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Hello will the art style will keep the same from the last season or will or
change back from season 1 and 2 ???


Hello and welcome to the chat!
I looked around and while MOI Animation had worked on episodes for the first two seasons I didn't see anything after that. We know the animation had changed for season 3 so they might not be using them for season 4.

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Hello will young justice phantons be animated by MOI Animation, Inc ???
ace - [henriqueabreu153 at gmail dot com]

One thing I didn't talk about these chapters, or much at all is how Maq and Opie are always at the right place at the right time. In smaller subtler ways like subconsciously encouraging Miranda to take a chance with her new acquaintances to larger ones like rescuing Bastian at sea and just being around to curb Callahan's more murderous impulses.

And Callahan is another character I haven't mentioned much. In light of everything he feels a little small time, for now. I do like the little annoyance on Rain's part that he knew the importance of the zemis before she did. Or rather that his employer does.

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MATTHEW - I didn't know what that word meant. It was new to me even during the reread (some other parts of the book had stayed with me, but this part I needed to be reminded of).

The one reference I noted was Callahan referring to Rain as "a meddling kid". (Though the more-aware-than-usual dog is taking a much more subtle partnership with her.)

Todd Jensen

Covering chapters 21-25 this week and this is the spot where the tone begins to shift significantly, mostly due to the plot points converging. As Rain begins to extrapolate the main points, the Taino, the Mosquitos, Aycayia and the dolphins and the zemis the chapters lean heavily into the mystery brewing beneath the surface.

The big issue comes Aycayia an the Kim children, how they're almost spirited away in chapter 21 and how they go missing in chapter 25. One thing that Greg is especially good at, and I'll cover this once we eventually get to "Misplaced" in Young Justice, is capturing the primal fear of parents when it comes to threats to their children. In fact it actually ties into what I wrote on last week when it came to cautionary tales involving spirits of the water. These tales are generally accepted as being created to keep kids away from dangerous areas, like the sea.

The big revelation of the chapter surprisingly enough comes partially from the homework assignment and that she is descended from the First Chief and First Shaman and that she is the Searcher of Truths and the Healer of Ills. I like that despite somewhat swelled head in the beginning of the book over her title, now finds herself overwhelmed by all of this. Because, and this is another thing Greg's good at, there are stakes involved. Despite her dislike for the Kims and attempts at hustling their parents she feels a great deal of guilt when they're almost taken. Despite her initial cold reaction to Miranda she's made a quick friend from her and she becomes the immediate concern once she knows a demon is living on the same island as her.

Now for myself, I actually have a strong interest in etymology, since covering these books I started looking up more English words with roots in the Taino-Arawak language. I also like the dark implication that the One-Toothed Demon was responsible for wiping out the Spanish colony back in the 16th century and that we see these revelations from the doctor and inspector, giving both an outsider perspective and an alternative one.

Incidentally, did anyone know what diapause was before reading this book?

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I mentioned a while ago reading through all of Shakespeare's plays in rough chronological order (the latest one was "Hamlet"), and thought I'd mention one Shakespearean character (off-stage, admittedly - but so is Queen Mab) who seems appropriate for "Gargoyles". Herne the Hunter, in "The Merry Wives of Windsor". Given the strong "hunter" theme in "Gargoyles", Herne's presence would be appropriate at some point. (And, in light of which play he gets mentioned in, it'd be tempting to imagine Falstaff making a cameo in that story - maybe monitoring the gargoyles' clash with Herne for the Illuminati?)
Todd Jensen


Todd Jensen

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I'll second that.
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