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A Happy Halloween and Hunter's Moon to all!

Antiyonder -- LOVE The Owl House -- can't wait for the next season, and I was sure to catch a couple episodes today.

Halloween watches: I usually have a more standard set of flicks and episodes during the month, but it was a slimmer year: Hocus Pocus, ParaNorman, and Coco, while I also frequently caught moments of The Addams Family -- a real highlight though was DuckTales's recent Halloween episode, "The Trickening!"

"The suspense is terrible, I hope it lasts" -- Willy Wonka

Not to mention that tonight is Hunter's Moon as well.
Todd Jensen

Thanks Todd, and a Happy Halloween to all!
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Thanks for the latest reviews, Matthew. I'd noticed the "Twilight" allusion as well.
Todd Jensen

Covering chapters 36-40 and we've reached the climax as our heroes encounter Mosquito Boy for the last time and find the second zemi. One little detail was that of the two zemis that they've searched for, both of them have an animal motif and a duality motif. Rain's band involves two snakes intertwined and the second zemi only manifests its power when the bat flute and spear are brought together, maybe it's indictive of Rain and her quest to be both the Searcher and the Healer. I have to wonder if the other zemis would follow with the same thing.

One of the big reveals in these chapters comes from the fact that Bastian can interact with other zemis as well, the other that Aycayia was the demon's mother really isn't that big of a shock. This is quite the game changer because up until this point Bastian had not only been struggling with inadequacy from being incorporeal but battling with depression for not being able to interact with the world, only his granddaughter. But now not only can he take part in their fight but it also opens up more questions, can all ghosts interact with the zemis? Is it only from those of Rain's bloodline? I imagine that in the third book this would be something that they'd explore, maybe even have Cash act as the trained seal this time.

The big climax brings about the revelation that it wasn't people that stopped the Mosquito Demon all those years ago but rather nature itself, and the fact that Sycorax had been poisoning the local bat population to make room for development gave him the perfect conditions to return. There's a bit of a nature aesop to this without being preachy, that was nicely done. I'm going to go more into the nature of the Demon's ultimate defeat and what I pictured while I read chapter 40 when I cover the last chapters.

Some final thoughts. I feel like Miranda's comment about the African vampire, the adze was a little jab at the Twilight series. I liked that Inspector Thibideaux (man it's tedious to spell that out) was starting to piece together how often the kids were always on the fringes of the paranormal activity even if he didn't recognize it, I imagine he would be a constant presence in the series. And then there's one little thing, Rain taking Michael's little sand shovel as a personal zemi, reminds me of Wally and his souvenirs on Young Justice. More specifically two souvenirs he had that were emotionally special and marked a lot of maturity he had developed. Just like Rain had done throughout the book.

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I'm not much for the horror genre but my Halloween watchlist usually includes the following:
-The Universal Monster Movies
-The best of the Hammer Horror films
-Shaun of the Dead
-And a good helping of the Treehouse of Horror episodes from the Simpsons

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ANTIYONDER - I don't have Netflix or Disney Plus myself, but I've watched "The Owl House" on Disney Channel and liked it a lot.

I also recently saw "Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated" on Boomerang, and liked it too. I recommend it to all "Scooby fans" here who haven't seen it already; it's a particularly unusual take on the show that gives it a serious plot arc, and some "Lovecraftian horror" elements (including a Lovecraft counterpart in a couple of episodes) - not to mention a few new challenges for the cast (such as the people in their hometown being extremely unenthusiastic about their "ghost-debunking" activities, since those phoney ghosts were great for the tourist trade). It's probably appropriate to bring it up here, since I've read that one of the episodes of Season Three of "Young Justice" was a nod to the series.

Todd Jensen

At any rate, I'll be doing my first Disney Plus marathon of Gargoyles soon for Halloween.

Other viewings I'm first doing for the season due to Netflix are:
- What's New Scooby Doo
- Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated
- Little Witch Academia

Also not sure how many people here watch it, but The Owl House is coming to Plus on the 30th.


Hello there,
My name is Roy Hakim. I used to have a deviantart account by the name Spiedyfan where I posted some fan artwork of Gargoyles (among other stuff). It's possible some of you have seen my artwork in the past.
I have a bit of a strange request and I was hoping someone here might be able to help me. obviousley, it's Gargoyles related.
After yet another marathon, I've found myself still itching for more Gargoyles content to satisfy my appetite. I was then reminded of the unproduced Team Atlantis episode written by Mr. Greg Weisman, featuring Demona - "The Last". I know the episode was unofficially produced by the fans and had been shown at the Gathering of the Gargoyles conventions back in the day. I've also read somewhere that Mr. Weisman has sold on occasion copies of the script to fans at signing events.
I was wondering whether someone here have access to that script and would be willing to share it with me.
I realize I might come off here a bit rude, but I live in Israel so there aren't many opportunities of me arriving to a signing event in the states to purchase the script directly. As a Gargoyles fan, I'm only curious to witness a new adventure set in the Gargoyles universe. In other words, I'm asking about it for personal use only, and not for profit.
As fellow Gargoyles fans, I hope you won't be put-off by my admittedly odd request.
Thank you in advance,

Roy Hakim

Todd Jensen

Demona May - [realdemona at yahoo dot com]
Real Living Insane Gargoyle....

Second to last post of Spirits of Ash and Foam will be out this week.
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"The suspense is terrible, I hope it lasts" -- Willy Wonka