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I hope next week will be more active. How about a neat Gargoyles themed countdown to start with?
I'm shipping off...to find my wooden leg!

Read an interesting bit on TV Tropes concerning the Young Justice episodes Misplaced and Coldhearted (From the Fringe Brilliant section. Maybe it's something to ask Greg about, but I thought I'd paste the comment here:

[SPOILER] "Coldhearted" takes place roughly four days after the events of "Misplaced". Doesn't seem like anything right? Wrong. During "Misplaced" Queen Perdita spends a day away from her doctors meaning her condition worsened. So the Light planned not just a distraction in "Misplaced", but softened up their target for the events of "Coldhearted". [/SPOILER]

Intentional or a coincidence. Knowing Greg it could be intentional.


Some Geek: Re Hudson & Broadway-yes, I could see a bit of distance there for that reason - but I still would like to have seen more interaction(hey, we'd all love more Gargs in general.) There was just a fair bit of Brook & Lex(and Bronx) which was fun to see-and having just seen "The Green" again, that had Broadway & Lex-which I had forgotten about, but it was more of a battle scene than real interaction of the characters. I always did like the reinforced connection between Broadway & Elisa after "Deadly Force", almost like he wanted to follow in her footsteps in a way. When there were interactions between the separate trio members, IE: Brook & Broadway as in "Metamorphosis", it always was short and strained. Maybe just a sign of them growing up and becoming individuals. No doubt that will further happen after Brooklyn returns from his Time Dance-mated and with hatchlings of his own.

J29> We can only hope!
Battle Beast - [Canada]
That is all I will say.

@Wingless. Regarding the trio, you're right, more often than not they are treated as a whole unit (with a couple exceptions Brooklyn-Demona, Brooklyn-Goliath, Broadway-Angela, Broadway-Matt, Broadway-Elisa, Lexington-Pack, Lexington-Alexander).
And while I doubt it was done with specific forethought in the writing, the LACK of special interaction between Hudson-Broadway is actually very telling of Gargoyle society. I don't know if you read it or not, but in the archives, it is said that Broadway is Hudson's son biologically. So the lack of interaction in of itself tells more about what Goliath would often say to Angela about kids belonging to the whole clan and not having a specific parent-child relationship.

But yeah, the trio is most often used to play off each other and their different perspectives on something, rather than play off Goliath or Hudson.

@FTM> The Hudson-Xanatos dynamic is an odd one. I always loved their interplay in the Price -- through their experiences each is able to intuit insecurities within the other. I had never compared it to a possible father-son dynamic but now that you mention it, there is a slight hint in how a father might deal with a son in there too.

Some Geek


The news about "Sailor Moon" remake made me feel some nostalgia coming on. That was one of my favorite animes and it introduced me to the anime genre. I can't wait!

K. Wable

Todd Jensen> Here's another coincidence for you. Roddy McDowall (Proteus), played the part of Malcolm Canmore in the 1948 Macbeth film.

Item I read in the newspaper this morning: Alan Cumming, one of the voices of Jon Canmore/Castaway, will be doing a one-man production of "Macbeth".
Todd Jensen
I'm a Hufflepuff!

Greg> In the UK it was still VHS. PAL was just the name of the encoding system, equivalent to North America's NTSC.

Also, thanks for answering the question (about the artwork) that I was just about to ask.


J29> I believe that art is from the UK release of "Awakening" on VHS... or PAL or whatever they have in the UK.
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So in case you guys weren't aware there's now a Gargoyles facebook page and they just updated the cover photo recently with official-looking artwork.


So that makes me think plans for a new dvd release are becoming less tentative.

And in further news of awesome shows from the 90s being revived-Sailor Moon is getting a new anime in 2013: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2012-07-06/sailor-moon-manga-gets-new-anime-in-summer-2013

If you're unfamiliar with the show all I can say is put Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Power Rangers, and a Disney fairytale movie circa 89-92 in a blender and gear it toward eight year olds. For season 2 add a sprinke of Terminator. For season 3 more Joss Whedon. Season 4-enough sugar to put you in a diabetic coma. Season 5 is what happens when you come off the sugar high but aren't yet capable of rational thought and might be halucinating just a little.

The manga (which is in reprints with a new and much more faithful translation)-take the original things and add a heaping cup of Greek Tragedy.

"Love makes you do the wacky."

@Wingless - you know, you're right about the Trio, I hadn't really noticed that before. Actually, I think I saw even less of the Brooklyn/Broadway connection, now that I'm thinking of it...but then I guess I always assumed, since the three of them were together so often, that there was a lot always going on with them that we just weren't privy to.

@Some Geek - if you don't mind my bringing up a couple of characters that did have a bit more interaction, I always loved seeing Hudson and Xanatos play off each other, specifically as how it pertains to what it made me notice about Hudson - the guy is seriously insightful about folks. We know about it with him and Demona obviously, but we even see it as early as Awakenings when he instantly twigs to "something" between G&E, even though he doesn't react to it much. But I think out of probably most of the characters in the show, and especially out of all the garg characters, Hudsons got Xanatos's number in a way none of the rest do - I don't think X will ever be able to quite get one past Hudson. And as in The Price, I don't recall anyone being able to get Xanatos flustered with so little effort (Oberon trying to gank the kid doesn't really count, IMO). Perhaps Petros, a bit, which also makes me wonder if Xanatos wasn't having a bit of a father figure/daddy issue moment with Hudson - he did pretty easily tap into X's insecurities, just as X had done to him a moment before. Just a theory, but if so, that might have something to do with where Thailog got HIS massive daddies issues from...


For anyone who might be interested, a review of Spectacular Spider-Man by Blockbuster Buster has gone up over at ThatGuyWithTheGlasses.com. Touches briefly on 90s series and Ultimate.

Link: http://thatguywiththeglasses.com/videolinks/teamt/blockbuster-buster/blockbuster-buster/35814-honest-review-spectacular-spider-man


On the "Relationship" theme, There isn't much interaction between Hudson and Lex Or Hudson & Broadway. With them as a trio-sure, but not individually. Same goes for for Lex & Broadway. There's the sibling rivalry from time to time, but beyond that. Things usually work around them as a trio. You'd often see Lex & Brooklyn go off together or get trapped together, but seldom Broadway & Lex. Broadway was more interested in his detective pursuits - that and protecting Elisa.

So a couple weeks ago someone made a comment about Lexington and Demona's relationship (specifically the fact that it wasn't as fleshed out directly on screen), leading to some takes on his personality and how it might go.

So, anyone want to toss out another two characters that weren't paired up often (but still had interaction) and we can pick apart their personality to see how one might view the other?

Some Geek

Oh, yes right.
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Welcome to the madhouse, Brooke. Glad to see you indoctrin- I mean educating the next generation. ;)
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deviantart is one of the best sites for awesome Gargoyles graphics
Raptor - [m4chineproto@gmail.com]

Brooke: Welcome to the fandom! And don't worry, you're not the only female! There are a bunch of us out there, especially over at DeviantART. If you want to meet other female Gargoyles fans, that's the place to go!
D. Taina
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Wow thats great, I'm happy to know I was wrong about the gender thing. Sadly right now I'm saving for the Ota con but as soon as I'm done, I'm getting those DVD's. Believe me guys I'm drooling to own them. I'm also raising my 5 year old sister on Gargoyles. she's loving Xanatos, I cant wait to keep the love alive with the younger generations!
Brooke - [sheltered_heart@yahoo.com]
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I'm a female fan.

K. Wable

The overall fandom (particularly the artist branch) may lean female, but this room seems to be more male-slanted.

Brooke: Welcome to the group! Glad you found us. As Matt said, we're pretty 50/50 fandom wise. I'm Male-46 years old. Been a fan from the beginning. Always been an animation fan in general so I was going to watch one way or another, but Gargoyles just blew me away so over the top anything else-at the time or since. A few shows have come close "Avatar-the Last Airbender" certainly was up there and now "Young Justice" - but Gargoyles just had a special magic(sorry for the pun)-truthfully it did.

Just based on my observations of those who post on sites like this and/or edit on the GargWiki and/or I've seen at the Gatherings, I'd say the demographics of the fandom is pretty close to 50/50 in regards to gender. It might even lean more towards women.
Matt - [Saint Louis, Missouri, USA]
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Hey, Brooke! Welcome! Have a cookie! *Hands over a plate of cookies*

There are MANY female garg fans in our community. MANY! And one of them - Karine - drew the Bad Guys comic for us!

Glad you found the site! If you want to see more, you can purchase the comic books and DVDS, and of course read ASK GREG.

Please feel free to post anytime!


Battle Beast - [Canada]
That is all I will say.

Hello my darlings! I'm so happy to have found this site. Gargoyles was such a integral part of my childhood, though I forgot almost everything. I found the series again on Youtube and knocked out all the episodes in a little over a week. sjdkhsk I'm a happy camper. But I feel like there is such a smaller community of females watching, correct me if I'm wrong though ^.^
Brooke - [sheltered_heart@yahoo.com]
"I'm not a psychopath, I'm a highly functioning sociopath. Do your research."

Vinnie> That would be "The Library."

Anthony> Very nicely done.

Brainiac - [OSUBrainiac at gmail dot com]
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(10th)Tenth!!!!!!!!!! And away we go on with the show.
Vinnie - [tpeano29@hotmail.com]
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Bitter Work... like what I finally managed to get off of early enough to make the countdown!
Hufflepuff pride, yo.

The Chase
Phil - [p1anderson@yahoo.com]

The password is...alone. "Zuko Alone" or 7th.
Anthony Tini

SIXTH or "The Blind Bandit" :)
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Avatar Day!

The Swamp!

Oh, and thanks for the birthday well-wishes last week, Supermorff and Matt! :D

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The Cave of the Two Lovers.
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I said there might be more than one week, now didn't I?

The Avatar State!

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There is balance in all things. Live in symmetry with the world around you. If you must blow things up and steal from those around you, THAT'S WHAT RPGS ARE FOR!