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MATTHEW> [SPOILER] Kinda surprised we haven't seen more of Katana and Metamorpho before now given how prominant they've been in the show's promo material. [/SPOILER]
Business as usual...

S3 ep. 10-Exceptional Human Beings
[SPOILER] Nice to see some familiar places like the cave where Summit took place, though really this episode heavily reminded me of Drop Zone. I guess they've already done Metamorpho's origin story, which probably means Simon Stagg's most likely dead.
Which reminds me, Metamorpho shows a lot more stretching, elasticity and physical comedy than he usually does in the comics. Almost makes me wonder if this role was originally written with Plastic Man in mind. Though after he gets hit with that grenade by Deathstroke he takes a more monstrous shape that makes me think that that's his real form. Plus his line about being in near constant pain reminded of the story in Neil Gaiman's The Sandman titled "The Death of Element Girl." Where the character has the same powers as Metamorpho but suffers from pain and depression. Not a happy story, but not a whole lot in that series really is.

The training session when Geo-Force and Forager smacking into each other really reminds me of classic Gargoyles. I have expected Nightwing to quip "You'd be surprised how often that works." It was a nice touch to show Forager in the process of regrowing his shell, I almost wish they showed him instinctively hiding in something until his exoskeleton hardened. Kinda like an actual crustacean.

Side note: Lady Shiva's teachings remind me of back when was taking Akido weapons training. When we did sword practices our sensai encouraged us to keep our minds calm and serene, to embrace what the Japanese called the "No-Mind." A state of calmness that keeps distracting thoughts away and would allow you to act more reflexively. Also we have a confirmation that Deathstroke has taken over as the new head of the League of Shadows and that Vandal's daughter is training there, should be interesting. Good to hear Danny Trejo back as Bane, and off venom too. Reminds me of when he kicked the habit in Secret Six, but honestly black lipstick is not a good look for the guy. And I never knew that I needed a Katana versus Lady Shiva fight but I'm so glad we got it, the respectful bow they give each other before the fight was a nice touch.

Couple last things, I see Hal Jordan's got some gray in his hair. Makes me wonder if he got possessed by Parallax between seasons or he's older than I thought. The Hank Heywood football team is called the steelworkers? That's clever, and not just because they're based in Detroit. And no Dr. Stone, that technology isn't neutral it's evil. Very, VERY evil. [/SPOILER]

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Having just watched eps 10-13 of Young Justice: Outsiders, I would like to reiterate my previous point...

[SPOILER] Granny's gonna grab ya! [/SPOILER]

Business as usual...

Ross> [SPOILER] Red Tornado having an adopted daughter has been around for awhile. The character actually first appeared in 1979. Though in the comics her name is Traya instead of Tracy. [/SPOILER]

Anyway last four episodes before the break air tomorrow. There's going to be a lot to talk about I'm sure.

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Naturally, [SPOILER] who was behind the Goode Goggles all along? GRANNY GOODNESS! *dramatic music* [/SPOILER]

Apologies to those not familiar with Atop the Fourth Wall running gags.

On another note, as one of the few DC books I've actually read is [SPOILER] Super Sons, the confirmation that both Damian and Jon exist in this universe makes me very, very happy. A little disappointed they seem to not have the comic versions' age difference (I always liked their whole "I'm older." "I'm taller." dynamic), but hey, it's not like they're going to be major players in the main story any time soon.

Also, I was completely thrown when Red Tornado showed up with a kid. Good to see he's been making strides on his "becoming more human" endeavors. [/SPOILER]


Don't look if you haven't seen Triptych and Home Fires (or avoid discussion about casting gags).

[SPOILER] I can't think of "Gretchen Goode" as Aunt May as it just won't work in my head. Maude Cohen, on the other hand, makes perfect sense...though it leaves me wondering when Granny and Shade are going to take a Caribbean vacation. [/SPOILER]

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MATTHEW> [SPOILER] Granny's gonna grab ya! [/SPOILER]
Business as usual

Man I hate it when I'm right.
S3 ep.9 Home Fires
[SPOILER] So it seems that new VR goggles are indeed connected to Granny Goodness which probably means they're in someway connected to the Anti-Life Equation and will be used to control the wills of others. Sounds like they might doing a little message on people's reliance and in some cases addiction to smart devices and other such electronics. I'm actually surprised that Bruce Wayne is working with Granny's cover identity Gretchen. Makes me think of three possibilities: 1. Bats has dropped the ball in this case 2. He's using this public support to look deeper into her business or 3. Granny and G. Gordon have been on earth long enough to establish a proper cover identity so that no one would ever suspect them of being aliens.

Also, So Many Super Kids! I do like that we're seeing all these kids and their budding superpowers, makes me wonder if we'll be seeing them take a place on the team in a season or two. But that's why I like Young Justice, makes you feel like there's actual progression going on with the characters. They grow older, kids grow up to become heroes of their own while others take a more mentor like role. Good to see Karen again, I was wondering why Jim had taken up the Guardian identity again, seems we know why now. Or at least why Karen's not being Bumblebee at the moment. And it's nice to see little Artur, good to know that Death of a Prince didn't happen in this universe.

Which brings me to Ocean Master. I'll be honest I'm a little disappointed that his story came to such an anti-climactic end, aside from his appearance in the tie-in comic he's had pretty much no presence in this series. Which is shame in light of his role in the Aquaman movie. My own theory is somewhere in-between season 1 and season 2 Orm must've gotten caught and de-masked and in an effort to save his own life spilled the beans on the Light. Which is why Orm spent the last 6 years in prison and the heroes know that their enemies call themselves the Light.

I like that Lady Shiva has taken the role as the Light's personal enforcer (can't wait for the inevitable confrontation with her daughter) and that she was willing to give him an out though he was too stubborn to recognize it forcing her to kill him before he set off the "nuclear option."

Which brings me to that very thing, I think this pretty much confirms that the Light figured the superheroes' secret identities while they were under the Light's control and they recognize that the whole "Stuffed in the Fridge" is an option, but it's not a pragmatic one. Which makes sense, we don't know whether Wonder Woman has that willingness to kill like she does in other media and if the Injustice games have taught us anything, you don't want a murderous Superman. Honestly they probably pressed their luck when Queen Bee murdered Marie Logan and ticking off that many superheroes isn't wise. Though I just realized with Black Manta probably still in prison they don't have an operative working the oceans.

As for the Light itself, looks like Deathstroke lived up to his claim and took a seat at their council and I'm honestly surprised it was Ultra-Humanite that took over the Brain's spot. Really would've guessed it would be Gorilla Grodd. But more importantly it looks like Granny Goodness has taken a seat in the Light, and if I had to guess, anything the Light knows she's going to report to Darkseid. Which means they're going to have to tread carefully in the future.

Not much to say else wise except it seems that Halo dying dramatically is going to be a running gag. Which means when we get to another probably unrelated death it's going to be all the more dramatic. And even though Ra's isn't a part of the Light anymore he is keeping in contact with them.
Also Forager without his shell reminds me of Zoidberg when he lost his shell. [/SPOILER]

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And a belated MLK day to all you yanks out there.

Business as usual

FOURTH, and a safe Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and weekend to all those in the States :)
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(3rd)Third Forever!!!
Vinnie - [thomaspeano at yahoo dot com]
Deplorable and loving it!

And now, in a SECOND update on the matter of the latest Radio Play...the very first upload from CONvergence 2018 (other than the videos that were used during the event itself) has been posted.

Everyone please click my name and enjoy Episode Four: Musicology 101: Songs of the Theme.

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There is balance in all things. Live in symmetry with the world around you. If you must blow things up and steal from those around you, THAT'S WHAT RPGS ARE FOR!

Hope everyONE got to see the Super Blood Wolf Moon.
I didn't, it was raining.

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