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I know this is kinda OT since we're still doing the Rain of the Ghosts read thru but one of my fav youtube channels just did a vid on the Irish Book of Invasions and I thought it might be fun for any garg fans interested in the broader context of Celtic Mythology...


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Covering chapters seven, eight and nine this week and we reach the plot points that are going to drive the rest of the book. The theft of the zemi and finishing the unknown mission.
Obviously, the first takes precedent but there's one thing I noticed in chapter 7 and the manifestation of the eight ghosts. I had to check and make sure but there are eight islands in the Ghost Keys, I remember that Greg did like using arc numbers in Young Justice . I wonder if that's a bit of foreshadowing on Greg's part and Rain's journey would involve essentially healing past wrongs indicative with each island. Tio Samuel plays into the climax of this book and Sycorax is involved in the second, I just wonder how this would've played out.

No hidden references (at least that I saw) these chapters, instead I'd like to bring up something I liked in chapters 7 and 8. The fact that Greg dedicates time to let the characters grieve. I've seen too many instances of characters rocked by the sudden death of another character and then skip past the grieving portion all together. Sometimes a time skip is involved, other times there's little time passage if any. It just reeks of laziness to keep characters on an emotional status quo without really challenging them. We'll see how this plays out later.

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