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Happy Easter from me as well.

Thanks Todd, Happy Easter as well.
Remember, young or old, rich or poor, friend or foe. We're all in this together.

And a happy Easter to everyone.
Todd Jensen

Sorry, but this isn't "Ask Greg" (which is currently closed, anyway).

We really need to find some way to make this clear, given how often this happens.

Todd Jensen

Hi Greg, thank you for a well written/organized show. Three questions-

1. In "Performance", was Dan Danger and the Daring Dangers a reference to something? Dan Danger was a Nickelodeon show.

2. In "Bloodlines", what was the Flash and Impulse saying really fast?

3. Season three seems to be after Death of Superman, was Conner at peace while Superman was 'dead'? Their dynamic changed a lot since "Disordered".

Dirk Devlin

Lawrence Bain appeared in a two-parter in a television series called "Mythquest" which aired on PBS some years ago. It was a children's series about a brother and sister who venture into various myths and legends to search for their father, who'd been abducted by a villainous trickster-god; he played Set in an episode about Egyptian mythology.
Todd Jensen

Also another arguable TGC voice is the nameless Gang Leader* (aka referred to as Torgo) from "And Justice For All" voiced by Rino Romano.

But for those who didn't read the article, or are as familiar with him, he voiced Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the shortlived/panned Spider-Man Unlimited and even in the PS1 video games (first also getting an N64)** predating the first movie.

Bruce Wayne/Batman in well The Batman (with a handful of episodes by Weisman), and the original English Voice of Sailor Moon character Tuxedo Mask.

And mentioned Lawrence Bain (voice of Raven and in the non-canon "Generations" The Assassin who I don't know lost a childhood pet to a gargoyle) being in perhaps his only or at least a rare Non-Canadian production (Well TGC might count as such). Though he played Morpheus in Honey I Shrunk the Kids The Series twice which had Peter Scolari (Preston Vogel).

*Even though a crucial point of Awakening Part Three makes it clear that people and things need names:-D.

**Which also had Efrem Zimbalist Jr. reprising the role of Doctor Octopus from Spider-Man TAS. His Gargoyles contribution being Mace Malone.


ANTIYONDER - I've been wondering that as well.
Todd Jensen

So does Weisman know about the Garg reference in DuckTales? If yes, any comments?


I'm glad to hear that Greg's enthusiastic about the new action figure.

Todd Jensen

Todd Jensen> Bell voiced Pal Joey and Martin Hacker. Paulsen voiced The New Olympus resident Helios.

Kuca: Not directly, but he's promoting them regularly now that they've been announced:


Todd: Michael Bell was Martin Hacker, and Rob Paulsen was Helios (at minimum).

Antiyonder: From what I've heard, the 3DS version is significantly worse than the home console ones. At least they are a functional, if unspectacular, 3D beat-em-up...the 3DS port was on an even tighter budget and had to implement turn-based combat instead, among other restrictions.

It's a shame, overall - Little Orbit clearly had a passion for the project, but not enough budget to realize it anywhere near to its full potential. Still, I enjoyed it for what it was at the time. I recall the Red Arrow Journals being a particular highlight.

Masterdramon - [kmc12009 at mymail dot pomona dot edu]
"Straighten up, and give me the life I deserve already! SPOIL ME WITH LUXURY, DARNIT!!!" - Lady Aqua

Did Greg have anything to do with the new NECA Gargoyles line of action figures?
Luca - [Lucabrasse2 at aol dot com]

Which "Gargoyles" voices did Michael Bell and Rob Paulsen supply? I know that Jim Cummings did the voice of Dingo, and Tress MacNeille the "Goliath Chronicles" Margot.
Todd Jensen

Thanks Todd.
Karrin> Whoops, my mistake. Completely missed the date change. In any case I don't think Nightwing would put Cassie in that situation; I guess I was just throwing thoughts around while I was thinking about some of his shadier decisions.
Oh and that's Maxima not Giganta. Maxima's thing is being a warrior queen of her own planet who seeks a mate that can match her, usually Superman. And she's not exactly someone who handles rejection well.

Remember, young or old, rich or poor, friend or foe. We're all in this together.

Todd Jenson> Well at any rate then, I'll probably do a shared cast list with parentheses to specify which character is in a particular show.

And so far just for trivia sake, Michael Bell, Jim Cummings, Rob Paulsen and counting TGC VAs, Tress MacNeille are the only ones to not only do voice work for Gargoyles and/or TGC but both DuckTales.


"While I doubt Nightwing would have anything like that in mind, but the fact that he wanted to use Wonder Girl as a way to get close to Jaime got a "uhhh" reaction from me. Almost like a PG version of a Honey Trap."

Eh, I don't think I read it that way at all, and I think it's a stretch to say that it's a fact, unless the read is that the basic idea of 'a friendly girl talks to a boy her own age' is manipulative. I mean, a honey trap is someone using the pretense of a romantic or sexual relationship to trick someone - Wonder Girl doesn't flirt with Jaime at all unless you count 'being physically present as a teenage girl' as suggestive, and she tells him the actual reason why she's there immediately, and Nightwing appears only a few seconds after she does. There's no deception, and she certainly doesn't do anything that could be reasonably construed as leading him on, at least in my read.

I don't see any reason to doubt Nightwing's given explanation - Cassie is friendly and outgoing, and she's the newest recruit, so she has the clearest idea of what Jaime has to expect. And, indeed, she does - framing it like she's able to trick Jaime just by being there, just because of how she looks, and that he'd be led around by that, and that Nightwing would even be banking on that (rather than just her natural friendliness, which, if that's now unethical in recruiting talks, is going to disqualify a lot of people), does a disservice to everyone. Jaime's completely capable of judging the situation for himself, and does - Scarab notes the bio-chemical changes, but Scarab has absolutely no scale for this and, at this stage, has no faith in Jaime's own ability to not be led around by his hormones (or anything else.)

"And what she did to Marie, that was certainly just to get at M'gann, and the sad part of it was that she did it even before M'gann turned against her in "Usual Suspects.""
Actually, I don't think she does? At least in the version of the comic I'm looking at, Marie dies January 16, 2011 - Usual Suspects, of course, is the day before New Years' Eve 2010.

Anyways - about the rest of the comic, there's so many good moments. I'm still fond of Noor recognizing Gar and considering him a friend, and the hints to what's been happening in Bialya. I'm actually sort of hoping she'll show up in S4, though I know that's a long shot. I also, as I think I mentioned during the Gorilla City arc, really like how at the end M'gann is confused as to why they'd want to arrest Grodd, even while he's shielding the others - it's good to see that, even though the timeskip shook a lot of things up, things didn't just fall back into their standard roles. I'm also wondering when Grodd is going to call that particular chip in. Though, all told, the biggest thing I'm waiting to come back is Kylstar himself - I mean, that's what, eleven supervillains just out and about in the galaxy? That shoe's gonna drop sometime, especially with Black Adam and Major Force being onboard (I think I also spotted Giganta, but it's hard to be sure.)

Karrin Blue

I'm afraid you're in the minority where the Goliath Chronicles are concerned.
Todd Jensen

I love the Gargoyles: Goliath Chronicles for season 3. I am a CPA and my hobby is watching movie series after work. ;)


Joe Anderson - [ampva300 at gmail dot com]

MATTHEW - Thanks for the latest review. About all that I remembered about those comics were the "Monopoly"-themed titles (and I recall that the one involving the "Monopoly" characters' first names which you mentioned as the most obscure puzzled me at the time).

ANTIYONDER - Good point on that "Duck Tales" quote (I remember Lexington using it in "Her Brother's Keeper" and Xanatos in "City of Stone Part Two"). In light of that scene in "Enter Macbeth" where Hudson's watching "Quack Pack" (a couple of years before it aired in real life), it's tempting to imagine some of the clan catching episodes of the original "Duck Tales" on television, and wonder what they'd have thought of it (particularly Scrooge McDuck being Scottish like themselves).

Todd Jensen

Covering the tie-in comics "Wheelbarrow, Shoe, Thimble", "Directly to Jail", "Landing on Boardwalk", "Do Not Pass Go", "Milburn, Edgar and Jake" and "Rolling Doubles."

The comics revolve around two major points, one is back in the Team's first year as Conner, M'gann and Superman try to stop Queen Bee's assassination attempt against Rumaan Harjavti. And five years later as the attempt to protect his daughter goes off the rails with the arrival of Brainiac (known as the Collector of Worlds) and Kylstar at the same time. What's interesting about both stories is the subtle foreshadowing all the plot threads have.

In the past we see the first sign of a healthy relationship between Superman and Superboy, ironically before Conner knew Superman's secret identity. What I find fascinating about this is how they engage one another, not as a clone reminding Superman of a violation of his DNA and not as an aloof superhero reminding Conner of everything he's not. But just two people meeting for the first time. We also see the true depths of Queen Bee's vileness here as well. We got hints of this in "Image" as she was more than willing to cause Garfield to harm himself to get at M'gann but her she takes that pettiness to a new level. It's not enough to get Rumaan impeached and have his enthralled brother take over, she makes sure he's assassinated as well. It's not enough to annex Qurac, she has to have Noor replaced by a doppelganger too. And what she did to Marie, that was certainly just to get at M'gann, and the sad part of it was that she did it even before M'gann turned against her in "Usual Suspects." I feel that the vindictiveness often associated with Lex Luthor was shifted towards her, and what's scary is that she knows the difference between the Light's business and revenge and engages in both with cruel precision. I think this may have led to some decisions made by our heroes, the willingness to strike at the villains at their core.

The arrival of two different aliens is remarked upon by the heroes as unusual, I like to think they picked up on the unlikeliness of such a situation from the events of the first episode where the four ice villains attacked simultaneously. What's also interesting is the fact that in this series, alien attacks are something of a rarity, while in other DC related series they happen pretty frequently. Brainiac tells them that he's only trying to collect Metropolis because he believes the planet is doomed and makes a point of mentioning Blue Beetle. Meanwhile, Kylstar references the loss of his own world and collects superpowered individuals from our world and others as a means of fighting against this unseen threat, all while derisively referring to them as weapons. It's funny that the groundwork for season 3 was laid out not only in season 2 but here as well and no one noticed it.

Some Final Thoughts: The Monopoly reference to Milburn, Edgar and Jake are pretty obscure, I never even knew the characters on the board had first names. We get to see one thing Dick Grayson is well known for, and that's the numerous relationships he's had over the years. I actually feel it's kind of a shame they started leaning so close to one of his canonical relationships, I thought he and Zatanna made for a sweet couple. Incidentally, the recruitment of Blue Beetle raised a few issues for me than it had previously done. Speaking of relationships, we also see that Conner and M'gann are no longer together and the budding attraction between her and La'gaan. I do also like the little detail of Garfield pointing out the dangers of the flowers Conner picks, several species of sumac are indeed quite toxic. While I doubt Nightwing would have anything like that in mind, but the fact that he wanted to use Wonder Girl as a way to get close to Jaime got a "uhhh" reaction from me. Almost like a PG version of a Honey Trap.

DC Profiles: Kylstar first appeared in Captain Atom as written by Greg and Carey Bates, and his story is pretty similar. Brainiac is a long-standing Superman villain whose origins tends to vary, sometimes he's an alien possessing a cybernetic brain, other times he's a full-on android. In any case he's far less benign in the comics as his MO usually involved shrinking and bottling cities and then destroying the planet they originated from.

Though he only appears briefly, I do have to mention Major Force because he most certainly is NOT a hero. Like Captain Atom he was part of the experiment to bond an alien metal to the subject. But while Captain Atom was a framed criminal, Clifford Zmeck is all that and worse. In fact after acquiring powers he found new and creative forms of brutish depravity and thanks to him we have the term, "Women in Refrigerators."

Remember, young or old, rich or poor, friend or foe. We're all in this together.

Never did get around to the Young Justice game sadly, but even then had to go to YT for the cutscenes as the 3DS version is the only one I could play. But seems to still have many Amazon copies. Does that play well at least?

Regardless I have the second reprint of the tie in comics Pre-Order and it's coming in May if they don't change things at the last moment.

Todd Jensen> Additionally I was thinking of maybe making it for DuckTales overall if only cause of Gargoyles making several references to the 87 Version (Launchpad's any crash you can walk away from line).

Agreed or disagreed on that?


Vinnie - [thomaspeano at yahoo dot com]
Deplorable and loving it!

Wishing a happy birthday to our favorite Gargoyle supremacist, Marina Sirtis!
Remember, young or old, rich or poor, friend or foe. We're all in this together.

We really should add the new Goliath figure to GargWiki. And maybe also the "Gargoyles" reference in "Duck Tales".
Todd Jensen