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and doy, I'm thinking its Monday already -- disregard and shun me, lol.
"The suspense is terrible, I hope it lasts" -- Willy Wonka

No reset?

Timestamp is after midnight, so its not like the Comment Room is working on a different time zone . . .

"The suspense is terrible, I hope it lasts" -- Willy Wonka

Sad news. Russi Taylor, voice for Minnie Mouse as well as Huey, Dewey, Louie and Webby from the original Ducktales has passed away at the age of 75.

I remember what actors like Bill Farmer and Rob Paulsen said about her and Wayne Allwine's relationship. That you could feel the true love they gave each other in every performance as Mickey and Minnie.

She will be missed. But I do hope that she and Wayne are back together again.

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Looks like Christopher Jones posted about this back in May, but I guess the details weren't fully revealed.

According to PreviewsWorld, looks like the first two trades of the Young Justice tie-in comic from 2011-2013 are getting a 2nd printing this fall as a combined book (and with the 2011 Free Comic Book Day to boot!).


Hopefully the second half of comics will also get a 2nd printing, but its definitely signs of momentum for the other YJ-related hashtags -- #YJComicsOnDCU #BuyYJComicsOnComiXology (the series getting a fourth season probably didn't hurt either).

"The suspense is terrible, I hope it lasts" -- Willy Wonka


[SPOILER] Batman said bollocks. [/SPOILER]

Business as usual...

Algae> That's also a possibility.
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MATTHEW> [SPOILER] My personal theory is they're going with a version of Troia's original (and least convoluted origin), where she's simply an orphan rescued by Diana and raised on Themyscira. The Earth-16 twist being that said rescue and adoption happened during Diana's original superhero stint in the 1940s. [/SPOILER]
Business as usual

Young Justice gets political. Here are my thoughts on Season 3 episode 19 Elder Wisdom.
[SPOILER] First and foremost, I try to keep politics out of this forum. Inviting that topic in can lead to a slippery slope that may bring out some ugliness. Though I also feel the same way about sports too. That being said, it's pretty obvious that Luthor is channeling attributes of America's current president. From the immediate repetition of part of a sentence for dramatic emphasis, use of private property to hold important political meetings, handing off his business to a relative (as mentioned in a previous episode) to use of the trademark "sad." It brings to mind that meme I've seen making the rounds, the "Lex Luthor is more moral than Donald Trump" one. Interesting to see G. Gordon really in his element. Brings to mind how quickly he flipped on the Reach, guess there's a reason he's the God of Propaganda. It's also a dark reminder that Gordon's loyalty isn't to the Light but his own glorious master.

We're starting to see a bit more of Lex's comic vindictiveness here. Usually that's something we've only seen in Queen Bee but here he tries to have his UN opposition assassinated, makes it his mission to publicly smear the Outsiders and then there's the loss of both his robots and public face.

So not only did we get the spider-bots but also a proper episode appearance of Helena Sandsmark, makes me wonder if we'll get any references to Tiamat. On the subject of characters from the season 2 timeskip, we get to see more of the relationship between Troia and Diana. There's been a bit of mystery regarding her, I chalk that up to the inconsistencies regarding her origin in the comics. Here it's a bit interesting, she refers to Diana as sister, which admittedly all Amazons do to each other. But the fact that she refers to Hippolyta as mother makes things unusual. I doubt she a time-displaced younger version of Diana, maybe a Cadmus clone like Superboy? Who knows.

Looking back at the assassination attempt, it was pretty clever of them to adopt the guise of Bwundasan rebels, because I'm getting some serious Idi Amin vibes from their leader. One thing I didn't notice was that the Markovian ambassador Zviad Baazovi didn't really act all that shocked when Garth was attacked like Luthor did. Makes me think he's a villain like his comic counterpart and missed his cue so to speak.

So Halo almost died again, I do wonder how many she's got left before it becomes permanent. Especially since Dr. Jace doesn't have much in positive results with her and her "mentor." Seriously, who could it be? I have the feeling it's someone shady, Dr. Jace's heart is probably in the right place. But she hasn't always shown the best judgment, she did try to convince Dr. Ecks to turn against Bedlam afterall. But the big drop was when Halo confessed to two of her big secrets. One thing I've noticed is there are times when Halo's accent sorta fades at times. I've wondered how much of this character is an amalgamation of the late Gabrielle Daou and how much is made up of the Mother Box soul. I think it's in times like these that the Mother Box is a bit more in control, if that makes sense. I also wonder if this confession is going to be the catalyst that fully drives Tara into that Judas Contract based on her panic attack. Guess will have to wait and see.

As admirable as it was for the Outsiders to show the depth of their fortitude. I can't help but think their missing out on something important. They've been riding high on success since their formation. But they haven't really experienced loss the way the Team has, the way the League has. And Jay may still be in morning over Joan but it's important to remember that he's been at this longer than most heroes an he's lost a lot of friends and loved ones due to time or the job. And he brought up the point I made last time on how so many heroes die young in the field. And when the Light decides to take off their gloves I wonder just how prepared the Outsiders will truly be.

Which brings me to the final point. Back in the episode "First Impression" I worried that the "Anti-Light" purposely set up the crisis to make the Outsiders look good. And now we find out that's exactly what they've done here. I imagine Diana's watching this whole thing play out like an onlooker is watching a ship about to run aground. Desperately trying to get them to reverse course before it's too late. Because when this gets out this is going to shatter all of the teams to say nothing of their confidence and trust.

Some final points: we got another Outsider from the comics, Looker. Wonder if she'll become a vampire. Nice shout out to Batman's Matches Malone persona, Bruce Greenwood should really get more opportunities to play with accents. And I think that Halo might be running away soon. [/SPOILER]

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Just saw this week's new episode, "Elder Wisdom" -- [SPOILER] Well, that definitely settles my quibble-of-a-question if this season was going to go past December 31st. Unsettling the status quo, and Happy New Year folks!

Real excited to see where this season is heading, the tension building is approaching astronomical, and I'm not just saying that because the Justice League has half (a third?) of their team in space. Somehow watching Violet tell Brion and Tara the bulk of what's she's been hiding (in particular the biggie about their parents) built more anxiety than relieve it, likely because of how little Brion reacted and how visceral Tara's reaction was. It's definitely got me worried about her and the ticking clock she's keeping to herself, and with Dr. Jace's motives still feeling suspect, any interaction with her still feels insincere, if not manipulative. With all the other index cards at play, it might be nice if Helga were a red herring, but my sum total of DC knowledge stems from, well, Young Justice and about half of the current DC film-universe, so I imagine there's others here in the Room who have a better grasp on whatever her deal is.

Going back to the Justice League, after this episode, they're really juggling now. Frustration doesn't even begin to describe Wonder Woman, but -- lol -- even she couldn't resist the enjoying a little schadenfreude at Lex Luthor's expense. And those scenes with G. Gordon Godfrey! I think I was confused as much as Luthor was for a moment d: [/SPOILER]

Can't wait for next week, and still geeking out about season four!

"The suspense is terrible, I hope it lasts" -- Willy Wonka

(9th)Nineth ate Ten!!!!!!!!!
Vinnie - [thomaspeano at yahoo dot com]
Deplorable and loving it!

Would it be able to make another young justice video game?

MASTERDRAMON> I think I speak for the entire Comment Room when I say we appreciate all the diligence you put into an often tedious and thankless job.


Business as usual...

Masterdramon: Thanks! I know the queue's getting pretty unmanageable, I just wanted to know that someone had noticed and is going to remove it, even if the site code means it might take a bit. It's just good to know that someone is going to take care of it as quickly as they can.

(Though I wonder what they think throwing away their merch is going to accomplish. They already paid for it, after all...)

Karrin Blue

Karrin: Wow, that one's almost a masterclass in how to be an arsehat is as many different ways as possible within just two short paragraphs.

I have no patience for that kind of crap (and it definitely violates the guidelines, on multiple fronts) so you can bet it's not staying up.

But I'll remind folks that the way Ask Greg works is that we can't simply navigate directly to a given question and delete it. I'd need to individually click through over 1500 questions, one at a time, in order to do so. That'll take hours.

I'll try to get to it within the next couple of days because that alt-right BS doesn't fly with me. But that's why it isn't quite as simple as you suggest.

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Keep binging _Young Justice_ 'til we get seasons five and SIX!

KARRINBLUE> And seconded, I don't know who this "Bye" person is but good-riddance to them if they're quitting the fandom.

Business as usual

On the matter of what news excited me the most out of SDCC, I take the Fifth.

Matthew> I know for a fact you're not the only one who'd be up for a return by Solego.

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Ugh, could the mods hurry and remove the racist/antisemitic/transphobic ask from the queue? The one from the person calling themselves Brye?

Matt - [Saint Charles, Missouri, USA]
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I saw the news regarding Ducktales, seems they're creating their own Disney Afternoon universe.
Now if we could only get something akin to "Legend of the Chaos God."

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Definitely a news-filled weekend from San Diego Comic Con, especially for anyone enjoying DC's Young Justice and the Marvel Cinematic Universe -- even DuckTales got some exciting news :-)

"The suspense is terrible, I hope it lasts" -- Willy Wonka