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Antiyonder> I actually do not have a wiki account. Of course, I'm not the first Matt here either.
When you return to your unobservable but empirically determined dimension of origin--tell them CARL SAGAN sent you.

Matthew> Yeah, like I said it's pure wild guessing, but it could be neat. Of course, there's almost no way they would've been able to do that on CN back in the day, even if that had been their intent - and it might not have been at all.

Algae> Shining Knight is one of the characters I'd love to see in YJ, for just that reason! Well, that and a general fondness for Arthuriana - it could be a cool contrast to set the knightly ideal against sneaky heroes, or an interesting twist to have Shining Knight be aware of and respectful of the need to use trickery to level the playing field or avoid a fight to protect others, even with that not being their wheelhouse.

Karrin Blue

Masterdramon> Incidentally I imagine The Boiling Isles would have their own yuppie couple finding themselves is peril from time to time with say the husband having to give a mugger all of his snails.

Amphibia creator Matt Braly was born in 1988 so he's right in the age range to have been a fan of Gargoyles in its heyday.

He mentions here that its eclectic style can be traced back to his childhood interests running from Pepper Ann to Dragon Ball Z which...(A) same, and (B) totally explains everything about the show.


In part, I think we're just seeing the fruits of people from my generation growing up into the current crop of creatives. And I'm definitely vibing off it.

Hopefully The Owl House can throw an homage or two into the next season. It'd certainly feel right in line with the setting, arguably moreso than the others.

Masterdramon - [kmc12009 at mymail dot pomona dot edu]
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Todd Jensen, Masterdramon and Matthew> Well I added the info to the page and your names to my profile page.

You all have a Wiki account, right? Found a User:Matt.

Also for fun I modified a bit. Added Greg B's pic of Fazal with her characters line.


MASTERDRAMON - Thanks. [SPOILER] I checked that scene online, and noticed indeed that the "Vitruvian Man" sketch was of Goliath, which I'd somehow missed before.

This isn't Leonardo da Vinci's first link to "Gargoyles"; remember the flying machine the Renaissance Hunter was using in "Hunter's Moon Part Two"? It definitely looked as if it had been designed by Leonardo.

That makes two Disney television animation pieces to allude to "Gargoyles" in 2021 - both of which also included Keith David in their cast. Definitely good news for "Gargoyles". [/SPOILER]

Todd Jensen

Not a reference, but rewatched The First Temple and Andrias for reminder tells his lord that they will have their (our) revenge.

Wonder though if anyone else on staff is a Gargoyles fan or if this was a suggestion of Keith David.


Todd: The Vitruvian Man sketch was, in fact, [SPOILER] the Gargoyles reference in question. Cuz on closer inspection, it isn't a "man" at all. [/SPOILER]

Minor "True Colors" spoilers in the image:


Masterdramon - [kmc12009 at mymail dot pomona dot edu]
"There may be a place for me in this man's soul. Not because of what I may receive, but for something of worth I may have for him." - Casca

Todd> The da Vinci sketch is Vitruvian Man, one of those famous pieces of art that no one remembers the name of.
When you return to your unobservable but empirically determined dimension of origin--tell them CARL SAGAN sent you.

KARRIN> Intriguing theory re:Asami. DC actually has a couple neat trans characters that I always thought would translate nicely into Earth-16. My personal fav being the Morrison/Nu52 take on Shining Knight.

MASTERDRAMON> Appreciate the shout out.

Remember, reality is an illusion! The universe is a hologram! Buy gold! Bye!

And yeah besides featuring the Amphibia counterparts of Stan Pines and Soos as voiced by Hirsch, I hear that Matt Braly did work on storyboards for GF.

A few thoughts on the "Amphibia" Season Two finale:

[SPOILER] I missed the "Gargoyles" allusion at the start that Algae X mentioned (it'd certainly be appropriate with Keith David voicing King Andrias, of course), but when Marci was leafing through the old book, I spotted what looked like a drawing of Bill Cypher (not that it's the first time "Amphibia" done's a "Gravity Falls" reference, of course) and Leonardo da Vinci's sketch of a man with arms in several different positions.

And, yes, that advisory was certainly merited, in light of the scene where Marci got run through; no wonder they rescheduled it to prime time.

One thing I'm really looking forward to in Season Three: seeing how Anne's parents respond to their daughter bringing home three talking frogs! [/SPOILER]

Todd Jensen

And done: https://gargwiki.net/Amphibia

Algae X> So I think either tonight or tomorrow I'd do an Amphibia article on the wiki. Since I might not have noticed the reference without you, I'm mentioning that you pointed me to said reference in the Edit Summary and my profile page.

Matthew> And of course Weisman mentioned that when he had Batman in S1 dropping that bit about Queen Bee being able to enthrall some women that he was surprises it got by.


I don't think I've heard that theory before Karrin, back when this was still on Cartoon Network I don't they'd allow that (things of course have changed since then).

Now as for the extra Red, I remember there being spare parts being around Morrow's lab. Now how the Light managed to make another one is still a mystery.

When you return to your unobservable but empirically determined dimension of origin--tell them CARL SAGAN sent you.

This is, of course, total speculation unfounded by anything, but one of my headcanons for a while has been that Asami is a trans girl (since, of course, the Super Friends version of her was a he), who ran away from home rather than stay in a place where she couldn't be herself - hence why she apparently is the only one who doesn't give the League any contact information and who chooses to live full-time in a foreign country rather than go back to Japan. Though, of course, that's just a guess, and probably not one that was intended at the time the episode was made.

One of the things I love both about Eric Lopez's performances in these episodes, and the writing, is how - once Jaime gets set on-mode - you can actually sort of tell when it's Scarab talking and when the Ambassador is stepping in. Scarab tends to have a very similar cadence and speaking style to Jaime when imitating him, but a bit sharper, harsher - "Don't waste the oxygen, there's very little left in here" - and the Ambassador tends to go for more elaborate, awkward phrases - fitting for an alien who hasn't had time to learn Earth colloquialisms and is more than a little full of himself and high on his culture's superiority. The "How about we up the decibels" line strikes me as something the Ambassador would come up with, while thinking it was a perfect example of Earth hero banter (though, of course, it's also funny to me to imagine the poor Scarab getting overridden at its own job so its boss can do a worse job while thinking he's doing great. Hey, this situation is pretty awful for Jaime and Scarab both, I have to take my fun where I can.)

The thing about Red Volcano and Amazo has always been a bit odd to me - if Red Volcano had a backup body built, does that mean Morrow made spares, or that the robot-Morrow was rebuilt? Or was it somehow recovered from Yellowstone? Either way, is there a possibility that Inferno and Torpedo could be recovered too, or did Volcano only survive because his lava-powers meant he had to have higher tolerances for that kind of thing? I mind Amazo less, since after all Ivo is alive and well and tinkering, and probably could make an Amazo 2.0, but the return of just one Red has always been confusing to me - as well as the question of, could he come back another time for Round 3? If nothing else he'd be a fun opponent for one of the Markovs - nothing like a match against someone with their same powerset to get one of the heroes to think creatively.

Karrin Blue

Didn't notice actually. Check the wikia and they do specify such, yet oddly not mentioning him to be voiced in the article by Keith David:-D.

ANTIYONDER> Well, I was more asking because of [SPOILER] the Gargoyles reference not 30 secs into the ep but I can see it. Tho Andrias also has the added problem of being an imperialist asshat. [/SPOILER]
Algae X
Remember, reality is an illusion! The universe is a hologram! Buy gold! Bye!

AlgaeX> Truth be told I did catch spoilers early on, but watched it recently through Charter On-Demand.

Yep wasn't expecting that when first seeing it. Possibly up there with what Gargoyles could do even if they held it over to apply a warning.:-O

Speaking of, you think Andrias is what Goliath might be like if he didn't recover from the pain of betrayal?


So... who's seen the _Amphibia_ finale?
Algae X
Remember, reality is an illusion! The universe is a hologram! Buy gold! Bye!

Thanks Todd, I'm really looking forward to the next episode myself.
When you return to your unobservable but empirically determined dimension of origin--tell them CARL SAGAN sent you.

MATTHEW - Thanks for the latest review. This is another episode that I have no memories of, unfortunately, so that's all I can say for now.
Todd Jensen

A new Team takes the stage.

Watched "Runaways" today, no relation to the Marvel team of the same name. Here's where we catch up with the Reach abductees and what's happened with them, and as I mentioned back in "Cornered" the downside of them being kept at STAR Labs. So while it's safe to say that their intentions may be good, it's especially clear that the folks at STAR, as well as Nightwing, may not have their welfare in mind. These kids went through a pretty traumatic event and from their perspective all that's changed is that they've gone to a different kind of prison. Instead of being tortured by the Reach, they're now subjected to long and strenuous exercises and tests without the chance to leave at all, and I don't know about you, but when I was in high school I got longer than twenty minutes for lunch. This also brings up some serious ethical questions, like do the heroes and STAR have the right to have custody of these kids at all? The bit with Eduardo and his father is fuzzy area, we don't know anything about Asami's situation but we know Tye has family and Virgil isn't a runaway at all. There's also a bit of inequality when it comes to their situation as well, Jaime was also pursued by the Reach but he gets to stay at home. And as we see at the end, there's a reason the Reach aren't pursuing him anymore.

I really like how the show adapted these characters from their origins on "The Super Friends" and made them less ethnic stereotypes and more rounded individuals. You have Tye and Eduardo who aren't happy about their powers, Asami, who once again is a mystery, and Virgil who actually is pretty happy with his powers. But then he actually has a family to go back to so unlike the others, he may just have a better outlook on things after they've broken out. One thing I need to mention is while they've spent a month and a half under STAR lockup trying to get a handle on their abilities, they only really improve once they're out of the facility. You know after the pandemic it's a pretty good reminder just how beneficial being outside and interacting can be. Plus I like that their heroic moment comes from them saving the people they really don't like at all, kinda shows how better people they can be.

The other big reveal comes at the end when we're shown that not only did Green Beetle not fix Jaime, but has set him on mode at the behest of the Reach. I like that the episode did a slow escalation to the reveal, starting off with Jaime behaving pretty normally but once Red Volcano makes his return the cracks to his façade start to appear. Throughout the series Jaime has been depicted as being pretty hesitant towards combat, but now he's not only dropping trash talk but also doesn't care about collateral damage or being in the public eye. It's funny to think about it, but the Reach did exactly what Nighwing and his conspiracy have done, place a key operative to gain the trust of the opposition and positioned themselves in place to do the most harm, all while appearing like they're helping...

Some Final Thoughts: This is where we get something of minor time skip within the season, as the show goes from April 9th to May 13th. I've already spoken on how bad things must've been for the Runaways, but the revelation that Jaime's been under Reach control for month? That's bad. Now, this season is six episodes shorter than the others and I can't help but feel that several of the cut episodes would have bridged the gap between "The Fix" and here.

So the whole point about Red Volcano looking for Amazo's head is a bit odd, one is the fact despite apparently melting under lava that Volcano is back and running around and two, is the fact that Amazo has a head to begin with considering he lost his back in "Schooled." According to the wiki a second Amazo was built sometime in the five years have passed. And it wouldn't surprise me that the Light found the schematics to Red Volcano to create a second one, as I can't imagine that if the first one survived he'd take orders from any "meatbags." Also, I love that it was confirmed that Eduardo's hair was indeed inspired by Spike Spiegel's own hairdo from "Cowboy Bebop." One last thing, I heard once that Mark Rolston's Japanese had better pronunciation than Janice Kawaye's, anyone who knows anything about the language can confirm or deny that?

Acting MVP: I really enjoyed the performance of the Runaways, I've already mention Gregg Rainwater's performance but rest really meshed well and felt like a proper team. I also have to mention Bruce Greenwood as Eduardo Dorado Sr. I didn't even recognize him.

DC Profiles: Red Volcano was a relatively recent addition the Red Tornado family who unfortunately didn't get to appear much before the universe was rebooted for the New 52. Like in the show he has geokinetic abilities; interestingly enough he was instrumental in the creation of the golem and Wonder Woman villain Genocide. Collecting pieces of the Earth where mass murders took place in order to form the golem.

Favorite Lines:

Eduardo: Well, what was your escape plan?
Virgil: I... didn't actually have a chance to come up with a plan but... hey, Ed can teleport us out!
Eduardo: Haven't you been paying attention? I can only teleport myself and only along sight lines. Which makes escaping from a windowless, locked hallway somewhat difficult!

Eduardo: How are we supposed to find a cure in Dakota City?
Virgil: No idea. Except I don't really want a cure. I like my powers.
[Zaps a soda from a vending machine. Takes a sip]
Tye: Dude, don't drink that! It's Reach!
[Virgil spits the drink out and looks at the can, confirming it is Reach]
Virgil: Ah, man! [Zaps the can away]

Virgil: C'mon man, wake up!
Eduardo: Tye!
Tye: ugh. How'd I get-Augh!It happened again. Thought I was dreaming.
Blue Beetle: No dream, trust me. I'm not here to hurt you, but you four need to go back to STAR.
Virgil: Look, I recognize you. I know you're one of the good guys, one of the heroes that saved us all from the Reach.
Tye: But dude, you just don't get it.
[Blue Beetle retracts his armor]
Jaime: No Tye, I really do.
Tye:...Jaime? H-h-how?
Jaime: It's a long story, but it started with this Scarab. It was created by the Reach to both give me powers and control me. So believe me ese, I get it.
Virgil: Fine. You're one of us. Except you're flying around free as a...beetle and you still expect to be lab rats for STAR.
Eduardo: No more hermano. Not for the Reach or STAR.
Tye: He's right bro. You can't take us back there.
Jaime: [sighs] Tye, what's the alternative. I let you run loose until the Reach snatches you up again?
Virgil: No, we're headed to my parents' place, so they can-
Jaime: Get hurt or killed trying to protect you? That your plan?
Asami: Tahsukete kureru no?
Jaime: [sighs] Hai. I'll help you.
Tye: Dude, you speak Japanese?
Jaime: Scarab translates. Don't ask.

Eduardo: My dad could be in trouble.
Tye: Dude, you hate your dad.
Eduardo: O-o-only sometimes!
Virgil: Hey, it's cool. If it were my dad nothing would keep me away. I'm with you.
Tye: So you two want to go back to the exact place we just escaped from?--Whatever. I'm in, too. Sam?
Asami: Nandaka yoku wakaranai kado, ja ishoni ikuwayo!

Red Volcano: Time to sacrifice your victory and save the meat bags like a good hero.
Blue Beetle: You shouldn't stereotype!
[Blue Beetle blasts Red Volcano while the others free themselves from their stone encasements]
Eduardo: You're friend was going to sacrifice us!
[Tye looks on, shocked while Blue Beetle starts drilling into Red Volcano's chest]
Red Volcano: You'll have to do better than that Meat Bag!
Blue Beetle: I'm really more of a Meat Bot. [Red Volcano sees a large hole that's been drilled into him, Blue Beetle jams his sonic cannon into him and begins firing] And you? You're just scrap!

Blue Beetle: I was still hot from battle and overplayed my hand. Really should've summoned you to pick them up the moment I made contact.
Green Beetle: You were attempting to win their trust and increase their dependence. It was a sensible tactic. We will find them again in time.
Blue Beetle: Of course the timing of the robot's attack didn't.
Green Beetle: On the contrary, it helped establish your public profile as a true hero.
Black Beetle: Which is easily as important as Green Beetle rebooted your Scarab to control the meat inside.
Green Beetle: So you must control the natives of this world, enlarging the Reach's foothold in the galaxy.
Black Beetle: Don't worry my brothers. The meat will soon be eating out of your hands, else they will not eat at all.

When you return to your unobservable but empirically determined dimension of origin--tell them CARL SAGAN sent you.

RED ARROW: I don't trust you, Artemis, no matter how hot your sister is!


Algae X
"Oops, I said the quiet part loud and the loud part quiet." -Krusty the Clown

So binging the show recently. Have the DVDs like with Gargoyles, but I like to think streamed views help support the property just the same.

Anyway finished on on Insecurity.

Now I imagine that if Artemis felt more willing to share her secret much sooner that The Team would be understanding.

But how about Roy in the early half? Would her honesty give him a reason to trust her own would being related to a couple criminals prompt him to be more sure of her being The Mole?


Also includes some articles by Weisman. Jones' sketches of the comic characters as well. Plus a comparison of that scene between Queen Bee and Marie Logan as shown in #25 and as it was originally intended as.

So Amazon did update the summary confirming what Christopher Jones stated on Twitter, but yeah got my copy of Young Ustice Book Two so those like me originally unlucky get Torch Song or you know the only Radio Play story to get modified for Canon. So yeah no Professor X showing up to stop the bad guy.

All kidding aside, think TSSM's version of Aunt May likely did suspect her nephew's double life like the later comics suggested before being Byrneconned?:-D


They probably didn't have room for all the flavors in the jingle.
Todd Jensen

So how do the Reach plan to enslave all humanity with such a limited flavor selection?
When you return to your unobservable but empirically determined dimension of origin--tell them CARL SAGAN sent you.

Matthew> Now see the strawberry I'm fine with, hold the mango and no peach.

Now make some blue raspberry or grape/cherry variations and you can consider me subjugated:-D.


When it comes to Hooty, I'm with Amity on this one. But then I'm with Amity on most things.


Antiyonder: The funniest example in that vein, to me, is Elasti-Girl and Elastigirl. Not sure why the folks at Pixar chose, out of the hundreds of possible names for "lady with stretchy powers," the one where they'd have to get permission from a Warner Bros. subsidiary.

Todd: Probably just a coincidence, especially since alliteration is so ubiquitous among so many DC and especially Marvel characters.

Like most of the Fourth World/New God characters, Godfrey is a Jack Kirby creation, and has more of a preacher/televangelist vibe in the comics. Billy Graham was the direct inspiration both visually and in terms of rhetoric.

A lesser villain who toiled in the service of Darkseid was inspired more directly by evangelist Billy Graham, who was then rather difficult to avoid on TV. Kirby was appalled at some of Graham's apocalyptic sermons which — to Jack — were more calculated to instill fear than faith, and to stampede people into service of Graham's causes. Jack called the foe Glorious Godfrey, the name being a Kirbyesque pun. The comic book evangelist was "god-free" and also had some of the traits of TV pitchman Arthur Godfrey, though the main reference and the visual came from Billy Graham. Not evident in on the pages he drew was Jack's belief — which he expressed on several occasions — that Graham and the president he counseled were both virulent anti-Semites."

Masterdramon - [kmc12009 at mymail dot pomona dot edu]
"Straighten up, and give me the life I deserve already! SPOIL ME WITH LUXURY, DARNIT!!!" - Lady Aqua

Thanks for the latest review, Matthew.

Since you mentioned G. Gordon Godfrey, I thought I'd mention something about his name that I'd been wondering about. (All I know about the character comes from "Young Justice" Season Two.) Now, the name obviously evokes G. Gordon Liddy, but I've also wondered - a news-media figure openly opposing the super-heroes and trying to make them look bad, all three of whose names (first name, middle name, surname) begin with the same letter, first name represented by an initial - was the choice of name for the character possibly also influenced by the competition? (Of course, in the spirit of fair play, we saw Black Cat in "The Spectacular Spider-Man" using the alias of "Selina".)

Todd Jensen

Couldn't tell you Antiyonder. I like mango but not strawberry.
When you return to your unobservable but empirically determined dimension of origin--tell them CARL SAGAN sent you.

Matthew> Kind of serious, but not too much. How do they account for people who might not care for either flavors do you or anyone care to think?

The first step to recovery.

Watched "The Fix" today which focuses on a few of the major plot points introduced last episode, the biggest ones being Jaime's desperation to stay off-mode and avoid the future and M'gann's abduction in order to fix Kaldur. One thing that stood out to me is the decision to have the latter plot be framed around Artemis' perspective considering that she hasn't had much to do the whole season. I also like that she takes the time to recognize the mistake she made about hastily joining up with Nightwing's plan, even bringing up Wally's warning about the rush that comes with the mask that she brushed off back in "Depths." If you think about it her situation is pretty distressing, stuck in cramped, submarine quarters leagues away from any familiar territory, unable to have a moment just to be herself without risking her cover and her life and her only confidante catatonic.

So the nature of Kaldur, his mind and the repairing of it brings up a lot of speculation, and I should once again clarify that I'm no expert in the field of psychology so this is just what I've extrapolated. I don't think it's without reason that when Artemis and M'gann enter his mindspace it's Atlantis in ruins and he is faceless. Since taking on the role of the dutiful son of Black Manta he's had to do some pretty unthinkable acts such as destroying Mount Justice, it's not too much of a stretch for him to believe that eventually he would bring that same devastation to his own home. The home he certainly can't go back to since his undertaking.

And the facelessness, if you think about it, Kaldur has been long defined by the roles he's had to play. The dutiful citizen then soldier under his king, the obedient apprentice then leader of the Team. And now, the traitorous murderer causing destruction and death wherever he goes. His loyalty to the crown defined him, the mental and emotional burdens of leadership defined him and his recent actions also define him. Strip that away as M'gann had done, and who is Kaldur'ahm? When Artemis meets Kaldur in his mind he mindlessly saying "I'll never finish in time", words spoken by Topo during his visit in "Downtime." It's also not for nothing that his unconscious mind took the form of Tula, only slivers of his life when he wasn't on the job or in service to someone else. All that's left is the despair he caused and the unconscious anger of his position, probably the reason why he lashes out and friend and foe alike while almost letting himself slip into oblivion. But that's why it was so important for Artemis to reaffirm their friendship, because that's what they are. Kaldur wasn't just the leader of the Team, he was the leader of a group of friends. And even in his unbearable situation, well it's as the song goes, "If just one person believes in you."

And finally, the truth about Kaldur's defection and Artemis' death comes out, at least to La'gaan because M'gann certainly told Conner at the end of "Cornered." I'll talk more about La'gaan's time on the surface later on but right now I want to focus on the tenuous position that's been placed on the Team. Nightwing must not have been paying attention when Beast Boy mentioned M'gann nailing Kaldur because this is the first time he's heard what happened. But the problem is spelled out pretty clearly by Conner for forcing him to lie to La'gaan and keep both the secret intact and the Team from unraveling thanks to Nightwing's machinations. Conner ripping into him about this was kinda cathartic, but we'll see what lessons are learned and which are ignored next season.

Some Final Thoughts: Okay, so I get that at this point Gordon Godfrey has been the most vocal champion of the Reach, but whose idea was it to put a loud-mouthed (mostly likely) political commentator in a fruit drink commercial? It's like putting Bill O' Reilly on Fruitopia. Speaking of which, the reveal about the Reach's drinks both tracking the Meta-Gene and compounds meant to make the population docile is also lifted from the comics. This is something that we'll discuss later but I have to bring up Black Manta's demeanor, threatening M'gann at first, later commending her efforts then privately confiding that he's going to kill her later anyways. Just a little hint that he's not as complex as Kaldur may believe him to be. And poor Psimon, guy just recently came out of a multi-year long coma and then just got back into it thanks to Artemis.

Acting MVP: Have to give Yuri Lowenthal credit for his genuinely believable outburst at the hospital but I have to mention Stephanie Lemelin for carrying the episode.

DC Profiles: Deathstroke aka Slade Wilson, is probably the best known mercenary/assassin in DC. In some cases his story mirrors Captain America as they were both chosen to be part of an untested Super Soldier program. Most folks my age know him for his role in the animated Teen Titans series, but he is so much worse in the comics.

Favorite Lines:

Artemis: How did it all go so wrong so fast? I'd say I have no one to blame but myself, except it's getting a little hard to remember exactly who "myself" is. Thanks to this glamour charm, the whole world thinks I'm Tigress, professional assassin and trusted member of Black Manta's organization. But I'm one of the few people the charm doesn't affect. And when I look in the mirror, it's the only reminder I have left that I'm still Artemis. What was I thinking? Wally and I really had something special together, leaving the whole hero behind so we could just be...normal. But when Nightwing called I couldn't say yes fast enough!

Green Beetle: No, it is wise. As they say on your world, all cards must be off the table.
Blue Beetle: On the table. Uh - I mean - never mind, ignore me.
Green Beetle: "On the table". Yes, that does make more sense.

Deathstroke: Well, this is awkward. We hate to interrupt such poignant interspecies romance, but we have pressing business with the Martian.

Deathstroke: Now, that leg doesn't look good. You know, I hate to see any poor animal suffer. You aren't on the Light's hit list. So how about a little anesthetic...for the pain?

Lagoon Boy: ARG! Neptune's Beard, let go of me! I've gotta save M'gann!
Nightwing: La'gaan, calm down. There's nothing you can do for her in your condition.
Lagoon Boy: And what about him? Why isn't he rescuing her? I know you dumped her but do you really hate her that much?!
Superboy: You have no idea what I feel for her!
Lagoon Boy: You're right. Because I would never abandon her to Kaldur and his flunkies! That's who took her! Aqua-Traitor's personal ninja-cow Tigress!
Nightwing: ENOUGH! I'm not supposed to tell you, to tell anyone. But Aqualad is not a traitor.
Lagoon Boy: What are you talking about? He killed Artemis!
Nightwing: No, he didn't. Aqualad has been on a deep cover mission for months. Infiltrating Black Manta's troops, the Light, and the Reach. We faked Artemis' death, she's alive. In fact, Artemis is Tigress. If she kidnapped Miss Martian there has to be a good reason.
Lagoon Boy: Why am I only hearing this now? I mourned Artemis, Neptune's Beard! I tried to tear Kaldur limb from limb! YOU SHOULD'VE TOLD ME!
Superboy: No. Nightwing's our leader. We put our trust in him. I'm sure he didn't keep this from us, from all of us, without having his reasons.
Nightwing: Look, we will figure this out, together. In the meantime, get some rest.
[Nightwing and Superboy exit Lagoon Boy's room]
Nightwing: Thanks for backing me up in there.
Superboy: You don't leave a guy a lot of options! You've no idea what your secrets have done to us!
Nightwing: What does that-
Superboy: M'gann believed Kaldur had killed Artemis. So when she found him on the Reach ship she Fried. His Brain! That's gotta be why Artemis grabbed her, to try and save Kaldur's broken mind. But M'gann doesn't know how to do that! So Manta may just kill her and kill Tigress if she blows her cover trying to save her. And we'll have lost all three of them because you thought it was a bad idea to share!

Artemis: Kaldur listen! It's Artemis, M'gann and I are here to make you better.
Kaldur: LIHS-soh-meh, Artemis. LIHS-soh-meh! [a vortex opens behind Kaldur] Keh eh-GO...I am alone. There is no one here. Nothing. Ruins. [Kaldur begins to drift into the vortex prompting Artemis to grab his hand]
Artemis: NO! You're not alone! We're here! We care about you and want to help! And we can do it. Rrgh! What is the word? uh-uh-SYMBIOSI! TOGETHER! Help us save you! Symbiosi!
[Elsewhere M'gann is continually battered by "Tula" and is about to be crushed by a column]
M'gann: Do it. Finish it. It's what I deserve...
Artemis: NO! You want to blame yourself? Fine, but only if you're willing to do something about it!
M'gann: Kaldur, I am sorry. Please, let me help you.
Kaldur: Help? No Ruins. All ruins.
M'gann: But it doesn't have to be ruins. We can fix things.
Artemis: Symbiosi. Together.

Impulse: Dude, I stopped by your house your mom said you never went-[sees Green Beetle working on Blue Beetle's Scarab] whoa, whoa whoa. Greenie your totally up in my buddy Blue's grill! Back off or-
Blue Beetle: Or nothing! He did it, he fixed me!
Impulse: Great! Wha-what does that mean?
Blue Beetle: The Scarab, it's...silent. I'm in control now! One hundred percent, don't you get it ese? The Reach can't touch me. I'm free! Permanently free!
Impulse: [softly] Crash.

And of course,

Become a citizen of the Milky Way by holding out your hand!
Grab the taste that'll make your day, one sip and you'll understand!
Our friends have come from far beyond!
(Our friends have come from far beyond!)
To help us and to teach!
(To help us and to teach!)
Quench your thirst while we all bond, don't wait!
Reach for a Reach!
Yeah, in strawberry mango or in peach!
Reach for a Reach!
(From LexCorp and the Reach!)

When you return to your unobservable but empirically determined dimension of origin--tell them CARL SAGAN sent you.

As mentioned before, so VAs of Amphibia did a voice clip as their characters to request waiting for and not spoiling the finale, including Troy Baker (Geo Force on YJ btw) as Grimes.

So is it likely then that Grimes answers to a particular Mouse overlord that he dares not defy?:-D



(Yes, I too also adore Hooty, lol.)


I need more Amphibia in my life -- Disney+ is helping me catch up.

Also fourth.


Gus: "I always forget you're there." Hooty: "I forget I'm here toooooo."

Meant for that to be Hasbro. Yep auto correct. Kicks in when you don't want it to, but is inactive when it would be nice.

Basically a political tool:-D.


Matthew> And a hero named Karate Kid in the Legion of Super Heroes prior to the movie people like to wax off too.

The movie even got to use the title under the condition of acknowledging DC Comics in the credits.

Whereas not that long ago DC and Hasbrouck had a dispute over which company could heavily market their Bumblebee named hero despite again DC's being first.


Antiyonder> There actually was a DC hero called Little Mermaid, and she predates the Disney movie by a decade.
Remember, young or old, rich or poor, friend or foe. We're all in this together.

So the first three digits of code I had to type in to post is dad.

Well finally started rereading the YJ comics. So M'Gann wanting to turn into a mermaid (#14). If that was due to a certain Disney Classic or any other The Little Mermaid variation, I wonder if she found the trading your voice for legs deal to be entirely romantic rather than hasty:-D.

Algae> Good to hear.


While we're on the subject of Disney Isekai, New intro for season 2 of _The Owl House_ just dropped...


Now I find myself In the wild unknown with the frogs and toads and I'm far from home...

In light of the recent discussion, this coming Saturday we get to see the One last episode of Amphibia Season Two then the wait for Three.

Anyway, been posting it several times off site, but on my YJ Wikia blog I made a simple type up of where each comic fits into YJ Season 1: https://youngjustice.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Antiyonder/Where_the_comics_fit.

Maybe in time I'll rework the bit for the past segments of #20-25.