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SAMUAL> Glad you enjoyed it, you should check out the rest of the micro-eps when you get the chance, they got almost twenty of them online by now. Between this show and Young Justice, now's a good time to be a fan of superhero toons.
Make a REAL "Gargoyles" movie, Disney!

Hm. So, I'm really excited for Young Justice, it looks really good. I initially had no interest in Avengers: Mightiest Heroes, but that micro-episode was actually pretty good. It pulls hardcore from the Iron Man movies.
Now, now. Language...

My immediate reaction to reading that coverage:


Masterdramon - [kmc12009 at mymail dot pomona dot edu]
"People try to put us down...Talking 'bout My Generation!" - Roger Daltrey of The Who

IGN: http://tv.ign.com/articles/112/1126674p1.html and Newsarama: http://www.newsarama.com/tv/nycc201-young-justice-animated-101009.html on the Young Justice panel at New York Comic Con. Lots of character and plot tidbits. The one hour pilot will premiere on November 26 with more episodes in 2011. The tone will be right down the middle between Justice League and Teen Titans with over 150 DCU characters in the first 18 episodes. Character designs are more realistic than usual for a DC cartoon and are closer to the recent direct-to-video DC movies. Crispin Freeman plays the Guardian (I think that's new info).
Landon Thomas - [<- Gargoyles News Twitter Feed]

*checks computer to confirm this is the right time to post to make it look like a random time *

Todd - I saw bits of that on my local pbs station.

Justin - I share your joy. When I finally got the last two paperbacks . . too much to say.

dph of rules
whatever happened to simplicity

SUPERMORFF - Pity I missed the opening scenes. I hope the "Great Performances" movie gets repeated again at some later date, or comes out on DVD. (Though the adaptation of Act Four, Scene One - where Macbeth's consulting the witches and their Apparitions - gives me some idea of what the witches' first appearance was like.)
Todd Jensen - [merlyn1 at mindspring dot com]

Hey, Todd, I actually saw that production on stage! The opening scenes with those witches were the only time I've ever seen Macbeth performed and actually been scared.

A bit off-topic, but last night, the local PBS station ran a movie version of "Macbeth" on "Great Performances", a recent production starring Patrick Stewart in the title role. It reset the play in what looked like the Soviet Union in the 1940's - of course, there Macbeth's murders of everyone whom he sees as a threat (or their relatives, if they aren't available - as in Macduff's case) would certainly fit in. The Weird Sisters were dressed up like nurses, and when Macbeth goes to consult them (the Act IV, Scene i moment), he met them in what looked like a morgue, with the Three Apparitions being dead bodies whom the Weird Sisters were linking to in some weird way. Banquo's murder takes place on board a train (the Murderers enter his car disguised as conductors, and after killing him, shoot all the other passengers - except for Fleance, who escapes, of course - to ensure no witnesses). Unfortunately, I tuned in a bit late (during the Porter scene) so I missed the opening scenes, and I had to turn it off at 10:30 p.m. (lights out rules in my apartment building) before the final scenes (it had just reached the point where Macbeth learns that Birnam Wood is marching on him). But it was a lot of fun to watch, if creepy at times.

I think it might count as relevant here, given the links between "Gargoyles" and "Macbeth".

Todd Jensen - [merlyn1 at mindspring dot com]

So in the interest of drumming up a little conversation, anyone here checking out the new [1]Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes[/i] from Marvel? DisneyXD and Marvel have been releasing five minute "micro-eps" online eveyday for the past two weeks, and so far it looks fairly promising. At the very least, should help ya get your superhero fix 'til "Young Justice" hits the airwaves.


Make a REAL "Gargoyles" movie, Disney!

(Chirp, chirp, chirp)
Vinnie - [tpeano29 at hotmail dot com]

Finally bought the trade paperbacks today! All of them... Vol. 1 and 2 of Clan Building and Bad guys!!!!

Thank you.
So could, please, give me their e-mail?

Brian Bartoccini
"Everyone is equal..." - Goliath


<<One minute before I red a question of Patrick Gilchriest, if all he said will happen, do you think there will be hope that Disney will release the DVDs and the comic books in other countries?>>

You'd have to ask Disney, no one here is really qualified to answer this question.

<<What about the BOOM Studios, are they started their work with M.r. Weisman?>>

Boom! Studios hasn't even announced that they're doing a "Gargoyles" comic yet. We hope they will, but as far as we know, it's not happening yet.

Greg Bishansky

Sorry if I disturb you again guys.
One minute before I red a question of Patrick Gilchriest, if all he said will happen, do you think there will be hope that Disney will release the DVDs and the comic books in other countries?
What about the BOOM Studios, are they started their work with M.r. Weisman?
Thank you guys, I hope my english it's understandable and sorry again.

Brian Bartoccini
"Everyone is equal..." - Goliath

Rebel: "The question I have trouble with is, what happens to any "dirtiness" that accumulates under a gargoyle's clothes?"

I'm not sure if this is simply due to S&P, but when Goliath took off the bandage on his hand in "Awakening," there was no dried blood on his skin or on the bandage.

Paul - [nampahcfluap at yahoo dot com]

One other drawback to Goliath and his clan having to move out of the castle again: it was already done in Season One. So Greg would have to work hard to keep a second move from seeming repetitive. (Well, it could be done by making Goliath far less stubborn this time.)
Todd Jensen - [merlyn1 at mindspring dot com]

The Gargoyles trade paperbacks also ship from France, Germany, and the UK:




Landon Thomas - [<- Gargoyles News Twitter Feed]

No it isn't. Amazon ships internationally. It's not impossible.
Greg Bishansky

Sorry again, I know I am very tired of my question.
I do not think I can buy the comic books from Italy, it be impossible.

Brian Bartoccini

BRIAN> Why don't you buy the graphic novels on amazon.com? They ship internationally.
Greg Bishansky

Very sorry if I harass you again, I red in Gargwikipedia, Macbeth asked help from the Manhattan Clan to protect the Stone of Destiny,
Did Macbeth know about Illuminati intenctions?
Thank you and sorry again.

Brian Bartoccini

We actually saw this in the series. Recall that in Hound of Ulster, Goliath, Elisa and Angela found themselves mud-covered, but alive, under the Banshee's control. When Goliath and Angela woke up, the mud was cast off with their skin and they were completely clean. Elisa was not.
Matt - [St Louis, Missouri, USA]
"But what do you call each other?" "'Friend...'" - Tom and Brooklyn, "Awakening, Part One"

PATRICK> I think there's more than six gargoyles and one beast now. ;)
Greg Bishansky

Supermoff > I always assumed that gargoyles didn't need to bathe. Pre-humility spell, if a gargoyle wore clothes to sleep, those clothes would not turn to stone and would rip to shreds and fly off the gargoyle's body when it awoke. Which suggests to me that, pre-humility spell, anything that wasn't part of a gargoyle's body would not turn to stone with it when the the sun rose, and would thus sit on top of the gargoyle's stone skin and be sloughed off when it awoke. So every time the sun rises and sets, gargoyles are cleansed. At least, that's what I'm assuming.

After the humility spell, it was possible for things to turn to stone with the gargoyles--their clothing, weapons, and anything that they felt was their own belongings. But if a gargoyle gets a smear of mud on its leg, I doubt that it is going to consider that mud to be its own possession. So the mud wouldn't turn to stone but would instead sit atop the stone skin layer and be shed when it wakes up. So I don't think gargoyles need to bathe, but that's just my own hypothesis.

The question I have trouble with is, what happens to any "dirtiness" that accumulates under a gargoyle's clothes?

Gargoyles Movie - [Rebel (trying to help with Google bombing)]

Patrick> Do gargoyles need to bathe? I mean, they expel waste through stone skin but do they need to bathe as well? Do they sweat like humans do?

Six gargoyles, their beast, and Elisa all living in a one-bedroom, one-bath NYC apartment... sounds like "Gargoyles" going back to it's beginnings and turning into a sit-com.
"A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men." - Willy Wonka

****The great, flaming Phoenix appears in the Comment Room. It leans over, opens it's beak, and (with a rather loud retching sound) up-chucks Blaise onto the floor. The Phoenix vanishes.**** Well, I don't really recommend that particular mode of transportation.

BRIAN BARTOCINNI> No, I do not believe the clan will go looking for a new "refuge" anytime in the near future.
They really do not have much of a choice in this matter. If they leave the castle, they chance exposing themselves to a city that is not particularly friendly toward them. Making tentative forays out into the city (as Angela and the Trio do at the start of "Reunion") is not the same thing as living out there full time. Elisa's apartment doesn't quite work--it is too small and too well known to too many enemies (Demona and the Quarrymen, for starters). At least the Eerie building is more secure on that score.
As for what the clan will think of Xanatos's involvement in the whole Stone of Destiny situation...well, Xanatos did summon Coldstone and Coldfire to the battle (re-read "The Rock" and "Rock and Roll" and pay special attention to when Xanatos pressed a switch hidden in his coat, and when Coldfire started picking up a tracking signal). Being responsible (in part) for their return to the clan may help offset any animosity Goliath and the others might feel towards him. Besides, as far as the gargoyles are concerned, going after the Stone is just Xanatos being Xanatos (they expect him to do this sort of thing).
One last thing: I truly believe there was some good-will in Xanatos's rescue of the clan in "Hunter's Moon: Part Three." The gargoyles did help save Xanatos's family (twice if you count foiling "Operation: Clean Slate," and why wouldn't you?). Family is important to Xanatos, and I think Xanatos was being honest when he said he owed Goliath a debt he "may never be able to repay." All of this is in addition to the respect he already feels for the clan. Was there some self-interest involved? This is Xanatos we are talking about, so of course there is. But, I think Xanatos's rescue had more to it than that.
Xanatos is not the "full-time good guy" that "The Goliath Chronicles" made him out to be, but he has learned that one has to give in order to take (at least, to give a little bit...sometimes...if you have to).

Right, I'm off. Until next time! ****Blaise gives himself a quick shake and goes to pieces...literally. The many tiny pieces of Blaise float out through every opening in every wall until no part of Blaise remains in the Room.****


Brian > Yes, they definitely realized they were obeying Xanatos.
Gargoyles Movie - [Rebel (trying to help with Google bombing)]

I red ten times my question about Xanatos and I see I have to be more understandable:1) I think my question that I've already write, you probably understand. 2) We know the London clan, Hudson and Lexington and co. fight against Coyote and his allies, did Hudson and his allies understand they obeied to Xanatos?
Brian Bartoccini

*previous comment was in reference to the Stone of Destiny arc*
Daniel B
"Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning." (Psalms 30:5)

Let's see...you were asking if the Gargoyles ever found out what Xanatos' real schemes were and how he was using them? I'm not entirely sure...I don't remember any indication that they found out, but it's been a while since I read that story, and when I did I found it rather confusing. ^^;
Daniel B
"Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning." (Psalms 30:5)

I know and I agree with you, guys.
He help them, and then he use them for his objectives. And, because of this, maybe the gargoyles will must to find an other refuge where they can sleep and be safe from Castaway.
Remember, I want only precises his behaviour.
Ehi, could you, please, answer my question of my secon comment of this day? Because thanks to you, I can write other news about Gargoyles on italian wikipedia.
Thannk you, and I hope my english it is understandable.

Brian Bartoccini

Brain> I think that the Gargoyles are still and always will be somewhat suspicious of Xanatos. They know that Xanatos is still a selfish man, and will stay weary of him. Puck played on this fear a bit in "Future Tense". I'd try to find a quote or something illustrating this, but I haven't gone over the episodes in a while. ^^;
Daniel B
"Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning." (Psalms 30:5)

Brian> In addition to what Algernon just said, the gargoyles ALREADY know that Xanatos is not a 'good guy'. They make the point in the first issue of the comic that they trust him not to smash them in their sleep - and the only reason they trust him this far at all is because they are relying on the fact that he still wants to use them in his own plans. Destroying them would get him nothing. They know this, but they still live with him.

BRIAN> I see your confusion now. Keep in mind, just because Xanatos has made peace with the clan doesn't mean he's reformed or changed his goals. He's still trying to become immortal and amass power and wealth, he simply agreed to leave the gargoyles alone.
Make a REAL "Gargoyles" movie, Disney!

I had a moment of "fridge brilliance" last night while watching "City of Stone" again. I didn't really pay much attention to which of the Weird Sisters said which lines before, but it occurred to me that when they were attempting to dissuade Macbeth from killing Demona, their respective questions were particularly appropriate:

Luna (Fate): "Duncan was afraid that your father would make you king; did your father's death stop you from becoming king?" Macbeth was fated to become king, so it seemed appropriate for the goddess of fate to ask this question.

Selene (Fury/Vengeance): "You wanted revenge for your father; did Gillecomgain's death settle that score?" Since the question is about vengeance, it's also appropriate for the goddess of vengeance to ask this question.

Phoebe (Grace): "Did your own death save Luach from Canmore?" This one is a bit less obvious, but grace could be associated with saving lives (which was Macbeth's goal in remaining officially dead). It seems more appropriate for grace than for fate or vengeance, at least.

Except that Canmore was also fated to become king of Scotland (or to be more precise, Duncan was fated to be "father of the king hereafter").

Paul - [nampahcfluap at yahoo dot com]

Nothing much, Algernon I wanted specify again(yesterday and now) what Xanatos did, Mr. Bishansky said to me 'good' and 'evil' are not good word to say about Xanatos(See his last comment of yesterday).
I have question: I read in Gargwikipedia Xanatos ordered Coyote and Coldsteel with a steel clan to distract the gargoyles of London.
With them there were Hudson, Lexington, Macbeth and King Arthur.
Are they discovered that Xanatos planed against them? If this happend, particular Hudson and Lexington, they have discovered Xanaots is still evil, right? In the comic books in general how it is possible to see Xanatos is still evil? I remenber a few he said to Fox his real intenctions about the gargoyles, with that we can see the truth about him, right?
Okay, sorry again for my english

Brian Bartoccini

BRIAN> I really don't understand what you're trying to say. I agree with you that Xanatos saved the gargoyles mainly out of self interest. So what is your question exactly? What piece of info are you missing?
Make a REAL "Gargoyles" movie, Disney!

Sorry if I post this comment now, yesterday I had a lot of things to do.
Well, I did not understand a lot your comment, Mr. Bishansky.
I know what kind of show is it Gargoyles, I wanted specify Xanatos's behaviour at the last time. In my country the majority of the italian fans do not know about the comic books, and they do not know the 'goliath chronicles' are not canonical(And so one month ago I wrote some news in italian wikipedia about the gargoyles, something that none in Italy knows). And then they misunderstand Xanatos's behaviour in the end of the second season, they thought he became a good guy(and we know in reality he saved the gargoyles principaly for his advantage).
I hope you understand me Mr. Bishansky, and if not tell me.

Brian Bartoccini


Whew... Just made it...

Matt - [St Louis, Missouri, USA]
"But what do you call each other?" "'Friend...'" - Tom and Brooklyn, "Awakening, Part One"

Anthony Tini

There are times I think my mind is capable of turning infinity on its side.

You know, like this: 8

Ah, math humor.

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Jurgan - [jurgan6 at yahoo dot com]

And if a six, turned out to be nine...

Err, not that I'm claiming nine as well, of course. I simply can't pass up an opportunity to quote Hendrix. :D

Masterdramon - [kmc12009 at mymail dot pomona dot edu]
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I guess I'll be taking the FIFTH!

**zips mouth up**

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Cheese, it's as good an answer as any.

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"I am Number Two."

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