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I also read that, not just on DC Universe (which looks like it's turning into digital comic stop) but also on IGN, Polygon and other sites. I'll finish up my last subscription before closing down my account, it's just too expensive for simply comics.
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Matthew: Oh man, haven't thought about Redwall in ages -- I was lucky enough to briefly meet Brian Jacques in 2003 while he was on a book tour for The Angel's Command.

Spirits of Ash and Foam -- Speaking of required school reading, I know I mentioned this back when I did it (pretty sure, its been a while now), but working at a public elementary school, I've made a point of slowly but surely incorporating copies of Greg Weisman's work in the school library, usually with an extra copy I've had on hand or with the annual Scholastic Book Fair, where I had the opportunity to purchase Greg's World of Warcraft novels and donate them directly. Needless to say, Rain of the Ghosts and its sequel are definitely on the shelves. :D

Tangent -- Not sure who hasn't heard already, but looks Young Justice: Phantoms will be on HBO Max, at least according to DCUniverse . . . https://www.dcuniverse.com/news/dc-universe-transforms-dc-universe-infinite/

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Thanks for the reminder Todd I had forgotten.
So the books Rain's required to read do provide a bit of foreshadowing, obviously there's the Tempest from which the series draws most of its inspiration but there's a bit more too. Persepolis, To Kill a Mockingbird and Their Eyes were Watching God all have coming-of-age elements to them but most of all they're about tackling the illusions of childhood.

Mockingbird and Eyes both cover racism, something of a hot topic when covering the history of the Caribbean, but at their cores is all about discrimination and persecution for how one looks, this will be important once we get to Aycayia. Also, Eyes has a lot to say on sexual abuse, which again will be important once Aycayia is introduced.

The last point is more personal than anything else. See I attended a conservative christian junior high and high school and years covered the Bush administration and I distinctly remember the post 9/11 "U! S! A! U! S! A!" that followed. The notion that a junior high class would assign it still feels a little radical because I know there's no way in Hell my own school would ever have a novel, graphic or not with Muslim lead. I read Persepolis later in college and it I later realized how important it is to introduce children to mature themes like these. That they should learn about the harshness of reality so they could be better prepared for preventing them from happening.

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I remember that you were also planning a few words on the required reading at Rain's school. I know that the two books that most stood out to me on that list were "The Tempest" and "To Kill a Mockingbird". "The Tempest" obviously fit with all the names borrowed from that play; "To Kill a Mockingbird" stood out to me, since that was the first book we read in my eighth grade English class as well.
Todd Jensen

Thanks Todd, we'll see more blendings of mythology in the coming chapters.
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MATTHEW - Thanks for the review of Chapters Six through Ten. I enjoyed rereading those, and reading your thoughts on them.

The only thing I have to say this time is that the legend about the bat at the end reminded me at the start of the Panther Queen legend in "Mark of the Panther" - with a contrast, in that where the Panther Queen was beautiful, First Bat was ugly (and wound up uglier still at the end).

Todd Jensen

Covering chapters 6-10 this week, mostly the chapters come with a fair share of revelations. For one we now know the full name of Callahan's employer, Silas A. Setebos (the A stands for "Anonymous" presumably). Other revelations come in the form of the how Bastian got the zemi, how Bastian works as a ghost, the fact that there are now two hupias our heroes have to deal with (as well as foreshadowing the dolphins) and some background into Rain's ghost sight.

This actually brings up an interesting subject. It's revealed that Rain basically willed away her ghost sight as a child but through this she was able to see her late dog, met strangers and even learned Spanish from a pirate. Yet now she can see Bastian but can only hear him while wearing the zemi. Now I'm not sure if this is a plot hole (we'll get to that once Cash is properly introduced) or whether Bastian operates under an entirely different set of rules.

A couple of final things, considering Greg's recurring theme of revenge being a sucker's game it's interesting to see Renee Jackson spending time to calculate her own. I really appreciate the little touches of world building these chapters, this is where I started really getting interested in San Prospero (if it wasn't for the fact that I don't do well in the heat and don't like hurricanes it sounds like the kinda place I'd love to retire to). And if reading Redwall has taught me anything it's that you can't go wrong describing good food, I do love a good paella. Fun fact: the myth from Rain's dream actually comes from Oaxaca, Mexico. I should've figured that out considering the presence of the hummingbird.

In another installment of count the references we get another shout out to good Puck, this time in the form of Honest Robin Lane, between that and Goodfellow Lane you do have to wonder about who named the streets.

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Todd Jensen

Fourth fourth fourth fourth

Some Geek

And that's third for me.

Reading this has inspired me to start learning more about the indigenous people of the Caribbean and their history. Did you know the word canoe is derived from both the Taino word "kanowa" and the Arawak "kanoa"?

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A big thank you to Matthew and Brainiac for the YJ vids!

Spirits of Ash and Foam -- I have to say, after that bat-red herring, the actual revelation of what's to come is perhaps one of my favorite interpretations and takes on such a 'nuisance' d:

**adds Taino mythology research on my to-do list**

"The suspense is terrible, I hope it lasts" -- Willy Wonka

As the 24-hour DC Fandome event is now over, if you missed the video Matthew linked, it's available on the YJFanVids YouTube account here:


They also have a collection of other appearances of Young Justice throughout said event here:


Also, first.

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