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Matt - [Saint Charles, Missouri, USA]
"For SCIENCE, which, as my associate Fang indicated, must move ever forward." - Sevarius

Chapter thirty-four of my fanfic story "Gargoyles Time's Changeling posted (GoliathxGargoyleElisa) -


If so inclined, enjoy

Celgress - [odues dot oddities at gmail dot com]

Thanks for the new review, Matthew. I particularly enjoyed the very appropriate comparisons to the rash decisions of Shakespearean heroes. (It reminded me, also, of Greg Weisman's mention of how originally they were going to have the Magus offer turning Goliath to stone as compensation, but one of his bosses said "No, have Goliath be so devastated that he begs the Magus to turn him to stone".)

Incidentally, I've been recently reading a history of Scotland - just got to the end of the chapter on the Scottish Wars of Independence - which has included many figures and events in "Gargoyles". Not only Macbeth, but also Gathelus and Scota from the Stone of Destiny's backstory and the Stone itself. (The author suggested that Gathelus might have been designed by the Scots as a way of getting one up over the English, whose mythical progenitor - technically, that of the British - was Brutus, a Trojan prince and great-grandson of Aeneas. Since Gathelus was Greek, the Scots could say "Our forebears were the people who won the Trojan War.")

Todd Jensen

No thank you Todd, I really appreciate the read. And I do enjoy a good reference so expect more of those to come.

Incidentally, here's part 2:

This time I made sure the link would work.

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Thanks for the review, Matthew.

I particularly enjoyed the reference to the famous (if perhaps apocryphal) "fury of the Northmen" prayer.

Todd Jensen

Oh by the way, NYCC posted the schedule for DC's upcoming shows on their streaming service.
The first half of YJ's third season will air from January to February next year while the second half will air June to July.
The image can be found here: https://static0.srcdn.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/DCU-Calendar.jpg?q=50&fit=crop&w=738&dpr=1.5

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Number three!
D. Taina
I love my tiara.

For those that missed it (due to me using a bad link) the first part of my five part review of Awakening can be found here:
The SECOND part should be out by Wednesday or Thursday.
(Sorry for the shameless plug)

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(#1)Number one with a bullet but always first over all!
Vinnie - [tpeano29 at hotmail dot com]
Deplorable and loving it!