, and then the lightning is free to strike as many blind or deaf people as it wants. I asked Greg that one years ago.

Greg Bishansky

Jade Griffin - Nope, you got me. Already registered. :)
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Come to think of it, I have a few more thoughts about magic.

The idea that you have to both see and hear a spell for it to affect you seems a bit... odd... to me. Obviously it was true for the stone at night spell, since it specifically targeted "omnes conspecti, omnes auditi." On the other hand, if simply being unable to see or hear a spell being cast makes you immune to its effects, then you could make yourself immune to the Archmage's favorite lightning spell simply by plugging your ears with beeswax or some such. (And Goliath, Demona, and Hudson should have done so in the flashbacks of "Long Way to Morning.")

Another random observation: Elisa didn't see or hear Puck as he cast the shapeshifting spell on her in "The Mirror," so obviously the rule about seeing and hearing a spell doesn't apply to Avalon magic. Come to think of it, did Puck see or hear Demona cast the spell to summon him? It was a Latin incantation rather than a rhyme, so I assume it was another of the pages that she tore out of the Grimorum, and thus human magic rather than Avalon magic.

Paul - [nampahcfluap at yahoo dot com]

Landon and the person who has the email starting with swizzthewolf, I may have missed you in the invitations to join the GargCon forum for signing on to it. For any who want the link, it is linked below. Enjoy!
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Sorry for the double post, but I wanted to share a further thought about [SPOILER] Peredur and Blanchefleur.

In Roger Lancelyn Green, Percival and Blanchefleur have a son named Loherangrin the Swan Knight, a variant of a character in German legend named Lohengrin. Green doesn't tell Lohengrin's tale, but it's familiar in medieval German accounts, which I'll briefly summarize here.

In medieval Germany (one version sets it during the reign of Henry the Fowler, who was Holy Roman Emperor in the 10th century - about three hundred years after Peredur founded the Illuminati in the Gargoyles Universe, at least, according to canon-in-training), a wealthy young heiress named Elsa, whose father has just died, is challenged by a greedy knight named Frederick, who wants to marry her so that he can rule over her estates, and claims to the German Emperor that it's part of her father's wishes. When Elsa protests, Frederick says that she can only get out of marrying him if her champion can defeat him in single combat. Elsa has no champion and it appears that she will have to forfeit, until Lohengrin arrives to be her champion. He defeats Frederick in single combat, after which he and Elsa wed and rule over her lands together - on the condition that Elsa never ask him where he came from. But eventually she succumbs to the temptation and asks (in some versions, a vengeful Frederick manipulates her into asking), and Lohengrin tells her that he was sent from the Grail Castle to be her champion, with an indication that knights periodically leave the Grail Castle to carry out such missions of defending people in need. But he can only remain in the outside world so long as nobody asks where he comes from, so now he has to return to the Grail Castle, and he and Elsa will never see each other again.

(Wagner based one of his early operas on this story. It's not considered one of his better works, though it made one contribution to our culture; the music in Lohengrin and Elsa's wedding scene is the tune to "Here Comes the Bride".)

I wonder if Lohengrin's story might be a glimpse of what the Illuminati were like in the tenth century, when the Society would have been closer to Peredur's vision, closer to the ideals of Camelot, and would not yet have been tarnished by such activities as running the Hotel Cabal or supporting the Quarrymen, or admitting people like Xanatos, Thailog, Mace Malone, and Castaway into its ranks. Unless Lohengrin's Duval, he'd be a "Three" at most, like Blanchefleur - if he exists in the Gargoyles Universe, that is. [/SPOILER]

Todd Jensen

I'm glad Greg is putting up the radio play and look forward to reading it. However, I'm hoping someone was able to get the full video and audio, or hell, just the audio, and would be kind enough to upload it. Please? Pretty please? Sugar on top! ;p

PHOENICIAN - [SPOILER] The name "Blanchefleur" is French (it means "white flower"), but I assume that she's British. In Roger Lancelyn Green (Greg's source for her, though Blanchefleur goes back all the way to Chretien de Troyes), she's part of the household at Carbonek before she marries Percival, and bears the Holy Grail during its sacred processions. Green says nothing more about her background, though. [/SPOILER]
Todd Jensen

Spells -- From what I understand, of the pages Demona took in 'Temptation' was the City of Stone spell (I think a clip of Temptation was actually used for CoS Part 1's "Previouslies"). She may have taken the page to the counter spell for Goliath or not, but as none of them were practicing sorcerers (or even literate in Latin), it seems moot.

As for other spells, I agree there doesn't seem to be a universal counter spell, especially when the human spells that are written in Gargoyles have such specific 'back doors' ('until the castle rises above the clouds' /'until the skies burn').

Ed: I had some Rock of Ages pondering myself today, but no where near the extreme thought process you had d:

[SPOILER] Now that we know that the Spirit of Destiny has many, many vessels to present itself in, I'm curious about the Megalith Dance. Don't know if its been mentioned in here before, but I was thinking about how the Stone of Destiny healed itself after Macbeth and his band of Scottish patriots stole the stone in 1950's. Since the Magalith Dance is considered (by the Spirit of Destiny itself) as one of the vessels, I'm wondering if it healed itself after the events of 'Shadows of the Past'.

It might also further explain how Hakon was no longer trapped down there (though Wolf being a descendant of his helped too, from what I remembered)

Another random thought that came in my head . . . current human immortals include Macbeth Mac Findlaech of Scotland, Cuchulainn of Ireland, Peredur fab Ragnal (Welsh name, so I presume of Wales) and Arthur Pendragon, King of all Britain (not just England, right?) . . . pretty fun representation of the British and Irish Isles, no?

I'm now wondering about Blanchfleur's (Greg apparently scripted her name as 'Fleur' in the 2008 Radio Play) 'home' . . . oh, and Arthur and Griff still have to find Merlin . . . hmmm. [/SPOILER]

"The suspense is terrible . . . I hope it lasts" -- Willy Wonka

After three weeks of waiting for the "Bad Guys" trade paperback to arrive at Left Bank Books (the bookstore that I'd ordered it from), I called them up today, and found out that apparently Slave Labor Graphics or their distributors had bungled the shipping somehow, so that the book was never sent. Left Bank Books has (after sorting out the confusion) re-ordered it from a much closer warehouse, with apologies to me. I'll probably receive it next week. Pity that it took so long; I'll have a lot to catch up on once I read it and can finally read all the spoiler comments about it for the past few weeks.

Greg's starting to put up the script for the 2009 Radio Play at last at "Ask Greg". I've read the first part, and it was a lot of fun (if maybe no substitute for actually being there and hearing the voice actors reprise their roles). Especially moments like the take-off on the scene in "The Mirror" where Demona's henchmen were delivering Titania's Mirror to her front door.

Todd Jensen

I've been keeping out of the room while I've been trying to get hold of the trades. It's really nice to see the room quite busy and even some faces from years back -- Graymonk and Coyote for two, perhaps others I'm missing. And huge congratulations to Siryn (and Remy!)!

Anyway, both trades were really fantastic. I'll post proper reviews here and at AG in due course.

But in the meantime, one piece of speculation I've been saving for a few weeks. I notice someone's actually asked it at Ask Greg although as part of a scattergun of questions so I'm not sure if it's based on the same logic. But here goes...


[SPOILER] Duval's secret identity...

I have a theory who he is. These are the clues as I see them:

1. Barring some kind of grand magical twist, he seems to be separate from Percival (or Peredur even). At best, I could see that Duval and Peredur are the good and bad sides of the person that is Percival but I think that rather unlikely. The Stone addressed Peredur. Duval is a different person. That means canon-in-training bets would appear to be off. Anything said in Ask Greg is likely to be quite misleading. It also means that whoever it is must be someone who was really worth Greg changing his mind to include. Someone irresistible!

2. He's one of the two people Peredur loves most.

3. Thats "Peredur fab Ragnal".

4. He uses the contraction "milady" rather than "my lady"; usually indicative of a Scottish accent.

5. He has a green motif, including the sash-like green section on his armour. (Particularly striking in the first panel, though you have to squint a bit).

6. He has a chip-on-his-shoulder demeanor. Someone who can hold a grudge. Someone concerned about rank. Someone loyal to Peredur, as Peredur seems loyal to Arthur, but still up to his neck in a deeply corrupt secret society that defies the values Arthur fought for. Duval comes across, dare I say, as a real bastard...

It strikes me there's only one character who really fits these clues.

One character Greg has pegged as the bastard archetype of the Arthurian legend. The same character who was given a green sash by the Green Knight. The same character who was the son of Lot of Orkney. The same character who married Ragnal and who Peredur may call father. When Todd won the guess-the-Arthurian-survivors game, he did not feature.

But now that all bets are off...

Is Duval Gawain?

I think he is; or at least, I think he's an essential part of the puzzle that is Duval. Valmont obviously has some significance too, but I'm not sure what. Remember Vogel and Owen. Or some of the elaborate dodges-and-weaves in Spectacular Spider-Man.

Anyway, I'll leave you with Arthur and Gawain's last meeting as recounted in one of Greg's preferred tellings of the legend:

And then, neither sleeping nor waking [Arthur] beheld a strange thing. For suddenly it seemed to him that Sir Gawain, who lay buried in Dover Castle, came to him attended by a train of fair ladies.

'Welcome, dear nephew,' King Arthur said, or seemed to say, 'I thank God that I behold you alive whom I thought was dead. But tell me whence you come, and why attended by these ladies.'

'My dear lord king, my very dear lord king,' Sir Gawain answered, or seemed to answer, 'all these are ladies in whose cause I fought when I was a living man: for ever I fought in righteous quarrels only -- and for this cause God has been very merciful to me, and has sent them to bring me hither to warn you of your passing.'

-- Roger Lancelyn Green, 'King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table' (Puffin, pp 317) [/SPOILER]


I guess I only have my background of playing RPGs to blame for my mistake, but I did think that there was one spell that dispelled anything, like there is in most RPGs.

On the other hand, the incantation that Demona uses would only counter rain: It roughly translates, "I stand up against the drips from the sky above and the rain of arrows." Clearly I was mistaken.

Paul - [nampahcfluap at yahoo dot com]

Paul> What does the Magus reversing one spell have to do with Demona being able to reverse a completely different spell? I highly doubt there is one cure all counter spell that encompasses every single spell.

Hakon burned the page with the counter spell for the sleep spell. He didn't burn the page with the counter spell Demona used.

Greg Bishansky

Re: Spells . . . For a second there, I thought you all were talking about Magic: The Gathering. Silly me.

Anyway . . . Before Demona tosses the Grimorum into the river, she tears out a few more pages, which I assumed contained the counterspell for the spell she cast on Goliath.

It's been shown that there are various ways to counter spells without actually having a counterspell on you. Elisa's "We use the spell against itself" is a prime example of that.

And, while this is all parody, there's a YouTube video of Gargoyles Abridged (by EvilChicken25) that raises a very good question: So the page with the counterspell was burned. Is there another way to counter the spell without the 'official' counterspell? Like, build a sandcastle of Castle Wyvern and throw it up in the air?

I think, when it comes to the particular form of magic that Greg Weisman employs in the Gargoyles universe, it is a very fluid form of magic, and can be used (or countered) in many ways. Again, going back to Elisa, I think it's safe to assume that she has no magics background whatsoever, and yet is able to successfully counter the spell Demona cast on Goliath.

And I hope you had fun at D-Land Battle Beast!

Guardian - [Guardian105 at gmail dot com]

Oh ok, I haven't seen that episode in a while, and my iPod isn't with me to rewatch.

Maybe for certain spells there are counterspells, but for others the only way to negate the effects of the spell, is to fulfill it's terms (i.e. raise the castle above the clouds) or to use the spell against itself, like Elisa does.


Brooklyn does look for a counterspell in "Temptation," but can't find one. Greg confirmed that Brooklyn wasn't particularly literate in English, let alone Latin, so maybe the fact that Hakon burned that one page is irrelevant.
Paul - [nampahcfluap at yahoo dot com]

Didn't Brooklyn say in Temptation that he did look for a counterspell, but couldn't find one?

Paul> I would assume that there are some spells with counterspells, and some without. But that's just a guess. In "Temptation," when the clan is trying to figure out how to reverse the spell that Demona cast on Goliath, if I remember correctly, there's no mention of a counterspell, nor do they look for one in the Grimorum, but Elisa is able to use the spell itself to act as it's own counterspell... I don't know if it's ever really been fully explained.

But personally, I don't need an exact formula, I look at it from a storytelling point of view.. when magic is used it serves a purpose, it doesn't matter so much how it comes or goes, but how it helps to advance the story.


Do specific spells have specific counterspells, or...

[SPOILER] ...was Demona's ability to dispel the rain of fire a continuity error? After all, the Magus couldn't reverse the sleep spell because the page with the counterspell was burned. [/SPOILER]

Paul - [nampahcfluap at yahoo dot com]

The unpublished color version of the Bad Guys #5 cover is on the Wiki: http://gargoyles.dracandros.com/Strangled
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Guardian: I got your message, I haven't had a chance to reply to it yet. Thanks for the congratulations, and for your help. :)
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Considering the cover art for CB V2 - I figured you'd all enjoy checking this out. We're not the only ones parodying Star Wars.

Sorry for the double, but... [SPOILER] I forgot Fu-dog! lol [/SPOILER]

Starlioness>[SPOILER] I can see how you would think that Coldstone and Coldfire might leave again, but I think they're here to stay, I think the "Clan-Building" title means just that. For me, the Clan-Building arc leads to an expanded and strengthened Manhattan Clan, as well as a renewed hope for the future of Gargoyle-kind: New members (Coldstone, Coldfire, Katana, Nashville), and an egg (Tachi), something many of the Manhattan clan may never have even imagined they'd see again. Also, Broadway and Angela's love is blossoming, Goliath and Elisa's love, and it's shortcomings, has now been acknowledged and accepted by at least Goliath and Elisa, at most - the whole clan. And Brooklyn has come back older, wiser, with a family, and without his lovesick depression. I think that from this point on things are going to be much different for the Manhattan Clan, and for the comics in general, should they continue. Things are going to be amped up, we now have a large clan that can take on bigger and badder action. [/SPOILER]

DESERT COYOTE - Congratulations!

[SPOILER] "Rock of Ages" implies that King Arthur was supposed to awaken for the Space-Spawn invasion of 2198. But when the Space-Spawn *do* reach Earth, none of the members in the Resistance (according to Greg's big document with the infamous competition background) are even from New Camelot. In fact, all that we know about New Camelot in 2198 is that it's in trouble thanks to the theft of the Master Matrix from Antarctica. Apparently the old plans about Arthur saving the world from the Space-Spawn were changed even more than Peredur expected. [/SPOILER]

Todd Jensen

well, I called my local comic store to see if they had Bad Guys.. seems Bad Guys and Clan Building I and II are out of stock.. but luckily the downtown store was nice enough to send it my local store (still an hour away but at least I know where that is ;)..

[SPOILER] yeah, Katana does look a little young, I think she's going to be designed a bit differently next time.. also.. I dunno Fu-Dog looked more Bronx like in the first panel.. but when he sniffs Bronx he's more lion-like.. and that mane bugs me.. it looks like it's going to come off.. Nash is cool though :).. I really do wonder if Coldstone and Coldfire are going to join permanantley they might leave again after fighting the Pack.. Brooklyn's kiss: hmm.. I thought he was almost going to the same thing in Kingdom heh, ;)) [/SPOILER]


Andrea: I just got my set today! Thanks so much!! Honestly, I never saw or even knew of the sticker set . . . so totally cool.

**Wanders off to look at all the pretty stickers**

"The suspense is terrible . . . I hope it lasts" -- Willy Wonka

Apologies for the double post, but Don, that's wonderful! Now the next step is to get it in physical stores. If you haven't checked your e-mail yet, please do. I sent you a message early-early this morning (I couldn't wait until after I slept ;) ).
Guardian - [Guardian105 at gmail dot com]

Re: Amazon.com's availability . . . Working for the competition (Barnes & Noble), I may have some insight:

In my store, stock-counts can be notoriously off. In fact, last night I tried to find a couple Twilight tote bags for a customer but realized the computer was lying to me. I would like to think that stock-counts, for both Amazon and bn.com, are a bit more reliable, since there's less room for shrink (the 'official' word for 'lost merchandise').

From a business standpoint, I don't think it's so much a priority issue as it's a stock issue as Landon has described. It's all about business. If you place an order for Bad Guys on Amazon.com and they say it'll ship within X-days, you expect it to arrive within X-days plus a few more. If it doesn't arrive on time, you get pissed. That's bad business for Amazon. The adage "a happy customer tells three friends; an unhappy customer tells one hundred" is very true. If everyone starts griping to their friends about the poor service Amazon.com gives, people will seek other venues of getting their books/games/toys/whatevers. That's lost business for Amazon.com.

So I think any order gets equal priority from the Amazon.com business model. If it doesn't, that's bad business -- at least from my perspective. I'm a huge proponent of good customer service.

Honesty is the best policy when it comes to providing a service. If you don't have the product, you say so. Can you predict when you may have the product? Sure, but keep it realistic. That's why Amazon.com (and bn.com, and the Barnes & Noble Master Database) has the whole "Ships in X-amount of time"

However, do they have equal stock? No, of course not. Sadly, I would have to special-order any copy of Gargoyles into my store for me, and probably make a damn good argument about why we should carry it in my store for other customers. However, we had a midnight release party for both Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and Breaking Dawn because the demand is there and the Barnes & Noble company knows it.

So I think it all really boils down to stock count, not priority. All customers are equal our sights, whether they be searching for Gargoyles or Harry Potter. It's just that we may carry more of one over the other because of demand trends.

I hope that offered some insight.

Guardian - [Guardian105 at gmail dot com]

Merc with a Mouth
Wade Wilson

Forgive my excitement, I just have to share with everyone, as I feel like I'm starting to arrive as an author. My book's now available through Amazon.com. Go there and search or make life easy on yourself and follow my name linky. :)
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So I went through sorting my stickers sets again last night after a trade, and I have 2 spare sets and books to give away.

One is 100% complete, the other is missing a single sticker (#77).

As before, drop me an e-mail and your mailing address, and I'll take care of the shipping costs (seriously, it's only like $3).

Andrea - [SailorV77 at yahoo dot com]

****Blaise's disembodied head appears in the Comment Room.**** I apologize for the double post, but I felt I had to...well, apologize for the spelling errors in my previous post.

"Hygine" should be "hygiene."
"Equvalent" should be "equivalent."
And "signifigance" should be "significance."

Let this be another lesson: "Spell Check" is your friend.
(Frankly, I'm just glad I got "occurred" right.)
****Blaise's head vanishes.****


****There is a flash of light, and Blaise appears in the Room, reclining in a dentist's chair.**** Hey, all! Finally got enough credit to make it to a dentist yesterday. Had to have a root canal, and the gums are still tender. And I still have another 4 fillings to take care of next week. Let this be a lesson: always practice good dental hygine.

PURPLEGOLDFISH> Did Phoenician comment to you on "BAD GUYS" or were you responding to my response to your comments?

KATANA'S DESIGN> [SPOILER] Actually, I have to admit, when I first saw her on page 22, I thought she looked surprisingly young for a (physically) 39-year-old mother of two. On the other hand, there are a LOT of people out there who are older than they look, so it didn't bother me. However, on the Deviant Art page for a work from YoukaiYume (she does a line-up of various "GARGOYLES" female characters, including Katana), Robby Bevard left a few comments about Katana's character design and some of the difficulties behind the scenes (I did not know she was wearing ARMOR!). Here's the link:
His comments are on pages 14 and 15 (beware, there's a little bit of drama going on in some of the posts). [/SPOILER]

RANDOM THOUGHT> While I was thinking about Brooklyn and Katana (no spoilers, here), my mind dredged up the tidbit that the gargoyle equvialent of kissing was stroking the other's hair (or brow ridges). While I was pondering this, something struck me like a bolt of lightning--and I wondered why it hadn't occurred to me before (though, doubtless it occurred to others).
Way back in "Metamorphosis," while still operating under his crush, Brooklyn tentatively stroked Maggie's hair in the Clock Tower. This kind of makes him a little creepy in that scene (or at the very least, overly presumptive). I mean it's like stealing a kiss from a frightened young woman (with YOU being part of what's frightening her!). Of course, she had no idea of the signifigance (though she still didn't like it), but...yeah, Brooklyn, not cool.
It just surprises me that I had never thought of that before.

Until next time! ****Blaise yanks a lever on the side of the chair, and the chair spins around at high speed, becoming a blur, as it fades from sight.****


Demonskrye - Were those single issues ever listed as "In Stock. Ships from and sold by Amazon.com." at the time of the order? Like this: http://www.amazon.com/Gargoyles-4-Greg-Weisman/dp/1593620608 If they said "Temporarily Out of Stock" or something like "Ships in 2 to 4 weeks", Amazon clearly did not have the books on hand.

"Ships in 2 to 4 weeks" sounds like Amazon knows what they're talking about, but my theory is that if Amazon says anything besides "In Stock", they don't have any copies and can only guess when they're arriving. That's why CB2 said "Ships in 2 to 4 weeks" for longer than 4 weeks. They were guessing when their SLG supply would arrive. I bet if you order #4 from the link above and the Bad Guys TPB--which are both currently labeled as "In Stock"--they'll both ship out the same day because Amazon has actual copies in an Amazon warehouse and they'll be given the same priority as anything else they have in stock.

Landon Thomas - [<- Gargoyles News Twitter Feed]

Landon> Again, I don't know for certain, but I still think it may come down to prioritizing in some way. If it was a supply issue, you would think Amazon would list the trades as "out of stock." I know that a lot of people ended up waiting a long time to get single issue of the comic from Amazon when those were still coming out and I think that was due to it being a low priority on both ends. SLG likely does not sell a lot of single issues through Amazon, so it may take a while for them to get enough orders to justify sending out stock or restock. Likewise, Amazon isn't really set up to sell single issue comics, so it doesn't seem like a big priority for them. I would think that the trades would be a bit of a smoother operation. But maybe they're part of a category of merchandise that Amazon doesn't allot many resources to because, again, there isn't much demand. So maybe it takes a bit longer for the orders to be sent out, or the stock counts don't get updated often enough or something like that.

Mainly what I'm saying is that items that I've ordered from Amazon itself usually arrive in a timely fashion. There have been screw-ups, like when they sent me the wrong version of the "Ghostbusters" video game. But usually if merchandise shows up in the stores before I get it from Amazon, it's a matter of days not weeks before it arrives at my home.

Demonskrye - [<---"Rock-a-Doodle" (really) at The Ink and Pixel Club]

Demonskrye - "Likewise, small press books are not Amazon's big sellers, so they may not commit to getting them out within a particular time frame the way they could a new DVD or video game or Harry Potter novel."

I always thought that if an item is "in stock" and sold from Amazon (not a partner/reseller) that means Amazon has a physical supply in one of their warehouses. I checked my tracking numbers for BG and CB2--one's from Coffeyville, KS and the other Campbellsville, KY. Both have a local entry from "Amazon.com Inc" according to Google Maps. I can't believe that Amazon is just sitting on the orders--I think it's a supply problem. Then again, SLG should have shipped enough books to Amazon by now, so I don't know. The best case scenario is they needed to do a second printing.

Landon Thomas - [<- Gargoyles News Twitter Feed]

Demonskrye> Thanks for the prompt response. Regarding CBV2: [SPOILER] I read some of the other comments on this page and agree with what's been said about Katana. She does look really, really young (compared to Brooklyn anyway) because of the big eyes and shorter face. The beak isn't so bothersome, but if it was a bit bigger I think it would contribute looking a bit older. Kinda strikes me a bit odd that she looks like that but they have a kid and another egg on the way!

Additionally, I really dig the way Brooklyn is drawn on the top of Page 2 in Phoenix. It is quite noticeably different than the way he is drawn at the end of the previous issue, though. That hair!

The book's end seems like the biggest climax yet, however I didn't find there to be that much of a cliffhanger - The Pack tearing it up in Times Square really isn't out of the ordinary by now, but I would really like to read about Brooklyn's adventures! Perhaps that pool of stories could dipped into on the next installment.

Using a flurry of fragments from all around time to build up to the Phoenix Gate being discovered by Brooklyn was excellent. You got the feeling like "this is the moment". [/SPOILER]


SaxxonPike> I think it's less Amazon in general and more a combination of Amazon and small press publishers. Small press publishers may not have the ability to get tons of copies of their books to Amazon quickly and Amazon may not be where they sell most of their merchandise anyways, so it might not be their biggest priority. Likewise, small press books are not Amazon's big sellers, so they may not commit to getting them out within a particular time frame the way they could a new DVD or video game or Harry Potter novel.

Keep in mind, this is not the most informed opinion, so I could well be wrong.

Demonskrye - [<---"Rock-a-Doodle" (really) at The Ink and Pixel Club]

I thought by preordering from Amazon I might get Clan Building Volume 2 sooner. Nope! I saw it in a local comic shop a couple weeks before it showed up in my box. But it finally arrived! *excited!* It's truly spectacular and highly recommended.

Does anyone know if these sorts of delays are typical of Amazon? :\


I am off to Disneyland! Have a great week everyone!!!
battle Beast - [Canada]
That is all I will say.

Rebel: Forgive me. To answer your question, then, you may be stepping into bad territory, but the worst that could happen is that Todd deletes your post. This is, of course, only my opinion and someone else may have a different take.

I got my stickers today while at work, so I had a very pleasant surprise waiting for me on the kitchen table when I got home. Thanks so much Andrea! :)

Guardian - [Guardian105 at gmail dot com]

Landon > I'm sorry, I misread your post. Nevermind.

Landon > Are you sure about that? Isn't it also possible that SLG merely chose to print fewer copies this time around, to ensure they wouldn't end up with a bunch of copies left over?

I hope you're right and that CB:V2 is selling like hotcakes. But I don't think we can determine that unless we know how many they actually printed of this trade.


More pedantic stock news: SLG is out of volume 1: http://www.slgcomic.com/Gargoyles-TPB-1_p_609.html Could that mean a reprinting is in order? Would it be the first for that book? Or do they simply need to fetch a box from another warehouse? What is apparent is that the later trades are bringing in new fans who never bought the first book, which is a very good thing.
Landon Thomas - [<- Gargoyles News Twitter Feed]

Andrea > I got my cards too! Today! Thank you so much. It's so great to have some more Gargoyles merchandise. :)

Andrea >> I received the cards on Saturday! Thanks! (>^^)>
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Algernon> I was thinking about that they do great every year with horror nights and that definitely would be awesome if they did it. Any Idea how to let them know about it?

Oh how did you like my idea?

Merc with a Mouth

Those who are getting the stickers/cards should have gotten them today, if not, I hope they will be arriving tomorrow.

If ANYONE is missing any stickers or cards from the sets (other than #24 and #40 from the cards that Kit is providing), PLEASE drop me an e-mail and let me know. I have a zillion of these things all in piles and may have mixed some near-complete sets with the 100% complete ones. My apologies for this. Hey, you can only go through nearly 7 full sets of 198 stickers and about 400 extras so many times before everything starts to blur together! :P

I got some stickers I was missing in the mail from a trade today, so I'll go through everything again and post if I get any more 100% completes that I can give away to more people. More info on that tomorrow.

Andrea - [SailorV77 at yahoo dot com]

MERC> Maybe you should pitch your Batman haunted house idea to Universal's Isle of Adventure. Methinks they'll be needing some new superhero themed attractions before long.

This goes for everyone> It was my point of view don't agree don't respond to that post but read my Batman haunted house idea PLEASE
Merc with a Mouth

Harvester>I called MYSELF dumb because of the argument that got me blocked. What happened if you don't remember was this I forgot a spolier on SSM season 2 finale. I told people there was still plenty to see and to let it gowell others helped but they didn't but someone was so mad they blocked me. There was nothing bad in there Sorry.
Merc with a Mouth

Anyways is Season 3 of SSM in development right now and that's why Greg isn't answering any questions?

1.Wouldn't it be cool if Warner Bros. did a Arkham Asylum themed haunted house at Six Flags or somewhere. It should be somewhat based on the game, Plot would be this

On Halloween Batman(reprised by Kevin Conroy) is going to give kids a tour of Arkham when a plastic Jack O Lantern suddenly and releases Joker gas and knocks out Batman Joker(Mark Hamill) then tells us our regularly schedules for a much better one. You then go inside and have to get through escaped prisoners on the 1st floor when Joker then announces the real fun is just getting started next level is Scarecrow's chamber, followed by Poison Ivy's garden, then Mad Hatter's Wonderland which is when Joker comes and tells us the next level is Riddler's maze you go in and Riddler tells us the only way out is to solve riddles which after his level is Joker's funhouse where you rescue Batman and leave the haunted house. EVERYONE TELL ME IF YOU THINK THIS IS A COOL IDEA. YOU MIGHT NOT IF YOU'RE NOT A HALLOWEEN FAN LIKE ME,

Algernon> I'm sure Ultimate Alliance 2 will be fun. There are six playable X-men and they can be on either side. Being Hulk will make smashing everything awesome, I am picking Cap's side. LONG LIVE THE STAR SPANGLED AVENGER

Merc with a Mouth

Wait a sec... was I just insulted? I have no idea what the hell you just said. Try it again with punctuation.

And before you do, just remember: I was defending you a minute ago.

Harvester of Eyes - [Minstrel75 at gmail dot com]
"Don't. You're too young to experience that much pain." -Ivanova ("Babylon 5")

MERC> I'm on Toonzone if you want someone to talk to, I know we've had are problems in the past but I'm willing to put that behind me if you are.

Rebel>Sorry no more

Harvester> No offense dude I'm gonna check out more sites but last time as I recall It ended the other way around. I made a dumb mistake that me and some other people told you to get over and ended with someone blocking me. Don't reply to this cause I won't. I was just saying.

Merc with a Mouth

MERC> You should know everybody can tell if it's you posting by your IP address. You can't see it normaly but if you highlight the space next to the post's date and time it should come up.

Got Arkham Asylum last week, really enjoyable and atmospheric game. I particularly like all the hidden extras. As for Ultimate Allaince 2, I havn't got it yet so I can't judge. My only reservation is that you can't place Captain America and Iron Man on the same team, which is a shame if your an old school avengers fan like me. Still as long as they don't turn Tony into a total facist I'm not that bothered.


Sorry for the double post, but a further thought about the "inaccurate historical series" take on the Goliath Chronicles: does anybody else beside me suspect that Castaway's descendants would have sued the production team over the depiction of their ancestor as foolishly reckless enough to go about firing heavy artillery in New York City without thinking over what that would do to the Quarrymen's public image?
Todd Jensen

Landon> Not to mention that some dialogue could be tossed around to reference TGC. Such as some uninformed historians arguing whether Goliath was on trial for his sentience or for robbing a jewelry store.
Antiyonder - [antiyonder at yahoo dot com]
Algernon's comment about Norman Osborn: One of the neat things about Dark Reign is that it gives Osborn the chance to expand his horizons beyond tormenting a twenty nine year old who still lives with his mom.

I called Left Bank Books (the bookstore that I'd ordered the "Bad Guys" trade paperback from) today, and found out that apparently the distributor's having those infamous "out of stock" problems. They plan to call me back when they get more information.

The one part of Greg's reply to all those rumors that disappointed me was that I was hoping we'd finally start on the script to the 2009 Radio Play today; it seems that we'll have to wait until tomorrow. (One more reason why all those rumors are a bad idea.)

LANDON - The Goliath Chronicles notion might be one way of solving the problem of the small but vocal faction which believes that the Goliath Chronicles have to be somehow acknowledged, since they were made by Disney as well, even if without Greg Weisman.

I liked reading the WMG page that you linked to (I've read a similar one for "Gunnerkrigg Court"). I'd noticed the similarities between Xanatos and Tony Stark as well, even though I'm not a Marvel Comics expert. I like the notion of the Jersey Devil possibly being a gargoyle (it would certainly fit the series' tone of "Every legend gets in eventually"), and I suspect that almost all of us are familiar with the theory that Shari is really Scheherazade (which certainly seems probable).

Todd Jensen

"That would be hilarious if Goliath Chronicles is made canon, but only as a historically inaccurate TV show in Gargoyles 2198."

The "historical documents"! Sounds like "Gargoyles Quest" to me.

Patrick - [<-- The Gathering 2009]
"A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men." - Willy Wonka

Rebel: He's not really harrassing anyone, at the moment. I would simply suggest to him to ask those questions in Toonzone, or another forum. Otherwise, don't be disappointed if people in a Gargoyles forum have nothing to say in reply to him.
Harvester of Eyes - [Minstrel75 at gmail dot com]
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Merc with a Mouth / wolverine#1fan / Spideyforever > Dude, just go away. Everyone can see through your aliases.

1. Has anyone here but me bought Batman Arkham Asylum yet?

2. Am I the only one who thinks Civil War was a bad idea for Ultimate Alliance 2? It should have been a separate game. Ultimate Alliance 2 should have had an original story.

Merc with a Mouth
Wade Wilson

Spectacular Spiderman - season 2, volume 1 episodes coming to DVD:


Bishansky>Back off bub this isn't YOUR website so you got some nerve calling people morons they're just trying to show creativity. Some people were nice enough to ask permission.

Guardian > I know about the archive. What I'm asking is whether it could be construed as original ideas.

Diamond is distributing Randy Bowen's Goliath statue this week: http://www.diamondcomics.com/shipping/newreleases.txt At $275, I wonder if any are ordered without a pre-purchase. It'd sure look awesome on the top shelf of a shop.

Also, I found this site pretty funny: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/WMG/Gargoyles

It's their 'Wild Mass Guess' site where fans try to figure out plot points. For example:

"The Goliath Chronicles are a Show Within A Show
They are a cartoon produced sometime in the late 2000s-early 2100s as a (rather disastrous) attempt to make an Aesop driven show using famous individuals from the past."

That would be hilarious if Goliath Chronicles is made canon, but only as a historically inaccurate TV show in Gargoyles 2198.

Landon Thomas - [<- Gargoyles News Twitter Feed]

*read Greg's Latest response* God I love that man.

Re: Rebel . . . There is an archive of Greg's Responses regarding various topics. If you fear your questions may have already been answered, check there first. The archive is organized by topic. :)

Re: Desert Coyote . . . [SPOILER] I just checked my copy, and are you sure that's Demona and MacBeth? Looks to me like it's just a Gargoyle fighting a human -- which, admittedly, makes one assume Demona and MacBeth, but I didn't notice any tell-tale features that would definitively say that's Demona and MacBeth in the tapestry. Also, I did get my copy at the Gathering. Maybe there are some fixes made between your Amazon/SLG (can't remember how you got yours) copy and my Gathering copy. [/SPOILER]

Guardian - [Guardian105 at gmail dot com]

Looks like Sony is continuing its arc-set DVDs, post Disney-Marvel merger (not that the merger would have changed the DVD plans, I imagine).


The promotional advertisement-thingy displayed by TVShowsOnDVD is interesting though, it shows the show outperforming 'Wolverine & the X-Men' and that its fifth week performed better than its fourth week (that was the first Venom, ep, no?)

Personally, I can't see no reason to personally promote this DVD when I myself am waiting for the complete second season . . . at the Gathering, I attended Vic Cook's Mug-A-Guest, and when the question was raised about the DVDs, as far as he knew this selected episodes-complete season plan was still in effect for two. He too was frustrated with the 'double-dipping' business plan and showed some real dissapointment about them not being edited into movies (cause then there'd be some REAL incentive to buy).

The newest of sets still appears to be JUST the original episodes, with no new footage, deleted scenes, extras, blah blah blah ( *sigh* this has SO been beaten to death).

At the least, hopefully these things ARE bringing in the casual viewer to watch the show *shrug*

"The suspense is terrible . . . I hope it lasts" -- Willy Wonka

Back from a weekend visiting my wife (Ravyn Maza) in Texas ... who gave me an early birthday gift, the Bad Guys TPB. Which brings me to two interesting notions.

[SPOILER] One is, there's no way in hell S&P would've allowed Greg to get away with John Oldcastle strangling Dingo's mother.

Second, did anyone notice at the end that when Matrix rescued the Redemption Squad, there was an extra person aboard the "Matrix Raft," that being Falstaff's speedster Quickly? True, she was still wrapped in a nanite skin, but I think it was kind of a jumping point to add Quickly to the team, or to hold her hostage in order to find out where Falstaff was taking Eastcheap.

Third, and this is probably just an artistic notion, but it occurs to me that in Falstaff's living room he had a tapestry of Demona and MacBeth prominently displayed over his sofa. Just an observation.

Fourth, Sevarius is just as slimy as I remember from the show, which is gratifying. (I might note that a character in my novel is based partly on Sevarius, in that he performs human mutation experiments) [/SPOILER]

Desert Coyote - [<- Please buy my book!]
The Gargfic writer formerly known as Coyote the Bando

BISHANSKY - Unfortunately, I'm having to hold off clearing questions at "Ask Greg" for a while, until my copy of "Bad Guys" finally arrives. I've found a few questions about it in the queue (without spoiler markers, I might add), and don't dare read them while my copy's still on the way. (One more reason why I hope it arrives soon.)
Todd Jensen

Jade> Thanks for the info. I will.
"The alien mothership is in orbit here. If we can hit that bullseye, the rest of the dominoes will fall like a house of cards. Checkmate." -Zap Brannigan

Charisma> Feel free to email me and get on the mailing list so you know when and where the new forum will be to discuss all the Future GargCon stuff. I'll be posting the link in here but I won't be posting it every week or anything:) I hope those interested would be forwarded to me or the appropriate link to it, wherever our forum ends up. More to come! jade_griffin at hotmail dot com
Jade Griffin - [jade_griffin at hotmail dot com]
"Food, food, FOOD!!" - Jade Griffin, on many occasions

I have a question I want to post but I don't know if these have already been answered or if they constitute original ideas. Take a look at it and tell me what you think. If it sounds like an original idea to you, how can I word it so it doesn't sound that way? I don't consider these to be original ideas--just conclusions based on what we have (and haven't) seen in the show.

Hi Greg, I have some questions for you about the functions of gargoyle stone sleep.

We know that stone sleep serves the following functions:
-rest and rejuvenation
-healing of injuries
-storing of energy (as hypothesized by Sevarius)

However, based on what we've seen in the series and comics, it seems like it probably serves other functions as well. So I have some questions for you about other possible functions of stone sleep.

1. Does it cleanse the gargoyle? We've never heard any mentions of gargoyles bathing and there probably wasn't a shower in the clock tower. So does dirt, grime, and body emollients turn to stone with the gargoyle, or does it sit on top of their stone skin and get sloughed off when the gargoyle awakens?

2. Does it cleanse the gargoyle's clothes? If stone sleep cleanses a gargoyle, it seems logical to me that it would clean the gargoyles' clothes as well. After all, the Humility Spell would turn a gargoyle's clothes to stone because he considers those clothes to belong to him. But, presumably, he would not consider any dirt that is on those clothes to be his, so it seems like any dirt on his clothes might get shed when he wakes up. This could explain why the gargoyles in the show are always wearing the same clothes and we've heard no mentions of doing laundry.

3. Does stone sleep serve as a way to expel wastes? When gargoyles wake up, they end up shedding a bunch of skin. Where does all that mass come from? That's probably at least a pound or two of stone skin being shed per gargoyle, and they do it everyday. If gargoyles are shedding all that stone skin AND pooping, it seems like they would constantly be losing mass or having to eat more to put on mass. Yet if the mass from their food goes towards the outer-most layer of stone skin everyday, that makes sense to me from a conservation of mass perspective. That's why I'm wondering if the stone skin that gets shed every night is mostly gargoyle solid waste.

Not a question about stone sleep functions, but a question about it in general

4. Did Lexington and Hudson get to watch the sun rise (or at least part of it) when they were in London? It seems logical that if their awakening got delayed due to jet lag, maybe their falling asleep got delayed too.


What's with all the morons in Ask Greg trying to submit original ideas? Don't any of them read the rules?

Todd, if you spot them, be sure to reject them.

Greg Bishansky - [<----- Gathering 2009]

The mention last week that the Tazmanian Tiger robs banks for the thrill rather than the money strengthens my suspicion that he'll be the new member of the Ultra-Pack. Remember, the Pack's initial motive for going after the gargoyles (back in "The Thrill of the Hunt") was because they thought it would be an exciting challenge to hunt them.

[SPOILER] Brooklyn's "hit those books" remark, and the response to it, triggered this thought. Scotland in the late 10th century isn't that familiar to most people (at least, in the U.S.), compared to, say, Elizabethan England, ancient Rome in Julius Caesar's time, or the American Revolution. How many of us, before "Gargoyles" came out, had heard of Kenneth II, Constantine III, Gillecomgain, Findlaech, and everyone else involved in the events depicted in "Avalon Part One" or "The Gate", "Tyrants", and "Phoenix"? Macbeth and his career are better-known - but mainly through literature rather than through history.

"Gargoyles" probably made us far more aware of Scottish history - and especially a mostly little-known period in its history, less often dramatized than, say, the Scottish Wars of Independence in the time of William Wallace and Robert the Bruce, the troubles of Mary Queen of Scots, or the Jacobite uprisings. After seeing or reading it, we no longer look upon the people in 10th and 11th century Scottish annals as mere names. [/SPOILER]

I read today that, according to tradition, Canmore founded the Highland Games, including the caber toss. (Let's hope that this doesn't turn many "Gargoyles" fans against such events! Though I've had my own creativity demons in the past about the trio trying for the caber toss, with some unfortunate results....)

Todd Jensen

Does anyone here read Wolverine Origins because I have an origin for Romulus if anyone wants to hear it.
Merc with a Mouth
Wade Wilson

Re: Future of the Fandom Panel . . . Demonskrye is correct. Many ideas were bandied about, but nothing, as of yet, is written in stone, no pun intended. We're still in the process of finding a concrete place to convene and coordinate, but Flanker has already posted on the GargoylesForums that s8 advertises about a pseudo-con involving a number of other comics titles. Apparently, Greg, Thom, and Wendi have all said they would make their way to Nevade for Flanker's pseudo-con. Whether or not this will stay true remains to be seen. But as I have been saying, if there's one thing we have going for us, it's time. We have all the time in the world to plan and get things right. :)
Guardian - [Guardian105 at gmail dot com]

Rebel> Fortunately, the problem seems to be limited to the latest article. which I just spent several minutes re-editing to correct the links. Between Microsoft Word and Livejournal, I've ended up with random spaces, extra quotation marks, and "&quot;"s in my code which screwed up everything but the images. No clue why this happened, but it should all be fixed now. Thanks for pointing it out.
Demonskrye - [<---"Rock-a-Doodle" (really) at The Ink and Pixel Club]

Nevermind. I tried to click some of the links again and this time they're normal.

Demonskrye > Did you know that when you put a hyperlink on your website and someone clicks it, it doesn't actually take them to the link? All the hyperlinks have the ink and pixel club URL plus the intended URL. So, when I click one of the links that's supposed to take me to imdb, I get 404'd and it tries to take me here instead:

Not a major problem because most visitors could just delete the first part. Still, I thought you might want to know in case this wasn't intentional.


Rebel> ("Phoenix" spoilers) [SPOILER] The thing that bugged me most about Katana's design is how small her beak looks in the panel where she's introduced. I've looked at Robby's design for her (available on her GargWiki article) and I think it's fine there, but in the actual comic, I think it looks too small and her eyes are a bit too big. It combines to make her look very young. My first thoughts when I saw her, before I read the text: "Wow, I guess Greg did decide to have Tachi htach before Brooklyn returned home. Oh, wait. That's Katana."

I agree that I'd like to see a few more warm colored or dark colored females show up and get more than a background or cameo role at some point. [/SPOILER]

Demonskrye - [<---"Rock-a-Doodle" (really) at The Ink and Pixel Club]

[SPOILER] So Jackal, Wolf, and Hyena are wreaking havoc in Times Square.

I wonder if this is just one of their hobbies, if they have a practical motive for this, or both. [/SPOILER]

Michael Ejercito - [mejercit at hotmail dot com]

Am I the only one who didn't particularly like Katana's design? It's a perfectly good design, but I was really hoping for something different for Katana. Now that Brooklyn and Katana are both beaked and so similar-looking, it doesn't really leave any potential surprises for what Tachi will look like. She will almost inevitably be beaked, have red skin, and white hair (or possibly black), and she may or may not have reduced digits. I wanted Katana's character design to be such that there might be a lot more possibilities for what Tachi could potentially look like.

I'm glad we've finally got a beaked female in the canon, I just wish it had been someone else. For example, I wish maybe Sacrifice had been beaked, and Katana had been web-winged. That would have left us with a lot more possibilities for what Tachi might look like:
-beaked with web wings
-non-beaked with web wings
-beaked with standard wings
-non-beaked with standard wings

Plus, personally I was more excited about the possibility of a web-winged female than a beaked female, and now the only web-winged female we've met so far is dead and gone, while the beaked female gets to stick around.

I also wish she wasn't blue. I haven't sat down an done a tally or anything, but it seems to me that most of the female gargoyles we've met so far have had "cool colored" skin--some shade of blue or other cool color. Turquesa, Obsidiana, Demona, Angela, Ophelia, Sora. There are some female gargoyles that are of colors which aren't cool, but aren't exactly warm--Una, Coco, and Lunette, but there are only two female gargoyles that I can remember (Sacrifice and Desdemona) which are actually of warm colors, and even then, those warm colors aren't as bright as the colors we've seen on some male gargoyles. I just wish that Katana hadn't been blue; we've already had so many blue or cool-colored female gargoyles.

I do, however, love her outfit. [/SPOILER]


Sorry guys, I messed up the spoiler tags!

wow,it's busy in here.

Phoenician: [SPOILER]I do like the art for the fight scenes and they were fun, but I just feel they take up too much space. Comic books have a lot less room, and I'm personally more interested in the character development and interactions. It's just personal preference I suppose. I'm not a comic book reader, and it feels more comic book-y more so than like a story like clan building (if that makes any sense lol). And Falstaff's just a jerk lol.[SPOILER]

I still haven't gotten Clan building AAARGGGH


Charisma> Jade Griffin has started up a e-mail list for interested parties and there is talk of a message board for talking about ideas. Though I was not there, I believe what you know of the panel is all there is to know. There was some brainstorming, but no definite plan of action yet.
Demonskrye - [<---"Toy Story" at The Ink and Pixel Club]

The Timeline page at GargWiki is broken; it abruptly cuts off in the middle of the "Halloween 1996" entry. Could someone fix this, please?

REBEL - I know the feeling. I'm still waiting for Left Bank Books to get its copy in.

Todd Jensen

****Blaise arrives from the previous post.**** Okay this is the last one, I promise.

GARGOYLES: CLAN-BUILDING: PHOENIX> [SPOILER] Once again, excellent art from Ben Dunn that also remains consistent with the work of the previous two artists. I feel he sometimes puts in a few too many wrinkles/flecks/spots on Goliath and Brooklyn, and he has a tendency to draw some of the women's faces (especially Finella) in a style too similar to Japanese manga. Also, Maol Chalvim's face looks a bit...off to me on page 11 (it doesn't look as "long" as it should to me). Demona's, too, on occasion. But overall, a bang up job.

This chapter actually begins in 1997 with Goliath (in his "thinker" pose) ruminating on how a thousand years ago "the humans" thought they had crushed his kind completely, before we go back to Brooklyn in 997 thinking about how "a thousand years from now" Broadway and Angela are wondering if he'll come back. I like that bit of parallelism.
"Damn good question." I'll never get over the casual swearing (no matter how mild).
For the next few pages, we're treated to Brooklyn's interior monologue as he dishes out exposition. I love how he calls the Phoenix the "Time-Fowl." He would be the type to give a casual name to a magical entity.
I can't help but wonder what kind of sword Brooklyn's using. I've heard people call it a broadsword, but Brooklyn sometimes swings it two-handed. Wouldn't that make it a bastard sword?

Meanwhile, Valmont is gloating about having the Grimorum. "First of the Three Keys to Power...the pathway to Avalon...the fate of Scotland in my hands!" Okay, it's official: Valmont is Archmage Jr.
Well, Mary's clever enough to pull the wagon out from under him. Pity it wasn't enough to make him drop the book.

Back to Brooklyn, as he continues to think about what his actions mean for the gargoyles he brought out of hiding. After he and the gargoyle with the beaky nose lift and drop a couple of soldiers, Brook gets carried away and calls him "bro" and tries to give a high-five (or high-four, in this case). He's able to recover quickly enough, though (easy when you can say "bro" is short for "rookery brother"). I like the camaraderie he managed to pull off with the other garg here.
I also like how he refers to Demona as his "least favorite personal demon." Brooklyn's no fool, he knows Demona's planning a betrayal, but he's got to play along.
Let me take this moment to say that, even if she is the Demona from 997, I am REALLY glad to see Demona back again. I've really missed her. And she is VICIOUS in battle! Clawing people across the face seems to be a thing with her.
Brooklyn's response to Demona's compliment on his battle prowess ("I had a good teacher...Goliath") is wonderful. To me it both shows the respect he has for Goliath, and also acts as his way of sticking it to Demona. She, however, takes it as an opportunity to disparage Goliath's trust of humans, and state that the humans will turn on the gargoyles at the end of battle (you're one to talk, Ms. Backstabby McBackstab).
Meanwhile Constantine taunts Kenneth with talk of "superior numbers" and how he has no mercy (which he says with a vicious smile). Okay, Constantine belongs under the "Complete Monster" category of villain. You know the kind of villain you love to hate? Well, this isn't that kind of villain. This is the type of villain you just want to see die horribly. And Gillecomgain is putting himself in that very same category with his actions here. Sure he was a monster in "City of Stone," but somehow what we see of him here makes him even worse! He's trying to kill poor Bodhe (no wonder the kid grew into a coward) and he's doing it with glee! And Constantine is egging him on. "It is the Hunter's Moon, be a hunter for your king!" (I love the close-ups of both Constantine and Gillecomgain in those two panels--page 9). Findlaech makes an offhand remark to his adversary, Mail Brigti, to the effect of Gil seeming like Constantine's son.
Mail just ignores that, fights him and reveals...that he and Findlaech are half-brothers! I had remembered hearing about this (that Gillecomgain and Macbeth were actually related), but I wondered why Gil would be a peasant if that was the case. Now we get a story where this is explained. It also explains why Mail always acted so angry (bitterness, and he may have taken some of it out on Gil). Findlaech definitely comes across as having the moral high ground, having offered to share Ruaidri's (their father) inheritance, but Mail seems determined to have everything, even if it means siding with a Complete Monster.

And then Brother Valmont casts a spell. While Finella is trying to figure out the translation, Maol finally shows up. Turns out he's quicker to understand Latin, and orders the women to take cover while he threatens Valmont to make him call off the spell. Actually, this shot of Maol Chalvim could almost be considered a hero shot. Maol's a strange character. Not nice, by any stretch of the imagination, and I know he's going to turn on poor, good Kenneth eight years on, but somehow he's able to pull of these "hero" type moments. Unfortunately, the threat doesn't work on Valmont. And Finella figures out the spell just in time to take cover.
The spell? Arrows begin to rain down from the skies (what IS it with Brother Valmont and arrows?).

Demona's Second's Mate shields him from the arrows with her own body and dies (NOOOOO!)! And she's not the only one getting hit--there are several gargoyle silhouettes in the background, some pierced with the arrows (NOOOO! multiplied by however many died). But she is the one we've seen the most of, and the fact that she's the mate of a gargoyle we are (slightly) more familiar with, helps to personalize it as he grieves for her, poor guy. Brooklyn and even Demona are horrified by this turn of events.
To be fair, I kind of figured she'd die before the end of the comic arc simply because we never saw her in "City of Stone." Of course, we never saw the beasts or "True" there either, so....
At any rate, farewell, oh web-winged female. We hardly knew ye.
Poor Magus the horse gets hit, too (NO! NOT THE HORSE!).

Valmont takes this opportunity to gloat to Maol...and loses his right hand to Brooklyn for his troubles. I was actually quite impressed, Greg, that you managed to go this far. Granted, we don't see the actual stump of the hand, but it's still a pretty shocking turn of events. And of course, it couldn't have happened to a more deserving jerk.
Maol's line, "The arrows...they still reign." Love the wordplay there (something that wouldn't come across in spoken dialogue, sadly).
Is it just me, or does Finella REALLY want to do magic. Maybe she's just trying to do SOMETHING and not feel useless. At any rate, a real sorceress steps in: Demona. She manages to reverse the spell (and look cool while doing it), but she can't bring any who died back to life, of course.

And one last casualty of the arrows is revealed: Mail Brigti (NOO--wait, what am I saying, YEEEESS!). Findlaech may be a big enough man to cry over his treacherous half-brother, but as far as I'm concerned, after following Constantine, a man he KNOWS is evil, just for his own gain, Mail Brigti got his just deserts.
Unfortunately, the arrows didn't hit the selectively blind Gillecomgain, who chooses to not see the arrows and believe that his father died by Findlaech's hand. Findlaech warns Gil not to cross him, mostly because he doesn't want to see his brother's line end. Gil chooses to believe it's because Findlaech fears him. This whole confrontation, along with the struggle over Ruaidri's inheritance, adds a whole new level to the Hunter's assassination of Findlaech in "City of Stone." Damn. The only reason they don't fight now is because Constantine and Kenneth's fight passes right between them (even a rain of arrows doesn't stop these guys!).

Geez, Constantine just doesn't shut up! And this is the second time he's gone on about his "superior numbers." He promises to kill Maol Chalvim (while hinting at Maol's future turn) after he kills Kenneth's son Bodhe (well, he promises to gut Bodhe while calling him a very unflattering word). This is the last straw for Kenneth ("You shouldn't make Kenneth angry, Constantine...you wouldn't like him when he's angry"). Kenneth throws away his shield and begins attacking Constantine with both hands on his sword. He manages to unhorse Constantine and slay him. I love the look on both Constantine and Gillecomgain's face before Kenneth drives the blade home (where's your "superior numbers" now, Constantine?). In contrast to Constantine earlier, Kenneth is silent through all this part. It reminds me of a quote from Terry Pratchett's Discworld book "Men at Arms." To paraphrase it shortly, "If you are staring down a loaded crossbow, pray that the man on the other end is an evil man. Because an evil man will want you to know you are beaten, so he will talk and gloat and put off the moment of killing you for as long as possible the way a man might put off smoking a good cigar. A good man will just kill you without a word." Seems to fit this situation.

Well, Demona is in awe at having the Grimorum Arcanorum in her hands, while Brooklyn tries to figure out how to separate it from her. And then the Phoenix appears again. I wonder why Brooklyn focused on "Timedance" as his metaphor of choice, embellishing it with such gems as "chronal-boogie" and "temporal-tune." I can definitely understand his frustration at not being able to know how everything turned out (guess he'll be hitting the books when he gets back).
I loved Brooklyn's way of tricking Demona into giving him the Grimorum (playing on her desire for power, offering to hold the book while she got her half of the Gate). I can only wonder what Demona thought and did after he was gone. This whole thing also adds another level to "Temptation"--how much of this encounter did Demona remember through the years?
Well, Brook's ready to go, but so are Mary and Finella, much to his dismay.

But now we travel back to the present (well, 1997) and repeat the last few panels we saw of Broadway and Angela, and--THERE! In the last panel of page 20! In that panel, Angela has her collar (a bit more wrinkled than usual, but it's there), but in the panel before, and the panel after (first panel of page 21) she has no collar! Just let her keep the collar already!
Anyway, I liked Brooklyn's "Forever...forty years...forty seconds...however you keep time, the Dance is finally done." So cool. And yeah, I've already been spoiled so the "He's not alone" misdirection didn't work on me, but I can appreciate the effect it might have on readers not "in the know."

Well, we return to Goliath and his ruminations. But what's this? Lexington and Hudson have returned...and they brought Coldstone and Coldfire! Goliath is, needless to say, overjoyed by this turn of events. And then Broadway arrives to say that Brooklyn went on "a little trip" of his own and...well, Goliath has to see for himself.

Okay, this is IT! The part I've waited 12 years for. The first canon appearance of Brooklyn's mate, Katana. Not to mention his son, Nashville, and Fu-Dog, and how Brooklyn himself looks after his journey. I will admit, I had not expected him to so closely resemble his "Future Tense" self, but I'm not complaining (that armor just looks cool). And man is he armed to the teeth or WHAT? That Scottish sword (which he apparently kept with him throughout all 40 years), a Japanese Katana, a hand pistol (or blaster of some kind) and a Big Fricken' Futuristic Rifle. It also seems he lost his left eye somewhere along the way. Funny, that's the same eye Hudson lost sight in. You know, Broadway may be Hudson's biological son, but Brooklyn seems to me to take after the old garg a lot more than anyone else.
And Nashville (or Gnash, as he prefers to be called) is pretty much what I expected. I didn't know his coloring, and he looks a lot tougher than I would have thought (he's the physical equivalent of a 9-year-old, but then again, he's a time-traveling gargoyle), and I didn't expect him to be ARMED with a Japanese blade, but yeah, he's definitely Brooklyn's son. The clothes were a surprise, too--more modern than either of his parents, which makes sense I guess (so U.S.N. stands for "U.S. Navy?" Interesting).
And Fu-Dog...what can I say. He's like a green lion (and pretty darn cool looking).

But Katana...oh man, where do I begin? Well, let's start with the fact that she is the first major beaked female in the canon. I am ashamed to admit that in all those 12 years, I was never able to picture her beaked. I knew intellectually that it was a possibility, but for some reason I could never wrap my mind around it. Maybe it was the difficulty of trying to picture a beaked female that DIDN'T just look like Brooklyn with boobs.
But now Katana's been revealed and...the first word that popped into my mind to describe her was "cute." There's just something about her face that lends itself to that. Her beak is smaller than Brooklyn's, and maybe that helps. Her hair is gorgeous, and I love the style. But the real secret is in her eyes and expression. God, those eyes are perfectly shaped, and the look in them, coupled with her smile.... You said, Greg, that her and Brooklyn's relationship would have been like Sam and Diane, or Beatrice and Benedick, and I can just see ALL of that in the look on her face here.
As for the rest, I somehow always figured she'd be some shade of blue. I love the design of her clothes (I have looked extensively at Robby Bevard's design sheet for her). I'd really like to see her use those war fans at some point. I'm still surprised at her having one digit less per appendage (3 instead of 4). And then there's how she acts with her egg. When Angela asked to hold it, she seemed guarded. And she even takes the egg into battle with her! I can think of only one reason she would do that: she can protect that egg from ANYTHING the world can throw at her!
All this, and she didn't even get a single line in this issue (even Gnash got ONE). Damn. Well, you can't have everything. But I still can't wait for the next installment of the "GARGOYLES" comic, or for the "TIMEDANCER" spin off. I want to hear Katana speak (figuratively, of course). I want to see her fight. I want to see her and Brooklyn's relationship. I want to see her three-fingered hand intertwined with his four-fingered one. God, it's going to be a long wait.

"Egwardo?" Brooklyn, some things about you never change.

The group shot at the top of page 23 is kind of neat. I love all their reactions. Bronx and Fu-Dog are sniffing at each other, Angela's excited over the egg, Hudson's laughing, Lex seems to be chatting with Gnash, and Brooklyn...he just seems happy to be home again.

Then Elisa comes in and has a wonderful reaction to the overnight change in the clan's roster. Seriously, I can't help laughing everytime I imagine Salli Richardson saying that line.
Well, Jackal's busted Hyena and Wolf out of prison and they're wreaking Times Square, so the WHOLE FRICKEN' CLAN goes out to meat them. Lex is right, "The Pack'll never know what hit 'em."

This was a great issue, a great arc, and a great series. If I had any complaints about this particular issue it's that the last four pages felt very rushed. I mean it's like BOOM--Lex and Hudson--BOOM--Coldstone and Coldfire--BIG BOOM--Brooklyn and family--BOOM--Pack attacks--BOOM--attack Pack. I felt like I couldn't catch my breath! And this just makes me want another issue right NOW!

"Never the End..." eh? I'll drink to that, but like I said before "It's going to be a long wait." Still, here's to what we did get.

Thank you, Greg! [/SPOILER]

And that's it. Once more, I apologize for the QUADRUPLE post, but I felt this would be slightly neater than just one big post. Anyway, until next time! ****Blaise waves goodbye, then pitches forward with fatigue, passing right through the floor as though it were air and vanishing from sight.****


Sorry if this was already answered and I just didn't catch it... People from the gathering: Was anything decided at the Future of the Fandom panel of what's going to happen with, well, the future of the fandom? I've read about some things that were talked about, but nothing definite. Any info would be appreciated.
"The alien mothership is in orbit here. If we can hit that bullseye, the rest of the dominoes will fall like a house of cards. Checkmate." -Zap Brannigan

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GARGOYLES: CLAN-BUILDING: TYRANTS> [SPOILER] Once more, I will begin with the art. David Hutchison does a good job, and is a decent successor to Greg Guler here. This is especially true in regards to consistency. This and the Halloween arc ("Invitation Only," "Masque," and "Bash") are the only two that have a completely different artist for each issue within the arc. In the case of the Halloween arc, the contrast in styles between David Hedgecock, Nir Paniry, and Karine Charlebois was quite jarring at times. Here, however, the difference in styles between Greg Guler, David Hutchison and Ben Dunn isn't as drastic. Consequently, these three issues seem to..."flow together" better, I guess. The transition is easier.
At any rate, the only complaint I have is that Hutchison sometimes draws Brooklyn's wings in a semi-bat shape when their edges should be smooth. Other than that though, kudos to Mr. Hutchison.

Well, we pick up where we left off: Brooklyn, along with Mary and Finella, makes for Castle Wyvern ("Home sweet decimated home"). Brooklyn seems to feel like hooking his wing-claws on his shoulders (like his "Future Tense" version did) for now instead of caping them like usual. Interesting.
Brooklyn mentions getting back to his century, confusing Mary, who figured the 10th century was his century. It's funny--Brooklyn lived most of his life in the 900's, and yet after two years in the 1990's he already considers that his century. Of course, the fact that his clan's there probably has something to do with it.

I remember hearing a while back that the Constantine we saw on "GARGOYLES" was King Constantine III who ruled from 995-997 A.D. (what year is Brooklyn stranded in again?), and he was known as Constantine the...bald. Yeah, I kind of figured the "GARGOYLES" crew either missed that, or decided he looked better with a wig. But NOW we see why he was called that in the "GARGOYLES" universe. He cut his hair to turn his head into "the proper canvas." Canvas for what I wonder.
Given his reaction to Gillecomgain's brown-nosing answer, Constantine seems to like yes-men and toadies.
Mail Brigti (and now we know his first name) arrives with news about the Grim's army assembling at Rathveramoen, and Constantine sends him off to wait at the head of his (Constantine's) own army. Mail calls Gil, but Constantine wants to keep Gil nearby (it was the toadying that impressed him, wasn't it?), and begins an in-depth study of Gil's scars. Mail hesitates, but leaves when curtly dismissed.
Constantine then takes a moment to gloat about wiping out "the male line of the Three Brothers" (there's that reference only "Ask Greg" readers will fully understand again) before asking Brother Valmont about the Magus and Princess Katharine. Valmont..."read the entrails of half the goats in Scotland?!" YUCK!! EW! Okay, my appetite's gone. Anyway, short version, they're both out of Scotland, Tom's out of Scotland as well, but the Grimorum is still around and Valmont must get it.

"Okay, this is just freaky." Yeah, seeing your sleeping form would engender that reaction. But then Brooklyn moves among the remains of his massacred clan while thinking to himself how "freaky" is a nice, safe adjective in comparison to "horrific, traumatizing, or soul-killing." This is probably just as bad as living that night after the Massacre all over again. I like his description of it feeling like his heart is "turning to stone and Hakon is taking a mace to it."
He also finds a scabbard for his new sword. Interesting. I wonder what prompted him to keep the sword in the first place. He's been going for years without a weapon and now he decides to keep the first sword he grabs? Then again, with the King's army against you, a sword might come in handy.

Well, Mary asks after Tom, and Brooklyn starts to explain about Tom being married. This floors Mary who is still thinking of Tom as the little boy she left two years ago. Brooklyn leaps away (awkward transition that, since we don't see him actually leaving Mary in that panel), and resolves to keep his "big beak shut" just in case. Probably wise, things will be simpler that way.
I rather enjoy Brooklyn's annoyance at stone sleep (and wondering how Elisa can stand it). And we finally have a canon mention of the Humility Spell...but no explanation. Yes, we who have read "Ask Greg" and the GargWiki know the story, but for those who have only watched the series and read the comic, I wonder if this mention (along with the one about the "Three Brothers" and the later one about the Wind Ceremony) will whet their appetite for more stories and for the background on these references.
Given that Brooklyn's most likely stuck in the 10th century now without the Gate, he seems quite calm about it. No whining, no rage, just a sigh and "I guess this IS my century again, after all." Man, Brook's made of some pretty stern stuff. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be that calm.
And he calls Demona a witch. Oh, come on Brooklyn! Just replace the "w" with a "b" and be done with it. We all know you want to!

Demona arrives at a cave and announces to the gargs there the death of the Sruighlea cell (damn, I do not know how the hell that name is pronounced). Okay, so Demona's clan is split into separate cells. I did not know that (in fact, I've always wondered why the number of gargoyles Demona led in "City of Stone" seemed to change, and now I finally know). This particular cell she leads is full of familiar faces, though. There's her Second, and apparently his Mate (I know she's called something else in the scripts, but since she isn't referred to as that by the characters, I'm just going to call her Second's Mate). Also a new young gargoyle face and two beasts, one of whom looks like Bronx except for coloring, and one of whom is colored like Bronx. Oh, and the new young one has Hudson's skin tone and white hair and...okay, yes she's Hudson's biological daughter (True), and the beasts are obviously Bronx's biological parents. I wonder why this female beast's eyes glow red but Boudicca's didn't?
At any rate, "True" says they should hold a Wind Ceremony for the fallen (the first canon mention of that, too), but Demona once again shows that vengeance trumps all other concerns for her (save her own survival, of course). Bitch.

Maol Chalvim is his usual self as he spells out to Kenneth just why they can't count on gargoyle support...and then one shows up in their camp, carted in by Mary and Finella. I must admit, I hadn't realized Maol might hold some animosity towards Finella, but it makes perfect sense.

I wish I could have seen the first meeting between Brooklyn, Kenneth, Maol and Finlaech, but I guess something had to be sacrificed for page space.
Seeing Brooklyn pointing at the map and telling Kenneth to engage Constantine's forces at Rathveramoen while he (Brooklyn) brings reinforcements seems to cement the image of Brooklyn as strategist. Brook also seems intelligent enough to realize that he needs Demona's help and must put his own personal feelings aside (our boy is FINALLY growing up in that area!).
Brooklyn's little "break the fourth wall" bit in the last panel of page 13 seems to have provoked a mix of reactions. I've read a few people who seemed to think it was Greg's way of directing an "educational" message directly at them, and hating it just for that. Me? I find it a hilarious character moment of Brooklyn joking around. I mean, heck, *I* sometimes address a non-existent audience! It can lighten up a strange situation and make it bearable.

I liked the shots of Brooklyn discovering the massacred cell, and him hiding in a tree during the day. And then he encounters Demona...and immediately attacks her. Demona's too shocked by the fact that he's someone from Wyvern (still love the "By the Dragon" exclamation) to be too upset about this. Brooklyn tries to regain his composure, and almost loses it again just thinking about her betrayal. Still, they manage to keep from splatting and Demona...is smiling? Wow, she really looks happy to see an old clan-mate alive again. She mentions her new clan and asks how Brooklyn survived and if any others did. Brook, clearly uncomfortable at having to make nice, has to tell a half truth--omitting himself being cursed as well (and almost calling Hudson by name). Demona sees red (literally) at hearing about the sleep spell, until Brooklyn undercuts it by pointing out she managed to escape both fates and now Demona has to stammer an explanation. In the end, Brooklyn brushes it all aside for the greater good.

Wow, no sorcerers for Kenneth's side? Finella decides she'll try the book herself just because she knows Latin. Mary points out the danger, and Finella points out that they're already in danger. I love the little "Magus--the man, not the horse" bit.

Constantine has the messenger killed. And he does it for no reason, it would seem, other than he just likes being able to. Douche.
Mail Brigti seems saddened by that action, too. If that's the case, why does he stick with Constantine anyway (yeah, I know the answer will come in the next issue, and if anything shows how much of a sell-out Mail really is)? Gillecomgain on the other hand, seems to approve of Constantine's behavior (look at that smile).
And now we see Constantine's war-paint. The roots of the Hunter's mask. In addition to the three red slashes across black on the front, he has the same design on the back along with two false eyes (doubtless to confuse and unnerve foes in the heat of battle). I think Gil likes the new look. I recall, Greg, you saying at the Gathering that this was a way to explain how people wouldn't immediately conclude that Gillecomgain was the Hunter based on the design of the mask in "City of Stone." Whatever the reason, it's a striking visual.

The armies converge and Findlaech notes there are fewer Irish (Constantine's soldiers) than he thought. Yeah, Fin, that's because the rest are hiding in the forest waiting to outflank you! There's some great art here for the battle, especially in regards to the light of the setting sun. In the last panel of page 21, I think I can see winged shapes in the sky behind the fighting Constantine and Kenneth. Three guesses what they are (and the first two don't count).
Sure enough come the next page and we get an excellent two-page spread of the gargoyles arriving into battle. Second's Mate appears to have the same wing structure as Lexington--COOL! The striking visual of the gargoyles attacking is almost enough to make one forget there's fighting on the ground, too. Gil knocks Bodhe off his horse, Mail and Finlaech are heading towards one another, and Constantine and Kenneth are still fighting. I wonder where Maol is in all of this?

The last page brings us parallel panels of simultaneous events again. Demona's Second apparently likes a good battle, and is glad they followed the "gargoyle of the sword" (looks like Brooklyn just picked up a new name). Demona (who casually BREAKS A MAN'S NECK), is already planning to turn on the Grim after the battle is won (wow, Demona's planning betrayal, what a surprise). Meanwhile, Finella is still intent on learning a spell, and doesn't realize until too late that all her guards have been killed by the flaming arrows of Brother Valmont, who snatches the Grimorum and reveals his intention to turn on HIS boss, Constantine. And then both he and Demona share the EXACT same thought at the EXACT same time: conquering Scotland! (Yeah, they haven't quite graduated to "take over the world" yet.)

Damn cliffhanger! Then again, I didn't have to wait two months for the conclusion to this story.... [/SPOILER]

One more to go....****Blaise moves on to the last post.****


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GARGOYLES: CLAN-BUILDING: THE GATE> [SPOILER] Yes! Finally! The "TIMEDANCER" story! A three-comic arc focusing on my favorite "GARGOYLES" character! I have been looking forward to this for (literally) YEARS. And it did not disappoint. Okay, maybe there are a few nitpicks here or there, but who cares? It still rocks! So let's start with the first part.

First of all, I must address the art. Greg Guler did a fantastic job here. I mean, good God, this is probably the best art I've seen throughout the entire "Clan-Building" comic run (Karine, I love you and your work on "Bash" but this...wow, just...wow). I mean, the issue even starts out with what could only be called a "hero shot" of Brooklyn, and it kicks ass! The only nit is that in the first panel it looks like Brooklyn has the "one-claw" style wings instead of his normal ones. Well, maybe the other two claws are hidden. Regardless, it's still great!

Anyway, Brooklyn seems to be enjoying a glide out by himself...and then Broadway and Angela show up. And they're holding hands (and just what had they been doing to make their eyes glow like that?). Brook is not happy (I love his expression here). Broadway remarks how dull it's been with Lex and Hudson off in London (really, Broadway? Is spending "quality alone time" with Angela THAT boring?). He wishes they'd come back, to which Brooklyn responds "Yeah, that's one of my wishes...". Wow, for being the two most intuitive members of the clan, Broadway and Angela are REALLY blind to Brooklyn here. I mean, it's like (to borrow from "The Princess Bride") they're giving him a nice paper-cut and pouring lemon juice on it--and they don't even realize they're doing it!
Actually, Brooklyn's kind of interesting here. He seems to bottle most of his feelings up around them. I mean, it's like he's trying not to make a big deal about his disappointment over not "getting the girl" and just trying to avoid being constantly reminded of it, but all the body language and subtle hints in the world aren't piercing through the little "love bubble." I can only wonder what this little powder keg might have become had he not gone on his little Dance. But I'll get to that in a minute.

A little art tangent here: Angela's collar. Now, we've seen Angela's new two-piece since the start of the comics, but one thing that's always been inconsistent about it is the presence or absence of a high collar. Well, there's also the number of threads covering the, um..."low cut" area on the chest. Whenever Greg Guler draws Angela, whether on the covers, or right here in his own issue, he draws her with the collar, and only two threads over the low cut area. The ONLY OTHER artist who did that is Gordon Purcell (in Issue #6 "Reunion" for the "present" scenes). Every other artist who drew her in her "normal" outfit draws her top without the collar and with a LOT more threads. This is something that's always bugged me. It's a new outfit for her, designed by Greg Guler (I believe), so why not follow his design all the way? Why do so many make her new two-piece look like her original one-piece with just a section missing. Maybe I wouldn't care so much except I LIKE that collar. I like the distinctive look it gives her. And yes, I admit, I would not say "no" to less threads obscuring the low-cut area. ;-)
Okay, there, I've said all I need to say about that. Sorry for the digression--on with the comic.

The Phoenix Gate arrives, bouncing off one of the letters in the sign before coming to rest on the rooftop. Angela is really concerned about this development, while Brooklyn seems rather calm (and even flippant). Maybe he's just glad for the distraction from the happy couple. I like the glow of the Gate reflecting off Brooklyn's eyes.

Brooklyn reaches for the Gate (not unreasonable, from his POV--you don't want to leave something like that lying around), and...it disintegrates. Ummm, okay, in the 12 years I'd known about "TIMEDANCER" I never thought that the Gate would do this. First disintegrate, and then spit out a huge flamin' Phoenix that would swallow Brooklyn whole and vanish! I especially like that first panel on page 6--with the Phoenix's eyes looming over the three gargoyles. Maybe it's because he's closest to center, but Brooklyn does seem to be the focus of that gaze (no surprise there).

And now we begin the real meat of this tale--Brooklyn's adventures in the past. I easily recognized Constantine and Gillcomgain. Gil's father I didn't recognize until Gil referred to him as such, and a few pages later we finally get a name for him, Brigti. Anyway, poor Brook lands right in front of this rather hostile audience. Gil immediately calls him "demon" and Constantine (for reasons soon to become apparent) gives the order to "kill it." Brigti's reaction is the odd one out, if only because it's so calm and matter of fact. I wonder if Brigti sees gargoyles as something a person doesn't need to kick up much of a fuss about, at least no more so than any wild animal. This makes his reaction an interesting contrast to Constantine and Gil's rather vehement ones.

Young Gil trying to take out a surprised Brooklyn with a knife=FAIL! Constantine trying to take out Brooklyn with his HORSE=a considerably more dignified FAIL. That guy in green casting a fire arrow spell with no magic book or other noticeable conduit and getting Brooklyn in the leg=OUCH! Actually, overall, I'm impressed by how Brooklyn handles himself throughout this whole thing. He doesn't panic, keeps his head (even manages to crack a few smart remarks), correctly figures the place and century he landed in, is able to get enough height to glide somehow (it looked like a hilly bit of land, I guess) and even manages to take a FIRE ARROW in the leg and keep going (much to Constantine's displeasure). Go Brooklyn!

Anyway, we learn more about what Constantine is doing out at this hour--posting "Wanted" posters for the Magus, Tom, Mary and Finella. It would also seem that he's also hunting down gargoyles because of past history (and for those of us who have read the "Three Brothers" story, this is an added bit of icing on the cake). Oh, and the wizard in the green cloak is called Brother Valmont...and maybe it's the bald head but he looks strangely similar to someone from the previous chapter....
And just what is this "Grim" that is amassing an army?

As soon as I saw that feminine, blue-sleeved hand rip off that poster, I knew Filella and Mary had arrived. Constantine, that jerk, has been doing a bit of spin-doctoring it would seem. Among other things, the poster accuses Finella of "turning to sin and Satan" (even with the violence and minor swears the comics have been able to get away with, that line surprised me) in grief over the loss of her son.
MARY: You had a son?
Okay, that line and the look on her face leave me to wonder if she was telling the truth there.

To get past the Porter, Mary introduces Finella as the Lady...Fiona (the name of *another* "GARGOYLES" character voiced by Sheena Easton). Meanwhile, Brooklyn lands nearby and pulls out the arrow. Wow, hardcore. The expression of pain on his face is great, as is the surprise and lighting when the two halves of the arrow dissolve into flames (he should be thankful they didn't do that while he was holding one in his mouth).
Well, gold is enough to get the past the Porter, but not the Guardsman, who pulls off the poster...what, wait a minute! Didn't Finella already tear it off? Yeah, there she is holding it, and now the Guardsman's holding one and...THERE'S ANOTHER ON THE DOOR?! Okay, Finella looks about as surprised as I feel. Does the poster have some sort of magic spell on it that creates an exact copy if it is torn off?
Things go south very fast for our heroines. The jerk Guardsman can apparently follow orders enough to want them alive, but no one else in the town seems to agree. Finella tries to bluff her way out with the Grimorum (LOVE that last panel on page 15), but the Guardsman is not as easily cowed as the townspeople. Until Brooklyn arrives, that is. Brook even pulls a Goliath and takes the sword in his had by the blade (leaving a fair amount of blood in the process). And then he pulls a Hudson by taking that sword and keeping it with him. I loved his lines here (especially, "You wait here for my clan to come eat your brains..." and "Now that I've set back human-gargoyle relations for the next millennium").
"RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY!" You've just been waiting to put that Monty Python bit in, haven't you, Greg?
One art nit: It would seem the top part of a word bubble is floating just above the bottom of panel 6 on page 16. Oh, well.
I love Finella's expressions first after Brook appears and then after he turns to stone. I'd guess this is the first time she's been this close to a gargoyle in her life. She seems concerned about the wound on his hand though (YIKES, yeah, you wouldn't have been able to show that much on the TV show). Mary seems to wear a concerned expression, too in the final frame of page 17.
Mary named the horse "Magus?" Heh. That's kind of cool.

And now we meet "The Grim"--jolly Kenneth (soon to be King Kenneth III), cousin of Maol Chalvim and Princess Katharine. We see Maol, too (as gregarious as ever), and surprisingly enough, a younger Findlaech. Oh, and Bodhe as a boy, ready to follow his father into battle (or so he says). I got the Shakespeare reference (either Kenneth or Shakespeare must have been psychic), and the irony about Ken being called "The Grim" instead of Maol. After some exposition on how the war against Constantine goes, Kenneth brings up gargoyles ("the solution of our fathers") and we cut to a group of gargoyles sleeping in a cave...right before they fall to the mace. Gillecomgain, not surprisingly, is in a frenzy, screaming at them to "DIE" as he smashes their unconscious forms to rubble. He is so into this, it impresses even Constantine (who had smashed the first one with a smile on his face). And unless I miss my guess, it unnerves Brigti somewhat.
Why would they put a poster there? Do they really expect people to stop by that cave? Or is it for any other gargoyles that might happen along?

Loved Brook's wake up (and the detail of stone flakes on Mary's hood a few frames later). Brook and Mary recognize each other from Wyvern and exchange names (and I wonder if Brook had already heard about Finella from Goliath or Angela retelling Tom's story). Brook's response to all this? "Oh, this is too cool!" Wow...that would not have been my response. I mean, seriously, Brooklyn has adapted to this situation admirably fast. Maybe that's because he HAS seen "Star Trek" and "Quantum Leap" (loved those references, by the way). At any rate, he certainly is handling himself well, all things considered.

"The year of our Lord Nine Hundred and Ninety-Seven." I don't know why, but I love that Finella stated the year that way. Brooklyn figures that the only way he'll get back is with the Phoenix Gate, and because he knows his "997 Clan History" he knows that half the Gate is with Goliath and the other half with...

...Demona, in a FANTASTIC final image!

Here's to the first part of a great Brooklyn story! [/SPOILER]

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****Blaise stumbles into the Room.**** Okay, I just spent most of today finishing my reviews for the whole "Clan-Building Vol. 2" for Ask Greg. An now that they're finished there...I'm going to post them here. This is going to be four fairly long posts. I apologize if that breaks the rules of etiquette, but I thought that would be better than one ENORMOUS post. So let's do this:

GARGOYLES: CLAN-BUILDING: ROCK OF AGES> [SPOILER] Well, the first panel of page one is obviously spoken by Hudson...and by the reference to "the banished and the badduns" I guessed he was referring to Coldsteel. But in regards to what? With the second panel, however, we're right back where we left off (over a YEAR ago), and I'm ready to see the rest...until page two, which begins with yet ANOTHER clip of Fox's shoe adventure. #%*&^$ SHOES! It's a good thing I'm going to find out in this chapter what the %#^$ those shoes have to do with all this!
And now Arthur is saying that maybe the heroes don't need to guard the Stone...which would render this whole adventure nearly superfluous! Of course, it's easy for Arthur to say that--he got to look at the dang Stone! Here I was, fearing that something bad might have happened to him in the last issue when Macbeth turned around and he wasn't there, and he just went to have a peek. Jerk.

I liked the use of the parallel columns on page four to show the simultaneous occurrence of events both in the Lantern of the Abby with Arthur, and in the skies with Lex and Amp. Arthur apologizes to the poor guards he had to knock out. Gee, that's nice of him. It's interesting how he also takes the time to put his crown (or is it a coronet?) on his head before he opens the chest containing the Stone. Does he think the Stone won't recognize him without it? Or does he just not feel right addressing the Stone without it?

An interesting note about the Steel/Iron Clan POV shots on page five: they seem to see in different colors. The Iron Clan robot sees in a red tint, while the Steel Clan's view is colored in green. Kind of interesting. Also, I like how the robots are programmed to recognize Lexington by name, but refer to the others as "U.G." ("Unidentified Gargoyle" I'd guess) 1-3.
Love Coco's indignation at Amp stealing the robot's attention. For a slight change of pace, instead of maneuvering the robots into hitting each other like the gargs usually do on the show, Lex and Amp instead lure them into Coyote's line of fire and have THAT robot do the work. Nice variation on a classic move.

Hmmm. On page six, we see Coldfire, in Tibet, reacting to some sort of signal at 6:01 AM on Nov. 13. Going back to the exact same page (six) of Issue #8, we see Xanatos push a button in London at 10:00 PM on Nov. 12, which given the eight hour time difference, means that he pushed that button about a minute before Coldfire received the signal that apparently led her and Coldstone to Coldsteel.
...XANATOS CALLED IN COLDSTONE AND COLDFIRE! I KNEW IT! And now he has a way to talk himself out of any possible trouble he could get into with the clan for this little escapade.

When Coyote covers its and Coldsteel's departure, it seems to generate a bright light using the Coyote Diamond. Seriously, the 6th panel on page six shows the Diamond compartment opening and light coming from it. Just felt like mentioning it.

That's Macbeth in Robert the Bruce's army, isn't it? Makes sense. Just as it makes sense that Shari has kissed the Blarney Stone that grants the "gift of gab" a couple of times.

I love the shot of Mac and Arthur on either side of a smiling Xanatos. "Well, it's a momentous occasion...and such a lovely day." Ah, Xanatos...how I have missed your inimitable style.

Coldstone and Coldfire fight Coldsteel over the Coldstream river...you just couldn't resist that, could you, Greg?

RE: Coldsteel holding Coldfire with his tentacles. Okay, what is it about tentacles? Even when they're metallic, there's still something..."naughty" about them. Look, on page ten, Coldsteel even uses one to caress Coldfire's face (right before she head-butts him in HIS face--YOU GO GIRL!). Those things fit his slimy personality quite well.

I really like the look on Coldfire's face when she blasts Coldsteel. Seriously, Xanatos's folks at Scarab Corporation deserve kudos for how expressive the completely robotic faces of Coldfire and Coldsteel seem to be.

(*spit take*) A CHAINSAW?! Coyote the ROBOT is armed with a CHAINSAW?! Okay. He just upped his "cool quotient" considerably.

Coyote calls Xanatos by his first name. For some reason I find that interesting. Of course, it could just be to get the rather ironic phrase "Out of DAVID'S respect for GOLIATH..." but still....

Okay. The way that Coldstone took out Coyote=WIN! Seriously, the punch through the mouth/view-screen/Xanatos-Skull-face was SO COOL, that even the red lights serving as the Coyote-head's eyes managed to look surprised! Look at 'em! They went wide!

The parallel of the two times Coldsteel commented on Coyote's "potential," was neat, as was Coyote's mention that he's not programmed for free will. That last part is a bit foreboding, too--Xanatos better be careful.

Based on the timestamps it looks like Coldstone was searching for Coldsteel for about a half-hour. Dedicated.

And so the Stone finally arrives in Scotland. OR DOES IT? The Land Rover (I finally know what it is now, thanks to your Radio Play Script, Greg) arrives at a warehouse where Xanatos is waiting. A little over three hours later (plenty of time for David to get into mischief...) a VERY high-ranking female Illuminatus arrives to take the Land Rover and...a DUPLICATE STONE?! Wait, what?! The Land Rover was rigged to flip the Stone's Container and replace it with a fake while the band covered the noise?! HOLY $#^%! All that crap with the robots was just a distraction? My mind has just been blown by the genius that is Xanatos!
But what was all that about the Bomb Squad? Wait...a shoebox. The shoebox Fox's new shoes came in? All that stuff about Fox's shoes was just so Xanatos could get a SHOEBOX to put on the bridge and stop the convoy long enough to make the switch?!
ARRRRGH! (*mind is blown again*)
But wait, doesn't this mean that the good guys lost? Well....

The mysterious woman (until I hear her name in canon I will call her #3) drives the Land Rover to a mist enshrouded Castle (that will later be identified as Carbonek). Something odd I noticed--the driver's side in the Land Rover is on the left side, but most cars in Britain have the RIGHT side as the driver's side, don't they? Is it just a peculiarity of the Land Rover's design? Oh well, at least she drives on the left side of the street.
And now we meet a bald, cyborg-type guy who reveals himself as...#2?! DUVAL?! Ghu--buh--WHAT?! #3 really doesn't seem to like Duval, but before they get into a spat, some good-looking blond guy comes up and calls them the two people he loves most in the world. Wait...is this...#1?

Thailog looks very pleased at being able to check Shari in chess. Sad to say, though, that the time stamp for this on page 18 seems to be in error. It reads "Nov. 13, 5:40 AM," but that was the exact same time stamp for Shari's story about Edward I on page 3. I'm pretty sure the stamp is supposed to read "Nov. 15, 5:43 AM."

Unfortunately, there's another (slightly lesser) time stamp error on the next page: I'm pretty sure Arthur's conversation with the stone was supposed to be marked "1:06 AM." It's all the more a pity this issue didn't get a single release, because I'm sure then the errors would have been corrected in time for the trade.

Anyway, I liked the Stone healing itself and then THANKING Macbeth, but mentioning how it was pointless. "Pointless" seems to be the Stone's word of choice for all the efforts and machinations people have been making about it.
The stone is talking to Arthur at 1:06 AM, but the panel on page two shows Arthur looking in on the Stone at 12:18 AM. Okay...that is a LONG time to just stand there and look at a stone (even if it is glowing...). Did they have a whole conversation before the Stone got to its speech or something? At least now we know why Arthur said that maybe they didn't need to protect the Stone--the Stone itself told him it was pointless.
XANATOS WAS GOING TO TRY TO PULL A SWITCH ON THE ILLUMINATI! Damn, man. Xanatos, you've blown my mind enough times this issue. Please, let me rest for a bit before you do it again. According to a ramble from Greg, it seems that the Stone straight out telling Xanatos how pointless it was to do such a thing managed to dissuade X. And Xanatos is SMILING as the Rock talks to him. Neat.
"Peredur fab Ragnal?" Wait, Ragnal was the name of Sir Gawain's wife in some legends, and Greg likes the idea that Percival is the (bastard) son of Gawain, so...AHA! I see...Peredur is the ORIGINAL WELSH name of Percival. Okay, makes sense...wait, doesn't this mean he and Duval are NOT the same, and thus that Greg actually changed his plans? (Of course, I've already heard your rather cryptic comment at the Gathering, Greg, so I know there's more going on here than meets the eye...).

And now the big speech. The two page spread that inspired Greg to make this a non-linear story. What can I say? It's fantastic (well, my original thoughts were more along the lines of "(censored) COOL!"). The Stone reveals itself to be a lot more than any of the players (or we members of the audience suspected). One thing I love here are the facial expressions: the wonderment on Macbeth's face, Xanatos's intrigued look (he just eats this stuff up, doesn't he?), the solemn expression on Arthur's face, and Peredur (who the Rock mocked for his efforts)...the only word I can use to describe his expression is "shock." I wonder what is so special about 1:07 (whether AM or PM) that the Stone felt the need to make this exact same speech at that exact time across several different days (or decades in one case). And did the stone just give the same speech on four separate occasions, or did it just give ONE speech at four separate times simultaneously?

"Do not dream of possessing me, mortal." Nice.

Peredur doesn't seem happy to hear that his old boss is awake again. Something about being 200 years too early. Hmmm, now what could possibly happen around the year 2196 or so that would--oh, yeah, right. #3 also seems surprised by this revelation and leaves quietly before Peredur even notices her. This pretty much convinced me that she was that Blanchefleur woman I had been reading about in Ask Greg, a suspicion confirmed by the Radio Play script. But, until she is referred to by that name in the comic, I will continue to call her #3.

I LOVE the informal "Hey" the Stone and the Grail (which I assume the simple, wooden bowl is) give each other. After that huge show of majesty and antiquity the Stone just gave, this casual greeting is just so funny!

When Coldsteel gives Xanatos back the Coyote Diamond, Xanatos says that he's "just its minder." What could he mean by that?

Hudson, and Lex decide to stay with the London Clan for a while. I love the group shot there (awww, Lunette is just so gosh darn cute!). Coldstone seems about to argue that he and Coldfire should continue to pursue Coldsteel, but Hudson...says what we read at the beginning of the chapter. A nice philosophical bit for him, and hey, if it gets Coldstone and Coldfire to rejoin the Manhattan clan, so much the better!

Thailog checkmates Shari! I don't know why, but for some reason I like that Thailog beat Shari at chess (this is the same game they've been playing for the past few nights, right?). Of course, he was playing the white side, which has a slight strategic advantage due to having the first move. Let's see him beat her while he's playing the black side, and then I'll be really impressed.
And, just for a bit of a "full circle" feeling, Shari ends the chapter and the story arc...by beginning to tell the story arc we just read. Okay, seriously, HOW DOES SHE KNOW THIS? Is she just psychic like that or something? I am very interested in what secrets she holds.

On the art side of things, this looks great overall. Granted, in panel 1 of page fifteen, Xanatos seems to have an overly large head in comparison to his body, but otherwise the art is nice. And the two-page spread from 20-21 is just awesome.

So, that's the story of the Stone of Destiny. We got a lot of great new characters, and some interesting new plot developments. A lot of questions, too. What is going on with Peredur and the Illuminati? Why were Thailog and Shari in Dominique Destine's office on the 3rd? And what were they and Brentwood looking for in Saint Damien's Cathedral on the 6th?
I look forward to learning the answers in the future. [/SPOILER]

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