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If Maxx from the latest Unanswered Comment is out there: it's not going to become dated, you are. You'd have to be out of touch to think otherwise.
Ordinary - [brownie2 at buffalo dot edu]

Thank You for notifying me. But, I wouldn't really refer it as a fanfiction thing but thank you anyways for sharing this information with me.
Spectacular Spidey

Oh, and I wouldn't advise your sharing information about fanfic projects with Greg (he prefers not to look at them, and indeed, has to avoid them because of the whole "not allowed to look at unsolicited material" business).
Todd Jensen

Sorry, but this isn't "Ask Greg"; that's a separate part of the site. (Though a lot of people keep mistaking this place for it.) Also, since you're using multiple topics ("The Spectacular Spider-Man" and "Young Justice"), which is against the "Ask Greg" rules. (And it's been such a long time since Greg answered any questions at "Ask Greg" that you're probably better off not submitting any questions.)
Todd Jensen

I also wanted to add in my original comment that I'm working on scripts for a potential Spectacular Spider-Man Season 3. This is a non-profit fan made thing but it's just the scripts. I'm going to make sure that these scripts will abide by the wishes of the original team of the show and it's original plans while still adding elements for it's possible revival. I might even make a separate crossover with Young Justice and Gargoyles.

A Fan

Spectacular Spidey

Hello, Mr. Weisman I'm a huge fan of yours and your work. You along with the talents you have worked with gave me an amazing piece of my childhood with shows like The Spectacular Spider-Man and Young Justice and I'm thrilled that this site exists. So, I just wanted to ask you a couple of questions. Also, sorry if I'm being too formal. This is a first for me.

1) Have you read Ultimate Spider-Man and what do you think about it?
2) Have you seen Into the Spider-Verse and how would you feel if Spectacular Spidey was in it?
3) You is your favorite member of The Team in YJ?
4) Would you like to add Batman Beyond into Young Justice as well as elements of alternate dimensions and time travel?
5) How are you?

Spectacular Spidey

TODD> I guess Percival really liked Nero for some reason?
Time to make... my move

SOME GEEK - [6th 6th 6th]

I still sometimes wonder about the appropriateness of an organization whose leaders are guardians of the Holy Grail choosing "666" for their maximum membership number. (Though I can imagine several other things on the Illuminati's achievements that the Grail would take issue with before that.)

Todd Jensen

6th 6th 6th

"Great Expectations" has one definite thing in common with "Gargoyles" - that sense of interconnectiveness. (Spoilers follow, but since the book's been around for over a hundred and fifty years, and shows up so often in English classes in high school and college, I doubt I'm giving that much away.) Magwitch is Estella's father, and his former associate and now enemy, Compeyson, is the guy who jilted Miss Havisham. Definitely the kind of thing I can see happening in "Gargoyles".
Todd Jensen


I remember writing an essay on "Great Expectations" back in college. I know it gets a lot of flak (I guess it has a reputation for being too long and pretentious) but I thought it was a fine book. Heck I need to reread that.

Insert Inspirational Quote Here:________


Todd> Spirits is also in (one of) my local library system(s) since I requested it be added (they already had the first book). I don't know if the copy will be added to a ghostly seasonal display, though.

Also, happy belated to the Wise Man.

Brainiac - [OSUBrainiac at gmail dot com]
There is balance in all things. Live in symmetry with the world around you. If you must blow things up and steal from those around you, THAT'S WHAT RPGS ARE FOR!


I was reading "Great Expectations" yesterday, and in the middle of one of the passages about how Miss Havisham designed Estella to be her revenge for being left standing at the altar years before, I suddenly developed a mental image of Demona seeking to create her own "Estella" for a similar purpose (perhaps a much more literal creation, in light of the resources in both sorcery and high-tech that she has access to) - as a similar means of revenge over having lost Goliath's love (and ignoring the fact, naturally, that she's the one most to blame for that), and maybe also being dumped and betrayed by Thailog. (Small-scale revenge, of course, compared to her attempts to wipe out the human race, but it'd give her something to do while coming up with a new "destroy humanity" scheme, as well as an outlet for her fury and anguish over Goliath.)

(Greg Weisman, incidentally, has mentioned being fond of "Great Expectations" - and Dickens' works in general - and even suggested once that it might be one of Goliath's favorite books.)

Todd Jensen

First in the name of the last day before Spooktober!
Time to make... my move