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Thanks Demonskrye! I did!
Battle Beast - [Canada]
I have started a movie challenge whereby I am wtching all 475 Best Picture nominees and winners in 365 days. I am on Day #119 and movie #136... wish me luck!

Battle Beast> Well, why don't you? I believe the e-mail address on this page is the one I used to contact him a few years back:


Demonskrye - [<---ThunderCats at The Ink and Pixel Club]

Antiyonder> I read your comment, and yah, Cussin' out Roosevelt was pretty funny. I laughed just reading your comment.

Todd> As I am watching all 475 Best Pictures Nominees, I recently watched "Citizen Kane," and so I made the connections to the scrooge story right away.

I read most of the book last night, and I read the Australian story... anytime I hear or read about the "dream time" I instantly think of Gargoyles, so that was an immediate connection for me.

Another funny bit I LOVED was young Donald booting Scrooge in the butt... the "WAK!" just killed me, but I died when Scrooge did it back! And yes, "Like mother, like son," indeed!

I wish I could write Rosa and tell him what a great job he did.

Battle Beast - [Canada]
I have started a movie challenge whereby I am wtching all 475 Best Picture nominees and winners in 365 days. I am on Day #118 and movie #135... wish me luck!

I never said that they are completly the same and would react in the same ways, but actually, Lexington forgot his "huge" grudge to save his frind brooklyn to fall in a fire sea and I think like Aang at the beginning Lex is not the typical "hero" typ and personally I think Lex wouldn't be like "Oh yes I'm going to kick the fire lord ass", but like aang just trying to have fun/work with technology.
Again: I never said their are completly the same, but I don't see why they should be compared like apples and stream machines (like Greg said)
Anyway, I don't think this discussion will bring anything, because we are both kinda stolid and have diffrent point of views (which is allowed)
See it like that: I'm just trying to support the Gargoyles with that ( not that I think I would get that much attention) and I will make more videos (to anger: Brooklyn as Hellboy 'coz they are both red and horned =P) and if you don't like it, thumb it down on YouTube or something like that. If I get some fans of Avatar seeing this and remind the gargoyles or even think about watching it the first time, I have achieved something ^.^


Lex and Aang> I'm going to have to agree with Greg on this one. Yes, the characters are alike in a lot of surface ways, but this is key: Lex overall seems less "innocent" than Aang. Lexington has a HUGE grudge against the Pack for a while, and his mood and the way he handled it...it doesn't seem like the way Aang would have acted in a similar situation. Lexington might not exactly be rugged, but he seems more worldly in comparison to Aang.
Incisivis - [incisivis at hotmail dot com]
"No live organism can continue for long to exist sanely under conditions of absolute reality; even dragonflies and katydids are supposed, by some, to dream."--Shirley Jackson

Not sure if anyone is interested, but I'll post anyway...

At this year's Comic-Con, there's a couple of exclusives that I'll attempt to purchase... One is Uncle Scrooge #392 with a variant cover showing Scrooge, Launchpad and Gizmo Duck flying over the San Diego Convention Center. The second item is Darkwing Duck #1 with a variant cover doing a parody of Frank Miller's cover of 'The Dark Knight Returns'. Each has a production run of 500 and I already know it's going to chaos just trying to squeeze into the BOOM! Studios' booth (much like the rest of the exhibit hall will be)...

I just hope I can get one of each...

The One Known As Mochi - [shogi dot keima dot 08 at gmail dot com]
Current Mood: (>**)> Comic-Con 2010 in 19 days... Where the hell is my tax refund?!

(uh, I suck in english, I needed a translator to understand this >.<)
Both have a passion they can't resist:
Aang likes riding on or with strange stuff (like the Koi-riding thing)
Lexington likes technology (like me motorbike scene)
Both aren't the best with fighting or rather don't really like to fight, if it isn't so protect their frinds, they rather want to follow their passions
Both are kinda the only one who can use their ability (Aang airbending, Lexington technology under the other gargoyles)
Their deepest diffrent might be that aang has his great quest to save the world and everything and grows with that task, during Lexington sinks in his side-character role (*wants a separate story like timedancer for him >.<*)
But they are definite NOT like apples and stream machines. Of course they are not "the same" or something like that. Their worlds, stories and importance for the story are complete diffrent, but their are still surpising much bond.


RAZ> You see, I think those similarities are superficial only. But scratch the surface, and the characters aren't alike psychologically at all.
Greg Bishansky
Demona likes Buffalo Wings.

Besides that the whole Gargoyles idea with the 1000 years sleep, destruction of their races and confusion in a strong changed world is kinda similar to the avatar story of 100 years sleep, dustruction of the airbenders and a war that covers the world - Lexington and Aang have kinda funny personalities, have a strong will to protect their frinds and such things.
Only because Lexingtons main characteristic is his interisting in technologie doesn't means he and Aang are complete diffrent.


RAZ> <<I heard that the actual movie sucks like hell, but the role of Aang fits Lexington kinda well xD>>

How? Aside from them both being short and bald, the characters have as much in common as apples and steam engines.

Greg Bishansky
Demona likes Buffalo Wings.

I heard that the actual movie sucks like hell, but the role of Aang fits Lexington kinda well xD
But I'm german, so I don't have the chance to watch this movie yet ( but I think I don't want to waste my money one some nice 3D effect + a horrible film adaption of a really cute and funny series)


Raz> I like this one better:


Greg Bishansky
Demona likes Buffalo Wings.

Hi everybody. After I watched the "The Last Airbender" Trailer, I decided to make a crossover trailer with Lexington as my Aang. The result you can see here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9HxUJjZ-D4Y
A little try to remind the people of the gargoyles.
(Sorry for the bad english, I'm german ^.^>)


BATTLE BEAST - Glad that you liked the second half of "The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck" (or what you've read of it so far). The "Citizen Kane" parody at the start of the last chapter is one of my favorites.

(The next-to-last chapter is also one of my favorites, combining some great drama with more historical elements: [SPOILER] Scrooge beating Peary to the North Pole, meeting Nicholas II - with a sign on the throne room wall saying "Impending Revolution Sale!" - and voyaging on the "Titanic" [/SPOILER].)

I mentioned earlier that I thought that the McDuck family history in Scotland would probably resonate with "Gargoyles" fans, especially the part about one of Scrooge's ancestors helping out Macbeth, but Ed Reynolds pointed out to me that the Australia chapter might do the same, with Scrooge befriending an Aborigine shaman and learning about the Dreamtime. (I liked the prediction of Donald, Huey, Dewey, and Louie at the end.)

And after having met Hortense, I could definitely view her and Donald as a case of "Like mother, like son."

Todd Jensen

Battle Beast> I found it funny, in the Companion, that Scrooge aquired T.R.'s #1 teddy Bear.

Kind of funny, but I'd say the scenes I found to be funny were (spoilers in case you missed those scenes since you were skimming):


1. Hortense cussing out Roosevelt.
2. Scrooge mentioning in the flashback how he'd never pay a relative 30 cents an hour, only to flash to the present with Donald gloating about his 30 cents an hour pay. [/SPOILER]

Antiyonder - [antiyonder at yahoo dot com]
Algernon's comment about Norman Osborn: One of the neat things about Dark Reign is that it gives Osborn the chance to expand his horizons beyond tormenting a twenty nine year old who still lives with his mom.

Well, I jsut pre-ordered my Electrik Tiki Goliath Statue from Sideshow Collectables. I used them before to get a Rescue Rangers statue, and they were very quick and the cost was great... so I'll use them again. it sucks that the Staue will ship NEXT year; I don't know why the pre-order started June 10th and the shipment is early next year...

The staute is expensive, but if it sells well, they may do others, like Demona, and THAT would be sweet!

I got my copy of "Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck," and I've only read the first story, and the last, but I loved it! I found the "Citizen Kane" parody spot on and hilarious. It was cool to see the reactions of the boys and Donald when Scrooge opened his bin and there is 100 feet of money in there. He was right, too: Every coin represented the hard work he had to do all his life. I respect that aspect of his opinion, but I think he's going overboard in saying that "every cent must be ther!" What a facinating character.

Oh, and I did skim over the other story with Teddy Roosevelt, and I'm anxious to read that one.

I found it funny, in the Companion, that Scrooge aquired T.R.'s #1 teddy Bear.

I flipped through the book and was immediately draw to the "Donald Duck Family tree". That answered a LOT of my questions.Incidently, I found it funny that Huey, Dewey and Louis' father was covered up... can't tell who he is. LOL.

Battle Beast - [Canada]
I have started a movie challenge whereby I am wtching all 475 Best Picture nominees and winners in 365 days. I am on Day #117 and movie #134... wish me luck!

BRAINIAC - Yes, I noticed that from the start.
Todd Jensen

Kirk Webster, Jr.> You *DO* know about the new comics, right? If not...


KingCobra_582 - [KingCobra582 at gmail dot com]
Grr. Arg.

Todd> Personally, I always thought they were just creating an interesting dichotomy of two major elements of English folklore. I mean, come on, Merlyn's real name is Arthur King!
Brainiac - [OSUBrainiac at gmail dot com]
There is balance in all things. Live in symmetry with the world around you. If you must blow things up and steal from those around you, THAT'S WHAT RPGS ARE FOR!

can you all plese make gargoyal come back with new episodes because they don't make good cartoons any more like this. I think if it came back it would be a hit.
kirk webster jr - [karmykirk at aol dot com]
Kirk E. Webster Jr

Battle Beast - [Canada]
I have started a movie challenge whereby I am wtching all 475 Best Picture nominees and winners in 365 days. I am on Day #116 and movie #133... wish me luck!


ALGERNON - Yes, I didn't think that "Merlyn" was the same as the Arthurian Merlin (even though T. H. White has popularized the alternate spelling), though I'd wondered whether he might be loosely modelled on him, the same way that Green Arrow's clearly a DC Comics updated adaptation of Robin Hood. The picture of him on the wiki web pages does look vaguely "sorcerous" (though clearly a far cry from the conventional depiction of Merlin as an old white-bearded man), though that obviously doesn't have much to do with archery. (I assume that the people at DC figured that it would be too obvious to give Green Arrow a nemesis with a name like "Sheriff", "Nottingham", or "Guy Gisbourne".)

Todd Jensen

TODD> Completely different character MerlYn is sorta Green Arrow's evil counterpart and member of the League of Assasins, an organisation once headed by Ras al Ghul himself.

The Arthurian Merlin does exist in the DCU though, he's Etrigin's half brother. Here's his wikipage...


Todd> I'm betting that should actually be Merlyn the Magician (aka Arthur King), Green Arrow's inspiration and opposite.


Brainiac - [OSUBrainiac at gmail dot com]
There is balance in all things. Live in symmetry with the world around you. If you must blow things up and steal from those around you, THAT'S WHAT RPGS ARE FOR!

I just came across a brief news item at Comics Continuum about the Green Arrow animated short that Greg Weisman will be writing; it said that one of Green Arrow's adversaries in the story will be someone called "Merlyn the Magnificent". Does anyone here more of an expert on DC Comics than I am know more about this character? From the name, I suspect that he's not *the* Merlin, but someone (probably a crooked stage magician) borrowing his name for the sake of the image, but I'd like to know if that's so.
Todd Jensen

Greg B> That is pretty cool. It's gotta be Hudson. Guess someone was a Gargoyles fan.
Matt - [ewoks11 at hotmail dot com]
"For science, which, as my associate Fang indicated, must move ever forward. Plus there's the money... and I do love the drama!" -Sevarius, 'Louse'

Rebel>"But in a culture where you pretty much only ever have one mate your whole life until one of you dies and the remaining partner doesn't choose another mate, would your friends really be able to classify you as gay, straight, bi? "

Yes, because as Brooklyn and Goliath prove: just because you mate for life doesn't mean you're only attracted to one being over the course of your life.

Harlan Phoenix

In Season 1 episode 3 of gargoyles there is an error where Broadway's wings are not shown.
Raghu Seetharaman - [rags751 at yahoo dot com]
Raghu Seetharaman

I am kind of sad that the rest of the episodes haven't been released on DVD because of not having sold enough copies.
Raghu Seetharaman - [rags751 at yahoo dot com]
Raghu Seetharaman

So, I just picked up the AllSpark Almanac Volume 2. This is by far the nerdiest and most thorough guidebook ever written for anything. The references to other pieces of geeklore are overwhelming in this book.

Well, in one episode, two of the characters were playing a fighting video game. It was only for a few seconds, and the author of this book decided to devote two whole pages to that game, so he created a cast of characters for it.

Look at this:


Greg Bishansky
Demona likes Buffalo Wings.

Don't: it's been asked, and Weisman has already stated that he won't answer it.
Ian Perez - [doknowbutchie at gmail dot com]

My question is what did titania whisper at Fox's ear in the second part of the Gathering Episode?
Raghu Seetharaman - [rags751 at yahoo dot com]
Raghu Seetharaman

DEMONSKRYE - Thanks for the warning. I hope I don't have a stalker.
Todd Jensen

Daniel> Make sure they're questions which:

1. Haven't been asked.
2. Aren't asking Greg for Gargoyles spoiler.

Also, run them in here first as:
1. It could be a question someone here could answer.
2. Someone can point you to a page where Greg answered the question.

Doing this would be a start in limiting the question build up.


This is completely unrelated to everything else, but I just realized that there's only 9 unanswered questions left! I assume after Greg's done it will open up again for asking questions. *runs off to make a list of questions*
"Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning." (Psalms 30:5)

One of the searches that just recently brought someone to my site was for "recluse Todd Jensen."

Maybe they were looking for someone else, but still, weird.

Demonskrye - [<---The Ink and Pixel Club turns 1!]

Halloweenking - Thanks for posting the radio play! Much appreciated!
L.T. Williams

::sneaks in, licks people and perches on a rafter to resume sporadic lurking::
Aingeal - [aingealfire at gmail dot com]
"Do not meddle in the affairs of Dragons, for you are crunchy and good with ketchup."

Is this the part where all the self-identified homosexual denizens of the Comment Room have to chime in?

Oh alright then...

I think Rebel makes a great point about gargoyles not being humans with wings and for the most part I strongly agree with Harlan Phoenix's assessment as well. I am also a gay dude that doesn't really fit the stereotype at all. Aside from the rare mentions in this Room, I doubt many of you would have any reason to suspect I am gay. I've met several people at the Gatherings that clearly had no idea.

I guess what I'd like to say on the matter is that Lex's actions in the series and comics really seem very realistic to me. In a lot of ways, I feel like I've lived the same experiences when it comes to discovering my orientation. And that is really what this is about for Lex, self discovery.

Like Lex I grew up in a family unit that didn't seem to state an opinion on homosexuality one way or another. It was a non-issue. Like Lex I pursued females in my youth because it was the thing that my peers were doing. I had a girlfriend for a while. She knew I was gay before I knew I was, and I can honestly say that I knew Lexington was gay before I knew I was as well. Sometimes I wonder if I knew Lex was gay before Greg Weisman. I can recall being a 13 year old in 1995 and when discussing Angela's romantic future I quipped "Well, it won't be Lex because he is gay." I didn't realize I was gay til I was 18.

And what brought me to that realization? I think it is the same thing that is going on with Lex. I met a guy and had an intense attraction to him and it caused me to look at my feelings in a new way which led to the realization that I was gay. It didn't matter if the guy was straight or not (he was, alas). I think for Lex, this is happening with Staghart. I don't know whether Staghart is gay or not (though I suspect he is), but there are subtle clues in the comics that Lex has developed his first real crush on the gargoyle. I think Greg Weisman has done this on purpose and I praise him for his attention to realism. I think Lex's feelings for Amp, whether they are ever returned or not, are the first step for him realizing this sexuality.

Anyway, maybe Lexington being gay wasn't something apparent to the casual viewer/reader, but I think those of us that have lived the experience can see it better and are often not surprised.

Anyway, thats just my take on it.


I had a thought about sexuality and Gargoyles today and I figured I'd share it. I dunno if I expressed it coherently, but whatever.

I wonder if Gargoyles have a full understanding of what homosexuality, heterosexuality, and bisexuality, actually *is.* I feel like an important part of understanding sexuality is that you know that a heterosexual individual will reliably choose opposite sex mates and opposite sex sexual opportunities over the course of their lifespan, a homosexual individual (at least, if they are honest with themselves) will reliably choose same-sex mates and same-sex sexual opportunities over the course of their lifespan, and bisexual individuals will reliably choose whatever they are in the mood for at the time, over the course of their lifespan. To me, being a girl in love with a girl isn't necessarily hard proof that you're gay. Being gay is when you are attracted to the same sex (duh), but to me the thing that *proves* that you're gay (to other people) is that given choice after choice over an extended time period, you reliably keep choosing girls instead of guys (though choose a guy once in a while isn't impossible). Because sometimes people fool around with, and even sometimes fall in love with, people who are not of the gender they are habitually attracted to. Yes, it happens. I fell in love with a dude once. I'm a gay female. And I've known straight girls who fell in love with other women. So, I feel like looking at one romance in a person's life isn't enough to tell you what their sexuality is, because what if that one romance was a "fluke" and was outside of what would otherwise be the norm for that person?

But in a culture where you pretty much only ever have one mate your whole life until one of you dies and the remaining partner doesn't choose another mate, would your friends really be able to classify you as gay, straight, bi? Because what if you're a bi male gargoyle and it just so happens that the mate you choose is male? This doesn't make you gay. Or if you choose a female mate? That doesn't make you straight. I have a suspicion that in gargoyle culture, maybe there isn't a concern with sexuality, because you don't go around dating that much. In other words, there is never a real opportunity for you to predictably keep choosing members of Sex A or Sex B, because you only ever get to choose one person. In other words, I don't think Lex's clan isn't going to be thinking, "Oh that's interesting, Lexington likes males," rather I think they'll be thinking, "Lexington likes Amp," (or whoever Lex ends up with). It may not even occur to them to figure out that if Lex was completely honest with himself, he would choose Brooklyn, Broadway, Griff, Gabriel, Coldstone, Amp, etc., all before he would choose Angela. Unless, of course, Lexington sat them down and explained this to them, and said, "I LIKE PENIS" but I really don't see that happening. I think with Gargoyles, maybe they don't classify individuals by their sexualities because they never fully get to see sexualities in action. Maybe Gargoyles just think that most Gargoyles choose mates of the opposite sex, but once in a while a Gargoyle might choose a mate of the same sex because they are right for each other. Just as Gargoyles understand that most Gargoyles choose mates from their own rookery, but sometimes a Gargoyle might choose a mate from a different rookery, because they are right for each other.


I have uploaded the last part of The Spectacular Spider-Man meets Gargoyles radio play that was filmed during the 13th Annual Gathering of the Gargoyles in LA here is the link to the last part of it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_HMzrajpACk you can also check the other 6 parts of the radio play including the credits showing who played each character. I hope you enjoy it.
Halloweenking - [halloweenking28 at yahoo]
My Signature

Beth>"So if Lex was raised in a society that was totally neutral/supportive of this, then why still be confused when your approaching your 20's? Not that anything isn't possible of course. Just seems a little less likely. You know?"

Um, not really. If anything (and I speak with personal experience), sometimes a perfectly accepting environment isn't ALWAYS a good thing. Being gay at its innermost core isn't necessarily any different from being heterosexual (just being attracted to the same gender as yourself), but when it comes to societal expectations...you really can't WIN, I've noticed. But I live in Smalltown, Ohio.

I mean, on one hand, you can kind of just immerse yourself into dat gay culture. But one thing I've noticed? Homophobia was never quite as damaging to me as interacting with other homosexuals was. I mean, sure, people staring me down like they hated me when they'd never spoken to me (gotta love Smalltown) was bad, but I had a friendcrew. So I could shake that off by going to a bro's after school and playing Super Smash Bros for hours on end. But interacting with other gay people was something else entirely.

Because there is a lot of it that's internal. Take me for instance. I'm basically a straight male who is attracted to males (if we can use stereotypes for a second to illustrate a picture)...most of the people in my general area...a large...general area, are basically women with penises. Which, you know, whatever. Anyone can act however they want as long as they don't hurt anybody. I really couldn't care one way or the other. But at the same time...I can't relate to that, personally. I can't relate to those people. Because I'm not a large target for homophobia because people just don't care because I'm that goshdarn normal and more concerned with "DUDE WE SHOULD TOTALLY WATCH SPIDER-MAN DUDE" than "DUDE I LIKE DUDES DUDE." But there's this specific, prominent class of people I'm supposed in the same "group" with...who I can rarely relate with. It sounds mean, but stereotypes start for a reason and there is a prominent characteristic like that.

So from my perspective, just to help you understand (because while his reasons are different, I can get into Lex's point of view quite easily)...coming out was pointless for me. I don't date much anyway, my friends (straight males who play a bunch of video games and watch bad sci fi movies) don't care one way or the other...there's simply little reason for me to have ever come out, even though I did. Because I can't help but suspect that coming out actually puts pressure on some people...since you're out and proud, you have to be out and PROUD. Just conditioned into that weird flamboyancy (not that this isn't someone's natural state, I just wonder if the expectations of the gay community plays a big part into why the only gay people I meet prefer introducing me with "HAAAAAAAAAAAY!") But INTERNALLY, my own identity didn't really require outing myself. And trying to get into interacting with other homosexuals wasn't the experience I thought it was about 80% of the time.

Now, at the same time, I don't think Lex would be affected much by this...or not in this way. Gargoyles strike me as too naturalistic to have stereotypes...at least, stereotypes for that. So Wyvern-era gargs probably wouldn't care one way or the other nor would a big deal be made, probably similar to animals.

But in MANHATTAN? Have you read the latest Radio Play? There's a neat bit where Brooklyn's age is brought up as a concern: now that he's older, can be still relate to his two best friends? Lex, Brooklyn, and Broadway are all growing up in their own ways, but they still want that bond and rightfully so. I think the big reason Lexington doesn't realize he's gay is simply because...he has no reason to realize it. He's not concerned with romance, because...why should he be? He's rightfully content in his family unit. And why would anyone really suspect they were gay by coming across a member of the opposite sex and not being attracted? My first thought would be "I don't find this person attractive," not "I LIKE PENIS." He probably won't realize it until he meets a male gargoyle he finds attractive, simply because I don't foresee him thinking much on romance in his alone time. And I don't think, on some level, you want something that separates you from your friend who's suddenly an 80-year old hardassed TimeDancer and a lovable oaf settling into his life with wife. So why would you really actively try to realize things that aren't immediately important to the biggest relationships in your life-that is, with your two best friends. It's just irrelevant information.

But it's an internal thing, and my long rambling story at the beginning was a point of reference. "I should've stayed in the closet because I'm usually not too into being out of it." But with Lex, it feels more like, "I don't realize there's a closet here, why would I need to?" It's a personal thing and it varies from individual to individual. Just because people around us would be okay with it doesn't mean we should be here, queer, and many people should start getting accustomed.

I don't really mind that Lex hasn't realized he's gay yet, and I can wait because...honestly, his homosexuality is probably the least interesting thing about him. Which is a testament to how great a character he is. I'm more interested in his flaws. Particularly how Brentwood reflects some of those flaws. His path as a canon-in-training businessman. But his love life? Eh. I guess. I won't hate it, but I'm not anticipating it. I'm indifferent, though I've no doubt it'll be done well.

Harlan Phoenix

Antiyonder> Yes, you're more than welcome to add those links to GargWiki.

If you're wondering about the Gargoyles Wikia, however, you'd probably have to ask them - I don't think anyone from that site frequents this one (but I could be wrong).


Greg's Green Arrow short will be on the Superman/Batman: Apocalypse DVD released on September 28: http://www.comicbookmovie.com/fansites/VoicesFromKrypton/news/?a=19546 I think it might be the first Blu-Ray release of a Greg cartoon.
Landon Thomas - [<- Gargoyles News Twitter Feed]

Scratch that, I meant to just ask if linking to them would be okay.

And sorry for the double post.


concerning the Garg Wikia, on YouTube several users have uploaded a playthrough of the Gargoyles game for the Sega Genesis. If I could get permission from either of them, would it be okay to link to the playthrough on the Sega Genesis game article (External Link)?

Greg- Really? I guess I'll just never get it then. I've always been able to guess pretty accurately myself, and I never sensed anything. It seems (taking a look at old fan fiction, art and the like) that most other people didn't pick up on it either. He showed interest during ep. 18 (like the others), and he showed interest in Angela (like the others). He just gave up first. I have heard people say, in argument to this, that he was just confused. But didn't Greg say that Gargoyles, as a race, didn't have any trouble accepting homosexuality? Yeah, it may have been more rare to see it happen, but it must have been common enough. I wonder about this only because my friends and relations that are gay say that they knew they were different from when they were very young, but that the difficulty came in accepting it, and then telling the world. So if Lex was raised in a society that was totally neutral/supportive of this, then why still be confused when your approaching your 20's? Not that anything isn't possible of course. Just seems a little less likely. You know?

There has been no news about the second half of Season Two on DVD lately, and the last I heard was that it won't be coming out at all.
Paul - [nampahcfluap at yahoo dot com]

Hello, I was wondering if it was possible to find out if the rest of Gargoyles second season on DVD was going to be released anytime soon? I was also wondering if season 3 would be released as well and when I could look for it? I'm a huge fan and hope to own all the episodes on DVD. I hope someone knows because it's driving me crazy. Thank you.
Robert - [browning9592695926 at yahoo dot com]
Robert Browning

BETH> Lex set off my gaydar. I was in the room when Greg revealed it, for almost everyone there it was an "I KNEW IT!" moment. Not quite sure I can explain.

That being said, I know a lot of gay people who dated members of the opposite gender before realizing they were gay. It's a lot more common than you think.

Greg Bishansky
Demona likes Buffalo Wings.

Antiyonder- I always assumed that Lex dropped out because it simply made sense to do so. Lex dating or mating with Goliath's daughter? Lex goes off and does his own thing despite Goliath's wishes more often than anyone else in the clan. Did anyone think that would have worked? Talk about awkward. "Angela... where is Lexington?...Again." "Oh...um Well Father... " Sure. That would have lasted. *shakes head just thinking about it* I dunno. To me, someone realizing that they are not right for another person doesn't equal proof of their sexuality. But thanks for letting me know. Did anyone else hear or see anything?

MATT - Interesting question, particularly about whether Demona was waiting for Goliath to awaken. Though even without that, I suspect that she'd have had difficulty taking on another mate, simply because of all her issues - running about venting her self-hatred on humanity to avoid facing responsibility for her part in the Wyvern Massacre (not to mention the 1057 massacre) would probably not have left her open to look for love again.
Todd Jensen

Beth> To be perfectly honest, I'm in the category that didn't even consider Lexington's sexuality until Greg W pointed it out. But one thing that he used to point it out was Turf.

Yes the episode could be used to disprove that Lex is gay, but the only reason he pursued Angela is because it seemed to be the in-thing to do. Heck, upon reading the comics, we see that Lex isn't brokenhearted at all by Angela choosing Broadway.


It's been a while, so this topic is probably beyond well done, but I was wondering if someone could tell me what occasions in Gargoyles made fans see that the character Lex was gay? I really never saw it. Was there something in particular I missed? Just curious. Thanks all.

Interesting questions, Matt.

I'm not sure if I remember this correctly (maybe I'm just extrapolating from Greg's hints), but the end of Brooklyn's first Timedance may also affect their interaction in "Temptations". Brooklyn, Mary, and Finella arrive in 1970 with the Grimorum, and eventually Xanatos gets the Grimorum and Puck introduces Demona and Xanatos. I don't remember if those stories and connected, and maybe Brooklyn didn't bump into Demona again in the 70's, but if he did then that would add another layer to "Temptations".

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Sorry for the double post... thought I'd get a conversation going.

I've been thinking a lot about the Brooklyn's first TimeDance and how it relates to Demona and the events in "Temptation". At some point, Demona figured out that Brooklyn did not escape the Sleep Spell. What do you guys think she thought about Brook? Did that confirm in her mind that Goliath and the rest would eventually wake up? Is that why she never chose another mate? She was waiting for Goliath? And what did she think of Brooklyn? Did she wonder why he lied to her in 997? Why did she choose him to attempt to subvert in "Temptation"?

Just some thoughts and questions.

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"For science, which, as my associate Fang indicated, must move ever forward. Plus there's the money... and I do love the drama!" -Sevarius, 'Louse'

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Hey, HalloweenKing, thanks for posting the radio play. It's very cool! When are you posting the rest? (There is more, right?)

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Question for fellow Scrooge fans. Of all of the Ducktales/Uncle Scrooge trades I have:

- Carl Barks' Greatest Ducktales Stories Volume 1-2
- Walt Disney Treasures: Uncle Scrooge "A Little Something Special"
- The Life And Times of Scrooge McDuck (The trade by Gemstone containing all 12 issues)
- The Life And Times of Scrooge McDuck Companion
- Ducktales: Scrooges Quest
- Ducktales: A Gold Odyssey

Any other collected material that I don't have?


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