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FIRST!!! NOpe? Oh well, the roomk isn't clearing... usually does at this time... of well.
Battle Beast - [Canada]
I have started a movie challenge whereby I am wtching all 475 Best Picture nominees and winners in 365 days. I am on Day #20... wish me luck!

Blaise: Sorry this is late, but I wanted to express my condolences as well.

Also, the earlier discussion of the episode "Outfoxed" reminded me of something. One of the things I've always found amusing about that episode was how Sevarius was on the list of former Cyberbiotics employees that Renard was miffed about Xanatos stealing. Makes me think that Renard didn't know Anton as well as he thought he did, since it's difficult for me to picture a man as utterly devoid of integrity as Sevarius working for a man like Halcyon.

Harvester of Eyes - [Minstrel75 at gmail dot com]
"You sound like every human employee I ever fired! Crush all of them together and you couldn't squeeze one iota of personal integrity from the lot! No excuses, creature! Learn to take responsibility for your own actions! And STOP whining!" -Renard ("Outfoxed")

PHOENICIAN - Yes, I wasn't able to get on the site for a while this morning. I wonder what happened to it; another of those Internet glitches, I suppose.

I like to think of the Grail in such works as "The Da Vinci Code" as the "de-Arthurianized Grail" - a Holy Grail almost completely stripped of its links to Arthurian legend (beyond a couple of perfunctory remarks), with only its links to Jesus preserved. (The Grail as depicted in "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" - though not following the "holy blood" theory - would fall into the same category to me.) Obviously that's not the case with the Grail in the Gargoyles Universe; so far, we've had no mention of Jesus as linked to it, but it resides in Carbonek (from Malory) and is connected with some version of Percival (not to mention a mention of King Pelles earlier in the Stone of Destiny story).

Todd Jensen

Todd: Before the CR went unavailable last night (did that happen to others too?), your question reminded me of a theory Ed posted back in 2009 not long after the the second Clan Building Trade came out. Though I neglected voicing my enthusiasm for it last year I'm still really fond of the idea. So, in case people haven't read it or want to refresh themselves with it:

http://www.s8.org/gargoyles/comment/archive/index.php?archive_date=2009-09-14 (just shy of halfway down the page)

[SPOILER] Though Ed goes in much more detail, he posted the theory that Duval is none other than Sir Gawain and those cybernetics (at least the one around his neck) are with that bit with the Green Knight . . . [/SPOILER] of course this was back before Greg stumped us all not too long ago when he answered a question saying that he hadn't changed his plans regarding Duval's identity since he initially outed him as Sir Percival, Head of the Illuminati and the Fisher King to boot, all of which makes more sense, based on what we've seen to fit with Peredur fab Ragnal.

With that (potential) contradiction out of the bag, I guess we'll just have to wait and see :)

"The suspense is terrible, I hope it lasts" -- Willy Wonka

I thought the main idea in "The DaVinci Code" was that the Grail was *not* an object, it was the bloodline itself, i.e., descendants of Jesus Christ. The whole "san grail" (the cup) vs. "sang rail" (blood royal) spelling and parsing are important thing. A scholarly controversy that may exist in the "Gargoyles" universe but that we already know the real answer to.
"And kids eat chocolate eggs, because of the color of the chocolate, and the color of the wood on the cross..." - Eddie Izzard

Sorry for the double post, but I was wondering - could Duval's missing body parts, replaced by those cybernetic attachments, be due to some sign of disapproval from the Holy Grail over the Illuminati Society's actions?
Todd Jensen

I don't think that Greg Weisman will take that route - at least, not explicitly. More likely he'll simply leave the Grail's origins vague.

(I'm more curious about the Grail's links to the Illuminati, since - as I've mentioned before - a lot of the Illuminati's actions don't seem too compatible with the Grail's sense of morality as depicted in Malory. Then again, many of its past guardians in Malory and his predecessors, such as King Pelles, had their own share of strayings; Pelles, for example, got Sir Lancelot drunk and then tricked him into thinking that his (Pelles') daughter Elaine was Guinevere so that Lancelot would go to bed with her and father Sir Galahad upon her - almost as unscrupulous as Merlin's part in the conception of Arthur. Often, there was a tone that the Fisher King was also a "Sinner King" (in fact, in medieval French, the words "fisher" and "sinner" were very close); apparently that hasn't changed too much in the present of the Gargoyles Universe.)

Todd Jensen

Greg Bishansky: "Keep in mind, Demona did call it the most powerful human sorcery ever created."

Of course, the fandom has learned (and been reminded to remember) that Demona is FAR from being the best character to dish out objective statements and/or facts ;)

That said, I do agree that Greg W. will leave the Holy Grail/Spear in the rather-vague-category of 'magic', as I'm in the camp that currently thinks they're power is some form that isn't human or Avalon-based.

At the least, the Stone of Destiny (which I think is in the same camp as the Grail and spear) was not as subtle (but every bit as epic) implying it as such. d:

Blaise: My sympathies about Zoey. I am far from being capable of saying 'I know how you feel' as the last (and only) time a pet of mine had to be put to sleep, I was far too little to truly grasp what was happening. Still, I'm sorry to hear about your recent loss.

"The suspense is terrible . . . I hope it lasts" -- Willy Wonka

Could the Holy Grail be an Avalonian artifact, like the Eye of Odin, the Phoenix Gate, or the Mirror of Titania?

Or is it more likely a human artifact, like the Grimorum?

Paul - [nampahcfluap at yahoo dot com]

Of course, we know that the Holy Grail is canon in the Gargoyles Universe, which raises the same question as the Spear of Destiny does. (Though the earliest versions of the Holy Grail make it simply a wonder-working object in the Fisher King's castle; its links to Jesus came along later. Of course, nowadays, many versions of it - particularly the "Holy Blood, Holy Grail"/"Da Vinci Code" interpretation - stress its links to Jesus over its links to the Arthurian cycle.)

I think that Greg will be vague about the Grail's origins (though he depicts it as a simple wooden bowl rather than a fancy golden cup).

Todd Jensen

PATRICK> Maybe he was a Child of Mab. ;)

Keep in mind, Demona did call it the most powerful human sorcery ever created. I think Greg is going to be vague about it.

Greg Bishansky
"Personally, when it comes to rights, I believe we have unlimited rights or no rights at all. Personally, I lean towards unlimited. I feel I have the right to do anything I please. But, if I do something you don't like, I think you have the right to kill me. Where will you find a fairer deal than that?

Adolf Hitler: Vegetarian. Painter. Mass-murdering (bleep)-head. And now... the original Demona fanboy?

What's interesting to me is that if you want to say that in the "Gargoyles" universe the Spear of Destiny exists and has supernatural powers, that seems to imply that in the "Gargoyles" universe Jesus Christ existed not just as a historical figure, but as one with supernatural powers.

"I can't get the f***ing trees... Damn! I will kill everyone in the world!" - Eddie Izzard on Hitler

I know that there are conflicting theories about the reason for Hitler's interest in the Spear. Some say that it was because of its otherworldly reputation (Trevor Ravencroft, author of a popular book about the Spear of Destiny - I think it appropriate that Demona finds part of the Spear at Ravencroft Sanitorium in the radio play - was one of these); those more sceptical about Hitler's interest in the occult think that it stemmed more from its being a Hapsburg relic and Hitler wanting to associate himself with the Hapsburgs for the sake of his public image.

I know that Demona's remark in the Radio Play reminded me at once of Greg Weisman, when asking "no ideas disguised as questions", specifically citing as an example of such a question Demona trying to assassinate Hitler in World War II, and he might have intended that line as an in-joke (it would certainly fit in with a lot of the definite in-jokes in the script, such as the Green Goblin's remark that he should ask Disney to do more with the gargoyles or Brooklyn's "couple of spin-offs" remark when mentioning Zafiro's 2198 descendant whom he'd met while timedancing).

Todd Jensen

ALGERNON> Not necessarily. This has been debated by many historians over the years. I've actually read "Mein Kampf" a number of years ago, and I don't recall these passages you are citing. Nor have I ever seen these personal writings you've mentioned.

I have read a lot about his interest and the occult, and seen History Channel documentaries on the subject.

But one thing I will say is that a lot of what Hitler did and who he was has become the subject of fantasy and conspiracy theories. To this day, no one can agree on whether he had Jewish ancestry or not (I believe he did), what exactly his personal religious beliefs were, or even what his sexual orientation was... the new popular debate is whether he was gay.

In any event, we're talking about Hitler in the "Gargoyles Universe" and what connection, if any, he had with Demona. The 2009 Radio Play script implies one, I think. And Demona did call the Spear the prize of his collection. So, as with Hellboy and Indiana Jones, I think it's safe to say that "Gargoyles Universe" Hitler was interested in the occult.

Greg Bishansky
"Personally, when it comes to rights, I believe we have unlimited rights or no rights at all. Personally, I lean towards unlimited. I feel I have the right to do anything I please. But, if I do something you don't like, I think you have the right to kill me. Where will you find a fairer deal than that?

Greg B.> "Hitler had a personal obsession with the occult, that is a widely known fact, and he never kept it a secret, even then."

Unfortunately, like a great number of "well known facts" it happens to be wrong I'm afraid. Granted many high ranking Nazis like Rudolf Hess and Heinrich Himmler had connections with esoteric groups like the Thule Society. But Hitler himself never had much interest in the Occult and openly mocked such beliefs in Mein Kampf. Indeed what little of Hitler's personal writings suggest he was rather embarrassed by some of his henchman's weirder notions.

But then again, no occult Hitler means no Hellboy and that's just wrong.


My condolences, Blaise. She sounds like she was such a sweet cat.

So, I re-read and re-watched the 2009 Radio Play recently, and a little tidbit just leaped out at me. A line of Demona's from the script:

"A simple wooden shaft. The prize of Adolph Hitler's personal collection. After his… demise, his remaining followers smuggled it to Brazil. I paid handsomely to have it smuggled to me."

Which leads me to wonder. Did Demona have a connection with Hitler? Now, I know the Radio Play is non-canonical, but Greg did keep everyone in character and said elements of the Play might end up in future canon stories.

The way she mentions his demise in the script, and the way Marina delivered the line, it is quite... suspicious.

We know that Demona is perfectly willing to ally herself with humans when it suits her purposes. She allied herself with Hakon and the Captain. She allied herself with Canmore. She allied herself with Xanatos.

Hitler had a personal obsession with the occult, that is a widely known fact, and he never kept it a secret, even then. Demona could have easily found out about that, and worked with him to achieve her own ends.

Greg also has spent the last thirteen years refusing to tell us what Demona did during World War II. He did tell us that Macbeth fought for the Allies though. And we know she most likely didn't encounter any Hunters since the last documented encounter before Charles Canmore in 1980 was Fiona Canmore in 1920.

Yes, Demona never hesitates to point of humanity's evils, but she is also enough of a hypocrite to participate and cooperate with the worst of humanity when it suits her needs.

So, what do you all think?

Just for the record, I don't think she assassinated him.

Greg Bishansky
"Personally, when it comes to rights, I believe we have unlimited rights or no rights at all. Personally, I lean towards unlimited. I feel I have the right to do anything I please. But, if I do something you don't like, I think you have the right to kill me. Where will you find a fairer deal than that?

My sympathies, Blaise. I'm glad you and your mom were able to have the closure of knowing what happened and that your mom was able to help Zoey pass away peacefully, hard as it must of been to let her go.
Demonskrye - [<---The Tigger Movie at The Ink and Pixel Club]

BLAISE - I'm sorry to hear about Zoey's passing. At least this time you knew what had happened to her, and didn't suffer from the uncertainty you must have had with the earlier disappearances.
Todd Jensen

Thanks for that, Blaise:) I had to euthenize one of my cats 3 years ago and it still hurts me. It was hard to take:( *goes to draw and think of good things*
Jade Griffin
"Get yer jammies, Ralph!" -Bill Maxwell (played by Culp), "The Greatest American Hero" -- You sure did, sir; you sure did...

****With a crack of thunder and a flash of lightning, Blaise appears in the Room. He wears a black armband around each arm (one of them noticeably smaller).**** Hey, all! It's been a while. RL's kept me from posting, but not from lurking. You can probably guess the reason for one of the bands....

R.I.P. ROBERT CULP> What can I say that hasn't already been said? I have yet to see him in "I Spy" (knowing my circle of friends, though, that will be rectified in time), but he was always a treat in Greatest American Hero, and of course he was great as Renard in Gargoyles. It had to happen sometime (and 79 years of life is nothing to sneeze at), but it is still sad to lose him.

Now, as for the other, smaller band...
BYE ZOEY KITTY> Most of the "old guard" here have at one time or another, I am sure, heard me mention how my family had lost two cats within the space of 6 months back in 1998 (just before and just after I left for college, in fact). They had just walked out and never came back. And they were still young; only about 3 years or so. And during those times, I may have mentioned the one cat that stuck around: Zoey. She stayed with my mom through a move, the loss of one dog, the adoption of 2 more dogs and a cat (a young one when she was getting old). Not only lived with FIV (the feline version of HIV) for over 6 years, but flourished in spite of it. And she always loved my singing. Seriously, even when I would call mom, Zoey would immediately gravitate towards the phone and try to listen in. And she was always one of the first to greet me whenever I visited. Technically, she was my mom's cat, but...I always felt like I "shared" her, for the times I was there.
Well (you probably saw this coming), we lost her earlier this month. Twice. Zoey had gone out early on Wednesday the 3rd...and did not come back. Nights passed, and the Oregon nights got down to about 30 degrees, and there was no sign of her. My mom figured that Zoey--who was 14 at this time, and suffering from both senile moments and impaired motor functions--had forgotten the way home or gone somewhere to die. She even made a little memorial on Facebook and everything. And then, on Thursday the 11th, at 6am, my mom heard Zoey's distinctive meow from the front door. At first she thought she was dreaming, but then the dogs reacted. There was Zoey, alive...but not moving right. One visit to the vet later, mom learned that Zoey had basically suffered a stroke. The vet could only surmise that it had disoriented her to the point where she could not find her way back home, and so she operated on instincts and hunkered down somewhere out of the cold and with access to water (she was surprisingly hydrated, under the circumstances). Somehow, she rallied enough to get back to my mom's front door. Given this diagnosis, and the unlikelihood of recovery, mom made the very hard decision to euthanize. As sad as it was, we were thankful that Zoey was able to come home one last time for my mom to say "good-bye." For myself, I had always hoped that when Zoey went, I would be there (as remote as that coincidence would have been), but I at least got to say "good-bye" back in December, the last time I visited (mom had, in fact, suggested I do so, since she wasn't sure how much longer Zoey would be around).

Well, that's enough from me. Better to find things to be happy about. Until next time! ****Blaise crosses his arms and nods his head. He immediately vanishes in a ball of flame.****


I stand corrected. Obviously, I had difficulty distinguishing between shades of light blue.

Still, I can't change my first impression, even though it turned out to be inaccurate on second thought.

Paul - [nampahcfluap at yahoo dot com]

I know this has been said a whole bunch but...I love this show!
Will - [archangelveruk at yahoo dot com]
"And floating 'round the dreary west, a looming bastion fringed with fire..."

Watched "Outfoxed" on my "Gargoyles Season Two Volume One" DVD this afternoon; I thought it would make a great way of paying tribute to the late Mr. Culp. And once again, I enjoyed his performance as Halcyon Renard; he really had a strong voice for the role. (I still particularly like the touch of Renard's belief in taking responsibility for one's actions is so strong that the moment he hears Goliath say "It was not my fault", he at once forgets that this is a weird mythical creature with batlike wings, a tail, and claws, and starts lecturing him as if Goliath was a human.)

Watching it today felt a bit odd, though. Last week, I watched "Awakening Part Five" on DVD because I wanted to remember one of Demona's lines in it with perfect accuracy (I wanted to mention it in another forum I was visiting). And now, just a week later, I was seeing "Outfoxed" with its hearkening back to Demona's destruction of Fortress One that featured so prominently in that earlier episode. And the reasons that I had for watching those two episodes were completely unrelated. Kind of spooky.

Todd Jensen

PAUL> They are completely different shades of blue, and I know this because Robby Bevard, who designed her, is a friend of mine, and when he colored her, he told me he wanted to make sure her blue was nothing like Demona's.

I think he succeeded, they are different shades of blue entirely.

Greg Bishansky
"Personally, when it comes to rights, I believe we have unlimited rights or no rights at all. Personally, I lean towards unlimited. I feel I have the right to do anything I please. But, if I do something you don't like, I think you have the right to kill me. Where will you find a fairer deal than that?

They're both pale blue. Katana is a bit paler, but they're not completely different shades, in my opinion.

Still, she does resemble the Ishimura gargoyles more.

Paul - [nampahcfluap at yahoo dot com]

PAUL> How are they similar? They are both completely different shades of blue. Demona is a red-head and Katana has black hair. They look nothing alike.

Katana, though, does seem to share the same blue coloring as this gargoyle:



Greg Bishansky
"Personally, when it comes to rights, I believe we have unlimited rights or no rights at all. Personally, I lean towards unlimited. I feel I have the right to do anything I please. But, if I do something you don't like, I think you have the right to kill me. Where will you find a fairer deal than that?

Katana's coloring is very similar to Demona's, isn't it?

That's the first thing that came to my mind, at least.

Paul - [nampahcfluap at yahoo dot com]

Demonskrye> Re:Question> I thought Greg had said that they were probably infertile or something like that.

And a question of my own regarding Greg's recent response regarding Katana. He wrote: "I just had a basic vision in my head of what she looked like. It seemed way past time for us to see a beaked female gargoyle, and as to her coloring, I have some notions as to her ancestors/descendents that defined that."
What does he mean about the ancestors/descendents? Who do you think he was talking about. Usually, Greg doesn't like to tie the artist's hands, but here he had a specific reason for her coloring. I'd like to know why, though I doubt I'll find out the answer anytime soon, if ever.

Matt - [ewoks11 at hotmail dot com]

Wingless> You didn't upset me. I came here to post that I knew about it and saw you posted too. That's all. I wanted him to be remembered doubly, because I'm such a fan, so I posted what I posted.

Phoenecian> He was a writer as well as an actor and voice actor. I believe "I Spy", which he is most famous for acting in, he wrote most of the scripts. They all forgot to mention that in the short news blurb. Only that he was a main character alongside Bill Cosby. I have never seen teh show but I bet it's awesome. I miss his Greatest American Hero character and I bought the dvds of that show when it first came out. It might seem a little corny or hokey but if you pay attention to an episode called "Lilacs, Mr. Maxwell", you'll see a difference. Culp, I believe, wrote that one, too. One of the best dub jobs I ever saw was in a Greatest American Hero ep called "The Beast In The Black". Wow. So that's my say, aside from I am surprised no one has said a thing about him. He has also appeared in some of my other favorite shows and some bizaare ones. I believe he was in Twilight Zone, Columbo, and many others.

Jade Griffin
"Get yer jammies, Ralph!" -Bill Maxwell (played by Culp), "The Greatest American Hero" -- You sure did, sir; you sure did...

I'm not sure if anyone's posted this or not; but I came across this while perusing the net.

Electric Tiki is doing a selection of figures from various Disney series; including Gargoyles. Check it out!



I Have always loved this series. It is not so often a show is so great you track it for 10+ years just to see if they may do a movie or decide to put it back on the air. This was a highly original story and the first of its kind for disney. with a little publicity this show could make a comeback!
Sarah - [roguemarie224 at yahoo dot com]

WINGLESS - Sorry. The Internet does seem quiet this week (not just in here).

I'm afraid that I was only familiar with Culp's performance as Renard, but I thought it a good one. (I should probably watch "Outfoxed" again in the next few days, as a tribute to him.)

Todd Jensen

Robert Culp: I heard the news yesterday, and (looking at a picture on the article) I recognized him as Debora's dad from Everyone Loves Raymond (and being a fan of the show, it made me sad for the cast to lose another, though a few years after the great Peter Boyle) . . .

It wasn't until just now did I recognize he was also Halcyon Renard . . . and now I'm considerably more sad, because while I've only known Culp in his most recent roles, Halcyon Renard is a character I grew up with from a young age (I started Gargoyles back when it started, so I was mere six years old), and easily one of my favorite characters from the series (I've enjoyed his Avatar in the CR for a good three years now).

His death coincidentally reminds me that Halcyon (the character now) isn't long for this world either in the series . . . one of the planned season three stories was Renard finally succumbing to his terminal disease (which is still unknown, but that's because Greg said he wanted to respectfully research one and get it right).

It's a shame that we won't see a chance to see Culp take that role again . . . I imagine it would be as tragic and poignant as the Magus's death. :(

"Integrity is never easy. It is a daily struggle, a costly struggle . . ." -- Halcyon Renard

I'm quite surprised at the lack of reaction to the passing of Robert Culp.

For those who'd like to see a list of his acting achievements - click my name and read through the list.


ad astra> If you're still poking around here, the short version of the answer to one of your questions to Greg - as I recall it - is that "cheeks" is a slang term Sean Galloway and some of his friends use to mean "cool" or "tight." Sean Galloway was one of two Seans in his group of friends, so he got the nickname to make things less confusing and it seems to have stuck. Mind you I heard this story at SDCC several years ago, so my recollection of it might not be entirely accurate.

A Question> Has Greg ever explained why Katharine and Tom never had any kids of their own? I realize that they had their hands full enough raising thirty-three gargoyles and three gargoyles beasts, but "living as husband and wife" does have certain implications and I doubt they had much access to birth control.

Action Figures> No one has contacted me yet about wanting to buy anything. What I have that's easily accessible right now includes Stone Armor Goliath, Demona, Elisa Maza, Brooklyn, Lexington, Hard Wired Broadway, Hard Wired Xanatos, Hudson, Bronx, Steel Clan Robot, Macbeth, the motorcycle, and the castle playset. Drop me an e-mail at demonskrye(at)gmail(dot)com if you're interested in any of it.

Demonskrye - [<---The Tigger Movie at The Ink and Pixel Club]

Jade-sorry I upset you with the news. He's a fave of mine too. Was first introduced to him on the Greatest American Hero. Just something about his voice-an energy, a spark, not sure. Bill Maxwell was a jerk of a character, but you couldn't help but like him cause of Culp. Can still see them snacking on milk bones. Not sure what that was about. BTW-those who haven't seen it, The Greatest American Hero is being re released on DVD-full series in May, and I think it's under 30 bucks. Great chance to see Robert Culp in action.

He was my favorite actor, the inspiration of characters, and I am going to miss him more than anyone else I know, which is saddest of all. Crying wasn't how I wanted to go to bed...
Jade Griffin
"We got 'em by the garbonzos, kid!" -Bill Maxwell (played by Culp), "The Greatest American Hero" -- You sure did, sir; you sure did...

One last Culp link-with a video clip of him.

Here's another story Link about Robert Culp.
This story says he was 79


Battle Beast: That's amazing. Would lvoe an experience like that.

Now I have some sad news. We've lost Halcyon Renard: Roberd Culp-who also starred with Bill Cosby in the 1960's TV series "I Spy" and in the 1980's in "The Greatest American Hero" died today - he was 78. *sigh*


Greg Bishansky
"Personally, when it comes to rights, I believe we have unlimited rights or no rights at all. Personally, I lean towards unlimited. I feel I have the right to do anything I please. But, if I do something you don't like, I think you have the right to kill me. Where will you find a fairer deal than that?

I was at Future Shop today buying a DVD, wearing my Gargoyles T Shirt when this guy walks up to me and asks where I got that kick-@$$ shirt. I told him. He said he loved the show, and wished he could watch it again. I promptly took him to the section where Gargoyles was stocked, and he bought both DVD sets without a thought! He was very happy, I huess; he looked that way. And when I told him about the comics, he was even more stoaked. I told him where they could be bought, and he hapily took all the information. I think there is a good chance he'll buy them, too. So That is my good new of the day!
Battle Beast - [Canada]
That is all I will say.

Thanks Matt. I appreciate it.
Chip - [Sir_Griff723 at yahoo dot com]
"I've got friends on the other side"--Dr. Facilier

Happy Birthday, Chip!
Matt - [ewoks11 at hotmail dot com]

It is, thank you very much Todd & Battle Beast.
Chip - [Sir_Griff723 at yahoo dot com]
"I've got friends on the other side"--Dr. Facilier

Happy birthday, Chip!
Todd Jensen

Happy Birthday, Chip! (Am I right?)
Battle Beast - [Canada]
That is all I will say.

I'm looking to sell a bunch of my Gargoyles merchandise, mainly the action figures. Space is at quite a premium in our house and frankly, they're just sitting around gathering dust and taking up space that I'd rather use for something else. I don't have a comprehensive list right now, but I have basic versions of most of the characters a few of the Hard Wired guys, the Elisa figure, Brooklyn's bike, and the castle playset. I may still have Xanatos's car kicking around somewhere. My Applause Demona is also for sale.

If you're interested in anything i have or want know if I have something particular, drop me a line at my "demonskrye" gmail address. I'd prefer that these go to people who are going to enjoy them rather than a radome ebay buyer or someone who has no clue who these characters are. I'm willing to give better deals if you're buying a lot of items.

Demonskrye - [<---The Tigger Movie at The Ink and Pixel Club]

Twenty-five years ago, today was an excellent day to be born...
Chip - [Sir_Griff723 at yahoo dot com]
"I've got friends on the other side"--Dr. Facilier

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that Amazon indicated they were out of their entire stock of Gargoyles trades. It looks like they're back in: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_ss_b?url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks&field-keywords=gargoyles+volume+weisman&x=0&y=0

Also, here are some early reviews of Mecha-Nation #1:

Landon Thomas - [<- Gargoyles News Twitter Feed]

In the words of Samwise Gamgee: "Well. I'm Back."

Costa Rica was a lot of fun. Had a great time. But my ears were burning thanks to Algernon, Chip and now Phoenician.

Phoenician> Thanks for the shoutout about the "Previously, in the Gargoyles Comment Room" thing. I originally started that due to my own obsession with logging my life. I have a major preoccupation with specific events in my past and keep a pretty detailed log of what I'm up to each day. For instance I can tell you that one year ago today my boyfriend and I watched the episode "Kingdom". It sounds pretty OCD, now that I write it out, but we all have our quirks, I guess.
Anyway, because of my quirk, I often find myself going into the CR archives to see what I was saying and what was going on in here in years past. I finally decided to start writing those weekly blurbs to see if anyone else was as interested as I was and to possibly get various discussions going.

After doing it for several weeks, I stopped. Honestly, at that time in my life I was a lot less busy, I can't imagine finding the time to write it all up now. I can barely find time to keep up with the CURRENT Comment Room, much less those of years past. It did occur to me that if I did it for a year, I could start reusing my previous years postings and only have to write a new paragraph for the past year, but that seemed a long way off. Furthermore, I didn't see a whole lot of interest in the project, so that didn't exactly intice me to continue.

So, that's the story on that. Glad you got something out of it and I'm glad my various posts over the years have entertained and interested you. I appreciate that.

If I only had the time I'd start it up again, but oh well.

Alright, off to bed.

Matt - [ewoks11 at hotmail dot com]

So . . . doubt the following will be a sustainable topic for the week, but I really enjoyed this find, and maybe some others will too :)

Anyways, I was browsing through the comment room archives, and while I have known for sometime that I'm far from the first or only person to do this, I found a few weeks in early 2006 where Matt was doing a weekly post of archive discussions that occurred in the same week a year (2005), two years (2004), and three years (2003) ago . . . seeing as the Comment Room Archive only goes back to June 2002, I understand why the weekly post didn't feature anything from 1995-2002 . . .

For fun, here's the last entry of PREVIOUSLY IN THE GARGOYLES COMMENT ROOM (which was actually done by the Winged Vampire due to the fact that Matt was out of town). Coincidentally, it actually corresponds to THIS week, both being the 13th of the year (go figure):

Matt's not going to be able to do the Tuesday recap as he's been doing. If it sucks, sorry, I'm not Matt, but someone's got to do it.


2003, Three years ago this week...
Demona Taina is 1st.
Happy St. Patricks Day! Discussions begin on Tuesday, setting a dark and gloomy mood for the week after beginning talk about watching episodes recorded on tape. Some mention how long it has been since the last time they have seen an episode of Gargoyles. Some feel that the fandom is dying. Other discussion includes when folks saw their first episode of gargoyles. Overall, a rather dark week.
Quote: "And as long as there are reruns, there will be new fans." -Leva

2004, Two years ago this week...
Battle Beast is 1st.
This is a busy week. The counting game goes farther than it normally does. Discussions actually begin on Tuesday, beginning with G2198 and Dark Ages and what audience base it would attract or have an effect on in comparison to that of the original series, in regard to medieval and sci-fi themes. Discussion about these and other spin-offs continue throughout the week. St. Patrick's Day on Wednesday. Folks give a list on their preference for which spin-offs they would like to see come out and their reasons for them. Some discussion continues from last week about Gargoyles airing on ABC Family.
Quote: "Today we celebrate the fellow who had the forethought to expel the snakes from Ireland, thereby keeping the island free forever of Steve Irwin. So have a happy St. Patrick's Day!" -Patrick

2005, One year ago this week...
Matt is 1st.
A slightly busy week. Discussion continues from last week about the Disney CEO. We run into various other topics such as the Manhattan clan making it's way into the next Kingdom Hearts game, the Guardians of Luna, Ninja Turtles being off limits, comparable violence in both Gargoyles and TMNT as well as other elements in Gargoyles being comparable with those in other shows, and a small topic on cosplaying. Happy Easter!
Quote: "I believe that Iger is just going to be a "puppet-CEO" for Eisner.

"I'm not a puppet, I'm a real CEO."
Nose grows.

Only when Eisner's six feet under or in a vegetative state. -Lord GargFan

Now, while I've browsed the Ask Greg recent responses since 2003, I've only lurked/posted in the CR since late 2006, so I don't remember seeing Matt's weekly reflection of topics, quotes, and firsts from previous years.

Finally, I'm not really suggesting a revival of this either. While the analysis and reflection might be fun and entertaining in several ways, it could only be endeavored by someone with a TON of time on their hands (which I believe was Matt's initial motivation, I doubt that's the case four years late d: ), especially considering that the archive IS loads bigger, a review would now encompass everything 2002-2009 . . . and seven years means a TON of more comment room archive swimming (really the only way to describe reading the archives, even when the CR is typically compared to a pub) . . .

Anyways, that's my mini-ramble of Comment Room Archive swimming. Maybe it'll amuse a few posts before a more interesting topic comes our way.

(And a random thank to Matt: While I've always enjoyed your participation in several discussions (as I do most of the regulars/lurkers around here), your four-year old posts still managed to entertain me d: )

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Yes, TV Tropes is horrifyingly addictive. "I'll just read one article real quick." (Three hours later) "Dang, I've gotten nothing done." That's the one site I don't allow myself to go to while at work.

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I agree about Tv Tropes, although that site did result in my renewed interest in Gargoyles...

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Stay away from TVTropes -- that site will take a hold of you and NOT let you go . . . XD

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