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Richard Jackson> No, American cartoons are never redubbed for England or Australia. Nor are English or Australian cartoons redubbed for America.

Im from Argentina. It did sound weird, but not in a gramaticall sort of way.

I thought the Spanish in the Young Justice episode was pretty spot-on. The emphasis was sometimes put in the wrong words or syllables but it was pretty good. Better than I expected. Sometimes the characters were talking in plural form instead of the singular form but I think only native speakers will catch that. I thought the Spanish sounded more Mexican than anything else but that's just me.

It's not like "The Green" with the farmer yelling at his kid to "¡CORRAN! ¡ESCAPENSE!" which is something you'd yell at a crowd...

D. Taina
"The story is told -- though who can say if it be true..." -Shari

RICHARD JACKSON> But which version of Spanish are your friends speaking? As Greg said: "Spanish can sound very different in different countries or regions." And this isn't something he made up, it's true. It's a much more diverse language than English, so your analogy doesn't hold any water.
Greg Bishansky - [<--- Greg's Blog of Clue-By-Fours]
Disco is from Hell. Not the cool part of Hell with all the murderers, but the lame ass part with the really bad accountants.

Well, I'll show the clip to some of my friends who are native Spanish speakers and see what they say. I always thought that the shows would be dubbed in their respective dialects of Spanish to make their audience (younger viewers) more comfortable. Are American cartoons redubbed for England or Australia? I really don't know. I'm curious. But most our voice are Canadian. ha ha

I've only seen the Korean language, which I am familiar with, in two American comic books. Shortcomings by Adrian Tomine, an independent comic where the Korean was correct and DC: The New Frontier by Darwyn Cooke where it was wrong. No arguing that it was North or South Korean dialect, it was just WRONG. I showed it to a Korean girl who burst out laughing over how incorrect New Frontier was, but she said Shortcomings was correct.

I do give Greg Weisman credit for trying to make the shows more realistic when he used Spanish. Just as he used Latin in Gargoyles, although that had some flaws, but since it's a dead language I gave him the benefit of the doubt on that one. I know he's super busy and it's really cool of him to answer our questions on the subject.

Yes, I give him the benefit of the doubt too. I think he was trying to do his best. But I'm still curious if this is just a dialect disagreement or if the Spanish is gramatically wrong.

Richard Jackson - [rickymtj@yahoo.com]

Richard Jackson> Yes, but that example isn't correct English anywhere, is it? Especially since you've used "me" as a subject (it's an object form) and then repeated "I" along with the verb. This is more like objecting to the use of an Australian accent because they've only ever heard English spoken by the BBC. The pronunciation is hard to understand and some of the grammar doesn't seem right, but that doesn't make it wrong.

As Greg said, Spanish can sound very different in different countries or regions. (I just looked up 'Spanish language differences' on Google, and this was the top result: http://spanish.about.com/cs/historyofspanish/f/varieties.htm . This is the third one: http://www.rocketlanguages.com/spanish/resources/culture_differences.php ) This is why TV shows dubbed into Spanish are frequently dubbed separately into Castilian Spanish and Latin American Spanish. Sometimes I've even seen cartoons dubbed separately into Mexican Spanish, Chilean Spanish, Argentinian Spanish, etc.

I think it's telling that the first thing that Maki P objected to was the accents, before saying that he/she thought the grammar was wrong as well.

Also, you say that you don't know whether Trejo, Payton and North did the translating. In his response, Greg specifically said that they got translations from multiple Spanish speakers before recording took place. And even though Trejo was American born as you say, his family is Mexican, so he could very well be a native Spanish speaker and not merely fluent.

Frankly, I'm willing to give Greg the benefit of the doubt on this one.


I admit I'm kind amused about this Spanish ruckus on Young Justice.

I'll start off by admitting I don't speak Spanish. But I will give my insights since I teach English as a second language.

I don't know which characters the native Spanish speakers are objecting to. I can buy that maybe Kobra isn't a native Spanish speaker and any mistakes he makes can be attributed to that. If Bane spoke Spanish in an awkward way, then that's probably a big mistake.

I don't know if Trejo, North, and Payton (all American born) did any of the translating or if other Spanish speakers were hired. I would like to note that being fluent in another language and being the native speaker are two completely different things. The Korean teachers in my school who teach English are fluent, but they make mistakes all the time and whenever they write a skit, they always have me edit it to make it more natural sounding. Often they try to use Korean idioms that don't exist in English.

Another one of Greg's defenses that I wasn't satisfied with was when he said that Spanish is spoken differently around the world and maybe that's why that poster objected. If he watched a Japanese cartoon and they had a character from England saying "Me store I go." (Japanese is Subject Object Verb) and Greg objected, he wouldn't like it if they told him, "Well, you're an American and English is spoken differently around the world."

Richard Jackson - [rickymtj@yahoo.com]

Only two new episodes in March? Jeez.

Here's the Young Justice schedule in March (with titles & plot synopses): http://www.worldsfinestonline.com/news.php?action=fullnews&id=975 Two new episodes followed by the pilot. If there's no planned break for production, like Greg said, I wonder if Cartoon Network is trying to stretch the 26 episode order through the calendar.
Landon Thomas - [<- Gargoyles News Twitter Feed]

Yeah, I just read the response myself in that HUGE AskGreg update . . . I also wasn't aware of Tuppence Mcintyre, and her contribution to the series (Scottish history almost certainly implies the City of Stone/Avalon arcs which are definitely some of my favorite episodes) . . . so that was pretty cool to read about.

So yes, thanks Todd for bringing up the Agatha Christie reference last month :)

Still need to review YJ#1, but its been a long week and I'm currently tuckered out . . . maybe later ;)

"The suspense is terrible, I hope it lasts" -- Willy Wonka

Greg also mentioned that Tuppence was named as much after Tuppence Mcintyre (whom he'd consulted for information on Scottish history in "Gargoyles") as after the Agatha Christie character. I must admit that I'd almost forgotten that Tuppence; thanks, Greg, for reminding me of her!
Todd Jensen - [merlyn1@mindspring.com]

Greg has just revealed that he did create the characters of Tommy and Tuppence Terror for Young Justice #0. I'm surprised. For some reason I'd assumed they were existing DC characters that I'd just never heard of. I think that's pretty cool.

Thanks Thomas, I really appreciate it. Glad you liked it :)
Cliff Laureys - [cliff.laureys@gmail.com]

Todd> Yeah, the Duckthulu story arc is the one that begins with issue#9 [SPOILER] Steelbeak is betraying FOWL because he's terrified of them unleashing Duckthulu. And they were going to make him wear monk's robes. He's teaming up with Darkwing to try and stop them. Naturally, Darkwing is suspicious. [/SPOILER]
Chip - [<------The League of Extraordinary Nerds Here!]
"An explanation of cause is not a justification by reason." C. S. Lewis

I saw a list of solicitations for BOOM! Comics in May this morning. Besides the first issue of the new "DuckTales" comic, there was a mention of an upcoming "Darkwing Duck" issue which would pit Darkwing against a being known as "Duckthulhu". I suspect it was only a matter of time before Darkwing got into a Lovecraft parody. They're also reprinting the first issue of Dan Rosa's "Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck" (which should be of interest to "Gargoyles" fans, if for no other reason than the mention of one of Scrooge's ancestors helping out Macbeth in the "civil war of 1057").
Todd Jensen - [merlyn1@mindspring.com]

Awesome, Cliff! If only it were real...
Landon Thomas - [<- Gargoyles News Twitter Feed]

Paul > Yeah but I believe he only got hit in one eye.

Hi Everyone!

I made a Gargoyles movie fanposter for my girlfriend's birthday and I thought I'd share it with our fellow Gargoyles fans.

Hope you like it :)




Cliff Laureys - [cliff.laureys@gmail.com]

Didn't he see the lightning with both eyes, though?
Paul - [nampahcfluap@yahoo.com]

Rebel> Thanks.
Richard Jackson - [rickymtj@yahoo.com]

Richard > Shrapnel might have contributed to his injury at the time, but what ultimately blinded him was the magic, I think. If he had merely been injured by shrapnel, his eye would have probably been healed by stone sleep.

Was it the Archmage's lightning spell that blinded Hudson in one eye or was it the "schrapnel" from the rocks exploding that flew into Hudson's eye, bliding him?
Richard Jackson - [rickymtj@yahoo.com]

Nickerous > Unfortunately, as far as we know there are no current plans to release the rest of Season 2 on DVD. And with every passing year that the Season 2 Volume 2 DVD doesn't get released, it becomes increasingly more unlikely that it ever WILL get released, since digital formats and viewing options are becoming more popular and many people aren't buying DVDs like they used to. Personally I'm still hoping that it will happen but I won't hold my breath.

Always feel the need to check in here when I do something Gargoyles related. This time, its converting my dvds to ipod compatible video files. I can never escape the pull of this animated series and I hope I never am able to. Just looking at the sculptures on the post a comment page is making me wonder if I have enough for one. Since I've been away for a while, any chance the rest of Season 2 has a dvd release date? Worth a shot anyway, right? :)
Nickerous - [nickerous@yahoo.com]

More good news on Young Justice's ratings: http://www.worldsfinestonline.com/news.php?action=fullnews&id=970
Landon Thomas - [<- Gargoyles News Twitter Feed]

I'm rather suspic10us of Landon's post...could that "typo" have been deliberate? Heh.

Happy Presidents' Day to all, especially <Tricky Dick voice> my fellow Americans </Nixon>.

Brainiac - [OSUBrainiac at gmail dot com]
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IGN starts reviewing Youn9 Justice episodes: http://tv.ign.com/articles/115/1151097p1.html
Landon Thomas - [<- Gargoyles News Twitter Feed]

Eight! Wow, this is getting slow...
Jurgan - [jurgan6@yahoo.com]

Lucky number 7~!!
The One Known As Mochi - [shogi.keima.08@gmail.com]
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Matt - [Saint Louis, Missouri, USA]
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"The suspense is terrible, I hope it lasts" -- Willy Wonka


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