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MATTHEW - Thanks for the latest review. (I'd almost forgotten about them.)

Some of the comments in it were familiar to me (such as the shopkeeper's response to the robber being increasing exasperation - I still recall his words at the end "Can't you rob someone else this time?"), but the comparison of Coldstone in the ice-covered river to the Arctic setting of the beginning and end of Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein" hadn't occurred to me before. It might have been a coincidence, of course, but I still enjoyed that thought.

Todd Jensen

Excuse the double post, but I meant to have this published and posted on Saturday.
The last review and analysis for Gargoyles Season 1. Reawakening.


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Thanks Todd, I kinda liked his internal thoughts when he couldn't decide if it was a good omen or a sick joke.

One thing I didn't mention was Rain's rather unique description when describing Aycayia's skin color, comparing it to caramel poured on an apple at Carnival. I tend to forget that the Keys are technically speaking part of the Caribbean so event like Carnival would be a pretty big thing there. I'd like to see how Greg would showcase it in the story.

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MATTHEW - Thanks for the latest review.

I noticed another nod to one of Greg's inspirations for this book, when Thibideaux notes the names of the Kim children (just as Rain and her friends had), and recalls Peter Pan's directions to Neverland.

Todd Jensen

Covering chapters 26-30 this week, this is when the horror of missing children really sets in and where Rain really sees a huge change as the stakes are clear and at the center. Early on in the book Rain was just bursting to tell people about her role as the Searcher from a newfound sense of importance, now she's finding herself aching to tell the truth just for the possibility that some adult may be able to handle this crisis. She once had a very dismissive attitude to not only the Kims but to tourists in general, and now she feels a great sense of responsibility. Renee's brief appearance kind of represents that kind of detachment or self-centeredness that Rain used to have.

One big thing the chapters also present is the observation of the supernatural phenomena from the outside perspective, Esther Kim's frantic search being blockaded by crabs, gulls and fog. The sudden stormy appearance of Julia, I can't help but wonder that if the series continues more and more of the supernatural would become present in the more mundane parts of the world.

We get to see more of the larger scale antagonists these chapters, both Callahan's brief appearance and Julia and her dark implications. So when I was first read the book I was under the impression that it was Aycayia that summoned forth the crabs, gulls and fog, but rereading I started to wonder. She was obviously interfering in Rain's search and it all but implies that she was the one to lead the Kims to Windward, we'll cover her motivations next week but for now it's a little strange that she would be acting the way she is.

To close out I'd like to mention Cash, I had forgotten that he doesn't take a big part in the book until near the end but I do like that we've got another viewpoint character, at least for a chapter. I've mentioned in the first book how we often hear the characters speak in unique voices, sometimes with ones we create and sometimes with real people. Personally I always heard actor Crispin Freeman as the character of Cash, I can't explain it, it just seems to fit.

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Todd Jensen


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(Yes, these are JoJo references)

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