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In case any of you read the Dresden Files, "Peace Talks" was published recently, and there's a small reference to Gargoyles at the beginning of Chapter 19.

I've heard that Jim Butcher was inspired by Gargoyles, among other sources, and that in particular he modeled John Marcone after Xanatos.

It would probably be a spoiler to say more.

Paul - [nampahcfluap at yahoo dot com]

Maybe it's a case of everyone waiting for someone else to post.
Todd Jensen

Man, things really dropped quickly.
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Thanks again Todd.
Alternatively, we could also cover Greg's Rain of the Ghosts. Do a couple chapters at a time like a book club.

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Thank you again, Matthew, for your reviews of "The Spectacular Spider-Man".

I assume that the next series will be "Young Justice". Who wants to write up its reviews?

Todd Jensen


I wanted to once again thank everyone for joining me on my trip through the Spectacular Spider-Man. I had a few more speculative thoughts but perhaps it's time to move onto the next series. I would recommend someone else take point, because my reviews just got more and more wordy.

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So perhaps my Avalon-math is wrong, but I gotta be close enough that I still wanted to bring it up – if 1 hour on Avalon equals 1 Earth day (and 1 Avalon day equals 24 Earth days, etc) then reasonably, 1 Avalon year (let’s say equaling 365.25 Avalon days because while I’m not sure if the magical isle recognizes a Gregorian calendar, it’s still considered a part of Earth according to Greg Weisman, so the leap day calculation feels appropriate) would equal 8766 Earth days, which breaks down to 24 Earth years (accounting those February 29s of which there’s been six since July 1996).

Which means, according to the GargWiki, that if we start if mark the start of Oberon’s Gathering on July 09, 1996 (aka, “The Gathering” Part One, everyone in attendance save Titania and Puck) then last Thursday marked the one year anniversary (in Avalon time) since it began d:

The two year anniversary will be in 2044, lol.

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