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I guess I Ate(8) 9 and 10!
Vinnie - [thomaspeano at yahoo dot com]
Deplorable and loving it!


I'm still trying to get all my books properly situated after my move; I really don't need new ones right now.

HOWEVER, I am at the front of the list for hold reservations at my local library (of six thus far).

Brainiac - [OSUBrainiac at gmail dot com]
There is balance in all things. Live in symmetry with the world around you. If you must blow things up and steal from those around you, THAT'S WHAT RPGS ARE FOR!

I considered buying Greg's new book today, but couldn't find any on the shelves of the local Barnes and Noble; it must have sold out already.
Todd Jensen

Man, I haven't picked up a Magic the Gathering novel since the first Ravnica set premiered back when I was in high school. I'm curious to see how Greg does with this, especially considering Magic's own story is rather close to Endgame's. And now that I think about it, this story's been going on just as long if not longer than the MCU.

And if anyone has any question's about Magic's lore, feel free to ask. I've been playing since 7th edition.

Insert Inspirational Quote Here:________

Will be picking up Ravnica next time I make an Amazon purchase, and probably seeing Endgame next weekend. Didn't want to bother with the kinds of crowds that'd no doubt be all over the opening weekend.

Personally, I'm most looking forward to the FOURTH "Code Geass" movie, Lelouch of the Re;surrection. Just over a week 'til its limited theatrical run outside Japan!

Masterdramon - [kmc12009 at mymail dot pomona dot edu]
We were born to make history.

I could say a quote from Endgame [SPOILER] involving the number THREE [/SPOILER] that no one who's yet to see it would have any context for...but I'll resist the temptation. :)

(Aaand spent the last few minutes agonizing over whether even that counts as a spoiler, so...better safe than sorry.)

I mostly have zero interest in Magic: The Gathering, but I also had zero interest in World of Warcraft, and I greatly enjoyed both the Traveler books, so Ravnica is very much on my to-purchase list.


Didn't get a chance to see Endgame or pick up Ravnica yet, I'm afraid.

I did however manage to binge the SECOND season of She-Ra & the Princesses of Power and heartily recommend it to anyone who's a fan of character-driven storytelling and gorgeous animation.

Here thar be dragons!

Saw Avengers: Endgame on Saturday, and I also picked up Greg Weisman's FIRST Magic: the Gathering novel, War of the Spark: Ravnica! :--)
"The suspense is terrible, I hope it lasts" -- Willy Wonka