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I was reading a new book on Shakespeare today, which mentioned a campaign (led by a Scottish Member of Parliament, Alex Johnstone) to make the public more aware of what the Macbeth of history was like, and how different he was from the Macbeth of Shakespeare's play. I wonder what its members would think of "City of Stone", if they knew of it.
Todd Jensen
Hufflepuffs are really good finders

Check out chapter twenty-seven of my fanfiction story Gargoyles Time's Changeling -



Celgress - [odues dot oddities at gmail dot com]

Disneyland Anaheim has some leftover watch art of the Manhattan clan in the store near the Lincoln ride.
Lonnie - [Anarkylantern at icloud dot com]

When watching Owen, I never really thought about his personal life. I'm not even sure Owen thought about his personal life. He stuck his own hand in the pot and turned it stone. He should really be more careful. He's making his own human life far too expendable than it should be.
Green Lantern's Nightlight

GNL: My guess is that Greg would/will have Lex spending a lot of time with his "friend" Amp away from the rest of the clan, and leave it to us to fill in the blanks. Then again, shows like Steven Universe and Legend of Korra have gotten a lot closer to outright saying "they're gay" than shows did in the 90's.
Jurgan - [jurgan6 at yahoo dot com]


I don't think you could find more information on Preston Vogel besides the wiki, except for asking Greg something.

B - [brownie2 at buffalo dot edu]

The way I see it Owen identifies as asexual but as said before that doesn't mean aromantic. Since Puck takes on many different faces if he could take a shot at playing the straight-man why not as an asexual too?
Muscles fade and the mind dulls.But as long as the heart is willing, strength remains.

I see the situation in Turf as similar to the one in Upgrade. Did Lexington or Broadway REALLY want to be Second in Command, or are the Trio just prone to occasional bouts of hyper-competitive sibling rivalry?
I guard your death

Thanks for all the Owen advice and info...next question (or rather a question about directions)...besides the wiki, where can find more info on Preston Vogel?d9e54c
April - [Apryl8229 at Yahoo dot com]


I was talking about on-screen, not on-comic. I'm not completely in "the know" about the comic, so unfortunately I might sound out dated on some things.

About doing it for the sake of it, I just meant it just seems like, well, how do you make a team more diversified? Make one of them gay. Nobody's going to going to really question that now. But I'd find that interesting if the cartoon did get a proper third season, because Disney would've never allowed that. It would end up being something for the fans to fill up his character more, rather than any real character development.

Green Lantern's Nightlight

Remember, nothing's canon until it shows up on screen or in a Weisman-written comicbook. I didn't see Greg say Owen was asexual, but I have no problem with it. In fact, I really like him being ace but also having a romantic relationship, as a lot of people wrongly think that's impossible.

"It's just like making someone gay for the sake of it."

What's wrong with that? Personally, I think it's great when a character isn't defined by their sexuality, it's just one aspect of them. It doesn't need to be a huge production. Also, if you look back at "Turf," it does seem like Lex is just playing "follow the leader." Brooklyn has long been looking for love, and Broadway ends up with Angela, but Lex never showed any sexual interest at all up until then. He didn't seem like he was genuinely interested in Angela so much as he got caught competing with his brothers. Note that Brooklyn gets his dejected "parting is such sweet sorrow" line when Angela gets with Broadway, but Lexington barely notices.

Also, have you read the SLG comics? I'd say it's strongly hinted that Lex is attracted to Amp.

Jurgan - [jurgan6 at yahoo dot com]


Owen's supposed to be asexual, which has never been confirmed or denied on-screen. And then there's apparently Lex, who's gay, but has actually shown interest in Angela. I've been wondering ever since I saw Greg make the comment that Lex is gay, what would make Lex gay when there's no proof whatsoever to back that up? It's just like making someone gay for the sake of it. Beast Boy's mom in YJ is also gay, which also serves as a plot point, but has never been completely acknowledged. The only way I could see Lex(ington) as being gay is that he's the least brash of the Trio, he's kind of like the sweet, quiet, intellectual type (although he did want payback against the Pack, giving him an edge), but that just sounds like a stereotype. About him showing off to Angela when she first joined the Manhattan clan, is that he was trying to hide it.

It's also kind of a spoiler, because it's revealing something that hasn't happened yet, and something that's never been hinted at. Or it's like when Greg revealed that Goliath will one day die, just not how he dies. So Greg can say that Lex is gay, but won't reveal what leads up to that.

It's something I wanted to ask Greg, because I've just wanted to know why he decided to do that?

Green Lantern's Nightlight

@Jurgen I see. Since you said, "Owen could have a girlfriend/boyfriend/friend with benefits that we just never see. Conversely, there's nothing to say that he isn't asexual," it wasn't clear if you knew about the confirmed offscreen girlfriend and asexuality.
B - [brownie2 at buffalo dot edu]


Plus Asexual does not necessarily mean Aromantic.

I guard your death

I get all that. I was just saying that when Weisman apparently said he was ace, my reaction was neither "hah, I knew it!" nor "what, no way!"
Jurgan - [jurgan6 at yahoo dot com]

Make that third. When I began writing, there was only Vinnie.
B - [brownie2 at buffalo dot edu]


@Jurgan - Greg Weisman has said both that Owen is asexual and that he's dating a woman offscreen (someone we don't know) and that the two are not mutually exclusive.

B - [brownie2 at buffalo dot edu]

Two, I guess.
Jurgan - [jurgan6 at yahoo dot com]

Vinnie - [tpeano29 at hotmail dot com]