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The only episode I consider all bad is "Vendettas." It's mostly just a long fight scene with very little plot- Hakon and Wolf decide to fight Goliath and Hudson, and they do so for fifteen minutes. Meanwhile, the idea of the "schlub" who keeps running into the gargoyles is not bad, but I'm not a fan of slapstick.

"Protection" has an idiot plot. Dracon is dumb for incriminating himself, Elisa is dumb for not telling the clan what she's up to, and Chavez is super-dumb for goading Dracon into blowing up the dry cleaners and being caught off-guard when he does so. Still, the characterization is good, with the way Goliath thinks of "protection rackets" as blasphemy.

I used to really dislike "Monsters," because of how cutesy Angela and Nessie are (basic Disney Princess talking to animals stuff), but it was better on my last watch. I think knowing there's a clan of Loch Ness gargoyles helps.

New Olympians isn't great. It's a pretty straightforward reversal of the usual bigotry, and it relies heavily on cliches. Were it a two-parter, they could have maybe added some more depth to the New Olympians, but it felt rushed and pretty trite in its characterizations.

Finally, the World Tour as a whole is something I like, but it feels kind of repetitive at times. A lot of episodes revolve around the plot of some cynical young person reconnecting with their roots and taking their place in the great circle of life. The most obvious is that "Heritage" and "Cloud Fathers" have the exact same plot, but I find "Cloud Fathers" more enjoyable because it's centered around characters we already know. I know Greg has explicitly said he's proud of every episode and wouldn't lose any of them, but personally I think the World Tour should have been cut by about five episodes. Use those to either check in on the Manhattan clan or add some more stories between The Gathering and Hunter's Moon. Then again, I like the way the universe was expanded and we see new corners of the world, so maybe cutting them is the wrong angle. I just wish there'd been a little more variety in the stories. "Eye of the Storm" is different because it's one of the few World Tour episode where the randos they meet don't have any sort of heroic destiny, they're just normal people.

Jurgan - [jurgan6 at yahoo dot com]

I don't have any real complaints, but I wish some of the episodes (like Hunter's Moon) could have had the deleted scenes included.

Well to be honest, the World Tour Arc, interesting as it was, did run a little too long. A couple of episodes like Heritage or Mark of the Panther could've been cut without too much loss.

That and they could've dedicated more time to what was going on with the Manhattan Clan during that time.

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I mean, if you put a gun to my head I'd say Heritage is probs the ep that aged well the least.
Of course, we all wear costumes.

Ah, negativity! Always a good topic.
Greg Bishansky

Topic for the room. What are your least favorite episodes, moments, and characters in Gargoyles? For me, I don't think there is any "bad" episodes, just ones that aren't as good as others.

The only moment in Gargoyles that I really don't like is the panel in Gargoyles #11 when Brooklyn breaks the 4th wall.

So, what about the rest of you?


Hi Mr. Weisman. I have a question for you:

I don't know if you are aware, but in the "Early Warning" episode of Whelmed: The Young Justice Files (back in Oct. 2019) the host quoted you on something you told him in conversation. This is something that used to happen now and then, but lately it happens in almost every episode: "Greg texted me this", "Brandon emailed me that", "Greg/Brandon told me whatever", etc.

So, looking at your 2-year-5-month-and-28-day backlog of 1173 questions, I'm wondering: why are you giving BTS information to this one person while the rest of your fanbase has to submit questions and wait months (at least) or YEARS (worst case and more likely scenario) for an answer???? It must be really cool to be so intimate and chummy with one's idol, and I bet the host feels super important and validated, but this is some double standard bullshit!

Are you aware of this? And if you are, how can you be okay with it? Don't you think this is unfair? You have thousands of fans who support your work whichever way they can, but 99.9% of them have never even met you in person, let alone exchanged emails or text messages with you.

If I make an entire podcast dedicated to kissing your asses, will I earn the same privileges? Will I be able to ask all my questions without a waiting queue? Will I get to hang out with you, have lunch together or exchange personal contacts?

(Originally I posted this on AskGreg, but then I decided I shouldn't have to wait 2 years for an answer, for all the reasons above.)


Professional voice actors often train themselves to sing whether they've had musical experience or not. I remember in an episode of Rob Paulsen's Talkin' Toons it was mentioned that it's important to learn how to sing in character because you never know when you might be required to do so.

Fun Fact: A lot of veteran voice actors and Disney mainstays had bit roles in the Disney Renaissance films, you're looking through the credits and suddenly you're seeing names like Kath Soucie, Jim Cummings, Corey Burton or Tress MacNeille.

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Okay, so here's an odd question and total shot in the dark but does anyone know if Kath Soucie sings? I found this clip recently:


(Incidentally I thought this clip was great, it's really funny and Liz Callaway has a GORGEOUS voice.)

But she did do a bit from Beauty and the Beast. The Bimbettes' verse from Belle. Now, officially, the only credited voices are Mary Kay Bergman, and Gargoyles's Kath Soucie. With Callaway I guess getting an additional voices or chorus credit. So that's why I'm wondering if anyone knew if Kath Soucie is a singer? This is back in the Ashman days, and Ashman didn't really seem to allow "stunt singers" (i.e. having the singing and speaking voices be done by different people, that was a practice that started with Aladdin after he died).

Alex (Aldrius)

Thanks Todd, always appreciated.
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MATTHEW - Thanks for the review. I recall a lot of posters here being delighted with the "return" of Uncle Ben.
Todd Jensen

Watched "Intervention" today, this episode is where the symbiote's corruption reaches its pinnacle and our first look at Peter's origin and Uncle Ben. Having Ed Asner play the role was a great casting choice, one thing I've never noticed is that despite his age he's always kept a distinct liveliness to his performances. There's a vigorous tone to him that not all actors generally have once they reach a certain age.

One thing I forgot to mention in my "Persona" thoughts was that in the symbiote's earliest appearances it fed on the adrenaline of its host, which would explain why it was so eager to get free from its containment during the fight between Spider-Man and Black Cat. I should also mention the amount of retcons attached as well because there have been a lot. Most notably that they enhance and feed off of the negative emotions of its host which is what they go for here. Personally I always preferred the idea that the symbiote feeds into the negativity of its host due to its alien nature more akin to a child lashing out because the intricacies of self-control haven't been mastered yet. A good host that makes for a better relationship, which is why the most recent host, Flash Thompson is able to help curb the more destructive impulses because while he had been put through the ringer more than once he still held onto the desire to be a hero, to be like Spider-Man.

One thing this episode does well is explore the darker aspects of Peter Parker, a kid who spent most of his life being bullied at school now starts lashing out even though he's made quite a few real friends now. The need for money just in paying hospital bills resurfaces that touch of selfishness that he had before he lost Uncle Ben and now he's willing to take pay from criminals. Even his more intellectual common sense has taken a dive, I don't just mean the fact that even when he becomes aware that the symbiote is using him like a meat puppet he keeps it but running out of school, something straight-A Peter Parker would've never done before.

You know it's funny that the wake-up call he needed would come from Flash, I wondered whether he was just waiting inside to tell off Peter for acting like a jerk to his friends before I remembered that he Peter were friends back when they were kids, chances are he still remembers what nice lady she is (even while he was stealing Pete's lunch).

It actually contrasts well against Eddie, while Flash was probably stopping by because he did somewhat care, Eddie was just using it as an excuse to get into a confrontation with Peter and justify his continued anger towards him. In fact we see a lot more of his mentality and the things he twists to fit his "the world's out to get me" attitude. Such as leaving in the middle of the night so the Connors don't have the "satisfaction" of watching him go. Where'd he get that idea? The Connors have been nothing but supporting and polite even when they fired Peter. It just goes to show what a person does for their self-victimization, something we saw Harry do as well. No wonder the symbiote bonded with him so quickly, if it feeds on negativity then Eddie's external (and internal) loathing must look like a five course banquet.

The flashback was an interesting take, it follows a lot from both the movies (which was an order by Sony) but also takes elements from the comics too, including having his opponent be Crusher Hogan. It seems innocuous now but the decision with the robber at how important he ends up being is an interesting one...

There's a lot of vagueness when it comes to the memory of Ben and how he helps Peter overcome the influence of the symbiote. One could argue that Peter's memories of what a good man he was was the what he needed to work past his guilt and trauma. On the other hand mysticism while rare in the Spider-Man mythos is still there, mostly from Madame Web, and honestly it wouldn't surprise me too much if Uncle Ben came back to support his nephew in his time of need. Plus for added hilarity Ed Asner's appearance in Young Justice would mark the second time he played a deceased, mentor figure who comes back to counsel a young hero.

Some final thoughts: Peter's scientific common sense was still a missing by the end of the episode, otherwise he'd remember that flash freezing an alien life form wouldn't do much when it was picked up in the cold vacuum of space. The little foreshadowing they did last episode with the symbiote spazzing out while holding Shocker's gauntlet subtly referenced the symbiote's defeat this episode. Nice of them to do the famous Uncle Ben quote in full and not the shortened version usually seen in the media. Mary Jane not only brings up Gwen's desire to take her relationship with Peter to a more personal level but steps up to be a big-sister like role for her. We get our first mention of Flash's real name, man it honestly must be hard for anyone named Eugene, that name has never been cool. Spider-Man's symbiote suit goes through its final transformation, the spider emblem having turned into the Venom one and the web pattern has completely disappeared. I like that we got three montages in a single episode, one to show all the people Peter saved as Spider-Man, one to remind Peter of all the friends he has to support him and one showing Eddie of Peter and Spider-Man being one and the same. I gotta love Aunt May's reaction to having just a "little heart-attack" reminds me of what Bernie Sanders went through last year.

Favorite Lines:
Symbiote: We don't need you anymore old man.
Ben: Too bad. You stirred up my memory. Now you're stuck with me.

Peter: Now, mudstain—shall we dance?

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Lemillion, Suneater, and Nejire Chan!
Masterdramon - [kmc12009 at mymail dot pomona dot edu]
"But you know, I like 'Deku.' I think it could make a great hero name! Plus, I think it's kinda cute!" - Ochaco Uraraka

2nd, getting Disney + tomorrow, so the 1st thing i'll be doing is binge watching Gargoyles.
VickyUK - [vickysunseeker at aol dot com]

(#1) Number one with a bullet but always first over all!
Vinnie - [thomaspeano at yahoo dot com]
Deplorable and loving it!